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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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american greatness for our children and grandchildren. god bless you and god bless america. >> and there he was, the governor of new jersey, chris christie wowing that crowd in the room. but everybody is writing online on the fact that it took him 17 minutes to mention the presidential and vice presidential candidate, george. i know everybody here at the table, the whole team is rearing to weigh in. we're going to take a short break and we will be back and they will. >> announcer: you're watching abc news live coverage of the republican national convention.
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and we are back now, right after chris christie's pretty electric speech here at the republican national convention. as you pointed out, die ane, it did take him a little time to mention mitt romney. in the state of new jersey, here's the gamble, though, of chris christie i want to ask you about, a lot of emphasis on shared truths and sacrifices. is that where we are right now? >> we'll find out. it also sets mr. romney up for a challenge because people are going to be listening on
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thursday night for hard truths. so far, mr. romney has said there will be tax cuts paid for by an unspecified withdrawal of deductions. the question is will there be mental truths there. there's a bit of whiplash tonight. ann romney starts by saying i want to talk to you about love. chris christie doesn't do love. he's not mr. congeniality. he's setting to you a different speech. >> we'll see you all tomorrow night. >> great to have you with us. of course, don't forget, "good morning america" tomorrow morning. "nightline" later. and as george said, we'll see you tomorrow night. ♪
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>> hurricane isaac makes landfall. fromtorm is far
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> good evening. our breaking news tonight at 11. is it makes landfall. the hurricane bringing the costs -- worst possible conditions to louisiana. this massive storm is far from pummelling the gulf coast as we speak. hardind and rain hitting anywhere fast. isaac made landfall just before tonight with 84 miles an hour winds. more than 100,000 people are without heat -- without power.
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we have live coverage tonight. jay korff has been watching all huge storm. on this first, chief meteorologist bob ryan has the latest on isaac. beent me show you what has going on. last 12 hours.he you can get an idea of the circulation. north of the has been doing over the hours, you can see, was the eye, there was the circulation going into the parts so you can get an idea of where the eye is. it will continue to be a hurricane. now, just to the south of
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orleans, in the worst possible stock -- worst possible spot, it will continue to move ashore. by this time tomorrow, it will a tropical storm and will be spreading a lot of heavy rains the mid part of the country. i will tell you what it means later. >> we will see you shortly. our coverage continues. the storm has been battering all day long. jay korff is live in the center now with more incredible video from there. >> the latest numbers coming in from louisiana, nearly 200,000 without power. even curfews in place. frighteningly amiliar with the heart orror oa
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hurricane. in new orleans, a few, despite heated warnings, stayed. >> is the strongest. for this time for emergency personnel to get for -- get to you. >> it is a category one hurricane. widespread power outages are being reported. and storm surges are considerable concerns. intois expected to wednesday. dumping a remarkable amount of on the region. and maybeflooding, down the road. >> officials insist the billions spent on flood protection will pay off.
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well underway. emergency officials say it is o dangerous at this hour to in much of louisiana. it is expected to remain that for some time. those without power may not have it for days. -- aerries situation scary situation. now to our other big story tonight. big tuesday at the republican national convention. the party's ticket is officially a done deal. mitt romney and paul ryan got their nominations. from annwe hear .omney rebecca is in tampa bay. >> you just heard chris christie
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crowd fired up. told them republican ideas are right and democratic ideas have failed america. he said it is time to take this back.y riglights.ther high >> joe biden told me he was a good golfer. have played golf with them and true, as well as all other things he says. they were all built by dinars with big dreams, not a big-spending government with a wide-open while it. >> i read somewhere that mitt d i have a storybook marriage. in the story books i read, there
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long, rainy winter with five boys .creaming at once those storybooks never have a chapter about breast cancer. have is aromney and i real marriage. >> she convinced voters that sees in her husband makes him the right man for president. >> this man will not fail. [applause] this man will not let us down. this man will lift up america. ann romneyed tonight. they loved it when mitt romney stage to kiss his wife. they loved chris christie, who similar sentiment.
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he got the message to voters that it is ok if they are not warm and fuzzy about mitt .omney reporting live from tampa. >> in the meantime, president will be hitting up the battle grounds. charlotte and, virginia. in other news, and 8-year-old recovering after he was hit and dragged by and ask you the. -- by an suv. the driver tried, but could not avoid him. was wearing a helmet and that saved his life. police hope this video will open some leads in a brutal a man in a market. today, members of the community
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raise theirr to about this crime and neighborhood. autria godfrey is live with more. >> this neighborhood in washington ranks the district when it a total robbery. releasedice thatillance video showing they believe robbery was the behind the attack, and dozens and out to discuss a disturbing trend. roomeople packed the showing up for their own support for thomas maslin. >> i feel so badly for his wife and little boy. totally unnecessary. the beating and robbery of 29-year-old has shaken the d.c. policed left with little to go on, until now.
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is005 silver hyundai sonata video to buy gas. a pitch to the public is being made tonight. >> if i saw a car that looks let us, >> others talked candidly with area.nts from the >> i think it is important that understand what is what the police are doing. get an update about this terrible assault. maslin was the victim of blunt force trauma. undergone two brain surgeries. making progress. he was asked to raised two
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fingers and he did. >> thank you. up on abc 7 news at 11, tell you the final farewell for a local police in a line ofd duty. families of the victims' in ae colorado shooting are victimsthey in ae colorado shooting are victimsthey again.
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>> thousands of people turned for the funeral of a fallen police officer today. family and friends were joined morris.for adrian morris was killed last week chasing perspective car thieves. years old.years
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more than $5 million were raised , but thehe family s only $5,000 were each family so far. big blitz for a major airline. >> tonight, a ceremony marking the martin luther king jr. memorial. there is a big change
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presidenclinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strongiddle class. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> it has been one year since the martin luther king jr. memorial opened. some important changes still made to the memorial itself. story fory has the us. >> many did not believe we would build this memorial. >> one year after the martin luther king jr. memorial opens public, people say it is everything they hoped. you can come to this area and
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feel something. >> tonight, the martin luther memorial foundation hosted show a -- showed about the civil-rights movement. >> i have supported it ever since it started. i hope to be around quite a few more years to do the same thing. still one more outstanding issue with the monument. makes -- this quote dr. mark mother king jr. sound was.ike he -- dr. martin luther king jr. sound not like he was. >> we will replace it with some more stones. >> it will only take about three weeks or so. many say the " is not taking away -- the quote is not taking
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from the memorial. >> it speaks to the soul. hundreds of flight delays for united airlines passengers this afternoon. and outage did not affect plans air,were already in the but passengers at several united reported line -- long lines at ticket counters. exactly what has happened there is being investigated. no weather delays. very pleasant. for little more refreshing run.5:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. run. temperatures today, we reached outside into the 90's. first 90 degree day in 10 days. look at our high temperature.
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91 degrees. first time in 10 days. while we have been looking at a the humanity -- humidity, nothing for the break. you the very latest. that circulation. you can really see that eye. it is moving right on the sou of new orleans. about 50 or 60 miles south of the marlins. each time these rains come they come ashore with .ome really gusty winds h ais a long night wit hurricane warning is still out there into southern mississippi, especially alabama. and especially around nor less. see the winds gusting 53 miles per hour. the rain is always suspect. many areas will be getting up to
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12 inches of rain. it will not be anything really until maybe the you get on into sunday. when you get out tomorrow morning, temperatures will be 60's.-- into the temperatures in the low to mid '80s. see anything at all, it will be late in the weekend, on into sunday. maybe a few leftover rain showers. no dramatic impact here. nightl be a long, nasty around new orleans. nothing like a train at. -- katrina. folks who went through that will chances with isaac.
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>> the redskins make changes and say so long to a fan favorite here in washington. i will show
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. by now, you know that chris was cut by the redskins today. was not unexpected due to his injuries over the last number of but the shock waves are still being felt. cooley made 428 catches in his career, which is a record. he had knee surgery after the 2010 season. his bankers last s numbers were down. he is now 30 years old. fred davis is 26.
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chris cooley has to move elsewhere. >> i could be not only a player but a starter this week. i am very confident in my ability to continue to play the game. >> the other big story with the redskins is they signed former player, the kicker last year who set a record for touchbacks. this field goal would have tied e was nevers and h forgiven. the nationals got blasted in miami 9-0 tonight. they lost five games in a row. there is concerned. they rocked him in the first. goodbye baseball, hello home run.
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7-0 in the sixth. out in a parking lot. nats lose, 9-0. the birds flying high, going in from theite direction nats. four wins in a row. beating chicago, the final there, 6-0. let's go to houston. the plight of the night. -- play of the night. does he have it? up in the air. fantastic saved by a diving catch. you calledt teamwork. that is our play of the night. this is the first week of the college football. the picture was on a huge billboard down the street from ucla, rivals.
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the billboard disappeared. >> the truth may come
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>> here is a look now at some of on and the flat in an apartment.
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also, 911 tapes came out from a boat crashed. not just aating is problem for women. it is also an issue for men.
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>> last word from you tonight. let me show you a simulation of isaac. you can get an idea of those s of equal pressure. a lot of heavy rain coming int o new orleans. anything around us will be just benign for the next few days. lot of sunshine. any leftovers, maybe a few passing showers later in the weekend. a long night in new orleans. will be thinking


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