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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  September 2, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> and the remnants of hurricane is that are having a big impact the area this holiday weekend. our meteorologist has been storm and joins us the weather center. >> this is just the beginning. have been busy all afternoon are finally looking in the action. most of the heavier activity but a fewichmond, storms popping up on the super doppler radar. in southern maryland, this is direction toward not movingnd west, fast, but capable of
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producing very heavy downpours. about print 7 inches of rain in alexandria. woodstock, are around 0.25 inches of rain. quieter conditions for the next hours or so. the bad news is showers and expected tos are overnight hours. temperatures will fall into the '60s it to middle seventies. for the bigexpect day holiday and the amount? full details coming in just a few minutes. >> thank you. it the founder of the church and owner of "washington times" has away in south korea. sun myung moon passed away due to complications of pneumonia. for his anti- stance. unification church has followers the world and gained many after decades ago holding mass weddings for
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people at a time. the waorf man charged in the death of a activist has struck a peace deal. -- struck a plea deal. the man's body was found in the washington, after missing a year ago. deal,hange for the plea dropped first three murder and kidnapping charges. a man now accused of a crime is same man that came at some notoriety credited for saving a life. we have that story you will only on 7. neighbors are adamant that not sound like a man they know so well. they held a get together to as a hero. he was lying on his side, his eyes facing up. this is the man who performed
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save a man's life. its the first time i had to that and i cane look out of his -- and of mine. e communicated online with a 12-year-old who herself as an adult. investigators say he discussed sex. at a park in bethesda near the girl's home. he briefly got into his car in which she got out, she was by family members who spotted the car and told police man pointed a gun at them. on august 25. car, they found a loaded loaded guns and ammo, as it ties, rope, a ski mask, and boxes of condoms. his neighbors say none of it make sense. off-camera, described him as well liked and they are charges and the believe he may have been set up. t to hisached ou
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attorneys and we're waiting back from his attorney. his neighbors say they will be show their support. >> thank you. a maryland man is dead tonight after he was found in his pool. montgomery county emergency to a call thatg a 50 debt -- 59-year-old man was in the pool. they told police they had not seen the man and a while. electron house, they found him in the pool. he was alive when rescue crews to the house but died on the way to the hospital. just days after the republicans turn, the democrats r stage in charlotte. let's go live to the satellite ister for a look at what ahead this week. it is going to be a very busy week. election is just two months away and the men vying make anjob need to impression. last week, it was mitt romney's convention ands
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drum up support. is all to president obama. the polls show the presidential extremely tight. president obama is touring key to shore up effort support. we know we still have got a work to do to get to we need to be. but we are going to get there. charlotte, n.c., is where are hoping the work will be done. this american university says the president the from the's obama's message that have failedicies e nation and slow economic growth. >> when you have over 8% unemployment, it doesn't matter why we are in the situation we're in. he says obama needs to voters on unsung accomplishments. industry, theauto reform, credit card reform. how a senior white house adviser put it. to a greatthis close depression. leadership of the president, we stated that off
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and we're beginning to recover. we have a lot more work to do. charlotte, n.c., is getting 6000ed with about expected. i can tell you it will be different than what was happening in tampa. see more gay and lesbian activists, labor leaders will role and wer expect more leaders from the latinn american and american conference's. thousands attending week, the abc seven crews will start coverage on tuesday. you can check us out online at [unintelligible] m. check us out at >> i very much believe is going c election. nomi think a lot of women may be voting this cycle in a different way than they usually are. speaking there.
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together we'll go far.
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>> a navy seal from maryland his life for his country now it is his community's turn to honor his service. we have this story from the newsroom. family and friends say he was profession,bout his his country, and those he loved. killed on august 16. now this fallen warrior is home and they plan to
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his return. you can't help but think of lost. y lives are >> its a world away from the afghanistan. >> it is sad. he gave his life for the country. day, this town will honor one of the town -- navy seal patrick peaks. you are fighting for a common cause. it takes an incredible amount of bravery. decorated and highly skilled, killed on august 16 when helicopter he was in crashed firefight with insurgents in afghanistan. he absolutely loved being a seal. his family spoke with us dedication, and love of country. he felt what he was doing in afghanistan with his platoon been trained to do. he was doing good work. he was just proud and a very
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happy. been a navy seal since 2008. two tours of duty in iraq, in n since last september. we are -- they are fighting for our country and why we are here. on monday, he will be coming home. base, a air force procession will make its along route 2. it's good to remember the guys that sacrificed and gave our country. r >> residents are being to line up along the american flight to honor his passing. >> come out and show respect for they're doing and their sacrifice. the procession is expected to way to route to between 9:00 and 10:00 on monday morning. there will be a funeral service wednesday. fullll be buried with military honors at arlington national cemetery. >> taking a look at stories
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news across the country video out of oregon goes up in flames. k at the scene this morning in portland as crews this massive fire. firefighters brought in trucks to douse the flames. hotel has been vacant since was used for storage, which is why officials contributed to the spread of the fire. crews expect the building will smoldering for the next couple of days. no one was injured. as much rain as we have hours, thee last 24 s been hit ae ha little harder. see whatck in to
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare?
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the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and stngthens guarantean benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to highgher coss for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts. rain forced the relocation
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the 2012 labor day concert tonight. held onupposed to be u.s. capitolide of grounds. been moved inside. to the dry, cool kennedy center. concert has been held every year since 1979. a lot of disappointed people there. last year was beautiful. we can't win them all. the rain is that -- it's a good them in sight. it is cloudy and dreary and the substance -- day temperature at airport, 84 degrees. it feels a little sticky and uncomfortable outside. we're going to look for the dew as welevels to increase move it through the next couple days. high temperatures made up to 84,
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right on target for this time of year. 72 degrees in the ocean city. 0.6 inches of rain since early this morning. speak of downtown at george washington university. about a quarter of an inch so . r 77 at winchester. 83 in fredericksburg. cooler temperatures in indianapolis at 75 degrees. left of isre what is it remains. way over theg our next couple of days. you can see that's been in the toward themoving east. arrived courtesy of a federal system that will lift and a warm front that n during the day tomorrow. unsettled weather on the way, looking at doppler radar -- had maryland. we have a storm developing
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the board at west there. you will see this over the next 15 to 20 minutes. a lighter showers into northeast d.c.. it's not going to amount to a lot. we could be looking at a similar situation later on tonight. pockets of heavy rain. here is the future cast -- highs struggling to make it to 80 degrees. showers and thunderstorms around into wednesday. by midday thursday, the skies be clear. here is the forecast for the overnight -- patchy fog during the early morning hours. tomorrow, it is not going to be pretty. e likely ands ar calls fored outlook the upper 80s.
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cooling down a tiny bit for the but sunshineend, on the way. some models indicate by saturday night into sunday, you could be increasing clouds and few showers. right now, only a 20% chance. at least 30%. in the meantime, bring your cookout indoors. going to switch to sports. the last american to win the was in action again today. he is a legend for american tennis. but it'sn't been much, not over yet. the nationals keep proving the pat race is for real. we will saudi shine to today. will give you a
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fans, the time has come. against thes game cardinals, the manager said stasbourg only has two starts, so enjoy it while it lasts. he struck out nine batters in shutout innings. out in thesome help field. their egos -- gunned down at the
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plate and he is out. at the bottom of the forthcoming still scoreless. suzuki drive solent deep to homernd it's his second as a national. 1-0 nationals. in the seventh, desmond, the star, up the center and the nationals when a tough one. the yankees host the echoes at the top of the fifth. -- coast the orioles at the top of the fifth. tutu won the yankees. hear them say goodbye. the six looks like an instant replay. reynolds is not fixing it today. same play -- a three- n shot and the orioles went 8- 3. since two years ago, there hasn't been a steady running the redskins. it has been a rotation out of spinning into the offense.
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clearly they are doing well. when tim hightower was sent to injured reserve, they proved to do it. his stuff this year's sixth pick exceled in camp. spotty but each back brings something table. ferent to that they are proven players. i like what i have seen in practice at what i have seen in the game. each guy has a different quality be interesting to see them compete. brandon banks will compete on the roster again. the special teams star returned a 91 for a touchdown. for banksn the table hethat's how much he says believes in him. the sixth and final buyout to roster. good jobsdone a throughout training camp that play to a wide receiver position.
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if you have him in a reverse, not many people can make a corner mess like that and get a something yard gain. have to find ways to get him the football. he defeated in four sets to to the u.s. open. he prolongs his career. >> we will see. >> mediocrity extended period too soon?
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the good news is we don't have a total washout for the
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evening. keep your eyes on the radar and on what is going on now. will show you a smaller cell beginning to develop across d, having just a closer. you will buy and heavier that will move over to d.c. and prince george's county border. we have some lighter showers at time. you're looking for good news, you'll have to wait another few days. the extended outlook showing temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. sunshine on friday. saturday and sunday are up an . r we could have scattered showers late saturday and to send a warning. main focus is tomorrow rain andier thunderstorms possible. the heaviest rain will be north of the sea toward baltimore and aberdeen. >> the humidity level -- but temperatures -- all right.
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