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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 9, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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so i have this really charlie brown cloud that follows the everywhere. if i overdo it, it will rain on me. i am careful not to allow myself to overextend perry pressed campaign trails are not easy. what causes just for you? >> it is not fun to not be in your bed ever. you are always on your road traveling. for me it is the food. i am a very healthy eaters. >> the pizza on the campaign trail is not working out? >> i do not eat it. >> good for you. >> it is making sure i am eating fresh vegetables grilled salmon, grilled chicken. it is more work for everyone to try to accommodate that. >> you have become a well-known face in virginia. you had a rally. have you had a chance to talk to undecided voters and what are they telling you they still need to hear? >> i have.
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a bunch have come to the rallies and what they are telling me when i see them is the universal thread throughout everywhere we go as they are worried and they know the country is in trouble and they are -- and we are headed in the wrong direction. they are worried about their job and job security and their future. the older women generally talk more about not wanting their children to end up paying debt. they are starting to move to the next generation and worrying. the younger ones are talking about how they are -- how their job security -- they might be out of work. some of them are crying. i have to tell you. it is very sad. some of them are coming in and saying, please help. i have not had a job and i'm unemployed. as we know, this economy has hit women harder than men. has been tougher on them. there have been a lot of women with a lot of pretty sad stories on the trail.
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>> i talked to virginia voters a lot. many of the undecided's say they still need a sales pitch on what mitt romney will do to create jobs. another disappointing jobs report on friday. i know there is a 50-page plan on the web site, but for busy people, what is the three-four line sales pitch. >> i think you need to look at it'smitt's track record. he has a proven track record. he gets it. he knows how to make it work. i think people trust him, to the keys to the guy knows how run the car, and let's try it with someone who really has real world experience and understands these issues. he knows that most of the toughness in this economy has been tough on small business. on people working for small businesses. there are so many more demands
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on businesses. it is like throwing a wet blanket over a small business. mitt understands that. he totally believes we can turn this thing around. >> this comes up frequently when i talk to undecided virginia voters. it surprises me bread i expected to be about the economy. women in northern virginia are worried about social issues and abortion and they are worried that president romney would go too far with where the conservatives want to change issues back on obama administration policies on abortion. conservatives are concerned mitt romney will not be far enough. which side might be disappointed? >> i think in all things, we have to recognize this has to be a large tent. we have to be inclusive with everyone but at the end of the story and the end of the line,
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we are also going to be people who will stand up for life for the unborn child. we will stand with life. >> you were careful to tell someone that you are trying to not advise your husband on too many policy issues. apparently he listens to you on all things including policy. >> it is funny he did that. i really do not think i weigh in on the policy issues. mitt was laughing and saying that i do. the thing we talk about most and this is the question i had before we started to run again and i asked him a very important question. we all know we are headed down a dangerous path. i asked him if it is too late to fix what is wrong with america. is it too late to fix the economy? are we over the waterfall ready?
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to me, his answer was the most important answer. it was too late, there was no point in giving the reins to someone who knows how to fix these things. he said, it is growing very late, but it is not too late yet. with that, i trust and i really do believe this, i really do believe he is the guy who can turn this economy around. that is where my advice to my best advice for him was. you have to go out and do this. he was hesitant about it. if you want to talk about where the advice was that mattered, i feel like that was the most important advice that i gave him. >> i talked about and on the's impact on the campaign trail. -- on ann romney's policiesimpact on the campaign trail. >> everyone like ron reagan but were not sure he was for the job. mitt romney is the opposite
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problem. we any time a put the first lady to warm the counter, it is helpful. there was a poll in august that showed a 42% had a favorable opinion of ann on the. only a quarter of people did not know her perigee is a new figure. -- did not know her. she is a new figure. what he did as a father, i think that matters. we are talking about margins in this race. virginia is a huge battleground state. what can she do to help mitt romney connect with voters. >> pivotal voters are women who are not partisan. a swing between two parties. they voted for president bush, president obama, those are
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critical voters. you hear that from operas. i think, speaking about mitt romney in personal terms almost beyond the caricatures and some of the hard-line budget issues and fiscal issues, i think can help. but again, you are speaking to a narrow cool of voters. not many undecideds left. can it help, sure. it will be marginal impact. >> i want to talk about the conventions because they are over. we saw coming out of the conventions, president obama got a bit of a balance, rigid a bit of a bounce, more than mitt romney. >> it matters. this is the time pulls matter. we only have eight weeks left. we are in the home stretch. september will be a crucial month for mitt romney. it is very tough to be an
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incumbent. the fundamentals of the economy are on this -- are on his side. the next pivotal moment or you'll get a lot of eyeballs watching are the debates. does not come until october. we are talking about a small amount of states virginia, florida, ohio, where they will go in and make their case. every answer, every interview every mistake is more important. >> less than a month to go before the first debate on october 3. we will watch the polls closely. thank you for joining us. still to come, adult magazine and controversial figure wants to take a look at mitt romney's tax returns. we will show you the staggering amount of money he is willing to spend to get a peek. >> clear skies right now. the question is, how long will the beautiful lever -- whether
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you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> hustler magazine founder larry flynt wants to take a look at mitt romney's tax returns. if you remember, in september of last year, larry flynt offered $1 million to anyone who had evidence of governor rick perry
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having an affair. coming up, the federal hot minute. >> mergers and acquisitions may be fundamental. with contractors a bracing for the governor to reduce spending, the question is how well activity be impacted. will budget cuts make acquisitions more appealing -- less appealing to buyers? despite budget cuts, the federal government will remain an enormous and dynamic economy on its own. it spends almost rigid over $500 million. the size of this market is a primary reason why other private equity firms remain dedicated. the acquisition of a research firm that sells two contractors might be a proxy for governor space. its bright spot -- its price tag did garner earnings.
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[ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >> we are back now with a work week forecast that is certain to please everyone. >> these are the forecasts were we struggled to come up with things to talk about. i do not have a problem with this because it is great news for everyone. we had our heavy rains and storms yesterday. we got that out of the way. high pressures ahead. it is quiet and dry in the sky. temperatures are cool. 68 degrees at reagan national airport. it feels cooler with winds out of the northwest at 10 m.p.h. it will be absolutely beautiful out there tonight. 80 degrees for our monday morning. that is the high. silver spring, maryland is now
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looking at 62 degrees. 55 degrees in the district. that is after a high of 68 degrees. temperatures now have cooled quite a bit. 61 in winchester. lower 50's in oakland. we could see morening temperature's in the 40's. a refreshing shot of cool air over spreads burnham much the entire east coast. boston is now looking at 63 degrees. high pressure over head. here is the cold front well offshore. this is what brought us the nasty weather yesterday. strong thunderstorms, gusty winds, heavy downpours. our spies -- skies have cleared. they repeat situation as we move through the remainder of the upcoming week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday, waking up to temperatures in the 50's and
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daytime highs at the 80 degree mark. skies had cleared out mark -- nicely. a few showers early in the day in western pennsylvania. they did not make their way to our area. we saw clouds but none of the rain. 57 degrees a projected lifetime low at reagan national airport. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. it warms up back in the 70's. by tuesday more sunshine. temperatures in the lower 80's. 48 to 60. it is absolutely beautiful. you need sunglasses, with temperatures around 80 degrees. an afternoon high. extended outlook, if you cannot get tomorrow off, may be planned for tuesday wednesday thursday or make a short work week and take the day off friday because it will be fantastic. our next best chance for showers is not until sunday of next weekend.
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it is limited to a 30% chance. that is part of a cold front that may drop our temperatures more. >> you just gave everybody five days to plot a six-day. >> or maybe a short work week. >> coming up, a multimillion- dollar stadium for hagerstown? we will take a look at what you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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we'll go far. you're on timeout leo!
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some things wowon't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> there is a pricey effort to keep baseball in the city of
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hagerstown. it comes in the form of a $15 million donation. will pay for some of the stadium for the hagerstown suns. >> is cool someone would step up and do that. >> they have been nearly 100- year-old stadium. many people are trying to guess who the mystery donor is to a has agreed -- daughter who has agreed to give a $15 million check. the donor who will pay for half of the stadium will remain anonymous. he wants to remain rights of the new facility and once in the heart of the struggling town. the donor lust hagerstown and baseball and downtown. >> there is support at many levels. >> the donation may have saved the team. it has been debated back and forth about the ball club which is affiliated with the nationals. for more than a decade, the
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agreement runs out before the end of the deer or -- and of the year. >> we have been told we need a frank perdue or a cal ripken. hopefully things go right. >> this contribution will be the largest for a minor league baseball projects for the state maybe even in the country. >> a very humble, kind individual. >> many residents are grateful but would seek it stay out of downtown. >> there is too much congestion for the locals. >> this is not a high-profile celebrity and he assures the city he will not sell the rights. he wants to name it after someone well known in hagerstown. abc 7 news.


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