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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 29, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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lete. it's her first down now after the 35 so wisconsin used a time-out in the third quarter so they got two left. >> todd: fifth year senior older guy, who played a lot of football -- >> referee: o'brien running out of time. got away from the rush. and just gets rid of it over the wisconsin sideline. eric martin was the guy trying to wrap him up and danny o'brien wheeled away from him and have that out of bounds without losing any yardage. >> tim: i don't think you have a threat of him beating him or -- you cover abbrederis as much as awe can if you're nebraska. >> brad: injured player martin probably a cramp. #
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>> todd: speed rushers came leading the team in sacks. this givings wisconsin a chance to come over and huddle around the coaching staff. up and okay. well, as okay as you can be when you get a cramp. >> kirk: quite honestly i think danny o'brien, not that he played great but he played okay earlier in the year, he was walk walking that a very difficult situation because of what wilson did when he transferred in last year and the great success he had. want want -- second and ten.
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>> brad: delayed blitz coming. he's going deep. seidlin, overshot and flag flies in with chase hammond down there. and mosthammed seisay was guy covering. was the pass catchable? that's the other question. >> referee: pass interference defense, number 4. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> brad: huge penalty, there haven't been many but that's a big one. >> todd: they are running stride for stride. there was a little contact. >> brent: there it is, right hand had him on shoulder right on the 8 and 9. good call.
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>> brad: wisconsin first down at the 40. 2:08 remaining. >> brad: here comes the blitz. ball, quick opening draw trying to get something out of it and does get four. >> todd: danny o'brien is a little better running the two-minute offense and he might have played in this game even if stave was okay because of his experience with this part of the game. >> brad: 1:45 left. o'brien, low snap. he's down. he had to try to field the snap. >> todd: they may have to call time-out too, it would have to
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restart. >> brad: had to go down stumbled around and there he takes the knee. that is going to make it third down and tough but obviously it's two down territory for wisconsin. they were forced to use their second time-out, they used one earlier in the third quarter. now a quarterback like you said transfers in hasn't played for the first movie top, now in a tough spot. >> todd: can you imagine how he would endear himself to the faithful if they brought them back to get this, it's tough, i think nebraska defense has locked down on the offense in the second half and i really credit both pelini and it getting their communication straight and locker room in at
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halftime. haven't seen the come fusion like we did in the first half. >> they won't get this back again if they don't pick up 11 yards in the next play or two. # o'brien looks left. back to his right, fires, complete and where is the spot going to be. about a foot shy looks like. of a first now? . they're moving the chains already. maybe our yellow line wasn't exactly where i thought it was. at any rate the schans have been moved, not much to do about it now. clock stops while they remove the chains. right at midfield. now, stop here. going to review the spot here, i think. >> todd: here's another look. y the first down marker is
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exactly at midfield stick anyway. had his feet looked like his feet might is been across the line. temperature ball wasn't. you see the official coming from the far side and it would appear that that is maybe five chain links short, i don't know. his knee goes down looks like it's 49-2. a nice job by them stepping up in the prock et. avoiding the throw. the other question now that they have tow be thinking if get in field goal range which kicker will i let try? he's used two tonight. kyle french is long only 35 yards, which guy is he going to entrust to try and tie this football. >> brent: >> brad: jack russell had troubles earlier. he started the game kicking.
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at first we have to go through a review about the spot on the catch. first down or fourth and inches? >> referee: following the review, we had a catch but the runner was short of the line. # fourth down. the clock will start when they are ready to play. >> todd: remember, a couple third and one situations earlier, the nebraska defense. this is not a gimme, even with montee ball, it hasn't been a given tonight and it's not right now at fourth and a. quarterback, weighs 223 pounds. this is for the ball game right now.
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tight end moves. ss backfield -- nebraska has it and they'll have the ball game. harvey jackson, montee ball would not have gotten the first down but the ball didn't even make it into his arm. >> todd: no, because he was look at alonzo whaley the linebacker from the back side who shot through unblocked. montee ball took his hands, his eyes off the ball and looked at the linebacker and the defense comes up with another short yardage gem. >> brent: all the cornhuskers have to do take a couple of
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knees here. there is the first one. they trailed 27-10 in this ball game. they are 60 seconds away from a homecoming win. alonzo whaley is a backup linebacker who made a beautiful play on that fourth and one. that was perfect timing and a guy who rarely fumbles the ball montee ball, for the second time in two weeks, puts it on the ground. >> brad: what a way to open up big ten play. bret bielema has to take another time-out. tight end moved. >> todd: we're set up for a good one next week in columbus, too. >> brad: nebraska will go next. ohio state a winner over michigan state and now, a guy that played football at ohio state, bo pelini about ready to
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take his 4 and 1 cornhuskers into columbus next weekend. reminder, stick around for the ford wrapup show after the game. wrapping up a pretty incredible day around college football. and this was an incredible game. on home coming number 102 for nebraska? >> i just think the ability of of taylor martinez to keep his poise and keep this defense, and find their way to come back and win this, very impressive. >> brent: second biggest comeback in nebraska history. 30-27. 20 unanswered points. and they win it at home to go to 4-1. let's check in with holly. >> holly: coach, what can you
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make at second half it was a different story for you on defense? >> just a couple of few simple adjustment adjustments. just execute we made more plays down the field. we didn't make many plays, he stayed the course. just persevere through. >> holly: how do you describe the defense coming up 3 and 1 and they get a stop on a team like wisconsin p. >> they got after it. i thought our guys played well up front we suited. i give wisconsin a lot of credit, they played their butts off, a heck a football game. >> holly: your team had resilience and got their composure back. how do you describe how they came back after those? >> they said we've been in worst spots than this before. persevere and stay the course and keep going what you got do. no one pannished, stayed together as a team. >> heck of a football game nebraska wins 30-27.
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final score. our season concludes with discover national championship game on monday january 7 of 2013. what a game. big ten opener goes to the cornhuskers over the badgers. going to wrap it up for todd blackledge and holly rowe we send it to robert flores. # >> all right. welcome inside the college football studios, electric game in lincoln between nebraska and wisconsin and what an electric individual performance by west virginia quarterback geno smith. west virginia first gave him the big 12 taking on baylor a two-record, 656-yard passing, eight touchdowns and the mountaineers hold off to beat baylor 70-63. west virginia will take on texas next. we'll show you the longhorns in a second. look at the numbers for robert
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griffin iii, heisman winner from a season ago and geno smith because of the games. # once again, mountaineers will visit austin thex yeek. tonight longhorns came back to beat oklahoma state in stillwater. david ash to mike davis inside the 5. that set up joe bergeron's touchdown run. david ash set a career high for completions with 28 and the longest come back to win 31 31 ---41-36. to the s.e.c. south carolina earning their ninth straight win dating back to next season. tied for the longest streak in their school history but they had to come back against home to do it. south carolina comes back to win 38-17. college gameday in columbia south carolina. for next week's game between
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south carolina and these georgia bulldogs, georgia beat tennessee, 100 yards rushing. that is gurley. georgia right now on espn alabama looking to be in control against ole miss lsu stepping out of the s.e.c. a game in which they trailed in baton rouge. right now on espn2, oregon is leading washington state. this game being played in seattle. wanted to pass instead can't find your receiver he'll take it. and go into the end zone. 13-yard score, right now it is 23-22. second quarter on espn two. the ducks on top. earlier here on abc, ohio state quarterback braxton miller overcame a knee injury to have 315 total yards, this touchdown
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pass to smith and ohio state wins over michigan state 17-16. they get nebraska next week. we'll see you next weekend. # "and then, there's both." "erika tsubaki is a big fan of both." "that's what she and her team had in mind when they designed the all new ford escape." "with more cargo space than before, wrapped in a brand new body." "the tech-savvy, ready-for-adventure, all new twenty thirteen ford escape." "it's what happens when you go further."
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president obama: during the last weeks of this campaign... there will be debabates, speeches, and more ads. but if i could sit down with you, in your living room or... around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. when i took office, we were losing nearly eight hundred... thousand jobs a month, and were mired in iraq. today, i believe that as a nation we are... moving forward again. but we have much more to do to get folks back to work and... make the middle class secure again. now, governor romney believes that with even bigger... tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations... on wall street, all of us will prosper. in other words, he'd double down on the same trickle-down... policies that led to the crisis in the first place. so what's my plan? first, we create a million new manufacturing jobs... and help businesses double their exports... give tax breaks to companies that...
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invest in america, not that ship jobs overseas. second, we cut our oil imports in half and produce more... american-made energy. oil, clean coal, natural gas... and new resources like wind, solar, and biofuels. all while doubling the fuel efficiency of carsrs and trucks. third, we ensure that we mainintain the best workforce... inin the world by preparing a hundred thousand additional... math and science teachers; training two million... americans with the job skills they need at our community... colleges; cutting the growth of tuition in half and... expanding student aid so more americans can afford it. fourth, a balanced plan to reduce our deficit by... four trillion dollars over the next decade, on top of the... trillion in spending we've already cut. i'd ask e wealthy to pay a little more. and as we end the war in afghanistan... let's apply half the savings to pay down our debt and... use the rest for some nation-building... right here at home. it's time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the... belief that growing our economy begins with a strong...
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thriving middle class. read my plan. compare it to governor romney's, and decide for yourself. thanks for listening. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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>> we have several big stories tonight, including a deadly crash in spotsylvania county.
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what investigators have learned so far. plus we're learning about the strange man -- the estranged wife of anthony robert taglianetti. hear what else she is saying about her troubled marriage. remember the woman who won the lottery working at mcdonald's? find out what she is saying about her co-workers. >> abc7 news -- on your side. >> there was a deadly plane crash. in our correspondent talked with witnesses who tried to help the victim. >> the two people on board are confirmed dead. we are going to show you pictures. that plane and came down. at on any other given saturday
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afternoon, there would have been children playing on that very spot. this is what was left of the wreckage of the small aircraft. it came down in the mobile home park, crashing just feet from this house. >> we heard the engine. been no engine. no engine. then bam. the trailer shook. >> there was noise outside. i did not know what it was. >> you can see the plane sheared the trees on its way down, apparently knows first. the plane was a fixture at this airport and there are reports of it taking off around 5:00 p.m. with two people on board. this man tried desperately to help. >> i proceeded to lift some of
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the damaged airplane a way to try to get to see if there was something i could do. and unfortunately, there was nothing i could do. my prayers are with the family, and that is all i want to say to them. may god be with the family. >> the victims' names have not been released, but we do know that ntsb and the faa are both on site trying to figure out what happened to cause the crash. abc7 news. >> alright. we have another developing story. this one the latest in the case of a woodbridge man wanted in the murder of a man in new york. we are hearing more from the estranged wife of anthony robert taglianetti. >> after a nationwide manhunt. anthony robert taglianetti is now in police custody.
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>> i can tell you he is a very controlling man at. >> she pleaded for privacy for her family, claiming she and her husband had separated and said this about the outcome. >> [indiscernible] >> he is accused in the december 1 shooting death of a school superintendent outside his home in western new york. >> we heard something that sounded like gunshots. >> authorities have not released a motive, but sources say that they met on-line during an earlier period of separation. police suspect that he drove it to new york to confront him after finding those messages. >> we have uncovered messages to suggest he formed this when he
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left. >> police say that they tracked the cell phone back to virginia. on friday, a u.s. marshal and a harrisonburg officers bothered his vehicle. >> the deputy held the shotgun. >> she snapped these pictures from her driveway. after he was taken into custody detectives found a handgun in the car. residents of the small town of fort valley where he was captured are shocked. >> it is not good. >> tonight, his wife is not commenting on her alleged relationship with read. authorities believe that anthony robert taglianetti may have spent several days camping out in the shenandoah national forest.
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in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> also an officer on administrative leave after a deadly officer-involved shooting. it happened just after 2:00 this morning. investigators say a man confronted deputies and a violent struggle followed. one of the deputy shot and killed him. new problems for that mcdonald's employee in baltimore who claims she won that huge jackpot in april. a portion of her co-workers have filed a civil lawsuit against her. the group claims that wilson did by a winning ticket as part of a lottery pool with her co- workers. her colleagues also claim that she and her lawyer orchestrated an elaborate ruse to recruit three public school educators
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and trick the maryland lottery into believing that they won rather than wilson. wilson says the claims are simply false. we turn now to the race to the white house. be presidential candidates took a break today and let their running mates to the campaign in. by president joe biden appeared in florida today. -- vice president joe biden appeared in florida today. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan in the meantime made stops in new hampshire as well as ohio where he told voters that the economic stagnation will continue if president obama is reelected. we want to get an early look now on the weather. the question is whether the rain will stay away for the weekend. >> right now, we are looking at just the chance for a few
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sprinkles to move into tomorrow afternoon. but nothing, nothing that should cause delays are significant problems outdoors. take a look at what is going on. look on the left-hand side of your screen. 46 degrees. compare that to reagan national -- 55 degrees. looking at the wider view, temperatures for the most part holding in the 50's and 60's. we will take a look at our satellite across the extended outlook. it does have the potential for heavier rain on our way in just a few minutes. >> all right steve. thank you. tomorrow is a landmark for the city of alexandria. that is when the potomac river generating station will close for good. officials have blamed did as the single largest source of air pollutants and in northern virginia. it was returned to the company.
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coming up, but a community in southeast washington got an extreme makeover this weekend. y neighbors say the changes will improve safety. plus why this butler is on trial. and in southern california, these drive


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