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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  November 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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involved shooting that happened a long the 1200 block of tactics mill road in stafford. it is of county road 610. we don't know if that happened and make home but it seems to be a wooded area where there are some residential homes. we don't have any information right now as to the victim may be. we have heard reports that it may be a teenager but we have not been able to confirm that yet. we know that fauquier county is handling this case. we're not sure if any police have been injured but we can confirm that there has been at least one fatality. were not sure who the victim could be but we can't say where the area is located in stafford county. it is located along the marine corps base of quantico, not to far from the warrenton area.
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fauquier county is handling this investigation and brianne carter her is on the scene. she is being held at a media staging area and is not too far from the scene and we're hoping to get a live report and a couple of minutes. once again in stafford, an officer-involved shooting in the 1200 block of text mill road. -- tackett's mill road. >> thank you very much. >> we will get things started at 6:01 with your traffic and weather. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> it is a chilly start out there. a cloud in this is lingering once again and there will be a disturbance moving over had that could bring a sprinkle or even a snow flurries.
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there is a little bit of moisture trying to get going. for the most part, we will stay dry, only a 20% chance. 34 at reagan national and 37 at dollars and 36 in manassas. we will be slow to warm once again with periods of clouds and maybe some breaks of sunshine today along with sprinkles. i promise we will have more sunshine and a forecast as we go toward the weekend. we will go over to traffic. >> good morning we had a report of a broken down vehicle in down on the baltimore washington parkway near 202. it looks like it is confined to the shoulder right now. in springfield, you can see the
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volume increase in especially in the main lanes to the left. we have the usual volume. in maryland at the american legion bridge, no delays but heavier now in both directions. >> some signs of progress and frustration amid the huge recovery effort after super storm sandy. the death toll is more than 90 people and millions of homes and businesses are still without power and it could be weeks. drivers are waiting for gas in long lines. commuters are waiting in long lines for buses. amtrak will start running some trains in and out of new york city this morning. hundreds of workers with
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dominion virginia power and the american red cross are packing up and heading north. >> they will provide some relief to areas devastated by hurricane sandy. john gonzalez is live at national harbour. >> there is some movement out here in the parking lot of the gaylord hotel at the national harbour were these good men and women of dominion power got a good night's sleep after restoring over 300,000 homes in northern virginia and now they hit her again. 1500 workers will hit the road and head to new jersey where there are major power outages. we have the operations manager in charge of getting everyone on the road. tell me about the equipment in the parking lot. >> we've got about 75 vehicles here today. many of these people were working in northern virginia yesterday. they spent the night here at the national arbor to stage to go up
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to lakewood, new jersey to restore power. >> i understand this is the largest deployment you have ever had. >> it is, we have done many over the years in florida and louisiana. we were just in mississippi and louisiana this summer helping with the impact of isaac. >> how do you attack this once you get there? >> we have arrangements to provide fuel and supplies and sleeping arrangements and we will be working with the jersey central power and light. >> thank you and be safe out there. 1500 workers getting a nice warm breakfast this morning and then they hit the road. the red cross is doing their part. they will deploy volunteers out to west virginia. they got over two feet of snow.
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>> we are now just four days away from election day. the candidates are in all-out blitz is of key states. >> it is crunch time for the candidates with just four days left on the calendar until election day. >> let's put americans back to work doing the work that needs to be done. >> president obama is back in ohio would several campaign events scheduled across the state. mitt romney is also focusing on key battleground states, first in wisconsin, then he will be in ohio this is an election of great consequence and i think you understand that. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg endorsed president obama but whether it will have an impact is not clear. many people have cast their ballots thanks to early voting. this race could come down to every last of those.
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this rate -- this race is as tight as ever but new polls in three key battleground states have the president on top. >> i know what change looks like because i fought for it. you have, too. after all we have been through together, we sure as heck can i give up now. >> the president is campaigning in bristol va. tomorrow. mitt romney will spend time in virginia as well. we invite you to tell us about any problems or issues that might pop up in polling places across the area. you can submit details online at >> 41 degrees on this friday and still ahead, we are catching up with adam caskey who is out with
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>> good morning, washing time. >> good morning to all of you this morning. we made it through the week. a michigan business used leftover pumpkins to help improve worker morale. >> this is near grand rapids and the company celebrated halloween with this team building exercise for the company decided to hold a leftover pumpkin launch. and employees can up with elaborate contraptions. the only requirement was not to bring out the police or the fire department. that is a great opportunity.
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they came up with cannons and all kinds of slingshots. the pumpkins apparently went pretty far. >> i don't think i want all the pomp and material on my car. -- pumpkin material on my car. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> what a great way to get out your frustrations. the weather today is looking pretty good overall. we have a couple of disturbances that could create some changes. take a look at this dry air trying to move out but at the same time, we have an upper air disturbance that is pushing through and you can see it bringing in a little bit of rain and a little bit of snow so we might give a sprinkle or snow flurry later this morning. we will also get a little bit of
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sunshine like we have seen in the last couple of days. the upper air pattern is allowing the cool air to sink in. we should see more of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. if you're traveling today the airports are open again in new york city but i don't think we will have any weather-related delays. a chilly start and lots of 30's on the network. >> we will start with the look of the springfield interchange which is getting pretty heavy. traffic on the left as the main lines heading toward springfield. at least everything is open. we still have a broken down vehicle southbound on the b w parkway.
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there's a curiosity to where the -- delay their from 450. >> the time is 6:12 and 42 degrees. >> coming up, apple lovers are flocking to apple stores early today. that is rather cold to be out all night. this is the apple store in georgetown. a couple of people
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>> at penn state two of the minister is are facing a hearing today with new charges that they hushed up the sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. one retired and the other is expected to be in court next week. >> d.c. is getting ready for winter.
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snowplows are gathering at rfk stadium letter this morning and hitting the streets to make sure they are ready for winter. it is a dry run testing equipment and the accuracy of the gps system that tracks which treats have been ploughed. >> the space shuttle atlantis takes its last journey which will be short. the shuttle will be moved 10 miles to the kennedy space center main center. it will go on display starting next july. atlantis is the last shuttle. >> 6:16 and a morning when you want to bundle up. >> you could have gloves and hats today. >> better to have ended not needed. >> it is that time of year. the air gets dry and it gets cold. we will start you out with a satellite and radar picture.
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we are a little concerned that we could see some snow flurries. you can say a little bit of moisture out there. near the mason-dixon line. most of that is not reaching the ground but there is a disturbance in the upper atmosphere and that could be enough to squeeze a something out. we've got some breaks here in the cloudiness so we will go on and off with clouds and may be some sunshine and may be a sprinkle or a light flurries. it will be called for everybody. -- it will be cold for everybody. it is 44 degrees at reagan national which is not terrible but across the whole region, we have a lot of 30-degree readings. culpeper is down to freezing.
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quantico is at 40 degrees at this hour. our average is 63 and 45. a morning low is closer to where we should be but are average height is about 10 degrees above what we will see. the northwesterly flow is sticking around through today into the weekend. even though we will get more sunshine, we will still say -- state chile. 52-56 degrees today and the weekend forecast, we will stay until low to mid 50's but a little more sunshine. >>you can connect with me on facebook and twitter -- we will go over to adam caskey. >> we are in bethesda it is a happening spot.
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we are off wisconsin avenue near the tasty diner. i have a few layers on which is a good idea especially with the 30-degree readings. it is actually 42 degrees here. within the beltway, that is typical. let's talk about the extended forecast -- we will get more sunshine on the weekend and that will be welcome from this bilbray pattern we have been saying. -- for most of this grey pattern we are seeing. tuesday is closer to 50 degrees. there has been talk of a coastal storm system, the possibility of a more easter by the beginning of next week. -- a nor'easter next week. if it will affect our weather
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it looks like we would be looking at rain for the washington area and that would be mid-week. right now, all signs indicate that it would just be rain. fall back an hour before you go to bed saturday night because you gain an hour of sleep as we go back to standard time. also change the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors saturday night. look at what that does to the sunrise, let's look at our traffic. >> it is a pretty good friday so far this morning. we always see the volume on 270 but right now, it is not too bad at all. we will go over to the dulles toll road near route 28 where
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things are still moving very well. the toll road is a good ride all the way into the beltway. watch out for a bit of a backup on the baltimore washington parkway south bound near 202. >> 6:21 -- >> key reading on the nation's unemployment picture in a few days before the election and a new apple launched. >> economic reports don't get bigger than today's october employment numbers from the government. it is four days before the election and both candidates are in battleground states and expect to jump on the results. big retail chains reported strong sales up 5% from one year ago and sales of new cars and trucks jumped 7% from last october. officials are warning people to watch out for scams after
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hurricane send it. the on the alert for fraudulent charities and people looking to unload a flood-damaged cars. the ipad mini hits stores today. customers in tokyo were among the first to get their hands on the tablet.
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>> night at 5:00, a special justin bieber fan has a special wish so tune in to see how we make her dream come true tonight at 5:00. >> the time is 6:25. the 46th annual country music awards but mixed in big surprises with cheers and tears. >> blake shelton amaranth at lambert were winners last night. >> blake shelton won the music association ultimate prize -- entertainer of the year. >> country got and they do country music and the want to make national proud. a want to push the boundaries as much as i can. >> he also one male vocalist honors and shared the song of the year award with the female vocalist of the year, his wife miranda lambert.
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>> it has always been my goal as a songwriter to win songwriter of the year. >> little big town had a big night winning vocal group of the year and single in the year -- symbol of the year. they were thrilled. >> we feel so grateful. it has been an incredible journey. two tonight ! >> it has been many knives that plug in that amp, star in to death and played 10 shows in a row and i was not sure it could happen. >> this is a combination of hard work and tears and almost quitting and picking ourselves back up and dreaming and not quitting. here we are. >> hunter pays to a new artist
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of the year. >> it says welcome to the club. i want to be worthy of staying in the club that of the country music awards are over but many of the country stars will be heading west to los angeles for another word to show -- the american music awards on november 18. >> we're continuing to fall of breaking news out of northern virginia. >> it is a police-involved shooting that turned deadly. we will have an update on that when we continue.
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>> good morning to you. it is friday, september -- november 2. >> it has been a long week. we have breaking news and we are learning more details about the police test involves shooting in stafford county. >> these of the pictures we're getting from the scene and stafford counties. this was sent in from brianne carter. you can say a few deputies. it is dark hair in a wooded area. you can see it is happening in the 1200 block of tackett's mill road in stamford but fauquier
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county is handling the investigation we can show you the satellite view of what this area looks like. this is a daylight picture but it seems to be a residential area of very heavily wooded. we are still working to get details right now. we can show you what this area looks like in a wider map. it almost borders along the quantico marine base area located in stafford in fauquier county read along aquia road and tackett's mill road. we can confirm that there was an officer-involved shooting and the victim is deceased. that is all the information we have right now. brianne carter is talking to the virginia state police representatives and she will
6:32 am
hopefully have more information for our viewers and who the victim may be. hopefully, we will have that for you in a couple of minutes. >> we will look for the update shortly. let's get an update what is happening outside. >> good morning it is friday and made it to the end of the week. the weather pattern is a repeat of what we saw yesterday. we're seeing a little bit of moisture in northern virginia but most of that is not reaching the ground but don't be surprised if you get a sprinkle or snow flurry of bad. 44 degrees is the temperature at reagan national airport but we have a lot of 30's on the map. we will gradually warm things up and we should have cloudy times with a few breaks of sunshine and temperatures should warm into the 50's and we will have the weekend forecast coming up in a little bit. >> we will take a look at 395
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northbound at the four teams street bridge. -- 14th street bridge. we will go over to the beltway in montgomery county. you are seeing the volume on the elderly from college park to silver spring and everything is moving slowly it is not accident-related. looking at the springfield interchange, it is heavy off and on from the occoquan to springfield and onto i-395 . >> the time the 6:33 -- there are signs of progress and some mounting frustration in the recovery effort after super storm sandy. the death toll stands at more than 90 people in 10 states permit millions of homes and businesses are still without power and officials say it could be days before power is fully restored. drivers are waiting in extremely
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long lines for gasoline. users are waiting in long lines for buses and amtrak will be running some trains in and out of new york city today. >> later this morning, workers from dominion virginia power and the american red cross are going out of state to help people devastated by sandy. >> john gonzales is live at the national harbour. >> they will get a warm breakfast and they will go out for a long trip to new jersey for about a week and a half at least. in northern virginia there were more than 300,000 homes without power. dominion power to care of that which is why they are getting ready for this mobile operation. it is the largest out of state deployment the company has ever done, 1500 workers are going out to new jersey today. we have one of the workers with us today. did you get a good night's
6:35 am
sleep? >> are ready to go. >> when you get there later today, how does it work? >> the utility that is up there will probably have a map forests of the areas we need to go to first. we'll try to get as many lights on initially as we can. then we will hit smaller jobs later. >> along the jersey shore, there are about 60% of the homes still without power. you are a ground man, what does that mean? >> it is my job to get everything ready for the linemen. we try to get everything ready before they go up and minimize the down time and make the entire job go smoothly. >> how was the state the gaylord? >> it was fined them a 16-hour days this week and they have to
6:36 am
make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep. he signed up for this and it is part of his job and it is a good thing. the red cross is deploying volunteers and resources to west virginia where said the blast of the area with about 3 feet of snow. there is work going on there and these folks will have a warm breakfast at 6:00 and they will head out at about 7:30 this morning. there will send them out. >> thanks so much. four days until the presidential election and both candidates are waiting on the jobs report that could affect the numbers. president obama is making campaign stops in ohio today. mitt romney will also be there today. he makes his closing argument to the american people in wisconsin.
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>>still ahead, d.c. united has to shuffle is scheduled to help out its opponent, why? >> coming up next, when international airlines teach
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>> two members of the washington
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nationals are decided to explore the free agent market. adam la roche by pest a $10 million option for 2013. edwin jackson will also test the market. many people pay little attention to in-flight videos. >> one airline hoping to catch your attention with a new video. >> welcome aboard. >> this is air new zealand. they have enlisted the help of characters from the upcoming hobbit movie. it gives a safety demonstration and gandalf and gollum make cameo appearances. >> it certainly gets your
6:41 am
attention. >> delta did that, too. smoking is not allowed. as the wife of a pilot, i will say listen to that. dress warmly and set your clocks back an hour this weekend. it will be a little bit on the chilly side but increasing sunshine is finally on the way. let's go to doug hill for more details. >> happy friday. temperatures around the area are showing lots of 30's. 44 degrees in the nation's capital and warmer along the bay. we're watching a little disturbance that could come in
6:42 am
from the north and the west and there may be a sprinkle or a snow flurries that there will be breaks in the overcast with sunshine. temperatures will be 52-56 degrees and on the weekend, it will improve. temperatures in the low to mid 50's and turner clocks back one hour late saturday night. >> we will take a look at 395 northbound toward the 14th street bridge where things are moving well with no delays. on the bellboy at new hampshire avenue from college park to silver spring, that is very slow now towards georgia avenue but everything is still open them up thanks so much at 6:42 and we're looking at 44 degrees on this friday morning. it is playoff time in major league soccer. >> sandy has stressed the new york area said there are changes
6:43 am
for d.c. united.
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[itt romney ] there are two very different paths the country can take. one is a path represented by the president, which, at the end of four years, it'd mean we'd have $20 trillion in debt. i'll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. i'm gonna make sure that we get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. i'll work with you. i'll lead you in an open and honest way and to make sure that we all together
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maintain america as the hope of the earth. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> we want to update our breaking news from stafford, virginia. >> we are here on the scene with a number of police vehicles. we're kept a little bit away in zero ways from the scene. it was down the road but police are keeping us here at the staging area and we're hoping to get an update in a matter of minutes. in the meantime, earlier, this was a police-involved shooting. we do not have any information in terms of the identity of the people involved. we understand the victim is deceased. we don't have any identities.
6:46 am
what led up to this remains unclear as well. we have seen a number of vehicles responding in the past few minutes. it appears that the police scene is growing but we are being kept in a staging area and this scene is a little bit down tackett's mill road and we are on the aquia road. we will have more in a matter of minutes. >> thanks so much. >> get a check on our forecast. >> we are dealing with temperatures lower than they had in recent mornings. a little upper air disturbance will move through today and be accompanied by a sprinkle or maybe a few snow flurries in higher elevations. after that moves through, with a chance of seeing the skies opened up a little bit. temperatures right now are chilly. the further west you go, the colder it gets.
6:47 am
for this friday, a little bit of sunshine with temperatures in the low to mid 50's and gusty breezes this afternoon to the northwest. tomorrow night before you go to bed, turned the clocks back one hour. that gives you an extra hour of sleep and you can change your batteries on your smoke detectors and there will be an earlier sunset on sunday. we will look to cool weather for the seven-day forecast and that trend will continue through the weekend and beyond an election they will be partly chile and cloudy and maybe a new system will be in by wed.. >> thanks so much. the aftermath of sand is being felt and d.c. united was expected to travel to new york this weekend with a playoff game. >> instead they will host new york and go north next week.
6:48 am
d.c. united president is with us. congratulations on making the playoffs. this decision was something you had to make recently. you gave up home field advantage. >> as you know, ordinarily, the team would play the second game at home. it is a big advantage to have that at home. with the catastrophe in new york and northern new jersey,red bull a reno was not able to host a game tonight and after conversations we decided to go ahead and forgo our hard-earned home field advantage in the interest of a greater concern. >> so the second game would be at the red bull arena. >> as the hope that there is
6:49 am
still a question if even by wednesday that area will be able to host a match. we will talk throughout the weekend with the league and the league is in contact with local officials. it is a catastrophic situation. this was something that we could do. our fans are so wonderful and we know we will sell the game out tomorrow at rfk. we will still have a home field advantage but we have given it up to be good neighbors. >> you hoped for that sellout and tickets are still available. you lost a star midway through the season and have been able to keep going and make the playoffs. >> we had the league's mvp who
6:50 am
was having another great year but a lot of our younger stars stepped up and made a collective effort. we are excited about this team. we have a chance to make some noise in the playoffs. >> the undisputed kings of mls good luck. >> we have here friday express' coming up. >> here's another quick check of your forecast.
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>> good friday morning to all of you and coming appear, the latest from the storm that affected so many communities as they try to rebuild their lives along the eastern seaboard. people are struggling to gain access to basic necessities. food supplies and fuel supplies and temperatures are beginning to drop. a nor'easter is now threatening the region, we will have the latest next on "good morning america." >> 6:53 and time for our friday express'. >> we begin with jummy olabanji. >> we are following breaking news out of fauquier county. in stafford, there has been a police-involved shooting and the report is that the victim has died. this happened in the 1200 block
6:54 am
of tackett's mill road in stafford. we hear stafford police are on the scene and fauquier county police and virginia state police. we're waiting for more information about what exactly happened and who the victims could be. brianne carter is live on the scene and she will have an update later on. >> here at the gaylord hotel at the national harbour, 1500 dominion power workers are currently having breakfast and then it is off to new jersey where along the shoreline, a 60% of the homes are still without power. this is the largest out of state deployment the utility company here has ever had. they are going for about a week and a half to new jersey after 16 hour days this week restoring power to more than 300,000 homes in northern virginia. >> it is great they can help out. >> are four days away from the
6:55 am
election and the president campaigns today in ohio as well as met romney. >> the unemployment numbers will be released today and track work group cause delays and metro again this weekend. >> trains will not be running between foggy bottom and court house. those changes start at 10:00 tonight. shuttle buses will be available in red line trains are single tracking. for more information on all these, go to our website at >> let's check in with the traffic. >> we will start with a look at to 70 at 109 down from frederick county and is looking pretty heavy. over 2 springfield, the usual delays i-95 and everything is open to springfield up to the
6:56 am
14th street bridge. >> it is a little chilly to start out this morning. one of our viewers as tweeted that there are a few flurries coming down. the live super doppler showing you that in northern maryland. we will see some peaks of sunshine today with temperatures into the 50's and the more sun we get, the warmer we will get an by this weekend, it looks better with more sunshine and we get an extra hour of sleep. >> don't forget about great conditions for the redskins' game on sunday. >> thanks for being with us. >> continui [ earnest ] out of the blue one day we were told to build a 30-foot stage.
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gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage not knowing what it was for. just days later all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of youre fired... i looked both ways i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage it was like building my own coffin and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the chetent of this advertising.
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