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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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[ girl ] ...princess doll, markers... >> coming up, an overturned tractor trailer could wreak havoc on the morning rush. >> a gun found in a student's locker, cause for concern for school in fairfax county. >> the suspect poses first appearance before judge in the new york city's subway murder. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. great to have you with us on this thursday, december 6. i am pamela brown. >> i am steve chenevey.
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we want to get to jacqui jeras with a look at our forecast. >> good morning. it feels like december. the big chill is back. if you don't like the warm weather, are starting on the cold side again. if you like the sunshine, we will have plenty today. if you don't like the cold, we will have a milder weekend ahead. starting with temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30's across much of the region. 36 at reagan national, 31 at dulles. 23 in frederick and 32 degrees in fredericksburg. are expense forecast for today chile is still to 9:00 at 36 degrees. -- chilly. 44 at noon, 41 at 5:00, high temperatures around 46 degrees in the metro area. the seven-day forecast is coming up featuring rain in the forecast. back to you. >> thank you. we are following a developing
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story that could impact your morning commute on the outer loop of the beltway near 270. >> john gonzalez has the latest. >> highway crews are working as carefully as possible. you can imagine how dangerous the work is, but they are moving quickly. according to the maryland state highway administration, this cleanup will not be completed before the morning rush hour. the outer loop of the beltway just past the 270 spur. an 18-wheeler is on its side in the far right lane of 495. a tractor-trailer containing thousands of pounds of pineapples and other propoduce and it up on its side. the truck did not spilled its load onto the beltway, but what is going to happen for the next several hours as they worked up
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right the truck, more lanes could be closed. right now we know for fact that the right lane is closed, but more lanes could be closed later on this morning as more heavy machinery comes in. on the scene is a train trying to remove the cab, but they will have to unload thousands of pounds of produce from the main box. then they will be able to upright the truck. it will take several hours. traffic will be very messy this morning. reporting live along the beltway, john gonzalez, abc 7. >> letson a look at what else is happening. >> not a good start. >> i know. with the right lane blocked
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coming off 95 from college park to 270 that will affect your ride. plan for the extra time. having a lane blocked on the beltway will affect the commute. for now, no problems coming out of silver spring into bethesda. quiet on 270. no problems for commuters headed around the beltway across the american legion bridge and into virginia. the overnight construction over there has been wrapped up on time. but in its quiet coming in from the west. back to you. >> thank you. students will be back in a fairfax school for the first time since finding out a classmate brought a gun to school, found in a locker at robinson secondary school. brianne carter has more on how parents are taking the news. >> some parents say there were not notified about this until we were here last night talking to some parents to get their reaction. the school said they did e-mail a letter to parents to notify them about this incident.
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it is a scare. a gun was found inside a locker at the school. parents say that they were concerned about not learning about it any earlier. officials are not saying what prompted them to assert the locker for the gun. the weapon was quickly confiscated. school spokesperson said there was never any imminent danger to any of the students. >> i am happy that they did find it. very comforting to appeal the school is doing their job. correct>> in an e-mail principal said, "fairfax police were notified immediately and criminal and administrative investigations are underway. the students involved have been identified and questioned. appropriateness of plenary action will be taken after the serious event -disciplinary- action.:" anyone found with a weapon on
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campus and will be suspended 10 days and there's a possibility of being expelled. >> new this morning, one person taken to the hospital with minor injuries after an overnight fire at a luxury condominium complex in alexandria. the fire broke out around 12:00. inside the unit on south washington street just south of old town. one apartment has severe damage. residents were briefly evacuated. no word on the cause. >> investigators looking for whomever tried to carry out a brazen crime in fredericksburg. someone tried to blowups and atm of virginia credit union on shelton boulevard. the blast was loud enough to set off car alarms and wake up people in a nearby apartment complex. >> i heard a loud bang and could not fall back asleep. >> i thought a gas line exploded or something. >> it's not something you would
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expect around here. >> a witness did by a suspect from a distance and a surveillance camera also saw the suspect. >> the man arrested in the deck of a new york city subway rider has been arraigned on murder charges. he appeared before judge and was ordered held without bail. he's expected in court again on tuesday. a 58-year-old ki-suk han was pushed on to the tracks at the times square subway station aand died after being hit by the train. he tried to climb on to the platform but there was not enough time. still ahead -- >> marijuana is illegal in two states, but it comes with a lot of
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>> welcome back and good morning. jacqui jeras. 5:00 then is the time. adam caskey is enjoying the twinkling holiday lights. we want you to send us pictures. he could show up on your front door. >> good morning. this is the sixth annual "zoolights" event where the
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entire zoo is lit up with lights and all the branches are colored. animal sculptures are lit up as well. videvin murphy is with us. >> we have more than 500 flights this year. >> half a million lights. >> that is 20,000 more than last year. >> that's a pretty good upgrade. in terms of the types of lights , what is the status? there are l.e.d. like snout, environmentally friendly lights. -- l.e.d. lights. >> you also have a new
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attraction. >> we have a new carousel that is open especially for "zoolights" and you can take a ride. 58 handpainted and hand carved items on that. >> even adults can ride. >> "zoolights" runs from 5:00 p.m. through 9:00, this weekend by the clock and on the quad admission is free. december 8 his military night, so we have special offers for members of the military. >> thank you very much. we will show different cultures and the lights later on. first, i want to solicit your wonderful photos in the washington area of the lights on your own house. send us pictures. in the past i have gone to the
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various displays and houses and i will do that again this year. mike, i'm talking about you. other folks, whether it is tacky or a son of lights send us a picture. it's cold, 31 degrees at the zoo. warming up on the weekend. but let's get a look at traffic. >> thanks so much. right now we're watching the maryland beltway, extremely busy. a tractor-trailer overturned overnight, loaded with pineapples. a lot going on. this is on the maryland beltway outer loop just before you get to 270. the right lane of the beltway is blocked and it will be blocked through the morning rush-hour. they are waiting for a truck to offload the boxes of pineapples. after the rush hour they will get a crane to try to get a
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tractor-trailer back up on its wheels. coming from college park and greenbelt, expect extra volume. the virginia beltway is quiet. 95, 395, no problems out of stanford. to and across the 14th street bridge as well. back to you. >> thank you. 5:14 on this thursday, 35 degrees. the first reviews all latest new apple products. >> and of new look grandma, they
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have a hobbit menu. i know. apparently, they based an entire movie off of it. try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's. and see “the hobbit: an unexpected journey.”
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>> welcome back. we're getting a new look at where we all live. >> jummy olabanji is alive desk with fascinating images. >> they are nasa images taken from the satellite that shows what the earth looks like while we are sleeping. take a look at these pictures. you can see the east coast full of likes. as you get closer to the midwest, not as many lights. a lot of these show wildfires and unexpected gas playeflares as well. and this is from the mild liver -- nile rier in egypt -- river.
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you can see the majority of the lights are in north america and europe and in asia. not as many in south america and africa. the images are so precise they can pick up a twinkle of light on a ship at sea. it can help them predict some weather patterns as well. i'm sure jacqui jeras will be taking a look at these pictures as we see how the earth looks overnight. back to you. >> thank you. a lot of early risers on the east coast. it's 35 degrees out. chilly outside. washington states's marijuana law takes effect today, allowing adults to have up to announce of the drug and bans the public use of marijuana. state officials will regulate farming, distribution, and selling marijuana in stores early next year. until then you can only purchase
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from a drug dealer. >> we would then be able to give clear direction to law- enforcement that if it's not licensed by the state of washington, it's fair game. >> it remains illegal under federal law. that means federal agents can still arrest people for it. and it is banned from the federal properties including national parks and military bases. >> it's 35 degrees, much colder than earlier this week. >> my goodness. >> a 30-degree drop in temperatures in 24 hours. you do need to address for the weather. you need to bundle up. you probably need to wear a hat and gloves this morning and a jacket and long sleeves. let's go ahead and take a look at what's happening out there at this hour. 36 is the temperature on the thermometer, but there's a brisk wind out of the north at 12
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miles an hour, so it makes it feel like 28 degrees. we have some 20's for the temperatures in other places. 23 in frederick, 25 in manassas, 28 in culpeper, 24 in petersburg. here is the temperature difference from 24 hours ago. 26 degrees colder at dulles, 32 degrees colder in manassas, 31 in culpeper, 27 in luray. that is a slap in the face as you open the door. we are colder than average in terms of our high temperatures later on today. yesterday we reached 63. our average high is 50. nowhere near the record of 78. our satellite picture shows the clouds we had yesterday moved out quickly. high-pressure overhead. that means we will stay clear throughout the day.
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it will be a great looking day. we are getting sandwiched in between two systems by tomorrow, so the clouds will move in. we could get a sprinkle of north and west of the metro area. it will get warmer. our forecast for today, mostly sunny, high temperature of 46. partly cloudy tonight 28-36. we will see clouds tomorrow at 52 degrees. warmer by the weekends. chance of showers on sunday and monday. let's check on traffic with jamee whitten. did you break out a sweater? >> i will need to do that for tomorrow. right now it's a little busy with the rush hour. 395 in the land park area, northbound at duke street, a lot of activity. they have stopped everybody. this is progressing within the last 10 minutes. they are occasionally letting the left lane go by.
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this is 395 northbound at duke street, a brief delay. that may back up quickly near the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. is the thinnest of desktop computers apple has ever made. >> how does it stand up to reviews? >> record-breaking sales for call of duty, the first person shooter game had a billion dollars in sales in 15 dates worldwide doing better than its predecessor. apple has released a very thin version of its imac computer that is a fraction of an inch. >> it is expensive, but it has a beautiful screen, gorgeous design, real computing power. but some people will miss the integrated dvd drive. >> it starts at $1,800. a smartphone may soon be able to
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sense how you are feeling and respond appropriately. a new program was correct in identifying your emotions 80% of the time. have a great day.
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>> the redskins are still favored to beat the ravens. the ravens defense is bank up, but they still have rice. he lets his eyes move his feet. he is gone when he gets to the second level. the redskins know what they are up against. >> he's probably one of the hardest backs. barry stocky, low to the ground, runs, catches the ball well. >> then you have joe flacco in
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the mix and the redskins defense is up against it on sunday, but they are favored in this game. redskins have won three big games in a row. have a great day. >> it is 35 degrees, 5:26. the news continues. >> there's a traffic situation on the outer loop of the beltway just past 270, an overturned tractor trailer. they have to unload bad tractor full of fruit with three guys with that piece of machinery.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. it's thursday, december 6. i am pamela brown. >> i am steve chenevey.
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glad to be with you. let's get to jacqui jeras. >> today we are bottoming out. this is as cold as it will be for the rest of the week, so that's good news for those who don't like the cold. let's show you where we are. it is significant compared to yesterday. it is 25 degrees to 30 degrees colder than yesterday. reagan national is 36 degrees as well as annapolis, 38 in gaithersburg -- 28 in gaithersburg and 23 in frederick. it is seven degrees colder than what it reads on a thermometer. feels like 25 in dulles and manassas. it will be sunny today. 36 degrees at 9:00, 44 and mostly sunny at noon. 41 degrees at 5:00 with the sundown already.
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back to you. >> thank you. we want to check on the developing story in bethesda. a tractor-trailer overturned on the beltway on the right side of the 270 spur on the outer loop. i see some traffic moving, john. >> traffic is starting to build on the beltway. it will only get worse throughout the morning. you can only imagine it's about a half-million dollars in damage and lost produce. talking about thousands and thousands of pounds of pineapples loaded inside that 18-wheeler if that is now on its side. what we are seeing is a live picture of a few guys removing box by box on the far right lane. they have a bobcat set up. when they get the truck completely on loaded, another truck will be loaded.
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so you can only imagine how long this process will be. the cleanup will not be completed before the morning rush according to maryland state highway officials. there's heavy equipment removing the stabbecab. once the back of the truck is unloaded, they will be able to a bright this. this is the outer loop of the beltway just past the 270 spur. the 18-wheeler came around the bend and loss control. it will be part of the investigation whether there was any reckless driving involved or any speed factor. rain now we can tell you the driver walked out of this and is being checked out at a local hospital for minor cuts and bruises. he seems to be ok. again, the traffic is starting to build already this morning and it will only get worse. reporting live from the beltway,
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john gonzalez. >> i'm glad nobody was hurt that at the scene of the crash. that is definitely impact in the morning commute. as you make the exit for 270 the right lane will be blocked through the entire morning rush- hour. that will be backing up at college park and silver spring. in virginia, 95 northbound they moved everything to the shoulder. not just the left lane getting by, but the right shoulder is where the activity is. activity at edsall road and duke street. glad they were clearing that over. >> parents are worried after a gun turned up in a student's locker at a fairfax school. students are returning for the first time this morning since the news broke. brianne carter is outside the school. parents are pretty upset about
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this. >> some parents say they were not immediately notified, but the school said they did send an e-mail to parents to tell them about test and about keeping their kids safe. a scare at a fairfax county school after a gun was discovered in a student's locker. >> i would not think that would happen at robinson. >> administrators are not saying what led them to assert a student's locker, but a junior said it was a student friend to alerted authorities. >> possibly a freshman had a gun in his locker and another student knew about it and told administrators. >> in an e-mail to parents a principal said "fairfax police were notified immediately and criminal and administrative investigations are underway. the students have been identified and questioned. if the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in response to this very serious event." school officials say that the weapon was immediately
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confiscated, but students were never in any imminent danger. also, they talk about exactly what happened, that still remains the big question in the investigation. brianne carter reporting. >> today the man accused of shooting a security guard at a conservative lobbying group's northwest d.c. headquarters will be in court. floyd corkins of herndon scheduled to have a status conference. he faces several charges including committing terrorism in connection with the august shooting at the family research council. prosecutors say he was upset over the group's anti-gay stance. >> turned to colorado movie theater shooting where a gunman opened fire in july. it will reopen on temporary 18. family members of shooting victims will first be allowed inside. paul people killed and 58 others injured when james holmes opened fire on people watching the latest batman movie. the theater has bee undergoing
5:37 am
renovations now. still ahead, we will check in with meteorologist adam caskey act one of the best christmas light display is in town. >> and what big-name stars are in town for tonight's lighting of the capitol c
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>> hello from but pentagon row. >> good morning, washington. >> and good morning. i'm jacqui jeras. 34 degrees desired temperature. much colder today. 25 to 30 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. adam caskey is out in the cold weather at the national zoo. good morning. >> it energizes me being here at the national zoo. this is the sixth annual "zoolights" where the entire zoo is illuminated even on the trees. animal sculptures decorated in lights. devin murphy is with me. when does this whole process again? >> it does not happen overnight. it's a pretty long process.
5:41 am
we start to wrap the trees during the first week of october. >> the trees are so detailed. you can see almost every branch little outup. day the monkees help out? >> just people. >> probably a union issue. i hear you have a mascot. tell me a little about the mascot? >> it is panda claus, and his tons of fun. you can meet him and take pictures with him. >> dancing with a snow globe. behind us we have a hummingbird getting nectar from the flower. we also have a butterfly in the distance. i see a lion. "zoolights" is on weekends for now. >> december 14 it starts running
5:42 am
every night except december 24, december 25, and december 31. >> so it goes through new year's. >> january 1 is the last night. >> there's no admission? >> right. >> there's a nice slide. those are just a few of the things that cost a few dollars to do. >> yes. two 154 tracks you can slide down and that is $3. >>-- two 150-foot tracks. >> if your house is all decked out, send us a picture. 31 degrees right here at the storm chaser at the zoo. we will only be in the 40's this afternoon.
5:43 am
luckily, we don't have much of a breeze. let's go to jamee whitten for the commute. >> let's go to virginia 395 where there's a change for the better. everything to the shoulder. 3 95 northbound at landmark, far right shoulder, nothing remains blocked. -- 345. but at edsall road there is volume. -- 395 northbound at landmark, the far right should shoulder remains blocked. and there's a tractor-trailer on its side on the beltway after 270. after the rush hour with the cranes will get a tractor- trailer back up on its wheels. expect heavier than normal at traffic in bethesda. back to you.
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>> thank you. the first family will throw the switch on the national christmas tree in 12 hours. the tradition dates back to president calvin coolidge. neil patrick harris will be hosted a ceremony which features performances from babyface and james taylor and others. jummy olabanji will be hosting pre-show activities. >> she is working alive desk. -- the live desk. >> the ravens and the redskins will play this weekend. howard county's executive is a baltimore ravens fan and offers a bet to rushern baker air, the executive of prince george's county. >> if somehow you sneak a victory, i will probably wear an
5:45 am
r.g. iii jersey the entire day. but when we come down to fedex field and beat you this sunday, you will take my favorite jersey and you will wear it in the office on a purple friday in prince george's county. are you up for it? >> ken says he will wear only the r.g. iii jersey if they lose because he says that the only player than he says is doing pretty well for the redskins. rushern baker if has seen the video and he says he will release details about his counter offer later today. ken allman, the redskins did need all three of their division rivals in a row. and we know what happened the last time the ravens played the steelers, so good luck to you. >> hopefully all of us win. it's 5:45.
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>> 35 degrees on this thursday. >> a victory for same-sex marriage supporters in washington. where you can get a
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>> , naupa 6:00, another winner in our safeway grocery gift card contest. -- at 6:00. >> and at a high-tech makeover. that is all ahead. >> at least five people killed and hundreds more injured in violent clashes that continue outside egypt's presidential palace as supporters and opponents of president square off for the first time since the latest irruption two weeks ago. both sides have been throwing rocks and firebombs at each other. the conflict centers around
5:50 am
mohamed morsi's decree giving himself sweeping powers. >> secretary of state clinton will meet with her counterpart today in dublin amid increasing fears that the syrian president will use chemical weapons in the civil war. >> 26 days until we reached the fiscal cliff. there's hope that the bacon soon return to the negotiating table. president obama called the house speaker to discuss ways to prevent huge tax increases and spending cuts in january. congress' joint economic committee will hold talks today. >> propofol hockey is returning to the verizon center for one night. tonight the admirals' of norfolk will play. -- professional hockey is returning. there are signs the ice could be
5:51 am
thawing between players and owners. both sides sound optimistic the season can be salvaged. talks will continue today. the work stoppage has wiped out all games through december 14 as well as the new year's day winter classic and the all-star game. >> same-sex marriage licenses will be issued starting today and several maryland counties. couple will be able to get married starting on january 1. some counties that have confirmed they will begin issuing licenses today include anne arundel frederick, and montgomery. maryland maine, and washington became the first states to pass a same-sex marriage by popular vote. washington state same-sex marriage law takes effect today. the governor signed the law during a ceremony at the state capital. the measure won the ballot box with the largest margin of any state. the earliest wedding could take place this sunday because
5:52 am
there's a three-day wait. >> a young teenage girl says the easy-bake oven should be marketed to boys. >> and there may be a brighter for wonder bread. ellen braitman has more. >> good morning. if you grew up eating wonder bread, you wanted to stick around, there's good news. there's a suitor for the brand. the potential buyer visited many hostess plants. but there's no guarantee it will hire back but thousands of workers lost their jobs in the shutdown. non-binding offers are due on monday. easy-bake oven is an all- american classic for children. hasbro showing millions of young girls how to make tiny stakes in the little pants. -- pans.
5:53 am
a 13-year-old girl of new jersey says it should be marketed to boys as well. she's asking the company to drop its all girl advertising and the pink and purple colors, saying that under four-year-old brother is asking for one for christmas and she wanted to know it's not wrong for him to want to be a chef. ellen braitman reporting. have a great day. >> thank you so much. 7 is on your side with something we have long suspected. it's more difficult to avoid chocolate's when you are on a diet. >> researchers found sweet taste better when you are cheating on a diet. they made the discovery. >> something about it being bad that makes it so good. >> kate middleton is out of the hospital. so that's good news. jummy olabanji will have an
5:54 am
update in a couple minutes. you can see her leaving the hospital, the royal couple with a bouquet. >> morning sickness is difficult. >> and having to announce to the world earlier than they had wanted. >> i know. on this side of the pond is chilly outside. we have to bundle up. it is cold. different from earlier this week. the coldest day of the week foreshore. but we have changes in the seven-day forecast, so that's good news for those who don't like the chilly start. this morning it's 36 degrees but it feels like 218 with a north wind at 12 miles an hour. nippy start. 31 degrees at dulles. almost everybody is at or below freezing. 25 in manassas, 28 in
5:55 am
gaithersburg and 23 in frederick. much colder than it was this time yesterday morning by 25-35 degrees. 31 degrees colder in frederick. 27 at bwi, 28 colder in quantico. 23 degrees colder in winchester. cool air all across the mid atlantic canada into the northeast, high temperatures in the 40's for us, 50's down to the south. if everyone is getting in on this change as the cold front spies made its way offshore. high-pressure building. skies are clear, but we're keeping an eye on the clouds to the west. a cold front approaching. this high will not stick around long. it will push offshore. then we will see clouds will begin tonight with a warm front. maybe a couple showers tomorrow north and west of the metro. i'd think we will stay dry in the metro area and the dust cloud. temper tours will warm up gradually.
5:56 am
today mostly sunny and cole, 41- 46. -- cold. tonight, partly cloudy, 28-36. tomorrow we will see the clouds at 52 degrees. if warming into the sixties this weekend. chance of showers sunday and monday. that's the latest. ja
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>> a rock hill woman is one of
5:59 am
the finalists for the anderson viewer co-host challenge. -- rockville. >> thank you for letting me talk with you in person. >> maybe she will get a chance to do that with the real anderson. she is one of five finalists from across the country. the winner will be chosen by viewers who and votes and anderson's website. the voting ends at 11:59 tonight. good luck. >> michael richards is headed back to the small screen. he has been cast in a new sitcom starring kirstie alley about a broadway star whose life is turned upside down after a son she gave up for adoption returns to her life. he plays her limousine driver. >> you will not see as much of the people magazine posey sexiest man alive next year. he is stepping away from acting next year. channing tatum wants to start
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directing and


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