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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  December 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

6:00 am >> breaking news at the japan. a live update on the massive update that the piece of tokyo and rattled nerves. >> and john gonzalez in this neighborhood in northwest d.c. new signs of hope for a drownsrhood that it they are calling it a miracle on snake river. and i demand a thankful to be after doctors say he was idaho manad -- an think obedient -- to be alive. .'m pamela brown >> i'm steve chenevey. let's go straight to jacqui jeras. start. chilly definitely better than good 5-10by a theees, the good news, but clouds have returned so it will of mourning.ind have a spotty showers north and west. front royal, drying out just a little bit now.
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ben and little movement toward the eastern shore. in thet seen anything metro accept drizzle on occasion reported at dulles. up and down temperatures will be the rule. a cloudy, persistent weekend, the showers will be on and off over the next four days. express forecast for today -- 40 by 9:00, by noon, 47, by 51 and mostly cloudy 5:00. the warm-up inu seven-day forecast. go back and forth. from the belfort furniture center, we attack on traffic now. quiet, no major problems crossing the legion wilson bridge. activity but this incident in montgomery county. me walk you through. is the intersection of d montrose, watch through.e to get you block in each direction at seven locks and montrose can get by.
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no problems around the beltway. good in virginia, getting up to the beltway, 95, with your travel lanes open. we begin with breaking news of japan. a strong earthquake jolted the of thestern part country. olabanji at the live video we just found. we know that at least five to hospital inen magi with injuries related to the earthquake but none of the serious. we tell you the earthquake made buildings shake in tokyo. this at cnn's tokyo bureau. plants hitting the wall and the camera shaking around. is the same area that was earthquakemassive year.unami last short comment -- short officials announced all have beeni warnings lifted in the area. it hit off the coast of japan just after time.ur the good news, no reports of any
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damage to any of the buildings. >> thank you very much. possible hope for a distant a seriesood plagued by bad floods. the city will break ground on a flood prevention profit for islandiving on rhode the bloomingdale neighborhood. >> the mayor and city officials at the out here macmillan filter plant to make the official announcement. years of badan 30 here say residents they can't wait for some relief. >> possible hope for people living in the battered local neighborhood, drowning because a bad floods, already also where three drains converge. is a flashthat flood, residents do not stand a chance. cross our fingers and hold our breath for the next hope the sandbags and anotherill hold season. home suffered four
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in the span of months this year. to have a new system by 2014. i am glad to see my tax finally doing something. the idea is to convert a filtration site into tanks with a runoff, and a six-block tunnel to storm -- store even more storm water and sewage. to say the effort is relatively impressive. >> if the new plan will cost about $40 million more than the original plan but will be done sooner. the zero original plan called years and this could be done by 2014. live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. gett will be tough to if you plan on taking metro this weekend. several stations will close. will single track as work begins on aggressive maintenance. carter is breaking it down. add extra time to your
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commute if you will be riding this weekend. all of the work will be done the metro system will affect all of the lines. going to be using it going to want to watch out for delays. we are here at the metro station wheaton along the red line, e of five stations that will repairs throughout the weekend starting at 10:00 tonight and lasting the weekend up in time for morning rush hour monday. takoma, forestut glen, silver spring and glenmont. shuttle buses to people around the work but shuttle if you take the buses at nearly up an hour to your travel time. green line there were shuttle buses to get you around the work. the yellow line will travel along sections of the blue line of the track while well there. as and a section of orange line e trackingbe singl throughout the weekend. a lot to watch out for.
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starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight lasting throughout the weekend. of an ongoingrt to continue too do safety upgrades and repairs keep the system moving forward. what they say is the goal. just going to be h metro and notg sure which areas will be .ffected log onto reporting live in wheaton, carter. .of information dur the guardian angels launch a new along the green line. every fridayout between 11:00ight at 3:00 a.m. and will occasionally patrol other lines. showing a group of robbing teen girls and month's deadly stabbing to motivate the patrols. d.c. police investigating a in northeasth investigators say they man in custody for shooting a 63-year-old woman in e stomach30 first night on
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maryland avenue. died a short time later. that point the circumstances leading to the shooting are still unclear. a marine killed in a veteran's day. axa will be buried. chief warrant officer gary veteranswas among four train hit their float texas.nth in he will be buried with full honors. he leaves behind a wife and two children. back areaoss the 73rd anniversary anniversary of a deadly attack. pearl harbor naval was bombed,w why he killing more than 2400 sailors civilians. be a commemoration iiemony at a world war memorial with a special tribute. the documentary ", flight" will at constitution hall in northwest d.c.. >> a great disservice to our veterans. coming up, we will have the name the lucky viewer who won $500
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have the holidays from reston town center. here with reggie the bear, our mascot. s for family fun and holiday shopping. morning to you as well. make someoneo as we give away thousands .f dollars in free groceries n a $500 if we give card wordlisten for the clue
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the winner today is richard holmes from maryland. if you would like to win today's word is by tomorrow, i meant monday -- and to a cranberry and will announce the winner monday morning. by the way, if you share your contacts winnings for family and friends. shares we will donate a bag of groceries to area food. will check in with jacqui jeras again. have all we can to share goingnk because you are because the weather and you have two extra days to do it. 41 degrees is our temperature. the warmer star. out of the south, a little f camera at 7e roo miles an hour. clouds are here and show are the sprinkles. mostly north and metro but starting
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sprinkles inside the beltway. are traveling today, the is bringing us what weather which will affect much the mid-atlantic and northeast. expect travel delays in having all the way down clout with a few showers, the between 48-52. we will show you the changeable temperatures and a seven-day just a man of the check traffic. we happily mated to the end the work week. let's start off on the rails. metrorail on time -- but if you marc brunswick train, a 870 atcal problem, train minutes late and a two 890 and thed them, -- what also be behind schedule. maryland andu montgomery county. at sevenking the crash montrose road,
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northbound 7 lots closed. track and the volume coming out 6.akes-fair oaks to 6 degrees this friday. coming up, alarming new details about the bangladesh garment fire.y that caught and are calling it the snake river miracle. an
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welcome back, everybody. president obama is responding to the violence in egypt. house says he contact contacted each of's leaders concerns. and hundredskilled
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injured during clashes between morsi's supporters and opponents. withdrawd he would not constitution islamisty his the allies. aboutturbing new details the garment factory in when 112 people were killed in a fire last month. fire officials said the factory lost its fire safety certification back in june. tells they owner press he was three-zed to build a building that he expanded o 8 stories and of adding arocess ninth floor at the time of the fire. the crisis in syria may be boiling point as the u.s. is warning syria not to use weapons of mass destruction. defense secretary leon panetta the intelligence reports syrianries concerns assad may bashar al- against its weapons people, as secretary of state clinton met with foreign ireland in a push
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to end the bloody conflict. idaho man is luckily gillette alive after falling into a hunting.k before doctors him.ed story.redible it all started with a hunting trip, and that was the last jones remembers. ,> i remember the knuewer canoe about 20he was it.nutes and it after roscoe -- russell has it from fish and wildlife pulled him ashore -- it was like a er.e from cpr in progress, someone on the gurnee keeping the heart and the moving, to keep really the brain.oing to the he and his team of doctors to first warm his heart because this severe low temperature caused his organs to down and the body temperature dropped down to a fatal 82 degrees. they said they are very luckily been ablekily to have
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revive him. >> it is hard to explain. of the miracle on the snake river. michael jones says of course to thanklot of people andbringing him back, actually one of the first es 4 after he was revived cream. he wanted ice-cream. >> the warmest heart. -- they have to warn his heart. incredible story. no icy rivers around here. u know, the potomac as getting cold. blow 40's for the water temperatures. not want to spend in there for sure. we do have wet weather scattered across the area and the clouds in after aack beautiful sunny day yesterday. we will be in and out of it of theout a good part weekend. justhowers out there morning hours. all really light. get a little misty
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drizzle from time to time across area but most of the stuff hitting the ground is up at the year into marylandand western virginia. a little toward winchester, martinsburg, in little into frederick toward westminster. watching no. montgomery county. again, not much more than time.les at this temperatures are warming, so at least we are not worried about the freezing on contact. winds are out of the south, the temperatures out. 38 at dulles, 39 at manassas. 36 at frederick. bridges and overpasses, you to keep an eye on. at the difference in temperatures this morning yesterday nine degrees warmer in winchester, 16 degrees warmer in manassas and five degrees warmer in annapolis. of sandwiched between two r systems and neither totally control the weather. right in between the two. moisture later tonight.
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front is stalled out really would not be passing y next week.l earl means we will be in and out and kind of up and with the temperatures. temperatures -- 48-52, tonight showers, 42-48 and is the seven-day forecast. 60's tomorrow and monday but 50's and 40's in between. new information about the otheruake in japan and week and, i have out -- or on facebook -- let me know, as well, if you are getting the sprinkles. how is it on the road? right in the areas, into centreville, seeing the drops of m wet marc brunswick train mechanical that is late and
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two trains behind that will be late. we are doing okay in manassas, volume as you can see pavement, and the end of the ramp from 50, there is the crash. looking good. 25 days before we reach the fiscal cliff and we are hearing d.c. area think about prevent tax hikes and cuts in january. 57% of respondents in the new the president and congress will reach a deal. 78% said both sides should compromise but democrats are about a dealic than republicans. later this morning we will find out the impact the fiscal cliff debate and superstore and sandy had on the job market. today's america's money report. topping america's money -- today'she release of all-important november jobs t was note forecas good. e devastation by hurricane sandy had long been expected to disappointing number hires. but investors may shrug off
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the impact is temporary. college students in the federal loan repayment program are getting help. that is more affordable and favorable to .rouwer's goes into effect l invest $100 million production from some mac computers from china to the u.s. and brazil sells one more marathon. the first -- for the first time macy's stores will open 48 hours straight the giving before christmas, shoppers extra time lift the macy's holiday sales. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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manning, fires in the end zone, touchdown. t against peyton manning. he and the broncos cruised to a wins thursday night. during the game he completed his career pass, joining only favre as the reach the mark. broncos play the ravens next week. out whether find the redskins are for real during the beltway.le of >> redskins need to win to keep alive andoff hopes the ravens can clinch a playoff a bitimore is banged up a still packs an offensive
6:26 am
punch. joe flacco will be testing the skin is secondary. big, strongo is a quarterback in the pocket. there and we allow him enough time he will hit the targets. he can make all of the throws strong, tall, more athletic than be given credit for so it challenge for us to get after him up front and try .o get him flustered quarterback robert iii -- he wore his socks when he got his heisman trophy and now he has a of the zone in the form of a fan. this is -- this woman created the gold for halloween and it was a hit. wore it to a redskins game. she has done interviews and t dedicated bu following. which will probably continue to grow. college football's top individual honor will be awarded
6:27 am
f the playersone o trying to follow rg3 and join heisman trophy club will be taxes ammon freshman quarterback -- known as johnny football. he would be the first freshman state quarterback stateclime -- we will find out who wins tomorrow. >> there is still another half- of "good morning washington." >> if all the -- powerful earthquake off japan's coast rattled nerves
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to do something is better than doing nothing. >> straight ahead -- easing of for people in the flood prone bloomingdale neighborhood. >> and taking the guesswork out knowing if your little best o go out or not. how the doggie door bell came about. we will talk about whether it is not.d idea or friday, december 7, i'm chenevey. cynne pamela brown in for this morning. jacqui jeras? is like overall but not sprinkles and a few spots. see most of it to the north and west of the metro
6:31 am
area. light showers through springfield and alexandria, 66 door and the i- the district as well. very light and should not ourly impact things on roadways. temperature-wise, we are plenty did not have to worry about freezing here. we will see a chance of showers here and there through the i think weurs but up a little bit more this afternoon, with a high temperature of around 52 degrees. ride of-coaster haveratures which we will a minute but first let's check jamie. with time of mourning the morning it starts to get busy addthen a few incidents to to it. in virginia with your -- 66, volume out of centreville toward fair oaks. of the merger lane you come out of 50, that is the incident. bad but it doesn't cause of rubbernecking. h 270and, a cras
6:32 am
for west montgomery ave. left side.f the definitely slowing up quickly eveone coming out of germantown. you can see the road spread. back to you. >> breaking news out of japan aere officials have canceled g following an powerful earthquake overnight. authorities say one city in the countrytern part of the reported a tsunami of round 1 magnitude 7.2 quake struck the region verified people hospitalized. damage so of serious far. breaking news out of northern where police prevented a attack before a visit by secretary of state hillary clinton. jummy olabanji has more. do know just a few minutes ago secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in belfast to with northern ireland's first ministers -- foreign minister and deputy minister. fourthey arrested
6:33 am
suspected ireland republican suspicion ofs on transporting a bomb from the ireland city of 80 miles frombout belfast. identified any of the suspects but police say they all men in the 40's. police say they rammed the car beforezed the bomb hours clinton got to belfast. be attending the ireland the fund-raising dinner belfast later today. of her laste one foreign engagement as a member obama's capita. peopleain, four arrested. close eye on this story and any new developments we will pass along. >> in northwest washington floodingood program to cheer about morning, a possible plan to fix the problem. john gonzalez joins us from the with of neighborhood details. tell us about it. interestingly enough, we are getting some rain this morning, many of these residents
6:34 am
fear so much. aboutew plan would cost $135 million, much more expensive than the original which would that be done in 13 years. this plan would partially be completed in 2014, which is hope for many of the live in this local neighborhood because of a series of bad floods. already low lying and also where major storm drains converge. bad floods in four months this year alone. idea is to convert a nearby filtration site into storage s dold 3 million gallons of a six-blockg with metro size of an tunnel to store even stormwater and sewage. >> we will have to cross our fingers and hold our breath for year and hope the sandbags hold anothers will season. >> hopefully just one more these bad floods. the mayor and city officials
6:35 am
at the macmillan plant later this morning the official announcement. g live from northwest washington, john gonzales. >> a man charged with murdering arlington jewelery store court.s expected in arrested in august the murder. after say he shot and killed a e in th released surveillance of the suspects. caroline of the receiving tips. heads up if your weekend travel metro.nclude to one hour. portions of three main lines the red line seeing a lot of the delays. carter is in wheaton. >> if you will be riding the rails throughout the weekend perhapse extra time and because it well could be slowing. depending on where you are going
6:36 am
up to an have to add hour to your travel time. t the we in metro station along the red line, one of five stations that will close during itg this time be the station as well as t wellakoma,ng glenmont and forest glen," the starting 10:00 p.m. tonight and opening back for the morning rush monday. several lines will be affected. there will be in shuttle buses the lines where there are trains. and slow going some trains will be single tracking as well. thisrse to some morning on how this could affect their commute. man who says he uses metro seven days a week and the repairs are important, it is inconvenient. takes the -- it makes me an hour-and-a-to half late for work. d.c. at a shelter. i am inconvenienced but i guess safety it is the best thing you can do.
6:37 am
>> safety is the priority of -- this repair work. part of the program called metro forward, a six-year, $5 billion capital improvement projects to repairs and safety improvement along the metro system. carter, abc 7 news. obama's approval rating of the highest level in more than a year. and associated press poll finds 57% of americans approve of the the president is doing. highest levels since the navy seals killed osama bin laden in may of 2011. up by points book -- from last month's election. also finds 42% say the country is on the right track. coming up, the inspiration doggie door bell. still ahead, frightening aments on
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>> good boy. that dog learns quickly. a veteran in oregon created what a doggie door bell. his dogsred of when heng the door out or come back in. about a year of testing with a portable doorbell to be insider outside. the dog seemed to love it. successful heso working on a version of cats.
6:41 am
i just was the dog could let himself back in. he trainer how long to use dog could use one of those. thes take a look at weather. with that.ui jeras >> happy friday. i should get one of the lettings as opposed to my dogs scratching the door when he wants to go outside. you will need the umbrella of it -- you hardly need the umbrella but there areg spottyburke, falls church, an alexandria on eastward. have widely scattered showers even in martinsburg where it raining a little bit than the metro, only a trace of rain. our temperatures are nice and ourortable -- 41 to start day, with the south wind that seven of. means warmerd today thans yesterday. a high of around 52. showers mostly this morning but r tonightd return late
6:42 am
during the seven- cold frontt and the the west until early next week. check on traffic with jamie. youportant when talk about debris or maybe a broken-down car, you deal. it is not a big it did.s example, d.c. 295 southbound avenue, a broken- crowding theially lane and somebody has hit it. lots going on- with this crash. roadway islf of the blocked. rockville.270 in germantown, let's check out the volume. not back to father hurley boulevard but you can see the drizzle on the cameras. back to you. coming up -- who wants to have black -- black boxes like an airplane's to your car and
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truck? and 0 emailed making a have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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as we check news around the - testimony resuming -- at a pretrial hearing at fort meade for the soldier leaking secrets to wikileaks. a commander at the marine base about the treatment received when he jailed. says it was so harsh the case it should be dismissed. president obama expected to protect victims of child pornography and sex abuse. the child protection act of 2012 protect child witnesses, increases penalties for possessing job demography and marshals no authority obtain time sensitive
6:46 am
documents. people taken to the hospital escalated accident at a mall in washington state. appears to the steps came loose on the top of the escalator at a macy's store. investigators still trying to figaro why it malfunctioned. a minor injuryd of three other people were a frightening. federal regulators expected to requiringnew rule data recorders in all new light trucks, known as black boxes. auto makers have been installing w cars for most ne years now. it idea is to gather information investigators determine cause of accidents and lead vehicle designs. privacy advocates, -- are concerned are not policies to prevent abuse. the man in michigan is $1 all after eating breakfast at mcdonald's. oatmeal bowl piecened a winning game y game.monopol is already tired so he does
6:47 am
thehave many plans for said it would be nice to make repairs to his to worryhout having about the money. think he will be able to do just that. a to is the season for family portraits but the japanese are it to a new dimension. n now beies ca in three-dd figurines. the scans are processed through 3d software intended to figurines. here is the catch, a small costs $250,000. and you have to fly to japan. if you can afford the be able tou should get to japan. a life sizedt might creep you out. sounds like a cool idea. >> very realistic. >> give it a few years and maybe the price will come down. perhaps. but temperatures going up or ?ot
6:48 am
compared to yesterday, up and downa lot of next couple of days and t of back-and-forth with wet and dry as well. the one thing that will stay is the cloudiness. 41 degrees is our temperature now.eagan national right still see plenty of 30's map but with the moisture e notn be thankful we ar mark orund the freezing concerned about slick roads. 5-15 degreesa good warmer than this time yesterday definitely making improvements. still.orrow is warmer as we look at live super doppler across theht showers area, east ofro alexandria especially coming very falls church and been in the till and toward leesburg as well. today we will see showers. we try out for the afternoon. 48-52 degrees. if you look at the seven-day forecast coming into the 60's
6:49 am
sundayw and then down on chance of showers. up on monday with still a chance showers may be lingering into morning and a cold front we drop down to a temperatures in the to around 50 degrees. little wet on the roadways w. we are hitting it right on. about we did have a crash blocking the 0.ft half of interstate 27 better news.bit rockville,270 in like they just cleared everything to the shoulder. far left of the local lanes. seeing the volume coming down out of drumming -- germantown. just be prepared for some of the wet pavement. pamela and steve, back to you. once again giving you a ofnce to win hundreds in free safeway grocery cards and today's word is cranberry. at/facebookenter it
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win $500 innce to free groceries. if you share the contest link friends and family as you bonus and trees and for shares we will donate a groceries to the capital area food bank. >> that would be great. the friday express is coming up. today's top of stories. know before you out the door. but first, another quick look at the forecast. [ telephones ringing ]
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ofgood friday morning to all you. wait top, we cannot show you our very special visit to rob and's home. that. look at is back together again for the first time in months. we hope to trim a tree, e holidays and drink delicious punch. was phenomenal to be with her. l share it with you next morningre on "good america." to seeing forward that. the privateor express. the tope roundup of stories. e live desk with jummy olabanji. video from theew japanrthquake that hit this morning. people at least five to hospital with related to the earthquake, although none of the injuries are its duty were serious. also no reports of serious damage. was hit bygion that earthquake and tsunami last year.
6:54 am
time ago officials announced the tsunami warnings were lifted. after more than 30 years of bad flooding in the bloomingdale libra in northwest finally ready is forward with a plan. the idea is to create runoff tanks at a nearby plant, underground tunnel. this is a very expensive plan, $145 million. be completeduld and less than two years. >> if you are going to be taking metro this week and it could be going. metro is planning repairs and safety work that will affect all the lines. here along the red line, five stations will be closed at 10:00 p.m. tonight lasting throughout the weekend an opening in time for rush monday. metro said delays could be from to an hour.p had to ourformation much.nks so
6:55 am
just what you need to know morning.u leave this d.c.'s guardian angels jumping into action in response to violent crimes on metro. then announce their plans to be line trains.n >> the vigilante group said they let gangs turn the n line and what they call express weekends. >> today marks 71 years since pearl harbor attack. >> there will be a commemoration ceremony at the world war ii memorial this afternoon. "honor flight" be shown tonight at constitution hall. for more on these stories, looked for the friday expressed tab. chance to -- when the veterans veterans day. a great service. >> it will be a little damp ou t there, a couple of shoppers especially along the southeastern beltway where it is down, and 66 from fairfax inward into town. not amounting to
6:56 am
but making the streets of little web. friday with his stray showers 9:00, 47 by noon and then afternoon but showers late tonight and then sunday and monday. let's see how the roads are going. jaime? always need to factor a with that forime sure, and unfortunately an 270 -- at 270. from germantown approaching 118. 270 right before you 28, looks like they're really wrapping it up. you so much. that will do it for "good morning washington" this friday morning. hope you have a fantastic weekend. keep it here. meantime, "good morning america" is next. >>
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