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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> thanks for watching, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> following several breaking stories in maryland this tuesday morning, including a barricade situation in silver spring. >> the community of newtown connecticut, preparing to say goodbye to another student killed in friday's elementary school shooting. >> we are in for another foggy morning. add extra driving time. it's tuesday, december 18. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. another foggy start.
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>> dense fog advisory through 6:00 this morning was issued, but it was canceled. it is not as dense as yesterday morning. it remains above the criteria of a quarter mile or less. a few sprinkles will be possible especially through the morning. visibility is just fine in the metro area. up to the north and west, there is somewhat of an issue. about one-fifth of a mile or rather a half mile in hagerstown. 9:00 this morning, patchy fog and 55. some clearing this afternoon with a high temperatures around 539. let's a check on traffic and weather jamee whitten. >> there is wet pavement. there were many accidents yesterday. don't take their ramps and x x asked -- and exits fast.
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wonderful to the 14th street bridge into our nation's capital. southeast southwest freeway ken north avenue, new york avenue checking out fine. and the capital beltway. crossing the wilson bridge as well. 270 has lanes open in each direction between frederick and the beltway. off to a quiet start. back to you. >> thank you. following several breaking stories this tuesday morning. the discovery of a suspicious package in college park. >> it was found in the 8800 block of 48th avenue. the scene has been secured. we will get details to you when we get them. >> in fort washington, police investigating a shooting stemming from home invasion in the 9100 block o f loflen rd. several suspects went into our home and a man inside confronted them. that's when the suspect shot
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the man in the back. he is expected to survive. the suspects got away with cash and jewelry. john gonzalez is headed to the scene. look for his live report in the next hour. >> police on the scene of a barricade situation in silver spring. u.s. marshals there in the 1800 block of granite to which -- greenwich drive. >> more breaking news. this coming on the heels of what happened in connecticut on friday. dick's sporting goods has suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles. >> let's get more from jummy olabanji for the latest. >> a spokesman said this morning this move was made out of respect to the victims and families of the sandy hook shooting. i will show you their web site.
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as of this morning, when you search for modern sporting rifles, it completely goes blank. you cannot serve to them on line this morning. it has not said how long it will suspend the sale of the rifles, but the move was made after reports that investigators are looking into whether or not suspected gunman adam lanza tried to buy a gun from the sporting goods store 12 miles away from newtown, connecticut. the store says, based on their records, they confirmed they did not sell any guns to adam lanza although police have not commented on that. no word on when guns will move back into the store in danny ferr --- danbury, connecticut. any new developments we will pass along. back to you. >> thank you.
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the community of newtown connecticut, takes another step toward healing after friday's deadly shooting. all the town's schools will reopen today except for sandy hook elementary. >> loved ones preparing to say goodbye to another young victim's. 6-year-old jessica. tom roussey has more from the funerals held monday for two other children. >> these students came to sing a song about keeping faith in troubled times. they also came to shed some tears. two of them go to newtown middle school where students whose brothers and sisters were killed. >> just thinking about them and their families. it is horrible. >> the first funerals, hundreds gathered to remember jack pinto known for his love of the new york giants. >> we are coming together as teammates. >> noah pozner's funeral was
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held in nearby fairfield. whenever his mother told him that she loved him, he replied not as much as meatpacker mom. those boys were six years old. local residents are doing what they can remember the victims. >> i'm here for the families. >> he has coached some of the siblings of the victims. he left teddy bears. >> i cannot believe this is happening. unbelievable. >> residents have come together. they're not giving up hope. >> hopefully, over the next two weeks, things will get better. perfect, but they will get better. >> of the public school students in newtown whowill go back to school except for sandy hook elementary. there's a plan in place and they
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of already begun to move all the stuff from sandy hook to new locations where the kids eventually will go back to school. i am tom roussey abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. 4:36. there is good news for honda. >> and it has been an up and down year for the housing market. we want to find out more from linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york to explain. good morning. correct>> people are more optimistic about the housing market. some buyers are more optimistic. only 5% of respondents said they are concerned of the possible changes the fiscal cliff could make to the mortgage interest deduction. the survey does cover home buyers in 18 metro markets including b.c. consumer reports is praising
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honda for the 2013 accord saying it ranks above the toyota camry. the latest modified honda civic is a major improvement, it says. office workers are big fans of the iphone. one-third of them prefer to use an iphone. only 22% of workers say they have used a droid. the once popular blackberry was at the bottom of the list. mcdonald's is asking franchisees to work on christmas day. we will tell you why. that's my next report. >> 4:38, 50 degrees. >> still ahead, where the speed limit has been raised on four more roads in the district. >> councilman marion barry has harsh words.
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>> go on a diet. >> why he thinks some police
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>> good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. a cloudy and foggy start this morning again, but the fog advisory has been cancelled
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early. that's the good news. better visibility and a better commute. warm temperatures. 53 at reagan national at this hour. 49 at dulles, 50 in manassas, 48 in gaithersburg. if a cold front off to our west temperatures in the mid 40's. we will work on clearing out the skies progressively through the afternoon. we will become breezy with gusts up to 25 miles an hour. temperatures stay miles through the morning. it will get cooler weather with the clearing. we haven't even cooler seven-day forecast, minutes away. first, time for traffic and weather jamee whitten. >> good morning. it is a quiet morning on 270, no troubles between frederick and the beltway. between prince george's, anne arundel, montgomery county is, no troubles. fog could be a little bit of a factor. this is germantown.
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355 through gaithersburg and heading south towards the beltway towards n.i.h, all your travel lanes are open. the beltway is open to landover, passing 202. no troubles in silver spring or tysons. back to you. >> thank you. now you can drive a little faster along more major d.c. commuter routes. .increased the speed limit to 45 on eastbound on york avenue between bladensburg and the maryland line. and it's 45 miles an hour. the speed limit on canal road from the chain bridge to foxhall road is also now 40 miles an hour. it's 50 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> good news keeps coming from
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>> welcome back. we're getting news from iraq about their president. >> he has been hospitalized. jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with more on what is happening. >> we are getting this information from the associated press. details are not many. we know that the president has been taken to a hospital in baghdad for an unspecified health problem.
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his office posted disinformation on their web site a short time ago. they say that he was taken to the hospital last night, showing signs of extreme fatigue. they gave no further details. they said that they would update their website as soon as they got an update on his condition. this story is out of iraq. we will pass along any information. back to you. >> thank you. as police investigated deadly shooting in montgomery county, the brother of the victim is planning to speak publicly today. 28-year-old edwin hernandez was killed early sunday morning near wheaton lund. two men approached them and he was shot following a verbal exchange. his brother has been speaking to the media about how the crime has affected the family and he's asking for the public's help in finding the killers. a man accused of murdering a jewelry store owner in arlington has been indicted. tommy wong was shot and killed at his store in columbia pike in july.
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an arlington county grand jury indicted james caroline on capital murder and weapons charges. he's expected in court thursday when a trial date will be set. >> investigators need help to find a man suspected of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in her woodbrige home. the man posed as a cable company employee and threatened the victim to go into the home where he attacked her at knifepoint. the suspect is believed to be in his 20s with a medium build last seen wearing a gray jacket richard, black pants and dark dress shoes. >> there will be motions hearing today in the case against john leopold. he is charged with misconduct and misappropriation of funds. he had his security detail drive him to sexual encounters with the county employees and is accused of ordering police officers to create files on potential challengers. he denies the charges. >> d.c. councilman marion barry
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is touring up controversy again, this time for a in on the shape of the steep's police department. >> he says some officers need to slim down. d.c. is preparing to take up legislation addressing fitness on the force. stephen tschida has details. >> are they not exactly fit? some residents say they have seen their share of portly officers. >> i feel you should be able to taste down a criminal. >> so does marion barry. he issued a call on them to shape up. >> go to the gym or get on a diet. >> he recently witnessed an officer huffing and puffing and unable to keep up with a suspect getting away from. the council member called on chief cathy lanier to take action. >> she needs to start a vigorous training program so they can get in shape. for these guys will all to run you owe. >> tea party-backedshe said, "to disparage
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that officer to put his life on the line is offensive." >> but they might not able to save us if something is happening. >> some agree that effectiveness rests more with the individual's dedication and drive to ban their diet. >> i think it depends on how good a police officer you are. >> that will have people talking today. >> i'm sure. >> it's 49 degrees. >> next, which famous director is making former president bill clinton his next subject. >> and actor hugh jackman stopped by on "katie" to discuss his role in les miserables and
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. for clocked 53 is the time -- 4:54. it's tuesday morning. clouds moving off to the east. no wet weather expected, but we have fog. we are not below advisory
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levels. doing fine across much of the metro area. in martinsburg and culpeper and it is about 0.3 miles. 53 degrees from our rooftop camera and a little hazy, wind out of the southwest and 7 miles an hour. morning clouds with a few sprinkles possible, giving way to some clearing this afternoon but it will get blustery, high temperature between 55 and 60. before the next front on thursday to drop fire temperatures down. now to an jamee whitten. >> things are moving well. the greenway, cove road, not much to tell you. a stalled car on the george washington parkway. it is on the shoulder southbound parkway at the chain bridge. 395, wet pavement. keep that in mind as you hit your travels. into d.c., no problems on the
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14th street bridge near pennsylvania avenue. the reagan building is colorful for the holiday season. no problems for maryland, around the beltway. inside the beltway is incident- free. >> oscar-winning filmmaker martin scorsese will produce and direct a documentary on former president bill clinton. the documentary will explore his perspective on history, politics, and the like during his time in office and in the years since then. clinton is offering his full cooperation in the project. >> there is good news for soap opera fans. soon you might see a return of all my children as well as "one life to live. those abc daytime dramas were canceled last year after over 40 years on the air. production company has reached
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a deal which could bring both series back on line as early as january. actors from coke's zero operas are in a discussion in order to return. -- actors from and the soap. >> a woodbrige man will claim is $1 million winning powerball ticket this morning. this court oe store will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the tickets. this is the seventh $1 million powerball winner there in the past four weeks. >> we are giving away another wii u, thanks to all the response we got the last time. >> one of the hottest gift this holiday season. entered by going on to our facebook page . do so by 5:00 p.m. on thursday. we will announce a winner friday right here on "good morning washington." >> has broken has announced it will soon release a gender-
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neutral easy-bake oven after a new jersey girl started a campaign calling on them to make an oven that appeals to all children. it will hit store shelves in the summer. a lot of redskins fans could be getting r.g. iii jerseys for christmas. >> certainly a hot seller. according to the nfl, is jersey has sold more than any other player's jersey in a single season since they started keeping track six years ago. a spokesman for adidas says socks also sold out. >> redskins playoff tickets expected to sell out. it will go on sale right after christmas. plan ahead, create a strategy. >> 4:57, 50 degrees on this tuesday morning. bret harte believe we are two weeks from the start of a new year. preparations
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