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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  December 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ey will have doves chiseled into them to mark the same let there be piece. the train will panels will replace 288 gold ones. more than 1 billion people expected to see the ball drop. >> always fun to watch. we've got another news hour coming up for you, and it begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a dramatic scene playing out in a delphi this morning. police say an armed man is barricaded in an apartment and has forced neighbors out of their homes overnight. we will check in with brianne carter and who is live on the scene. >> also live in fort washington where a home invasion ended with a homeowner being shot. john gonzalez has the details. >> stevens headed back to class and funerals continue in newtown. good morning to you, washington.
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i'm cynne simpson. >> i'm scott thuman. let's begin with jacqui jeras right away. the fog is burning off a little bit and some wonderful temperatures. >> it feels a great just as not look all that great this morning. we are dealing with a little bit of fog again. much past year and lighter but the one problem spot is the panhandle of west virginia and northern maryland. half a mile and cumberland. even down culpeper evenorange, some issues. in the metro area, temperatures are feeling fine. 48 in gaithersburg and 55 in fredericksburg -- good morning to you. it will be a great day temperature wise. mid to upper 50 pocket as afternoon and we will see some clearing this -- throughout the day but a much cooler seven-day forecast down the line. first from the belfort if weather furniture center with head over to jamie. >> maryland, coming from college
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park toward 270 -- dealing with a crash or least the past 20 minutes. only the right lane gets by. west of connecticut ave. if traffic just coming to a crawl through the stretch. it will impact 95 and the feeder roads as well. >> thanks so much. one to get to some breaking news we have been following all morning long, in prince george's county. but the barricades of tuition in adelphi. brianne carter is on the scene with developments -- barricade situation. >> we are waiting to get an update from prince george's county police. if you look behind me we just saw this armored vehicle come out from the apartment complex where this is all taking place. at this point, still waiting to get an update from police. just moments ago we saw an ambulance leave the scene at this point as well. this all began at 10:30 p.m. last night. authorities tell us you put this marshals came to this apartment complex to serve a warrant.
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prince george's county police were called in to assist. the suspect was inside. we do not know if the suspect was still inside the apartment or not. again, we are hoping to get an update from police in just a matter of minutes and find out exactly what development, if any, and happened. but again, we have started to see some of the vehicles that were down there further in the area of the apartment complex start to come up closer to where we have been position. we hope to get an update and bring it back to you. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. dealing with other breaking news as well this morning. >> we will get to john gonzalez for this. he is in fort washington, where there has been a home invasion shooting. what happened out there? >> cynne, we can tell you just moments ago relatives of the folks who live here at the home made their way inside the house to check on their loved ones. reports of a shot, a shooting happened around 2:30 this
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morning in this for a washington neighborhood and police have been investigating this home here where you see the christmas wreath on the front door. the front door is covered with fingerprint powder at this hour. right now police are investigating inside focusing their efforts on an upstairs bedroom. they have been taking a lot of photos. one of the blinds to the window severely damaged, perhaps by a struggle. police say around 2:30, mobile armed suspects made their way into the home. it is still unclear if they forced their way in. but inside at the time, a man and his 40's, his wife, and the 16-year old daughter, that man confronted the armed suspect and he was shot in the back, police say. the suspects then took off with cash and jewelry. we spoke with the relatives of just went into the home. they arrived at the scene just a short time ago. they tell us the family has lived here for about 12 years. they do have an alarm system. police trying to figure out of
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this family was targeted. >> holiday season, crime, people just -- i don't know. it is a violent act. probably not necessary but things happen. i just came to support my brother in law to make sure his family is all right. >> police have been canvassing the neighborhood with a dog and high-powered rifles looking for these suspects. right now we can tell you no arrests. the man shot in the back is expected to survive. his wife and daughter were not harmed. reporting live in fort washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. nbc set his chief foreign correspondent richard engle and production team have been released after a dramatic fire from. they were kidnapped and held captive for five days in syria. the entire crew was unharmed. the team is now out of the
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country. >> following a developing story, this coming in from woodbridge. investigators now searching for a man suspected of sexually assaulting a teenager. police tell us the man posed as a cable company employee, threatened a 15-year-old girl to get into the home and attacked her at knifepoint. the suspect is believed to be in his 20's with a medium build. police say he was wearing a gray jacket, red shirt, black pants and black dress shoes. this morning of the grieving is continuing newtown connecticut. but the town struggles to come to grips with an enormous tragedy. fuels will be held for more of the 20 children and six adults who died. two children were laid to rest monday. students in new town will return to class today -- newtown, they
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will eventually return to class and i need -- nearby school. in the wake of the tragedy in connecticut, virginia governor bob mcdonnell announced a plan to reduce school safety. he created a task force to provide legislative and budget proposals to address any critical gaps in the need to associate with the schools if -- school safety. in maryland governor martin o'malley says lawmakers will look at what can be done to strengthen school security and gun laws to make children take the. >> the new town shooting could ignite congress to make changes and gun control laws and make it a bigger priority. the tragedy prompted virginia senator mark warner, a longtime gun rights supporter, to call for tougher regulations. another former pro-gun lawmaker including senate majority leader harry reid and west virginia senator joe mansion stand with them. legislation for a new assault weapons ban could be year. we invite you to stay with abc 7 news and wjla --
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we will continue to have all the latest developments in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. it is a bad time for bad news on the redskins' offensive line. >> the nfl suspended tackle gordon black for the next four games for violating the league that a performance enhancing drug policy. it is a problem because black replaced tyler columbus after he suffered a concussion sunday. plus center will montgomery injured his knee. no word yet on him. quarterback robert griffin iii's georgie -- jersey, a big seller. it has sold more than any other player's jersey in a single season since the league started keeping track six years ago. an aidias spokesman said rg3's livestock also sold out. >> also expected to sell fast is a redskin playoff tickets.
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those will go on sale right after christmas. try and -- time to get the strategy in place to get those. i know we are going to be them. 48 degrees. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," the little girl fighting for gender equality scores a
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>> i am peter and i play jean valjean at the national theatre until december 30. >> 6:11.
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>> let's do jacqui jeras and a look at the weather and the great temperatures. >> it feels so good. and don't you just love saying jean valjean? it is warm out there. right now we are warmer than the average high. it definitely feels mild. you can walk the dog perhaps without a jacket. we've got clouds and a little but a fog -- bit of fog. but some of you around the chesapeake, clear skies. but look at the backside, wraparound moisture. the cloud will fall back in and we could even see sprinkles. we are kind of back and forth. if you are getting a jump on holiday travel, we are expecting preconditions' throughout the northeast. even if we clear out there could be airport delays. also watching a powerful winter storm across the southwest that had our way thursday and brings a chance of showers. morning clouds and sprinkles
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afternoon clearing. breezy. 55-60. >> we have been so busy this morning, maryland about whether past 30 minutes dealing with the multi-car crash with several cars involved. just seconds ago, a little changed for the better -- we had only have the right lane by but looks like three lanes getting by at the scene of the crash. nonetheless, we are jammed, around from college park. be prepared. for the feeder roads to get down to about way as well. virginia 95, crashed on the age of the lane -- hov lane. very slow out of woodbridge. >> 49 degrees this morning. coming up, we are catching up with adam caskey, all enjoying the holiday lights. >> and find out which college basketball head coach is calling for stricter gun control in light
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>> some breaking news we have been falling throughout the morning. a barricade situation happening in adelphi. we're learned it has come to an end. brianne carter has informed us that 5:45 the there are cases which and ended and the suspect was taken into custody and actually has been taken to the hospital. no details on how it actually came to a close. we will check back in with her as soon as possible. >> from around the world -- the garment factory fire in bangladesh which killed 112 people last month was an act of sabotage, the conclusion of a bangladesh government committee which has been investigating the tragedy. they said someone who worked there was likely responsible and the panel says no matter who set of the fire, the factory owner should be punished because he
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neglected worker safety. the factory lacked any emergency exits. >> efforts are underway right now to free three foreigners kidnapped in syria. western diplomats say the two russians and an italian were abducted on a road near series of the mediterranean coast. officials said all three were of will use of a private company in syria. it is not exactly clear who is holding them. snow is blanketing parts of the western united states right now. >> outside of portland, oregon, causing big problems for drivers. a lot of vehicle stalled out of the highways but you can see here this is where it is welcome, the ski resorts. in california out-of-state visitors showing up at a resort near lake tahoe and officials project a 10%-50% increase in tourism this holiday season compared to last year -- 10%-15% increase in tourism. >> some. >> but you are crazy. >> the same system will move
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into parts williowa and parts of wisconsin. >> i am not excited about all of that. i like it on the ski slopes. >> when the storm gets here it will be rain. >> would you say we need. >> we do need some . we need some7/100 -- we only got seven hundredths of an inch yesterday. speaking of looking good, meteorologist adam caskey looking good this morning with a holiday lights. >> i was actually thinking earlier this morning -- the only thing we are missing in the mormon temple in kensington and a blanket of snow covering all of these gorgeous lights. we have pretty much every color of the spectrum. we will turn around and was this way to see a little bit more. we are at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints and visitors center, a round 5:30 p.m. and restaurants and 30 p.m.
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not only half a million lights -- 600,000 to be exact -- but nightly concert, and different musical performances and a concert our nightly. multi-denominational performances and non- denominational performances. these lights are all led the upgraded, and they use about 10% of the power of incandescent bulbs used here. 600,000 -- how long does it take to spring these up? they start in august. that is when the volunteers come out and start helping, in august, to get over half a million lights strung up. it is worth a visit. come out here to kensington mormon temple to check out is like starting at 5:30 p.m. 47 here at the storm chaser truck. pretty mild start to the day. it will warm up a little bit by this afternoon and then we will see a cooling trend. jacqui, the only thing missing
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here is a blanket of snow. >> what did i tell you? i knew you would be with me. 49 degrees -- an atom is wearing a sweater, the jacket. temperatures already at this time are warmer than our average high. it will be a mild afternoon. a little bit of all that is still an issue a special live north and west of the metro area. visibility down to two and a half miles in gaithersburg just over a mile in martinsburg and half a mile in culpeper. keep it in mind if you are travelling across the region. temperatures in a 40's. a couple of 50's at the chesapeake and low were 40's as they head toward the west but it will shape up to be a decent day. once we get through this, the wraparound moisture on the backside of the system and will push through later this morning. a few sprinkles will still be possible but in the afternoon temperatures in the upper 50's. still pleasantly mild. cooler air is on the way for sure. drying out and plenty of
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sunshine for today. the winter storm will be moving our way and we do expect to see rain with it but not until thursday. but if you are travelling across the rockies of the planes, that will be an issue. clear tonight 28-35 and a lot of sunshine tomorrow with 54 degrees and then dropping into the 40's into the weekend. exchange ahead. things not looking so good on the roadways, a busy one. >> the latest problem is on 66. for everyone coming out of centreville through fair at oaks eastbound fit -- 66, after route 50 but after route123, two lanes blocked. maryland but why having problems, too, jammed from college park not only around to silver spring but extends past connecticut ave. slowly along the way to the crash up ahead before 270. adjust the left lane is blocked. several cars involved. back to you.
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>> thank you so much. for those who are on the road and not in traffic, some good news because gas prices down quite a bit. >> significantly. let's check in with rob nilsson who has details and all america's money. >> a milestone for drivers. gas prices are down 9 cents a gallon the past week. the national average for self serve regular is $3.25 a gallon, low worst -- lowest in a year. also down, share -- companies that sella that. ssault rifles been a big growth of an. easy bake ovens not just for girls and zero world -- any more. a black and silver model goes on sale next year and hasbro will also include a boys and packaging and ads. model names for infant and eight of those starting next year they will all begin with the letter q.
6:23 am
the new system will be easier to understand and hope it means long queues of happy buyers. have a great day.
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>> the university of connecticut men's basketball team paid tribute to the victims in new town elementary school. they gathered halfcourt.
6:26 am
the jerseys have sh on them. one player roped sh on his face as well. this is uconn''s first game since friday's shootings. >> one of georgetown pike biggest basketball rivals syracuse the last nine syracuse coach -- put sports aside and talk about the shooting. he said the responsibility to get dangerous weapons off the streets fall on all of us and not just president and lawmakers. >> it we in this country as americans cannot get the people who represent us to do something about fire arms, we are a sad sad society. >> he said he is a hunter and he also spoke out against lawmakers and others who have called for more guns and saying they should not be harming teachers and school staffers. anytime the he joined elite company. they held off detroit 72-68 giving him his 900th career win.
6:27 am
37 fear cooking syracuse. third on the all-time list behind duke and indiana coaches. >> we still got another half hour of "good morning washington a." >> we would check back with jamie for update of the crash on the beltway causing
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>> waveguide breaking news coming straight ahead for you at 6:30 a.m., live in adelphi with their case situation came to an end. >> and a fort washington authorities try to find the suspect who shot a homeowner. and watching where you rest, after a man sleeping in a dumpster found stuck in a dump truck. >> not a good situation. >> good morning, washington. i'm scott bowman. >> and cynne simpson. rise and shine. we will check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras for the forecast. >> we are rising with the temperatures but not shining so much, at least not this morning. we will be later on today. in the meantime starting a cloud. we have patchy fog west and north of the metro area. temperatures feel great, though. in fact, warmer now than we usually are. average time it this time of year around 46, 49 and reagan
6:31 am
national and 48 in dallas and the warming to the upper 50's this afternoon. we've got the clouds and fog and now. sunshine later on today and a much cooler seven-day forecast. details on that just minutes away. let's see have the commute is going very rough start. >> marilyn delaware was started at the 5:00 hour, multi-car crash, seven vehicles of the outer loop. they have everything on the shoulder. four lanes will give you buy. 6-mile back as a result. coming out of college park toward new hampshire and over toward 270, be prepared. it will jam up 95 commute, 29, and the commuters heading down to join into the back of delay. virginia 66 approaching 50 fair oaks slowing, with a crash at 123. right lane remains blocked. >> we want to get right away to breaking news and prince george's county, a situation we have the monitoring all night,
6:32 am
rather tense involving the barricade. >> it just ended. we want to head over to brianne carter to get the latest on how it ended. do we know? >> at this point police are not releasing any details about this. they are just saying the barricade and peacefully. police tell us no shots are fired. they did tell us a suspect was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. the barricade coming to an end just before 6:00 this morning. police have been out here since 10:30 p.m. last night when u.s. marshals came here to this apartment complex in the belfi to serve a warrant. no information on the warrant -- warrant at this point. prince george's county police were called to assist, that is when the barricade got underway. for several hours police have been out in negotiating. we do understand the situation as come to an end. we got an update from police moments ago. take a listen. >> i know that a weapon was recovered. i don't have information about
6:33 am
what exactly the weapon was period -- what was. >> a weapon was recovered by the scene. police are trying to secure the scene at this point. once that happens weapons evacuator from the apartment will be able to go back inside. the latest that the barricade situation lasting several hours overnight has now come to an end. the suspect at an area hospital for evaluation. still no information on the identity of the suspect. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we appreciate the update. we want to update you on another story we have been falling throughout the morning. john gonzalez is in fort washington. >> all morning you have been updating us about neighbors who were pretty concerned about what is the wheatland. what review hearing now? >> right now we can tell your relatives of the folks who live inside this home are inside the house at this hour. we can tell you, they are checking on their loved ones. the man of the house of being treated at a nearby hospital.
6:34 am
this all happened around 2:30 this morning, a shooting inside the zone. police tell as it appears to be a home invasion. you could see the giant christmas wreath. well, the glass door there is covered with fingerprint powder and police have spent much of the time this morning focusing on the upstairs bedroom, where it appears this shooting took place. police tell us multiple armed suspect somehow making their way into the single-family home, and it is still unclear whether there is forced entry but inside at the time, a man and his 40's, his wife and their 16-year-old daughter, the man confronted the intruder but he was shot. police say the armed suspect made up with cash and jewelry. we spoke with the relatives who arrived here a short time ago and they tell us the family has lived here for 12 years and they do have an alarm system and police right now still trying to figure out whether this was a random attack or if this family was targeted. >> my brother-in-law was shot in
6:35 am
the back and had a home invasion. that is all i know. we are trying to get it to speak to my sister now. >> police have been canvassing the neighborhood with adults and high-powered rifles searching for the suspects. right now no arrest and it is still unclear whether a weapon has been recovered. a man who was shot in the back has -- is being treated and is expected to survive and his wife and daughter were not harmed. reporting live in fort washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> the greeting is far from over in newtown, connecticut, where there will be more heartbreaking for wells. >> three children and a teacher will be laid to rest just a day after funerals were held for seven other students. classes will resume today for the first time since the shooting but sandy hook elementary wrote is going to stay close. friends of gunman adam lanza's mother said she told them her son was so troubled of recent
6:36 am
months he would not leave the house. it is still unclear why he killed his mama and 26 other people there at the school. 6:35 is the time. what did get to jummy olabanji because he but there are more problems with a lance armstrong. >> what is the bad news now? >> he has been stripped of another title. the program for the 2012 bbc awards was just released but lance armstrong piece a name is missing from the list the previous winners. the british broadcasting co. says it decided to strip armstrong of their award following the decision to take away his seven tiour de france title. won the overseas sports personality of your award back in 2003. he has been banned from competitive cycling for life after reports he was using performance enhancing drugs. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate the update. 49 degrees.
6:37 am
coming up -- thieves steal thousands of nintendo wii's from a distribution warehouse right
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>> welcome back. if you were hoping to buy a wii u for someone for christmas there may be fewer and store shelves. >> some time this past week and
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authorities say these stole thousand of consoles, and this is at a warehouse. they wrote about 7000 into two tractor-trailer's and a small box top. at this point it is not clear whether the fact is an inside job. but consol is a popular gift this christmas. you have to imagine someone had access to that type of equipment is still that many units -- >> there was knowledge. >> we are lucky -- we'd damage to get our hands on a wii u legally. and we want to give you a chance to enter by 5:00 p.m. thursday and we will announce the winner right here friday morning. tuna into "good morning washington." >> the value of that just went way up. get it for free right here. who loves ya cl?
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doesn't seem like we are letting us to much of the fog. >> certainly not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. the advisory in west virginia and a few maryland county below the quarter of a mile but the most of us for the most part of doing pretty good. improvements in a seven-day forecast. for more details on the clearing and the breezy afternoon, doug hill joins us. >> . airports are doing fine. 9 mile visibility and reagan national, 8 miles at bwi marshall and 5 miles at washington dulles. fog is not the issue at airports. plenty pleasant tuesday morning. 40's in most spots. 50 in warmer regions. lexington park, 49. still a dense fog advisory out west. things are improving very changeable skies and our experts forecast. a little glimpse of sun here and there and clouds and maybe
6:42 am
sprinkles as a cold front approaches and windy and cooler later in the day. let's see how things are going on about one. not well. >> you know what we have about what? and little changed to the better. outer loop maryland, leaving college park to 270, often the distance there are still flashing lights. a six-mile backup. seven cars involved in the crash. in arlington, water main break closing columbia pike essentially between four mile run drive and south george mason drive. you can use 50 as an alternate. water main break closing columbia pike. virginia, 95 northbound, hov lines crash in anointing gone but working up to 395 with a brand new crescenta edsall road gillibrand the crash at edsall road. >> a man who was sleeping in a dumpster had a really rude
6:43 am
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this holiday season, get a 2013 cruze ls for around $149 per month or get $500 holiday bonus cash.
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>> in the day ahead the army psychiatrist charged in the deadly force could shooting rampage is expected in military court. a major nadal house on what a pretrial hearing. in the judge is overseeing his case. the cases been on hold since september when he appealed to the former judge's order to shave his. -- beard. the judge was tossed from the case. >> to a judge will hear arguments whether prosecutors acted improperly when they visited a former star witness in a death penalty case. to the convicted in 2000 to of hiring someone to kill another drug dealer. his conviction and death
6:46 am
sentence was thrown out because separate prosecutorial misconduct situation during lawyers say prosecutors tried to intimidate barbour into testifying for the government. prosecutors say that the visit was proper. >> the u.s. senate is mourning the loss of a long serving member. longtime ally senator daniel inouye died monday of respiratory complications. he was 88 years old. the democrat and decorated war veteran was elected to the house in 1959 and moved to the senate three years later. as president pro tem of the senate, inouye was third in line to the presidency, which now passes to vermont senator patrick leahy. >> this program -- instagram may close to having ads. >> the may include your pictures. the facebook photos service says it is changing the terms of service. "a los angeles times" report is the most notable one is
6:47 am
instagram and pay them to use your photos on a more information in ads -- but the companies will pay instagram but not pay you. a lot of people up in arms. >> there is a close call for a man in portland, oregon. >> nearly crushed to death by a dump truck. he was sleeping in a dumpster and along came the dump truck which ended the content in the back of the truck and as it typically do, it started to compress and get the man as well, pinned his foot. >> my gosh. he was nearly crushed to death. amazingly realized i guess an side of the contractor -- one of the workers was able to call police and emergency crews rushed out and they were able to for the man and got into the hospital. at this point, we do not know what his condition is. but really unfortunate situation there. 6:47 is the time. i want to check in with jacqui.
6:48 am
typically this time of year we hear about homeless people taking shelter wherever they can but it gets so cold. but it has been awfully mild as december. >> it really has. a few more mild days before a more significant cool down and a cold front approaches but not cold enough to bring us snow. let's take a look at the forecast with chief meteorologist doug hill. >> we will get more seasonal. it will feel like december by the end of the week. at the moment, a very comfortable start. 7:22 is the sunrise, still ways to go, but some breaks in the overcast. a little sunshine through the clouds and a little bit of a chance of a sprinkle a little later. here is the story but the satellite and radar to the other. you get a sense of the heavier clouds and fog pushed up to the east, most of the rain as well, just an area of unsubtle whether from the west. we will say how many of the showers survive the trip across the mountains. temperatures upper 40's to lower 50's across the region
6:49 am
right now and the temperatures will continue to climb up for 50's to near 60 degrees this afternoon. forecast is today -- clout, mainly a sprinkle, then generally breezy and mild. the next seven days " shows a clear look at mild temperatures and still a strong cold front coming in with rain thursday and more seasonable heading toward the weekend. >> just this coming in -- beach drive, accidents southbound beach drive near piney branch parkway. interstate 95, earlier accidents in the hov lanes in newington is gone, but jammed out of dale city left side, extending up to 395 with a new accident at duke street. >> of 40 degrees outside. we've got your tuesday expressed coming up. >> a live round
6:50 am
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6:52 am
>> new insights into the shooter at sandy hook. investigators combing into every inch of adam lanza's life. and how to read the warning signs your child may be headed for serious trouble. we have answers for parents this morning. lord knows, we need them very next right here on "good morning america." >> thanks so much. time for your tuesday express.
6:53 am
but we will begin with a light round up of top stories. we will start with brianne carter live in adelphi. >> an overnight barricade situation here in this apartment complex has come to an end. police tell us the armed suspect was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. authorities say a weapon here was recovered but they are not getting any more information. no shots were fired. this all began around 10:30 p.m. last night when u.s. marshals were trying to serve a warrant at this apartment complex. >> just south of you here in fort washington, police say the man lives in his home was shot in the back during what appears to be a home invasion early this morning. the man's wife and 16-year-old daughter also home at the time. they were not harmed. police say the armed suspects got away with cash and jewelry. they are still on the run this morning during the the still unclear if this family was
6:54 am
targeted or if this was a random attack. >> and bc's chief correspondent richard stengel and his production crew were freed after being captive for five days in syria. he was kidnapped shortly after crossing the border from turkey into syria last thursday. reports were you was blindfolded and bound for several days but they were not seriously harmed. >> thank you so much. two things you need to know before you leave the house. >> right now iraqi president talabani is hospitalized and reportedly in critical condition. he suffered a stroke today. a medical team is still trying to stabilize him before deciding whether he will stay in baghdad were flown to another country for treatment. >> today queen elizabeth ii made history. she became the first sitting monarch to sit in on a cabinet meeting in at least 100 years. the queen observed the weekly discussion of government business setting between prime minister david cameron and foreign secretary william hague.
6:55 am
for more information on any of these stories visit and there you will want to look for our tuesday express tab. adam caskey is out with the lights. >> at the mormon temple in kensington. a very festive location. >> to say the least. over half a million lights, 600,000, at the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints in the kensington. 600,000 lights of every color beautifully popping out of the night sky. open nightly around 5:03 p.m. until runs and 30 p.m. not just the lights here but performances from various denominations and even nondenominational performances. it takes from august up through december to prepare for this, every year. and now as they are all led's they are using about 10% of the power consumption. kensington, a mormon temple make it here. it puts a smile on your face to see all the lights.
6:56 am
well into the 50's this afternoon. partly sunny. i slid a sprinkle possible. let's go to jacqui for the extended forecast. >> can't wait to seeing where you will be tomorrow for another holiday display. >> the clouds, fog if you speak -- sprinkled a lease through midmorning and then clearing this afternoon. blustery, highs and upper 50's much coler seven-day forecast after a second cold front comes through thursday. it has been a rough commute. jamie, the latest? >> into the 7:00 hour, the all clear 66 eastbound, the accident between fair oaks and 123 clear but jammed at manassas. maryland away, everything on the left shoulder outer loop bethesda but a six-mile backup out of college park. back to you. >> great heads up on the commit. that will do it for "good morning washington" this morning. "good morning america of" is next. >> for
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