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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> mother nature could cause more trouble for holiday trial is. the trip home after christmas could be a nightmare. >> pandemonium at fedex field.
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we incurred the fans to get out there early. we will make it real nice. >> this sunday will be a huge night for the redskins. one victory away from clinching the nfc east. greg controversial decision on wheel of fortune has some viewers hence spinning. a contest against the right word but was told she had lost. all that coming up. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is monday, december 24. i am scott thuman. >> i am natasha barrett. we will get to meteorologist adam caskey. are you warm? >> i will fire up the yule log in about nine minutes. first let's start with what's happening outside. we will have a light wintry mix
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today, but nothing to panic about. just enough to put us in the spirit of the season. is a look at our satellite and radar. areas of rain migrating through southwestern virginia. that will continue to push our way and bring us in light wintry mix about lunchtime. 26 in a country village, 25 in waldorf, 23 in bristow. 28 in aldie. a light, wintry mix around noon and then kept in light rain fall in the afternoon. damp roads is all that's expected. high temperature of 42. >> some travelers could be dealing with a nightmare before and after christmas. meteorologist are talking about two big storms. >> get ready for a white christmas across parts of the u.s.. this is video from reno nevada, where visibility was an issue as drivers tried to make their way through a snowstorm. >> in syracuse, new york snowplows working overtime. this is the city's first
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snowstorm of the season. residents bracing for more. >> in california, dealing with severe flooding. this is video from sonoma county. entire intersections lacked under water. >> we want to go to breaking news. a fatal shooting in the capitol hill area. >> john gonzalez is there on the scene where it happened. police are looking for two suspects? >> that's right. a very active crime scenes at the intersection of 13th street and c street in northeast. this is considered capitol hill, not far from rfk stadium. police i a call after 3:00 this morning. reports of a male victim shot in the abdomen on the sidewalk. police found the victim lying next to what appears to be in his own vehicle with the engine still running and the headlights on. at this hour, still early in the investigation, but we can tell you the victim died at the scene. police are combing through this
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area looking for any clues and collecting shell casings. it's not clear how many times the man was shot, but he has died at the scene. neighbors of this neighborhood tell us the area has been riddled with crime recently but nothing this severe. they say a car break-ins and that kind of stuff, but this comes as a shock to these folks on this christmas eve morning. police investigating the most recent homicides in the district in capitol hill. reporting live, john gonzalez. >> and other big story the last-minute shopping that everyone is undertaking. >> its going to against harry at the mall today. brianne carter has that story. >>-- get hairy. >> just hours left. some shoppers are stressing. >> i have a little anxiety. i want to make sure everyone
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gets taken care of. >> the number of stores are catering to the procrastinators. macy's and toys"r"us have been open for several days straight. target will stay open until 10:00 tonight. walgreen's is open christmas day. waiting until the last minute has benefits. some stores have started slashing prices already. >> they had a lot of deals, by one and get one half off and people handing out coupons. a lot of people trying to find ways to attract customers. >> in other news, u.s. senator michael crapo is free on bond after being arrested for alleged drug driving. the idaho republican and a red- light in alexandria early sunday morning and failed several field sobriety tests. he's expected in court january 4. he issued a statement saying, "i am deeply sorry for the actions that resulted in this circumstance. i made a mistake for which i apologize to my family constituents, and many others who put their trust in me.
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i accept responsibility and will deal with whatever penalty comes my way. can and i will undertake measures to ensure the circumstances never repeated." >> under the people are expected to gather at the washington monument this afternoon to honor the victims of the connecticut school shooting. organizers of the circle up for kids events a people will join hands to form a large community circle around a anna kournikova. loveville noontime event is to urge people to find ways to prevent similar incidents in the future. people in new york city who want tighter gun laws are making their voices heard, marching over the brooklyn bridge last night carrying candles. they stopped in the middle of the abridged read the names of the children and adults killed at sandy hook elementary school. >> the debate over guns in america took center stage on the sunday morning talk shows. the national rifle association is not backing down from a controversial idea of putting armed guards in schools. >> i don't understand why you
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cannot just four minutes imagine that when that horrible monster tried to shoot his way into sandy hook school and that if a good guy with a gun had been there, he might of been able to stop largest gun rights lobby also says the white house gun violence task force led by vice president joe biden may try to undermine the second amendment. 5:0732 degrees. >> still ahead in reston, showing off another amazing holiday display. how it is helping a great cause clear. it's disappointing news for former presi
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>> welcome back on this tuesday -- monday, december 24, christmas eve. >> how excited are your children? >> teddy wants bill figurines hockey and baseball guys. -- wants the football guys now. it is a chilly start to the day.
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5:10 in the belfort furniture weather center. it's 27 in winchester and frederick, 30 in quantico, 33 in manassas. at the freezing mark at reagan national/ light precipitation in moving our way. we will have a light, wintry mix around lunchtime. no accumulation, just enough to get you in the spirit of the season. and that will change the light rain fall in afternoon. damp roads. not expecting any snow accumulations anywhere. 42 today for the high temperature. partly cloudy tomorrow a pleasant christmas day. a good amount of sunshine with highs in the mid 40's. i will have the seven day coming up. now to steve. >> it's very light traffic, on this christmas eve. 270 at 109, moving very smoothly. traffic headed away from us is southbound.
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in good shape. no accidents or incidents reported. in springfield traffic is moving pretty well. hardly any traffic northbound. hov lanes are open. normal hov restrictions today in virginia on 95, 95 66, and the toll road. in maryland, in effect. keep in mind that metro rail is running regular service today. there's no vre service. the marc rail pen and brunswick lines are running s service-- marc rarail penn and brunswick lines running s service. >> a strange statement from one of mitt romney's sons.
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why he
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hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forevever. i wish this test drive was over so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> the clock is ticking for shoppers to buy christmas presents. crowded malls and stores this past weekend. not everyone seemed to be in the spirit of spending. some retailers are staying open around-the-clock and others are any price cuts already discounted items to entice shoppers. redskins fans are excited. their team could win its first
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division title in 13 years. a robber griffin iii returned to the field to lead the redskins to a 27-20 victory over the eagles. it could clinch the nfc east if they beat the dallas cowboys next sunday. idaho senator michael crapo is apologizing after he was arrested and charged with drunk driving over the weekend. alexandria police say officers stopped the republican after ivanovic light. he was arrested after failing a sobriety test. >> former president george h. w. bush may end up spending christmas in the hospital. the 88-year-old has been in houston hospital for month of an untreated for bronchitis. the hospital issued a statement saying mr. bush's doctors are optimistic about its oil recovery. they've not set a date for him to be released. apparently, mitt romney did not want to be president. this is according to his oldest son. he told the boston globe's his father had no desire to run and would of been happy to step aside if he could've found
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someone else to take its place. his son said that his father loved the country but does not love the attention. the globe reports several of his sons try to convince him not to run. interesting. >> eight days away from the fiscal cliff deadline. there's no movement from miticide or a deal. automatic spending cuts and tax increases will stick in january 1st if no deal is in place. that could throw the u.s. back into recession. president obama and lawmakers are on vacation. congress is not expected to meet again until after christmas. >> i guess we can call in another sign of the times. newsweek will become a digital- only publication in the new year. >> a sad moment. this is its last ever print issue. its features a photograph of the old newsweek offices in new york. the headline reads "last british." the-- "last print edissue."
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>> a few sloppy snowflakes today, mixed with rain, no accumulation expected. >> will that hold you over? >> no. i am still wishing for snowfall. teachers do as well. a light wintry mix today, not a big deal. nothing to get excited about. why snow excitement factor, 1 out of 10. next weekend we have the potential for little snowfall. let's talk about what's happening right now. areas of rain tracking into southwestern virginia, western north carolina tennessee valley. that will slowly push our way. by lunchtime is when we will see the first areas of a light wintry mix across the washington area.
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late morning is when it starts southwest of town, parts of central virginia. it's part of a weak low pressure system. a stronger and more potent system will be moving in on wednesday, the day after christmas. it will be rain event for us with a healthy soaking of rain on wednesday. 27 in winchester and frederick. at the present point in the district. 30 in lexington park, quantico, fredericksburg. a cold start today. the majority of us of freezing. 8:00, increasing clouds. by noon, 39 degrees and a light wintry mix. no accumulation of snow, just what roads. not looking at much moisture. by the time it's over, after sunset, maybe 1/15 of an inch. tomorrow, partly cloudy, a beautiful christmas, mid 40's
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for the high temperature. then there is heavy rainfall on wednesday. let's go to steve. >> looking good on the roads. on the beltway -- springfield, actually looking good at the american legion bridge. looking very smooth. no accidents or incidents around the beltway in maryland or virginia crossing the bridges. 270 at 118 moving smoothly. looks like this from 109 down to the truck scales, all the way down to the a beltway. looks like this all the way around the region. very light volume. we do have hov restrictions in effect today of all the affected. roads in virginia affected. there's no change to the pattern, just a lot fewer drivers on a road. looks good. in springfield there's a little volume on hov side but nothing to speak of. very light in the main lanes to the springfield hands to the 14th street bridge. back to you.
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>> thank you. we are finally getting the a good vision of how successful the iphone is. >> and we are looking at norad's tracking santa claus. here's rob nelson. >> global make talent apple and samsung -- google may challenge apple and samsung with its own smartphone and then a tablet. the iphone has 63% of the u.s. smartphone market. samsung with only 42%. samsung still leads by a wide margin in europe. two places where you can track santa. the web site of norad, the military command center. the other website is google. >> and you can play fun and
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games on that website. >> you can send a friend or relative a message. i rob nelson.
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>> fedex field is the place to be this coming sunday night. that's when the redskins will host the cowboys before the final game of the season >> . if the redskins win, they will clinch the nfc east. they are one win away from of a division title spanx to yesterday's victory against the eagles. rgiii was 16 of 24 for 198 yards as the redskins won their sixth game in a row, 27-20.. kickoff sunday night is at 8:20. should be a good time. >> the redskins -- for this now. touchdown. seattle quarterback russell
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wilson continues to keep pace with andrew luck and r.g. iii. wilson growing four touchdown passes in their defeat over san francisco sunday night. the seattle seahawks clinched a playoff berth with the victory. part the ravens sealed the afc north with a victory over the giants. did anybody watched the commentators on fox sports? that's what they'r sweater. they both wore ugly christmas sweaters during sunday's saints versus cowboys game. i see people really rocking those in real life. >> we will get one in your size. >> i already have it. >> it takes a real man. it's 35 degrees outside. the news continues right here at 5:30. >> shocking news for the owner and patrons at a georgetown
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead and 5:30, retailers hope a rainy forecast will not keep last-minute shoppers away. we will describe the lengths some stores are going to on this christmas eve to bring in more sales. good morning, it is monday, december 24. i am scott thuman. >> i am natasha barrett. adam caskey and i really coordinated. >> it worked out well. >> i have some rain geeindeer.
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autumn-like 30 a.m. in the belfort furniture weather center and. the week's system that will affect us later today is a very simple system, not much to it. it's off to our west right now. the area of low pressure. it will pass through washington, giving us a wintry mix around lunchtime into the early afternoon and then a cold rain fall for the majority of the afternoon. no snowfall accumulation. it's 26 at dulles airport, 25 and culpeper, at the freezing mark in the district right now. 39 across the warm waters of the potomac in annapolis. 39 degrees around noontime with a few whacks not be snowflakes -- few wet sloppy snowflakes. now to steve >> . the beltway in maryland at university boulevard, actually this is a shot of the toll road
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near route 28. everything moving smoothly. at dulles airport, looking good. nothing to getting your way on either side, on the tollway nor the greenway. hov restrictions are in effect today. it's not an official holiday in terms of the hov. all subject to hov. no delay at all in the area. this is what the beltway looks like on the inner loop and don outer loop, all around the region, maryland and virginia, so we are doing very well at the moment. in springfield hov in the center of the road. that will be a smooth ride on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. marc rail is running reduced service today on the pope penn and brunswick lines and no service on the camden line.
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>> a deadly shooting on capitol hill. >> let's turn to john gonzalez. do we know what this may have been over? >> still early to say what the motive was. definitely not the way residents in this capitol hill neighborhood expected to start their christmas eve morning. a startling situation. still a very active crime scene. this is the 13th and c street intersection in northeast. this is considered capitol hill, not far from rfk stadium. police, call just after 3:00 this morning, reports of the male victim's shot in the abdomen on the sidewalk. when police arrived, they found the victim lying next to what appears to be his own vehicle. the engine still running and the headlights on. still very early in the investigation. the victim died here at the scene. the medical examiner's office arrived. they removed the body just
5:34 am
moments ago. police are here protecting the scene, waiting for daylight so detectives can come back out here and continue collecting clothes and trying to figure out exactly what happened. w they collected tell casings earlier. it's not clear how many times the man was shot. but he died at the scene. residents say the biggest crimes here in this neighborhood usually are street robberies, car break-ins, that sort of thing, so they are very alarmed defined out there was a homicide. john gonzalez reporting. >> turning to the salahis. they used to be in the news a lot. he is running for virginia governor. >> tareq salahi is looking for a democratic luck."jummy olabanji explains. >> he will face tough competition when he's running
5:35 am
against the current attorney general ken cuccinelli but he hopes to get some obama magics that helps the president win reelection in november. he's doing it with a new set of wheels. he has granted the same bus company that obama store bus used during his election season. --obama 's tour's tour bus used. tareq salahi has already put down a deposit of $60,000. it comes with a full kitchen high-speed wireless internet and a full office with printers and copiers, and a place to sleep and shower. it's the same bus president obama used for his 2012 presidential campaign. salahi hoping it can drive him into the republican nomination and maybe it to the virginia governor's house in richmond.
5:36 am
not sure if he is in it to win respecit but we will see next year when this gets underway in virginia. >> i love your smile as you are reporting on that story. >> you just have to smile. >> thank you. i know i will have to hit one store today, like a lot of people. last-minute shoppers just need one more thing. i am scared. >> you may bump into brianne carter. she's braving the crowds and the storm and everything. what do you see? >> we have a few people out here. nothing surprises me about the fact tax we might have to be at a store later today. all of mine is done and trapped under the tree and ready to go. why not get a few things? aimak ramallah and there are deals. i know-- i am out here and there
5:37 am
are deals. i know sometimes you have to go to bed early to get ready for the morning show. how about some newsletters? those are on sale. a lot of people are waiting until the last minute to get their holiday shopping done. we have seen many people coming in this morning. the store has been open several days straight. they will be open until 6:00 at the macy's in tyson's corner and many stores stay open till 10:00 tonight. retailers hoping this will be the final push for the holiday season. many hoping the a 41-day black friday stretch would be the big time for shoppers to get out but it turned out to be a little-weaklittle- the four-day stretch. deals of 25% to 50% off at
5:38 am
macy's. you have a matter of hours to get it under the tree. back to you. >> thank you. your scarf looks good with your outfit. what size are you in slippers? >> size 10. >> and don't forget your macy's coupon. >> many d.c. area kayakers and voters are upset. the lease for jack's boathouse has been terminated by the national park service. no official reason has been given yet. the owner says he and his 27 employees have been told they have to leave by the end of january. >> it's 36 degrees outside. >> we are hearing from who survived a deadly sofa... desk...
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everythin off the shelf, and to your home. don >> hello from the pentagon. we are open every day. come out and join us. >> good morning, washington. >> there they go. >> they have skills. >> all week long we have been showing amazing light displays throughout our viewing area. this one coming to us from
5:42 am
reston, virginia. this is beautiful. >> this is gorgeous. the house is decorated inside and out. the family is raising money for st. jude's hospital this year. nicely done. you can donate $10 to their cause by texting . >> they raised more than $13,000 so far. adam caskey says a lot of times now with the families do is they put together these amazing displays but they attach a charity to it because they know so many people stop by to take a look and then they help to further our cause. >> good thinking. there's the nativity scene. i want to know how much their power bill is this christmas season. >> adam caskey will tell you. >> from the looks of it from here, it looks like a lot of lights or l.e.d. lights. if they are it's about 10% of
5:43 am
the power of the old incandescent bulbs. if you do something on that scale, it can pay off to go with l.e.d. lights. it's cold outside on this christmas eve, 27 in frederick and gaithersburg. 25 in manassas and culpeper. 30 in cumberland. at the freezing mark downtown at reagan national. increasing clouds this morning will lead to a light wintry mix. not a big deal. does a feif you wet snowflakes around lunchtime, but not the cause and problems. battle transition into light rain this afternoon. 42 per day for high temperature. christmas, beautiful and perfect, partly cloudy, mid 40's. the day after christmas, on wednesday, areas of rain. some heavy rain. more on the seven-day forecast coming up.
5:44 am
now, steve. >> 270 at 109, from frederick county into montgomery county, there's a car going by occasionally. that's what it looks like all the way down to the beltway. no delays this morning on 270 and all around the beltway. at the american legion bridge, just about the same. hardly any volume. keep in mind the hov restrictions do remain in effect. it's not officially a holiday. virginia and maryland, all the usual culprits with the hov in effect. but the volume is very light. springfield is where it usually starts to build from newington to springfield but it's very light. no problems all the way up to and across the 14th street bridge and into town. back to you. >> thank you. 5:44 32 degrees at reagan national. >> new details on the australian deejays under fire for a royal
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>> , abets 6:00, a firsthand look at santa claus preparing for his ternary journey. -- in about 6:00. >> and how will and kate are breaking tradition. >> a teenager who survived the shooting at an oregon mall this month is speaking out. 15-year-old christina says she and some friends were walking home and taking a shortcut through a mall, when gunfire rang out. she and a friend. behind a pillar. that's when she realized she had been shot. she came home from the hospital last week.
5:49 am
she says the support of her family and others has given her strength. >> people were sending cards calling me and e-mail lang, saying they are praying for me. that really helped had made a big impact. >> her father says it was a miracle she survived. two people died in the shooting. police of not said what may have led the gunman jacob roberts to open fire. >> the late senator daniel into oute is being remembered for his bravery -- daniel inouye. he was the second longest serving senator in u.s. history and was a world war ii hero. he died last monday of respiratory complications. he was 88. british prosecutors will decide whether to pursue charges against two australian deejays responsible for a hoax phone call. >> the two called the london
5:50 am
hospital treating parents escaped. they posed as queen elizabeth and prince charles and obtained private details about its fatkate's medical treatment. the radio station canceled their show. >> amazon wants you to trust online reviews. linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters to explain this and more. good morning. >> hello. amazon reviews may be getting a little bit more reliable after several arreststories of advertisers writing their own reviews. amazon says thousands of reviews have been deleted in the last months. it has not still offered any public explanation. looks like food companies are
5:51 am
targeting kids on mobile devices. online and mobile marketing rose 51% to and $122 million from millionto 2009. tv ads marketing unhealthy food for children on the decline. and charitable giving in the district made a big comeback this year. from bank of america to ernst & young, many businesses gave money or volunteer hours to help. georgetown cupcake even sent out 13,000 treats to u.s. military members serving overseas. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. have a great holiday. >> you too. >> thank you, linda. >> she's got me hungry now. >> that caught my ear as well. i am more of a dillon mcmahon. -- i am a donut man.
5:52 am
a light wintry mix this afternoon, but nothing to get excited about. just damp roads a later on today. we will not have any accumulation around here. areas of light rain now starting to stretch into southwestern virginia, especially north carolina and tennessee. it's a piece of the area of low pressure. it's a weak disturbance that will pass to the northwest of washington later on today. just enough to give our atmosphere a little bit of eight kids for some light rain mixing with wet snowflakes around lunchtime and then changing over to a cold rain fall in the afternoon. the moisture content overall they could be lucky to see a quarter inch of rain from this system. not talking much in general. 27 now in winchester and frederick and gaithersburg its a cool start. divide in manassas. at the freezing mark at reagan national. 30 in cumberland and 31 in
5:53 am
martinsburg. partly cloudy this morning with increasing clouds. mid 30's by 8:00. almost 40 degrees by lunchtime. it will be: a to generate snow. a light wintry mix beginning around lunch hour in the metro area but earlier than that in central virginia. -- it will be cool enough to generate snow. turning to rainfall in the afternoon. partly cloudy tomorrow, very pleasant on christmas. temperatures in the mid 40's, seasonable. about what you would expect this time of year. the day after christmas, a system will move through the washington area and intensify. as it does, we expect some rain. early risers wednesday morning don't be surprised if you run into a few wet snowflakes. that is a possibility. otherwise, a heavy soaking rain
5:54 am
on wednesday. the natanz of a little snow next saturday. -- there is a chance of a little snow. steve, what about the traffic? >> there's hardly any traffic. we will take a look at the beltway, connecticut avenue. you are seeing a lot of pavement. not many cars traveling on the inner loop. no obstructions. 270, father hurley boulevard and it's very good down to the beltway. up to put frederick and interstate 70, we are ok. the inner loop and outer loop in maryland and virginia, all the interstates, no incidents. nothing complicating this great ride. in springfield, hov is in effect all around the region. it is a normal hov day. very light volume. no problems. in maryland and virginia, all
5:55 am
the age restrictions are in effect. back to you. >> thank you. 5:54 32 and reagan national. >> plenty of viewers are expressing outrage with the wheel of fortune. why the game shows as a contest and did not get the
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> viewers are upset with the show "wheel of fortune." >> we have more on this one. >> yeah. >> was on a roll, cruising her way to thousands of dollars on "wheel of fortune." >>3 n's. >> can taste of victory and has the winning answer. >> i would like to solve -- seven swans a-swimming." or so she thought. even host pat sajak to backpedal. >> she mispronounced swimming as sinmmin'.
5:59 am
>> the judges said it was spoken in the vernacular. >> i lost it and it cost me the show. >> the judges may be grinches but they did not kill her spirit. >> i had an amazing experience. i have an internet footprints now. i feel i should have big glasses and a big hat. >> she was robbed.


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