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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> coming up it has happened again for the second time this month. a man has died after being pushed in front of a subway in new york city. and president obama will meet with congressional leaders this afternoon in hopes of reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. redskins fever heats up in the d.c. region. local businesses and fans and the team during up for one of the biggest gains in years. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is friday, december 28. 5:00 a.m. now.
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i am scott thuman. cynne is off today. we begin with jacqui jeras with the weather. everybody wants to know the football forecast. >> no problem. today will be great. sunday will be pretty good. it is tomorrow to worry about if you are trying to travel. snow will be moving in, but it will not be a major storm. 37 degrees this morning in d.c., 34 at dulles, 36 in manassas 30 and in fredericksburg. there is a winter weather advisory issued ahead of the storm in the highlands, northern ireland, west virginia. 4 + inches could be expected especially along the ridgetops. -- winter weather advisory issued ahead of the storm in northern maryland, west virginia, in the highlands.
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highs today around 40 degrees. now, steve >> . there's a problem in bethesda. this is southbound at 355 /wisconsin avenue, cedar lane. you have to squeeze by to the right to get through. you can get by the water main break. it's not a heavy volume. when rush-hour starts to build this could be a major slow start. they will be there a couple hours. 355 at cedar lane that work continues. the springfield interchange, moving smoothly. lighter than usual volume on 95. from dumphries to dale city and on to a 395 and the 14th street bridge, no problems. the toll road at 28 moving smoothly. very little traffic. starting off well.
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back to you. >> thank you. a developing story from new york city. investigators are looking into the second subway death this month in the city. a man died after a woman puts him in front of a train. witnesses told police she was following the man and mumbling just before the incident. surveillance cameras captured her running from the station. >> this has happened twice this month. they need to slow the train down to about 15 miles an hour coming into the station so they have time to stop the train. >> it's not clear if the man and woman which other or anyone try to help him before he was struck and killed. december 3, a man died after being pushed in front of the a train at the times crustacean. and the countdown to the fiscal cliff, four days ago. president obama will meet with congressional leaders this afternoon at the white house. the goal is to end the stalemate
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and reach a deal. now the latest. >> president obama will meet with congressional leaders later today at the white house. it may be too late for deal. does the four days left before the deadline. >> i have to be honest, mr. president, iti don't know how it can happen now, why. >> the senate majority leader last out at john boehner, accusing him of running a dictatorship. >> he seemed to care more about keeping his speakership than keeping the nation on sound financial footing. >> republican leaders blamed the democrats and say there are limits to a compromise. >> republicans should not have to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. that would not be fair to the american people. >> president obama flew home early from his vacation yesterday.
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speaker braoehner call the house back into town. but they understand their actions may not be enough to appease the american people. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> the treasury department would have trouble paying its bills. many economists worry the financial troubles would plunge the u.s. back into recession. just one possible effect of the fiscal cliff milk prices goodbye to about $2 or $3 a gallon because farm programs will expire at the end of the year. >> tributes are pouring in for the general who led the international coalition that drove sadaam hussein's forces out of kuwait in 1991. norman schwarzkopf died yesterday in tampa, from complications from pneumonia. he was 78. he had an extensive and
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celebrated military career. he kept a low profile during his retirement, supporting charities and resisting offer to run for public office. former president george h. w. bush remains in intensive care at a hospital in houston. his spokeswoman says he's getting excellent medical treatment. she says he would advise people to "with the harps back in the closet." he was admitted to the hospital november 23 and has been in intensive care since sunday, battling a terrible case of bronchitis and a series of complications. secretary of state clinton is expected to return to work next week after recovering from a concussion she suffered after fainting while fighting. a stomach fighting she's an hour at three weeks now. she has promised to testify next month before congress on the deadly attacks in benghazi. the buzz kids growing for sunday's big matchup between the cowboys and the redskins. -- buzz keeps growing.
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bars and restaurants will be packed with people cannot get into fedex field. john gonzalez? >> you can afford a ticket for you and me, john. this game is so big metro had decided to stay open an extra hour after the game. the game is so big it has been most to prime-time national television and the stadium is allowing the other games to start at 3:30 sunday. this weekend's game is the biggest redskins game in a decade. a matchup against the hated dallas cowboys, winner take all. some lucky enough to have tickets. >> i would not sell the tickets for the world. we have had many years of bad seasons. it's going to be electric. >> many fans during a accordingly. sunday night will be cold for
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this rivalry. >> i cannot remember being so excited for a game, at least since they left rfk stadium. >> it's not just diehard fans treating this like a playoff game. local businesses will reap the benefits./ >> we have 1500 wings ordered. people are asking if they can reserve reservations and asking whether we will show the game? of course we are. it's the redskins. >> according to a recent espn poll, 73% of the country wants the redskins to win this game. so much for dallas being america's team. john gonzalez reporting. >> if you find a cheap way in, let me know. it's 35 degrees. still ahead, is a picnic one family will not forget. a python crashes
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any new volkswagen. visit today. " people in the northeast and midwest will spend the weekend digging out from snow. the winter storm left thousands of customers without power. utility companies say some families in arkansas could be without power into the new year.
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look at that. quite a mess. >> it is too much. >> that is not fun. >> there is a limit. >> what should we look forward to this weekend? a fun amount of snow? >> yes. not enough to be a major storm or to be a major issue. the farther west, the more snowfall you will have. >> that's a problem. >> just stay home and you don't have to worry. our first storm that caused all the power outages is towards the canadian maritime. there's a fair amount of cloudiness. we will see clouds to go along with sunshine today. a chilly start at 34 degrees at dulles, 37 in washington. in frederick, 34. 32 in winchester. it will drop about 5 degrees for the wind chill, what your body
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feels like. today will be a good travel day. partly sunny 39-43. if we look at our seven-day forecast snow tomorrow. more details on that in a few minutes. that's the latest on the forecast. let's check on traffic with steve. happy friday. >> happy friday. the 14th street bridge is moving smoothly writedowns. no delays on the interstates around the area. looking very good with light volume to start this friday before the new year. and there's dry pavement. no problems on 395 from springfield to the 14th street bridge. 270 at route 1 hundred nine09 headlights are headed southbound, lots of space between the cars, and in good shape all the way to the beltway. in springfield northbound on 95 and the main lanes of hov, no delays. lighter than usual.
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in bethesda, we still have the water mains work on 355 at cedar lane. only the right lane getting by southbound. that could be there a couple hours or longer. just to let you know if you are headed down wisconsin ave. back to you. >> thank you. it's 35 degrees, 5:15. more proof that more people are putting down printed
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>> if you are not near your tv, look at this. you have to see this video. >> you are kidding. >> an uninvited guest ends up at a picnic in the florida everglades. the family was from arkansas having a picnic when this 17 foot burmese python slithered into the area. a park ranger had to kill the snake and no one was injured. for wildlife officials will host a contest aimed at controlling the price on population. personal skills the most get $1,500. >> i would double that. holy cow. >> you think you are having a nice day. >> one more reason not to live in florida. >> come on. >> we have snow. >> i will take suppliesthe pythons
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over blizzards. we are getting some snowfall tomorrow. >> a weak storm, but enough to be a nuisance for some travelers. temperatures will warm up in the afternoon tomorrow, so it will be a short event. let's look at temperatures at this hour. it is a little chilly out, 37 in washington d.c. no 20's on the map. 34 at dulles, 36 in manassas, 34 at bwi marshall, 34 in fredericks and 33 in hagerstown. but there's a breeze, so the wind chill is 5 degrees below what the temperature is, so it feels like plenty of 26. mid to upper twenties across the region. bundle up this morning. we're preparing for the storm tomorrow. it is enough to issue advisories especially in the potomac highlands. at the ridgetops maybe 3-6
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inches of snow. generally in the range of 2-4 interests. no advisories for the metro. we will pick up an inch to the west oes possible. a few inches over to the west of the metro possible. today for us, partly sunny. two storm systems will be moving together. this will be coming at us from the south this time around. that keeps us in the coal sector. futurecast has a good handle on this system. as we progress throughout today, a fair amount of clout. we will see some mixing and some rain overnight tonight and to the morning, especially south and east of the metro. the heavier snow staying off to our west. our forecast today partly sunny, 39-43. snow developing tonight, cold
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temperatures 25-32. very light in the metro and a few inches possible to the west. sunday looks good for the redskins game. a little breezy and cold but it will be dry. let's check on traffic with steve. >> we are dealing with dry pavement. a water main breaks on southbound 355, wisconsin avenue at cedar lane at wisconsin avenue, traffic squeezing by to the right. traffic is light. here we are on the beltway at colesville road, moving saul alinsky, no problems. will it-- moving smoothly. in springfield, northbound 95 is still moving well. there is space between the cars. the hov is moving well. all the restrictions are in effect today with a regular traffic pattern.
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no accidents or the latest from dale city to springfield and to the 14th street bridge on 395. >> online retailers, holiday shoppers weigh in on their experience. and we are seeing problems with the first-ever online ballots for the academy awards. >> amazon is getting a holiday present from shoppers, but reduced. a new survey puts amazon at the top of the list for the best online shopping site, where it's been for the past eight years. at a big jump in americans reading electronic books. 23% of people 60 and over retinal electronic book this year up from 16% last year. retreating dropped from 72% down through 67%. the salary of apple ceo tim cook dropped by 90%. he used to get paid $378
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million. steve jobs the famously collected a dollar per year. voting for the oscars is happening on line, but some voters are complaining the system is confusing and they worry it could be vulnerable to hacking.
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>> hi, my name is aaron. go redskins, and good morning washington. >> r.g. iii looks fit and ready. we have not the redskins versus dallas game with this much excitement. much more on the big game coming up in a live report with john gonzalez in a few minutes. >> third down. he's got a first down. he's in!
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>> still some football being played at. rfk at 18,000 on hand to watch san jose state strike down bowling green in the military bowl, 29-20. it is 5:27, 35 degrees. coming up, how sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> 5:30. trade ahead, president obama wraps up efforts to reach a deal with lawmakers in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. we will have details on this
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afternoon's key meeting. good morning, washington. it's friday, december 28. i am scott thuman. cynne simpson is off today. snow is on the way. let's cap to meteorologist jacqui jeras to find out if it is a fun amount. >> it is a fun amount. it's not today. it's overnight into tomorrow. today's a gray day for travel. 37 degrees right now. there is a breeze out of the north and northwest at 3 miles an hour. there is a wind chill factor this morning. it feels like 28 at dulles, 27 in gaithersburg, 24 in winchester, 28 in culpeper, 24 in fredericksburg. you will need to bundle up. you have plenty of time to prepare for this storm. it will be enough for a winter weather advisory in the potomac highlands and parts of west virginia where 4-6 inches could be possible at the highest elevations and maybe an inch or
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so adjust to the west of the d.c. area. partly sunny skies today. first, traffic with steve. >> we will start with a problem that just happened on northbound 95 a little while ago. at the occoquan river, at the purple heart bridge. two left lanes are closed. northbound on 95 in virginia at the occoquan river. that's why you are slowing down a if you are headed past dale city. you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes even with light traffic. half of the interstate is closed on northbound 95 at the occoquan river. towards springfield, looking pretty good north of that. still moving at speed on 95. on to 395, no problems. 270 at 109, still moving at speed into montgomery county
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from frederick county. back to you. >> thank you. it's coming down to the wire on capitol hill. four days until the fiscal cliff. lawmakers are no closer to reaching a deal. however, president obama hopes to change that this afternoon when he meets with congressional leaders. now more. >> in what is seen as a last- minute attempt to reach a deal president obama meets at the white house with senate majority leader harry reid, house minority leader nancy pelosi, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, and house speaker john boehner. have four dates to reach an agreement, but the u.s. economy would go off a fiscal cliff. that's when automatic spending increases and spending cuts would take effect. -- a deal will not be easy, because both sides are involved in a high-stakes political blame game. >> we are here in washington working while the members of the house of representatives are out watching movies and watching the
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kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. they should be here. >> i told the president we would be happy to look at whatever he proposes. the truth is we are coming up against a hard deadline. this is a conversation we should have had months ago. clerk democrats want to extend bush-era tax cuts to everyone except those americans making to a hundred $50,000 or more per year. many republicans are against any tax increases. -- democrats want to extend bush-era tax cuts to everyone except those americans making $250,000 per year. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray says the christmas eve killing on capitol hill is a rallying cry to put more police on the streets in city neighborhoods. his comments come days after jason emma was shot while
5:35 am
parking his car in the 1200 block of c street northeast. police are looking for the gunman. vincent gray plans to pressure the d.c. council to approve plans for additional police officers. four young suspect under arrest in connection with a carjacking in manassas. wednesday night, a 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy each hold a hand gun style begun from a business at the manassas mall. then they walked to a nearby neighborhood and carjacked a man and his wife who had just parked their chevy tahoe. >> the guns mwere pointed at you and your wife? >> yes. >> the boys picked up from friends, including a 13-year-old girl, who drove the truck to a mcdonald's. police found them in the drive- through line. the driver jumped out of the car. no one was hurt, but police are now looking for one more
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suspect, a 17-year-old with a teardrop tattoo under his left eye. it appears superstorm sandy took a bite out of metro's already lagging ridership. a report says the storm helped reduce ridership by nearly 10% in october. the transit agency lost nearly 2.5 million trips when it was shut down nearly two days. it lost $13 million in revenue. ridership is already down 5% before sandy hit the d.c. area in late october. excitement is building for sunday's cowboys and redskins game. to there's no denying that. fedex field will be packed and you can expect huge crowds at bars and restaurants and anywhere the game will be on tv. john gonzalez is at fedex field. i've seen pictures in the past on facebook of you. you've been at a lot of games. will you be at this one? >> i will try. it is a late game especially for us. it's the hottest ticket of the year in the d.c. area.
5:37 am
the last time the redskins were in the playoffs was in 2006. that's part of the reason why this game was moved to a prime- time hour on national television. this is the big one. i can tell you, fans are really excited. the dreaded dallas cowboys as the opponent. the winner goes to the playoffs. i've been in the stadium when it gets really loud. i cannot imagine what it will be like sunday night. some fans believe it will be rfk rally. there will be some changes especially for folks coming to land over on sunday. metro will stay open an extra hour after the game and the stadium is allowing tailgating an hour earlier on sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. at 36:30 start. so you can imagine how the fans will be once the game kicks off. if you are looking for tickets
5:38 am
still, ticket brokers say a standing-room-only tickets are about $300. if you want lower-level tickets, about $500 to $700. businesses around the d.c. area are seeing dollar signs. they have already gotten calls for a lot of reservations, even ordering extra buffalo wings. this reminds me of the days of dexter manley and danny white the dallas cowboys quarterback. this will be exciting. a win puts the redskins in the playoffs. a big game. >> its all riding on sunday. it's gone to be fun. thank you very much. it's 5:38, 35 degrees. still ahead, it's going to be a big weekend for another nfl team. go on emotional return of
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>> hi it we are committed to ending homelessness in d.c. to find out how you can help, visit us at williamschicken -- miriams
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>> this man's dog got stuck in the water. he tried to help and then he got stuck. the emergency crews got them both out of the water. i can only imagine how cold that must be. back here in the weather center with jacqui jeras now. we are getting a little snow but nothing like that. >> no, this is a weak storm. some of us not getting much snow at all. just a wintry mix and some rainfall. >> we still have a good day to enjoy. >> we do. it's a good travel day today. a good day for returning some holiday presents. 37 degrees and the temperature at reagan national, 34 at dulles and 34 in gaithersburg. it will be a decent day. we are stuck in between weather systems. one of them is at the canadian maritime now and the nec system moving to our south and west, which will bring snow early tomorrow and late tonight. 36 degrees by 9:00, 38 and noon
5:43 am
partly cloudy, high temperature in the low 40's at 5:00 this evening. we could see some light accumulations late tonight. that's minutes away. first, let's see how the roads are, steve. >> light volume. this is on wisconsin avenue in bethesda, southbound near cedar lane near n.i.h. squeezing by to the right. this could be with us a couple hours. traffic is squeezing by to the right. northbound, the lanes are open for the most part. not causing much of a problem. we did have an accident on northbound 95 in virginia. this is at the occoquan river at the purple heart bridge. two left lanes were blocked. watch for backups at prince william parkway. the pace picks up after that very nicely to springfield.
5:44 am
moving well as you cross the springfield interchange and to and across the 14th street bridge into town. back to you. >> thank you. it's 35 degrees. 5:42. it is a move that has divided scientists. there's controversy surrounding have a good night. here you g you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month payment on any new volkswagen. isit today.
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cracks coming up at 6:00, an explanation for why the national park service is considering giving the boot to a georgetown landmark. why a craft store could soon be paying more than a million dollars per day, resting on its principles. and why a purple dinosaur is being credited with helping save a two-year-old. that's ahead at 6:00. geneticists have joined the investigation into the massacre
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at a connecticut elementary school. the state medical examiner has asked them to do a complete analysis of gunman adam lanza it's dna. they're not looking for anything specific and the results are not expected for several weeks. some experts say it's not likely scientists will find a genetic clue as to what motivated him to kill 27 people in newtown on december 14. the debate over guns in america will take center stage in fairfax county today. members of the group code pink plans to rally this afternoon outside a gun show at the dulles expo center in chantilly. organizers: fabricating four assault weapons ban and for background checks of people who by weapons at gun shows. an effort to train teachers to use guns so they can confront the assailants is under way in utah. nearly 200 teachers took a free gun training courses offered by the state was the leading gun lobby. there were taught how to safely carry a concealed weapon on the job and to protect our schools from an armed intruder.
5:49 am
>> safety is the biggest part. to be able to use them appropriately is a high priority for me. >> utah is one of the few states where public schools allow guns on campus. it in the wake of the connecticut school student there was a push to add more states to that list. a new gallup poll finds 64% of americans think army at least one school official would be at least somewhat effective against attacks. now to a personal battle off the football field. this weekend will mark the return for the colts' head coach chuck pagano to the sidelines. that is since he was treated for leukemia. t.j. winnick has more. >> coming into this nfl season, challenges for the firstfirst-year coach for the colts were many. at>> indianapolis colts
5:50 am
quarterback andrew luck. >> iraqi quarterback taking over for the departed peyton manning. -- a rokkokie quarterback. >> the conclusion came down that he did have leukemia. >> a 52-year-old was forced to take a leave of absence for treatment which included chemotherapy. the colts have defied all expectations. chuck pagano visited his team when he was able. >> two more wins and we are hoisting that trophy together. >> the team rallied around their coach, played by the motto "chuck strong." some cheerleaders shaved their heads in solidarity.
5:51 am
he will be coaching the regular-season finale against the houston texans. >> you can overcome anything. >> chuck pagano was so eager to get back to work this past monday that he was the first one to shore up a team headquarters in indianapolis. t.j. winnick, abc news, new york. >> that's great. millions of homeowners may be do a few hundred bucks. directv users will have to pay more. let's get to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. that's a lot of money we are talking about back and forth. >> certainly. if anyone is a directv customer, bad news. you will be facing a price hike of 4.5% started 37. the reason, direct tv sets programming costs are going up next year for the owners of tv channels. that means that your rates will
5:52 am
go up as well in order to compensate. you may have heard a product called the nap nanny. it has been linked to the deaths of five infants. they consumer product safety commission says the manufacturer is not able or not willing to participate in the recall. monday is the deadline for eligible homeowners to request a review for free to see if you are doing any possible compensation as part of the huge 4 will tour settlement last year between federal bank regulators and 14 mortgage servicers. more than 4 million notices were mailed out to those eligible but only 356,000 asked for one as of december 13. if you need an incentive compensation could range from a couple hundred dollars to more than $100,000. live a bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news.
5:53 am
anyone who's eligible should go for that. >> good advice. it's 5:52. we have an ok day in the weather. >> and friday makes it a great day in and of itself. 37 degrees not a bad start. a little chilly, but not terrible for the last week of december. that's right. a long holiday weekend for a lot of you. temperatures across the region, lots of 30's. 33 in washington, 32 in bethesda 34 in germantown, 32 and reston, 33 and centreville. newington and at 36 degrees. a little bit of a wind chill. maybe four degrees colder than the other martyr. feels like 25 in gaithersburg, 29 in frederick, 28 in manassas. today will end up being a decent day. we have a fair amount of clouds still lingering. but we will see filtered
5:54 am
sunshine today. we will call it partly sunny. high pressure is building into our area. that will not affect us today. but all this will be headed our way. a southern storm cooking up with a weaker one up to the north. the timing will be in the overnight. winter weather revised rates issued for the potomac highlands already, along the mason-dixon line, across much of west virginia. that is 2-4 to be expected there. you can really see the rain/snow caught off. very little cumulations expected east of the metro. we will see heavier amounts year in the range of 1-4 inches. you have to get to the mountains if you want anything more than that. maybe around an inch in d.c. just a fair amount of clouds expected today throughout the day. and then the system moving in late tonight into the morning. you will be waking up to snow.
5:55 am
that is coinciding with a rain/snow line. we will likely see a mixed in d.c. roads will be fine by late in the day. , today, 39-43. cloudy skies tonight, snow developing overnight, 25-32 degrees. a mix on saturday morning, drying up late in the day. just breezy on sunday. looking good for the rest of the week ended to the new year. let's check on traffic with steve. >> we start with an accident northbound 95 in virginia at the occoquan river on the left side of the road, causing delays from the prince william parkway -- actually looks normal from the prince william parkway. in springfield, looks pretty good right now. nothing reported. we still have a water main break on wisconsin abbott at cedar
5:56 am
lane with traffic getting by in the right lane. not causing much of a back up. there's an accident on route 29 at mud grove road. that will slow you down briefly. >> thank you. it's 35 degrees. coming up, if you are hoping to beat the cold weather by catching up on some movies, arch campbell has some good ideas. what he
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>> with the year coming to a close, it's time to look at the best movies of the year. arch campbell shows us his fpicks. >> what did you like at the movies this year? here are few to remember. >> we have been together 27 years. where's my raise? >> ted was one of the funniest movies. skyfall reenergize the james bond franchise. the silver line links playbook is the widest romance. argo proves true is stranger than fiction. lincoln turns history into a story for our times. have a great weekend. i'm arch campbell,


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