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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 30, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc news "washington weekly." >> what a big win for the redskins just a moment ago. >> heading to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. >> what an amazing feat for them, first time since 99. as donovana disaster theyb turned out to be, a sixth round pick.
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take a look. first quarter was scoreless. it is kicked off. the second interception thrown that quarter. off to a good start, but he get things going. the light of the game. s around -- delay of game. banks did this man, morris was fire -- thanks to this man, morris was on fire. third quarter, rg3 fix the handoff. -- fakes the handoff. in the fourth quarter, this is what happened. morris was like a train today, unstoppable. 200 yards.
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late in the fourth, 21-10 redskins. this was a game changer. 21-18 redskins, three minutes to go. the hero of the day, where did he come from? 28-18. right?for romo, >> not at all. >> i believe saturday would be game against seattle. t now, enjoy it. 7 wins in a row and this is what the town needed. >> celebrating tonight. landover will be rocking. >> after all of the injuries. here comes jackson, morris, out of nowhere.
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>> unbelievable, thank you. we will have continuing coverage tomorrow. it will be everything redskins. there was another showdown that was happening today. it involved the fiscal cliff. democrats and republicans wrangling over last-minute legislation. cutsx increases and budget into effect on january 1. the clock is ticking and negotiations are ongoing. point, democrats and republicans remain at odds. >> regardless of differences, our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle- class families do not go up. we can get that done. >> president obama called for there wasaction, but senate tonight. >> we will be here at 11:00 tomorrow morning.
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we will have further announcements. >> mitch mcconnell, a frustrated progress,ack of called the vice president for help. >> there is no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. a sticking point appears to be a and interest or the to close the deal. >> if congress does not act soon, drastic cuts will go into effect and taxes go up for everyone. more than $3,400 for the average american family. >> significant differences n the two sides and negotiations continue. >> negotiations will continue through the night. "politico" ined by
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reporter to talk about the fiscal cliff. it is looking like the president is going to try to get to introduce legislation to avoid some of the devastating tax increases. when the new congress is sworn in, and that means we're going over the fiscal cliff. unless we get something substantial in the next 24 hours, we will be going over the cliff. tax increases and on everybody. the defense cuts are not start until january 20. most americans are trying to tonight, come their paycheck, will this impact them? it does not create any 74 small-business owners. -- for small business
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small-business owners. know what is going to happen right now. the answer and is affecting the markets, the small-business market. >> secretary clinton is in the hospital, and other help set back for her. couple of weeks ago, she had suffered a concussn. in the course of a medical treatment, they manage to find a blood clot. very serious business. she has been hospitalized and treated for it. you for the update. she is in new york presbyterian hospital tonight. > if rg3
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>> many remember to -- continue remember the life of an american hero. schwarzkopf was known for commanding operation desert storm. >> in 1990, norman schwarzkopf a little-known u.s. army general. a west point graduate and
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officer for his vietnam, he spent his in the army. >> let me put it this way, it take as long as it takes. >> as the leader of the u.s.-led coalition,al schwarzkopf achieved a rock star status. returned to the persian gulf his wasonal hero and the medal of freedom. >> he was a leader, a motivator. >> he was an extremely compassionate man. >> after retirement, he declined by both parties to run for political office. president george h. w. bush issued a statement.
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>> general schwarzkopf never interest inrue office.for he often played down the label of hero. years, he seemed most proud of this work with children's charities. >> we will take you quickly to landover right now. shanahan is speaking. show us what he could do. i thought he stepped up and played at an exceptional level. wilson? you talk about all the pressure you unleashed romo.
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>> we had some outside blitz's and some inside the .... zes.lit you have to get to good timing. maybe we got him to throw a than heit earlier wanted to. >> the offense has grown. sometimes the defense was a undervalued. what the think about their growth? you do not win without playing great defense. you win as a team.
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, they played at a very high level. ok? thank you. >> that was mike shanahan, the head coach of the washington redskins, moments after the team won 28-18. >> they're having to the for the first time since 1999. a look at this. >> what the federal government thisit is not what makes unique, but how does, it does. did buys, it does. especially if you or any it t of the market. the competition is fierce and acquisition process can be complex. bookecently published provide this valuable insight to anyone, their level of
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>> a cold nights ahead, 33 degrees at reagan national had -- reagan national. you will notice the difference waking up tomorrow morning. it will be cold out there. tomorrow, mid-40's 4 afternoon high temperatures. this area of high pressure moves the coast and clouds will increase throughout the day tomorrow.
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in the showers or snow flurries until the day on tuesday, the first day of 2013. temperatures will fall to nights tomorrow, around 40- 45 degrees. moving through the date on tuesday, a better chance, a 30% chance. nothing that is going to accumulate. to be a biging all.m at 18-25 for a nighttime low. has died down. tomorrow, temperatures will be the 40's. wednesday, thursday, friday, below average, only in the mid- 30's. these are the temperatures we produce slow. but we also need moisture and something we do not have in the forecast.
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the snow. >>, new year's, i will embrace
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>> i am still going to be the same guy. i could not change even if i
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tried. >> [inaudible] >> only time will tell. we have everything it takes to do something special. it all comes down to how bad we want it. do what we know how to do. >> after having a heavy work do glad you get that extra 24 hours? >> i really do not need the extra time. had to play tomorrow, i be ready to go. i am always ready to go. i am always ready. that you areu say
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not a star. but you overshadowed him completely. >> it is a team effort. tonight was just my night. i was thankful. i am glad to be a part of it. clad to be contributing to our success. >> have a good night. >> the rookie who had an night, 200 yards. rg3 is always the star. >> he overshadowed rg3 some ways.


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