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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 31, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news this morning in america. breaking news. hillary clinton hospitalized. >> the secretary of state wakes up in a new york hospital this morning, being treated for a blood clot. it's down to the deadline. if congress and the president are going try to stop the nation from going over the fiscal cliff. tax hikes and spending cuts are just hours away. despite the looming cliff, party preparations are under way on this new year's eve, as we welcome 2013. and moengs nal and triumphant return to the sidelines. for indianapolis colts coach chuck pagano.
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seems his inspired season is not over yet. good morning, i'm john muller sitting in for rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. it looks like secretary of state hillary clinton will be celebrating the new year from a hospital bed. >> during a routine checkup for an earlier concussion, doctors discovered she had a blood clot. he's abc's dierdre bryant. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton was admitted to the hospital on sunday with a blood clot. her doctors discovered it in a followup exam for a concussion sufferered earlier in the month. >> with time and with medication, the clot will dissolve. it won't propagate further. won't cause a clot to the lung. it will recover -- someone that has this will recover fully.
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>> reporter: this is not the first time she's been diagnosed for a blood clot. in 1998, she had a clot behind her right knee. she had ha stomach virus earlier this month. she cancelled a trip abroad because she was not feeling well. she was not well enough to appear on capitol hill to tpt on the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. doctors want to monitor her medication over the next several hours. and to or other major story, the looming fiscal cliff. lawmakers worked through the night to try to reach an agreement. >> without a deal, taxes are set to go up for just about every american. tahman bradley joins usy washington with more on the stalemate. >> reporter: john and paula, good morning.
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if there is no breakthrough today, the country will go over the cliff. talks continue but this morning, there is still no deal. >> we'll have further announcements, perhaps, at 11:00 in the morning. i certainly hope so. >> reporter: republicans and democrats negotiated all week wednesday the hope of passing legislation to protect most people from massive tax hike. >> our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle class families do not go up that would hurt our economy badly. >> reporter: there was optimism over a deal over the weekend. that ended when harry reid said he could not present a counterproposal. mcconnell phoned for help. >> i placed a call to the vice president to see if he could help jump start the ne fwoesh united nationss on his side. i want everyone to know, i'm willing to get this done. but i need a dance partner.
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>> reporter: white house officials say vice president biden is now playing a direct role in the negotiations. there's divide on taxes. the white house wants to raise tax rates on people making will go up. >> if we're not able to reach an agreement, it will be dire. >> reporter: if there's though deal today, the average american family will start the year with a $3400 tax hike. paula and john? >> tahman bradley reporting live from washington this morning. happy new year to you. >> same to you. the president called the shooting at newtown was the worst day of his presidency.
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a bus crash has killed nine people and injured others. the tour bus lost control on interstate 84 yesterday morning. it happens in a treacherous section of the blue mountains called dead man pass as the bus was heading back to vancouver from las vegas. the drive survived but was too badly injured to speak with police. nasty weather being said to have caused dozens of accidents across the country. >> here's jim dickey. these early morning temperatures this morning. 5 in burlington, 9 in portland. 18 in boston. now, we switch gears the north central portion. these are your daytime highs. only 9 today in minneapolis, 18 in omaha. that arctic haair is surging in. it will lead to light snow
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across the plains and ohio valley. time for the rest of the new year's eve weather. snow expected, thunderstorms in much of texas. oklahoma city, little rock, memphis. showers from seattle to portland. flurries around the great lakes, western pennsylvania, and northern new england. >> 20s in the northern rockies. 30s in the pacific northwest. still can't believe we're talking about 2013. have no fear. your milk prices will not be soaring after new year's. and major document for kim kardashian and yan west. 2013 promising to be a very big year for them.
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welcome back, everyone. there won't be any crying over spiped milk. congress could vote as soon as today on a farm bill that extends price supports for milk. without them, the cost of a gallon would have doubled. the deal was reached yesterday. it includes aid for farmers hurt by the long drought this year. the new york times is reporting that banking regulate rrs close to a $10 million settlement with 14 banks. most would help those struggling to stay in their homes. the problems included faulty paperwork and excessive fees. who needs tenants when you have billboards? this billboard in times square
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turns a profit because of the ads on the exterior. times square gets 100 million visitors a year. "the hobbit" is getting to be a habit at the top of the box office charts. the fantasy film number one for a third weekend in a row. >> it took in $33 million. "django unchained" was in second. and "les mis" kim in third. sales of champagne going flat in europe. with the continent's ongoing economic problems give them not a lot of reasons to pop open the bottles. >> open the prosecco. it's ten bucks a bottle and tastes almost the same.
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and we're getting another look at that deadly plane crash in moscow over the weekend. the terrifying moment of impact captured on a car's dashboard cram. >> the plane clammed into the side of a highway. the plane's tires smashed into the car you saw. the only passengers on board, eight crew members. five of them died in the accident. now for a look at morning road conditions. a slick commute in the pacific northwest. southern rockies into kansas and southern ill pim thunderstorms drench roads from texas to tennessee. airport delays possible in
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dallas, denver, kansas city, st. louis, seattle and houston. now to a new terror threat by the al qaeda branch considered by the u.s. to be the group's most dangerous. >> al qaeda in yemen is offering a reward for killing a u.s. ambassador. >> reporter: it's a country racked with lawlessness. now a new threat. the associated press first reported this video, claiming to be from al qaeda's yemen branch, announcing a new bounty. roughly $160,000, three kilograms of gold, for the killing of an american in yemen. abc has not verified authenticity of a video. if true, the threat comes at a critical time, just four months after al qaeda-linked militants stormed u.s. embassy compound in
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libya, killing ambassador chris stevens and three other american personnel. after the attack, security levels were raised at american embassies around the world. >> i think the security detail for the ambassador himself is not doing anything differently. they already knew he had to be froe protected very, very carically. >> reporter: anti-american sentiment is very, very high. >> this ambassador is one of the many brave americaning in the region who is in danger all the time. >> reporter: muhammad lila, abc news, washington. the president signed a sweeping wiretap law. they can do it without obtaining a court order for each
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intercept. the program would have expired today. there's been a medical setback for hugo chavez. his vice president said he suffered new complications and described his condition as delicate. he's not been seen or heard from since undergoing a fourth cancer-related surgery earlier in the month. a woman charged with pushing man to his death at a subway track is going to undergo a medical evaluation. this morning, "the new york times" reports that she's been arrested twice in the past for violent confrontation with total strangers. back to the bargaining table today for represents of the nhl and the players' union. it's the first time in weeks that the sides are meeting fais to fais to end the ongoing
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lockout. the nhl offered a new proposal last thursday. the nfl's second season is upon us. 12 teams still alive. 20 teams going home. sunday's highlights now from espn. >> cassidy hubbarth here with your "sportscenter" update. adrian peterson, 208 yards away from the single-season rushing record in the first quarter. the vikings up ten. the vikings near field goal range. he needs 35 yards to get the record. he was just 26 yards. not enough time for another snap. he finished eight yards shy of the record. but the vikings in field goal range. blair walsh for the win. and the vikings win it, 37-34, they're headed to the playoffs. they snap the five-game losing streak to the packers. what about the battle for the nfc east?
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the redskins and cow boys. the skins trying to get in the playoffs for the first time since 2007. 200 yards rushing for albert morris. robert griffin iii, fakes handoff, keeps it himself. skins take the 14-7 lead. in the fourth, cowboys driving, down three. tony romo, picked off by rob jackson. redskins win it, 28-18, to win the nfc east and clinch a berth. i'm cassidy hubbarth with your "sportscenter" update. have great day. another win? the big story of the day, the return to the sidelines of chuck pagano. he's back after fighting leukemia back into remission. >> his locker room
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celebration. he couldn't help being emotional, saying simply, what a day. >> thank you all for, um -- like i said before, your support. thoughts. prayers. this -- meant the world to me. >> really did. he was moved to tears on numerous occasions. next up for pagano and the colts, playoff showdown with the baltimore ravens. everybody wrote the colts off. he left after week three with the lee chemoya diagnosis. the worst record the year before. a rookie quarterback. >> he had great quote. he said it was the second best day of his wife. the first was marrying his wife. >> of course. that should be the standard answer for all of you guys out there. >> can't go wrong with that one. up next, "the pulse." it could be a k-k-kid coming up in this new year.
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as the hours tick away today, the preparations well under way to welcome 2013. we're going to be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] [ man ] touchdown confirmed. ♪
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so you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied. time now check "the pulse," stories you'll be talking about today. there will soon be another kardashian to keep up with. kim is having a baby. >> yep, boyfriend kanye west broke the news late last night saying something about baby mama. then the twitter sphere was abuzz. >> kourtney tweeting, another
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angel to welcome into our family. and kris, baby, baby, baby. >> this would be kardashian's first child. >> she's reportedly 12 weeks along. and former president george h.w. bush out of intensive care and improving over the weekend. he got a private concert. take a listen. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> they make it look so easy. the oakridge boys singing "amazing grace" over the phone for mr. bush. the boys said they happily sang when mrs. bush asked them to. >> now i see. nobody wants to hear me sing, right. finally, by this time
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tomorrow, the new year will be upon us. >> new york's times square, air worthiness tests being conducted. yes, they country those tests. isn't it just supposed to fall? it's air-worthy, right? >> a committee. >> how much money was pent on that? about 17 million pieces of it will come down, some with hand-written messages. in baltimore, they've been rigging up the fireworks display. the proverbial bombs will burst through the air at midnight today. and in mobile, alabama, they're ready for the so called moon pie drop. it's an 80-pound treat. proceeds going to a homeless shelter. >> i flash back to grade school. we called them scooter pies back in the day. moon kax. >> it's a good thing. thank you for doing it right all
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you in mobile. >> for some of you, your local news is dmex. for the rest, behind the scenes from the rose parade. [ female announcer ] what does the anti-aging power of olay total effects plus the perfecting color of a bb cream equal? introducing the newest beauty trend. total effects cc cream c for color. c for correction.
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updating the top store rirks secretary of state clinton is in a new york city hospital after doctors discovered a blood clot. she's been treated with medication that doctors will monitor over the next day or two. negotiators in washington working overnight to avoid the fiscal cliff. both sides still appear to be far apart. a tour bus crash in eastern oregon has killed nine people and injured more than 20 others. the bus slid off an icy highway and tumbled down a steep embankment. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. thunderstorms from san antonio to memphis. the coldest air in the season in the midwest and northern new england. finally this morning, a new year's tradition right up there
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with let's call it post partum depression and college football. >> we're talking about the tournament of roses parade. brandi hitt got a look at last minute preps. >> reporter: everything is coming up roses in pasadena. and this is your ticket behind the scenes to the 124th annual tournament of roses parade. >> i took off a whole week from work to do this. >> reporter: that's because there is more to these floats than just flourers. it takes hours around the clock to make these creations dom life. for the first time in six years, disney is returning to the rose parade, after all, walt disney was the grand marshal in 1966. this year's float, disneyland's newest attraction, cars land. >> they'll be going up and down, spil smooiling. >> reporter: the 125-foot-long
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float will have 45 moving parts and waterfall. how many flowers? >> hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: to build this float, they'll use 1 1/2 understand the of beads and 2,000 volunteers. this work is not easy, as i quickly found out. wait, if it's not -- it takes six hours just to cover this one car with blew and seeds. >> there you go. >> reporter: not bad. >> not bad at all. >> reporter: every float is unique this year. and for the first time, a wedding will be televised live from atop this farmer's insurance love float. >> we're going to be up there. >> reporter: we were there with the lucky couple from virginia. brandi hitt, abc news,


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