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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> my preference would have been to solve all of these problems in the context of a larger agreement, a bigger deal, a grand bargain that solves our deficit problems in a balanced and responsible way. with this congress, but it was too much to hope for. >> he went on to vowed there would be no further spending cuts without more tax hikes. republicans were furious. >> he calls people and has a group standing behind them and ridicules republicans. why? why would the president wants to do that? >> republicans thought they were close to a deal yesterday. senior leaders said that deal fell apart when the white house coupled tax hikes with new spending measures. >> any suggestion that this new revenue, would be used to give away and funds new spending.
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>> the stakes remain high. especially for the d.c. region. >> the washington region will suffer under sequestration far worse than other parts of the country. >> both sides still insist they want a deal. the senate and house to avoid the fiscal cliff, but the senate is pushing forward hoping they will have the deal by midnight tonight. we will technically go over the cliff on new year's day. the house hopes to fix everything on wednesday. they hope the markets will stay calm if the senate? today. mellon says they're happy with this final deal -- no one says they are happy with this final deal. reporting live from the capital
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rebecca cooper. >> jobs at the pentagon may be in jeopardy when we go over the fiscal cliff. they are not the only military related work at stake. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live at the pentagon tonight. >> last week, defense secretary leon panetta said day-to-day operations would likely not change dramatically if we go over the fiscal cliff. any potential layoffs would probably not happen immediately. workers are watching this very closely. watching children skate round and round is how many americans would describe what they're watching right now on capitol hill. >> it is absolutely unconscionable. >> in the pentagon, it is alarming. it would lead to sequestration
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across the board government cuts. the planning has already begun for temporary layoffs. civilian furloughs could impact up to 800,000 workers. >> it feels like a punch in numbers gut. >> she works with the faa. >> a lot of uneasiness, nobody knows what things will happen. everyone is nervous. >> it is really having an impact on everyone. >> she is a server in pentagon city. 70 or 80% of customers come from the pentagon. >> it is affecting every level it is scary. what am i going to do? >> that is a question a lot of people are asking.
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defense companies in this region at a deadly opposed sequestration. -- adamantly opposed to sequestration. >> we're monitoring all of the action and reaction on capitol hill to the news there will not be a vote tonight. coming up at 5:30, how going over the fiscal cliff focus that to -- affect small businesses. >> this is coming out of bristow. a police officer has been killed in a serious crash. we were over the accident that involved a police motorcycle. what is the latest? >> a horrible and tragic scene. a very busy area.
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right in front of the target store. a prince william county officer has lost his life in a line of duty. the 35-year-old motorcycle officer was responding to another crashed at about 2:00 when this incident occurred. the driver of the minivan turned left in front of officer yung. he was traveling southbound on his motorcycle. the two vehicles collided. both vehicles erupted in flames. the driver of the minivan was not injured. the officer a seven-year veteran part of the motorcycle unit, died at a local hospital. authorities are respectfully asking for the community's prayers' during this difficult time. this area is quite a large area.
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this is a shutdown. -- this area is shut down so authorities can conduct a thorough investigation. a motorcycle officer has died in a line of duty. we're live then bristow. >> it is going to be of very chilly new year's eve. steve is in the weather center with a first check of the forecast. >> temperatures this evening as the wind down 2012, temperatures outside not so bad. 40 degrees over at reagan national airport. 35 at dulles. satellite and radar, clouds across the area right now. we will keep clouds and a forecast of a the next day or so. even though we see a little bit of a breeze over the washington area, the atmosphere is so dry
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at this time nothing is able to reach the ground. here is our forecast for new year's eve. temperatures will fall through the 30's. we had a big batch of colder air on the way. >> i am going to say something that no one in their right mind would have said two months ago. the redskins are going to the playoffs. fans are still celebrating. they're turning their attention to the seattle seahawks. suzanne kennedy is live from fedex field. >> i wish i could have. a lot of redskins fans woke up extremely tired. did that really happened last night? we are going to the playoffs. they are singing and dancing in the streets of washington, d.c.
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all because of this. >> the washington redskins into the playoffs. >> with the playoffs on the horizons and bragging rights for the redskins, fans are ecstatic. >> we have something to cheer about. >> it has been a long time. >> i love it. in-your-face, dallas. >> last night win is all redskins fans wanted to talk about. >> we are in the playoffs. >> the best game i have ever seen them play. >> they are cranking out division champ t-shirts. that is what this band was in
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search of today in bethesda. -- this van was in search of debate in bethesda. >> it is awesome. -- this fan was in search of today in bethesda. >> it is awesome. >> the countdown is on to the playoffs. tonight, at the big question -- are there any tickets around and how much are you willing to pay tax? >> we have the answer to that question. there are no tickets are around. the redskins announced that tickets to next sunday's game against the seahawks are sold out. it will be that first place came since 1999. how are the prices compared to other cities hosting playoff games? we will do some comparison
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shopping. save your money. the only people more excited than the fans about the playoffs or the players. we will have team reaction to the big win yesterday and a look ahead to sunday. >> new developments on the university of virginia accreditation warning. a group that represents trustees and alumni once the department of education to investigate. they contend the southern association of schools commission overstepped its authority when it issued the warning. the warning was a response to the way that the university handled the firing of the president last summer. she was later reinstated. coming up, secretary of state hillary clinton is still in the hospital tonight. we will have an update on her condition. >> a d.c. school is the victim of a break-in for the third time in less than a month.
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>> there is a big change to the first nigh
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>> we are getting ready, it is
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already 2013 and other parts of the world. this is a scene from new zealand. in hong kong, tens of thousands of people gathered to watch another huge fireworks display. >> of course, at new york city is getting ready to usher in a new year. more than 1 million people are expected in times square to watch the traditional ball drop. the giant waterford crystal will be eliminated -- illuminated. security will be extra tight. it will be cold. the temperatures are expected to dip into the low 30's at around midnight. ryan seacrest will host night in new york city. >> this is one of those amazing events that even when you stand there i almost forget i am on
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television because it is an incredible moment of unity in a world that is so chaotic. >> the big celebration starts tonight at 8:00 with a salute to dick clark. the party gets under way. you can watch abc 7 news at 11:00 and then go back to times square to bring in the new year. >> the mentor will be open later for all of the partygoers -- metro will be open letter for all of the partygoers. >> after the lackluster laser light show that we saw during last year's first night celebration, they have brought
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the fireworks back. the folks from new zealand and all over australia will be jealous of the show here. from the masonic temple to the waterfront, old town alexandria today of bus ahead of the area's biggest new year's eve party. the fireworks are back. organizers excited over the turn of the evening's star attraction. >> i love fireworks. >> tonight, barges will line up on the potomac near old town and usher in 2013 with a 15-minute display. >> it is a tradition they should bring back. >> it is not just about the midnight activities. throughout the day, choirs and the band's set the mood at different old town locations. >> yes. >> as dozens of children
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participated in an area wide scavenger hunt. for one day only, the city loosens up its food truck waslaws. as for food, the stakes could not be any higher for old town restaurant. he expects 200 guests for new year's eve dinner. >> it is a big day. it is important to us. we want to make sure everything is perfect. >> things have been busy here in the old town throughout the day. they're expecting a record- breaking crowd more than 10,000 people expected to gather and line the waterfront when the fireworks go off at midnight. >> very chilly, but absolutely
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clear. >> really nice. the cloud cover is going to help keep the temperatures from falling a lot. enjoy your new year's eve because we have some changes on the way. right now, we're looking downtown and it is quiet. our temperatures are nothing to complain about. looking at 40 degrees at reagan national. earlier this afternoon our high was 41 degrees. 74 the record high, but let's get back record low, back in 1880, it was 13 degrees below zero. looking at our network, we have the next three cities for you. frederick, 33 degrees. alexandria a 37 degrees.
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our final stop texas to the district, at george washington university -- our next stop takes us to the district, george washington university holds at 39. winchester looking at 36 degrees. quantico near 40. due to the cloud cover, it will act as a blanket. the really cold air that will eventually make its way to our area for the middle of the week it is now around minneapolis. this is all part of a cold front that will bring us a chance for a little bit of a wintry nextmix. we're not looking for any type of accumulations. satellites and radar, clear skies, this is the system we're watching right now. it will gradually move towards the north and east.
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tomorrow morning, we will see a mixed south of d.c. once again, it is not going to be a big deal. futurecast looks like this, the clouds hang on to the overnight hours. temperatures around 33-35 degrees. tomorrow, it looks a lot worse on our futurecast that it will actually be. wednesday, the skies began to clear, but it will be called out there. -- cold out there. cloudy and cold for tonight, 28 degrees. for tomorrow, at first day of 2013, all little bit of a light went 3 mix will be possible. 39-44. here is your extended outlook
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the colder air on wednesday thursday, and friday. look at the upcoming weekend back into the 40's. the weather pattern appears to settle down. it will be cold, but no snow. >> coming up, a baby on the way for a reality star. >> in arlington, it is the busiest day it of the year for donations. >> the latest on the secretary of state hillary clinton's medical status and she spent new year's eve in a hospital.
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>> hillary clinton remains in an york hospital tonight been treated for a blood clot behind her right year. >> doctors say she will make a full recovery. >> doctors at new york's presbyterian hospital say secretary of state hillary clinton will need to spend the next couple of days for observation. after they discovered a blood clot that developed as the result of a concussion. physicians and her staff had not said where the clot is.
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treatment does not suggest anything to serious. >> you would not put someone -- you would not be in the hospital for 48 hours. things are not adding up. >> she originally fell ill from a stomach virus. the virus causes severe dehydration which resulted in her fainting. this is the second time clinton has suffered a blood clot. in 1998, she was hospitalized for a clot behind her knee. >> this is possible this is a blood clot in her leg. both applied to clinton. >> her former colleagues are sending their well wishes. >> we want to say how much
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secretary clinton is in our prayers this morning. we hope she recovers rapidly. >> the state department says it will not comment any further on her condition. doctors say she may have been prompted additional blood clots because she already had one -- prone to additional blood clots because she already had one. >> why so many people are lining up to donate on this new year's eve. >> where else could i get -- >> why of beloved store in montgomery county is closing its doors after 60 years. >>
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>> we are now heading over the fiscal cliff. >> the house announced this afternoon it will not hold a vote tonight. >> the white house and the congress were very close at one point. >> the proposed agreement would raise taxes on families earning more than $450,000 a year and
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would extend other tax credits. >> let's ask the question? how will this news affect small businesses? we continue our coverage in sterling. >> behind me is a small business. they make these inserts for suitcases. they're not thinking about new years, but they're worried about the fiscal cliff. besides a quick slowing job -- gluing job it is a quiet new year's eve. >> we are in manufacturer of custom cases. >> the nine employees have the day off, but the owners are concerned about the fiscal cliff deadline. >> it hurts when everything gets put on that is really what happens. >> they had a pretty good year last year with about $1.8 million in sales.
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they worry about cutbacks and layoffs. >> we can survive on little to go without paychecks to pay these guys. >> nearby, he is also keeping close watch on the fiscal cliff. these devices help police fire, and military radios communicate through buildings. >> will i have the money to be able to withstand a long delay? >> research, development expansion, all of it on hold. >> look at what the redskins did as a team yesterday. can you guys get together as a team and let's make something happen? >> a lot of frustration out there. both of these companies are very loyal to their employees. like many people, they are
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hoping for some kind of the deal. >> police have identified the 16-year-old girl who was struck and killed friday night in washington. she was hit by two vehicles on new york avenue nw and died the next day. only one of the vehicles remained on the scene. we spoke to the girl's family. >> her name was tosh said jackson -- tasha jackson. it happened at the height of rush hour. police believe somebody must have seen some clue. jackson was just 16 years old. she loved to run track. her family can hardly believe she's gone. >> i cannot picture is in my head. >> friday night about 6:00, she was crossing new york avenue
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near first street. she was outside the crosswalk. a car struck her and the driver stopped. a second vehicle struck again and kept on going. her sister spotted the flashing lights and made the horrifying discovery. >> i saw the street blocked off. >> she died of for injuries the next day. she's the youngest of six. her family is left doing the unexpected planning and raising money for a funeral. >> how could you just hit somebody? why wouldn't you just stop? they're asking witnesses to come forward. >> if you know anything, please come forward. >> it is a tan colored suv would
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d.c. plates. it may remain not have some type of front and damage. >> here is a look at some of the top stories we're following tonight. prince william county police are investigating a tragic accident that killed one of its motorcycle officers. the accident happened around 2:00 this afternoon. investigators said the officer was responding to another accident scene when his motorcycle collided with a mini van. >> redskins fans are still pinching themselves today. they will host their first playoff game at fedex field since 1999. the tickets for the game are already sold out. >> the crowd is gathering in times square in new york city to ringin the new year.
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about a million people are expected to turnout. security will be very tight. thousands of police officers will be on patrol. it is going to be a chilly start to the new year. as we prepared to say goodbye to 2012, many people are saying goodbye to their old clothing and staff. there will be long lines at goodwill and other donation sites tonight. >> it is the biggest day of the year for donations. >> this long line of cars is directed end and quickly unloaded. december 31, new year's eve, is the day nonprofit donation centers work for all year. >> you try to keep everybody happy in the line.
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>> this line has been moving since first thing this morning and will keep on going until 8:00 tonight. a steady stream of people pulling up and dropping off. >> today's the day to do it. to clear out the stuff that i cannot use right now. >> i am getting my stuff and for tax purposes. >> it is then ended the year ritual for you -- and end of the ritual for you? >> yes, it is. >> he is moving next week and says he wanted to make sure he dropped his old furniture off today to get the tax deduction this year. >> i am killing two birds with one stone. >> that means more for the goodwill to find ways to reuse. >> thank you so much, happy new
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year. >> time for a check on the traffic situation. >> the accident he mentioned earlier involving a police officer, that crash is still in play in terms of accident investigation. southbound 395 with delays near seminary. inner loop of the beltway we're also looking good as you work your way past connecticut. some slow traffic northbound baltimore-washington parkway. an accident with a single lane getting by, 270, no problems. gaithersburg towards 121 and heading into frederick county. >> have a happy new year. coming up, in just a matter of
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hours, new laws go into effect, including legal same-sex marriages in maryland. see how one couple is getting ready for their big day. >> tickets may be officially sold out for this weekend's redskins game, but we will tell
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>> adc charter school is the target of thieves. >> the school is located on 15th street. >> the cleanup continued at the next step charter school after thieves broke again over the weekend. they walked out with nearly two dozen laptops. >> we have worked hard to acquire laptops. and now we do not have them. >> officials are asking, why us? this is the third break-in in the past week and a half. 100 laptops have been stolen. >> we feel very vulnerable. >> they should bump up security a little bit more at the school.
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>> they are installing cameras inside and outside the school. on the day after thanksgiving, surveillance video caught thieves inside this elementary school in upper northwest. police are not saying if the crimes are related. >> the students are the real victims. >> it is really unfair. this place is an asset to the community. >> d.c. police are looking at all the surveillance pictures from all the schools. they have some clear pictures and they hope to have arrested senate. >> -- arrests soons. >> the big announcement from kim kardashian and kanye west.
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>> tomorrow, it will be official. it will be legal for same-sex couples to marry in maryland.
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>> there will be some ceremonies taking place inside baltimore city hall. pamela brown spoke to one couple about the new day and new marriage on the horizon. >> the couple we spoke to is wasting no time tying the knot. they have been waiting for this day for years. jason and scott are busy today polishing champagne glasses. preparation for an unforgettable and new year's celebration tomorrow. >> that will be the final part of our celebration. >> at noon, family and friends will gather inside the couple's prince george's county home. >> we have been together for 13 years. >> after meeting at american university, the couple held a commencement ceremony in 2004.
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-- commitment ceremony in 2004. >> back then, it seemed like a dream. it seemed like a new concept. >> on election night they were overcome with emotion. >> there were a lot of tears. happy tears. it really felt invalidating. >> so eager to have their relationship recognized and that there were first in line at the county court house to pick up their marriage license. >> you are the first ones for prince george's county. >> they are looking forward to being a part of history tomorrow. >> when a straight couple gets married, their parents are involved. we have the entire state. >> they purposely made sure everything they bought for their wedding ceremony came straight from the state of maryland. it is their way of getting back to a state that has given so much to them. >> kim kardashian and kanye west
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are expecting a baby. west made the announcement last night. the two have denied similar rumors in the past. kim kardashian is still legally married to kris humphries. she filed for divorce over a year ago. big news for alex o. he is engaged the russian tennis player. the two have been spending more time to gather in moscow. >> here are a few new year's resolutions that -- resolutions. ban the use of some tired phrases.
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spoiler large, kick the can down the road but the list, and job creators fiscal cliff. if you want to check out the full list, coming up tonight at 6:00, we will have an update in the deadly crash that claimed the life of the police officer. >> of new information into the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. terrorists were able to walk into the consulate. we will tell you where you can get a rare look it one of our nation's most important documents. >> let's take a look at how many layers you will need if you are going outside tonight. >> it is going to be a little chilly to start the new year. >> we are looking at temperatures that will slowly fall into the 30's. it is not going to be a brutally
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cold night. 40 at reagan national, a 39 in orange, 42 degrees in fredericksburg. we have cloudy skies. you will notice that we have some showers, a little bit of a wintry next to the west of us. we're not expecting any significant accumulation. south of d.c., we will see the wintry mix. looking into january, if you like snow, r average snowfall amount is about 5.5 inches. you can look and see. new year's eve, cloudy and cold 38-34 degrees. the extended outlook shows a
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shot of colder air on the way. wednesday, thursday friday, high temperatures will only be in the upper 30's. no need to bring an umbrella. you will definitely want to bundle up. >> you do not care how cold it is if you are outside watching the redskins and the cowboys. >> the fans stayed out there for hours. it was amazing. the redskins are reviving this city again making even the most cynical believers. tickets for this sunday's game have already sold out. rg3 and alfred morris were only nine years old when the redskins won the title. who thought 7 vix ago the redskins would be flashing this sign at fedex field? >> i am the happiest guy in the
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room a. i stand before you at 22. >> it is their first division title since 1999. it came with a victory against archrival dallas. >> it gave the said division title, which has not happened in a long time around here. >> alfred morris became a star last night in prime time. he carried the ball 33 times for 200 yards. he said the rushing record and finished second in the nfl in rushing. >> i will never be a star. scientist alfred. i am not going to change -- i am just alfred. i am not going to change. >> his presence and leadership
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has taken the steam by storm. >> he is a winner. robert believes he can do everything to win a football game. >> the redskins are writing a tidal wave of momentum. seven in a row heading into sunday's wild-card matchup against the seahawks. don't think for a second this team is just happy to be there. >> we want to go all the way. >> we are not satisfied where we are asked. >> it is really incredible. it is a team that wants to win. you can feel it. >> i have to give credit. for the last couple of years people have been writing mike shanahan. -- riding mike shanahan.
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we want to see and hear you folks out there singing "hail to the redskins." e-mail us a short condition. we will be planks of the best clubs later on this week. -- we will be playing some of the best clips' later on this week. >> why a store is
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>> a bethesda staple is closing up shop. >> it is closing after almost 60 years. it is a place for you confined almost anything. >> -- confined almost anything. >> a final sale, everything half off. customers did not want to believe it. >> a horrible day. >> she has been shopping since she was a young girl.
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she remembers walking around with her four siblings. >> it has already -- it has always been a very real place. >> because of high rent, the owners decided they would be closing down until they could find a better place. >> we love our customers. >> the store first opened in 1953. >> i never heard the word icon institution. >> their only the second set of owners. -- they are only the second set of owners. she has been coming to the store 40 years. >> there was a dependability about the store. where else could i get it reflected a bicycle tape? >> customers come in and cried. you cannot leave. that is what makes it difficult.
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>> they have been working with a commercial real estate agent with the hopes of finding a different location in the same neighborhood. >> we have not given up. >> the customers are hoping something comes along. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6. >> we are hours away from the fiscal cliff deadline. it is still unclear if the deal will be worked out. rebecca cooper joins us live from capitol hill. john boehner is telling members to stick around tonight. >> earlier, it looks like the house would not vote tonight so we would be falling off the fiscal cliff. all along, the house has said they will not act until the senate comes up with the compromise. it looks like


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