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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this and it is closing in on a compromise. john boehner telling members stay close in case the house has time to vote before midnight. a lot of back-and-forth all day. the back-and-forth battle began early on new year's eve. members on both sides urged party leaders not to cave. >> no deal is better than a bad deal. >> i think he is held and on raising taxes. -- hell bent on raising taxes. >> word was spreading on capitol hill of a possible compromise. but the president went to the podium warning republicans he would not go any further with more spending cuts without more tax have to be a matter of shared sacrifice. at least as long as i am president. i am going to be present for the
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next four years. >> that left some curious republicans grumbling that the president wanted to kill the deal. the president had every right to criticize congress. >> the present is an absolute right to make sure he keeps us focused on getting this done. >> mcconnell was still urging fellow republicans to stand down and move forward in order to beat the midnight deadline. >> we can do this. we must do this. >> it is a major step forward and i think it might calm the markets until the house acts. >> you heard john mccain. they hope the senate can act by tonight. they're trying to schedule a vote and reach an agreement on a compromise. it is not clear whether the house will vote tonight.
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what is inside disagreements -- this agreement a higher tax rate for individuals earning more than $400,000 a year. putting up the big decision of spending cuts until next year. live at the capitol, rebecca cooper. >> the prince william county police officer is dead tonight after colliding with a minivan. we hear that the both vehicles involved caught fire after the crash. >> the witness told me she saw a bright flash moments after a minivan and dead prince william county officer collide -- and a prince william county officer collided. what you're looking at right now, that is all that is left
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of that officer's motorcycle. authorities tell us the officer chris yung passed away after this crash at a local hospital. the preliminary investigation reveals that while the officer was responding to a separate accident in prince william county, he was traveling southbound. the driver of the minivan turned right in front of them. the two vehicles collided and burst into flames. the driver of the minivan was not injured. we do need to stress that this area of bristow is one to avoid. there's still continuing this investigation. -- they are still continuing this investigation. >> some good news for secretary of state hillary clinton tonight. her doctors predict in full recovery from a blood clot in her head. secretary clinton was admitted
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to new york presbyterian hospital on sunday after the clock was found during a follow- up exam. she suffered a concussion and earlier this month after fainting. no word on when the secretary will be sent home. >> we are learning new details about the deadly september 11 terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the report found terrorists walked right into the compound. the report found the senate -- the report blames the state department for failing to respond to requests for more security resources. the attack left the u.s. ambassador and three other americans dead. >> police in woodbridge are looking for a man accused of shooting out the window of an elementary school. according to investigators, at the shooting happened sometime between last friday night and saturday morning. this man was caught on
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surveillance cameras at around that time. no one else was inside the school. if you know anything about this case, called crimestoppers. >> it looks what we're looking at a cold night to be out on the town. >> let's get our first look at the forecast. >> a cold night ahead, but not as cold as it was a couple of nights ago. it is 40 at reagan national, but we will hold to the 30's as we move until midnight. and then we may lose a couple of more degrees after that. here is a look at satellite and radar. we will see the chance for a little bit of a wintry mix during the day tomorrow. your new year's eve forecast calls for temperatures in the 30's. the clouds will stick around all day long tomorrow. we do have some colder air and a lot of sunshine in your seven-
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day. >> tickets to this redskins game may be sold out already but you need to know where to look. steve, you should also be ready to shell out some big bucks. >> without a doubt. tickets generally go about 30% higher than the regular season tickets. that is face value. would you believe tickets for last night's regular-season game against the cowboys went for more than more money than tickets for any of the upcoming playoffs games this weekend? >> redskins are going to win. >> it on where i am sitting. i would pay up to $300. >> demand is high for the first
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playoff game since 1999. >> absolutely not. that is what i have been waiting for. >> with the game sold out many fans are turning to ticket brokers. playoff tickets will be less expensive and sunday nights cowboys game. >> washington-seattle does not have the same drop as washington-dallas. >> on the official ticket exchange, the cheapest tickets for sunday's game is $147. compare that to $115 for the ravens playoff game in baltimore. tickets to the packers game start at $125. the texas game at $87. >> i am so excited. >> this longtime fan will be there on sunday. his tickets are like a burgundy
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and gold in his hand. >> i am glad to be a fan. i'm glad i got a bunch of tickets. >> the game is sold out. tickets on the secondary market from about $150 up to about $2,000. the only way there can be a second playoffs came its the redskins meet up with the vikings. we're live in landover. >> a fallen firefighters laid to rest today. we will show you more of the service of the volunteer killed during an ambush in new york. >> how to duck hunters ended up getting trapped on an island in montgomery county. >> if you love history, you'll not want to miss the chance
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>> a volunteer firefighter killed was laid to rest today. he was shot at the scene of the house fire. today's funeral in rochester was attended by hundreds of family members, friends, and colleagues. a second firefighter was b >> two people had to be rescued this morning in montgomery county after getting trapped on an island wild duck hunting. they were out on the water shortly after they reached the island, their boat drifted away.
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they had their cell phones and called for help. firefighters eventually reached them. the emancipation proclamation is on display in washington tonight. why time is running out if you want to take a look. >> we will check back in with steve and gets a look at tonight's forecast. >> rg23 may be more popular than ever, it is that as possible. the redskins are the champs. playoffs are next.
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>> people are lining up to catch a rare glimpse of one of the nation's most historical documents. the emancipation proclamation, 150 years ago. it began the process to free the slaves. the original document is on display at the national archives. the exhibit closes tomorrow. >> this is the original signature. >> she is excited to see a president lincoln's emancipation proclamation. >> i had to come. >> she had to see it for
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herself. >> i wish my grandparents were still living. >> i am the granddaughter -- >> this was signed so that we can have freedom right now. >> we were going to get up early this morning. >> unlike the constitution and the declaration of independence the emancipation proclamation was written on poor quality paper. over time, exposure to light have damage did enforced curators to limit how often it is displayed. >> it is such an important document. a document about human freedom. >> curators rotate the five pages displayed. at this exhibit, at pages 1, 3, and for our facsimiles.
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pages two and five are original. >> like their father, they admire the document's authenticity. >> i thought it was amazing seeing the real documents. >> it looked like it was handmade. >> not much time left to see the proclamation. the free display will remain open to the public until 1:00 tonight. and tomorrow from 10:00 until 5:00 in the evening. >> bundle up. 2012 coming to an end. all lot of people hoping for a little bit of snow. temperature outside right now it i at reagan national.
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it feels like the mid-30's. 41 degrees, that was the high earlier in the day. 44 that is where we normally are. three stops on our network. first one -- aldie virginia, 34. temperatures are not going to fall like whole lot of the next few hours. 34 in frederick. we may lose about three or four degrees as we move towards the midnight hour. the cloud cover will keep our temperatures from moving into the 20's. nine degrees in minneapolis. this colder air will make its way to our area for the middle of the week. we are not looking at single digits, but daytime highs will only be in the mid-30's. satellites and radar you may
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notice a few showers to the south of us. the atmosphere is so dry that none of us -- none of this is reaching the ground. it is not going to accumulate to anything, but it will be a little slick out there. futurecast looks like this. wintry mix during the afternoon hours. all this moves out of fear by tomorrow -- out of here by tomorrow night. cloudy and cold for tonight. temperatures in the upper. tomorrow, first day of 2013, a light mix. temperatures around 39-44. colder air it is sticking around for a good part of the week. temperature's only in the upper 30's.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> folks are still giddy after last night. >> the dust may have settled from last night's victory, but it will not be for long. the redskins a host the seattle seahawks sunday at 4:30. the redskins love the win as much as they love hearing about romo's interceptions. the winning streak is more impressive. it is something even the most veterans have never experienced. >> i've not been part of a culture -- a team that said, it
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is about us this week. >> we had to whein 11 in a row. >> we have a chance to special things. >> it is really unbelievable. rg3 rushed for a touchdown on one leg. he is not 100% yet. the locker room will tell you and he is not your ordinary iraqi. he brings a lot more to the table it -- your ordinary rookie. he brings a lot more to the table in leadership. >> everybody had the same mindset. we have to win and that is all that matters. the redskins will step up and make it happen. >> the
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franchise single season rushing record. he was on fire. morris had three touchdowns, 200 yards. after the game, mike shanahan pulled him aside and said he had separated himself from the pack. it was a good night to be alfred morris. >> it is an honor. i looked up to him. he told me before the game, i want you to break the record. it was an honor. coming from where i came from, this is a humbling experience. >> the nhl's owners and players held a closed meeting in new york. the sport's version of the
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fiscal cliff.
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>> still have a chance to change the new year's eve forecast. >> it will be dry, that is the good news. you will want to bundle up. old town alexandria -- temperatures will be in a 30's. tomorrow, a little bit of a wintry mix south of d.c. colder air is on the wave. >> it feels better than last year, so we will take it. >> abc world news is coming up next.
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