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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  January 2, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> motion is adopted. >> after a give-and-take congress finally reaches a deal to avoid a series of attacks with budget cuts. hear what president obama says before he leaves the white house to resume his vacation in hawaii. >> how i photographer was hit in killed by a vehicle after taking pictures of justin bieber's car. >> what local counties doing to fight the junk mail problem. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, january 2. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm cynne simpson. let's go to our meteorologist to
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find how to dress for the weather today. a cold one. temperatures will be on the chilly side again for today. we are starting out pretty good. it dates for the early start of january. live super doppler picking up a little bit of a light wintry mix over the southern delmarva peninsula. much of which you see there is evaporating before it ever reaches the ground. this will be short lived and moving out by late morning. the rest of us dealing with cloudy skies. 37 in washington. 34 at dulles. only warming up into the upper 30's to lower 40's today. a little on the cool side. a lot more son in the 7 day forecast. details in a few minutes. we have jimmy back with chaffetz this morning. >> good morning. so glad to be here.
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-- we have her back with traffic this morning. >> good morning. so glad to be here. inside the beltway towards 410 east-west highway. no trouble there. virginia commuters. the all clear. 66 toll road no problems there. 395 of the 14th street bridge heading into the nation's capital. back to you. >> thank you. as we have been discussing for a long time now, the fiscal cliff showdown put this in a world went for the last 24 hours. >> at the last minute, the house passed something. let's check in with brie and -- brianne to get the latest. >> it is been a couple of weeks of back and forth, on capitol hill.
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the ending of this was no different for the very late ending. everything comes down to the final hours and minutes. they pushed the envelope further on this deal. finally congress got something done. >> the yeas are 257, the nays 167. >> after months of drama capitol hill finally agreed on a fiscal deal. >> i will sign into a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest to% wall preventing a middle- class tax hike that the dust and the economy back into recession. >> house republicans reluctantly passed the bill. it shields people earning less than $400,000 a year from tax increases and extend unemployment benefits. some argue the country could not afford not to pass it. others say it does not go far enough. >> the senate, president, and
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vice president failed to meet their all stated obligation, to bring a balanced bill, one that has tax adjustment and spending cuts. >> even those who voted in favor of it did make it is not a perfect or permanent fix. >> it is a partial answer to much larger problems. you heard there about another fiscal showdown. what this does noto it is anything related to the so- called debt bank's ceiling. the country is expected to meet its borrowing limit in a matter of months. many believe now in 2013 will be another year of dealing with a lot of issues. >> thank you. in the midst of this, we have sat news regarding one of the most respected members of congress. john lewis -- his wife died in atlanta on monday.
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she was 73. they were married for 44 years. in his memoirs, he credited his wife was launching his political career. >> hillary clinton will spend another day in a new york hospital where she is being treated for a blood clot. doctors are using blood thinners to break it up behind her right ear. she went to the hospital on sunday after it was found during a follow-up examination for a concussion she suffered last month. doctors say she will make a full recovery but it is not clear yet when she will leave the hospital. >> is wearing in a ceremony will be held at the washington tibetan center for the council members beginning four year terms. an organizational meeting will be held later in the day at the wilson building. >> in the day ahead, two men accused of brutally beating a man near eastern market are expected to return to court today.
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they are scheduled to appear for a status hearing. they face aggravated assault and other charges in connection with the august beating. it third person also faces charges related to the attack that left him with a severe brain injury. a hearing is set for today for prince george's county county teacher accused of sexually we did accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. he is charged with six counts of sex abuse against a minor. he was the victim's teacher at isaac gordon middle school. the lead -- alleegd the bears happen last year. he is placed on administrative leave. >> members of the paparazzi mourning the death of a photographer killed after taking pictures of justin bieber's car. but police are say
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>> i am a huge washington's ban. go skins. go rg iii. "good morning washington." >> it is 5:09. let's check in with jackie. it chilly start this morning. >> and little on the chilly side. this time tomorrow, 10 degrees
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colder. . we can face the cloud cover we have because of that. even to the south and east of the metro, a little bit of a winty mix. there is a look at those temperatures. 35 in arlington. chevy chase also 35 degrees. 32 in all but -- olney. only in the upper 2 th30's, lower 40's. the sun will come out this afternoon. the 7 day forecast, a little chilly. minutes away. let's see how traffic is. >> a great start to our morning commute. 662 falls church -- 66 through fals church. up through the beltway the
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early troubles there. northbound for our staff for commuters, a decent pace over the occoquan. maryland and virginia, no problems. the american legion bridge. that looks good. river road, canal road, heading into georgetown, that to off to a good start. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11. 35 degrees. >> new developments and the child as sex abuse scandal at penn state
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and scott thuman. on your side. >> welcome back. our top stories. a bill to prevent tax hikes in -- and government spending cuts is now at president obama's desk. the house passed it late tuesday after senate approved it. it raises taxes on individuals making more than $400,000 and couples making more than $450,000. secretary of state tree clinton will spend another day in the hospital -- hillary clinton will
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spend another day in the hospital. doctors expect a full recovery. two men charged with brutally beating a man in south east are expected to be in court today for a status jars. they are accused of beating a man during a robbery near eastern market in august. he suffered a severe brain injury. >> following a developing story out of los angeles this morning. a photographer was hit by a car and killed after taking photos of justin bieber's ferrari during a traffic stop. he was not in the car at the time. the photographer was killed as he walked across sepulveda boulevard. the driver who hit them and try to help him but the man ended up dying at the hospital. friends remember him as a met in -- than men who respected the celebrities he photographed.
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>> even though we try to stay within the limit of what is legal, this is a dangerous job. >> his charges are likely -- note charges are likely to be charged against the driver. pennsylvania's governor is suing the ncaa after sanctions imposed on penn state after the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the sanctions agreed to by penn state include a $50 million fine to help fight child abuse. pennsylvania lawmakers object to the ncaa using most of the money outside of the state. >> there is nervousness in ne wton as teachers and students get ready to head back to class. classes resume tomorrow nearly three weeks after a gunman killed 26 students and teachers. backpacks and other items left
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behind after the shooting were moved to their new building in a neighboring town. school officials are hoping to make this transition as smooth as possible. >> areas that -- devastated by hurricane sandy. congress adjourned without holding a vote on the asndy belief bill. >> and approved a more than $60 billion measure to help with recovery -- the senate approve a more than $60 billion measure to help with the recovery. the vote was expected before congress' terms end. >> hundreds of swimmers rin gin in the new year off cony island. members raised money for hurricane sandy's fully a first. the area was flooded by the storm but they did not let that hold them back. i never understand. >> some brave souls out there.
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>> you do it once, why not? >> never ever ever. >> it does not look pleasant. >> why? i would give to the cost without jumping in the water. >> our temperatures will stay a bit on the chilly aside for the better part of the week ahead. starting out this morning with temperatures in the mid 30's. 37 in washington. 34 at dulles. 32 in frederick. culpeper at 36. in northwest breeze and a touch of the wind chill factor. feels like 27 at dulles and 32
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reagan national. numbers from yesterday, high of 45. here are the averages -- 43 and 29. just sky -- shy of the average high today. the look of this cold air. 20's in pittsburgh and syracuse. cooler than average. clouds have been here all day long. you can see in little wintry mix the south and east. a lot of that not sitting now but it is a little bit heavier. heading down to north carolina. pushing offshore by late morning. the clouds will persist from most of the morning. clearing things out as we head to the afternoon hours. futurecast showing high pressure from the west. that will keep was clear. cooler air over warmer like waters. lake effect noting there.
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skies become mostly sunny. between 36 and 42. tonight, partly cloudy skies. a lot colder tomorrow morning than it is this morning. 22-26. 39 for thursday. lots of sunshine and the week. we will warm things up as we head into early next week. pushing 50 by next tuesday. let's check on traffic. >> 395 and interstate 95. no major problems out of dale city. just getting reports of a crash on the dulles toll road. east down to 67 right after you passed the main toll plaza. all the right side. -- on the the right side. i will keep you posted.
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american legion bridge in maryland, to 70, 95, that checks out fine. back to you. >> thank you. rumors about the next iphone popping up all over the internet. >> the new generation of television sets could be around the corner as well. john miller has details. >> aple's next big thing -- signs we may see another tim cook announcement for the iphone 6. problems with the current apple mobile operating system. the don not -- the function is not turning itself off. some users are missing calls and messages. a local based social network --
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the next big thing in televisions. lg electronics is taking orders for the organic oled 6. thinner, brighter, and they iseuse less energy but cost six times as much.
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>> i love rg iii. "good morning washington." >> young and old everybody loving rg iii. he attended his first wizards game a few weeks ago. the wizards baet the defending champs the miami heat. it was a very big deal. >> we called him the good luck charm. some thought to it -- somewhat like the redskins game would help. did it?
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>> during dallas player interest, someone decided to play a joke and play hail to the redskins. a lot of the skins almost worked, but we are talking wizards. second quarter. they lead at half by 4 but in the 2nd the mavericks' take the lead. up the floor marion isn't done yet. he steps in. this is highlight reel ready. 103-94. the rose bowl in pasadena. stanford. hogan, gonzaga's finest. takes a big heat. they win the rose bowl 20-14.
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the terps won 81-63. the redskins are practicing today. have a great day. >> let's take excitement continued to build. -- let the the excitement continued to build. >> we will take you live out the facts field where they are getting ready to practice. how much tickets are going to be for sunday's big game.
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>> a new deal in the fiscal cliff showdown. live on capitol hill with a look at the bill. good morning washington. it is wednesday, a january 2. i'm cynne simpson. >> i'm scott the men. -- scott thuman. time to bundle up. >> the week ahead will be rather chilly. this morning temperatures are not to terrible. a lot of cloudiness. a light wintry mix south and east of the metro. it will be very short-lived. plenty of sunshine much of the rest of the week but temperatures for the most part will stay below average at least until we approach the weekend. this morning 37 degrees now. warming things up with increasing sunshine as we head into the afternoon. more details on the 7 day forecast.
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>> volume forming. still moving along. have nothing there. 395 looks good up the bell with a landmark. an accident eastbound on the dulles toll road. commuters prior to getting to the beltway after the toll plaza, it crashed on the right side. this just happened. not too much of a back up. we will keep you posted. the john hanson highway heading westbound 50 before route 3 -- crash initially everything to the shoulder. will keep you posted their as well. back to you. >> thank you. this morning president obama thanking congress for passing a bill on the fiscal cliff. >> another nail biter as they
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waited to the last minute to get this one done. we're live on capitol hill to talk about what exactly we have accomplished here. >> a lot of people feel it always is down to the last final hours and minutes to get a deal done on capitol hill. that was the case again with this issue but there is a deal done and many say it is not a perfect or permanent fix but it does keep most americans taxes from going up. it it -- also appears to be a victory for president obama. the bill allows for most of the things he talked about during his campaign. it will shield those earning less than $400,000 from seeing their taxes go up. it extends some of unemployment benefits as well. some members of congress say it does not go far enough and sets up another showdown over fiscal issues in 2013. others believe the country could not afford not to pass this bill. the president talked about all
5:34 am
this right after the passage. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest to% while preventing a middle- class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and at a severe -- and have a severe impact on families across america. >> the president said it will be a very busy 2013. the new congress will be sworn in later this week. there will be a number of issues they will have to tackle quickly. one thing this bill does not do is tackle the so-called dumping ceiling. the country will reach its borrowing limits in a matter of months if congress does not act. >> police say speed cameras slowed down drivers and looks like they are right. in is the day found speed cameras have reduced speeding and accidents on seven maryland roads.
5:35 am
aaa which has criticized the program as a moneymaking machine, says montgomery and prince george's county counties have done a good job of tracking the balance for safety rather than just money. >> short and long term parking rates are increasing in parts of montgomery county. >> the price hike went into effect yesterday but it was a holiday so they technically will start today. this is for public parking in silver spring and no. but as the. areas where people like to go out and eat and shop -- silver spring abdnd bethesda. areas where people like to go out and eat and shop. monthly parking permits are up $10. the montgomery county council voted to raise these parking
5:36 am
rates to help fill a budget deficit. the increases are expected to bring in $700,000 a year. the chief of montgomery county's parking management told wtop it could take several weeks until all the meters in garages are converted to reflect these new rates. pay close attention when you are going to park and pay. >> thank you jumi. we have arctic talk about how much people will pay if you want to go to the stadium. the most coveted tickets. >> let's check in with john gonzalez. getting ready for the seahawks. >> it will be a hot ticket on sunday afternoon. 4 days until this big game and we waited seven years in this city for playoffs. what is another four days brought to mark the seidman will continue to grow each day. ticket prices will continue to
5:37 am
go up. the washington redskins 10 and 6, have won 7 games in a row. it will hit the practice for the first time since their well- deserved new year's break. coming to town, the seahawks. the last time the redskins were in the playoffs seven years ago, they faced the seattle seahawks but that was out west. this time it is a home game. hard to believe this will be only the second playoff game here at fedex field. the first was in 2000 against the detroit lions. it loud and rowdy. i can only imagine what it will be like on sunday afternoon at 4:30. if you are trying to go to this game, it will be a sellout crowd but there are still tickets on sale online. some web sites selling standing- room-only tickets for $150. the prices only go up from there if you want a seat.
5:38 am
some fans are willing to pay. >> that is a good price. i will pay that. >> we're hoping rg iii puts on quite a show. maybe a concert type show. here is how it's -- how excited these bands are. some web sites are selling tickets not to get into the stadium but to tailgate in the parking lot. we are talking $75 to $125 to just park your car out here and party before the game. >> you are paying money just to tell it? >> park your car in a driveway and knock yourself out. >> redskins head coach mike shanahan does not want any assistance, including his own son and reviewing the head coaching job while the team is in the playoffs. 7 nfl coaches got the boot on
5:39 am
monday and kyle shanakhn may be a candidate for one or more of those openings. mike said now is not the time to interview. he says the assistance have jobs they need to do first. >> that's right. it is 5:39. we would love to haer you sing health of the redskins. >> email us a short video and sentd it to we will play clips through out the week. >> we also invite you to join us for our redskins play a special. tim brant is hosting friday night at 8:00. right here on abc 7. 5:39./
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35 degrees. >> a royaoal s ource tells what the
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>> join us for ice skating, a great dining and mary meant all winter long. -- and merriment all winter
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long. >> good morning everyone. i like that. 5:42 is the time. 37 degrees. king of the comfortable conditions temperature wise. quite a bit of cloud cover -- waking up to comfortable conditions temperature wise. quite a bit of cloud cover. 32 in frederick. 28 in hagerstown. temperatures will budge only a little today. highs in the upper 30's to lower 40's but we will see some sunshine. a cooler 7 the forecast is minutes away. >> starting to see some volume through urbana on 270. this is the thick of it. virginia commuters dealing with
5:44 am
it crashed on the dulles toll role. eastbound after the toll plaza before you get to the beltway. 2 my plans are blocked. a little bit of volume forming. the john hanson highway heading east before a get to 424 davids onvill road. accident activity on the shoulder. i know it is tough to get back to work after having a couple days off but there is a match is on the southeast freeway heading eastbound. also known as 395 northbound. if you need to catch is news, i guess that is the place to go. back to you. >> oh my. hopefully people avoid that one. >> how to get rid of all that junk mail. we will show you how local
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>> coming up at 6:00 on "good morning washington,' which celebrities americans would like to live next to and who they would rather not have moved in. >> new evidence does energy drinks might not deliver the promise of mental and physical edge. >> win mid the resolution to hit the gym, a new study finds he may not have to. >> a baptist church planning to protest at the circuit court house in annapolis. they oppose the new law that legalizes same-sex marriage. the purpose is from 7:30 until 9:00 today. detours and street closures are very possible. an emotional tribute to a prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty. friends, family members and fellow officers gathered for a
5:49 am
vigil for officer chris yung. he was responding to an accident and the minivan pulled out in front of his motorcycle. a fire engulfed both vehicles killing officer. his younger brother spoke at the vigil. >> he was my best friend. >> he was 35 years old. he leaves behind a wife and three children. note charges have been filed in connection with the crash. montgomery county wants to have a say in pepco's tawx hike request. the are of -- asking to intervene. officials tell the examiner they want to protect residents from pay more for a service that pepco has not delivered. they asked for a nearly $61 million rate increase in november, months after the panel
5:50 am
rejected a similar request. >> a legal dream team. lee bailey passed the main bar exam last winter but the bar examiners ruled he does not have clearance producing evidence he has a record of honesty and integrity. he was dis barred mishandling a client's stock. ad space in this year's super bowl. >> linda address as live from bloomberg headquarters with that look at those stories and more. >> when you think of big defense, names like lockheed martin or general dynamics may come to mind. health care may not be the first thing you think of. but they're pursuing more
5:51 am
health-care products. lockheed martin is conducting sensibility exams for veterans and general dynamics were chosen to provide engineering and support services for a segment of the department of health and human services. the super bowl is a month away. ads are selling at a record breaking price of $3.8 million for a 30 second spot. 3 undisclosed advertisers will show off commercials longer than one minute. expect the usual eye brow raisers by go daddy as well as ford and kia. back to you. i am not sure if you prefer the ads or the game. >> i am an ad girl myself.
5:52 am
>> not that long ago, it was million dollars. now it is $3.3. >> i look forward to the halftime show. this year is beyonce. that's a be a great show. i love her. >> there was some snow out there today? >> there was. fairfax county. most of that is in southern maryland at this time. a little bit of light snow. going to be very short-lived and most of us are doing -- seeing cloudy skies this morning. we are not going to climb a lot of -- a lot where we are right now. 32 in frederick this morning. we do have a little breeze coming in. a windchill factor this morning.
5:53 am
feels like 20. manasseh's filling 32. quantico feeling like 34 degrees. a little on the chilly side. average is right about 43 and 29. we will not be near average today. even though it will feel cooler look at this cold arctic air. just up to our north and west. highs only in the 20's today. here is the cloudiness i was talking about and the wintry mix. that pulls out late this morning. we will see high pressure building in throughout the day today. that means clearing skies and lots of sunshine. cold air bringing in lake effect snow showers which will stay well to our west and north. today, high between 36 and 42. tonight, partly cloudy skies.
5:54 am
it will be chilly this time tomorrow morning. mid 20's. 7 day forecast. only upper 30's toman. more sunshine to end the week. temperatures gradually moved up. a little bit of a cold spell the fourth things improve. quite weather pattern. here is traffic. >> thank you. i-95 virginia. not too bad as the ease back into it. metro rail blue line. broken down train at addison road. heading towards frankonia. accident cleared of the traveling. on the toll road. east 267 after the main plaza before you get to the beltway, might still see some of that activity.
5:55 am
>> over the holidays, a ton of junk mail in your mailbox every day. >> local counties are making an effort to stamp out the clutter. >> walking out of his montgomery county post office,, usually has is -- has his hands full. most of it is unsolicited junk mail. >> fliers. >> on average americans receive more than 80 billion pieces of unsolicited mail each year. this time of year can be even worse. retailers send out coupons and advertisements for holiday deals. the extra items can be a nuisance. much of it is thrown in the trash recycling bin. montgomery county has lost a new initiative to combat the program. >> if you like to reduce the amount of mail we receive, we
5:56 am
have entered into a partnership with catalog choice. it is one of the organizations that people can utilize to try to get themselves on a do not mail list. >> this free service allows residents to stop unwanted phone books, credit card applications and coupons. reducing the environmental impact. >> i did not mind. i would be happy to sign up for that. >> i think that is a good idea. it is good for the ecology and good for me. >> if you live a do arlington or montgomery county and would like to sign up, log on to our web site, 5:56. 34 degrees. >> coming up, new details on baby kimye. kim -and
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>> we are learning that the duchess of cambridge is craving sugary snacks. >> there will source says kate milton has been ordering lavender shortbread which she heard helps with morning sickness. she previously craved papaya fruit. >> the duchess


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