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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 3, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. disturbing ahead, a discovery in northwest d.c. of a man found inside a shack. police are trying to figure out what happened. good morning, washington. thursday, january 3. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. id is the coldest day of the to 31in the upper 20s d.c., 25 in gaithersburg, 23 in frederick, martinsburg. this is 10 degrees colder than morning. yesterday so you are feeling cold as you door this morning.
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we have some clouds this morning. we will see clearing skies throughout the day. yesterday in the we will have morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. temperatures reaching the upper 30's today. does get better. the seven-day forecast coming up. with jameetraffic whitten. >> thank you so much. it is no surprise we have a break.ain i will start first with the anthracene on avenue, headed to heights, this has closed since the overnight hours. during the evening rush hour yesterday. i am just hearing that will allow the right lane to get by. avocado isconsin bethesda andgh towards friendship heights after bradley boulevard.
4:32 am wisconsin the will be a deal for hour. back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. we want to get to breaking news regarding a fatal fire in baltimore. joining usabanji is more on what is happening. >> good morning. past 30 minutes we learned a second person has died in this fire. baltimore city fire officials reported all this happened in the 3000 block of montebello , a couple miles north of the inner harbor of baltimore where this is taking place. the fire initially started around 11:30 last night. -- the 3000 block of montebello terrace.
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it was around 11:30 they fire.ded to this it was fully involved when they got there. scene hadder on the pull them out of the house because the intensity was too much. called in for a 2nd alarm manpower.dditional then they were able to go into the house. they located the body of one victim inside don't. there were seven adults living e including one pregnant woman. five were able to escape. them were taken to hospital for evaluation. confirmed the second fatality. we are following is breaking the city of baltimore have additional for you as the newscast continues this morning. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, president signed a bill into law to
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d the fiscal cliff. the new law reserves tax cuts individuals earning less than $400,000 and extend unemployment benefits. the president signed the bill with a stool that mimics his signature, from hawaii. and he signed a six under $33 billion defense bill for next that tighten penalties on iran and posters security and diplomatic missions worldwide, .the benghazi attacke >> d.c. police want to know how of a man and ended up shaft. it appears the man, said to be his 20s, fell off a roof and into a shaft. incident happened close to clarksburg man on your seat john. gonzales is headed to the scene bring up states starting in about an hour. a virginia man who's been on
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for murder is scheduled to be released later today. that could change if a appeals court decides to get involved. >> every day her son has been in a difficult one. >> this is something we have been hoping for, a longtime. >> after 11 and a half years, this day is different from all the rest. >> grateful that it's finally may be over. >> the judge, siding with attorneys for justin wolfe, ordering his release. reaffirming last ruling from another judge o determined he should be unconditionally and not tried. prosecutors hid evidence and .ailed in their case >> this was a huge victory. >> he was convicted in 2002 for murder in prince
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william county in 2001. his mother says he has remained in solitary confinement the entire time. >> he is innocent. he was told the same story -- he has told the same story from the day for 12 years. >> the state attorney general and is asking an appeals court in richmond to block his e.leas abc 7 news reporting. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier will hold a news conference this about a crimealk milestone. there were 88 murders in the district in 2011. it's one of the lowest numbers on record since 1961. see police also say the number homicides is dropping faster than the national average. >> nearly three weeks after a killed 26 classmates and colleagues, students and teachers of sandy hook newtownry school in today in class connecticut. school in adle neighboring town was overhauled renamed sandy hook elementary.
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backpacks, desks, and other moved into the new building. plenty of police officers will help the students feel safe. secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital. her spokeswoman says she's eager get back to work. she was released from a new york hospital wednesday after days forated for three red. clot in she was accompanied by her former president bill as theiras well chelsea. doctors expect a full recovery. there is great news for coffee lovers, especially those of us starbucks. >> news regarding al jazeera expand within the united states. to linda bell at headquarters in new with those stories and more. good morning. >> hello to you. stocks started off the year with a bang. the dow jones soared more than 300 points. investors encouraged after
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lawmakers passed a bill on the fiscal cliff. looking a little bit of a pullback today. current tv used to be owned by al gore. now the network will be owned by jazeera. news channel has purchased it at $500 million. it is also dumping its u.s. staff of more than 300. will replace existing shows with its own this year. coffee. your will startstance selling reusable cups for dollar. they will give you a 10 cent discounts if you use it as the alternative to the disposable paper cups. use it about 10 times at paysres, it already for itself. american airlines is experimenting with eliminating es.
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and why wendy's value menu is getting more expensive. that's coming up in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. is 4:39, 29 degrees. >> still ahead, a big day on capitol hill. ahead at the 113 congress as it convenes at noon. in new york decided to do something with all that snow from recent storms. the created a huge
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>> a man in new york was stuck several inches of snow, so decided to do something fun with that. they created a 36 and a half l snowman with 30 people helping. several people stopped to take pictures of it. them to bring canned food item to donate to area pantries. my gosh. >> look at the tires. that gives you an idea how big it is. >> that gives you some perspective. this is what farmers do in their free time in the winter. >> they stay busy. >> it feels like winter this morning. >> it is the coldest morning of the week. that's for sure.
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i'm from indianapolis and my friends are telling me it is 11 degrees. is always colder somewhere else. stuck with 31 degrees right now. that is in washington. have agrees. it feels like 25. feels like 27 at dulles, 25 in gaithersburg, 21 in frederick, n winchester. we have some cloud cover. today will shape up a lot like where we have clouds morning and full sunshine in the afternoon. here's the forecast. degrees and partly sunny at 9:00, 36 and noon. high temperature in the upper 30's today. warmingratures will be e even 5040's and mayb forecast.en-day details on that, minutes away. first, let's a check on traffic and weather jamee whitten. >> thank you so much. on wisconsin avenue, several blocked, but there has
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been a change. this happened during the evening. wisconsin avenue south of spradley, headed towards .riendship heights the southbound direction was now they're allowing get by eachne to way between bradley and willard. we will watch that closely for you. carter is on the way there. volume, so no delays if you are headed out the door anytime soon. for at leastood the next half-hour. upying to wrap construction on the virginia beltway. towards route 7 had one lane by in the overnight hours. back to you. >> thank you. another developing story on this morning regarding some terrible situations in india regarding cold temperatures. >> let's check in with jummy olabanji. >> what we have learned is more
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than 100 people have died of exposure in the northern part of india. we will pull up a map so we can show you where it's happening. .long the border of nepal in that province, at least 114 died. have 23 within the past couple hours. many of these victims are people impoverished villages. they have been found in the because the weather is so cold. the weather department says in that state but temperatures 7 degrees below normal. toot of people are not used these cold temperatures and n several deaths. be watching this story and we will pass along any new details. back to you. >> thank you. degrees on this thursday morning. >> much more coming up. house speaker john boehner feeling the backlash after scrapping hurricane sandy relief bill. the
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>> the 113 congress convenes today and enter the swearing in be held forill senators elected or reelected. maryland democratic senator n will be sworn in for six-year term. and tim kaine will be taking the oath of office as well. holmes norton will begin fighting fory
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votes on the house floor. she can vote in committees and her to vote ined the committee armhole when they controlled house, but republicans changed the rules over and arek planning to keep the changes in place. a judge has ruled she can vote on the floor in the committee of the whole. >> there's new life for bill providing aid for hurricane sandy victims. house speaker john boehner fridayed a vote on after facing a firestorm of several lawmakers including new jersey governor christie, when the bill was scrapped on tuesday. >> disaster relief, i thought it was something you did not play games with. in this current atmosphere, is the subject of one upmanship, a potential piece of debate for the political game. it is why the american people hate congress. >> friday's vote will be on a $9
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the nationaldy for insurance program and a held onote will be $51ary 15 for the remaining billion in the package. >> it is 29 degrees outside. >> next, the redskins' pushed to playoffs played a special local couple's engagement.
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>> welcome back. 4:52. we could feel it this morning out the door. >> it is cold. >> it is the coldest morning of the week. temperatures today it will the upperit into 30's. think it's cold here, a of cities are colder. tweeted bows out. have clouds this morning, but sunshine expected this afternoon. be warming up again as we approached the weekend. it 31 at reagan national, not terrible. dulles, 25 in gaithersburg, 21 in frederick. 28 in culpeper. partly cloudy skies and chilly outside. between 35 and 40. the average high is 43. we will tip the scales a little e head towards the weekend. it's a cold start.
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a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> of water main break happened hours, in fact, in the evening rush hour. on wisconsin avenue between willardboulevard and avenue and headed toward the .riendship heights area crews are now saying they will allow one right lane to get by direction through the morning rush hour. if you typically takes wisconsin avenue southbound inside the y, it's difficult. 410 would be a good alternate. no delays and no problems right as thethis hour as far volume. early and many still sleeping. northbound interstate 5, trouble lanes open out of stafford and .eaded across the occoquan back to you. >> thank you. looks talk about the redskins and an interesting to wager
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d.c. mayor vincent gray and have placed seattle a friendly bent on sunday's game theeen the redskins and seahawks. tweeted --f seattle you don't want to lose that one. and we will not. >> turns out the redskins played big role in an engagement of a montgomery county couple. >> it stems from the couple's marriage proposal which has gone viral. now the story you will only see on 7. plater? >> the newly engaged couple already has the ring, there's just a little sizing to take .are of but the real story is the proposal. it took place new year's eve at party with friends and family. laura opened the give and .ounder redskins jersey inside
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then she discovered it said me.y >> i was so overwhelmed in that moment. i knew that travis and i were get engaged, but i had no idea. been planning a big months. for >> i was really a nervous wreck g up to two weeks leadin told her momhad and dad. the more people you tell, the chance someone will beans.he two are huge redskins fans. gluedry weekend we are to tv. d to do something that my extreme of the redskins. >> it was the happiest experience ever. >> this is the best these and i n remember in a long time. in the playoffs and we beat dallas. for?more can you ask except for gorgeous girlfriend. >> abc 7 news reporting.
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>> that is so sweet. , that was great. all week long we have asked you your videos of you redskins.ail to the we are going to place some the next hour. >> you don't want to miss them. and we are still taking submissions. video.a short we want to remind you to catch rgiiionial friday night. bring interviews with the quarterback and his family, with tim brant. at a chilly 29 degrees outside now. >> still ahead, if a strange idaho.rom five inmates are suing of the
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