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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  January 3, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ust. they helped me figure things out. and before you know it, i am doing it... (anncr) at suntrust, helping people shine is what we do. join the thousands who are switching to suntrust's awarard-winning service. >> d.c. police looking into of a body in a shaft northwest. >> a busy night for crews in e as they worked to a water main break. how it could impact your commute. >> people weigh in on a new law bans too skinny models. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. rise and shine on this thursday, january 3. i am cynne simpson.
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>> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along. in withcheck meteorologist jacqui jeras to talk about these cold temperatures. brutal. makes you want to stay in bed. the cold weather will help you get active. temperatures in the '20s for the part across the region. national, 32 in quantico, 21 in frederick, 23 in winchester, 28 in culpeper, 27 marshall. it fills four degrees colder the wind chill. 5-10 degreesare than this time yesterday. feeling the difference. day ofll be the coldest the week. cover this morning giving afternoon,hine this high temperatures in the upper 30's. better from here. the warmer seven-day forecast down the line. from the belfort furniture center, now let's check on traffic with jamee. >> an early start to the rush
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hour. virginia on 95, 395. landmark, no delays up to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, there are some problems. water main break in the chevy chase area. , this is avenue ,ideo taken from overnight bradley and willard towards the friendship heights area. one right lane will get you by direction. they expect this to last through the rush hour. time.n extra back to you. >> thank you. 5:02. we want to get back to jummy desk.ji at alive -- the live desk. >> a fatal fire in baltimore. >> we can confirm that a second died as a result of this fire that happened around
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11:30 last night. or call to this home that you in the 3000screen o terrace.ontebell the flames were so intense that thecrews had to back out of home until a second alarm was to get there and help out. one official got inside, they victim.e later on day either found a victim or one of the taken to thewas not sure yet about the second victim. all, seven people lived in a home, including a pregnant woman. five people were able to escape, three taken to the hospital. getting reports that a police officers the basement of the home to help rescue one person. we're working with our fill it to get more information. we hope to have new video in a couple minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 5:03. we want to turn to john gonzalez in northwest, following a
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situation. a 20-year-old man's body found in a shaft. >> what are you learning? >> we understand it was someone inside the apartment building on biltmore street in adams called police late o report they found a man unconscious inside. when d.c. police arrived, they found the body of an adult male stuck inside a ventilation units. was inbelieve the man early 20s. l about 50 feet off the roof of a building and shaft.e police investigating this whether this was a tragic accident or if there was how long involved and man had been stuck inside e ventilation units. police are also trying to figure out if there's any connection with a 22-year-old montgomery came to adams morgan on new year's eve with a neveroup of friends but
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home and has not been seen since. the family of you the missing man has been passing out yellow fliers for in this d.c. neighborhoods for the past couple days. this morning all the cars parked thesethe streets have fliers on the windshield. police still trying to figure connection to any seen in thisan body that was found shaft in adams morgan. john gonzalez reporting. >> president obama signed a bill law to avoid the fiscal cliff. the new law preserve tax cuts earning lessls than $400,000 and extends benefits.nt the president, vacationing in , signed the bill with a stool that mimics his signature. overnight, the president signed a $633 billion defense bill for year that tightens penalties on iran and bolsters
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security and diplomatic missions worldwide. september's deadly attack the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> a virginia man was murder sentencen and death were overturned if could soon be free. wolfedge ordered justin be released from prison unless a federal appeals court intervenes. the judge ruled last week he retried for 2001 -related murder because of misconduct by prosecutors. the attorney general of virginia tried to block the release. >> the survivors of last month's schoolook elementary to classwill return this morning. a differente in building that has been transformed by neighboring communities. rob nelson has more. >> as the children from sandy elementary school ride the today, the streets willng to the new school , thened with green ribbons color symbolic of sandy hook elementary school. around the world are showing their support. sense snowflakes with
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messages of love and hope that are now hanging in throughout the new school. thought andeal of effort and volunteer work makes it as seamless as possible, to really looked cheerful and happy. >> the newly named building designed as a middle modified forw been the younger kids. sinks and toilets were gymnasiumd the remodel. outside has been a read sandy hook elementary school in. in many classrooms, students exactly asverything left it. the desk, backpacks, and even pencils on their desk. when you return to familiar in a situation that feels comfortable, that can help beliefs,our previous thatre the world view gotten shaken up by the trauma. >> the former school principal hadreturning to school who .etired two years ago
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police from newtown and monroe, located, new school is be patrolling the area, but want the children to feel overburdened by the police presence. >> by now we have installed security devices at the school. >> because everyone knows the will be adays security act between normalcy, parents will be to come into the school classrooms with their children. rob nelson, abc news, new york. correct secretary of state out of thenton is hospital. she is eager to get back to work. a new yorkleased from after being treated for days, for a blood clot in her head. was accompanied by her husband clintonresident bill and her daughter chelsea. the doctorssays expect a full recovery. it is 29 degrees. i hope you are ready for this. >> you need to gondola. is what you are waiting for. will place and video clips submitted, singing
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redskins."e >> and other dramatic way a toator plans to return today after a
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hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
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you are staring at the coldest week. the the coldest day of the year so far. the third. caskey kicks adam in is in a storm chaser 7 this inning try to stay warm vienna, virginia. good morning. >> good morning. it is a chilly start to the day. people here walking towards the metro. half of them have of their winter habitat and the other half don't. o bundle up want t the kids and yourself as you morning.ut early this we are talking widespread 20s this morning. degrees here in vienna. some otherat temperatures we have for your. you will notice, 20's are very common. look at frederick, 21, along with hagerstown. dulles airport, 27 along with manassas. freezing mark in lexington park and quantico. fredericksburg is a little warmer at 33. it's going to be another cold
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day, like yesterday. we will have a bright sunshine intotemperatures making it the upper 30's. most of us will be in the upper 30's this afternoon. ahead, added clouds cover saturday and sunday, but will warm up gradually into the mid 40's by sunday, just in time for the o take the field at fedex field. that's all for the forecast. jamee. >> my heater did not have time up in the car. it is a chilly start. there's a water main break in chevy chase. this has been going on since the r yesterday. hou the change for the better is one lane will get by in each direction. between bradley wisconsin avenue. this is from bethesda to the .riendship heights area no delays yet. no problems around there, but we
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will keep a close watch on it. 270 in good shape. no problems making the trip between frederick and the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. "hail to the ♪dskins cute.y that is dying and getting some help from a little redskins fan. -- is diane. >> and as a short video or to a youtube clip. this is the weekend, the playoffs. >> that's right. and we would love to play your video. degrees outside. cracks coming up, and huge reversal by house speaker john boehner after initially
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scrapping a bill to provide aid boehner after initially scrapping a bill to provide aid to victims of hurricane
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off the roof of the biltmore street building. e incident happened a couple where missing clarksburg man was last seen on a year's leave. crews still working to fix a water main break along a busy of wisconsin avenue in chevy chase. one southbound lane near terrorists is (after an 8 inch main broke. -- somerset terrace. nearly three weeks after a killed 26 students and teachers, class is set to resume schooly hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. classes will be held in a former l in a nearby town. making surebe there everyone feels safe. on the hill, the 113 congress convenes today at noon. swearing in ceremonies will be for senators elected or reelected. maryland democratic senator ben in for all be sworn new six-year term. virginia democratic senator take tim kaine will also
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the oath of office. congress of the new comebackbig for one lawmaker, illinois.rk kirk of he suffered a stroke last january. out for the past year. republican plans a dramatic by walking up the capital's 45 steps. >> i thought about the capital , that would steps goal forc me. for meout setting goals that are big enough and really testing me. during the past year he's in a very intense , learning to walk again. >> it will be great seeing him a sending those steps. on billsee progress providing aid to hurricane sandy victims. speaker john boehner ofedule a vote for a portion friday afteron facing a firestorm of criticism several lawmakers including
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new jersey governor chris christie when the bill was scrapped. >> i thought disaster relief was gamesing you did not play now in this current everything is the subject of one upmanship, possibility, a potential piece of bait for the .olitical gain it is why the american people hate congress. $9friday's vote will be on the national flood insurance program. held on vote will be remaining $51the billion in the package. >> jacqui jeras is here. this year, we are three days in [indiscernible]. it is chilly outside. >> id is the coldest day of the week. temperatures in the '20s for the most part. if we have 30 degrees at reagan
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national airport. ds.have some clout in thi sprig drive air with wind out of the northeast at 8 miles an hour. there are more 20's than anything else. 25 in gaithersburg. in frederick it's 21 degrees. hagerstown. 27 degrees in manassas. degrees in quantico, the freezing mark. temperatures this morning are 10 degrees colder than this time yesterday. feeling the difference in.he cold air ushers when we look at the averages, average low as 29 degrees. so we are in that neighborhood. the average high is 43. think we will get there. we will see a cooler than average day. highs in the upper 30's. of 40's to our south.
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cool air up and down the east coast. across new appear o the great int lakes. in, butssure is selling front movingd e michigan, bringing tottered snow showers chicago and later, detroit. be very light. as it approaches us, it will be the wind and reinforcing shot of cool air. we will get a little cloud cover with lid. some snow in the higher elevations of west virginia. for us, it will be a drive passage with snow of it.e squeezing out cloudy skies today. high temperature between 35 and 40. skies tonight. it will be cold, 20 to 28. keep that in mind this morning.
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as we look at the seven-day sunshine and 42 degrees tomorrow. up to bend is shaping pretty good overall. slowly turning the tables to be above average by early next pushing 50 by tuesday and wednesday. i love the way that sounds. so keep that in mind as you put on your hat and gloves this morning. jamee? crack's a attila's in the air. good morning carnations capital. or problems on 395 off the beltway. the 14th street quiet into town. south the southwest freeway, open around the beltway in virginia and maryland. hanson i will taking out fine. 0, no worries. 355, coming off the beltway, southbound at pooks hill road and continuing towards chevy reminder, dealing with a water main break. byone lane getting southbound 355 wisconsin ave bradley boulevard before
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to the friendship heights area. light volume for now. sight. in we are in the clear for now. we are sure to see some of that increasing as the rush hour progresses. stay with
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remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today? >> "hail to the redskins hail victory ♪ >> i love that. joe, from manassas, virginia. and singing the burgundy and fight song. done.ell love to hear your version. send us a short video or a link clip.outube >> people are getting geared up, because the redskins are continuing to prepare for against wild-card game the seahawks. >> britt mchenry has more from
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rgiii.quarterback >> on sunday rgiii will start in the first playoff game of his career. also depressed playoff game will host in 13 years. yesterday griffin said that he's pretty close to being back to where he was before his right injur it was his turn to have fun with a staff. on theed a little prank at anahan mik press conference. i caught up with him soon after about the team's remarkable turnaround. this playoff run feel like for you? >> it feels good. but for us it's not just about getting into the playoffs. think everyone's excited that division, but we want role in all the way through, but we know it's seattle.ocus on time for celebration was over r me right after the game. time to move forward. ray lewis announced his
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retirement following the season. and the wizards lost to the pacers. have a great day. >> the news continues with "good " at 5:30.shington if you thing d.c. it's crowded, there's a new if you thing d.c. it's crowded, there's a new
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it only takes a few twists and turns for those bright ideas to make the new year even brighter. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. start fresh and save with hdx 20 gallon totes, a special buy at just $5.88 a piece. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, some potentially big problems for your morning commute. we will level latest in chevy workinghere crews are big water main break right now. good morning, washington. thursday, january 3. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. good morning to you. let's start with meteorologist jacqui jeras.
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we have to bundle up this morning. >> that's for sure. a chilly start this morning. will be the coldest day of dealing that we are with. some clouds now. the sample sunshine this afternoon. at least it will be looking better. temperatures will be warmer as weekend.nto the as things wille improving dramatically. degrees now at reagan dulles, 287 at degrees in culpeper, 20 in martinsburg. mostly sunny today, highs in the 36. maybe nearly 50 in your seven- day forecast. first let's a check on traffic and weather jamee >> . a chill in the air. there's a water main break. potentially a problem for the morning rush hour. that's for sure. inside thevenue beltway, southbound 355 after bradley, but before you get to is wherep heights
5:33 am
dealing with an eight- inch water main break. the repairs have been going on for hours. one lane will get you by. they expect that through the morning rush-hour. one lane getting by, southbound avenue, heading from bethesda, and towards friendship heights. no delays for now because of the volume. what's important is i will watch you and when we let you know you need to take a detour. the beltway is good in maryland and virginia. 270 as volume. 95, volume beginning to form out newington towards the beltway. lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. quite a mess. 5:33. we have news we need to get to in northwest d.c. a nasty situation developing. police investigating now. in the adams morgan area. is the situation, john.
5:34 am
a man's body found inside a shaft. >> this is a tragic mystery as best way to describe it. inside thee off biltmorelding morgan callams late last night after insidescovered a man unconscious. d at the scenerive found the body of an adult stuck inside a ventilation units. was inbelieve the man early 20's and it appears he 50 feet off the roof of the building and down the shaft. police still investigating if tragic accident or if was any fall involved and had been stuckan shaft. police this morning are also investigating, looking to see if is in any way connected to a missing case. we understand that a 23-year-old y man came tount on new year's eve with a group of friends but
5:35 am
never made an home. and he has not been seen since then. in montgomery county has been working with police in maryland. here in theen neighborhood several times passing out these fires. we can tell you even this morning all the cars on the on biltmore street have this fire on the windshield. this is michael poe, 23 years old. out iftrying to figure the fire is in any body thatted to the inside this building here in adams morgan. latest.the g live in northwest washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> a bizarre situation. it is 5:35. leaders told a news today talk about a milestone in the fight against crime in the city. the metropolitan police departments as there were 88 murders in the district in 2012. that is the lowest number one record since 1961. police say the number of dropping faster than the national average.
5:36 am
>> a montgomery county couple is after their 6-year-old schooluspended from r allegedly threatening to shoot another student. rodney lynch's parents say he was sent to the principal's nick's elementary g onol in silver sprin pretended0 after he his scissors were a gun. he was sent back after a similar problem and then suspended after the third incident. >> just pointing your fingers and she made the pow sound and i went like that. the officet me to again and i'm a one that gets suspended for nothing. >> rodney's family said the o thel overreacted t incidents and they are trying to suspension removed from his permanent record. it is 29 degrees on this thursday morning. >> still ahead, funeral announcedts have been william county police
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>> hi, jessica. i place cinderella at the olney theatre center through january 6. come on out and share the enchantment. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. she is adorable. warms you up on this chilly
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morning. week, thet day of the coldest day of the year so far. the third. meteorologist adam caskey e from vienna, va. good morning. you can feel the chill in the air. . can see my breath we have widespread 20s this morning. we are 30 degrees at the vienna here at storm chaser 7. checking the area by temperatures, widespread 20's. texting with the weatherbug four coldestur readings. there in the upper teens. includes inwood, west virginia and and just outside teens.ter, and cortin 21 degrees in frederick, 30 degrees at reagan national. in the low '30's south of ofhington and in parts maryland, including
5:41 am
, fredericksburg, and quantico. will climb into the upper today, so it will feel like yesterday afternoon. i see some clouds now and we continue to see a few high clouds like yesterday. today's the coldest day all week. from year. going up we're not talking 60 degrees soon, but you will notice an uptick in the gradually, baby steps, day-by-day, all the way e weekend and into early next week. of a very dry weather pattern as well overall. i don't see another shot at rain snow until maybe the end of next week. so not decided but next friday. then it looks like rain. a lot can happen between now and then. more in the seven-day forecast coming up. now to jamee with a look at traffic. >> it's ok around the beltway in maryland and virginia. 66.oblems on in springfield, interstate 905, center, and hov lanes
5:42 am
looking quiet. reports of a potential in the hov lanes approaching the beltway. i only see normal volume so far coming out of newington. coming out of a client, a crash just moved to the shoulder. northbound 95 between triangle and dumphries. nothing is blocked, but from 610 a quiet, there's a heads up. 270, normal. s good and newok hampshire avenue. back to you. >> thank you. hail ♪ail three victory y airingis 3-year-old tai
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a redskins t-shirt. great. >> keep sending your videos or a to your youtube video and we will put it on the air. the new year arrives with the privacy protections for some workers. nelson has details for us. new laws make it illegal for employers to request passwords. alan korn and illinois have askingcompanies from employees or prospective for their social gins.rking lougani apple has a fix for a bug. the new do not disturb feature normal operations on january 7. then returnedntil a feature on or off manually. research in motion plans to put
5:44 am
spy cameras. the cameras will have to hold for a couple seconds snap. aeing able to snap samsung claims the new televisions will have an unprecedented design, leading to speculation they could be vertical and transparent. i am rob nelson.
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5:49 am
he was 35. a way will be held from 6:00 tonight at the hilton woodbrige.apel in l will be held at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow in the same location. >> an emotional tribute to d.c. teenager died under mysterious circumstances. .> a wonderful person has touched many lives. the vigil was held for 16- tarsha jackson. mourners walked from her home to was hit andre she by two vehicles. family members believe she was a man tryingfrom her helly hansen coat. >> checking news around world, pakistani intelligence officials say at least 13 people were two u.s. drone border with the afghanistan. the victims from the early a seniortrike included had hisy commander who
5:50 am
troops with pakistani military. meanwhile, a federal judge says obama administration does publicly disclose legal justification for other methods it uses to kill suspected overseas. the new york times and a seal filed a freedom of information request for which justice lawyers discussed program. the new york times says it will appeal the ruling. >> indian police say they are file charges against x people who raped and killed old female student. was attacked on a bus on december 16 and ended up dying last weekend. for strongerng tougher police action against sexual assault suspects. >> california authorities are investigating the death of the son of los angeles clippers
5:51 am
sterling.ld the 32-year-old scott sterling night at his malibu an apparent drug overdose. diabeticy said he was whether thesay applicable in his debt. it had been a joyous season for the clippers. suingates in idaho are company $4 billion. inmates say they knew nothing about the addictiveness startedol when they as a juvenile. they blame our call for a range s including theft ander and grand the companies should had warning labels on their products. the companies and not responded to the lawsuit. >> american airlines is looking eliminate some of the fees on travelers. >> and wendy's value meal has new prices and a new name as well. bell att to linda bloomberg headquarters in new answers. those hello.
5:52 am
know if you both east and 20's, but there are changing their value menu. called the right price, rightsize menu. e-mail typically think of 99 items. since commodity costs have been ingredients are expensive as well. wendy's has revamped its menu to that.t worry, it does not mean items such as the signature baked potato and .hili but it did say its franchise sell a double cheeseburger and 99 cents. it may be a $49 since to $1.79 and some items could be as as $1.99. american airlines may eliminate fees, but don't get excited. it is experimenting with the idea of eliminating the penalty.
5:53 am
the penalties for changing want toor customers who extra for certain tickets. mostly aimed at business to change their itinerary after a ticket is purchased. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. . value meal >> $1.79, they are trying to rob us. >> ridiculous. let's talk about a different number, the temperature. yes, it's a bargain today. the weather department, that is. are chile.s the cold start we have had all long and the coldest day of .he week 30 degrees at reagan national. could be a lot worse. -- temperatures are chilly.
5:54 am
23 degrees in gaithersburg, 21 21 in hagerstown, 27 dulles as well as manassas, lexington park at the freezing mark, 32 degrees. '20s.hill in the if you look at the numbers today, 43 and 29 are the averages. pretty much on pace for our average closed. think we will make it up 43 today. we will only make it into the 30's across the region. the twenties across the great lakes. 14 degrees in burlington, vermont. ol across the southeast, highs in the 40's as they are overcast. we are cloudy here for the most part. high-pressure filling in. up to behey will shape like yesterday in terms of clouds this morning and getting sunshine by the afternoon. fronts a weak cold from the great lakes. snow showersng elevations ander virginia. rest of us will see a shift in
5:55 am
get a fewnd maybe clouds. across.ld front partly cloudy today, 35-43. tonight, mostly clear skies, 20-28.ain, 42 degrees tomorrow. then, average by saturday. warming things up next week. very quiet and sunny weather pattern. back to you. >> thank you. looks good. it's 5:55, 30 degrees. >> another distinction. for the distinction what it has to do with movers.
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5:57 am
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>> for the fifth straight year district tops the list of moving in. >> this is interesting. this is the annual migration study. number one. placesg out the top five in 2012.ple move to oregon, nevada, north carolina, carolina. 7 is on your side with signs very bad flu a season. sayinia health officials cases are all across the commonwealth with southwest biggest seeing the fight in cases. maryland health officials say activity is moderate. officials say most of the cases the age ofle under 24.
5:59 am
if your starting the new year little bit of a weight, this information might help. consumer reports ranked diet. the diets were right upon the satisfaction. the top commercial diet was weight watchers. yourself, my fitness pal and spark people. a new release lot takes aim at underweight models. requires models to prove the maintained a body 5 for three months before a fashion show. australia has also set a minimum weight limits for fashion shows. there you have it. another hour of news starts right now. >> live, and in hd, this is " asod morning


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