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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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what dr. andrews was saying when he finished the surgery. he said he expects a full recovery and it is everybody's hope that he will be back by the beginning of the season in 2013. it is very optimistic. as a matter of fact, people are saying the first six-eight weeks of recovery are critical, and after that could take 9-12 weeks, and i think it is realistic. right now, they are saying the surgery went well and they are saying he will be back by the beginning of 2013. >> we continue our team coverage. >> nobody knows for sure when it robert griffin will be heavy in up -- healthy enough to play again. many fans believe their favorite quarterback will suit up for the first game of next season,
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but even the most optimistic fans are still worried today. >> rgiii. >> rgiii. >> he had surgery this morning on the right knee. >> kelly and other redskins fans we talked with this morning -- >> the recovery time is about a year. >> they believe he will be back in time for the opening game of the 2013 season in september, or should he come back next season at all? >> he wants to do its, so he is going to do it. >> between rebuilding engines and adjusting transmissions, he is talking to customers about rgiii and his future with the team.
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>> a guy like rgiii has a strong will. he will come back stronger than ever. >> over at the barbershop, where talk about his health. >> he should come right on back. he is 22 years old. i think he will heal fast. >> i want him back. >> that is the bottom line from everyone we talked with. they want to see him back on the field at the start of next season, but they want him healthy. >> will have a lot more on the surgery coming up at 5:. -- coming up at 5:00 -- at 5:. >> moving on to the developing flu outbreak. the boston mayor has declared a public health emergency in that city while overflowing emergency rooms across the country are forced to divert
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patients to other hospital. the cdc says 18 of the 41 affected states are about to hit epidemic levels of the flu. at the university of maryland, researchers are trying to figure out what this year's flu season is so much worse. local hospitals are seeing a serious uptick in the number of patients coming into the emergency room. >> the hallways are full of hospital beds, waiting rooms are completely packed here. it is the earliest particular virus in about a decade. we talked to dr. about flu symptoms. >> headache, sore throat cough and body aches. >> blue patients are filling local hospitals. two years ago 142 confirmed look cases were found. last year, only 20. already they have 159 cases this
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season, and it is still early. at the university of maryland, they are tracking the region slipcases. this professor has a theory. >> since new year's, the majority of people we have tested have come up positive and several people had flu a and another virus. >> he is recruiting include patients, paying them $100 to take part in a steady. for two hours they are breathing, coughing, and sneezing. how does the flu spread? what we do know is that the virus stays alive for several hours outside the body, and this year it is traveling from person to person at record speed and filling hospitals across the country. >> we could probably see another few weeks before it
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starts to level off and come down. >> there are urging all americans to get the flu shot. is not too late. we are still expecting several weeks before this flu season is over. >> things are looking up, at least on the weather front. temperatures in the 60's are in forecast. doug hill is in the weather center with more. >> we did not quite make it into the upper 50's like i said it would yesterday. now we have some patches of blue. kind of drab and cloudy, but now, just before sunset, some clearing. it made for a beautiful sunset out west and the clear skies will continue round the region. 45 in fairfax and bethesda 43
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in frederick. compare that with 62 in fredericksburg virginia, where the sunshine has been hanging around during the day. mild temperatures are not far away. we have a big range in temperatures but they all tend to drop towards 40 degrees. tomorrow, and i stay with sunshine, but then friday, rain and mild temperatures. >> and 19-year-old, and licensed day care provider is accused of abusing a 2-year-old in his care. it allegedly happened at and in home day care center in upper marburg. jonathan cummingses' under arrest tonight but police are concerned there may be other victims. >> police are looking into that matter right now. it all started because the witness saw what was happening captured video of the abuse
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gave it to police, and when police came they say the 19- year-old confessed. >> we both know why we are here. >> a man came out of this house. police said the house was being run as an unlicensed day care, but the man did not want to talk about the allegations. police say this man, 19-year-old jonathan cummings, hit the 2- year-old boy he was taking care of, and it was all caught on video. >> tell me what you see on the video. >> the video shows the suspect standing up and next to him as a 2-year-old child and for no apparent reason, the suspect lashes out and strikes the 2- year-old child and the child falls to the ground. >> police showed it to the
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toddler's parents. neighbors say they had a suspicion that a day care business was going on in the house because of all the cars coming and going. >> it is really terrifying. that is why it is import at -- important to put them in reputable day care. >> right now, cummingses' out of jail, out on bond. detectives say there could be other instances of child abuse that happened at the same home, at this unlicensed day care. if anybody knows anything, they want to hear from you. >> we will get to some breaking news right now from new york city where a train has collapsed at a construction site in queens. the fire department says several people have been hurt, including three with serious injuries, but no fatalities have been reported so far. the train was visible along the
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east river behind a big neon pepsi-cola sign. there is no word on what caused the train collapse. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of a ferry crashed in the big apple. it crashed into a dock in lower manhattan. at least two of the injuries are said to be critical. it happened at the height of morning rush-hour. witnesses said it was chaos. >> it was a big bang. it happened so fast. >> police say the crew past alcohol breath tests given after the crash. >> after three days of testimony, the final prosecution witness took the stand today. they said that james holmes spent two months planning the attack. the defense did not call any
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witnesses about his mental state. he faces 160 counts, including first-degree murder and attempted murder. the judge said he will rule on friday. the stepfather of a woman gunned down in that movie theater was at the white house today discussing ways to end gun violence. this was part of the effort to make changes to prevent mass shootings like the tragedies and aura and newtown. tough proposals are being considered on a national and state level. >> the trial is now underway in the case where a man killed his neighbor over his bathroom going to the bathroom in his yard. or was it a case of self- defense?
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>> lawmakers went back to work
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in maryland for the start of the legislative session. >> on top of the list is a proposal to increase the gas tax. >> brad bell is live in annapolis with more on this for us. >> that proposal is coming from governor martin o'malley. he admits that there's probably nothing so unpopular as the idea of raising the price of gasoline, but he says it will save $800 million more per year, and something had to happen. there are mixed opinions on the need for higher gas taxes, even if the money goes to roads. >> i am against it. i drive more than 200 miles every day for a living. >> if you consider how much damage potholes' due to your car, i think we need better roads here. >> now that the maryland general assembly is in session the deal
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making and arm-twisting begins on issues ranging from an appeal of the death penalty to gun-control and approval for large wind energy form of the coast of ocean city. but the most conference -- most controversial idea may be the governor's idea of a tax increase to support transportation funding. >> we are going to waste more money and time and more gasoline sitting in traffic congestion. >> lester, the governor proposed a 6% gas hike on gasoline over six years. the measure failed. now he says a number of proposals are on the table including a general sales tax hike with the money dedicated to transportation needs. republicans and many democrats say will be a tough fight to pass any tax hike. >> we don't need any new taxes at least until we get out of the economic situation we are in. >> if they need to do it, they need to do it.
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you've got to pay taxes if you want good roads. >> i think we are paying enough taxes. >> some leaders have suggested a regional tax increase. where the need is the greatest, the cost of gasoline would also be higher. at this point, these are just proposals. the arm-twisting and dealmaking has just begun. >> today was also the first day for the virginia general -- virginia general assembly. coming up at 5:30 tonight why virginia gas tax could soon be a thing of the past. >> three big names will be performing at president obama's inauguration pitycommittee. president obama helped select the inaugural program participants. it is being held january 21. for more, go to our website
5:17 pm >> police in norfolk were prepared for the worst when they started getting calls of a small lie in on the loose. they call the zoo to make sure there are no escaped reject small -- a small lion on the loose. he has a hair cut to mimic the king of the jungle. it reminds me of the wizard of oz. >> today i got to spend lunchtime in fairfax and had the opportunity to talk to a group of seniors called happy hands. they use american sign language. they talked about the weather and aspects and i displayed a little bit of my sign language ability.
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i enjoyed the time hanging out and talking about the weather. they are happy it is warm and not cold. i would love to go back again and i thank them for the invitation. it was supposed to be sunny and in the upper 50's. if i had any character, i would simply resign live on the air but i've got a wife and kids. so what can i tell you, i made a mistake. i will do better tomorrow. we got a few clouds and showers and temperatures stayed kumar, unless you were in areas south and east of washington, which state warmer all day. you come north and is much cooler because of the cloud cover. it will drop tonight and be in the 30's by morning. 38 in downtown washington. we are at 45 degrees 46 and most of the areas.
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60's just to the self. you do not see any bitterly cold air anywhere close to our area over the next week or so. it will probably take until the 21st, somewhere in that timeframe, that we will see a good chance of the warm air being kicked aside by change in the upper level winds that will finally deliver some cold air to our area. the next big event is the storm system developing in texas, and it is big one. we will see a chance of light rain late friday or saturday. behind the system, there is nothing to draw the colder air in front of it. so it will be warmer over the weekend with sunshine and temperatures in the '60s. this is the futurecast, it simulates what the atmosphere may look like over the next couple of days. lots of sunshine tomorrow. we will climb into the upper
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40's, still above average. on friday, the clouds will increase and late in the day we will see a chance of rain. 36 tomorrow morning or early, 45 degrees at noon under partly cloudy skies. look at the big ramp up in temperatures by the time we hit the weekend. upper 60's's sunday. we will see what happens there. then a little bit cooler with showers on monday and tuesday. no really cold air until around the 21st and then we will see a change. >> colin-shut out. for just the second time in 40 years, no players were elected
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in to the national baseball hall of fame, despite having barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa. all are suspected of steroid use and fell short of the votes needed. a highly traveled bridge needs repair. >> we will tell you why.
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>> there was a big announcement today from the national cathedral. >> it will now perform same-sex marriages. >> obviously this is being met with open arms by some of those who are wanting to get married inside the national cathedral. but those outside of the religion outside of the space, were surprised because they thought annapolis was so traditional. guess again. the national cathedral where presidents are blessed after inauguration, and where they and other national figures are
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remembered in death. today the spot light falls on the marble and stone again after it was announced that same-sex weddings will be conducted within its walls. >> i am surprised. >> the dean of the cathedral said the move was due in part to the recent legalization of same- sex marriage in maryland. but mainly, it was time. >> the church has been looking at this issue for the last two decades. for us inside the church, this is the natural culmination of the process. >> the director of religion and faith for the human rights campaign. >> this is a benchmark in the history of our nation when art national cathedral says we are moving forward. >> the national organization for marriage, which supports marriages only between a man and woman say the simplest way to
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prevent same-sex ceremonies in charges is to fight for the recognition of marriage in civil law. >> he is a member of the congregation and employee. he says the news is beyond symbolic. >> today is probably the proudest and happiest day of my career thus far. >> there is a strict set of requirements including that one member of the couple has to be baptized. even if you meet all the requirements, there is such a busy schedule here at the national cathedral it will probably be here before we see any same-sex weddings here at the cathedral. >> why some medical researchers say you should stop drinking sugary drinks and instead, pick
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up a cup of coffee.
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>> that a southeast washington
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man killed his neighbor because of the dog droppings in his yard, or was it the result of a fight for his life? the 57-year-old is charged with first-degree, premeditated murder in the beating and stabbing death of a man walking his dog. >> he sat in the court room looking every bit the dignified gentleman, but then prosecutors painted him as an out of control nut job who suddenly turned into a cold-blooded killer. >> 37-year-old robert reich took his friend's dog or a wall. >> that is not the ellsworth colbert i know. >> prosecutors say he accused wright of allowing the dog to
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relieve itself in his yard. the two men argued. prosecutors say wright grabbed a shovel and swung it at colbert. >> all the have is what we thought they had, which is to men confronting an older male, and a fight broke out. >> the defense calls wright the aggressor. they say colbert swung and stabbed in self-defense. there were two other individuals present at the time of this incident. the defense is expected to attack their testimony because they were friends of the victim. the prosecution is expected to question why, if colbert only wanted to talk with wright, did he take a knife with him? >> time for a look at our other top stories. a day care employee infringed or
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just county is facing physical salah abuse and second-degree assault charges. 19-year-old jonathan cummings was arrested after they say there was a video of cummings taking a 2-year-old boy. robert griffin iii is recovering from reconstructive surgery on his right knee. he is expected to be sidelined for six-eight months. the doctor who performed today surgery said it is everybody's hope and believe that rgiii will be ready for the 2013 season. >> held concerns are growing as blue patients packed emergency rooms across the country. -- flu patients. the center for disease control says this year's outbreak is expected to be the worst in a decade.
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i talk to diane sawyer about that story and more, coming up tonight on world news. i know you are following more on the spreading flu virus all across the country. >> we are, and i know it is a concern in the sea as well. we will tell you about some hospitals -- a concern in d.c. as well. >> another story that affects a lot of people, you will tackle the long-term effects of drinking alcohol. >> that is right. drinking too much alcohol, we will show you how it can change the way you look over 10 years. it is something new happening out there, and we have pictures from the future that serve as a wake-up call. >> you can watch those stories and more tonight on world news, right after abc 7 news at 6:00.
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>> virginia lawmakers went back to work today and at the top of their agenda is transportation funding. the governor has an idea that would mean no more gas tax, but it would increase the sales tax. jeff and to find out what residents think of this idea. >> if you ask anybody if they would like to pay less for gasoline, of course they will say yes. under the governor's plan to eliminate the gas tax, a gallon of gas would go to #.32. getting rid of that coup -- a gallon of gas would go to $3.32. >> gas is expensive. >> but it would be cheaper in virginia, under the transportation plan from governor bob mcdonnell. >> it makes a little cheaper, of
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course. >> i think it is a great idea. >> she would save about $4 with no gas tax. an extra $2 for nelson. >> that is $2 that i could use for a cup of coffee. >> you do that two or three times a week, it adds up. >> the plan to raise $3.10 billion for transportation over the next five years would eliminate the gas tax, but increase the state sales tax to 5.8%. >> i think a lot of people are worried about the money right now. >> phil says a tax hike probably will not hurt big-ticket items but it would on small items like shirts and glasses. >> it really hurts us as a small
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business. >> the plan also calls for an increase in vehicle registration fees, and a fee on alternative fuel vehicles. conservatives like grover norquist do not like the plan because it adds taxes and fees. democrats in northern virginia said the plan does not go far enough to address the transportation needs, especially in this part of the state. >> we should mention that governor bob mcdonnell will deliver the state of the commonwealth address tonight from richmond. you can watch the address live on our sister station at 7:00. next time for a check on the traffic situation and chris andersen is here with the details. >> to 70 northbound is seeing major issues leaving the capital beltway -- 270 northbound. delays heading out of clarksburg will continue in to frederick county.
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a dam on westbound 66, and the earlier issue on route 28, the ramp to 606 is blocked with a fuel spill. earlier police activity in the district between seventh street and ninth street should be clearing up with a brief delay in traffic. >> still ahead, we will take you under a d.c. region need of repairs and how it will impact your drive.
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>> an inspiring story about a college student from d.c. who has struggled through our own adversity to help others.
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>> a college scholarship is awarded to students whose parents are in prison. >> it is for personal reasons that jasmine formed scholarships. >> my father was not really at home so i understand the emotional and financial struggle that comes along with that. >> she is now a sophomore in north carolina at collagen she is helping other students by awarding scholarships to students whose parents are in prison. >> both her mom and father are imprisoned for life, and another young lady's father was just sentenced to death row. >> it is not something that she said about being angry with your parents. has made me into the young lady that i am.
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>> it gives me hope to continue doing well in college and i will not let anybody stop me. >> she says it is the young scholarship applicants trying to make a better life for themselves to inspire her. >> that are coming out in their own way and saying this is me my parent is in prison, and i need your help. that is a vulnerable position to be in. >> to learn more, just long gone to -- blog onlog on to >> find out what drink could contribute to depression, and what drink could help fight it.
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>> and nine year-old thoroughbred is now making an unexpected career move. >> did to his ongoing injuries, he is switching tracks in life. -- did to his ongoing interest. he is turning a national reputation. >> on a beautiful farm north of frederick lives a retired race course -- racehorse. bad knees forced his retirement from racing and recently, from trail rides. >> he would sit here and just bob up and down, and down. >> the artist in him took notice. he began training metro to hold
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a paint brush in his mouth and in touch it to canvas. within a week, his artistic i took hold. --. eye took hold. -- his artistic eye took hold. >> he is just like, give me the brush, let me do it. >> to offset metro's medical bills, he decided to try selling his artistic work. it is being shipped all over the world. >> they are selling before it even hits the gallery walls. >> metro is stubborn and impatient. but they say he seems to enjoy being back in the spotlight. >> he just wants that brush.
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he knows what to do with it. he just takes it from there. >> that is amazing. this is a really good part of the story, 50% of the sales from his artwork goes to charity called new vocations, which helps find homes for these former race horses. >> a new study about the differences between sugary drinks and coffee. researchers say four sugary drinks a day can increase a person's risk of depression. those who drank coffee less likely to receive a diagnosis of depression. >> "modern family" is all new tonight.
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>> i thought i heard voices. robbie, i told you, it is people. >> is on tonight at 9:00. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> i am still thinking about the story of metro. >> i think it was a self portrait. >> i wonder how he signs the paintings. tonight at 6:00, another shake- up in the obama administration. we'll tell you who is stepping down from their post. plus, a maryland delegate is taking to his facebook page to talk about his recovery. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00.
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>> what is the latest on the weather? >> it looks pretty good out there, 49 degrees here in arlington. this is what it looks like from the camera here in arlington looking westward out towards falls church. we got a little clearing in the sky and we will see more of that clearing as we head for the night, and colder temperatures by tomorrow morning as well. we have had several days in a row with these gorgeous sunset. 50 degrees in winchester right now. 63 in fredericksburg, but in most of the metro area, it is somewhat cooler. it will clear out later tonight. 31-38 tonight with a light northwesterly breeze. the weather will stay very quiet
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until some time on sunday. the low pressure is likely to do a couple of things. in its initial approach on friday evening it will give us just the chance of a few showers, but by sunday when it gets to the northwest it will cause a surge of very mild temperatures. high pressure for a couple of days and then the low pressure will give us a chance of showers late in the day on friday. check out the weekend forecast, up to the upper 60's by sunday. more showers early next week. check out we'll have more for you, coming up at 6:00. >> we will get the latest on rgiii. he had surgery earlier today. >> it certainly is the top of the town. that is all anyone wants to talk
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about. rgiii had full reconstructive knee surgery today. dr. james andrews performed the surgery that lasted 5.5 hours. he trimmed up some cartilage and restored the integrity of the acl. the redskins and dr. andrews expect a full recovery in six- eight months. they say he will be back for the 2013 season. i spoke with dr. craig bennett here in maryland. when they look at this reconstructive surgery and they say six-eight months, is that realistic? >> maybe a month longer but i think seven-nine months is typical. >> when you look at young man like this who is fit motivated i would think that helps recover. >> absolutely.
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it is the quality of the tissue, the rehab, and the muscle strength. he is very motivated. he is a very bright guy and he has been through this before. >> will ever be what he was? i know he will still be a great athlete, but will he have the full range of motion and strength in that knee? >> i would say so. i would not say that he cannot come back the way he was before. >> dr. craig bennett has done this surgery almost on a weekly basis. >> the maryland terrapins get ready for the florida state seminoles, and we will have more on rgiii. >> coming up, we are under the
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south capitol street bridge looking at all the decay. the city wants to replace the bridge becau
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>> a major bridge is resting and falling apart. -- rusting and falling apart. >> it needs federal help to build a new bridge not repair the old one. but the frederick douglass bridge is the one at national stadium and carries some 70,000 vehicles a day. the city says it is structurally sound now but in 5-15 years, we need to begin taking traffic off the bridge. the bridges 63 years old, and if you think it has problems here on top, you should look beneath this bridge. the metal grate part is the
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drawbridge. it has only moved twice in the last seven years. they say it still works, but has gaping issues. >> it has deteriorated from erosion to the point that is structurally totally unsafe. the good news is, the bracing is only really needed when the city is moving. >> the city would tear this one down after completing a new parallel bridge. the estimated completion date would be 2017 or 2018. it needs to start soon. already, bigger trucks are prohibited from using the center lane. the city is seeking lots of federal funding. >> that will do it for us it 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now.
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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> today, vice president joe biden began the job of looking for ways to reduce gun violence in this country. >> it comes a week ahead of a deadline set by president obama who has called for meaningful action. rebecca cooper joins us from the newsroom. >> it was a meeting that was intended to redress all sides of the debate. reporters were invited inside the photograph the typical adversaries all sitting down together. the vice-president insisted his task force will be more than just an exercise in photo opportunities. the vice president said the newtown, connecticut tragedy awakened the conscience of america. >>


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