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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a fairfax county students's battle with brain cancer and >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> the man accused in the terrific movie theater massacre in colorado is one step closer to facing a trial. a judge late tonight says there is enough evidence for james holmes to move toward in the
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case. he is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others inside that movie theater in colorado last summer. this comes as a student in california haskell is recovering from critical injuries after he was shot at school. a gunman shot him at a high school in california, 120 miles outside of los angeles. detectives say the teacher and another staff member were able to convince the government to put down his gun before anyone else was hurt. both shootings are fueling the debate over gun rights in america tonight. people appear far apart on this issue following a show down in the white house. this comes after the nra is getting a host of support. autria godfrey is live. >> what little hope there might have been that vice-president biden and leaders with the nra could come to some sort of agreement on adequate gun
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control seem to be a pipe dream. leaders of the nra will continue to push the second amendment. they do so with an army of 4.2 million people behind them now. vice president joe biden painted the most graphic pictures yet while driving home his point. >> there is nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the visual people have of kids riddled not shot with a stray bullet riddled of bullet holes. >> concluding his meeting today the vice president promised his meeting to present a bomb would be made by tuesday. they are expected to include universal background checks and magazines. >> this is not. -- nuts. >> the push back was instant.
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people believe is an attack against the second amendment. the largest pro-gun group in the country is seeing a huge surge of report. a flood of new members appeared 100,000. >> it might be a knee-jerk reaction. >> a longtime nra member says the jump in membership does not surprise him. >> you have got to be responsible with whatever you have. people have fast cars and they are not responsible and they crash and kill people. there are millions of people out there with rifles and they are not hurting people. >> hoping to rally more support, say their plan now is to try to hit the five million-member mark before the gun talks subside. >> also tonight a new statewide poll revealing two big findings
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on the debate in guns of virginia. overwhelming support for background checks for those buying guns and guns shows. they also support farming virginia schools. 41% say guns put people at risk. we are following a developing story tonight from the district. d.c. police confirmed they are searching for the person responsible for the first time in 2013. a man was stabbed to death. a fight inside a liquor store sparked this attack. to our other big story of the evening, the church, the young girl and the alleged abuse that now has a police officer in trouble. we have learned that friends and neighbors are stunned to learn this police officer, who also served at 8 -- as a choir director at his church, is accused of sexually abusing a girl inside the church.
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tom roussey is live with the latest twist in this case. >> he is suspended with his job -- from his job. he is in jail tonight. today, he pleaded not guilty. we talked to folks who know him who say this -- these accusations are stunning. >> known was there at his washington home tonight. neighbors say the accusations do not mesh with the man they have known for years. >> it is hard to believe. >> he has known him and his kids for a long time. he says he did not talk much about it. >> he came off as a neighbor, a good one. >> court documents a youth choir director at this church. he began performing sexual acts with a girl who was just 11 at first. they allegedly lasted from 2004 to 2006. >> that is a little alarming.
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>> the victim alleges he would spend the rest of the -- send the rest of the choir to the store and have her stay behind he would perform various sexual acts on her in the office. she said it happened too many times to count. the church is run by his family. a man describing himself as a deacon did not want to talk about it. we could not ask palmer himself because he is still in jail. neighbors say he was never anything but nice to them. >> i cannot imagine someone him doing what he has been accused of beard i cannot imagine. >> he will remain in jail at least until a court hearing next week. >> thank you. new at 11:00 to doug -- two people are fighting for the lives and two others are seriously hurt after they were struck by a vehicle. we are over the scene of the
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crash. four people were struck. two teenagers and two adults, when they were crossing the road. the investigation is ongoing. tonight, a growing concern in our region. this is about big defense spending cuts. this is about the secretary of defense asking his department about taking steps to freeze civilian hiring and the like contract awards. if congress cannot agree on a plan, panetta says officials might take cautionary steps and begin planning for unpaid full loads. he is also asking his staff to make this reversible in the rear -- in the event a deal can be released -- can be reached. >> having the luxury of putting anybody in it -- in a position. >> that is president obama talking about his new treasury secretary. president obama introduced him
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nominee jack lew. he served as white house chief of staff. he has experience working on balancing budgets during the clinton an illustration. he will replace treasury secretary timothy geithner our who led the department to the economic turmoil of the first term. investigating emergency 911 calls during last june. pretty harsh words tonight. verizon and other phone carriers. the federal communication commission says large scale 911 outages occurred because the company did not follow their own safety procedures. four states lost their 911 service. they are calling for backup power plants and audits of the 911 circuits. now, a fairfax county team who is battling brain cancer received a super surprise, a trip to the super bowl. that is in new orleans.
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this story tonight, he was there when a young man who tends the high school found out about the surprise. >> these are the shirts folks were wearing. what they did not know is there was much more to this gathering. >> the domino toppings were the same and so were the specials. there was something different. it was the shirts they were wearing. dedicated to number 58. >> a very special young man. >> he is not just a number. >> a lot of hope. >> your heart when you see how hard he wants to succeed. >> he injured his elbow playing football. it was not an injury but several tumors in his brain affecting
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the rest of his body. the cancer forced him to undergo radiation and chemo. >> i am fighting this cancer. >> tonight, he was here for yet another fund-raiser to cut -- to cover his medical bills. >> i never want to quit life. that is all you get. >> you and your dad are going to the super bowl. >> this was not a gift but a way for the community for saying thanks for being inspiration. >> thank you very much pared one of the most incredible gifts he has ever received. his father is a cancer survivor himself. >> i am glad he will be able to and enjoy it. >> he hopes one day he can remember the super bowl. that is after his biggest wish come true. >> get married and have kids. that is it. >> a community made this happen.
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a local mcdonald's representative -- restaurant, got the tickets for jordan. he is predicting the outcome of the super bowl. or who will be playing. he is a raven stand. he says it will be the ravens and the packers. >> we are all rooting for him cared what a great story. thank you. tonight, we turn to the spread of the flu. all across the country. a search for flu shots. that has led to a new problem. also ahead, the controversy over cheaper iphone. what the company is saying about the possibility. caught on camera, what led to a pair of violent fights at a school bus stop. >> i am bob ryan. 44 degrees. springtime spring fever.
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>> caught on camera, a violent beating. witnesses say the fight involved at least 15 adults and students. police have arrested at least five people the brawl was described as riots. new at 11:00, more on the fear
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of the spread of the flu. health officials say the flu is widespread in more than 40 states, 30 of them all reporting some major hot spots. the flu is blamed for the deaths of 20 children. there is a new push for many to get a flu shot. >> a deadly flu outbreak keep spreading with problems on the horizon. places just ran out of the flu vaccine. the flu shot is becoming harder to find. >> it is on limited supply. they will be out within the hour. >> 95% of the vaccine have been distributed. in boston, 700 confirmed cases have been reported since october. and times more than a city --
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the city saw. >> please, get to the health centers this weekend. get your flu shot. >> the flu shot is also top of mind for many. >> i don't want to get it this year. >> they have a few miles of the vaccine on hand and they say it is not too late to see the benefits of getting inoculated. >> if you have not had the flu yet, it can be protected to get the influenza vaccine. >> if you think you might have the flu, you have to call your doctor immediately. seven is on your side as apple executives are denying the reports that the company plans to make a cheaper version of the iphone. a senior vice president for the company said a cheaper iphones
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will never be the future of apple's products. also new tonight some news. she is saying goodbye to a popular game show. her final answer was yes. she is leaving to pursue other ventures including more work in the news industry. she won two emmys as best game show host during her time on "who wants to be a millionaire?" we feel like we are rich with this weather. >> if you like it warm. we are ready for snow.
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snowstorms. >> that is true. >> i came back from a conference in texas. outside tonight austin will recover. brain out there. in texas, the rain was welcome. for us, a heat wave of source. -- sorts. 4 degrees above average. look at our current temperatures. you cannot find a freezing spot. we are usually talking about temperatures into the teens. our high temperature into the 50's again. almost like springtime. will feel like springtime before the weekend is over. look at the temperature is right now. today, high temperatures around "nashville" and the mid 60's.
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all spots well above freezing. temperature is running 15 to 20 degrees above average. tonight, hardly any sign at all of really cold stuff. as we get later into next week, there could be a change in the pattern. by and large, the same pattern. storm systems move to our north and we remain on the mild side. smarm morning, even with the clouds come look at the temperatures. only into the mid 30's. then some breaks in the clouds. also, the chance of a few scattered showers coming through. a week whether fund tries to come our way. southwesterly winds. maybe a few light showers. nothing heavy. temperatures zoom over the weekend into the 50's. by sunday, perhaps near 70 degrees. a chilly morning. part the " -- hardly cloak --
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hardly closed -- hardly cold. sunday near 70 degrees. that would be late april write a home at lakelate april. finally, temperatures will drop. there is no snow storm in spite. -- in sight. it will feel a little more like january. >> snow lovers are not happy. >> that is true. sports now. rg3? >> he has been on an emotional roller coaster since his injury. extensive surgery. i will tell you how he is doing now. how about just up and the road the road?
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the number one topic in washington certainly is rg3 and the surgery he had. this was an extensive reconstruction. he is ready to attack his rehab and shorten his recovery time. he had is elsie l., a cl, both repaired. graf's done from his help the need. this is expensive. the doctors want to manage the swelling and minimize the soreness and work on the motion of his knee. the doctors said he is ready to go. good news with him although it was more expensive than most people thought. just up the road, the ravens are gearing up. the playoff game saturday could be his last. his playing career ends with a loss. that has to be hard. he is a driven player who needs
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to succeed. >> it is the turn inside that creates really good great good is just showing up. great is figuring out when a shot. >> when did you know you had the drive? >> as a family, we went through trying times. there were a lot of times as a child ahead to endorse certain pain. it is always my work ethic that always pulled me through to keep going the matter what the pain was. when i got up to leave in high school, i am like, wow. that really work. if you work hard, it would always pay off.
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if you put the right time of work in, results will follow. >> lady turns beat miami. 84-62. a five-day game win streak ruined. tonight, interesting. 58 points from their freshman. in the first half. the masons defense led to points. 71-46. now, 0-2 in the acc. there you have it. >> we are talking about rg3 and
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>> from mars on jimmy kimmel next. dr. docile 1135. 11:35. d.c. mayor vincent brett -- vincent gray unveiled plans for trout brown memorial park. the new park is to be completed
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by the end of next summer. he died last may at age 75. .
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>> 70 degrees on the forecast. it is crazy. >> it is crazy. >> it has been dry. a few sprinkles and afternoon showers coming up. a great blog about the record and the record of recent history about the season that has been the 2012, one of the warmest on record here. that continues. day after day. temperatures above average. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. captioned by the
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