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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 17, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am EST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- mark wahlberg. jennifer lopez. and "science bob" pflugfelder. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.
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thank you for coming to see us in person. look, i know things are a little tense between us right now, but what do you say we forget about the past and just live in the today, you know? on monday, which is martin luther king day, the presidential inauguration celebration as barack obama begins his second term as president of the united states in washington, d.c. they'll have parades, they'll have entertainment, they have music from beyonce, stevie wonder, queen latifah, movie stars like kirsten dunst, alfre woodard, queen latifah. they have to do it on sunday, because legally it has to take place on january 20th. but i have a feeling most people will be too focused on football and honey boo boo to watch any of it. in general, more people claim they watch things like the presidential inauguration than actually do. in fact, we sent a camera on to hollywood boulevard today. we asked people what they
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thought of the inauguration, even though it hasn't happened yet. and again, this is an event that will take place days from now. so there's no way they could possibly have an opinion on it, but that didn't stop people from having them on tonight's edition of "lie witness news." >> what did you think of the inauguration yesterday? >> it was awesome. it was a real part of history. it was really nice to see him up there begin a second term. >> did you like his speech? >> yeah. it was from the heart. it was moving. kind of put a tear in my eye. >> was there anything in particular he said that spoke to you? >> i believe he was talking about what he's going to do for us, not about the other countries, what he's going to do for america. >> what did you think of the inauguration yesterday? >> um, i didn't really care for it. [ laughter ] just -- i didn't care for any of it, really, to be honest.
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i turned the tv off. it kind of bored me. >> do you like the part where she threw teddy bears into the crowd? >> yes. that was fun. >> what did you think about when joe biden cried? >> i thought that was a little sentimental. it touched my heart. >> what did you think of the inauguration last night? >> i don't know. i no like it. >> did you enjoy the tap routine? >> yeah, that was the only thing that was kind of worth it. >> it was fun, right? >> yeah, it was okay. >> what did you think about the giant cake they gave out? >> that was excellent. that was marvelous. that was the best part about it. >> did you enjoy the juggling routine? >> yeah, i enjoyed everything. and after that, i just went to sleep. >> what did you think of the nicki minaj perperformance? >> i loved it. it was really urban, what today is. >> you know of this really happened, right? >> yeah, i'm just playing along with you. is that good or bad? [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: everyone's pants are on fire. have you been following the manti te'o story? this is something else. apparently te'o, a well-known college football player, was in a relationship with a woman he met online. but it turned out that -- and i might not have the exact details here. but it turned out that the woman was bruce willis and he was dead the whole time. something like that. essentially what we know is this. manti te'o is a senior linebacker at notre dame. he's a great player. he had a sad story. in his september, his girlfriend, a 22-year-old at stanford, passed away. of course, the media ran away with the story of the football hero overcoming personal tragedy. they love that stuff. the only problem is it turned out she never existed. she was a made up person. some people play fantasy football. manti te'o plays fantasy people, i guess. [ laughter ] what we don't know is who made her up. was it manti, some kind of a
11:40 pm
prank? maybe it was a combination of both. maybe he initially fell for it and then was too embarrassed to admit he had been had. that would be my guess. but te'o released a statement. he said he was the victim of a sick joke. and it turns out -- this is the picture. turns out it's just a facebook picture of a random girl that he never met. so he thought he was in a relationship with a woman who looked like this, when in reality, he was in a relationship with a woman who looked more like this. [ laughter ] you know, it's what's on the inside that counts, though. this almost instantly became the biggest sports story of the year. deadspin broke it. we found video. the only known video of the real girl with her dad. it turns out she wasn't imaginary at all. [ laughter ] >> now, lenay, is this manti te'o notre dame guy aware that you're a snuffleupagus?
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>> yeah, of course he is. >> okay, you have my blessing to date him, but only over the internet, and no funny stuff. >> whatever, dude. >> jimmy: she was a snuffleupagus. [ applause ] the first part of oprah winfrey's big interview with lance armstrong aired tonight on the own network. armstrong confessed to having used performance-enhancing drugs during his career in bike riding. i thought this was interesting. he also admitted that he nicknamed his one remaining testicle hans solo. oprah gets to the bottom of everything. [ applause ] so they sit down, and oprah confronts him on a number of untruths. at one point, lance broke down and cried. and here's a funny thing. wherever a tear landed, a new muscle grew. [ laughter ] millions of people tuned in to watch it tonight. i'll be honest, i was jealous. oprah gets all the best confessions. i asked lance armstrong to come and confess to doping on our
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show, and he said no, he wouldn't do it. but we did score a pretty big confession anyway. ladies and gentlemen, joining us live via skype, lance bass is with us. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for joining us, lance. >> thanks for having me, jimmy. >> jimmy: lance agreed there would be no conditions on this interview, that this would be an open field, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> jimmy: okay, so for years, you've been the subject of much speculation, accusation. would you like to take a moment right now in front of the whole world to set the record straight? >> okay, jimmy. here goes. for many years, throughout the '90s, i had frosted my tips. >> jimmy: you frosted your tips. >> yes. i used chemicals to make the tips of my hair appear to be lighter than the rest of my hair. >> jimmy: but the tips of your hair weren't lighter than the rest of your hair.
11:43 pm
so in essence, you were cheating. >> yes. >> jimmy: wow. and did the other members of 'nsync know about this? >> j.c. knew, the others didn't. >> jimmy: do you think you guys should give back your grammys now? >> we didn't win any grammys. >> jimmy: do you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders after revealing this? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: do you feel like crying at all right now? >> no, not really. >> jimmy: i would love it so much if you could just cry a little. i think america would hate you less if you could cry. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. go ahead, let it out. >> okay. >> jimmy: there we go. you know, i wish they had a hug feature on skype right now, lance. thank you. lance bass, everyone. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: we have some great guests on the show tonight. jennifer lopez is here. mark wahlberg is here. not only will tonight's show be entertaining, it's going to be educational too thanks to our friend "science bob" pflugfelder. this is from science bob's work on past shows. he makes things explode, he lit me on fire, he blew up some pumpkins, he launched a bunch of ping-pong balls everywhere. he made a giant mushroom cloud inside our studio. so tonight we thought it would be a good idea to put him outside, at least for the beginning of the show. say hello to "science bob" pflugfelder, everyone. hello, bob. applause ] when we come back from the break, you are going to miraculously spray that beer all over hollywood, is that correct? >> yeah, we've got a high frequency ultrasonic medical equipment cleaner. >> jimmy: of course you do. now, grab the guy dressed as sponge bob so he can mop up
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>> jimmy: hello, welcome back. mark wahlberg, jennifer lopez, and "science bob" pflugfelder are on the way. you know, tomorrow marks the return of arnold schwarzenegger. "the last stand," his movie, opens in theaters tomorrow. this is arnold's first major acting role since "terminator 3," if you don't count ten years of pretending he didn't know the
11:50 pm
maid's kid. he plays a small town sheriff. there are a lot of small town sheriffs are thick austrian accents. especially in arizona. you see it all the time. it sounds like an impossible mission, but arnold doesn't know the meaning of impossible. literally, he has no idea what words mean. this is the poster for the movie. look at johnny knoxville, he looks like he wasn't told. and how phallic is that machine gun too? good for him. he's starring in an action movie at 64 years old. his new catch phrase, by the way, it's "i'll be back problems." here's something if you're in collier county florida. the fish & wildlife commission are looking for a 100-pound grizzly bear cub that is on the loose. the bear escaped from a residence on tuesday morning. apparently someone's pet. turns out it's illegal to own a grizzly bear in florida.
11:51 pm
in florida, all bad ideas are legal. the authorities told local residents if they run into the bear, they should clap their hands loudly and yell bear go home. for real. the idea being the bear will think you're an idiot and leave you alone? really? bear go home, that works? for a care bear maybe. [ laughter ] usually the only thing that happens when you clap your hands in florida is the lights go out. so if you do live in florida, move. [ laughter ] let's check back with science bob and his beer fountains out on hollywood boulevard. science bob, what is that device you have? >> well, jimmy, scientists like to look at the world a little differently. some people would see this as an ultrasonic medical instrument cleaner. i kind of think it would make a really great beer dispensing device. >> and just for the audience's sake, this is your real voice, this is not a character you're doing. >> that's true, that's true. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, let's do it. >> so what we're going to do is
11:52 pm
basically going to send a 40 kilohertz ultrasonic wave through the water, that's going to transfer over to the bottles, create these very high frequency vibrations, which will then create a bunch of nucliation sites. >> jimmy: this sounds like don king wrote your dialogue. all right, here we go. >> all right, just going to push this little button here. >> jimmy: wow! wow! [ applause ] that is not a practical way to dispense beer. did you get any in the glass? all right. you got some foam. is this the closest you ever got to going to spring break, bob? >> yeah, maybe, yeah. >> jimmy: science bob is going to do all kinds of stuff. we're going to have a flame tornado here in the studio. [ applause ] don't get excited because no one goes home with their eyebrows
11:53 pm
tonight. [ laughter ] one more thing. it's thursday night, it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> remember that, 7 years ago, lance armstrong denying outright that he [ bleep ] himself. >> savannah has been [ bleep ] a lot of major male stars. >> it's part of the job. >> notre dame is now notre [ bleep ] to some people. >> jennifer lopez told a much younger boyfriend to [ bleep ] a woman his own age. >> some girls back in london, alex, stephanie, and pippa who found me first [ bleep ] onstage. >> the biggest [ bleep ]. >> definitely ryan seacrest. >> but you said to go ahead with the plan, no matter how hard you [ bleep ] me. >> one in five teenage girls admit to [ bleep ]. >> nine pounds! what more proof do you need?
11:54 pm
stop [ bleep ] with me. >> megan has sucked the [ bleep ] out of this once again. >> terry? >> silly [ bleep ]? >> that's it. >> i'm not going to [ bleep ] you when you want know [ bleep ] you. i'm going to [ bleep ] you when i want to [ bleep ] you. >> as my granny said, if it's broke, [ bleep ] it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: jennifer lopez is here, "science bob" pflugfelder is here. we'll be right back with mark wahlberg. stick around. [ male announcer ] is it possible applebee's new entrees are full of flavor and under 550 calories each? i'll believe it when i taste it. i believe it! i can dig it! [ male announcer ] ok, a bit of an overreaction, but... uh oh...what now? ♪ ah, the old great taste, under 500 calories flash mob bit.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program, an enormously popular entertainer. she has a new movie called "parker" opening one week from tomorrow. jennifer lopez is here. and then, we will have fun with physics, and chemistry, too. science bob pflugfelder is here to blow everything up! we have a special show for you tomorrow night. i think you will like it, and we've got a nice lineup for you next week, too, with julie bowen, naomi watts, leann rimes, nicki minaj, from "girls" allison williams, music from gin wigmore, and -- apparently former a-list movie star, matt damon, will be here. i hope to apologize. that will be next thursday night. our first guest is a former
12:00 am
musician turned oscar-nominated actor. he is a friend to porn stars and teddy bears alike. you can currently see him starting tomorrow night as disgraced cop turned private eye billy taggart in the new thriller, "broken city." please welcome mark wahlberg. >> break it down, break it down. wait, wait wait. ♪ you got the touch you got the power yeah! after all is said and done you never walk you never run
12:01 am
you're at your best when the going gets rough it's never enough ♪ >> all right, i forgot the words. but it was 16 years ago. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that was a personal request from me, and i appreciate it. >> you know, i knew that there was an original, when paul thomas anderson sent me the song, he actually sent me the original along with the lyrics, and i was like this is really bad. >> jimmy: for those who have no idea what's going on and just think oh, my god, that's just a terrible song. it's an intentionally terrible song from "boogie nights." >> i don't think it was for the original. >> jimmy: i think you're right. i figured that was a song that was written specifically in intentionally badly for "boogie nights." >> i did, too. they brought me into the studio, they were like we know you can't sing, so try to sing it as good
12:02 am
as you possibly can. so seriously, we're in the studio for hours. like dude, it's supposed to be bad. he's like no, but it has to be your good version of bad. >> jimmy: did you explain that you were a platinum selling recording artist and perhaps they should step back a moment? >> i was trying to distance myself from my music. but not like that. >> jimmy: i see. you were just in boston for the premiere of the movie. >> yes. >> jimmy: which i would imagine is an overwhelming experience every time you're there. >> it gets a little crazy when you go home. >> jimmy: especially in boston. >> different reasons, yes. >> jimmy: every guy i know from boston has the same story about going back to boston, and there's this kind of hostile embrace that goes on. like we're happy to see you, but we'd be more happy if you were still here suffering. [ laughter ] >> that is sad, but true. >> jimmy: you have a restaurant there, wahlbergers, right? two restaurants. >> and we're now filming the
12:03 am
docuseries pilot about building a family business starring my mother, my brother paul, various different relatives, cousins, nieces, nephews. and of course, it wouldn't be hit without nacho. >> jimmy: your good friend nacho that you brought here on the show. he's an eating machine. >> we shot a pilot for nacho and we have a deal with youtube about him doing his own series, but we had to have him on wahlbergers. he ate four giant double deckers in less than eight minutes. [ laughter ] you don't know until you see the double deckers. >> jimmy: was he trying to break the record or was he just eating? >> yes. he was trying to get paid. but we actually gave him the bill for the first time. he paid for the burgers, too. >> jimmy: how does that work? do you have all the old friends from the neighborhood coming into the restaurant expecting to eat for free? >> yeah, they do, but it doesn't happen. you cannot run a successful business by giving everything away for free. >> jimmy: you can't. it's a very bad idea. is there a sign, or do they have
12:04 am
to tell them? >> it's an unwritten rule. you just deter them from even interesting the premises. >> jimmy: nacho when he was here the last time i think drank several cups of hot sauce. >> he actually broke the world record for drinking the most tobasco. >> jimmy: it was a horrible thing to see. >> after consuming two golf ball sizes of wasabi. he had done it before. but nobody believed him. jimmy had his own tobasco. but then we didn't have the "guinness book of world records" here to officially witness it, so we'll have to do it again. he doesn't mind. that's what he does. as long as you don't mind him blowing out your bathroom like he did the last time. they wanted to send me the plumbing bill. >> jimmy: you produced this movie in addition to starring in the movie. is it different producing a movie -- is it different from producing a television show? you do many television shows. >> well, for me, fortunately we started producing in television first, so now we have been able to really adapt to the different
12:05 am
economic climate right now. everybody, especially in hollywood, is crying poverty. what we've done is decided -- in television, you have less time and you have less money to produce material. so what we do is we've just churned all the excess and we figured we've done it like they used to do guerrilla films and independent films of the '70s and '80s. >> jimmy: why wouldn't they do that in the first place? >> exactly. if we did it with the studio there is one of those in between adult crime thrillers, so they would try to control what we do. they want to clang tending. they want my character to -- they want him to run away with a girl and just change the story. and we wanted to make a real story. so what we decided to do on top of making it independently so we have creative control is we'd hire a bunch of my friends to be in scenes. >> jimmy: always a good idea. >> but we wouldn't tell them what we were doing. so one particular scene, my character falls off the wagon, he realizes that his girlfriend, who is an actress in the movie,
12:06 am
they go to the premiere, and she's having this really hardcore sex scene. i hope the tv in my dressing room is mute sod d so my kids a hearing. this i lose it. i basically choke the guy in the scene with my girlfriend, and then i hire my friends to basically stand in different parts of the street and i would just attack them. [ laughter ] and i was ripping grates off of store fronts, throwing garbage barrels into the street. we went into a store and i threw the beer off the windshield, but it was my own rental car, driven by my assistant. but the p kos frecops freaked o. they pulled our permits. new york city you used to be able to do what you want. when they had a corrupt mayor, you could do whatever you want. i had to basically call the mayor's office, apologize to get our permits back so we could finish shooting in new york. >> jimmy: that's not right. you should shoot in boston. they'll let you do whatever you
12:07 am
want. >> they won't let me do anything in boston. >> jimmy: you're going to have to go to another country. bottom line, it seems dangerous to be one of your friends, just in general. >> i didn't tell them anything that was going to happen. some of the guys were in "fighter," they were also in scenes where we boxed, but we had gloves. this was just bare knuckles. >> jimmy: you did beat the crap out of those guys. it was funny. i thought that looks really real. it was actually real. >> how else are you going to make it different? >> jimmy: we have a clip of the movie. i don't think it needs to be set up, actually. take a look. it's called "broken city." >> ahh! come on!
12:08 am
>> jimmy: that is "broken city." it opens in theaters on friday. and you have a special treat for our audience here tonight, i know. >> yes, we actually have tickets for every single person in the audience if they want to. [ cheers and applause ] after the taping of the show, walk across the street to man's chinese theater to actually see the movie. >> jimmy: don't leave right away, okay? we'll be right back with jennifer lopez. >> popcorn's on jimmy. >> jimmy: mark wahlberg. we'll be right back.
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>> jimmy: science bob will be here to experiment on us. long before there was cee lo and lilo and play doh, there was j-lo. 6 she's a successful movie, music and tv star whom you can see dodging bullets alongside jason statham in the new action thriller, "parker."w3 >> people in palm beach are sharp, very sharp. people only come down here for one reason, money. i don't know what you're into, kidnapping, extortion, robbery. but whatever it is, you're going to need somebody who knows the territory, or you're gonna get
12:15 am
caught. >> take off your clothes. >> jimmy: "parker" opens in theaters january 25th. please say hello to jennifer lopez. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> thank you! >> jimmy: you look way better than mark wahlberg. that's for sure. >> thank you. that's a nice thing to say. >> jimmy: do you know mark wahlberg? >> i do. i mean, we know each other from over the years, yeah. >> jimmy: i always wondered, because there's this community of celebrities and you assume pretty much everyone knows each other. did you work together? >> we haven't ever worked together. we're talking about working together right now, actually. >> jimmy: i hope i didn't interrupt that. >> no, no. not at all. it's fine. >> jimmy: take me through your day. what is a typical day for you? what time do you get up in the morning? today, for instance. >> well, i have twins, so they get up around 7:00.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: that's not too bad. it could be worse. >> it was worse for a long time, but now it's a little better. it's 7:00 and they come in and wake me up and i go down -- >> jimmy: you don't say go to the nanny's room? i'm sleeping. >> sometimes. if i'm working. if i had worked late the night before, i will definitely be like help! somebody. >> jimmy: they go on tour with you, right? >> they went on tour with me, yeah. we were on tour for like seven months. they did amazing, by the way. >> jimmy: did they like that? >> they did. it's like mommy, when are we going to the venue? >> jimmy: when we're onstage, do they want you? sometimes when we have bands here, the kids want to run out onstage. >> absolutely. max, my boy. my daughter is watching every step, she loves to dance, she loves the singing, the sparkles. it's a lot of sparkles. but my son, he's like mommy! and all i see is -- [ mouthing mommy ] because i can't hear him. i'm trying to wave back.
12:17 am
by the way, heartbreaking. i can't look at him. >> jimmy: it's got to be bad because you can't leave in the middle of the song. >> no, i can't. >> jimmy: so who takes care of them? your mom travels with you? >> my mom traveled with me this time, because we in september and they were going to be missing school. even though it's preschool, i kind of want them to be ready. all the other kids are doing preschool. they do school from 2 years old. i didn't want them to be left behind. so my mom was a kindergarten teacher for like 20 years. >> jimmy: that's perfect. >> she would be so madonna if i add years. for a long time. she came out on the road with us and she was helping them. >> jimmy: is it good to have teacher mom? >> it is. i mean, i wasn't -- i think it would have been awful if she was a teacher when i was in school. >> jimmy: she wasn't? >> no, i had just kind of left eighth grade and she went into that school and started teaching. my sister, unfortunately, got caught in that. >> jimmy: were you a good student? >> i was. i was a good girl.
12:18 am
>> jimmy: you were good? you played sports and stuff like that? >> i did. i ran track. i was very good. yes. i was. i actually get made fun of because i always bring up that i used to run track. i'm very proud of the fact. i won a bunch of medals and trophies. but i was like 11 years old. >> jimmy: do you save those things, or now do they mean nothing to you? >> no, i'm always looking for these trophies. i'm like where are the trophies? >> jimmy: you mom didn't save them? >> no, she didn't. and my dad, i'm like are they at your house? he's like i have some of them i think maybe in a box somewhere. >> jimmy: you should put a price on them. like $10,000 for the ribbons. >> i bet you those things would show up so fast. >> jimmy: do the kids have contract writers of their own? like i must have juice boxes with the straws inserted into them before, that sort of thing? >> absolutely. no. i mean, we always have what they need there, like we always have to have two beds, two little
12:19 am
beds for them. >> jimmy: do they understand that you're working or do they think mommy just goes dancing every night? [ laughter ] >> it will be interesting when i go up -- when they grow up. when i grow up. freudian slip. >> jimmy: have you been watching "american idol"? >> i didn't. i missed it, i was out last night. >> jimmy: you should never ask it, because everyone's going to ask you about it all the time. the best thing you can do is say i haven't seen it. so don't watch it the whole season. >> i won't. >> jimmy: but it must be a miserable thing going around to those cities and listening to all theñi auditionsñi and just sitting through that. >> no, it wasn't miserable. i really enjoyed it. and anybody who watches the show could see that i enjoyed it. i don't know. there was just something about that show that is really inspiring and fun. and just getting to mentor the kids. i really had a good time with it. >> jimmy: do you miss sharing scarves with steven tyler? >> i do. i do. i really do. >> jimmy: is he somebody you knew before you wound up doing the show?
12:20 am
>> i didn't. i met him through the show. and the minute that we met, it was -- and ryan, and even randy as well, we just had like an instant chemistry. >> jimmy: now everyone likes each other on that show. you'll never know. trust me on this one, they don't like each other at all. now this is your first movie since "american idol." >> yes. >> jimmy: and jason statham is in it. you play who in the movie? >> i play leslie, a real estate agent in palm beach. a little bit down and out on her luck. just divorced. you know, pushing 40, like she says in the movie. >> jimmy: could you imagine how many houses you would actually sell if you were a real estate agent? just the bus benches alone would be stolen and taken to people's homes. >> i don't know. i didn't sell any in this movie. no luck in this movie. >> jimmy: that's hollywood for you. it's not very realistic. but it was fun to make? it was fun to be back doing that? >> it was amazing. i got to work with taylor
12:21 am
hackford, an amazing director. jason statham, who is so incredible at what he does. i don't know, we just had an amazing time. >> jimmy: he made you take off your clothes in the movie, as we saw in the clip. >> not all of them, but enough to make me very uncomfortable. >> jimmy: were you uncomfortable about that? >> my heart was beating out of my chest. it was awful. >> jimmy: why? just embarrassment of the whole thing? >> imagine if you just took off yourok clothes right now and al these cameras and everything. [ cheers and applause ] you could hear a pin drop. and it's like everybody knows it's coming. >> jimmy: no, no, if you were taking off your clothes, you would be able to hear a pin drop. if i were to take off myñr clothes, everyone would be running to the movie. >> no, but it was really nerve racking. >> jimmy: well, it's great to meet you, great to have you here. you've not been here before. i'm very excited. jennifer lopez. "parker" opens in theaters january 25th. we'll be right back with "science bob" pflugfelder. to the best vacation spot on earth.
12:22 am
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>> jimmy: in ancient times, our next guest would have been burned at the stake as a witch. he is a chemistry teacher by day, and maker of explosions by night. please welcome "science bob" pflugfelder. hello, how are you? well, let's get right into it, shall we? we've got balloons here. or at least they look like balloons to me. >> we're going to do a little demo on the density of gases. >> jimmy: okay. >> for example, i've got a balloon here that's filled with helium. people ask will helium kill brain cells? helium itself won't, but it's the lack of oxygen that could get to you. so my advice is unless you're really familiar with these and their effects, just breathe air. so helium, which by the way is six times lighter than air, if we breathe this in, it will tend to make your voice very high, which is a lot of fun. it turns out that helium kind of favors the high side of your voice. >> jimmy: you didn't need this, by the way. >> i know. [ laughter ]
12:28 am
now, this balloon is filled with sulfur hexafluoride. i like to call this helium's evil twin. feel the balloon. it's actually heavier. >> jimmy: it is heavier. it's got a thing on it. >> because it's six times heavier than air, it will have an opposite effect. it will enhance the timbre side of your voice. >> jimmy: it will make your voice lower. well hello now. it's weird. the guy from ""silence of the lambs."" let me take a little more. this is cnn.
12:29 am
maybe we should take this before we go on the show. i sound like a woman trying to sound like a man. >> that's it. >> jimmy: oh wow. that's something else, yeah. all right. my voice is coming back. all right, great. nice. we got to hear how this sounds. just take a little bit. >> hello, how you doing? [ laughter ] hi, everybody okay. >> jimmy: that's like guilleo's testicles descended. all right, what else should we do? >> let's do something with fire. we're going to -- in nature, there's this phenomenon called fire tornados. >> jimmy: never heard of that. >> there's fires going on, there's a lot of air moving around, sometimes that creates a vortex and the fire gets caught in it and you actually get a
12:30 am
tornado out of fire. >> jimmy: that sounds terrifying. >> it is, yeah. i decided to come up with a way to kind of create a small fire tornado right here in the studio. >> jimmy: all right, great. >> i've got these cotton balls here, and they are soaked in a flammable liquid, and then around it is the screen, which actually isn't going to protect us, but create the vortex -- >> jimmy: why isn't there anything to protect us? >> it should be all right. >> jimmy: seems like that might be a great idea. >> i'm going to light this. this is a switch that's going to get this thing turning. >> jimmy: should i do it now? >> i'll get it lit. >> jimmy: i'll do it now. >> there it's going. just a plain everyday fire. hit that switch. that will start this turning around. there it goes. and then we can adjust the speed here. >> jimmy: this would be great for the outdoors. oh, look at that. [ cheers and applause ] some spinning marshmallows.
12:31 am
it's like we're being haunted. you know what it's kind of like? it feels like that's our soul or something. [ laughter ] it's somehow escaped from our body and entered that cylinder. and people can do this at home, right? >> i wouldn't recommend it. >> jimmy: it will go down on its own. that's a fun part, too. all right, all right. [ applause ] what else can we do? >> well, we've got big football games coming up this sunday. and so i just thought i'd show you a little bit about how i might distribute chips at a football party. >> jimmy: okay, good. >> we don't need these anymore. we've got something set up here. >> jimmy: what's your favorite team? >> oh, boy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're not watching the football game, are you, bob? >> i was raised on the jets. >> jimmy: okay, raised on the jets. but you're in boston, though,
12:32 am
right? >> yes, i am. gets a little tricky. >> jimmy: the jets are not in it anymore. >> that's true. let me scoot this out here. so be careful. these balloons are filled with hydrogen. >> jimmy: so i should suck it? >> no. this is extremely flammable. >> jimmy: i've never said that to a man before. or a woman for that matter. why did you just hand me an extremely flammable balloon and a lighter? >> you can leave that alone. that's fine there. >> jimmy: all right. >> we've got some pringles cans here. they're filled with chips. i've rigged these hydrogen balloons up so that they will distribute the hydrogen into the cans. and then i've drilled a hole on the bottom, which is now the top. and what we're going to do is get the hydrogen in there, and then we're going to light these similar to candles, and then we're basically going to cause the hydrogen and oxygen to mix and create rocket fuel. >> jimmy: this is something you thought of? >> well, yeah.
12:33 am
it's fun. >> jimmy: well, it is fun. >> first step is you're going to spin that little knob there. that's going to release the hydrogen. churn that. >> jimmy: i hear it. >> this is going to purge the air from the cans. >> jimmy: okay. so it's replacing the air in the cans with the hydrogen. >> as soon as these balloons go down, we're going to pull this contraption out and then we're going to go ahead and then light the top. >> jimmy: these never work, though, do they? oh, this one does. >> all right. here we go. you can go ahead and start lighting those. >> jimmy: just right at the hole? >> at the top. >> jimmy: light it now, huh? is it lit? >> it's almost an invisible flame. there you go. you got it. now what's happening is the hydrogen is burning. you barely see it. oxygen is coming in. when we get to this critical mix
12:34 am
of hydrogen and oxygen -- >> jimmy: that happens. whoa! wow! [ cheers and applause ] oh, my goodness! let's look at the replay here. see it again. that is one of the best things i think i've ever seen. [ applause ] you got so mix some dip in there next time. well, that's pretty fantastic. thank you so much, bob. "science bob" pflugfelder. find out more about science bob on his website we'll be right back.


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