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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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stanning, a lot of support so this is the final check on the list. >> amber has her ticket to the ceremony in hand. she's been planning this trip since two days after the election. >> to see the inauguration and see it live, and to be included in a large group of people who are here and excited is amazing. >> tourism officials say between 600,000 and 800,000 people are expected to converge in the area over the weekend. it will add up to about $50 million in revenue during a slow time of the year. >> when you think of washington, d.c. it is not a traditional period where we have a lot of business. this is a positive thing for the city and the economy. >> the wrights flu in from
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florida. >> we -- flew in from florida. >> we're excited to be here and engage in an american tradition. >> despite all the people coming to town, there are still open hotel rooms. occupancy ratings are about 70% right now they were 90% four years ago. you can expect to see deals out there this weekend. reporting live in northwest washington suzanne kennedy. >> now as businesses prepare for a busy three days the transit is getting ready for >> the rush is on already as hundreds of people are inside trying to transform this convention center into a three-story party place. they have three days left to get ready for tens of thousands of party goers. in 2009, the president and the first lady appeared at 10 narble
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balls. >> the president will dance at all three levels. >> the top floor is reserved for the commander in chief ball and the only place you will see the presidential sale. one floor down it is set for the kids narble -- inaugural concert. >> brad paisley, jennifer hudson smoky robinson, and usher. >> and many more. >> there's about 475 square feet. >> they will try to catch a glimpse of the first couple. >> if they are here on time they will see the president and the first lady and the vice president. >> they will have to show their ticket multiple times. >> thank you very much. >> while back inside their wallets may open and close a few
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times for left prices for souvenirs prices. >> what are you looking for? >> something different. >> did you find everything you are looking for? >> this is a nice button so i will get this one. no the buttons sell for $2.50 a piece. if aunt poster of the president that's $100. if you don't have a ticket for the first time you can watch what is going on happen inside on your smartphone via live screen. >> there's an at at for that, right? on, you can find a guide to navigate the inauguration. coming up at 6:00, we're going take a look at some of the hotel deals that are still available, by the way. >> right now, we're following breaking news from bethesda.
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chopper 7 is over an incident that has traffic backed up for miles. this is happening in the northbound lanes near montrose road. you can expect those delays to last for some time on this friday evening commute. >> let's turn to the weather. there was a day of mixed emotions outdoors. the sun returned but looks are deceiving because it is cold out there. what can we expect this holiday weekend heading into the inauguration? doug hill has the forecast. >> over the next couple of days will be the nicest day of the bunch will be tomorrow. clear skies out the weather center. the daylight hours are extended a little bit each day. here we are at 5:04. clear skies, 36 in woodbridge. current temperature right now at 35 in luxing on the park. 32 in gaithersburg and hagerstown. 42 in fredericksburg.
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we will drop into the upper 20's later this evening. 19 to 29 overnight. a beautiful day tomorrow. things change a bit on sunday. by inauguration day it will feel just like winter and probably look like winter. i will explain in a couple of minutes. >> the search is on tonight for two men accused of breaking into a home and killing a woman as she slept. warrants have been issued for christopher and dough las tolliver. jeff goldberg joins us from the scene and more on the investigation. >> prince william county police are want looking for a third man in connection to this crime. in this small mobile home park behind me everyone knows each other and they can't believe tasheka leavell is gone. the husband of tasheka leavell
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is comforted by family members after she was shot and killed in their home in dumb fridays. >> she was yelling for help. >> a neighbor ran outside right after the shooting. >> i was shocked. >> i devastated and shocked. >> tasheka leavell, 35 years old was shot multiple times just before 3:30 thursday morning on the home on washington street. they are looking for two suspects wanted for the crime christopher tolliver and his brother, douglas tolliver. both have criminal histories and christopher tolliver lives a few houses away. >> they have had altercations in the past and we believe they stem from those encounters. >> she work at the waffle house as long as the ihop. >> she was in a good mood.
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>> friends say she did not seem to bother anyone. >> she was friendly. >> leaving them with one question why? >> may she rest in peace. >> police say the suspects may have been driving a red chevrolet cruze with maryland plates but they don't have any numbers for that plates. tips continue to come in and investigators are checking out all of them be still, no arrests. >> we're following a developing story coming out of algeria tonight. one american hostage was found dead after the natural gas plant. secretary of state urged military forces to preserve american lives as they worked to free the hostages. >> police in philadelphia have arrested a man they say through
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a woman on the subway track. a surveillance camera caught it on tape. he walks up to a woman sitting on a bench. he asks for a lighter and then attacks her. she pulled herself to safety and william clark is charged with aggravated assault and robbery. governor o'malley is laying out his plans for addressing gun violence. he is set to hold a summit where he will discuss a ban on military-style assault weapons. we've been looking into the governor's new plans and we'll have more on what will entail at 6:00. >> prosecutors are trying to paint a picture of a try yants in john leopold's trial. he is accused of using police,
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including for sexual exploits. brad bell joins us with what we learned today. brad? >> the official charges are misconduct but as you said, it boils down to the allegations that john leopold used police and executive staff to do campaign and personal chores. we learned how personal they were. patricia was an executive assistant to john leopold. in testimony today, she described it as a miserable job. she was force today get on her hands and knees to empty his catheter bag of urine for several months. she said the testimony is hard to hear. >> it is personal for me to see her describe her fear. >> she was the first witness for
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the state. she also told the judge who is an absence of a jury will decide the case that he ordered his protective detail police officer to tear down campaign signs. those cops also had to drive him to parking lots twice a week to meet a woman that this sort of 911 caller reported seeing in 2009. >> i'm seeing activity in a car and it does not look proper. it looks like sexual activity. >> the lawyers did not deny the allegations but say they are not crimes. they showed a spinal m.r.i. image and after two back surgeries he needed a little help from his staff but she says she sees it differently. >> i hope justice prevails. >> when that assistant was asked why she didn't refuse to do the medical chore, she said it was
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her experience that you don't say no to the man. she was afraid she would lose her job. this trial is expected to take as much as two weeks. >> thank you, brad. still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00. a woman attacked while walking away from the metro is alive thanks to brave women and good timing. we tell you the story that ends with the suspect in handcuffs. >> just because there is no snow, does not mean there is no mess. >> lance armstrong has come clean on his drug use. now some are demanding that he takes the next step. >> those revealing body scanners at the airport are being removed
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>> one of the most despised is being removed from airports. >> they could not past the privacy problems. but that does not mean all the scandals are going away. natasha barrett is live at the airport with what to expect next time you go to the airport.
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>> right now, 6 of them have been removed from airports nationwide. 174 to go, including the ones here at dulles airport. before all that happens, the new and improved onces have to be installed. the company that makes the body scanners used at dulles airport and nationwide could make passenger images less revealing. now the administration will remove the naked image scaners at all airport. the company loses its $5 million contract with the government and must pay to remove the scaners. >> if you're a frequent flyer like i am, you want to maintain a high degree of security. >> the machines will be replaced with in body scanners that must have privacy software. 60 new scanners will be installed this month and next month. >> it does not matter that someone can see my body for a
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split minute or something. >> it is more about security for you? >> yes. >> t.s.a. released this statement today. "by june 2013 travelers will only see machines which have a.t.r. that allow for faster throughput. this means faster lanes for the traveler and enhansed security. as always, use of this technology is optional." >> i don't mind as long as the flights are secure. >> the t.s.a. have not given us a date when the old scanners will go here at dulles and the new ones will come in, we just know by june it will be done. >> thank you. prince george's emergency personnel are mourning the loss of a canine officer. thunder died today after a battle of cancer. the dog served with the department for nine years before being retired in suspect.
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they call thunder a dedicated partner and a beloved family pet. >> it is the confession that has the cycle world reeling tonight. >> yes or no, in all seven of your tour de france victories did you take banned substances or blood dope? >> no. >> that was part one of his interview with oprah winfrey where he came clean about using performance-enhancing drugs. he still has a long way to go in a rec sill yation process. they are asking hip to confess to bring an end to this. the second part of the interview airs tonight. >> for our area the past 24 hours represents that snow that wasn't. all around us there was plenty of snow to be found. take a look at central north carolina where a few inches of
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snow meant that schools were canceled. at the university of alabama students took advantage of rare snow with a massive snowball fight. we have a few of those when we had our blizzard at dupont circle. >> we will again. >> we will. >> we saw the dry air scoop down on the radar and there was no chance. it was pushed way to the south. >> it was nice to finally get some sun. >> temperatures in the 30's and a beautiful start to the weekend. let's get a look up north from the metro area. at the greens there, the time-lapse with cloud cover. it was sunshine all day, breezy and chilly weather. nice crisp january conditions. temperatures plummet tonight. 34 in burke. the winds are calm at the
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moment. dew point temperatures are in the low teens. air temperatures in some area overnight tonight. it will be clear and cold maybe closer to 29 degrees in the city. when you wake up in the morning, here's the temperature maps of canada to show there are plenty of arctic air. there has been no method in the air to allow the icy air to gettysburg south of the canadian border. guess what, come monday night and tuesday morning the gate will open and allow for a few days of for the cold air you to sink. we're jumping to tuesday highs only in the upper 20's. that a dramatic change. 37 in washington. 38 in charleston. 33 in detroit. what's going to happen is the high pressure shifts tomorrow. we're going to be warmer
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tomorrow with a full day of sunshine. mild for the day on sunday. that is advancing of the cold, cold weather in the northeast. we have little way of cloudiness as the high pressure is widespread. our futurecast shows high pressure shifting to the carolinas and that will turn the winds back to the southwest. we'll be in the upper 40's with sunshine. on sunday, a little minor disturbance will give us added clouds. we'll be in the mid 40's sunday afternoon. temperatures drop sunday night. on monday, a stronger blast is coming a reinforcing blast from the midwest. what will happen on monday for the inauguration and all the actives, high will only be in the mid 30's. as the evening and the nighttime hours, we've got snow squalls, gusty winds and the temperatures will plummet for a few days
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after that. here's the start of the weekend. sunny and cold in the morning. the next seven days the temperatures go up. there's a 30% chance of showers or snow flurries on monday. then the cold comes tuesday and wednesday. we'll warm up just a bit by next friday. check out we have a blog, a detailed look of the inauguration day weather. check it out and it will give you all the details on what to expect. it won't tell you what to wear. >> very good. thank you very much. >> coming up, a train theft being called into the question. what authorities believe to cause this train to derail? >> first a look at lack of snow
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>> the shift in weather that saved us from snow but led to another problem salty roads. >> we take a look at the problem that actually dates back a couple of years. >> all you have to do is walk around d.c. to find trace of salt for the snow that never came. it is everywhere. unused because it never snowed
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in d.c. officials wouldn't tell us how much salt they used but we found workers busy making sure the streets were coated. >> i did not want to come to work today. >> you heard right. the california girl even got superstitious. >> blame it on who? >> the weather man. >> if you were watching the pattern there was a chance it would slide by. >> she is from new york and that makes her an expert. >> two, three inches is nothing. >> our own experts say we're below average when it comes to snow. >> we may have to wait until february maybe early march for another chance of snowstorms. >> grass is green, sun is out, no snow in the forecast. >> trying to stay warm. >> that leaves a chill in the air. so cold this woman who now lives
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here decided to make a fashion statement. >> it is hard to explain because, i mean it is a little disappointing. >> i know you're wondering about the hat, so i asked. and i tried it. >> whatever you do, don't go red. taking it too far. >> that is an interesting look. all right, switching gears and coming up here an abc 7 news at 5:00. an elderly woman attacked as she leaves a grocery store. police are hoping this video will lead to an arrest. >> after the tragedy in sandy hook donations are coming in from around the nation. where that goodwill is putting too good use. >> stomach students are being called -- some students are
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>> so tonight two catholic students are being hailed as heroes after being in the right place at the right time. >> their bravery might have saved a woman's life. this started with an attack in northwest washington. jennifer donelan joins us now with what happened next. jennifer? >> this begans a woman was coming home from work. she arrived here at the metro
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station and walking home when a man began to follow her. ed a two catholic university students had not been there this could have been a different story. >> i just got back from class and i heard someone screaming, help me, help me. >> that is what they heard as pulling up to their apartment. >> she did the right thing by saying help. >> i saw something moving in the shadows and someone was on top of a girl -- i didn't know it was a girl at the time -- he -- he was beating her. >> it was scary. we didn't know what he was going to do to her, he was dragging her. >> a woman was walking home when a man groped her from behind. she got away. once she got to 14th street the man reappeared and knocked her
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to the ground. >> he was puncher her in her ribs on both sides. >> the students screamed stop. >> we got to her she had dirt all over her face her clothing was ripped. >> the two noticed a man stumbling outside and noticed -- asked the victim if that was the attacker. >> she walked back outside and the man who appeared drunk sat down and the police arrived and he was arrested. >> i have flash backs of seeing this. it was scary. >> this attack happened around 6:00 p.m. in the evening. so it was just getting dark. we're told by sources that the man arrested was 22 years old and he has been charged with a third der sexual assault charge.
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i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> good for them for taking action. the outpouring of support in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. it has been so big that newtown had to set up committee to figure out what to do with all donations. today, joe lieberman praises the spirit in the wake of the tragedy. >> i believe the values, the strength the unity of this community has really touched the world. >> so lieberman is not a member of the group sorting out the donations but he will be working with the people of newtown to keep the community updated on their process. >> police are on the lookout for two men who killed a woman in her mobile home in dumfries.
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christopher and dough las tolliver are accused of shooting tasheka leavell multiple times. both brothers have criminal histories including drug and gun charges. >> the t.s.a. are pulling the plug on their controversial full body scaners. this is after the company would not resolve privacy issues with the scaners. new scaners will be installed and that they include privacy software. >> the tourists are coming in for next week's inauguration. officials are expecting anywhere between 600,000 to 800,000 people. between hotels and restaurants eaks attraction that means about $50 million in revenue for the city. >> the president and the first lady took time out to celebrate the first lady's birthday. the president and mrs. obama were spotted eating out in georgetown along with some friends. the celebration was the first
5:34 pm
public outing for michelle obama spotting her new hair do. she got bangs. >> is that all she got? >> probably a little more. she turned 49, by the way. here's president obama with his new look too. this is his new official portrait from a picture snapped on december 6. a big broad smile is a bit of departure from is solemn look from 2009. >> the hostage crisis playing out in algeria are having several stories of courage. we talked to diane sawyer about it. >> hello. happy friday. we now you have updates on the scary flu epidemic. >> we may have something new to
5:35 pm
report. >> we apologize that is from another day. we'll have more where "world news" after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the tricks of the wedding industry revealed and things to look out for to keep from being overcharged on "20/20." >> the price of flowers can change depending on what the bride drives. >> it comes on at 10:00 after "last man standing." we are back later at abc 7 news at 11:00. let's get a check on the traffic situation. jerry is here with the details. >> we're looking at 270 northbound and still watching the police activity with the three right lanes blocked. this has been going on for over
5:36 pm
an hour so we're seeing big delays not only on 270 but also on the 270 beltway and the delays are on the beltway in virginia near route 7. outer loop not immune with delays around connecticut avenue. northbound on i-270 before montrose road. three right lanes blocked. expect this to be around for a good part of the drive. 95 northbound to virginia is now clear and travel lanes begin but delays begin as you head out of quantico. >> have a good weekend. we want to update on a story that we showed you yesterday. this was on tuesday. we were told a woman stole this train before driving it a mile or so then crashing it.
5:37 pm
now investigators say the woman accidentally started the train while cleaning it. she is hospitalized with serious injuries but she's expected to pull through. >> coming up at 5:00. a family is trying to rebuild their home after hurricane sandy and runs into red tape. why they couldn't cash the check for the damages until 7 on your side got involved. >> a woman attacked and robbed at a grocery store. >> coming up at 6:00. frequent fliers you may not be happy to learn about a spending requirement from delta. you have to shell out on tickets before you get the benefits and what can get you
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>> breaking news coming in from maryland. health officials are confirming a child has died from the flu. it is the first flu death of the season. because of privacy concerns no further information will be released on the child. we'll have a look at where the flu season stands at 6:00. >> a brutal attack on an elderly woman as she left the grocery
5:41 pm
store has struck fear in the community. >> stephen tschida has the surveillance video. >> you see it all go down. an elderly woman with her groceries, as she struggles with her bags a man walks up from behind. he scoped out the area. he returns this time gragging her and throwing the woman to the ground. >> you don't do that an an old lady. >> the man removed her cash and took off on foot. the attack has some women here frightened. >> i'm an elderly lady. >> this is a popular destination and they are shocked and worried. >> i did not think this would happen in this area. >> we should be able to shop and be safe. >> some who shop here change their habits after the attack. >> it is a big concern.
5:42 pm
nobody wants to be attacked. >> police are releasing the surveillance video in hopes that someone out there sees it recognizes the suspect and steers investigators to him before he hurts anyone else. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> bed bugs are rearing their ugly little heads again. where the problem is in the nation is and how our area
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>> millions felt the afetes of hurricane sandy. but one local family has run into a snag fixing up their beach home in north carolina. >> their bank won't endorse the insurance check so they can pay the repair bills. so we sent on your side on this story. >> hurricane sandy sent two feet of water surging into their beach house. from his pictures taken after the storm you can see the water
5:46 pm
line. fortunately, he had fema flood insurance and by late december, he had a check for the damage, a check he can't cash. >> so you're holding on to a check that you can't use? >> correct. it is frustratting. >> when he went to get the bank to endorse the check -- >> because i had paid the loan you have they had no interest in the property. so i can't get the check signed at anybody at wells fargo and i can't pay the contractors that did the work. >> he says he talked to 20 people at the bank even e-mailing the president, still no luck. >> i'm caught in the black hole of hurricane that is all the making -- bureaucracy that is all the making of wells fargo.
5:47 pm
>> this captures the moment that scott is waiting for. that is the bank manager endorsing the check. the bank said that after several steps they were able to make an exception to deposit the check as he wished. >> this is a big we leaf. so thank you for all your efforts i know i could not have gotten this done without you. >> there's a new report tonight showing d.c. has a growing bed bug problem. but we're far from the worst in the country. that is good, at least. the exterminator company ranked cities across the nation. the worst city, is chicago dolled any detroit then los angeles. >> manti te'o is being pushed to speak about his fake girlfriend.
5:48 pm
not only his girlfriend didn't die from leukemia but she never existed. notre dame is still backing te'o up. >> our investigators through their work were able to discover online chatter among the perpetrators. >> even if it turns out that he was part of the hoax he is unlikely to face any legal action. he did not break any laws lying to the media. >> you might remember tinafey's famous one-liners from the golden globes to stay away from michael j. fox's son. michael j. fox agrees. he said no because she writes songs about her relationships.
5:49 pm
>> a little girl in california is happy to be reunited with her mother who serves in the military. that was the screens a she surprised her daughter at school. she served a year-long deployment in afghanistan and the fifth grader wasn't expecting her mother to come home until next week. >> i missed everything about her, her voice, seeing her face every day. >> birthdays holidays, i missed everything for the whole year. it is time i can't make up but i will spend more time with them. >> she has another year of military service and then she hopes to watch her kids grow up in person. we join you in that hope as well. >> i hope they have a great weekend together. >> let's see coming coming up tonight at 6:00.
5:50 pm
>> gordon peterson is live with a look ahead. >> tonight at 6:00. he was once the outspoken new orleans mayor fighting for a city during hurricane katrina. we'll tell you why nagin is facing charges. the crowd is going to be smaller at the inauguration and that is having an impact at high-end hotels. we'll tell you how they are splitting up their over-the-top packages they are just not selling. we'll see you in a few minutes at 6:00. thank you for your attention. >> thank gordon. we're all paying attention to the sun today. >> nice to see that shiny thing in the sky today. >> very nice. right now 34 in arlington. skies are clearing and the winds are getting lighter and that is going to allow the temperatures
5:51 pm
to drop. 30 degrees in bowie with a high of 37. dew point temperatures, that is a critical reading when we try to get a gage on how low the temperatures will go tonight so we measure the moisture in the area. 35 in the district and the campus of george washington university. 30, it is dropping quickly in gaithersburg. 35 in annapolis. overnight, 19 to 28, that is the range of temperatures. we head through the day tomorrow, we're expecting nothing but sunshine. this high pressure that has cleared and it will shift to the south. that will allow temperatures to climb to the upper 40's. it will be warmer than today. that is good. a little bit background information on presidential inauguration history since they were held in january -- been a long time. the coldest was reagan's second
5:52 pm
inaugural what is president obama's second inaugural going to be like? well, temperatures in the 30's. a few flurries and a bitter blast comes in monday night. temperatures only in the upper 20's on tuesday. bitterly cold air just ahead. that is the latest. back to you. >> that is football weather. >> how about new england? the baltimore ravens are one win away from the super bowl. if you get that win, you get a free t-shirt, a new hat, and a ticket to the biggest game in sports. we asked ray lewis what if they pull this off? if they do, ray lewis plays in another nfl game, the super bowl. win it for ray. >> that's what you guys are
5:53 pm
saying. >> ray lewis has been the heart and soul of the ravens announced two weeks ago he will retire. >> for it to keep going it is awesome. i never slowed down. >> he missed two months with an arm injury but returned for the playoffs. any second thoughts? >> no. the kids are calling for daddy and it is a great reward to see what t sacrifice my babies have made for me. >> this sunday, with a sunday two weeks later will be it for ray lewis. oven -- the ravens are planning for the ladder. >> i want one. >> i don't have one, i want one. i want to show my kids i played in the super bowl. >> ray already has one.
5:54 pm
tiger woods played in his first tournament of 2013. in -- he ran into a problem. this is the second round, fifth hole and this is wide right. it will land just off the fairway. so tiger calls over his playing partner to look at it. they both agreed he could take a free drop. then hay asked an official to review it, two stroke penalty. tiger missed the cut by one after being penalized two strokes for that. tiger is on his way home. >> that is so unfair sometimes. >> he was paid $3 million to [
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>> as we prepare to honor dr.
5:58 pm
martin luther king jr. students are getting a lesson in history where in the same spot that history was made. >> we're at the steps of the lincoln memory youm. >> the fifth graders were in final rehearsal. ♪ for the nineth year the whole school was getting ready by singing songs and reciting his "i have a dream" speech. >> one day this nation will rise up. >> i have a dream that little black boys and black girls -- >> he really likes this. >> it has so much symbolism and it is a nice way to celebrate martin luther king's birthday. >> the kids look forward to it every year.
5:59 pm
>> people have been free from, you know, segregation but we're really not free because there is still hate in the world and stuff. ♪ >> perhaps that is part of the dream too for these kids, a chance to rise above hate in the company of great men. it was 150 years ago that lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation and 50 years ago from martin luther king's speech. a big day. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that sam. that is going to do it for us. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. first president obama and now governor martin o'malley is


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