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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2013 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. good morning, america. this morning, final assault. survivors of a hostage crisis talk about the terrifying moments before their dramatic rescue. forced to wear explosives, endure beatings, chaos before finally running for their lives. gun to the head. look at what happened right in the middle of a political speech. we're going to tell you how the speaker escaped with his life and what became of the gunman. bubble trouble. a 5-year-old girl suspended from school for threatening to shoot a friend with a hello kitty bubble gun. and it's inauguration 2.0.
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♪ you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream ♪ >> the celebrations have started. >> are you excited to be here for the inauguration? [ cheers ] >> but the burning question remains, what and who will the first lady be wearing? ♪ my heart stops good morning. >> burning question. everybody wants to know what she'll be wearingment >> everyone is talking about that. by the way, this is january 20th. the constitution mandates that every four years on this day a new president must be sworn in so before noon in the blue room at the white house barack obama will take the oath of office in a small private ceremony. tomorrow the big public swearing in. coming up, we're going to talk to george stephanopoulos about how much the president can really get done in a second term. >> their ceremony will be a bit more subdued than a four years ago.
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>> a little smaller. also new details about the alleged mastermind behind the fake dead girlfriend hoax involving college football star manti te'o. who is he, and has he ever done anything like this before? >> there's a lot of eerie similarities between the life of the alleged hoaxster and the character he is accused of inventing. you may have heard about the uproar over the stunning, shocking discovery that subway's footlong subs are sometimes shorter than advertised. ron claiborne is drawing up litigation as we speak. we were able to get an official response. from the company overnight. wait till you hear how they are playing this one. >> we are going to have food on set to test this out. but first new details are emerging about how the deadly stand off in algeria ended. a raid by algerian special forces with dozens dead including militants and hostages at least one of whom we know is an american. abc's brian ross has been working his sources and joins us from washington with more. what do we know? >> reporter: good morning.
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of the ten americans at the bp facility, seven got out but at least one died and the fate of two others is of growing concern this morning in the wake of the bloody attempts by the algerian army to rescue them from their al qaeda captors. the algerian army's final assault came after four days in which the hostages were held under the threat of death by the terrorists. the army recaptured the bp-run facility but not before the terrorists apparently executed the remaining seven hostages. over the course of the siege, 23 hostages died. >> for our people in algeria, for their family and their friends has been and continues to be a distressing and horrific time. >> reporter: two americans 58-year-old fred buttaccio of remain unaccounted for, and a third has been identified as killed, 58-year-old fred buttaccio of suburban houston. the attackers focused only on americans and westerners including a large british contingent. >> tragically we now know three british nationals have been killed and a further three are believed to be dead, and also a
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further british resident is also believed to be dead. >> reporter: the good news most of the approximately 100 western workers were freed or escaped. algerian tv aired what it said was home video taken by one hostage as a group of them made their escape across the desert often past bodies. the algerian military said it killed at least 32 of the terrorists, their bodies displayed on algerian tv. officials said the terrorists were heavily armed with automatic weapons and explosive pack suicide belts and were preparing to blow up the natural gas facility. even though the u.s. had asked the algerians to go slow president obama in a statement said "the blame for this tragedy rests with the terrorists who carried it out." the president said "the attack is a reminder of the threat posed by al qaeda in africa," which clearly bianna and dan becomes a new and dangerous front in the battle against a terror group that found a new place to kill innocent americans. >> a lot waking up to this.
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brian, thank you for your reporting this morning. now that the fatal finale of this is behind us, the survivors aree telling us about bombs strapped around necks thrown to hospitals across europe one in southern italy where abc's nick schifrin is this morning. nick, good morning. >> reporter: survivors suffered through four days of sheer terror and some are just beginning to recuperate at this nato base. they were beaten, tied up and saw their colleagues executed. the survivors are shocked and shaken. >> it happened so fast. >> reporter: they witnessed horrifying scenes and had to walk past their dead colleagues' bodies. and one foreigner was used as bait to lure his co-workers out before being shot. steven mcfall had his mouth taped and had to wear explosives taped to his chest. others like mark grant hid for 80 hours and scrambled up on the roof or locked themselves inside their rooms.
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>> we barricaded together in one of the offices, we lock the door and we put a desk on the door. we did a barricade. >> reporter: when they got out, joy and relief. >> when the guys who picked us up, the rescue guys were wonderful. we were like long lost friends. >> reporter: one survivor's family says they have been through hell and when one son heard his father was alive, it was the best news he'd ever heard. dan? >> nick schifrin, thank you. >> bianna, over to you. >> terrifying week. we'll turn now to the countdown to president obama's second inauguration. tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people will watch the president take the oath of office on the steps of the capitol but today he'll be sworn in officially at a private ceremony in the white house and david kerley joins us from washington. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. washington's already filling up with visitors to see him take the oath and actually have a little fun and party.
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♪ yeah >> reporter: for some lucky kids, the party started last night. ♪ yeah, yeah >> reporter: the kids' inaugural balance had some of the kids from "glee" and katy perry. ♪ you make me feel like >> reporter: later today as mandated on january 20th the president will take the oath before noon. but that will be in the white house. then tomorrow on the steps of the capitol -- >> i barack hussein obama -- >> reporter: -- on martin luther king's birthday will take it again honoring king and his favorite president abraham lincoln. >> the fate of human dignity in our hands, now, now, now. >> reporter: mr. obama will place his hand on two bibles, one that king used, one that lincoln used. ♪ then it's the parade. the route has been secured. the floats are ready to roll down pennsylvania avenue. ♪ this girl is on fire >> reporter: while there will ly be two inaugural balls, they are star studded. alicia keyes, brad
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paisley, jennifer hudson. ♪ and i waited for you but you never showed ♪ >> reporter: but before all the pomp and parties, the president took part again in what he calls the national day of service. >> this inauguration should also be an affirmation that we're all in this together. >> reporter: so the first family grabbed some paintbrushes at a local elementary school. >> i need to get some power tools. >> reporter: already the people's lawn is seeing plenty of visitors. >> we love president obama. whoo! >> reporter: i got to tell you there were a lot of folks out last night already having a good time. they've got a couple more nights to go here in washington, d.c. the official ceremony is actually starting in just another hour or so and the vice president will take his oath at the naval observatory where he leads -- lives rather. justice sotomayor, excuse me, will deliver that to the vice president. >> just to make clear, you only heard reports of people partying. this is not something you witnessed firsthand.
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>> reporter: dan, i had to get up really early, so, no, i wasn't walking the streets with friends in town to see the inauguration, no, not at all. >> viciously detailed. david kerley, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> a beautiful day there in washington. >> the inauguration is usually one day of pomp and celebration before the politicians are fighting again. so let's go to george stephanopoulos in washington, d.c., to host "this week" and anchor our live abc news coverage of the inauguration. george, good morning to you. >> hey, guys. >> the president has a huge agenda for his second term. one of the big things on the agenda is, of course, gun control. across america on saturday we saw these pro-gun rallies, just really one sign of the amount of resistance this president is going to face in many parts of his agenda. the question is how much is he likely able to get done during this second term with lame duck status looming? >> yeah, and you've got to do it fast. you've only got 18 months to get something done in the second term. remember, before newtown in december, gun control wasn't
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even at the center of the president's agenda for the second term. now he promised with the full weight of his office behind those measures but it's going to be an uphill fight in congress, dan. you've got a lot of democratic senators already resisting the president's plans, almost certain that the assault weapon ban that the president is calling for will not pass the congress. what they're hoping for, though, is that they can get some consensus coalesced at least around this idea that there should be universal background checks but even that will be difficult, and as i said at the top, speed matters here. the president's power starts to slip away with every month that goes by in a second term and there's so much to do. >> george, there's so much to do. he still faces an unresolved fiscal situation and looks like republicans may be extending the debt ceiling by a few months but still has major budget cuts to deal with this spring. do you see his relationship with republicans improving at all as they try to fix this crisis? >> it is going to be a real confrontation. the republicans did blink.
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that's exactly right, bianna, and said they don't want this over the debt limit that was supposed to hit in february and extend it, as he said, probably until april. the president will sign that which gives them a space to try to come up again with some kind of big budget deal before those across-the-board budget cuts hit in march, and the government is set to shut down at the end of march. there is no question that these big fiscal issues, taxes and spending are going to define the first quarter of the president's second term. >> george, talk about this term, the second term curse. we -- reagan had iran-contra. nixon, of course, had watergate. clinton had monica lewinsky. but why is it that they tend to go sour. >> lyndon johnson didn't even make it to the second term. he had to resign because of vietnam. ever since roosevelt and the amendment that limited his terms, presidents tend to run out of steam and maybe even get tripped up by scandal in these second terms. i think it's kind of a natural reaction to the fact that power is moving on beyond these presidents because, in fact, they are lame ducks. the obama white house has
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studied this very, very closely. they know the perils of the second term. they think they can avoid the worst pitfalls. first of all, they are saying there's no scandals on the horizon, but they say they can avoid the worst by having a focused agenda and moving fast. >> we'll see if they can. george, thank you very much. george will have a special inauguration edition of "this week" this morning. white house senior adviser david plouffe is on the show plus a special guest, eva longoria. >> ah, stay with abc news and "gma" for continuing coverage of inauguration 2013. we'll be live tomorrow beginning at 7:00 a.m. with george and josh elliott co-anchoring a special edition of "good morning america" from washington. but we're going to turn now to some very dramatic video and we want to warn you, some viewers may find this hard to watch. a failed assassination attempt that played out on stage in front of a large audience. a prominent political leader was speaking when he suddenly had a gun pointed at his face. what happened next may be pure luck. abc's alex marquardt has the story.
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>> reporter: the would-be assassin bounded across the stage raising his gun to shoot. he couldn't fire and was instantly thrown to the ground. kicks and punches raining down. others stood over the gas pistol. a self-defense weapon that can be deadly at such a close range. it's still unclear this morning why the 25-year-old bulgarian turkish man attacked famous politician ahmed dogan, longtime leader that represents bulgaria's turks and muslims. "right now we're working on finding out everything about the attacker" says the interior minister. samples were taken to see if there were drums in his system. a mystery how he got in. on top of the gun he had two knives, as well as a criminal background, the rest for drugs possession and robbery. dogan was announcing his retirement when he was attacked. this morning the police say he's fine but many questions remain. for "good morning america," i'm alex marquardt in new york.
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>> it's unbelievable video. that politician is very lucky. >> he is, indeed. time to check in with ron claiborne for the other stories this morning. >> that's a pretty wild story there. good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news overnight on a scare involving boeing's new 787 dreamliner. they believe two different incidents with the battery had different causes further complicating the investigation. mark greenblatt has details. >> reporter: investigators announced overnight they now do not believe that the battery that caught fire on a parked 787 was overcharged, something that is thought to have happened on another plane. now, look at what's left of one of those lithium batteries that we're talking about. on the left it's completely charged. a problem that forced passengers on one plane to fly down emergency chutes after last week's event smelling smoke in midair, and recently there was a fire on a plane in boston. but now that battery and other battery fires appear to have different causes. it could complicate boeing's attempts to return the
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dreamliner to the air as investigators widen their search for a root cause. now, the 787s were grounded before any accidents occurred, but the recent fires had led some aviation experts to call for changes at the faa, questioning if the way the agency currently approves planes is keeping up with fast-moving technology, ron. >> okay, mark, thanks very much for that report on the continuing woes of the 787 dreamliner. and five people were injured in three separate accidental shootings at gun shows on saturday. people were forced to run for cover after two bystanders were hurt at a show in north carolina when a shotgun discharged as its owner took the gun out of the case. the other incidents were in ohio and indiana. none of the injuries is life-threatening though. and new details this morning about that u.s. navy ship that ran aground on a coral reef in the philippines. the navy says the "uss guardian minesweeper" was using a faulty map that had the reef in the wrong spot. all 79 officers and crew have
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now left the ship after two days trying to free it. and one of the greatest players in baseball history has died. hall of famer stan musial, who won seven batting titles, three mvps, and his team won three world series in 22 years that he spent with the cardinals. he has died. stan the man served in world war ii and was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by president obama a couple of years ago. musial is remembered as a true gentleman. he was 92 years of age. finally, talk about taking the plunge. a kayaker survived this -- check it out -- scary 100-foot drop. can you see him toss his paddle shortly going over the edge and plunging into the water. ozone falls has been called the holy grail of the southeast by kayakers and had never been before attempted. by comparison, niagara falls is 167 feet. and we have a special announcement.
8:17 am
our own intrepid ginger zee is going to go over the falls live on this show next week. good luck, ginger. >> thanks, ron. >> we have a backup waiting. >> he did that on purpose? >> he did it on purpose. bold. >> all right. thank you, ron. now to the kindergarten student branded a terrorist. she was expelled from her school in pennsylvania for threatening to shoot another kid. the weapon, this hello kitty bubble gun. abc's gio benitez, our newest correspondent, is here with the story. welcome to weekends. you brought a prop. >> one like this one. you know, dan, the school took it so seriously, administrators ordered she receive a psychological evaluation all for talking about a bubbles gun like this one. this morning the family plans to sue the school to get this all off the child's permanent record. was this the weapon of choice for a new kind of terrorist? terror by bubbles. the small pink hello kitty toy gun is an automatic bubble blower, but just days ago when a
8:18 am
5-year-old girl said she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles, the school calls it a terrorist threat. >> i think people know how harmless a bubble is. it doesn't hurt. >> it's just bubbles. it can't harm anybody. >> it's only a bubble gun. for a 5-year-old. >> reporter: administrators at mt. carmel area elementary in rural pennsylvania took action suspending the girl for ten days, later reducing that to two. the family's lawyer says a psychological evaluation calls the girl normal, but now her record isn't. >> the mother has tried to get the girl in another school since this time, and they won't take the little girl because of this mark on her record. >> reporter: the attorney says the girl did not have the hello kitty bubbles gun with her, so was this all a big misunderstanding? after all, it's a new world where parents and school administrators are on heightened alert after the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> she's not aware of what
8:19 am
connecticut is, what death is, what shooting is. >> reporter: the school district superintendent told abc news, "we are confident that much of the information supplied to the media may not be consistent with the facts." he went on to say "the district takes the well-being and safety of students and staff very seriously." and if you haven't seen how one of these works, that's what it does. it just blows bubbles. now, the family's attorney says all mom wants is an apology from the school and wants the incident off the school's record, off the girl's school record. and you know what, really we don't know exactly what she said but we got to remember she's only 5 years old. >> good point. gio, thank you. gio benitez, our newest correspondent, thank you. now the cybilling rivalry on the sideline that could come to a boil during the biggest nfl game. >> if the 49ers and ravens win they go to the super bowl.
8:20 am
coached by brothers, jim and john harbaugh, just 15 months apart. abc's john schriffen is on the story. >> pretty fierce. they don't face off today but could be at the super bowl. all right, so harbaugh's parents are faced with a really tough decision today. do they go to atlanta to watch their son jim coach the 49ers or do they go to new england to watch their other son john coach the ravens? well, not wanting to pick sides mom and dad will reportedly watch at home with no distractions rooting for both to make it to the big game. brothers jim and john harbaugh, separated by just 15 months, on the verge of facing off on the biggest stage in sports. this is one problem for the two nfl head coaches. jim's san francisco's 49ers and john's baltimore ravens both have to win on the road to get to the super bowl in new orleans. >> who's got it better than us. >> all: nobody! >> reporter: considered two of the best at what they do, not everyone is a fan of their
8:21 am
in-your-face style. father jack harbaugh coached at some of the biggest college football programs in the country. when his boys were born, they were with him every step of the way. >> the better team won the football team. >> reporter: after spending a years as an assistant coach, older brother john got his first head coaching job with the ravens in 2008 becoming the only head coach to win a playoff game in each of his first five seasons. younger brother jim was a quarterback in the nfl for more than a decade for landing the head coaching job with the 49ers in 2011. >> i accept this competitive challenge willingly. >> reporter: now older, they both share coaching strategies, but today they're in very unique situations. according to the latest odds out of las vegas, the 49ers are actually favored to win by four points or more over the falcons, good news for jim. as for john, well, he's a 7 1/2-point underdog to the new england patriots. a tough task to pull off. well, if they both do win today
8:22 am
and make it to the super bowl, it wouldn't be the first time they're facing off in the nfl. back on thanksgiving in 2011, john's ravens beat jim's 49ers, 16-6. i'm sure jim would love revenge in the super bowl. >> how fun, the parents. john, thank you. let's check the forecast and ginger zee. good morning. >> i have a huge headline. dangerous cold settling into the northern plains and great lakes. eventually going to make its way to the northeast. frostbite can happen in less than ten minutes when your skin is exposed to 30 below windchills and it's going to happen here. already happened in some places. temperature in minneapolis, 0. and the feel likes are even colder. this is just the beginning of arctic air. feels like 16 below in minneapolis. 19 below for st. cloud and all of that air kind of settling in and it's not going anywhere. look at the high temperature. high temperature in minneapolis, haven't done that for four years, subzero. washington, d.c. included, i'll have an inauguration forecast coming up, but first look at this, wind gusts will make it feel even colder, 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts up
8:23 am
and down the northeast and new england. good morning. cold air coming our for today. breezy.lly out there, around 40 degrees brilliant sunshine down we look annapolis as big picture out there means ssure overhead nice day like yesterday. ok for temperatures like yesterday. and for degrees tonight drop down nto the 20s. for a uguration day look rain showers and snow >> and coming up on "good morning america," new potentially costly fallout from lance armstrong's confession. also, we're learning more about the man allegedly behind the elaborate hoax involving manti te'o. plus, what it's like for men to experience labor pains. you heard that right, men experiencing labor pains. >> i have a sense bianna is going to enjoy this. >> part of "fixation" coming up.
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good morning. rince george's county police investigating an overnight
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in temple hills. victim has not been dentified. inauguration taking tomorrow. are closing in the area. dave with a closer look r forecast. it is sunny, chilly out this sunday morning. tower in t from our oz lynn looking over the city. temperatures in the upper 30s low 40's which is balmy mpared to what is coming our way. look for temperatures around few snow showers and rain showers. 40's. tures in the low watching. or be back at 8:56.
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♪ 5, 5 that is not an advertise. that is part of this broadcast. for years subway has used the catchy jingle and sometimes star power to sell its footlong subs so when a controversy erupted online this week about whether the subs are really a footlong, the subway pr machinery went into full gear. overnight we got an official response, which kind of blew our minds. we'll tell you what the response was coming up in just a few moments. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, january 20th. also this morning our coverage of inauguration 2013 continues. fashion and the first lady is what we're talking about.
8:31 am
we got a sneak peek at what michelle obama will be wearing for tomorrow's big day. she's going to show off those famous arms. we know she has the great new hairstyle with the bangs. she's going to look great. also coming up, how about a five-pound meal for your sunday brunch? look at that. whoo! we'll meet one woman who is up to the challenge coming up in "fixation." a little teaser for your sunday brunch. but first we are learning more about the man accused of carrying out that fake girlfriend hoax on football star manti te'o. >> while te'o tries to salvage his dignity and hopes of an nfl career, the spotlight is turning to the man te'o accuses of carrying out the charade that lasted for years and matt gutman is where he is training. >> reporter: good morning, and now to create this imaginary world around manti te'o's fake girlfriend, the prankster enlisted family members, even his 9-year-old sister. now, we don't know what the motivation for all of this is but we do know what the inspiration may have been,
8:32 am
his own real life. this morning new details about the alleged catfish maestro orchestrating that elaborate hoax spanning manti te'o's entire college career. in his interview with espn, te'o says this man, ronaiah tuiasosopo called him on monday and confessed the woman he called the love of his life was a figment of tuiasosopo 's imagination. three months after he killed off lennay kekua's character, he and the woman who spent countless hours on the phone with te'o acting as lennay kekua called te'o. the jig was up. >> said, it's lennay, and so we carried on that conversation and i just got mad and i just went on a rampage. >> reporter: lennay kekua was imaginary but tuiasosopo's alleged script for his imaginary character suffered a coma in a car crash then died of
8:33 am
leukemia mirrored his own reality. one eerie example, tuiasosopo 's father posted on facebook that his son and his band survived a horrific car accident last march and even more bizarre, at about the same time the fake lennay was diagnosed with leukemia, tuiasosopo 's real-life cousin was diagnosed with the disease. tuiasosopo had a knack for tugging at heartstrings. ♪ carry on my wayward son >> reporter: during an audition for the singing competition "the voice" he reportedly came up with a similar sob story about a near fatal crash that left another cousin nearly brain dead. last night we tried to catch up with tuiasosopo 's neighbors still reeling from the scandal. >> i'm so surprised like out of all the people in the world there were a lot of people i would assume would cause it. >> reporter: adding to the confusion, the voice of lennay kekua, manti te'o's girlfriend called him up revealing it was a hoax then hinted she wanted a real relationship with him.
8:34 am
she even told him her name was leia and sent him pictures, which may or may not be really her. dan, bianna? >> the story can't get more confusing. >> bizarre. >> i don't understand any of it. all right, matt, thank you. let's check back with ron for a look at this morning's other developing stories. >> hey there. good morning, everyone. the search is on for the al qaeda leader behind that four-day hostage standoff in algeria. the algerian army ended the crisis at the gas facility saturday. seven of the ten americans got out. at least one was killed and the fate of two others unknown. 23 hostages in all killed. more fallout this morning from lance armstrong's doping confession, a texas company that ensured performance bonuses for three of his tour de france victory plans to sue the disgraced cyclist for $12 million. they settled a previous suit paying him back in 2005 after he was arguing he was not a clean rider. and the nhl, the hockey season is finally under way,
8:35 am
it started on saturday. four months late because of a lockup. the kings raised their banner to the rafters with the help of the family of ana marquez-greene, a victim of the sandy hook massacre in newtown, connecticut. l.a., however, lost to chicago. the blackhawks, i believe is the team there. and finally, subway is firing back in the fight over its footlong subs. it turns out not all footlong sandwiches are created equal. abc's john muller will explain. ♪ $5 footlong >> reporter: it's a footlong controversy that continues to grow. are subway's footlong sandwiches really 12 inches long? if not, should they be. >> get any footlong. >> reporter: it all started with this photo posted by a customer in australia who noticed his was only 11 inches, the post went viral. >> i think size matters. >> $5 footlong, promises, , promises. week, subway which operates 38,000 stories worldwide said of the infamous 11-inch footlong
8:36 am
"this bread is clearly not baked to our standards." later a post on a subway facebook site said "subway footlong is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the name sold in subways and not intended to be a measure of length," but long not intended to be a measure of length. what would jared say about that? confused, i pressed on and interviewed the head of baking for subway restaurants worldwide. >> they're following the baking procedures and should get the 12 inches out of the oven every single time. >> reporter: what procedures, i asked repeatedly for specifics but didn't get very far. >> that's what we strive for, consistency and get 12 inches of bread every time they come out of an oven. >> reporter: we'll blow the lid off this and see who measures up. four subway footlongs and rulers and tape measures.
8:37 am
in fairness to subway, we brought these overnight. they're hours old. could be some shrinkage accounted for. >> bianna, how big is yours? >> investigative journalism. >> yes, exactly right. >> it's a little bent. >> i would say it's a little over 11. >> really. >> so not a foot but, you know -- >> ron. >> definitely a foot, yeah. >> all right. >> exactly 12. >> i measured mine, it's 11 1/2. >> 11 1/2 and i measured mine and i'll do it again, about a foot on the nose. there you go. >> 11 1/2, 12. >> a tempest in a teapot, i suppose. >> the principle. >> subway, by the way, brought in other sandwiches. we bought these. these are the ones subway brought, and they all measured 12, as well. >> they're big either way so it's a lot -- >> origami with a turkey on that. >> i feel like my whole journalism career has been building to this moment. ginger, save us, please. >> just save me a sandwich, and i'll save you. forecast for inauguration doesn't look too terrible, about average for this time of year but it is going to be blustery. it is going to still be cold. temperature right around 38. partly cloudy skies, a flurry flying here or there later in
8:38 am
the day. let's talk about more than flurries, thunder snow being reported all over the state of michigan overnight, and we have some soft hail for graupel showing up in my hometown of michigan. oswego, western new york spots picking up to a foot. so it is in full machine-type territory. now, look at las vegas, 60. l.a. today is going to be about, sunny, cool out there t now. about ures today 48 to 53. nd then tomorrow for rain ration day low 40's, possible anders >> this weather report has been brought to you by sensodyne pronamel. and oddly enough, dan and bianna, there is no sandwich waiting for me. >> ron ate it. >> i guarantee. >> what's the term for soft hail again?
8:39 am
>> graupel. >> graupel. >> there you go. >> it's the word of the day. >> she made that up. >> all right. >> ron accusing ginger of making up words. getting tough here on the set. we're going to take a quick break. coming up on "good morning america," the fashion world atwitter about what will michelle obama wear to the inaugural ball? >> sympathy pains. i like this story. two men experience the pain of childbirth. how long did they last before they said enough? that's coming up in "fixation." [ virginia ] i do have a healthy diet, but there are foods that i had no idea had so much acid in them. my dentist said that the acid in fruit, or fruit juice or fruit teas softens the enamel so that then it can potentially erode. once that enamel is gone, it's gone. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel to help harden that enamel so that it's not brushed away. pronamel protects your teeth from the effects of acid erosion. i don't have to cut out the things that i love in my diet. i can have the best of both worlds with pronamel. your doctor will say get smart about your weight.
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8:44 am
in 2009 her one-shouldered white chiffon inaugural ball gown made designer jason wu a household name. >> when she wore his gown, apparently his company received 4 million website hits. >> reporter: "women's wear daily" asked some of the world's top designers to sketch their vision. calvin klein went for a dark, edgy, tapered look. lela rose scott, a delicate lavender gown while tommy hilfiger turned to the next generation with looks for first daughters malia and sasha. >> they're becoming more interested in fashion, and american designers are very keen to dress them. >> reporter: the first lady has had a few fashion missteps ruffling feathers when she wore british label alexander mcqueen to a state dinner for the chinese president and a cardigan when she met the queen, but the first lady takes it in stride even as she becomes a fashion icon for the ages capable of changing a company's
8:45 am
bottom line in minutes telling our own robin roberts -- >> it's hard, you know, i'm kind of a tomboy jock at heart but i like to look nice. >> reporter: look nice, indeed. and one thing is for sure, the first lady is bound to shine, and life for one lucky designer will never be the same. as for president obama, the men's wear company that designed his tux for the 2009 inaugural ball filed for bankruptcy a year later. dan and bianna. >> interesting there. >> opposite of the magic touch. >> yeah, doesn't seem to have quite the same firepower. >> thank you. coming up, your sunday brunch with a woman who can eat a five-pound meal. it's "fixation." keep it here. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit,
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ >> all right. it's time for "fixation." ron, you're up first. >> i am. i spent all night looking for this. molly shiler is taking part of a food challenge at jethro's barbecue in baltimore. she's wolfing down five pounds of pork tenderloin, cheese, brisket and pork and fries. only five people have done this and she's 120 pounds. >> here's my story of the morning. i can relate. my mom was very excited and pushy for me to have a baby. here's a grandmother that was told she was going to have -- going to be a grandmother as a christmas gift. >> she threw away her winning lottery ticket. >> aaghh! >> ah. you love to see that and love to see people fall and that's what
8:51 am
mine is about in the uk. emma had her brother paul visiting and people had been falling all day. he said, let's put a camera on it. it went viral because everybody that passes by that takes a tumble. >> let's not salt the sidewalk. let's just watch them fall. >> exactly, exactly. one last piece of video that will give you pleasure. these are two dutch guys who decided to see what it feels like to give birth to a child. they used electrical estimate list on their bellies and as part of a show where they just try anything. apparently, they could not last very long. >> did they ask for an epidural. >> one at one point gets special oxygen. >> yeah, well, you know, women are stronger. >> exactly. >> the stronger. >> as somebody who just gave birth recently, is that satisfying to watch. >> satisfying for husbands -- >> next week's "fixation." all right. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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that's it for us. stay with abc news and "gma" for continuing coverage of inauguration 2013. we'll be live in washington tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. eastern with george stephanopoulos and josh elliott co-hosting a special "gma." >> good morning. news, just a few minutes biden president joe oath of office to
8:57 am
his second egin erm. president obama his oath of office. public ceremony means heightened region. across the downtown will start 3:00 monday morning. you can visit our website. nd today a wreath laying laid at the be luther king memorial at oon. and open to free public. with your dave orecast. week, ryte days, brilliant sunshine repeat performance today. you can see olis water. off the low 40's. s in the winds are picking up so it feel cooler than yesterday. up to 54.we made it the ressure over mid-atlantic. cloudiness with today. from nds will be shifting he southwest to the northwest. is the seasonal norm.
8:58 am
but to that tomorrow around the 50 degree mark. r inauguration day turning afternoon y in the some rain or snow showers. 30s ratures in the upper n and maybe rising to the ow 40's. coming week have we seen daytime es this cold on tuesday or wednesday 20s, nighttime lows teens. will feel like the single maybe winter friday.ation by watching. or you have a great morning.
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