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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 24, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in. i thought, at least i'll try to make it funny. ♪ home of the brave ♪ >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> all right. prepare for a very tricky morning commute. this is a look at some of the snow that fell on 95 in prince william county overnight. good morning, washington. it is thursday, january 24. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown, in for cynne simpson. stafford county schools and king george's schools are closed. storm watch coverage begins with meteorologist jacqui jeras. how much snow did we get? >> it varies across the region. st. mary's county got more than
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two inches. we are talking about only a fraction of an inch across the d.c. area. there you see super doppler. heaviest from fredericksburg stretching towards the delmarva, still falling. a very light snow in the district, north of the beltway, and south of frederick. 2.3 inches fell in thin mary's county. charlottesville received 1 inch. 0.8 inches in winchester. about the same in woodstock and front royal had a half inch of snow. temperatures are little better because of the clouds over night. 19 at dulles, 21 in d.c., 16 in gaithersburg. we have a winter weather advisory for all the metro area until 9:00 this morning. the worst of the snow is tapering off now. we will continue to see improvements through the morning.
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a little sunshine by 9:00 at 23 degrees. we will not the temperatures get to the upper 20s thiswe will see a second round of snowfall likely tomorrow afternoon. more details on that in a few minutes. first, jamee the roads have not been treated very well on 66. >> we have heard that a lot from early commuters. we have had a couple incidents on 95 in virginia. plan for extra time, take it slow. bridges, ramps, and overpasses especially. maryland you can see snow still coming down inside the beltway at connecticut avenue at bradley. near be to drive in this picture. it's better at some parts of the road. at 109 out of frederick on 270 in this picture.
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lanes are open. everyone needs to take it easy. no problems to report as far as incidents or accidents on the beltway. you might find snow. interstate 95 near the truck scales two separate accidents they are still working on. take it easy. back to you. >> thank you. the snow is making things worse for. sleds are in full supply, but handwarmers and space heaters are in demand. >> a reminder, you can get the weather any time with the stormwatch 7 app on your iphone or android. in a few the roads and the weather. >> an investigation under way into a deadly shooting in annapolis. it happened around 11:30 wednesday night in the 900 block
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of copland's street. a man was shot dead at the scene. we don't know what led to the shooting. police of not release information on a suspect. >> the pentagon will announce today an historic change in policies regarding female service members. defense secretary leon panetta will lift a long serving a ban on women serving in combat. women could soon be eligible for jobs on the front line or with a lead commando unit. a woman reservist to file the lawsuit praised the move. >> if it was to keep us safer, i am living proof it does not keep us safer. >> critics question whether women have the strength and stamina for the job and whether their presence would hurt units of togetherness. >> there is a confirmation hearing today for john kerry president obama's choice to be the next secretary of state. john kerry says he will divest
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holdings in dozens of companies in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest. >> that a heated exchange involving secretary clinton. she was defiant at times during her testimony on the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi. >> we have no doubt they were terrorists. there were militants, they attacked us, killed our people off. but what was going on and why they were doing what they were doing -- >> we were misled that there were protests and then something sprang out of that and assault. >> we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk and decided to go kill some americans. what difference does it make? >> senator john mccain criticize clinton, saying the families of the four americans are not getting answers they deserve. clinton says the state department is moving swiftly to strengthen security and diplomatic posts worldwide. >> on lockdown at a southwest
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virginia college was lifted after a report of a gunman on campus turned out to be false. police flooded the university of virginia campus in wise county and ordered troops to stay in place while they conduct a building by building search. the student who reported the gunmen later admitted it was a hoax. >> lance armstrong is being sued over his autobiography. >> apple shares could take a big hit in today's trading. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. apple is the big story. a lot of people probably have apple products. the company reported record ipad and iphone sales for the last quarter. it is still the weakest sales increase since 2009. not good news for apple stock. if it dropped in after hours trading. people are very concerned about how quickly sales are falling off after initial product launches. data shows federal contracts to
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women owned small businesses have dropped for second straight year compared to their male counterparts. the government had set a goal of awarding at least 5% of the total value of eligible contracts to women-owned businesses in 1994. but it has yet to meet the targets. it has been an uphill battle for lance armstrong. now he's being sued by two california book buyers. they claim the cyclist called his books autobiography is when in fact there were fiction and they would not to block the books. speaking of lawsuits, subway is being sued over its long subway sandwich. more on that in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. -- its footlong sub. >> its 19 degrees. >> still ahead metro has a plan to keep up with growth in the
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>> welcome back. a live look outside our studio in rosslyn. there's wilson boulevard. a lot of the residential and secondary roads are some 08. -- snowy. i will turn it over to jacqui
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jeras. >> i did not have much of our problem driving because i drove in the middle of the road and there was pretty much no one else but me. let's look at the doppler radar. you can see it two batches that we are still dealing with. the worst of it has been south of the metro into parts of virginia fredericksburg, southern maryland, st. mary's, calvert county. that's where we have seen two inches. and in winchester and frederick is the second batch, even stretching towards baltimore. not very good on long 95. light snow in potomac rockville, wheaton beltsville. the northern beltway is getting some of this. downtown is not much more than snow flurries at this time. visibility will be reduced a little of to the north. fredericksburg, slow flurries. madrassa, that is a little heavier. lexington park and lusby is
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where we have seen heavier accumulations. -- montross, that is a little heavier than snow flurries. winter weather advisory until 9:00 this morning. if it could be over even before that. 21 degrees in d.c. 19 in dallas, 16 in gaithersburg, 18 in martinsburg. any of the snow than has been falling has been sticking. unless the roads have been treated, they will be covered. today's forecast, becoming partly sunny, between 25 and 30 degrees. partly cloudy tonight, in the teens. tomorrow, second round of the snow. we could get an inch or two. we will have to see if the system is still developing in texas. we will have more details with your seven-day forecast with a warm-up. first we have to know how the roads are doing.
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it was a little slippery, jamee. >> as more commuters get out there, they will start to press down the snow. later on, it will get a little better. now is when it's really difficult to drive. on 66 a crash just happened at glebe road. two planes are blocked prior to the beltway near route 7. on route 5 northbound, three separate problems near the truck scales. two accident. one was a single car that spun out on northbound 95. this is georgia avenue at 108 in this camera. a lot of the road was covered. in damascus. 108 and principal drive in this picture. you definitely need to exercise
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caution. -- 108 and prince william. and this is connected and veirs mill road in this picture. back to you. >> thank you. so more school closings and delays. all fairfax county schools on a two hour delay. loudoun county, the same. king george and stafford county, those are closed. in the meantime, a man is fighting for is life after he was struck by a car in arlington. >> this happened wednesday night near the middle school. he was hit by car when he walked into the street. he was taken to a hospital in critical condition. the driver of the car was taken to hospital to remove glass from his eyes. it's a man has been indicted on manslaughter charges in connection with a deadly crash in charles county. he was driving southbound on route 2 21010 was doing when his
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vehicle drifted into the north bound lanes, hit an suv which then hit another car. the woman and child in that car died. he turned himself into police on wednesday and is being held without bail until his first court appearance. >> metro will unveil an an ambitious plan to help the transit system keep up with growth in the d.c. region. a $26 billion plan includes two rail tunnels. one of them would run under intense st. thomas circle. the other wewould run between rosslyn and georgetown to thomas circle. we will hear more about the plan today. it's thursday, 18 degrees. not as cold as yesterday. >> as college football star manti te'o prepares to dr. katie couric about allegations that he was duped by an online oh hoa
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>> the white house is launching road trips to promote a plan to curb gun violence in america. it begins in virginia. >> senator tim kaine will join vice president joe biden and administration officials for the first event which will take place in richmond tomorrow. president obama will corrode as well. he's pushing his plan for universal background checks and
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bans on assault weapons and high capacity and magazines. looking for ways to reduce gun violence. >> congress couldn't soon look at a bill to enact part of president obama's gun control plan. dianne feinstein plans to issue legislation today to enact a new ban on assault weapons. it will also ban high capacity ammunition magazines and would strengthen background checks for aspiring gun owners. >> looking at the first television interview with manti te'o over the hoax involving an online girlfriend who it turns out never existed. >> he told katie couric that he had no part in the hoax and it did not know that he had been duped until early last month. put yourself in my situation. my whole world told me that she died on september 12. >> she also interviewed his
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parents, who said their son is not a liar. you can watch the entire interview today at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. >> relearning of a separate internet hoax targeting some of the redskins players. nfl security compleconducted a securities search involving a woman named sandy ackerman who used pictures of an adult entertainer to establish relationships with pro athletes. the conversations mainly took place through twitter. in some instances she sent photographs to the players sell phones. several players tried to arrange meetings with her, which were not successful, which led to the investigation that she was a fake. >> we want to give you a little face time on "good morning washington." >> we're giving you a chance to give the "good morning washington greetings that we always show. send us a short clip or send us
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a link to your youtube clip. make sure you end the video by saying "good morning washington ." >> i would love to see people do their video in the snow. sandend those in. how much snow did we get? here are official numbers from the national weather center. the only one that is not official is washington, where i'm estimating about 0.2 inches. in st. mary's county, is no. i could find was just over 2 inches. stanton, 1 inch. alexandria, 0.6 inches. half an inch at dulles. the no. beltway has seen a little bit more snow than the rest of us. heavier snow to the east of
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fredericksburg and towards st. mary's and calvert county and the delmarva peninsula. this will be short-lived. by 7:00 most of this will be gone. the advisory expires by 9:00. lingering snow flurries at that time should be moving out. we will even see a little sunshine before the day is over. 19 degrees at dulles, 16 in gaithersburg, 18 in frederick 15 degrees in hagerstown. it is 18 degrees in winchester. here's your forecast today. we will move through the twenties. snow out of the picture for the rest of the day becoming partly cloudy. that will be the rule tonight as well. tomorrow we will wake up to some sunshine. i around 3:00 will be the timing for our next system. we could pick up another inch of snowfall. if you hate the cold, there's hope for you down the line. by next week we will warm into the 40's and 50's. expecting an fallback time
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around as opposed to snow. i would love to see your pictures and hear your testimonials about your ride work this morning. tweet me or find the on facebook or go to where you can add your photograph to the gallery. we go to get them on the air. let's check out the commute. not so great. the lots of snow covering all the roads. >> absolutely. it is a tricky start for the commute. beach drive is closed between rock creek parkway and wise rd. we will take you to virginia. on 395 many of the main roads are looking good. on 66, snow. westbound, prior to the beltway,
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there's a crash near route 7. in springfield, not seeing much of a change in the hov lanes. northbound 95, no changes. crews are assessing the safety of the hov lanes. there's a crash on the main lines of the truck scales. in maryland, looks ok. back to you. >> thank you. montgomery county schools on a two hour delay today. the rest of the school delays and closures are on the bottom of your screen. federal government employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. >> 90 degrees on this thursday morning. >> the numbers are in. how many
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>> the ratings are in for president obama oppose his second inauguration. fewer people watched compared with his first swearing-in. >> 20.6 million people across 18 networks watched the event. that is a steep drop from the 2009 inauguration, which drew 37 million. it was the second lowest rated this week, since 1969. it is a cold and snowy
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thursday morning. >> and the penalty
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