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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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another round of snow. captioned by the national captioning institute laws and in hd this is abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> folks across the region remain bottled up. at the very least, the ride home to more could be of little dicey. we learned that systems will be
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open but employees have the option for an unscheduled leave. in addition, we have school closings to report. let's begin with our meteorologist, trekking to this timeline. >> changes on the way. a very cold night ahead. if snow earlier in the day will allow temperatures to drop more as we move through the overnight. already 15 degrees at dulles. 23 at reagan national. what is different compared to today's storm, no winter weather advisory yet for the d.c. metro area. head out to the mountains. that is where the winter weather it -- the winter weather advisory is our right now. that does not mean another one will not be issued for tomorrow. it is all part of the week clipper that will zip on through just in time for the rush hour commute. snow totals rather limited
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anywhere between a half inch to possibly 2 inches of snow. off to school and off to work tomorrow, no problems at all. mostly cloudy skies. winds to the north at about 5 miles per hour. in a few minutes, a look at the time line. what to expect and can you believe that once we get this system out of here, we're talking about temperatures in the 50's? >> cannot wait for that. the winter weather alert has three school systems closed tomorrow for orange county schools will have a two-hour delay. for more, tune into "good morning washington." for updates throughout the day go to steve will be back in a few minutes. moving on, fire crews in prince
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george's county are trying to determine whether a house fire is weather-related. investigators say the fire began in the chimney and spreading to the attic. no one was hurt and the cause remains under investigation. and hours after police arrest two suspects in the murder of a teenager. marcus jones was gunned down outside of a birthday party. if a third suspect is on the loose. live in fort washington. we have reaction from the students' parents. >> 2 teenage suspects under arrest. police are trying to catch the third teenager they believe was involved in this murder. this crime has just rocked this tight-knit school of friendly high. >> it really hit the school in the heart. >> students are devastated and parents are upset, too,
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especially now that police say this was gang-related. >> the violence needs to stop immediately. >> concerned parents came to a meeting last night after the weekend murder was blamed for flights that broke out at friendly on tuesday. that happened late saturday night at a party away from the school. tension had been rising all night between marcus jones' gang and members of a rival gang. while jones was in a group outside, a 17-year-old shot him. >> i am still in shock at this tragedy. >> the principal said he believes danger boys is active at his school. he is fighting back with extra security. >> these kids feel unprotected. they are scared. >> the school can only do so much. >> he was not in the gang. >> the victim's a lot says the
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family is really struggling. >> we need to do something about it. >> students say it is a wake-up call. >> it is not a joke out here anymore. this world is not as safe as it used to be. >> besides the 17-year-old alleged shooter, a 19-year-old is also under arrest. neither of the teenagers went to a friendly. tonight, both facing first and second degree murder charges. >> new at 11:00, the man who admits to using a baseball bat to attack a security guard is facing sentencing tomorrow. he has pleaded guilty to assault charges in connection with the attack that happened last april. he became enraged when staffers at a day care would not let them use their phone. young wrestled a bad away from a security guard, attacked him, and smashed an employee's car.
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a show of support for metro's bold new plan to expand. a key proposal unveiled earlier today includes adding an metro rail connecting roslyn station to georgetown. jay has some reaction from georgetown. >> after months of analysis and research, metro officials came up with their plan for the future of this agency. one of the possible controversial ideas they're looking at, building a tunnel from rosslyn over to georgetown. metro has released a plan called momentum which charts a bold vision for the agency over the next decade. officials insist, to keep pace with growing demand, that the city -- the system much improved and grow. they estimate $26 billion will
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be needed through 2040 to provide more buses, rail cars, modernize stations, and to expand lines. major products under consideration are the building of new tunnels. 110th street to thomas circle and the other from rosslyn up to thomas circle. >> it changes the face of the city in a good way. i would not be opposed to it. >> it would be great. >> he wholeheartedly supports a tunnel and nearby stop. >> it will be a shorter commute for me. >> longstanding resistance to bringing metro -- >> people in georgetown do not like to change. >> he is not like those people. >> you have got to move on. >> it is a great idea, less of a walk from soggy bottom. i have to think there would be some resistance from locals. they would not be too happy to
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see more people in an already very high-traffic area. >> we are very early in this process. to get a tunnel built from rosslyn to georgetown would take a tremendous amount of time and a lot of political and public will and money. >> investigators are trying to determine what led to a minor accident between 2 united planes at dulles today. a flight from brussels was taxiing to its gate and scraped the wing of a playing nearby. there were no passengers aboard the other aircraft. people exited the craft normally. was hurt. serious legal troubles smoot. he was arrested on dui charges. he was pulled over near the capital and after he was taken into custody, police said that
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he relieved himself while he was being processed. he played for the redskins for seven seasons. neither he nor his attorney is commenting on the case. a new study accuses d.c. police of not properly investigating some 170 reported attacks. human rights watch says that between 2008 and 2011, victim's cases were never investigated. one victim named eleanor tells us that it happened to her after a man tried to rape her at night. >> i said it that night and every day since then. you are not listening to me. i have a feeling there are a lot of women who have felt that way. >> d.c. police said that comparing washington hospital visits to the number of police reports is flawed methodology not backed by facts. the dramatic increase --
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decrease in sexual assault reports means that her department is doing right. the board of commissions in carroll county voted unanimously to adopt an english-language order. the require official action statements to be in english but would not prohibit county employees or officials from communicating in other languages. carroll county joins frederick county and queen anne's county in adopting such a policy. a renewed push by lawmakers to make the district the nation's 51st day. senator tom carper of delaware and delegate eleanor holmes norton have been trying to make that happen. the senate bill does not have a good chance of passing. an annual prayer service in the district tonight. those against abortion rights took place in the vigil for life service. the service comes a day before
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the annual march for life on the national mall. we have a health alert for you tonight. first, it was the flu. the new drug going around the need to know about. also ahead, if you are a star wars fan, the new movie. >> the football player at the center of the fate girlfriend hoax.
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>> parga me was saying, if you say that she's alive what would everybody think? >> and you saw the interview between manti te'o and katie couric today. tonight, we ask, did you believe what he was saying, that he was the victim of an online hoax? the controversy is the talk of the town and the nation. live in our newsroom with the latest twist in this unusual situation. >> really hard to believe. the only thing his answers did today was lead to more
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questions. this was all the one theory that was behind the hoax, tales's sexual of the. he denied being gay and continues to maintain that he was a victim. manti te'o admits he was not as forthcoming as he should have been. his decision to perpetuate the existence of girlfriend lennay kekua -- >> i was committed to this person who i did not have a chance to me and she all of a sudden died. that scared me. >> the football phenom claims he was oblivious to what should have been red flags, that the love of his life was not real life. flags that were mostly too obvious to miss. >> i feel like you could not have been the victim for two years and not have known anything. >> after she always had an excuse not to me in person, te'o tried web chatting. >> you should be able to see me.
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i do not know what is wrong with your camera, but i cannot see you. >> i think that was a pretty lame excuse. if a girl did that to me, i would not be interested in continuing the kind of relationship. >> when asked why he did -- he did not drive just two hours to see her in the hospital, he was afraid he would miss a flight to hawaii. >> i do not know if i would buy that. >> to prove what he went for was real, he turned over voicemails from his phantom girlfriend. >> dressed trip -- just want to call to keep you posted. i miss you i love you, bye. >> doesn't that sound like a girl? >> it does. >> te'o's parents joined him for the interview. his father said, my son is not a liar. he is a kid. he is a 21-year-old kid trying to be a man and i love him. >> thanks. new at 11:00, the cdc reports
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that an overseas stomach bug is landing in the u.s. there have been 140 separate outbreaks since september. it originated from a moral virus in australia. the virus is contagious and causes diarrhea. it spreads in places like schools, cruise ships, and nursing homes. tonight, the galaxies between star wars and star trek are about to meet. a report says that j.j. abrams will direct episodes of an of the start -- the star wars series. it directed a new star trek film set to hit theaters this may. the new star wars film was not released until 2015. they are finally together after years. matt damon is making his first guest visit to the show tonight we think. >> tonight, you did not run out of time for me, did you, jimmy? no i ran out of time for you.
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what is that, jimmy? >> if you have not watched the show, you may not know about this. since 2008, he repeatedly ran out of time again and again with apologies to damon. the long running gag began when kimmel's girlfriend made a video about a supposed affair with demint. that silverman song was very funny, but we cannot play a single line of it. >> not at all. we woke up to school delays and some light snow. school in session tomorrow for most of the kids. tomorrow afternoon, rush hour looks a little iffy. looking outside right now, it is quiet and dry. clouds beginning to increase a little bit. 23 degrees and a wind chill
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factor with wins out of the west-northwest of 6 miles per hour. 29 degrees is the high. will not make it above freezing today. the record was 73 degrees, set in 1950. temperatures are dropping quickly. fresh snow on the ground in leesburg. 17 degrees. our final stop takes us to montgomery county, rockville at 17 degrees. temperatures in the west, quantico at 17 degrees. off 2 inches of snow across southern maryland earlier in the day. 10 degrees in syracuse. really cold air to the north of us. we do have a warming trend that is on the way. we have to wait until next week. when shall factor, really cold
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out there. this is our weather maker across the potomac free -- the potomac. the potential of between a half inch to an inch of snow. isolated pockets of 1 inch or two. as we move through the day tomorrow a winter weather advisory throughout the area. snow showers develop across montgomery and frederick county thrift -- county. projected snow totals show around 1 inch around reagan national airport. higher amounts to the north of us across frederick.
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here is a lookout what we expect the next couple of days. mid 20's for a daytime high. showers continuing until about 7:00. i promised warmer weather. near 60 degrees on wednesday of next week. looking good. >> all right. that looks more like new orleans temperatures. >> they must be excited to get out of here and down there. the ravens, i do not know what the deal is. the ravens are gearing up from new orleans. and the red is bleeding.
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>> and now, the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> before we get to the highlights, i will tell you what troy brower said after the game. he called it embarrassing and pathetic. this was coming for -- from a player. the caps were 0-3 on the power play here it it was a nightmare. there is the rebound, the one- timer. the canadians go up. montreal up 2-0. on the break gets the pass angd goal. 0-3. maybe time to panic a little bit. >> embarrassing is almost the right term right now. pathetic is probably a better one. their reaction it was completely warranted, moving us. we have not earned any respect
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we have not shown any passion or ambition. we have got to turn this thing around. >> shifting gears to oddsmakers. most writers are taking the 49ers' in the super bowl or the harbowl as some fans are calling it. the ravens have been underdogs all post-season. most recently by 9.5 points in new england. after a slow start, joe flacco threw for 120 yards in the third quarter alone. they proved what they could do and proved naysayers wrong. there they are at practice. it is the resilience attitude that has propelled joe flacco and his squad to this point. >> i really do not care. there are guys out there that have to make a living. if that is going to be me, i plan on being around for awhile. i will be here. >> uva and virginia tech.
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the hokies down 9. a freshman scored 18 points to lead the cavaliers over virginia tech. a final note. one week after missing the cut tiger woods made a late splash in the insurance open. only three shots out of the lead. tiger what seems to go all year round. we will have new orleans watched next week. >> you will not. you will be watching it.
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>> the threat of severe weather tomorrow is our top-trending story on also reaction to katie couric's interview with manti te'o. and a man saves a life during a pit bull attack.
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>> here is your timeline for tomorrow. temperatures in the 20's. light snow during the afternoon and evening rush. could see 1-2 inches by the time the system moves out of here. >> stay indoors and what some sports.
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that is it for us.
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