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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  January 29, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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carmax. start here. president obama heads off to he will outline his plan for immigration reform. a sea of purple in the big easy. eads -- beads,ut ere. we will go soon to john gonzales with live coverage. ♪ >> this might be a first for katie couric. the football with got the autotune treatment. "good morning washington" begins
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right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by thenational captioning institute-- adam caskey to talk about the weather. quite a bit of fog that there. patchy fog this morning. little sprinkle to talk about just east of fort royal. it is hitting the ground and it is 42 degrees. side of your screen we have a little sprinkle traveling to the southeast. aperture wise, a wide range. 40 in clarksburg. look down south, 55 in washington. 56 in fredericksburg.
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about 53 the high in the metro area. parts of the shenandoah valley make it into the mid 60's in the afternoon. you mentioned that foggy todition, it is so important .atch for pedestrians pedestrians, watch for the cars. a tough timee seeing each other. that is very important. and vehicle's looking out for one another. . currently lanes are open. foggy conditions, you can see that from some of our cameras. especially farther north and to the west. 14th, across the street bridge, quiet start. ,uiet in our nation's capital two. scott and cynne, back to you. regarding anews plane crash overseas. deadly results, leaving
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everyone on board dead. let's go to the live desk for the details. >> this plane crash happened early this morning and has extend. kazakstan. an -- we do have a reporters pictures from twitter. 15 passengers and five crew members on board this plane. when the planeed was headed to the principal city. you can see all the fog in the area. officials are telling the associated press they believe the plane had limited toibility and was trying make a second approach to the when it crashed. another picture this posted of police to keep reporters back from the scene. this was the second major this countryh in month. died in a lot their plane crashed in the southern
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part of the country during a violent snowstorm. we are keeping a close eye on this story overseas. back to you guys in the studio. thank you so much. it is 5:03 right now. >> we want to talk about the big day ahead for president obama and immigration reform as he unveil his plan. he said it is important for there to be a path for for illegal immigrants. let's check in with brianne get more on what we are anticipating. the president says that this one of his priorities of his second term. today, america will get to hear his proposal. later today in las vegas, is expected to lay out his vision for immigration reform. -- a crackdown on employers who hire undocumented -- ers jet -- workers >> we believe this will be the gets itgress finally
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.one comes president's plan one day after a bipartisan group each an senators on a framework to pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants living in the u.s. >> the issue of immigration is not simple. we have the opportunity to do it right. we will do ahink tremendous service to our country and its future. >> the president is expected to 3:00 p.m. eastern time in las vegas. many will be watching closely to out.hat he lays reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. the plans for immigration reform, the border patrol says more peopleg up entering the country illegally. agentsrs obtained show 357,000 arrests along during the border 2012 year. that is 29,000 more than the previous year. texas southern largest increase .n arrest border patrol also says arrest
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nationwide have increased about seven percent. deliberations resumed today murder trial of a former culpeper police officer. the case against daniel white -- he testified that he who was unarmed, february.fense last his arm in the vehicle and tried drive off. prosecutors say his arm was never trapped. a misconduct trial of anne arundel county executive, john leopold. he is accused of using his security detail and secretary for personal and political reasons. his attorneys do not deny the evidence, but they say he never .roke the law a judge will decide his guilt or innocence. >> some good news. d.c. officials are expected to that the city has a $400 million surplus. that is because of stronger .evenue collection
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officials would like to spend homeless services and education. residents we talked with trashted improving collection and refunded money to taxpayers. >> mardi gras, not here quite givingt the super bowl city of new orleans reason to party right now. we are seeing plenty of as the ravens prepare to take on the 49ers. down in the big easy. good morning. scott and cynne, good morning from the beat easy. we are coming to you live from the hilton here in downtown new orleans. is your official baltimore ravens hotel and headquarters. you can see the giant banners of ray lewis in real life. the guys and the team getting after al-deserved rest first day here in louisiana. the team, but the fans traveling. the french quarter already has a purple andarm --
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in storefronts and up and down bourbon street. go ravens. a fan who just wants to be , justas mrs. raven arrived from baltimore. in the third quarter of the last week, my friend said, are your bags packed? or have a good omen, the in adome is already lit purple. >> mardi gras is next week. but we started celebrating sunday night. some fans got here early in today's traditional media day. i want to get his autograph. marriott there a skyline. that is where the san francisco , about sevenying blocks away from where the ravens are here at the hilton.
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the ravens will be the away team during the super bowl. wearing the white jerseys. 49ers will be considered the home team. not tell that to ed, who grew up about 15 miles from the superdome. he told reporters he was speechless about playing the super bowl in his hometown. new orleans, gonzales, abc 7 news. thank you, john. super cool. to be ?> who's going to have more fun john?ayers are >> i think it might be john. 43 degrees right now. still ahead, new details on a case involving randy travis. what is expected to happen this we
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>> welcome back. 5:12 right now. taking a live look outsiders arlington, virginia. , no snow. not looking too shabby. the day is going to be a nice little warm-up. adam caskey back here. this is my kind of weather, i love it. better today and tomorrow. in manyo the 50's .ocations tomorrow
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a few 60's here and there today. , not a a little sprinkle big deal. west of washington. 36 in gaithersburg. petersburg, west virginia, 52. . wide arrange of temperatures here is your regional forecast. to baltimore, upper 40's. south to the shenandoah valley, you will make it into the 60's. heavy rainfall expected by tomorrow afternoon and evening. two entries -- inches. your seven-day will be coming up. thank you so much, adam. started here on our early beginning to be rush hour,. not too much to tell you about. 395, this is what the entire like each direction between the beltway.
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going across the 14th street bridge. it is of stafford, reported open. the beltway.round overnight construction has been wrapped up. no lingering problems. maryland near wrote one -- one, all lanes open there. back to you. >> good to hear. 5:14 right now. coming up, ray lewis reacting to "saturday himself on night live." "saturday himself on night liso... [ gasps ]
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90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. randyuntry music star is expected to enter a plea a drunk driving case. she was naked when he was arrested following a single vehicle accident last august. his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit each ofsecutor says the the plea agreement should be his courtollowing appearance on thursday. by up tobe punishable jail and a $4000 fine. tonight you will get another chance to watch actor matt "jimmyover of "or g. live he tied up and tagged kimmel
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while he hosted the show and interviewed a number of celebrities. he was a huge hit, bringing the ratings sincest a different time .lot watch it, if you have not seen it, the repeat will air right here on abc seven 10:00 p.m. >> matt damon. the case of the hoax girlfriend has led to many jokes on tv. someone had a little fun with with couric's interview .he football star >> it has now been auto tuned. take a listen. ♪ >> oh, my. i do not know what else to say. interview was last
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week on her talk show and will never be seen the same way again. >> t pain would be proud of that. the autotune lives on. is weighing in on a spoof of him. >> this was during a recent saturday night live." the second time he has actually imitated me. i thought it was hilarious. somebody sent me some of it last night. when i saw it, i laughed so hard. in tears last night laughing about it. his emotional actions on the joked is a dance. a solid performance. he called the skip awesome. >> it was awesome. i love that ray lewis can take joke about himself. that is great. take a look at the weather now. >> warmer days.
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mild conditions. are talking 60's and spots today. then back to business as usual. they cannot last long this time of year. january andups in february, they do not last long. take a look at our live via satellite radar. we have some areas of cloud moving overhead and one little wriggle just left of washington. most of the moisture off to the northwest and parts of the great lakes. , even up into michigan. let's take a closer look at home. here is the little spring goal i am talking about. right along 60 year near front royal. quick little sprinkle. parts of the northern shenandoah valley this morning. that is it. sprinkle to start the day. a cold wedge is in place. 36 in gaithersburg. 39 at dulles airport. 52 in winchester.
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49 at charlottesville. already, we see the temperature spreading. theill see it through .fternoon, as well for your breakdown high temperatures today. north of washington, upper 40's. 48 degrees for the high temperature. about 52 or 53 near the beltway. shenandoah valley, south of we will make it into the low to mid 60's. blu-ray, 65 this afternoon. luray, 65 this afternoon. a good that of an inch or more across the washington area. wednesday tonds thursday. then back to the 30's by friday with a few flurries. that is it for the weather. we are off to a quiet start. no problems to report out of the gate. the metro rail in virginia --
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no reported problems. he mentioned, those foggy conditions. the camera at lanes open. can't stress enough, please drivers watch for pedestrians and vice versa. especially when it is difficult to see for everybody. coming out of southern maryland, route four and five heading up to injuries. no problems here. out near the dulles area -- no problems to report. having across the 14 street , ice and quiet. to you. tech bytes, we some good news for yahoo. apple's mobile software in has some new tricks. nelson has more. >> in today's tech bytes, success of yahoo, the internet reporting better- than-expected earnings. are the new ceo for
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the turnaround. to says there is more work be done and mobile will be the key. the latest version of apple's has anng system interesting new features. you can now use siri to order movie tickets on fandango. send eachows users to other voice recordings and videos. blank spot has been filled on google maps, north korea. it shows everything from golf courses courses to detention camps for political prisoners. the information volunteered by ordinary citizens outside the country, mostly from south korea. north koreans cannot access google. is your tech bytes, i am rob nelson.
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>> a lot of power outages in virginia. >> there seems to be an issue with a substation in the burke thomas virginia area. virginia - burke, area. 10,000 customers without power. right now, they believe it is around 8000 customers without power. crews are trying to figure out ok, my producer just got off the phone with her -- ok. out that theyound have fixed the problem and everybody's power is back on. they are rerouting electricity that area. the are searching for source. , they do not expect any further outages. to the just coming in live desk. everybody's powerback on. they expect no more outages. we will send it back to you. quick action. 10,000 in the dark now to none.
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thank you. 5:27 right now. 42 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, president obama his secondcked off .erm whoady a lot of talk about will win the white house in 2016.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. immigratione over is heating up. president obama is now hitting hisroad today to promote plan. it is tuesday, january 29. i am cynne simpson. shine.d we will go right over to adam caskey.
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we can already feel a difference in the temperatures. >> definitely. cold over parts of ,he area, northeast of town pretty mild. especially southwest of washington. you will feel that today and especially tomorrow. as we transition back into the colder air, we could have some -- thunderstorms. a little bit of right -- light rain. edging into prince william county. temperatures widespread. 42 in gainesville. 38 in the way. 60 degrees in fredericksburg this afternoon. -- beltway,uilding, low to mid 50's. wide-ranging high temperatures today. warmer the farther south and you are of washington. let's go to jamie with our commute. it is nice and quiet right
5:33 am
now. woodrow wilson bridge, if over the american region -- american legion bridge, it looks good. and virginia, it looks good. indeed georgetown, that is -- checking time out fine as well. please take your time. plenty ofyou have distance between you and the car in front of you. be able to see. here.lume right virginia, 395, travel lanes to were the 14th street bridge back to you. thank you so much. what we to talk about reference at the top of the show. big fight over immigration the the president hitting road today. be a bigs expected to priority in his agenda for this year. in with brianne carter to see what we can expect today. in a matter of hours, president obama is expected to
5:34 am
lay out his vision for immigration reform. expected to push for border security, cracking down on employers who hire undocumented workers, and earned pathway to -- citizenship for immigrants. senators unveiled a similar plan recently. obama wouldy that largely endorsed the senators efforts. he was heavily supported by -- supporters in in november's election. we talk to people in our area who could be directly impacted by reform. live in a satellite center, brianne carter. the boy scouts of america are considering changing their nationwide no gays policy. and gay members and leaders. change, theoposed different groups that sponsor could decide for themselves how to address that issue. any religious groups are upset policy may be rescinded.
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a vote on that policy change february 6.lace on >> a new super packages hillary clinton for in 2016. --ashington post so " reported this. clinton has reportedly and that she isenied interested in running. polls do show that she is extremely popular. fans flocking to new orleans 47.super bowl that is between the ravens and the 49ers. john gonzales is there live with a preview. show us all the purple that he can see. >> good morning. we are live outside of the hilton. a train going by.
5:36 am
do not know who we have to to.lain the mayor or somebody. why did they put the ravens in a hotel next to a loud train? today is media day. it is frantic and chaotic. anything is asked. the baltimore ravens are inside some well-deserved rest after a very long first day, who will bey lewis playing the final game of his career. that is why he decided to fly former high school football coach from louisiana this week -- to louisiana this week. he is here for the big game this week. to lewis on the phone very often. they talked a lot after his earlier this season. this time, they will be for one last hurrah.
5:37 am
the coaches not the only one getting a surprise this week. a ravens fanatic here posted a video on youtube of his when the ravens one their playoff game. a company saw the video and purchased them tickets for the fan and flew him out here. this will be a win for new orleans. a report this will be the first post-katrina super bowl. this will be the 10th super bowl the city has hosted. tied for first with miami. the mayor says he wants more super bowls. the train is gone, hopefully ravens can get back to sleep. reporting live, john gonzales, the train or is >> there the entire time until he wrapped up.
5:38 am
it must be a setup. not want our guys to .et any rest that's ok. . we can do it on very little footballill ahead, expected to spend a lot , butney on the super bowl there are ways to cut costs. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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morning, washington. >> good morning. that is what we are talking about. those are the greetings that we air each weekday. we would love for you to start and one for us. it is completely easy for just send us a short video, about 10 or 15 seconds. or a link to a youtube clip, to just end it with those three words. 5:41 right now. get a look at our forecast. let's check in with adam caskey. some mild temperatures today and tomorrow. then, things go crashing back down by the end of the workweek and into the weekend. also in little bit of rain prince william county. a few spotty sprinkles back
5:42 am
toward the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. but it big deal in terms of the rain showers. wide-ranging temperatures. annapolis. 36 in gaithersburg. 32 in winchester. 50 in martinsburg. for seven in fredericksburg. ice today will range from the 261 for those of you to 61 for those of you around woodstock. thunderstorms expected tomorrow. one to two inches of rain expected. possibly isolated fleming -- due to isolated rainfall tomorrow. , to inform you of a water on theeak activity turnpike heading east bound on toward 395. they tell me it is right near
5:43 am
willow run drive. in that vicinity, keep a watch on your traveling. hitting the road leaving fredericksburg and up through to just a volume .ssue forming here .othing reported in the way a round beltway, lanes are open. back to you. thank you so much. time now is 5:43. >> coming up, a huge bust involving chicken wings. >> coming up, a huge bust involving chicken wings. you
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[ male announcer ] when it comemes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically
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to current and former military members a their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. you almost could have --dicted, tiger woods >> woods earned his record monday.itle on his 75th career win over all.
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the final back nine of the final , he was so far ahead, it didn't matter. he finishes 14 under, four strokes clear of the pack. john wall pushing the ball up , the wizards suddenly like they can hang with anyone. he turned the ball over 20 against sacramento on monday. that allowed the kings to stick with oned steal a win second to go. score, a 96-94.eaking miami heat took some time off for ahe basketball court visit to the white house. president obama helps them visit their 2012 nba championship. the final survey -- the heat of the finals in 2011, only to come >> when you fall the real test is whether you
5:48 am
can ignore the naysayers and come back strongly. that is true in basketball, but also in life. we are in the white house right now. this is like -- hey. i made it. [laughter] >> king james taking in the moment there. they also gave a jersey to the president with the number 44. >> i wonder if you will ever that. heat upnk he had the to the white house before. to spend expected billions of dollars getting ready for the super bowl. --if you're looking to his save some cash, we have some tips. according to a survey, will spend nearly billion dollars on the .uper bowl $.54 pere of $68 and .erson it will spend money on snacks , and according to one party state
5:49 am
a bitell really take out of your budget. >> the biggest hit two-year be coming from wings. 15%-25% in terms of prices from last year's super bowl. analysis, beer ticked up only slightly over the last few years. more than 7.5 million households are expected to buy a ,ew tv before the big game compared with 5.1 million last year. for a deal may be in luck. >> you'll actually find pretty good prices for those big hdtv is. it is a little counterintuitive, because demand is up. there are a couple other factors driving that. that includes a combination january sales and stores clearing shelves for new models. >> as you just heard, chicken wings are a hot commodity this year. crying lovers in georgia
5:50 am
foul after police say two men stole $65,000 worth of wings atlanta storage facility. the suspects, who works at the facility, used a rental truck steal 10 pallets of frozen wings earlier this month. are now free on bond after and charged with theft. , the wings have not been found. where do you hide them all? am wondering.t i 6:00 a.m., how super bowl advertisers make sure they 32ndhe most out of their spot. plus, dramatic video of a tractor-trailer tipping over. facing a crucial hearing. >> a university of virginia accused of falsely
5:51 am
accusing a gunman on campus is now facing charges. he allegedly called 911 last wednesday and said he had seen a gunman on the school's campus. the school was placed on lockdown. the incident was a hoax. he is charged with knowingly making false and fraudulent statements. some of the people on the of the gun-control debate control debate share their views during a white house meeting with president obama. >> police chiefs and sheriffs country urgede the president to strengthen mental health services. many were divided on the more controversial aspects of his a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. five: 51. traffico check in on and weather. not too bad a day out there. 10the temperature now, about wasees higher than it yesterday. exactly. noticeably warmer today and especially tomorrow. .o not get used to it it will not stick around. it can't. , these warming
5:52 am
trends just do not stick around washington this time of year. a few hits on the radar screen and i willut her it breakdown the temperatures for you. big temperature spread across our viewing area today. first, look at the little blobs on the radar screen. those are light showers out , toward manassas. a few isolated wrinkles southeast. the pretty much it. we are looking at a fairly cloudy day. a few breaks in the afternoon. we also have patchy fog this morning. keep that in mind, reduced ,isibility here and there especially the low lying part of your commute. 39 at dulles airport. 36 in manassas. look at lexington park -- 38 degrees. 52 in winchester. already, we have that itperature spread her it will hold into the afternoon.
5:53 am
strasburg virginia, 60. lower 50's in the metro area. you can see that big spread north to south. go into the shenandoah valley, far south of washington, that you will approach that 60 degree mark later today. we will all probably had that 60 degree mark with some late date thunderstorms. some could be strong and take some heavy rainfall. a good rule of thumb tomorrow is about an inch to two inches of rain. computer models indicating about in parts of montgomery county. back into the 30's for friday just a fewy with flurries. to measurable snow expected. for the forecast. just a couple of things around the beltway. lanes are open. the trains are running on time .r it
5:54 am
adam mention the patchy fog. these be careful. be extra cautious. let's get you out onto the outlay. crossing the american legion good., this looks virginia, interstate 95, travel lanes are open. you see volume collecting. woodbridge, route one, that is where accidents have popped up. north of the prince william parkway. back to you. want to stop by for and some clothing. to dealrs has efforts your tax return this year. to explain that, here is alan limburg headquarters in new york. bloomberg t headquarters in new york. start accepting returns tomorrow, but do not even if yout return file early.
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things may be slowed down by a year.his this is according to the founder of liberty tax service. adders for host of read could into the company. the maker of little debbie has agreed to pay more than $27 million for the drinks rant. united states bakery, offering buy some equipment for about $29 million. on february this 11. chipotle is looking to stand by pushing its sustainability message to an organichrough line of clothing and accessories. is looking to be more of a lifestyle brand as well as sustainable food areas that is business news live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. thank you. . it is 5:55e it right now. 43 degrees. think this isyou
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this is the fourth time that mural ofefaced a president obama painted on the .ide of a houston building the breakfastof say somebody put a black and yellow paint on the mural to replace the previously defaced one. and theal's creator
5:59 am
they aresay .ndeterred by the crimes they will continue to replace them until the vandals are caught. >> checking news around the world. illusion continues to blanket beijing. residents have been advised to stay indoors as much as possible. pollution level has remained high because there is little to blow the polluted fog from the area. toiran has taken a step people toit they successfully launched a monkey into flight on monday and it returned to earth safely. they hope to start manned space missions in 2020. the rocket expertise could be to create a long-range, which could carry nuclear warheads. tokyo, known for its high-end one of the, but ingredients in the food does not seem to be


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