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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. take a look at the verdict and what took place this afternoon. was found guilty of two misconduct, misusing employees for personal activities and also is in personal security guards as as an assistant to do things that the judge called hiske changing timeser back to to three day over the course of nine , and having officers hmet hisby while girlfriend in the parking lot of we did speak with him briefly, just a few moments ago. what was his reaction to the verdict? what will you do next? you resign? >> we will be considering all the options over the next few will let the press know when we come to certain
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conclusions. they will announce the date thursday.cing on his political future, the decide thatil may on monday. >> now we go to breaking news in another high-profile trial. former culpeper county police officer daniel harmon-wright was guilty on three counts. >> jack goldberger is live with reaction. >> the verdict was read at 4:15 this afternoon. daniel harmon-wright was seen his forehead against hands, at some time shaking his head. wife was crying behind him. family members of the victims say they believe that justice has been served. with his head hung low and quickly, daniel harmon- is led to the culpeper
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county jail after being found manslaughter in the death of patricia cook. >> what happened on that day have happened. >> john is patricia cook's brother and says this decision his family had been for.g >> i can speak for my mother and myself and my entire family. we are pleased with the work of the jury. difficult.was >> nearly nine hours of deliberation, and the jury found wright guilty on four of voluntary manslaughter, shooting into a vehicle, and shooting into a resulting in death. was found not guilty of using firearm in commission of a felony. >> the citizens of this community have spoken. >> harmon-wright has been found guilty of killing patricia cook on duty as a culpeper police officer. he was not convicted of first or but theegree murder,
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that fact doess minimize the impact of the verdict. >> i think it was a unique situation with the unique defendant who stepped out of line in a very aggressive fashion and broke the rules. >> neither the defense attorney or family and friends of daniel spoke with the following the verdict. daniel harmon-wright remains in awaiting sentencing tomorrow afternoon. mean up to 25 years in prison. >> the other big story we are about tonight, the weather acrossrm our region. the freezing temperatures of week are gone and replaced conditions that feel more april and january. hill joins us with a first at how warm it has gotten. >> 07's around our area earlier afternoon -- low 70's around our area.
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59 at reagan national. degrees bill in fredericksburg. cloudy and very warm for overnight readings, 48-55 degrees. tomorrow will be breezy and warm, but will have to front and ae cold lineup potentially severe be overthat may area startinghe this time tomorrow evening, starting with damaging .inds potential down force predict downpours and the wind biggest concern and after that front comes through, back to reality. we may have some snow to deal with by early friday morning. the forecast is just moments ahead. >> comprehensive immigration reform is one of president priorities in his term. today, the president ideas in las vegas. he wants to overhaul the current and put it illegal
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on a clear path to citizenship. we have an immigration system is out of date, a system us back instead helping us grow our economy .nd strengthen our middle-class yesterday, a bipartisan group senators outline their proposal for immigration reform setting a path of citizenship for millions of already in the country without documents. also includes tighter border security. developing story from capitol hill. the senate voted overwhelmingly approve john kerry's nomination as secretary of state. 94-3.te was will succeed hillary clinton, during the term.ent's first the son of a diplomat, a veteran, and aam former presidential candidate. he served in the senate
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representing massachusetts for nearly 30 years. >> the confirmation comes as member of president obama's cabinet stepped down. transportation secretary ray lahood plans to leave washington. he is currently the only serving in the cabinet. he helped enact several new measures and how we last fourver the years. in themedical first historicates, a surgery.
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officials in the district face fromtough questions residents of over half of the got a massive surplus of over $100 million. the district acquire in these tough
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economic times? $417 million dollars, and resident has some ideas on where the money should go. >> d.c. public schools. >> the mayor says he wants the stay in aplus to account, in a city that on federal dollars in time of a fiscal cliff. with us not doing what we set out to do, and that to save for the future. help.need some that was generally the reaction we heard across town. it points to one group that foul allowed us, advocates for the poor. -- cried foul the loudest. >> nothing is more important
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having a safe place to be at night. >> the surplus was due in part two unexpected revenues. estate tax is broadened $53 million. the mayor pointed to the power cranes dotting the skyline as an example of booming business in the city. back inoney needs to go system for the schools, and then track it. we have more news about an amazing medical story from baltimore. ago, a soldier who his arms and legs serving iraq underwent double arm transplants at johns hopkins hospital. brendan marracco. before he was discharged, he met with the news media. doctors say could be several
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he is able to fully use them, but he says it is great. was waitingething i for a long time. now it's finally happened. to say. don't know what this is such a big thing for my life. >> it certainly is. the seventh double or double arm transplant to the united states. it took 16 surgeons 13 hours to complete last month's delicate operation. >> still to come tonight, conditions remain unseasonably warm across the region.
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>> the media circus is in full swing in new orleans in preparation for super bowl 47. the stars of both teams theered questions about of other subjects during media day today. >> brad bell is there outside the superdome. >> new orleans here along canal always a busy place, starting to see in theirle showing up niners and ravens jerseys. a big fan festival tomorrow and thursday, but today, fans got an opportunity the players. all across new orleans, fans are to fill in. this was the scene this morning as the 49ers it boarded buses at
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their hotel. gathered just to watch the players. the team was headed to the superdome for the annual fest called media day. this year it was open to the some families. the forty-niners went first and few hours later, the ravens. >> i am super excited. >> what is going to happen at the super bowl? >> we are going to win. >> players answered questions for $25 ticket, people got from the stands. >> you cannot really get up close to the players. >> everybody is here and it is craziness. >> like a cowboy clown or a man
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ing.a mardi gras keyin >> today is not unusual for us at all. orleans is a wild place, should media day be any different? the players have retreated to will start and stuff.g about football the big festival starts tomorrow. bell, abc 7 news. with a timetart from a rooftop terrace at over the river. the firstctacular for
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after the sun came up. day. beautiful then temperatures climbed steadily and we are off to the races. in the 60's and lower 70's across the region. 69 at rated -- at reagan , still 69 in fredericksburg. 20 degrees warmer at dulles that was yesterday at this time, warmer at gaithersburg. it will all come to a screeching halt at about this time tomorrow night. the record was 76. we missed that by seven degrees, but it was a nice feeling of the warm front pushed through. on the other side of this warm there.he cold air is front is the kind of
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up we see often at the end of march in the isinning of april, but it the end of january. there is a chance that tomorrow evening when the front comes in and encounters all the warm, , that will set the torrential downpours and possibly damaging wind before it clears out later in the day. the greatest threat will be 7:00 11:00 p.m. as it works its way east. everything is coming together in atmosphere and we will be watching it very closely. then we will see conditions cooler in ahat hurry. some evening snowflakes friday before we get seasonal temperatures for the weekend. >> now, the toyota sports desk, localt to you by your
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toyota dealers. >> welcome to sunny new orleans. where is doug and when we need him with the forecast? down here, the rain had started. this was super bowl media day. sports illustrated has accused ray lewis of using a banned substance. story in a a big hurry. according to a sports illustrated, he tried to speed up the healing process with a triceps. the story has more questions than answers right now. there is absolutely no proof used it.ver ray lewis responded adamantly and defiantly. >> that was a 2-year-old story that you want me to refresh. i would not give any credit to even mention his name or his my moment. i will not even speak about it. been in this position 17
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years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trade me. every test i have ever taken in the nfl, there has never been a question if i have ever even using inner thing -- anything. to even entertain something like to try to go get a story somewhere else. >> the san francisco 49ers came first thismus morning. thisee into the morning. at vernon davis. i ask the dunbar graduate what represento washington, d.c in the super bowl. >> i always had a dream to play the super bowl, but i did not happen. would like i said, it is a dream come true. be here.y honored to
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>> for baseball fans, let's serious story. the nationals are ready to training.spring a big story about gio gonzales. a story linking him to steroids. ped's and never used to the contrary is a lie. there is the statement by gio gonzales. getting people to believe you days is very tough to to the lance armstrong situation. there you have it, the caps are in action.
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>> it will be another warm day tomorrow. storms about this time tomorrow night. >> have a good one. captioned by the national captioning institute [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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