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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  January 30, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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traffic alert along are low. details on how a crash could very well impact your morning commute. >> sentencing today for former culpeper police officer the shooting death of an unarmed woman. >> what d.c. mayor vincent gray whether redskins fans should root for the ravens on super bowl sunday. and we will take you to new orleans with john gonzalez. atood morning washington" 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, january 30. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson.
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glad you're starting your day with us. get to meteorologist newsi jeras with some good only if you like warm weather. you arsenal lover, we might before the week is out. bit of a little everything this morning. starting very mild. glover, we a snow see a little before the week is out. it's 45 degrees this morning in martinsburg and frederick. changes ahead. by this time tomorrow, temperatures dropping with a front approaching. that will bring storms this evening. a few of those could be strong. we will see more clouds than anything else. today.aks of sunshine high temperatures today will be yesterday, 69. theirs has been a crash. we will go back to the newsroom. -- there has been a crash.
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the breaking news. is a mess. the east side of the beltway, huge problems. brianne carter is on the scene, on the outer loop of the beltway. what is the situation? >> this is a very active scene along the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. look behind me. you can see the accident investigation continuing. been here on the hours.ore than two accident involving a fire truck. prince or discounted fire and along with a tractor- trailer. whend 2:45 this morning is it occurred. a fire truck was leaving the accident andher the station when was struck by a tractor- trailer. seven people have been taken to hospital. of them, including firefighters, transported to prince george's county. others as well. the fire truck, a tractor- trailer, and another vehicle involved.
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all three vehicles slipped over accident.t of the officials believe this tractor- carrying food. it will take quite some time to get that a prided. we spoke with the prince george's county fire and e us anment chief to give firefighters. >> there were four dramatic to our department personnel. there were taken to prince george's hospital. were three other transport scene and all. .hose were civilians a total of seven patients. transported to the hospital. >> it is not believed that any are life-threatening according to the chief. that's the good news. the accident investigation team scene trying to what led to all of this. again, seven people injured, taken to the hospital. lane on either side is
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the only lane getting by. to figure cahow to get around this, let's check in with jamee whitten. >> thank you. a terrible crash. it is complicated. means this will be in place for a long time through the morning rush hour and an investigation. the right lane getting by any direction. scene. a camera at the is the beltway between route 50 the john hanson highway 202. if you can, avoid that stretch of the beltway. if you're coming from the wilson bridge area, or andrews, use 4, pennsylvania avenue, 295. any of the feeder roads inside the beltway as well. back to you. >> thank you. jurors recommending a sentence former culpeper police officer convicted in the shooting death of an unarmed woman. the jury found daniel harmon- guilty of manslaughter on , and other charges in
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the deck of patricia cook last february. he testified that he fired in defense. >> the anne arundel county expected to be today to begin the process of ousting county executive john leopold. the session comes a day after he convicted of misconduct. humbled by the decision, he says, he had little else to say after a judge found him guilty of his policers put up campaign signs files on political rivals. found guilty of using a county employee to change his urinary capital acki -- bag. five of the council members yes for himo vote to be thrown out. >> new this morning, three people in custody after an incident in bladensburg, maryland. the suspects ended the the chase at 53rd place at annapolis road
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after carjacking. it tried to run away, but they were caught. no one was hurt. for us to check in with john gonzalez. i feel so bad for him. he has been looking so miserable over thee we go to him past 24 hours. yesterday he was talking about palm trees. -- you be in the '70s in the '70s again today. i think i was bragging too much yesterday about in the bigather easy. storm ande's a breezy. not affecting the experience. to show you the ravens are shoestable in their own and enjoy the spotlight in the big easy would be an understatement. media day turned into a circus filled withig game, weird customs and players turned photographers. i'm just watching, enjoying the sites. >> and answering strange questions.
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>> how many groupies' or in a hotel? >> approves our local and team is relaxed and confident. not even this train next to the ravens.n phase the [horn honking] >> became to play. we've got to work. >> i've been getting good sleep. greg some 49ers players forgot it is an indoor stadium. .you're wearing shades >> i will play with these on the field. you'll see me on sunday. that i'm the envy of now, beingnds right able to come down here. >> that and tells us when the last playoffeir game, tickets are as high as online, but they have dropped significantly. payays that he's willing to
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about $20,000 per ticket. reporting live at the superdome, gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> john may be looking to sel pass.s media >> hold on to that, john. looking at 58 degrees right now. still ahead, new details on a the uva governing board who was at the center of a struggle at the school. learn whet
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>> good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. 5:11, 53 degrees. yesterday we made it to 69 and will rival that again. on the national mall without a jacket. >> looked at me, mom. don't worry. it may be late january, but you really don't need a jacket. outside, you'll heavy jacket out habit, but you don't need it. long sleeves are fine early this morning. a beautiful shot of the capital over my shoulder. in a beautiful city. i love coming here early in the
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morning before things get hectic. at's look at our temperature storm chaser on fourth street and jefferson. 56 degrees currently at the chaser. i probably should take down the snowman. other area high temperatures in the 50's and we do have a few 40's. 41 at bwi marshall. 61 in manassas, 52 in winchester. today near 70. thunderstorms after dark, especially later this evening bedtime tonight and some could be strong to severe. remaining cooler for the next couple days. the commute with jamee. >> we are busy on a maryland beltway. at the into a video this terrific crash happened before 3:00 this involving a tractor- trailer, a firetruck that was leaving a crash that it responded to, and an suv. we expect this to be with us for time as the investigation
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is underway. all three vehicles overturned. you can see the tractor-trailer and the fire truck clearly. the beltway south of 50 the john haven highway is where we by to the right direction. try to avoid this. on the outer loop you can , and join 50. or route 4, 214 to 95. a couple options. back to you. >> thank you. we will be checking in frequently. thank you so much. 3, 58 degrees now. >> big news in the technology world including today's launch 10.he blackberry >> and a big announcement from apple.
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stage. $100 million project is in the works for the nation's busiest performing arts venues. it includes public green spaces, video projection mall for productions, and exploding outdoor stage on the potomac river. the chairman will donate $50 to the project. that's the single largest gift in the institution's history coming from rubens steen. rubinstein. >> that will be beautiful. >> sounds amazing. >> it's great. >> it's the kind of weather that you could have an concert. >> i know. very good. we will not have as much yesterday, but weperatures will rival what had. dibly milen this morning. sleeves andd long not a jacket. 53 degrees at this hour at
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national. dew point of 49. you can steal moisture in the air this morning. out of the south at 12 miles an hour. that is bringing in the heat and moisture. temperatures across have a couple 40's and some 50's. 57 in gaithersburg, 58 degrees dulles, 61 might now in manassas. incredibly warm. our temperatures are well above today's average ties already, is 44. 29 is the average low. the high temperature yesterday was 69 degrees. get very close to that again. cooler air behind this system. this will be headed our way. we expect a very short end to wonderful weather. the weather maker is in the mississippi river valley fromcing severe weather kentucky into mississippi. those are tornado watches. had four preliminary
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reports so far. will watch that make its way towards us. kind of weather can we expect? thunderstorms this evening and overnight. in the slight risk category. a few of the thunderstorms could be strong to severe. our primary concern will be damaging wind. look into the future, showers first period late evening and overnight, the main line comes troops. we will see very heavy rain. then clearing by tomorrow morning. forecast, breezy and mild, high temperature between and 72 with storms tonight. 42-46 tonight. 30 expected with a chance of friday and again morning. let's a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> good morning. maryland beltway, pay attention. on the beltway between route 50 the john hanson 202 in each
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byection, one lane getting in each direction to the right. three vehicles involved all turned over. us through theth rush-hour. crash involving a tractor- trailer, and suv, and a fire truck. if you'reg landover, headed to work anytime soon on the outer loop, you'll see the , inner loop of 202 approached the crash. that.nt to avoid 295 is a good option and head inside the beltway and around. back to you. >> thank you. and technology news, a new ipad works.he >> their special program on youtube, but it will cost you. rob nelson has more. a heavy duty ipad. the full-sized tablet comes 128 gigabytes or twice as as previous versions and starts at $800.
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get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. and some people found that a little bit strong. but as soon as they tasted blonde roast, boy they were on board. ♪ charles county man in he wasl condition after then by a woman who herself.gun on she was pronounced dead on the tuesday night. inhappened at a home
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waldorf, maryland. in couple appeared to be their 60s. clear what exactly led shooting. >> a young boy was taken to the after he was hit by a car in greenbelt. newschopper 7 was over the scene four-year-oldthe was hit on breezewood drive. the car that hit him stayed at the scene. investigators have not said any condition the boy's charges will be filed. >> d.c. officials today will be educating drivers about the turners of making a u- pennsylvania avenue white plains. the planes run from third street 15th street nw. is illegal for cars to make a when cyclists are not there. violation carries a $100 fine. d.c. police and officials from ddot and the d.c. taxicab today are handing out informational fliers. they will issue tickets to violators as well. time, 58 degrees.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we continue to follow news impacting outer beltway.he you are taking a live look. the fire truck is overturned. people injured in this situation. we will have jamee whitten on traffic and can get around. and brianne carter is on the scene. good morning, washington.
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it's wednesday, january 30. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along on this morning. to get through the mid-week. jacqui jeras is with us. you have nothing but good news next 15 hours or so, at least. >> that's for sure. very mild temperatures, a little sunshine today and with clouds. but the storms will arrive tonight. it is 58 degrees at dulles right now, 53 in d.c., 49 in 45 in frederick, 61 degrees in culpeper this morning. we have a little cloudiness already in place. front way back here that will take until this evening and overnight tonight for us to get showers and embedded thunderstorms. strong. be mostly cloudy today, 57 degrees at 9:00, 64 at noon, 68 degrees with a few showers possible by 5:00.
5:31 am
more details on the timing in a few minutes. first, back to you in the news room. >> back to the big story. >> a major traffic tieups with happeningries, this on the outer loop of the beltway. ist's where brianne carter alive but the scene with the what's happening. looks like it'll be awhile before traffic is free-flowing. absolutely. according to the chief, this several hours of accident investigation and cleanup along the beltway. seven people injured. a majority of them are from the prince george's county fire department. all of four volunteers with the .epartment as well -- all four volunteers as well. this all began before 3:00 this morning. we understand the fire engine neversponding to a call, made it there. if there were headed to a call and were struck by a tractor-
5:32 am
trailer. we understand that four as thehters as well driver of the tractor-trailer from an suv were to the hospital in serious condition. none of the injuries are be life-threatening according to the chiefs. all these vehicles have slipped onto their sides, beforeill be some time these vehiclest investigation.s we believe the tractor-trailer foodarrying some sort product. work to clean to that up as well. only one lane on each side is getting by. we are starting to see some backups developing. determine how you'll get around all this, let's turn things over to jamee whitten. >> thank you so much for the information. we have a couple crews on the scene. giving highway officials news as far as the lanes. by.e lanes are getting
5:33 am
this is the beltway between route 50 the john hanson my way 202, just terrible. firetruck on the media and on its side. all vehicles involved slipped impact.flipped over on with us definitely for the rush hour. three lanes on the outer loop 202 and bi. two lanes on the inner loop 0 theng by approaching 5 hanson highway. expect allays. -- three lanes on the outer loop 202 are getting by. to avoid that stretch entirely. back to you. >> thank you. secretary of state clinton holding her final town hall with stateay department personnel. last day in office is this friday. with she will meet mexico's foreign secretary. meeting at the white house. monday wheng for to
5:34 am
has no schedule, no office to go to, and no responsibilities. massachusetts senator john become the next secretary of state. the senate approved his by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 94-3. p will succeed hillary clinton, down after four years. he will vacate his senate post on friday. he will succeed hillary clinton. stephen lynch of massachusetts announce he will run for john kerry's senate seat. willrly conservative lynch face representative ed markey, a liberal democrat. primary will take place april 30. on the republicans side, that former massachusetts senator scott aswn will run for the seat well. a special election is june 25. >> back to new orleans, or the ready for is getting this weekend. >> and john gonzalez is doing but bragging down there.
5:35 am
i have saw his posts last night. a rough life. >> a little rough. the jambalaya maybe a little heavy for me. of us back home are for the baltimore ravens. there's one forty-niner that see have ake to game, this guy behind us, davis, a former maryland terrapin. this super bowl is such a spectacle. i cannot imagine a better city such a massive event, new orleans. we spoke with a lot of fans who some of them tell us they just the week to experience the days before the super bowl circus that was media day. were thousands of world andd characters i don't know how to describe. there are fans that do have to its common defense that to win
5:36 am
coveted super bowl tickets and some still looking for tickets. told online tickets were going for as high as $2,200 at time. that's one ticket. tuan pham says he's willing to pay about $1,000. also spoke with many players from the forty-niners and the ravens yesterday. fam said and is willing to pay a thousand dollars for tickets. e fan. we spoke with ravens yesterday lot moreseemed a mellow to me than the forty- niners we spoke with. even with all the talk about ray lewis, the allegations that he may taken a banned substance, affect them to ravens and all. back to the $1,000 ticket, i can only imagine, t, you probably would buy beer andose for your foam finger and your hotdog.
5:37 am
>> and i like to put my jacket on one side and my food on the other. stuffed's a big to bringat he likes games.m to the >> i don't like either of you. >> thank you so much, john. doing a great job. if we will check back with you. degrees. i always play with you because i love you. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray is his plan for super bowl sunday. find out if he's throwing his beport
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>> the the top of the morning to you all. wishing you a good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras on this wednesday morning. it is more like mid to late march. butemely mild this morning, there will be a quick end to that. meteorologist adam caskey outside with a storm chaser 7 joined the elements on the national mall. good morning. good morning. i'm enjoying the jacket-free weather. we may have a few brief snow friday morning.
5:41 am
we are live on the national mall. the beautiful capitol dome is lit up behind me. warm temperatures now. no jacket needed today. you don't need your thick jacket today. currently on the national mall, 59 degrees. you heard me correctly. that's to kickstart the day. the 50's elsewhere. thes take a look at numbers. winchester, 50. hagerstown, 37. 61 in manassas and culpeper following sutent 61. another day near 70 degrees. watch for late-day thunderstorms. later this evening and tonight midnight,out 8:00 and we will have strong thunderstorms. windy tomorrow and cooling down. weather.l for the issues on the beltway, jamee. >> an investigation will be ongoing for quite some time. this is the marilyn the beltway,
5:42 am
south of 50 the john hanson i went. route 202 ind landover. involved a tractor- truck, and ane suv. they all overturned upon impact. is quite dramatic at the scene of the crash. i want to take you to our chopper overhead. this is newschopper 7 looking at .he backup my goodness. i just asked if they could look we have an accident in delay. they are checking for us. we had a report. be careful on this stretch of is beltway because everybody jammed. back to you. >> thank you. on thisdegrees morning, 5:42. >> former congresswoman gabrielle giffords back
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> super bowl xlvii is just days away. local leader says that he out of the debate over whether the redskins fans should now route for the ravens in sunday's game. >> that is wise. d.c. mayor vincent gray tells post peopleon should make your own decisions about which team they will cheer .or he did say he will be watching working on his speechstrict's that he will deliver on tuesday. the ravens are tackling a now involving a cheerleaders. >> we want to get to jummy olabanji. she cannot come to the super bowl now? >> her name is courtney. years old. she's been cheering for the baltimore ravens for the past years, she was 18. i will show you her picture.
5:47 am
courtney. she tells abc news that she got job, she graduated from college, she says now she does cheer forhe time to works ans while she full-time job. she told the team at their last home game that she not be at the super bowl. posted the names they to thee taking superbowl, and courtney said veteran, shehe's a her supporters have started a request. they're done an online petition asking the ravens to allow her and eventhe super bowl a group that has more than 2200 likes. she tells abc news that an e-mail fromot that on superg sunday shasta turn in her uniform. so does not look like a or the facebook group really worked in her favor. -- does not look like a
5:48 am
worked. >> girlfriend of alabama quarterback a.j. mccarron is enjoying the sights and sounds ahead of the super bowl. katherine webb credits a couple ts with getting at did with inside edition the superbowl. her a gig. brent musberger bergeron, she says, does not need to apologize his comments about her. i checked my twitter and at virginia game they had mine and hisf .ead he was actually there, so he pictures with it. know that he's having fun with it. no hard feelings on my part. katherine webb says your friend helped her to prepare for correspondent by her which questions to and which questions avoid.
5:49 am
coming up at 6:00, the mayor of denver finally makes good on his bet with his counterpart in baltimore. could pull off the ray lewis dance? >> what caused buildings to warning?without any we have more on that. >> afghan forces get a strong the top u.s.rom in afghanistan as troops moved closer to . total withdrawal >> turning to the debate over the senaterica, holding acommittee hearing today on gun violence. the witnesses, former astronaut mark kelly. he and his wife, former congresswoman gabrielle for gun, are pushing controls. started any organization called americans for responsible solutions. the head of the nra wayne also testified today. a connecticut task force searching for ways to prevent shootings will from thosely by the sandy hook elementary school massacre.
5:50 am
the panel will hold a public tonight.n new down force's working group on mental health, gun violence, and school safety have contentious testimonies at recent hearings. 20 children and six adults died in the shooting. >> alabama authorities are negotiate with a man suspected of killing a school bus driver and kidnapping a 6- boy.old the gunman boarded the bus in southeastern alabama tuesday afternoon. bus driver several times and then left with the little boy. suspect took the child to a nearby church where police are him to it's not clear what exactly led to this situation. bp will plead guilty to manslaughter and other charges of 11 oil rig workers. they will pay a record $4 billion in criminal penalties for the gulf oil spill. a federal judge on tuesday approved the agreement. would not resolve the
5:51 am
federal government claims. could pay billions more for environmental damage. u.s. and regulators asking going operating a full lithium batteries used in its 787. all 50 and boeing 787's were after an all nippon flight made an when its maining battery overheated. the airline says it has repeatedly replaced the battery before overheating problems began to surface. >> other parts of the country storm watch, including new mexico. drivers dealing with several inches of snow. in a travel in santa fe very difficult. the fast-moving storm should be of the state later today. >> a sharp contrast here. >> short sleeves. >> when the kids wake up and say
5:52 am
today?ear shorts why not. back to where a sweatshirt on top and they will be good. we have to dress in layers. cool to start. definitely need long sleeves now. today, short sleeves and shorts are not out of the question. degrees now, wind out of the south at 12 miles an hour. it's 51 degrees in culpeper and manassas. -- 61. our average is 44. we are well above that already. to 69 degrees this get close toll again today. all of the warm coming in ahead the main weather maker. that's in the middle mississippi river valley. more than 100 reports of wind in the last 24 hours there. tornadoes.s of as approaches us, we could see some be strong or possibly
5:53 am
severe. approaches us. at 1,500 wind advisory feet. we are in the slight risk that the storms could .e severe this evening we are on the northern edge of it. primary threat will be damaging winds. you could not rule out an weak tornado. a few showers and head of the front are possible if this afternoon and early this evening. main system is late tonight between 8:00 and midnight. out by things will be looking a lot better, but cooler. today, breezy and mild. if a baby shower later, 64-72. storms tonight between 42 and 46 degrees. night into friday
5:54 am
morning. saturday night into a sunday morning. be weak.will 30's friday and saturday. enjoy today. jamee? >> in virginia, there's a crash on route 28ling southbound coming up to the toll roads. more on that in 10 minutes. through the district, no major problems. , a serious crash happened three hours ago. still a lot going on. be with ushis to through the morning rush hour. involvin three vehicles. firetruck on the median on inside, a tractor-trailer, and suv involved as well. couple lane getting by each direction. between 50 and 202 the beltway. toyota recall that about.should hear >> and it's a make or break day for blackberry. braitman is at bloomberg
5:55 am
headquarters in new york to stories and more. morning. >> good morning. a big day for research in motion, the company behind the black. . event thisuge morning unveil its new 10.kberry it has been pushed back and is on an operating system slump to putsales map afteron the customers to the iphone droid phones. blackberry touchscreen model will have interesting it does not have buttons on the main surface. expect to see it in stores starting next month. toyota has two recalls. a first involves 752,000 corolla matrix vehicles in the u.s. of a short that could bag to deploy inadvertently. 2003 and 2004tain models. other recall involves
5:56 am
to,000 lexus vehicles, 2006 early 2012 model years. mightndshield wiper nuts not be tight enough and they may a heavy if there's of heavy snow on the windshield. braitman reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. 5:56 is the time, 58 degrees. at aarn which airport 5:56 is the time, 58 degrees. at aamy mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee
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>> i think we all can agree sometimes flying from here to there is not so easy, especially have a connecting flight. >> there is a list now tubs you may want to go for and others want to avoid. atlanta was actually one of the best and one of the worst clubs. chicago's o'hare airport top the list for worst airports. followed by kennedy, atlanta, laguardia, and it worked liberty international airport. by liberty international airport. atlanta,work charlotte, dallas-fort worth, houston bush intercontinental, detroit metropolitan airport. t


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