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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  January 31, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> live and in hd this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> this weather roller-coaster ride continues. temperatures climbed before a massive storm system moved in. colder weather coming. >> it appears our region escape the worst of the weather. still, a lot going on. i>> fever heating up in the big easy. we will take a look at the fan experience in new orleans. there it is. more on that coming up. "good morning washington." i'm simpson. >> i'm scott thuman. a very busy morning for you. a massive storm system has moved its way off. jacqui jeras keeping an eye on
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this. >> we are concerned about the high weather. a lot of flood watches in effect. it makes it dangerous if you are driving this morning, especially before the sun comes up because you cannot always see it. starting you out talking about the winds. the winds will be gusty. a wind advisory in effect. temperatures now are falling. we have already hit the high today and will be dropping through the above40's this afternoon. little to no accumulation for snow showers late tonight. 60 degrees in the last hour. we dropped down to 55, and now pushing into the lower 40's. you can see the cold air advancing in from the west. 41 in winchester and 50 at reagan national.
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the temperatures will plummet and get down into the lower 40's as we head towards 5:00 tonight. we should have sunshine but will be replaced by clouds. the wind one of the biggest things you will notice today. adam caskey with the latest. >> it is spinning around. it is calibrating to the wind direction right now. you can also see the tall grass behind me rustling in the wind. it is just turning to pick up. typically the wind is like in the morning and picks up through the day. the first thing you will notice today compared to yesterday is yesterday was breezy, but warm and humid. today is cold and dry. you notice that right away. the look at the temperatures. temperatures will be dropping with the wind advisory in effect it will feel cooler.
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sustained winds of 20-30 miles per hour. we could seek us approaching the 50 mile per hour marks -- see gusts approaching the 50 mile per hour marks. we are ready gusting in the 30 mile per hour range. you will really notice how much colder that wind is. we are on the downswing in temperatures. a light dusting of snow possible tonight and early tomorrow morning. nothing to worry about. >> pretty good conditions right now on 395 at boduke street. we will head back to the map. we did have a problem northbound where a tree came down on the parkway blocking the left lane. that was passed 197 before route 198. that was still in the left lane.
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we will head over to springfield to look at the traffic on 95 and 395. that is very heavy right now as you head up toward springfield. back to you. >> another alert to pass along. cfx has flash flood restrictions in place. the trains cannot go past 40 miles per hour. there could be delays of 20 minutes or more in some places. >> we also want to extend that same morning to drivers. if you see water in the roadway a turnaround and avoid that. also as a result of the storms last night, trees are down and power lines are down we want to check in now with brianne carter the has the latest in northwest. -- who has the latest in northwest. >> we to assault more fpower
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crews arriving. we have heavy winds and rain moves through the area last night. certainly causing problems today. not just here in the northwest but all across the region. another problem is the standing water. in germantown and other parts we have seen a lot of standing water on roadways as well. it is really looking like little rivers with water rushing across them. the problem of cars driving into that standing water in some of them having to be rescued as well. montgomery county fire and rescue has made several rescues overnight and into the morning hours as well. further to our south there was a tornado that came through north of atlanta. many people picking up the pieces this morning from the major storm. >> i threw my son in the bedroom. >> some people talking about
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what they sell. the wind rain they saw as the storm made its way through. many people now without their homes. a factory was ripped through as well. some of the cars driving along the interstate were pummeled across the road. a lot going on in terms of cleanup this morning. >> thank you. you can stay up today any time with our storm watch whether app. go to >> looking at the day ahead defense secretary nominee chuck hagel, will face some tough questioning today. some have criticized him for his views on iran, israel, and nuclear weapons. if confirmed, he will succeed leon panetta. 6:06.
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time to talk about the big easy. good morning, john. what is happening? >> i am not going to lie, and the more bragging because it is downright chilly. no more bragging about the nice weather we had earlier this week. all of the activities and events are heating up just days before the game. performers like little wayne and snoop dogg will take the stage. from the balcony's of the french quarter the live music on jackson square and the cajun food on bourbon street, fans, players, in the media have experienced the big easy. >> the best way to describe it, it is like a creamy tone it meets a funnel cake -- donut meets a funnel cake.
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>> i have been running around kicking and throwing stuff. >> lance moore has advice for the ravens and 40 niner's themselves. -- 49ers. >> from the craze thay media day these are images many will never forget. other performers this weekend include rascal flatts and pit bull. perhaps the coolest will be the choir from sandy hook elementary. they will sing america the beautiful before the game on sunday. is it still snoop dogg? >> i remember he did go through some type of transition when he
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went through -- went to jamaica and decided to make adjustments. >> i am sure you will get to the bottom. >> time now is 6:09 . another check of the changing forecast coming up. >> big news for we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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>> taking a live look now at new york city where jacqui jeras is talking about they are getting
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what we just had. >> they are getting a little bit of rain. they are under a high wind warning. if you are traveling there, that will be an issue for today. do expect flight delays. take a look at satellite and radar picture. the front has passed off to our east. the severe weather threat is over. the cold air moving over the warmer lake waters. the trouble issues primarily today will be in the weekly and into the northeast. that is because the wind will be very strong today. there are certain areas you have to line up on. plenty of sunshine in the midsection of the country. we will see the cool temperatures around here today. starting off 60 degrees f two hours ago. now we're down to around 50. -- starting off at 60 degrees
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two hours ago. gusts up to 50 miles per hour at times. more on what to expect as we have some snow showers headed our way later on today. >> thank you. we still have closures all around area. some of the areas that are flood prone, you know to turn around and do not drowned. you know the expression. we still have between connecticut avenue in beach drive closed because of wires that came down and fell on the roadway. still cleaning that up. portions of beach drive also blocked with the rowater on the roadway. springfield getting heavier. we did have problems out of that earlier. broken-down vehicles on the express lane. an accident out of that. washington parkway clear.
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back to you. >> 6:13 right now. coming up, we have information on a fire in montgomery county. >> a lot of fire engines
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good morning washington with cynee simpson and scott thuman. this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> good morning. we spoke with scott gramm earlier this morning dealing with some rescues as a result of the standing water. now there is another situation. >> now they are dealing with a house fire. >> is fire broke out just a short time ago. we can take you there live at this moment as fire crews in montgomery county continue to fight this fire, what is left of it. according to the chief, scott graham the fire broke out in glen more spring and bethesda ride out the beltway. we do know that one person in the home was removed by
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firefighters and is being treated. i am not sure if they are being treated at the scene or at the hospital, but the chief will have more information on this in just a few minutes. we know the fire was knocked out and the crews are just they're putting out hot spots. we do not have any information as to who else could have been in a home. this is all information we're working to get from montgomery county fire officials at this moment. as soon as we get it, we will make sure to pass along. >> thank you. on the hill, the senate is poised to vote to increase the government's borrowing ability. that would suspend 16.4 trillion dollar debt limit through may 18 and it would allow an estimated $450 billion in new debt. the gop-controlled house passed the measure last week. without the bill the government would default on obligations by as early as mid-february. >> twinkies are primed for come
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back. they accepted a joint offer f rom two firms. this now sets the stage for an auction. a judge would have to make the final sale. 6:18 right now. yes, in your face. >> am not worried about the twinkies, but the ding dongs. hostess pies. >> it's all good. the weather is rough. the weather not so good. >> comfort food on days like this. our temperatures are dropping like a rock and will continue to do so throughout the day. the storm has moved out, but we have lingering concerns, and one of the concerns is flooding. we of a lot of water still standing.
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look at the amount of rainfall we received. pretty impressive. more than 2 inches at dulles. culpeper pushing for inches. -- four inches. do not drive through it, turn around and find an alternate route. it is never worth the risk. you do not know what kind of condition the road might be underneath it. the flash flood warnings remain in effect from frederick down into montgomery all the way down to the south towards orange county. some of them will be allowed to expire until 8:30. i tweeted information on a link for that. winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour. you can really see this from
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30's to the upper 50's. the temperature change from yesterday morning a good 15 degrees for most of us. the winds will continue to usher in the cold conditions. this could cause body problems with tree limbs and more outages. the rain is over and done with. lake-effect snow showers on the back of this. skies will clear out a little bit today and we will get some sunshine. a weak disturbance moves and late tonight and brings us a chance of snow showers. it will be minimal. rain and, gusty winds. for tonight looking at snow showers and a low 26-31 degrees. not too exciting about this amount of snow later on tonight. and > it is only one out of 10.
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did not say we did not tell you. if you wake up to a light dusting early tomorrow morning. live in georgetown. notice the brown grass behind me how keep shaking in the wind. i have been clocking wind gusts between 15-20 miles per hour. talking about a seven-day forecast. obviously windy today, and it is a cold wind. looking ahead, 30's for highs on friday and saturday. a little dusting here and there. i do think we will make it back into the 40's by sunday. that will be the case as we go on into next week. the wind will subside by tonight and on into tomorrow. the snow factor, one out of 10. not a big deal. >> we are taking a look at the
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beltway at colesville orad. the beltway doing ok this morning. -- colesville road. we will show you what it looks like at the american legion bridge. a little more volume but nothing that will slow you down to badly. springfield is pretty close. hov lanes moving up pace. prince william's parkway cleared away. still have problems with trees down nw between connecticut avenue and beach drive. the cleanup there continues. porter street getting across town not going to work very well for you right now. back to you. >> 6:22 now. time to talk america's money because the economy is slowing
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down a little bit. >> it is. are you prepared? >> good morning. topping america's money, blamed the government. the american economy all but stalled last month because of cuts in federal -- military spending. business investments were good. a study finds more than 40 percent of american households are just one emergency away from financial ruin spirited they did not have enough in savings to cover living expenses for three months. wal-mart is limiting supplies of ammo to just three boxes per day. well blackberry was showing of its new phone and operating system, it announced the new global creative director, alicia keys. she says she will be hands-on and involved in content development. have a terrific thursday.
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-- one is brighton road. >> this now is live pictures from news chopperchopper7. montgomery county police working on a water rescue at this location. this has been an ongoing problem throughout the morning for them. >> we have issues in loudon county. there received -- retrieved two individuals. you have to pay attention to the rule if you see the water, turn around. >> there are a lot of places seeing pretty severe problems this morning. we still have another half hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up, a rough night for
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people in the region as the massive storm system passed through. we will take a look at all the damage. >> taking a lo at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings.
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>> live and in hd, thisis "good morning is "good morning washington" on your side. >> rough weather overnight. power that has been knocked out. plus john could solace tested
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his skills with the super bowls the and experience. -- john gonzales. good morning. >> i'm cynee simpson. checking in with jacqui jeras outside the studios. house of feeling out there? >> much colder than yesterday morning. -- how's it feeling out there? we do have a wind advisory in effect until 6:00 this evening. gusts at times up to 50 miles per hour. expecting temperatures to fall through the 40's allow the day today. a weak disturbance coming through tonight will bring us a round of snow showers, but nothing to be concerned about. first, for traffic. good morning. -- time for traffic.
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>> 395 northbound of 14th street bridge starting to bunch up a little bit. mark trains on time. the first three trains running 20 minutes behind schedule. we have a little bit of lingering effects from last night where we have still closures along beach drive. you want to avoid that. porter street nw and closed. that is because of a tree that took wires down and the roadway. a quick look over springfield right now. heavy but steady. no accidents. back to you. >> a lot of breaking news to get to this morning. >> absolutely. we have been reporting throughout the morning several water rescues taken place. this has been a very busy morning for all of the first
6:33 am
responders and emergency responders. >> i literally just got off my cellphone with the assistant fire chief scott graham in montgomery county with new information. i believe news choppers 7 -- newschopper7 is still in the area. according to our photographers shooting these live images, the person is still in the car. you can see right now the firefighters are going into the water to try to rescue this person from their car right now. the fire chief telling me they are urging people even though the rain has stopped the water is still rising. they are doing the rescue right now, getting the person out of the car right now on live tv. the water is still rising out there, even though it has stopped raining. encouraging folks just because you see the standing water, do
6:34 am
not try to drive through it. if they are pulling the person out of the car right now. at a news choppers 7 over the scene. -- newschopper7 over the scene. also at this some moment -- same moment a second water rescue going on. we do know, assistant chief told us they are still trying to locate the person that person on the cell phone with the 911 emergency center. they have not been able to locate the person yet. we know according to the assistant fire chief they're trying to send crews down both ends of the road to locate the person. >> you can see they have gone the driver out of the vehicle. -- gotten the driver out of the
6:35 am
vehicle. >> that water rescue live. we see two firefighters out there now wading through the water. the water does not appear to be deep but firefighters tell us a lot of times the car will stall even though it does not look deep because of the water. luckily good news there. that person is ok. this is just one of two going on right now. they have had multiple water rescues the route the night. good news for the driver right here. we assume a montgomery county officials will find a second person who a they have not located yet. >> so happy to see this happy ending. very dangerous situation. it bears repeating that if you
6:36 am
approach an intersection or roadway that has standing water it is very difficult to gauge how deep the water is, and it is just not worth it to venture into the water. >> a lot of times you do not know if there is a manhole cover as well. that has happened before. dangerous situation out there. >> firefighters want to urge listeners. the water is still rising, even though it is not raining right now. please be careful. >> montgomery county doing a phenomenal job out there. our team coverage continues. we want to go to brianne carter dealing with the effects of the storm last night. >> we are here on porter street nw. we of a tree down and power lines affected as well. the power crews still on the scene. in a fierce one section of one
6:37 am
side of the street is in the dark. they will work to try to get that clean up as quickly as possible. and there was a water rescue. this is a result of the heavy wind and rain that continues -- continued to go to the area last night. a lot to watch out for if you're heading out on the roads throughout the day today. we've been talking about high- standing water. take a look at video from germantown for their world water rescues overnight. -- where there was water rescues overnight. here in northwest is problems with power lines and trees. some of the older trees can be a problem. they're working as quickly as possible to get that clean up. back inside you guys. >> thank you. 46 degrees on this thursday morning. the weather roller-coaster continues to take the temperatures down. >> doug hill will check in with
6:38 am
us in a minute. people getting the day started.
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>> welcome back to "good morning washington." i'm jacqui jeras. severe storms have moved on
6:41 am
through, but we have some issues still to deal with this morning. doug hill with the latest. >> the warmest part of this day has passed us by record tonight. taking a look at satellite and radar. the rain rapidly moving through the area. the left behind a lot of rain and flooding problems. and here are the numbers around the area. 50 degrees in arlington. other temperatures around the area starting to fall. and we will see the temperatures settle down through the day today. as far as the numbers throughout the day, look for the numbers to steadily fall off. partly cloudy skies and gusty winds. the wind advisory will continue throughout the day. right now an update on early morning traffic. >> starting with a look at 270. here we are at route 9.
6:42 am
-- 270 at 109. no incidents to report. here we are at colesville road. we will head over to springfield to see the traffic building up. off and on to 390 fine -- 395. we still hope closures because of water
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, a lot of us are carrying around a few extra pounds, but what about your pets? how some people are helping their pets get the extra pounds under control. our own veterinarian reports tonight at 5:00.
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>> 6:44 is the time now. looking forward to attending in to the super bowl. >> helping us with that is our own john gonzales. he is kicking field goals, eating cajun food. >> on bourbon street they are calling me the foot. it may not have been the greatest form, but at least i did not pull a beyonce. i did it live. it is called the nfl experience. my choices were basically passing, for a wing, or kicking a football. i played a little soccer and football -- it played a little soccer and high school so i figured i should stick with what i know. luckily it worked out.
6:46 am
i went for the 40. that was all speculation -- i tried my hardest. there was speculation the markers were not accurate. now there is the talk of me to sing. i'm clean. and all i have to say is do not get the player, hate the game. -- hat ethee the player, hate the game. >> fantastic. who knew those soccer skills translated so well to football? >> super bowl sunday a great chance to enjoy food. >> nutritionists have tips to help you from overeating. eat a healthy snack and get exercise before you go to the party. and even had chicken wings and other treats, but do it in moderation and do not forget
6:47 am
about the vegetables. dip them and low-calorie dips. if you drink alcohol consider light beer and hot water between drinks. takeover -- and have water in between drinks. >> you do not see this every day. a young fan rushed onto the court just after baylor inbound the ball midway through the second half. look at him. he made a break for it. he participated in the halftime that contest. perhaps he thought i will show them what i can do once in getting out there with the big boys. >> that's right. >> how quickly was that heart racing -- dad's heart racing? >> he has that memory forever now. >> thae weather still be some
6:48 am
now, but that can be deceiving. >> we have the wind and a lot of standing water. and as you've seen, people are not heeding the warnings and driving right through it. please find an alternate route this morning. we go to doug hill for more details. >> taking a look at the rain details. sometimes 3 inches of rain reported in areas north and west of the city, especially places like culpeper. a number river warning still in effect. it gives you an idea of the scope of the river flooding associated with the very heavy downpours with a very intense cold front moving through last night. widespread wind advisory. 40-50 miles per hour at times.
6:49 am
wind gusts are pretty impressive. right now 39 miles per hour in annapolis. a very strong wind field developing as slowly falling temperatures will highlight the day. here is the seven-day. we have already hit a high for today. a little disturbance could give us a few patches of light snow tomorrow morning. maybe a few patches of light snow later saturday. we will settle down to more typical february whether by next week. >> taking a look at the map again. we still have a closure in town. close between connecticut avenue and beach drive because of the tree that came down. and several closures along beach drive. both in the district and montgomery county because of water in the roadway that is still there. avoid beach drive north and south of the district line right now. a lot of problems with water in
6:50 am
the road. back to you. >> 45 degrees. we want to take a live look outside as we continue to follow the breaking news. this is yet another water rescue. this is taking place on very bill -- barryville road. >> i got it when we could download
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back. visit for america's fastest, most reliable internet. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> good thursday morning to all
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of you. much more on the terrifying plane crashed into the frigid waters of the hudson. a pilot light into a safe water rescue -- a safe water landing. we will hear more about this next right here on "good morning, america." >> we begin with a live roundup of today's top stories. we have more breaking news from the allied dust on a water rescue. -- from the live desk on all water rescue. >> this happening in germantown maryland. firefighters and fire crews walking into the water trying to help a driver who was stranded in their car. you can see everything going on. a few minutes ago we brought you other pictures from news cchopper7 on another
6:54 am
rescue. firefighters helping to rescue people trying to drive through standing water. they are urging drivers that the water is still rising, please do not try to drive through water. it is just not safe. >> here along porter street we have a tree down and power crews blocking a section of the street as they tried to get the power back on in this cleaned up as soon as possible. one half of the road is in the dark this morning after the heavy rain and wind made its way through the area overnight. >> orleans has been transformed to one the giants' super bowl party. -- new orleans has been transferred to one giant super bowl party. tonight the concert series kicks off. the harbaugh brothers law hold a joint press conference later on today. >> glad you are having a good
6:55 am
time down there. it is a mess here. >> here we are in springfield. doing ok on 95. still pretty slow from quantico. 395 moving pretty well. over to the beltway now, new hampshire avenue still very slow on the outer loop. we still have the closures on beach drive and because of the water in the roadways, both in the district and montgomery county. several stretches close because of high standing water. here is the weather now with jacqui jeras. >> we are going to adam first. >> i am here in georgetown. the wind is picking up. you will really notice the cold, gusty wind through the day today. wind advisory until 6:00. 47 degrees. temperatures are holding steady and even dropping a bit through the day today.
6:56 am
do not be surprised if you wake up to a brief little flurry or dusting of snow early tomorrow morning. not a big detail. >> taking a look at the maps for today. we are falling -- falling through the 40's. we will see another round of potential snow showers saturday night into sunday morning. look at the difference in temperatures. the 30's for friday. then we will moderate a little bit as we had to next week. >>-- head through next week. >> this has been an ongoing problem throughout the morning. we cannot say enough, please be careful before driving through standing water. more news coming up ahead. a local news update
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