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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 31, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dead and part of downtown laurel has been evacuated. we have team coverage. >> the tragedy of this story here is the death you talked about. the death of a homeless woman who was staying in an encampment of 198 in the woods. she and others were trapped as the floodwaters came pouring in. >> it was i weakening. we had to get up and go. i woke up and seen all the camp beneath the he was one of five homeless people who decided to ride out the storm at their camp in the woods. by morning rescue workers had to help him, his friend, and two dogs out after flood waters came pouring in. >> there is no warning. no time at all. >> it began to overtake the tense after officials released
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water in the world. she asked we not show her face but says she is angry that those in the camp were not warned what was coming. >> they know there is homeless out here but they do not give anybody -- and say hey get out. >> we found him searching for his friend and a young woman they looked after at the camp. by early afternoon rescue workers pulled the body of a woman from the icy waters. >> everything everybody has is gone. this is the only thing i have left anymore. >> there is concern here. the mayor said there still releasing water from the dam and they're concerned what will happen this evening especially with the wind. there is a voluntary evacuation here in the world right now. keeping a close eye on things to see if they can make that
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mandatory. >> how much rainfall did we get last night? >> let's get the answer. >> most of the heaviest rains fell north and west of the city. that is where we found the heaviest. 3.8 inches in adams town. inwe're back to wintertime, below freezing in many areas. temperatures are continuing to drop. very impressive rainfall totals. here are these lingering areas of flood concerns. by tomorrow we will be back where we were but some light snow over the area for their morning commute. i will tell you what to expect
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and look at the weekend for you in a couple of minutes. >> half inyouyou can stay up-to-date with out weather app. click on the weather tab. >> rebecca cooper has been following the confirmation hearing. things got heated as chuck hegel face his former colleagues. greta got very heated at times. the hearing just wrapped up. he is a republican senator nominated by a democratic president to serve as a defense. today he said he wanted to be judged on his record in the senate. not just his most controversial comments. >> no one individual vote.
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not one statement it defines me. >> he was charged with not being tough enough and he said -- they said he went too far when he said israel intimidated -- is intimidating. >> i should have used influence. >> some of the toughest questioning came from federal -- from fellow veteran john mccain. >> i expect a direct answer. >> i am not going to give you a yes or no. i will defer that to history. >> history has already made a judgment around the surge. your refusal to answer whether you were right or wrong will have an impact on my judgment as to whether to vote for your confirmation or not.
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>> i be the first enlisted man to serve as defense secretary. the committee has to schedule its vote and the full senate will take up the nomination. >> the outgoing secretary of state, hillary clinton, held her last official event today. >> it truly is a bittersweet moment. to leave this room for the last time as secretary of state. at an official event. it gives me great pride and pleasure to thank you and to know that the work will continue. i am very very grateful. thank you very much. >> senator john kerry was secretary of state yesterday. her last day on the job is to merge. she looks forward to taking some time for herself, she said. >> no charges are filed against patrick moran.
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he was caught in undercover video allegedly discussing the voter fraud plan. the video reportedly shows him telling a volunteer to look into the idea. police said the video producers did not cooperate with the investigation. >> there's a traffic alert for commuters using the southeast freeway in the district. tomorrow the freeway is closed between eight and pennsylvania avenue. several access ramps will be closed for a least a year and a half. we're told that the the tours are already in place. you'll find more information on our website >> if you live in the district your income tax fund could be less than suspected. if you have unpaid taxes or child support. the bill will not come as a
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surprise. if you go money a letter will be sent to you explain how much was taken out and why. computer networks for the new york times are packed. when the paper says it has a connection to the chinese military. >> why some families
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>> the wall street journal says its computer networks have been hacked. hours after the new york times reported chinese hackers repeatedly penetrated its network over the past four months. security experts track the attacks to china and in some cases to a computer's identified with the chinese military. the attacks coincided with an investigation into how the family of china's premier built a $2 billion fortune. no customer data was compromised. all employees pass which were stolen. -- passwords were stolen. >> the house passed this legislation last week to suspend the debt ceiling. it goes back to president obama who is expected to sign it. the measure withholds salaries if they do not pass a budget. some families are priced out of
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health insurance because of a glitch in the insurance overall. iras regulations failed to fix the problem. some families that cannot afford employer coverage will not able to get financial assistance from the government to buy private sector insurance. families were affected will not face a penalty if they remain uninsured. we do not know the numbers on how many people will be affected by this. >> the webcast job council is ending. despite continued unemployment problems. president obama greeted the panel in 2011 placing on a prominent business leaders and economists but it says it will now focus on new ways to engage the business community and create jobs. unemployment has dropped seven. -- to 7.8% since the council was formed. more than 12 million people remained without jobs. >> there is some snow in our future. we will have the times when we
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can expect this note to arrive. >> tickets to the super bowl are still available. how much it will cost to get one of them. >> as the sun sets, we are closing in on superbowl 47.
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>> lawyer days away from the super bowl. the match between the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers. >> we hear there are still tickets available for quite a price. >> it looks like today is one of the bigger rival days for people coming to the super bowl. if you are still planning on coming down we can tell you is if you come without a ticket, more than likely you'll be able to get one. if you are curious about prices, listen up. at the festival the call the nfl fan experience we have a lot of people who said they have travelled to new orleans and booked hotels but they're not going to the actual game in large part because tickets are too expensive. >> week entered a couple of
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contests but not yet. i am hoping that someone will give us some tickets. that is why we're here. >> that is not likely. plenty of tickets are available at a price. >> we have tickets available until the last minute. >> has storefront. prices have dropped and likely will continue to go down. they are selling well above face value. >> the highest end suites will be at $100,000 for arson sweet. it will probably view from the section. it can purchase to four -- two two for tickets -- two to fourtickets. >> that is not doable.
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>> he is hawking superbowl merchandise. if you want and jersey for an nfl team it will cost you $135. >> i will be in the big chair in the family room near the fireplace. >> let's get started. we're back to winter. starting off with a nice time lapse looking west. there goes the sun. i bet you probably 7:14 a.m. it will come right back again. some clouds coming through late tonight. pushing colder air. the high of 66 was the temperature at midnight. below 42 was the afternoon low.
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we dropped a little more in the upper 30's nil. north and west in washington is where we are finding the colder temperatures. there is a push of colder air moving to the west. cold and and stables -- unstable air. maybe a dusting to have an inch of snow in many areas. look at the current air temperature, dropping quickly. 0 in minneapolis. the cold air is surging. the difference between the cold air a outbreak of last weekend this week, it will get -- left back up into canada. we're warming up rather quickly after we chill down for a couple of days. there are areas of snow showers. it is not a coastal storm. a lot of energy and atmospheric moisture. a light coating possible.
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flakes may be falling during the rush hour. if there is a chance of a slippery spot, that is something to be concerned with. we will clear up its stake cold in the afternoon with temperatures below freezing in many areas. 0.1 of the next 2.5 of an inch. that is what we're looking at across the region. you'll get another chance of snow as we head through saturday for of testing. -- a dusting. austrian cold all day. check out the next seven days. the chance of cell saturday evening. -- snow saturday morning. we will cool down behind the cold front and settle down for a nice stretch of whether tuesday through thursday. >> and now, the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> how about family feud? >> it looks like a nice evening. >> the sun is setting and it is gorgeous down here. where 72 hours from the start of the super bowl. you can feel it throughout the city. it is party time in new orleans. this is one of those deals now the big easy, the crescent city is coming alive. john harbaugh took his team from the outdoors at tulane university and inside to beat saints practice facility. we talked about his mom and dad and the influence they had on him. today he was asked about the best advice he ever got from the ravens owner. >> the one thing that just alwaysut every single day is the way he talks about how you approach a day. he said basically approach every day at work like it is your first day of work. with that same kind of enthusiasm. and approach every day with her family like it may be your last. and if you do that every single
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day he will do ok. >> john harbaugh and jim harbaugh have got most of the headlines down here as well as ray lewis with this controversy and retirement. the headliners will be the quarterback. so far they have been a couple of paragraphs away from the headlines. neither man is a real big talker. >> try to keep my head down and keep working. >> at least when the cameras are rolling. >> i would not say. >> joe flacco has done everything a quarterback can do in his first five seasons except when the big one. because of that, there are doubters out there. >> there's a lot of different ways to lead and the bottom line is if it is out motivating your players to get the best out of them have them believe you can do it in any situation. >> colin kaepernick started out
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as a backup. now he looks like a genius. >> this is his time. and his teammates who have done so much for him. otherwise -- the ones you protect and when to catch the ball. >> i feel like it comes from lack of preparation. this is not going to be a pressure situation. it will be a matter of going out there and performing faithfully. >> a reminder that coming up friday night, our super bowl special. the ravens road to new orleans prater will not want to miss it. th ray lewis and the raven'ss' owner. at 8:00 p.m. this is from rock the mascot. -- rocky the mascot. the back flip out of here.
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everyone was ok. leave with a smile on your face but rocky is getting into trouble at western illinois. the sun has set here. back to you. >> don't have any fun down there. just work. >> a final
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>> what will all that alcohol did your parents are time? some before and after images from a new aging app designed to educate drinkers about the crippling effects of too much booze. join a 7:00 p.m. -- join us at 11:00 p.m. >> some light some coming in tonight. another chance of some light snow saturday night and sunday morning. settling down to some pleasant february weather. >> abc news is next. >> have a good night.
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