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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 25, 2013 11:35pm-12:35am EST

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it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight matthew fox. from "red widow", radha mitchell. and music from ryan bingham. with cleto and the cletones. and now,s scheduled, here jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. it's a pleasure to have you
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here. and our -- last night the 85th annual academy awards. was anybody at the show? really? last night the biggest stars in the world squeezed into the smallest spanx in the world across the streets. the bleachers are being broken down. the dirty superheroes are back out on the street. it's nice to see our neighborhood getting back to abnormal. the ratings for the oscars were good. 40 million people watched. up from last year. the show was 3 hours and 35 minutes. i don't know why they need a best actor and actress category. you don't separate best director and best directress. and no one cares about the sound editors and makeup people. we'll mail them their oscars.
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daniel day-lewis now has one oscars for each of his names. if i was daniel day-lewis. my next project would be an adam sandler movie. jennifer lawrence not only won best actress she won best celebrity at all. every time she was on camera she fell on her way up to accept her award. >> what was going through your mind -- >> what was going through my mind when i fell down? a bad word that i can't say that starts with "f." >> that's a good answer. >> here she is talking to a french reporter on the red carpet. >> jennifer lawrence giving an interview to a french journalist. french fries -- >> jimmy: she won't be in the
11:38 pm
sequel to "les mis." here's one more. she is talking to george stephanopoulos when a surprise guest showed up. >> that's the first time i experienced real shock. >> you have a fan here. >> do you want to talk politics we can. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> you're being really rude. >> good to see you. >> oh, my god. thank you. i loved all your movies. do i look like a new girl to him? oh, my god. is he still here? >> jimmy: very well done. turns out jennifer lawrence is
11:39 pm
funnier than martin lawrence. the first lady appeared as a surprise via satellite to present the ward for best picture. that went to "argo" he said if you work harder than you thought you could never relaxing ander in resting either you are "l" realize your dream or you are a lawyer. the big surprise is the best award for sound editing. the first went to gandolf the gray and the other to sauraman the white. they thanked vee doidal sassoon. now we go to "the bachelor"
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tonight sean took his three remaining women to thailand. guys don't go to thailand to find the one. lindsay told sean that she loves him and here's how sean handled that. >> i have something i do want to tell you. >> what? >> i love you. >> i love hearing you say that. >> jimmy: wow. put that one in the bachelor handbook. >> the women are going what a jerk and the men are going that's a good line. i got to remember that. it's always weirdest i think. it's one thing when there are 25
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but it's weird down to the final three. in real life that would make you a sociopath. forget this is a tv show. and sean is a guy you know and he said this to a girl named katherine on one night. >> i could see myself marrying you. >> that's good. >> jimmy: okay then this to a girl lindsay the next night. >> being engaged would be fun and picking out a house with you. >> i'm so excited for our life to start. >> jimmy: and then this to ashley the night after that. >> be somewhere with you i can picture us spending the rest of our lives together and it is more and more clear spending our lives with you. >> jimmy: and an hour later he sent you home. but none of these women seem to care. katherine and lindsay will do
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battle. monday night i usually update you on the number of amazing that was on the bachelor. tonight was 22. while that is a lot of amazings. yesterday the red carpets blew that out off the water. some poor bastard had to collect every amazing that was uttered on or near the red carpet yesterday. let's see his work now. >> you look amazing. you look amazing. >> her hair looks amazing. >> amazing. >> you look amazing. >> your hair looks amazing. >> pretty amazing. >> this is amazing. >> you're amazing. >> you look amazing. >> everyone's spempbs amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing hairdos. >> amazing experience. >> amazing dress. >> amazing people. >> amazing look. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> just amazing. >> amazing.
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>> that looks amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> you were amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. >> amazing. and she looks amazing. >> 101. >> jimmy: that's 101. there are as many amazings as there were dalmations. can someone please wherever you are in the world send us more adjectives. we need them. one of the top contenders this
11:44 pm
year was "zero dark thirty" a tale of how american forces killed osama bin laden. it's a compelling story but some are debating how accurate it is. there is a new movie coming out this summer that tells a very different story about the hunt for bin laden. >> we had ten years to kill him to come up with nothing. false leads, dead ends. you had your turn. now it's mine. >> 50 cent jackson. >> you think i'm going to let you go alone into pakistan. >> he's not in pakistan. he's in van nuys. every morning his guy gives him a coffee under his door. >> you're crazy. >> no i'm fifty. >> your fiftty. >> i'm fifty. >> going take more than a glock
11:45 pm
to bring down bin laden. >> nunchucks? >> gunchucks. >> many, many men. >> this is how it happened. >> maybe a little -- ready to have a beautiful woman fall all over it. >> best video ever. >> latte. >> fitty? >> no, fifty. say hello to my nihchucks.
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>> never bring knifechucks to a gunchuck fight. >> ♪ it's your birthday ♪ we're going to party like it's your birthday ♪ >> "zero dark fiddy." >> it's fifty. the number after 49. in da club. er in of 2013. >> jimmy: we've also got matthew fox, radha mitchell, and music from ryan bingham. we'll be right back. ♪ [ telephone rings ] hello. [ man ] jen, there are a lot of beauty brands that want you to represent them. really, who? no. they add too much fragrance. no, they make you wear pink.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. before we get to the stars we turn to our friend guillermo out on the red carpet yesterday? >> yes. >> jimmy: do you like doing that kind of thing? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: you had a couple of drinks before you were there? >> yes. >> jimmy: here is guillermo greeting the stars before the 85th annual academy awards. ♪ >> hi, it's me, guillermo here on the red carpet for the oscars and i'm going to talk to a lot of famous people. hey for "jimmy kimmel live." how you doing? can i ask you one question? all right. oh, man. michael douglas how are you? how's everything? >> my name is guillermo for
11:52 pm
"jimmy kimmel live." you're nominated for an oscar. your name is -- >> i did not know that? >> i'm going to give you a roll up, a little snack. thank you very much. >> i have to pea so badly for so long. >> what are you wearing on your feet? >> i don't know. >> can i rub your feet real quick? >> all right. >> good, huh? >> go pea. >> she really have to go to the restroom. >> what is your favorite pie? >> my favorite pie? apple i will say. i'm not a pie person. you know, probably i -- >> mine is chocolate. >> they have chocolate pie? i don't know. >> you like doing movies? >> i do. >> yeah? what happened to your other ear.
11:53 pm
>> you are funny. >> you're good. you're good. >> my wife dawn. >> where guillermo from? >> mexico. >> i'm from "jimmy kimmel live" but origin from mexico. how is everything? >> everything's good. >> are you nervous today? >> no. >> you not nervous. you want a shot of my expensive tequila? >> no, thank you. >> you want a shot of my expensive expensive tequila. >> it has diamonds and everything. >> i think i recognize the bottle. >> it's good, huh? >> do it. >> you want to do a shot of my expensive tequila. >> i can't drink. >> it will relax you. >> no. >> are you sure? >> no bueno. >> her loss. not mine.
11:54 pm
>> i'm not going to consume that. but will you do a shot for me? >> i will do it for you. >> i don't want to black out mary right now. >> i do it for you. >> perfect. >> thanks, guillermo. >> smells good. >> i drink for you. >> your pants just came off. >> can i trust you? >> how you feeling? >> i don't have any pain at all. i feel fantastic. i feel like singing! >> have you been to the oscars before? >> this is my first time. >> are you excited? are you nominated for anything? >> i'm not nominate bud i hope they don't kick me out. you want to do a shot? >> one more.
11:55 pm
>> can i try these food? >> jimmy told me you're too fat. you're on a diet. >> i want to try a little bit. >> all right. eat it. here. >> okay, look. in case you get hungry. i packed you a lunch. open it up. you're going to like it. >> don't eat all my food here. what is the matter with you. >> are you prepared a speech. [ bleep ], [ bleep ] no. >> you got one? >> open your fortune cookie and that's is the speech right there. >> take the bull by the horns. what if i slapped you. >> you're getting gold all over me. >> do you like my jacket. >> i do like it. i wouldn't wear it but i do like it. >> your jacket is awesome. >> what are you wearing on your shoes? >> i'm wearing -- what are you wearing? >> i'm wearing target.
11:56 pm
>> are you going to kiss me? >> if you want to. >> they're starting the act. are you in the show? >> you're not in the "les mis" -- >> they're doing a song. that's not you? >> no. >> all right. cool. >> good luck, ben. wow, he was great. well that's it from the oscars. we talked to a lot of stars and drink a lot of tequila. bye! >> jimmy: beautiful job. for employee, everyone. >> jimmy: tonight on the show matthew fox is here. from the new show "red widow" radha mitchell is with us. we have music from ryan bingham. and we'll be right back with a behind the scenes look at the making of movie: the movie 2v. so stick around. tax refund time is here.
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>> jimmy: tonight on program his new movie "emperor" opens in theaters march 8th matthew fox is here. i still miss "lost." i really do. and then, her new show "red widow" which is good premieres this sunday on abc. radha mitchell is with us. and then we will be joined by an oscar and grammy award winner. this is his album called "tomorrowland" ryan bingham from the sony stage. tomorrow night terrence howard will be here, the cast of the a&e show "duck dynasty" will be with us. and music from churchill. later this week jim parsons, gordon ramsay, stanley tucci,
12:02 am
the lieutenant governor of california gavin newsom, and music from gold fields and ziggy marley. and if you missed our 8th annual after the oscars special last night abc is rerunning it in primetime at 10:00 on thursday night you can see channing tatum have sex with a piano all over again. last night we premiered the sequel to our big oscar movie trailer from last year. it was very expensive. even though the movie doesn't exist, it somehow cost us 87 million dollars to make. and so tonight we thought it would be fun to give you a look of "movie the movie 2 v." >> we are all going to die. >> making number two. the making of movie the movie 2 v. ♪ >> thank you. >> being the consummate
12:03 am
professional that i am. i tied up my arms for at least a month and i haven't used them at all. and there are certain things that, you know, are more difficult than others. but -- you have to stay positive. you know, what else are you going to do? >> jimmy called me about this movie. and i was a little unsure because i'm kind of known for my singing and dancing and modelling. but when i saw jimmy act i felt like, i mean, anybody can do this. >> get me the president. >> jimmy was easily the most difficult co-star that i had and i co-scarred in a movie with osama bin laden. >> can i be difficult on set? if people get out of hand or
12:04 am
people get squirrely i'm known to drop the hammer. >> i'm the most famous person in the movie. sometimes i had to lay down the law. >> what did he just say. you tell jude that last name thing is my thing. >> no one is above the law. >> what? he did the law thing again? i got to say if i was there right now it would be hammer time because it's my last name. >> jenga. >> let me clarify something when i say someone is a [ bleep ] i don't ha mean to imply they are [ bleep ] their mother even theyry they are [ bleep ] a mother or someone who is going to be a mother i'm talking abouter toer grace. he is weird.
12:05 am
he is a [ bleep ]. >> i'm adopted. >> honestly. horrible. most unprofessional actor i've ever worked with. oh, no. [ bleep ]. you got to be [ bleep ] kidding me. >> you will never work in this town again. >> you know i just thought about it i don't know why i keep coming back to do this. every time i do he makes me look like an idiot. you know what jimmy i have something to say. you're a genius and my penis is very small. what you think about that? boston sucks. >> movie the movie 2 v. >> thanks, everybody. we will be right back with matthew fox.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, radha mitchell and ryan bingham. for six seasons my first guest
12:12 am
and i flashed back, forward, and sideways together on a magnificent journey called "lost." he was actually on the show, i was just watching. on march 8th, you can see him co-star alongside tommy lee jones in the movie "emperor." >> here's what we got, sir. vice minister, a high palace official. his office is in the palace. i have reached out to him through every official -- >> my order is to not use weapons or any force. the emperor will come to me. >> we're talking about the vice minister, sir. i need access to him. i can't just walk in there. >> find another way. please welcome matthew fox. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimm
12:13 am
>> jimmy: how you doing? >> doing well. >> jimmy: mow made a pilgrimage from oregon. is it cold up there now? does it snow where you are? >> we got a lot of snow this winter. a bunch of snow before christmas but it's it has been a very, very nice winter so far. >> jimmy: the last time you were here you said your daughter had just started watching "lost." did she finish it? >> no. >> jimmy: she did not. is she? progress? >> no, i think she has given up on it. >> jimmy: she did? when did she give up? >> i have a theory. i think it coincided with when harry styles and the girl he was dating. >> jimmy: how do i know? >> taylor swift. she has a big crush on harry styles from one direction.
12:14 am
at the time they broke up my daughter stopped watching. >> jimmy: why? >> she is a 15-year-old girl and she was distracted very, very easily. that was part of the "lost" thing. the morning he was going out with another girl. >> jimmy: is she dating now, your daughter? >> no. >> jimmy: you don't want that to ever happen. >> i'm hoping it will be at least another four or five years. she's not driving yet. >> jimmy: how old is she? >> she is turning 16. she's taking her time. she is just about to take her test for the learner's permit. >> jimmy: are you a good teacher? >> it's going to be interesting. >> jimmy: there's nothing worse than teaching your daughter to drive. >> i'm looking forward to it and i think it will be just dreadful in a lot of ways. she's italian. her mother is italian and she has the same stubborn spirit and i don't have a lot of patience.
12:15 am
>> jimmy: sounds just like my situation. >> i'm hoping it will be a way to bond. >> jimmy: it will not be a bonding experience. it will be a bad experience for both of you equally. you're so nervous and she doesn't want to learn anything for from you any more at all. >> she is totally like -- >> jimmy: you have like a phantom brake you will keep stepping on the passenger side of the car. and your leg will hurt the next day from it. >> i keep imagining this long shot of my -- i'll teach her in a ford ranger. and i have this long shot in my mind and my car just stopping and starting and different screams. >> jimmy: have a driving instructor teach her instead. >> i'm going to do it. >> jimmy: like most things i think it's a great idea for parents to learn together. this is the one that isn't. >> you may be right.
12:16 am
>> jimmy: this is one of a few that aren't. that's an interesting period to be in. >> it's getting more interesting every day. >> jimmy: this movie, i enjoyed the movie. i learned a lot of things about the time after world war ii. i don't know anything about the period at all. >> i didn't either. >> jimmy: did you shoot it in japan? >> we shot a week at the very end we shot in japan. and we had an opportunity to shoot on the imperial grounds which has never been done before. but mostly in new zealand. >> jimmy: imperial grounds is a coffee company? >> no, that is the imperial grounds where the emperor stays. >> jimmy: tommy lee jones seems like he doesn't like other people. is that the case? >> he comes across that way a little bit. but, no, i had a blast working with him.
12:17 am
>> jimmy: you seem like you might be his kind of guy. there was a window -- >> there was a window of opportunity. >> jimmy: and you're in it. >> we are both into fly fishing and ranching. he is doing alfalfa hay on his ranch. we found common ground. >> jimmy: he grows hay and sells it to other farmers? >> yeah. >> jimmy: how much can you talk about that, though? i mean, really? >> a lot, actually. yeah. yeah. we spent a lot of time talking about it. >> jimmy: there's a video i want to ask you about. tell us what is going on here. i understand this is a spanish talk show. you were on it. >> a couple of times. this is the talk show in spain. if you are promoting a movie in spain. >> jimmy: this is the show in which -- what are those? >> look at me. >> jimmy: you look excited to be
12:18 am
there. are those ants? >> those are abilities. -- ants. yeah. this was the first time i was on it. and the whole thing was shocking to me. i must say. >> jimmy: what the hell is this? they attack you with a dinosaur? >> the second time it was fun. the first time it was just -- >> jimmy: you look like you really enjoyed yourself. >> thank you. >> jimmy: good to see you. your movie is excellent. congratulations on that. are you headed home? >> i'm around for a couple days doing some stuff. >> jimmy: give me a call. we'll talk about hay. >> we'll have a long conversation about it. >> jimmy: matthew fox, everybody. >> jimmy: matthew fox! "emperor" opens in theaters march 8th. we'll be right back with radha mitchell. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying.
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>> jimmy: still to come, ryan bingham will join us. our next guest is a
12:24 am
talented actress who's worked alongside bruce willis, johnny depp, woody allen and vin diesel for real. now she has her own show called "red widow." it premieres here on abc sunday night at 9 please say hello to radha mitchell. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> jimmy: how you doing? right there is good. you could always move over one. how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: were you part of the oscar celebration last night? >> i went out. a friend of mine invited me to a garden party to support children uniting nations which is an organization that advocates the rights of foster children. >> jimmy: what a boring party that sounds like. >> come on. i arrived and there was like 300 people and a red carpet. >> jimmy: there was? >> and journalists.
12:25 am
one of my favorite moments is when an israeli journalist came up to me and said have you seen the life of pee? and you are happy with the results? >> jimmy: and she wasn't screwing around? >> she was quite serious. >> jimmy: did you show her to the bathroom? where are you from? >> australia? >> jimmy: where in australia? >> i'm from melbourne. >> jimmy: do you go back to that part of the world much? >> i was there for christmas. >> jimmy: does your family live there? >> my mom is in melbourne and my dad is in tasmania. which is a little island at the bottom. >> jimmy: the devil lives there. the only thing i know is limited to that cartoon, that looney tune who spins around.
12:26 am
>> i was in melbourne four days and tasmanian four days. and back here. >> jimmy: is there a tasmanian devil? a dangerous animal. >> it's like -- there is the -- the one that died out, the extinct species and one that is still there. >> jimmy: there is one that is still there? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you see them at your dad's house? >> interesting question. you know, my dad lives in a sort of -- he lives in a unique way he lives in a solar powered house. and he is a bit of a hermit. he's not on the internet much and not on his phone very often. he's difficult to connect to. but when you get this the world stops and it's just trees. i was there for a few days over the break. and i went out one morning and there was, like, a snake. one of the most deadly snakes in the world just drinking from the
12:27 am
water in the pond next to his house. >> jimmy: snakes drink water? >> they do. >> jimmy: what? it makes perfect sense now. but you never imagine that visual of a snake having a drink. >> with the tongue like that. >> jimmy: no arms to drink out of a glass. >> but it was almost beautiful. it was beautiful and shocking. >> jimmy: that's terrifying to me. >> i was like -- >> jimmy: i never scream. >> there it was drinking. >> jimmy: did you really scream? >> i did. >> jimmy: did your dad come running? >> he is like it's okay because it eats the rats under the house. >> jimmy: what kind of a vacation. >> it has the kind of venom that can kill you in 20 minutes but the fangs are in the back of the mouth. but it needs something long and
12:28 am
skinny to actually get -- does that make sense. so be careful. >> this is the worst snake ever. >> he's come to peace with the snake. >> jimmy: if it bites your leg you will be okay. >> it depends who you are. so the fangs are back here. something long and skinny like your ankle -- >> jimmy: or anything. anything that -- it can only kill you if it bites something that is very easy to bite. so it's nothing to worry about at all. i watched your show by the way. it's very good. very interesting. >> thank you. >> jimmy: hold on a second. none of you have seen it. so why would that -- >> they are going to watch it. >> jimmy: you're so full of it, it's unbelievable. it is good, though. it's an interesting story. it's based on a dutch show,
12:29 am
right? >> it's based on a dutch series which is very engaging. apparently there there are three series it's such a captivating story there is the american version. >> jimmy: the best version. >> the best version which everyone's going to watch. but there is also a polish version. >> jimmy: that's the worst one. >> in the dutch version the woman is in her late 40s. in the american version well i'm playing her. and in the polish she is in her 60s and she is hard core. >> she is a sausage. >> it's a complicated premise. i'll explain it to you. i play a woman who is from a
12:30 am
mafia family and she is living in an idyllic lifestyle with this husband and three children and is trying to leave that life behind. but her reality is shattered when her husband is murdered in front of her six-year-old son in relation to a drug deal and she is dragged back into this underworld. >> jimmy: it sounds intense but it's hilarious. it is good, though. >> it is very intense. >> jimmy: congratulations. welcome to abc. it's called "red widow." radha mitchell, everybody. we'll be right back with music from ryan bingham. >> the "jimmy kimmel live"
12:31 am
concert series is brought to you by sony. >> a raid in a bar and "nightline" is there with cameras rolling as it all goes down and what our hidden cameras
12:32 am
the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is brought to you by sony. >> jimmy: his new album is called "tomorrow land." here with the song "western
12:33 am
shore" ryan bingham. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ you were all this needed to get you where you're going tomorrow is the season ♪ ♪ hold on the western shore and you're not the reason nobody care to notice they never saw you leaving ♪ ♪ 'cause they just don't know how to you gotta run and start so you could feel the change ♪ ♪ you gotta heal your heart so you could live again another day you gotta live out loud ♪ ♪ with no one to fear with no one around who ever bring you down or give you tears ♪ ♪ out on the western shore
12:34 am
you're no longer brave ♪ ♪ and there is no one needed to tell you ♪ ♪ what you're knowing there is only believing out on the western shore so you could leave ♪ ♪ the darkness that always kept you sleepless you can forget ♪ ♪ the street where the twisted hypocrites stop and stare you gotta run and start ♪ ♪ so you could feel the change you gotta heal your heart so you could live ♪ ♪ again another day you gotta live out loud with no one to fear


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