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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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terror at the finish line of the boston marathon. it at least three dead and than 100 hertz and oboe is vowing to hunt down the people responsible. >> make no mistake, we will find out to did this and why they did this. captioned by the national captioning institute in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. the terror did not stop at
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the first explosion as you will see in this video. there was a second explosion steps away. , thehree people have died youngest was eight years old. more than 100 were hurt in the blast. police said the fbi will lead the investigation. there are no suspects. we have team coverage for you in the aftermath. from security changes to the first-person accounts of the tragedy, we we will have it all for you. let's start where it started. >> i can tell view there is an eerie feeling in boston tonight. we were driving through the streets a long time ago. not a lot of people are out. a lot of people are inside this evening. i want to show you where i am. it was a few blocks that play on boylston street where the
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bombs went off. injured.people the town is in shock. people say no one could have possibly seen this coming. >> something just blew up. chaos a rough did monday afternoon at the finish line of the boston marathon when an 13 secondsollowed later by another explosion 100 yards away. like fire. it looks like a fireball. >> authorities say more than 130 people were injured in the when twoee were killed apparent bombs ripped through a crowded sidewalk packed with runners, families, and fans. i saw the flash of the fire
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and iran as fast as i could. >> medical personnel were already there to tend to run or the response was very quick. so the response was very quick. >> within 15 seconds. >> the injuries were similar to that in a war zone. >> i saw one guy who had his leg was missing up and needs. shrapnel and other things. taken tounded were area hospitals and volunteers arrived to start giving blood. people also began recounting. >> severe lacerations. amputees. a lot of shrapnel. blood everywhere. >> law enforcement says while this appears to be targeted, and it is too early to know who did this and how they pulled it off or why. the president was informed moments following the explosions and soon after he addressed the nation. >> any responsible individuals or groups will fill the full
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weight of justice. >> i can tell you there were many runners from the d.c. region here today. about 40-50 of them from the montgomery county road runners. all of them are ok tonight. one of them is right here. he is from rockville. you were saying earlier this is .he super bowl of running >> it really is. this is a big event for a lot of people that have spent their lives trying to qualify. many people train all year. it is catastrophic and hard to fathom what families are going through. >> glad you are all ok. dan said he was a block and a half when the bomb went off. group use with with r.o.k. but some did hear the bombs room where they exploded. tom ramsey, abc 7 news. >> there are many first-person
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accounts of what happened today. an arlington man was one of those people who had a front-row seat at the finish line and captured almost everything on his camera. kris van cleave is live with in the satellite center with his story. >> he guesses he was about 75 feet away from the first blast. he was across the street in the images he captured are chilling. that is the second explosion at the boston marathon in the chaos that follows captioned on his cell phone camera. i doe only thought was not want to die here. >> he went to boston with his family. he was waiting for his wife and daughter to cross the finish line. >> all of a sudden, there is a gigantic explosion. we saw the flash. you could hear the sound of people screaming. >> he took this photo after the first blast. you can see the smoke and people
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holding their years. and then he started recording. four seconds into the video -- with smoke from the second explosion filling the street. those around him rushed to down the stairs looking for way to get to safety. oh, my god. we have to get out of here. nobody is safe. it took hours to find his wife and daughter. thankfully, they will leave boston together, unharmed. >> i am lucky to be alive. our hearts were pounding. >> she is running her 17 boston marathon. her daughter was running her first marathon. a were about eight minutes from the finish line, a mile from the blast. they're coming back tomorrow.
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>> as the search for the bomber continues, the explosives may provide some clues on who may be responsible. >> typically homemade bombs like you would learn to build a bomb on the internet are sloppy. was built by someone that was a bomb maker from iraq or afghanistan, there are signatures of those type of bombs. a former fbi investigator and he says it will take time to examine the evidence. authorities are also searching through tapes and any cell phone videos that were turned into police. many of the runners that crossed the finish line were caught on camera by a producer covering the race for the boston globe. ran for many people their lives from the blast, others went toward the smoke and the screens, and including this person.
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this was his perspective. he came to cover the race and left with images reserved for this dark moment. 14 seconds later, another blast. >> please, hurry up. >> he moved in, not knowing what would happen next. he and so many others witnessed a ghastly scene. >> everybody to my left went down. >> he was 20 free from one of the blast sites. his medical training kicked in. he tried but could not save a life. >> one gentleman had both legs blown off. the girl that i treated, i could not find any obvious injury to her torso.
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>> in this clip you see the first blast. 100 yards down, the second blast. >> we have had an attack. >> he could only utter three words, a sentiment likely uttered by many. >> oh, my god. my god. oh, my god. checked his twitter page, his first to tweet was simply "god help us." >> known that he was not alone with that prayer. no doubt he was not alone with that prayer. there were reports that law enforcement had shut down cell phone service to prevent another device from being detonated by air wireless device. according to our news partners, that report turns out to be
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false. carriers like sprint and at&t acknowledge her were some issues because of the network activity. as we mention of the start of the coverage, almost immediately following the blast, pennsylvania avenue was shut down to pedestrian traffic in front of the white house. the goldberg is covering changes here in our area. allolice stepped up patrols around the capitol complex in the flags are at half staff. all across the city, authorities making it clear they were responding to boston with action. as evening descends upon the nation's capital, a visible reminder this is a typical monday. >> it is such a sad thing. two, also marathon runners, notice the police presence. >> i do not feel more unsafe than i usually do. you go about your business.
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>> routine changed in a hurry and d.c. following the explosions in boston. outside, police closing off pennsylvania avenue and armed officers make their presence clear. the pentagon also responded by adding more officers in and outside of the building. transit k-9tions, units inspect the area. extra patrols watching over rush-hour. public safetynd leaders assuring residents and visitors of no specific threats in the district. authorities making it known security is tight and citywide so will be visible. we do that anytime there is an incident. have enough information there is no potential connection. >> i am not concerned. i can do nothing about it. it is our country. opioid is protected. -- hopefully it is protected.
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>> it was not just in the district. in boston, the university of maryland and prince george's county police all increasing security at landmarks as a precaution. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> new york city immediately increase security after the explosions. police also had bomb sniffing dogs outside of the quarry the airport tonight. rdia airport tonight. our coverage of the boston marathon explosion continues next. first hand from those from our who witnessed the event and how some are trying to offer their support. the am doug hill in weather center. a cold evening and another warming trend is on the way.
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at 11:00, on your side. >> people remember those that lost their lives in today's bombings at the boston marathon. where a candlelight vigil is underway right now. a very touching moment earlier tonight when about 50 people came here to light then they started singing "amazing grace." some of them are still here. they wanted everybody to know it was certainly open to all faiths and about 50 people turned out to light some candles and to say some prayers and sing songs. a lot of the people that came are from the boston area and they say they had tried all day long to get in touch with their friends and family members and loved ones in the boston area. many of them say it was not until right baby -- right before they arrived they were able to talk to their friends and family members and say they are ok. in the meantime, we have been hearing from those that went to boston to take art in the
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marathon and they are telling us what it was like to be in the midst of those images we have been watching. the blast of that turned boylston street into a bloodbath speaks for itself. in the moments that followed, firsthand accounts of sheer terror. >> was a chaotic scene. saying itediately was a bomb. >> i would say they went off about three minutes after he finished the race. there was a huge explosion. we turned around and saw the smoke. i said that can't be good. >> revealing blood stained sidewalks, shrapnel, and human limbs flying through the air. it is a scene many say can only be described as a war zone. >> it was just like artillery going off. you knew it was not going to be good.
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realized hows serious the situation was. >> we saw the smoke come up. we were able to call before everybody realized what was going on. >> in the middle of the chaos thomas confusion, and casualties, eric nelson says there was an eerie silence. >> it was really quiet. people were confused. you could get a sense something bad had happened. a lot of people were asking did a train crash? did something follow if a building? there was a sense something eerie had taken place. according to the website, more than 1200 people in the area had registered to run in the marathon. i spoke with a number of clubs today and they say that have not come across any any members
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that are unaccounted for. >> thank you. our coverage of the boston marathon will continue online at and of course we have up-to-the- minute information tomorrow morning on "good morning washington," and we will follow the story in the coming days. , movinge change gears on to check the forecast right now with doug hill. i hope you have some good news to report. >> some warmer temperatures. it will be unsettled weather with shower tent -- shower chances just about every day. 57 the morning well. the high was below average in the high was below average. i think we will need three degrees average on this monday. still mild with the clouds east and southeast. breeze is keeping a cloudy. 59 in the nation capital. 50's area-one.
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-- area-wide. may giveont tomorrow us a chance of shower and the front will hang out in the neighborhood as we go through tuesday night, wednesday, and thursday. that will allow temperatures to come up a bit. a few showers is dorms on friday. will beer cold front part of the friday weather. in the morning, 52-56. sunnyh the day, partly weather. a big jump in temperatures. check out these temperatures continuing to climb. the chances of printed haitian will climb each day as well with high temperatures about 80 degrees on thursday and friday turning cooler over the weekend with some lingering showers. >> thank you for that. >> i can tell you a couple of
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now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> it was jackie robinson day and for the nationals, a night get back into the win column. let me take you back to miami. this was a special night in baseball. all of the players 1 -- wore 42. how theterested to see nets would respond after being swept over the weekend. they came up big. five for extra bases. the rbi double. 2-4 with three runs batted in. it was also a big night for ryan zimmerman.
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he went to deep centerfield. he had two hits, four runs batted in. 8-5nets win 10-3 and go to for the season. our play of the day is from cincinnati. the bottom of the second. the shot to deep center. the. great catch. gets into the infield. yes, sir. double play. that is the play of the night. fans, thesketball wizards are winding down the final games of the season's and the nets. could noty 17 but hold it. here we go to the final seconds. this was the door slammer. the three ball. taylor had 14 points. 11 in the fourth quarter to lead the comeback. ottollege basketball, announced he is leaving school to make himself eligible for the nba draft.
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he will certainly be a lottery pick in june that he said he labored over the decision. >> i love this place. it was tough. i had to think about it every night. tother to stay or whether go. >> meanwhile, a news conference will be held where he will announce he's going to enter the nba draft. he is expected to be a top aide lottery pick. 35 pounds of muscle and led with 70 points this season. he will now cash in big time. in the aftermath of the situation at the boston marathon, the boston celtics have canceled their home game to my own night and will travel instead to the final game wednesday in toronto.
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>> gunfire tonight. a man was shot on 5th street northwest. he was taken to the hospital. police are looking for the shooter. investigators are asking anyone with information to give them a call. doug has a final look of the forecast. did we get it?
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>> just a reminder our coverage continues on her website wjla .com. be sure to tune in to "good morning washington." for now, let's get the latest on the weather. >> a lot of clouds. it will start to warm up tomorrow. highs in the mid-70's. thursday and friday close to 80. friday, showers and storms likely. some could be heavy. a bit of clearing. >> sounds good. thanks for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next. [ male announcer ] if you could re-design business travel from scratch,
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