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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  April 16, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have another hour of news ahead and it all starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> [screams] [explosion] >> terror at the finish line. the boston marathon. three people dead and more than 140 injured. the president vows to hunt down those responsible. >> make no mistake we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice. >> police searched a home in the boston suburbs as they track several persons of interest. we have the latest on the impact of the boston marathon bombings, straight ahead, at 6:00. >> good morning. i'm greta kreuz, in for cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. we will get to the latest in boston in a minute.
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first, the forecast with jacqui jeras. >> what you need to know is today will be warmer than yesterday. a little drizzle will be possible this morning, mostly outside the metro. otherwise, you'll see some clouds to start. 56 degrees in washington. warming into the 70's this afternoon. more sunshine this afternoon than what we will see this morning. that will allow temperatures to be a little warmer as well. there is an active seven-day forecast and cooldown on the way. details on that in a minute. here's traffic with jamee. >> beenb-w parkway, there's a snag. lanes are open around the beltway. no problems passing new hampshire avenue, leading college park, moving towards 270. 270 looks good. newschopper 7 is tracking delays and looking at a crash on the b- w parkway northbound, north of the beltway, one lane getting by to collect. delays beginning before the
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beltway. an option northbound is 95. they are waiting for a tow truck. the police car is the only car that remains. the northbound side of the b-w parkway prior to powder mill road. southbound is open. back to you. >> thank you. activity this morning in boston. the fbi, boston police, and other law enforcement agencies all looking for clues to track down the people responsible for the bombings yesterday at the boston marathon. >> three people were killed including an eight-year-old boy. more than 140 were hurt. some of them critically. after crossing the finish line. you can expect the investigation to continue today. brianne carter is in the satellite center. >> the fbi is leading the investigation, saying they have no motive. we have learned officials searched an apartment overnight in nearby revere, massachusetts.
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according to reports no suspects taken into custody. state and federal officials are vowing to find a person or persons behind the blast. tragedy at an american tradition. after not one but two bombings at the finish line of the boston marathon. explosions killed at least three people including an eight-year- old boy. more than 100 injured. >> i saw quite a few casualties. one guy with his legs gone at the knee. we saw some ankles and feet missing. shrapnel and people in the sides of the head and other things. >> arlington resident and john walls was sitting in the stands waiting for his wife and daughter to cross the finish line and captured the chaos on his camera. it's my only thought was i don't want to blow ups. >> bomb tests are coming over for itdevices.
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stable look at who put this together. >> boston authorities found at least one other explosive device they dismantled. a little over three hours from now we expect an update on this investigation from authorities in boston, including the fbi. brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you. team coverage of the bombing continues with reaction from local runners who experienced the terror firsthand. >> tom roussey is live in boston. he's been there overnight with reaction from a runner from rockville. >> the sun is up in boston and things are changing. they have opened some street's slightly closer to the scene where a yesterday's explosions happened, but there's still a big area that you cannot get to. we have seen firefighters and other emergency officials from
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arrive within the last few minutes. the police presence is unbelievable. uc police -- you see police everywhere around here. this is surrounding copley square. hundreds of runners from the d.c. area participated yesterday including several dozen folks from the montgomery county road runners running club. we spoke with one man who's a member of that group from rockville. he spoke about what a big deal the boston marathon is to those in the running community and how much if they looked for to this and how sad it ended yesterday. >> it is the last thing you expect. this is the super bowl of everything we do having to do with running. this is the world series and the masters of our event. people spend their entire lives trying to qualify for this event and they spend the entire year training once they qualify. it makes its all un important in
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the grand scheme of things. >> this neighborhood near where the explosions happened is called the back bay in boston. are many towns and apartments around here. where i'm standing is a very residential area, but there are many businesses closer to the scene where the explosions happened yesterday. there is broken glass and blood and other things all over the place down there on boyleston street. >> thank you for the update. it's 55 degrees. live coverage of the aftermath of the boston bombings continue as if with a look at the security here in the d.c. area. >> still ahead details on changes they made in a hurry following the explosion. and what you can exp
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>> welcome back on this tuesday morning. here is one bright spot for us as we begin this day. beautiful cherry blossoms, not near the tidal basin. actually near the palisades. >> that is in the macarthur boulevard. . jacqui jeras, there are still a lot of blossoms. >> there are. its april. we have all kinds of colors on trees and bushes. we are have into drive for the month of april so far. if we go back to january, our deficit is about 2.5 inches for rainfall. i don't think we will get much today. a cold front across the great lakes will be headed our way tomorrow to bring a chance of a
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few showers. if you are traveling today, the rough spots will be south of chicago, indianapolis, cincinnati, showers and thunderstorms in the lower mississippi valley. forthere could be delays in new york city. temperatures are in the mid 50's hearing this hour. we will make it into the 70 this afternoon. that the latest. time to see what the croats are doing, jamee. >> busy on the b-w parkway. the beltway lanes are open. virginia 95, lanes are open through stafford and the beltway. newschopper 7 is over northbound b-w parkway still dealing with a crash. tow truck has just arrived. seeing some progress. if you are. leading the beltway, stop and are. you might want to consider interstate 95, running without delay between laurel and the
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beltway. again, this is the b-w parkway northbound. southbound is open without delay. back to you. >> thank you. that's a good heads up as people head out on the road. still ahead, remembering those lost in the virginia tech shooting six years ago. >> new security measures in place in through all the years that have passed. the failures. the successes. the people i've touched along the way. i can look back and be pud. knowing that with the help of mysuntru advisor i didn't just live a life. i built a legacy. something worth passing along. and protecting. suntrust private wealth management. building and protecting legacies sie 1892.
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>> good morning to arlington, virginia. this is from the rooftop of washington-lee high school. a beautiful sunrise with midlevel clouds. 56 degrees in arlington. time for the bus stop forecast. you may be will need the
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umbrella today. for the most part, today will be dry. 58 degrees for the pickup time. 62 at recess. 674 the drop-off. in the '70s by this afternoon. back to you. >> thank you. 6:16. back to our big story, talking about the explosion at the boston marathon. now we are looking at the fact that it has prompted several major cities including d.c. to increase security measures. >> expect more officers patrolling because today is the emancipation day parade in the district. john gonzalez is live in northwest. what can people expect? everything is still on? >> yes, but a terrorist threat is something always on the minds of law enforcement and many residents in the district. it is emancipation day in d.c. a holiday which usually includes a parade third, and fireworks tonight. the parade this morning will end
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at city hall, only about a block from the white house. already this morning roads are blocked and police are keeping a watchful pipes. -- eye. this morning's raid on pennsylvania avenue will go on as scheduled but security details will be on high alert. mayor vincent gray says there's no specific threats against the district but preliminary readiness plans have been put in place in light of the bombings. suisun and ready. >> the police chief says you'll see a visible increase of police presence. >> i cannot do nothing about it. it's our country and our capital and hopefully it's well protected. >> armed officers have closed off pennsylvania avenue pedestrian traffic around the white house. and the pentagon has added more officers inside and outside the building. at l'enfant plaza k nine units inspect areas. >> we would do that anytime there's an incident nationally or internationally until we have
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enough information to feel comfortable there's no potential connection to washington. >> back here live, mpd tow trucks have been busy this morning towing vehicles a way that were parked here overnight inside the parade perimeter. we have also noticed electronic signs throughout the city posted as a people to report any suspicious activity. even with all the warnings and alerts, the mayor is urging residents to not be afraid today and to take part in some of the festivities. reporting live downtown, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you for the update. investigators will be in boston combing the area. there's been a huge reaction to the bombing on social media. >> jummy olabanji is at the lives desk -- live desk. >> it became trending topics on line on all the major social media web sites as soon as it
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happens. twitter got millions of tweets with folks leaving their responses. "pray for boston"" hashtag exploded on line. and a former member of new kids on the block posted this picture near the end and shortly after he found out about the bombing, he tweeted, "i don't know what to say. i feel for everybody involved with the marathon and. he says his family's ok. google posted a page where family members and friends could put your name on a list and people could search for you to see if you were safe. a lot of people asking what they can do to help. the american red cross is overwhelmed with people donating blood.
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at one point they had to say they had enough for everyone involved with the tragedy. and many times when this happens we see the goodness in people. a wide receiver with the nfl who was just traded to the patriots team in new england tweeted that he would donate $100 for every pass that he catches this season to whatever relief fund there is because of this tragedy. back to you. >> thank you. jacqui upset that your neighbor was running yesterday. >> he did not even know what happened because he was out of their two hours before the bombing happened. this has touched so many people. the boston marathon is kind of the end all and be all when it comes to marathons'. so many people aspire to that, so it is very sad to have an impact like that. but there's always good that comes out of it. amazing ways people have come together to help others during
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this tragedy, so i just tweeted about that. it doesn't start this morning overall. cloudy skies. brightness on the horizon. 56 degrees is the temperature. you need a jacket to get started. by this afternoon, we will warm up. today looks warmer than yesterday. 56 at dulles, 54 in gaithersburg 56 in martinsburg. as you look at the almanac yesterday we only made it to 63. that's cooler than i was thinking. today's average is 67. we should get into on the low to mid 70's. a look at the east. we are starting to warm up again. the bubble of warm air pushing up from the south and west. cold air remains in place across the upper midwest. 90% of the midwest is still under a snowpack. it's cloudy to start today here. in a satellite picture, to break up the clouds already. i think we will get sunshine
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especially this afternoon. a cold front across the great lakes will be approaching by tomorrow and bringing a chance of showers. what kind of chance and what kind of timing? just clouds and 70 this afternoon. cold front approaching by tomorrow morning. it will fizzle a little as it moves over us. best chance of showers will be after the noon hour. today mostly cloudy with patchy light drizzle possible? . 72 to 76. chance of rain on and off through the better part of the week. warming up by friday. then cooling down for the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. we are all over the place. and our coverage of the boston marathon bombings continues at 6:30. first we want to get to your business headlines. >> the dow jones suffered its biggest loss of the year. john miller explains. good morning. wall street has its biggest loss
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of the year after the boston marathon ami bera the dow jones loses 265 points yesterday. the sell-off happened after a report about the economic slowdown in china along with commodity prices like oil and copper dropping. also contributing to the loss was the price of gold dropping $144. economists also blamed the downs live on the chinese economy. the irs will announce an extension the boston area taxpayers. details will provide relief for the individual tax filing. other boston sporting events being affected by the bombing leaving hundreds of employees with no work. the n.b.a. celtics game has been cancelled and a hockey game has been postponed. have a great day.
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>> virginia will cause today to mark the sixth anniversary of one of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. >> there's a statewide moment of silence at 9:43 this morning. that's the time seung-hui cho opened fire in a classroom building at virginia tech, killing 32 people and then shooting and killing himself. they lift a ceremonial scandal at midnight which will stay lit for 24 hours. a community picnic is later today. bret harte to believe six years already. there's still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> we have the latest in the search for a suspect after the deadly
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quick live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on
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your side. >> the search for bombers continues in boston this morning is the city tries to come to grips with the deadly marathon attacks. >> local runners were in beantown for the marathon. they are sharing their stories. >> it was an emotional night on "dancing with the stars." stars and pros honor the victims of the tragedy. good morning, it is to say april 16. >> let's check in with our meteorologist. it is getting warmer today. >> it will be. a little bit more sunshine. starting a mcloud attack this morning,, but some brightness at it. -- a little cloudy this morning. a light jacket to start you out. we will make it into the 70's as we had the afternoon. weather headlines for today, a bit more sunshine today especially in the afternoon. temperatures getting above average today, topping the 70
6:32 am
degree mark. we will continue with an active week with chances showers and thunderstorms. a much cooler weekend ahead. details coming up in just a few minutes. right now it's checking traffic. >> hour tuesday morning trek around the beltway without any trouble. the baltimore-washington parkway, we are still tracking this delay and looking at the accident activity. to give you the heads up, and to view alternate of i-95. northbound side, bw parkway. crash blocking the right lane as you approach powder mill road. for traffic merging of the beltway, watch for the slowdowns. 95 not want, a good option for you. that is that any delays. southbound side of the parkway good. the beltway looks great. back to you. >> x: 32 now. our top story is the search for those who made the kind monday's deadly bombing at the
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boston marathon. fbi searched a home in a boston suburb overnight and are also tracking multiple possible suspects. so far, no arrests. >> we begin our team coverage with rhiannon carter live in the satellites center. >> we are learning the identity of at least one of the victims and the tragic bombing at the boston marathon. according to our affiliate in boston, an eight-year-old boy who is waiting for his father to finish the race is among the dead. the child has been identified as martin richard. at least two other people have also died and more than 100 others are injured or he did a number of in critical condition. this morning we are hearing first-hand accounts of what people heard and saw moments after the explosion. >> multiple people down here, ok. i don't know if the cause is. standby. >> the search for suspects continues this morning in nearby revere, massachusetts.
6:34 am
officials talking to a 20-year- old saudi national at a boston hospital. forces tell abc news is here legally on a student visa. now i press conference with officials in boston has been scheduled for nine: 30 this morning. reporting live in the satellite center brianne carter. >> lots of d.c. area folks were up there in boston for the marathon including a woman who was there when the bomb went off. >> the montgomery county road runner steam, and we continue our team coverage in boston. >> here in boston this morning you can say we have been in the to move closer to the scene recently. that tends in the distance was set up by the red cross yesterday involving the marathon. you see a huge police presence down there. we are just a couple of blocks from where the explosions happened. there are signs of life here today, but this is not a normal day in the city as you can
6:35 am
imagine. a large area is shut down and all around, the fbi have taken of the investigation. this video from the race yesterday, there were a lot of local runners. hundreds from the d.c. area. we have had a chance to talk to one of them. that man is dan from the montgomery county road runners. he talked about how this was unthinkable, what happened here yesterday. everybody with his group is ok but he said he fears that not just races like this one, but a lot of things will change from here on out. >>@think sporting events in general will change based on what happened today. you can't protect people, especially in a running event where you are running 26 miles through a city. you cannot people 24/7 or every mile of that race. there is a risk in everything we do. it comes with the territory. >> in the distance there you see what a huge police presence
6:36 am
we have here in the city of boston as this investigation continues. talking to bostonians, and a lot of them just seemed shellshocked. they say, we don't even know who to direct our anger to because we don't know who is responsible. they want some answers. authorities say hopefully those will come with time. no one arrested at this point. a lot of rumors running about folks being questioned in suspects in that sort of thing. very few concrete answers at this point. live in boston abc 7 news. >> meanwhile, one notable runner, virginia supreme court justice. he crossed the finish line about five mins the for the bombs exploded. he told the associated press he was about 100 yards away when the first bomb went off. he was not injured. >> not taking any chances in the wake of the boston bombings, they have increased security at landmarks, and transit hubs.
6:37 am
police shut down pennsylvania avenue outside the white house. two days activities activities -- are still on. no specific threats against the city. stick with us for continuing coverage of the attack at the boston marathon at 10:00 this morning on news channel eight. hear from former virginia governor and the former head of the national commission on terror response about the blast. look for the latest on the investigation on >> 6:37 now, still ahead the emotional tribute from people in our area to the victims of the boston marathon bombing. >> 6:30 7, 55 degrees and we will have anot
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>> [indiscernible] good morning, washington. >> people scratching their heads over the lines of the middle of the road. >> take a look at that. somebody has been drinking. officials say rain caused the temporary tape lines on the road to zigzag. they were put on after the road was repaved. a construction company says the temporary lines don't have to be straight because they are a lane divider. >> let's blame it on the wind. the driver was facing some wind. >> absolutely not what greta said. >> what a beautiful start. check of the sunrays on our roof cam on top of our building here.
6:42 am
this is what it will look like her much of the day. a fair amount of cloudiness with some breaks and getting a little bit of sunshine breaking through at times. 56 degrees as our temperature right now. pretty comfortable to start our day. all of us looking in the middle 50 gaza. a little bit of cloudiness lingering this morning. a cold front across the great lakes on the approach trial and another chance of showers. today leave the umbrella at home. mostly cloudy and 60 degrees at 9:00. partly sunny skies and 73 degrees by 5:00. a very nice spring day. your seven-day forecast is a big cooldown in another couple of minutes. let's check on topic. >> back to scott and greta. -- it is traffic. >> the lines look straight here. virginia interstate 95. a lot of volume approaching away leaving newington. the good thing this morning, we
6:43 am
have not had any incidents heading toward quantico. we are pretty light there. jill city to woodbridge and norton for the heaviest of delays. no problems crossing the 14th street bridge. problems this morning, let's go live overhead with ms. chapter seven. a long-standing trash -- crash. back to scott and greta. >> thank you. 6:43 now. coming up, the marathon bombings lead to changes in sports venues around the world. >> a tough night for some on "dancing with the stars."
6:44 am
>> this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> welcome back.
6:45 am
a big good morning to arlington virginia where we are taking a look at the high school. they have a time lapse here for you this morning as we watched the sun come up. what a beautiful morning. a big ball of fire in the sky. that is the sun shower. we have not seen in a while. more clouds than sun today, but plenty of sun and the afternoon hours. he wants a t-shirt for this afternoon. maybe a light sweater this morning. 68 and partly sunny by recess. when the bus drops you off, 72 degrees and partly cloudy skies. it will be a beautiful day, even warmer weather. your seven-day forecast before a big cooldown, we will tell you that in just a moment. >> 6:45 no. news around the region a fairfax county teenager doing his art -- part to convince other teams that distracted driving kills. >> he is one of 10 finalists in the toyota team driver video challenge. hundreds who submitted videos
6:46 am
trying to get other teams to drive more safely. and avoid distractions like texting and driving. >> watching tv, you don't want to sit there and have your comedy show interrupted by somber ads about teen driving. i wanted to come up with some kind of way to become more humorous about it while containing a serious message. >> you can see the videos and photo your favorite by going on the contest ends at 5:00 is afternoon. services will be held today for a local teenager was killed by an army recruiter in a murder- suicide. >> police say that staff sergeant adam shot and killed 17-year-old michelle miller at his germantown home on april 7 and then killed himself. the high school honors student signed up to join the army reserve after graduation. they were already investigating
6:47 am
him for his marriage to a 21- year-old former recruit. a former marine was scheduled to go on trial today. he is accused of murdering amanda in her barracks back in 2009. question traders are seeking the death penalty. he is already serving life sentences for two separate attacks from arlington. he is also charged with killing two girls in illinois in 2005. >> tracking news around the world. china's military says the u.s. is destabilizing the asia- pacific region by sending more forces to the area and boosting alliances within its regional partners. the chinese defense ministry says counter to political trends and damages peace and stability. china believes the redeployments are directed at containing its diplomatic military and economic rise. >> the u.s. and south korea are watching for signs right now that north korea will conduct a
6:48 am
medium-range missile test. they resumed the warlike rhetoric today, a day after pausing to celebrate the birthday of its founder. they demanded an apology from south korea for hostile acts and threatened unspecified retaliatory action could happen at any time. >> a japanese city devastated by the tsunami has its payback after it washed ashore in crescent city california. things posted on facebook page. a teacher saw the photos on facebook might recognize the boat. a newspaper says officials in the japanese city are in a giddy state of shock and would love to get the boat that. >> president obama asked george schultz and james baker to lead the delegation to the state funeral for former british prime minister margaret thatcher.
6:49 am
she died last week at the age of 87. secretaries of state during her tenure. john boehner is also sending three republican members of congress to london. >> around the nation, police investigating a shooting on the campus of gramling state university at northeastern louisiana. three students shot outside of the dorm after a fight broke out. they were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. so far nobody has been arrested. >> turning to coverage of the boston marathon bombings. an emotional tribute in our area for victims of the attack. >> students at george washington university held a vigil last night. one of the students is a boston native. he is devastated by what happened. >> i was sitting next to my buddy, at the end of the -- we
6:50 am
just give each other the biggest embrace. >> several were near the site of explosions, but they were not hurt. >> the attack on to the nba and nhl to cancel game scheduled to be played in boston. the bruins game tonight against the ottawa senators has been postponed. the celtics canceled their games against the pincers. they will not make it up. there were moments of silence at baseball, basketball, and hockey games all across the country. >> organizers of upcoming sports events and other countries are not taking any chances, either. british police are reviewing security for the london marathon. the 37,000 miners there are expected to compete in that international race. organizers of this world
6:51 am
athletics championships in moscow say they also plan to beef up security for the event. >> on abc the houston cast of "dancing with the stars" reacted as well to the bombing. >> the show aired just hours after the explosion. the host and several of the cast members mentioned the tragedy in the show. they expressed their deep sympathy for the victims. one dedicated her performance to her hometown. they tweeted, thoughts are with everyone touched by this nightmare. >> 6:51 now. let's talk about the weather. as you mentioned we may not need the umbrella of the maybe did yesterday. if we see some sunny skies -- >> overall this week is going to be more cloudy than sunny. we will have multiple opportunities for getting some showers. today, it is a limited. the umbrella at home.
6:52 am
a 10% chance of getting showers this afternoon. it is very unlikely. a lot more sunshine today, we have yesterday. speaking of sun, come over to your television screen and look at this. this will put you in a good mood. isn't that a pivotal -- beautiful sunrise? we have a deck of cloudiness on top of us but also some breaks that are allowing for the pictures this morning. 56 degrees is our temperature. winds easterly six miles per hour. it will be pretty pleasant overall. 56 at dulles come a four in gaithersburg. 57 and culpeper and 83 degrees and fredericksburg -- 53 degrees in fredericksburg. we will talk about in the lower to middle 70's as that warm air starts to come back up along the east coast.
6:53 am
notice the cold temperatures still across the upper midwest. it is snowing today in parts of montana and colorado and wyoming. around here, just the cloudiness to greet us today. some brakes can be expected. we will be dry as i club fund still around here across the great lakes and that will bring us a chance of showers by tomorrow. our best chance of rain this week will come on friday. here's our futurecast showing you more more clouds than anything else throughout the day. getting into the 70's. the cold front approaches tomorrow. we will see a shower or two, especially to the north, once afternoon. looking for to mostly cloudy skies 72-70 six degrees. a seven day forecast straight chances rain again, especially the end of week into the weekend. temperatures will be great through friday. then we are really dropping down. i had to put up a 50 four- sunday. big changes ahead. let's check on the road. >> almost two hours, but finally
6:54 am
as we approach the 7:00 hour everything reopened. we are tracking the backups. this is the baltimore-washington parkway northbound. he lays inside the beltway toward powder mill road. everything just opened months ago. we watched the tow truck leave the scene of the crash. we will start to see improvement. he might still want to opt for i-95 and work northbound into war the world. -- toward laurel. scott and greta back to you. >> thank you. 6:54 right now. time for the tuesday expressed. >> brianne will begin that live in the satellite center area >> investigation continues and the blast of the boston marathon finish line that killed at least three and injured more than 100. our affiliates is one of those killed was an eight-year-old little boy. according to the boston globe his name is martin richard. officials searched a home in
6:55 am
boston overnight in revere massachusetts. so far police have no suspects and no motive. x>> we can tell you it is uneasy in the district this morning. security detail is on high alert. the emancipation day parade in concert will go on as scheduled. the mayor says there is no specific threat against the city but a readiness plan is and put in place. it concludes here at city hall a blast from the white house. police artie keeping a watchful eye. >> two stories from overseas. officials say two car bombs just went off in iraq near baghdad and killed nine people wounded 27 more. most of the victims were civilians. at least two were police officers in an unrelated attack. we are hearing from officials in pakistan bomb went off in the country southwest region. three people were killed and seven were injured. >> here is what you need to
6:56 am
know before you go. today's the emancipation day holiday in d.c. and community just to know about. rush-hour parking restrictions will be enforced, parking rules will be suspended on several streets will be closed. virginia will be holding a statewide moment of silence at 9:30 through this fund to honor the victims out of the virginia tech massacre. it was six years ago today that the gunmen opened fire on the campus, killing 32 people and then himself. christ's council is set to vote on a bill to expand the water quality protection charge to virtually all non-government property. >> more information on any of these, visit >> 6:56, jack is back. it's a good day. we will have some sunshine peeking between the cloudiness today.
6:57 am
our temperatures will be warmer today as well. only 263 yesterday. today we will talk that. 73 degrees by 5:00 with partly sunny skies. umbrella may be dated tomorrow as showers will return to the forecast. >> that will do it for us. good morning america is coming up next. >> for continuing local news coverage tune into news channel eight. we will see you at noon.
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tuesday, everyone.


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