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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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their dramatic rescue. messages were delivered in a video released overnight. i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. >> for the first time, the three women who were kidnapped in cleveland and held against their will for a decade are now speaking out. hell and been through back but i'm strong enough to walk through hell a smile on my face. .and with my head held high >> in a video statement, the three women are smiling, and joining happier times. berry ime, i am amanda have been missing for 10 years. >> this was the 911 call two months ago that eventually set the girls for a permit after allegedly being held captive by this man, ariel castro @ feuding
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-- accused of beating and holding them hostage in this house. >> i will not let the situation define who i am. i will define the situation. i do not want to be consumed by hatred. >> michelle knight reportedly built -- be it so hard she the facial reconstructions art -- surgery but instead of she is grateful. >> be positive. learned that it is important to give vent to receive. thank-you for all your prayers. i am looking forward to my brand new life. >> thanks to generous donations of 9000 people, the cleveland college fund set up to help these women start new lives has raised more than $1 million. police in hyattsville are looking for two men to try to rob a couple a gun point just before 10:00 monday night on 30th avenue. the suspects approached a man
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and woman as they got out of a car and demanded money. the man wrestled the gun away from one of the suspects and as the second suspect came toward him, the man fired toward the man both suspects ran off. a couple was not hers. it has been hot and sticky and rainy out there. will it stay that way? jacqui jeras has our first forecast. >> we are going to get. snow showers and even a few embedded thunderstorms possible this afternoon. most of the action has been a long i-81 and areas of to the west. the have been moving across mountains and breaking apart. much butt amount to our chances will increase this afternoon especially if we can break through the cloud in this and get some sunshine. a disturbance is pushing through for togetherness -- giving us a chance of rain and cold front approaching from the west and will increase their chances in the next couple of days.
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if you're trying to travel, big time delays north of dc in philadelphia and new york city and boston. for today, we'll see partly sunny skies and a shower or two this afternoon and we will dry things out or night. we will talk more about the timing coming up next. >> thank you. we've got some developing news on nsa bleaker edward snowden. accepted the venezuelan asylum offer after the release of a new video in which he says the head of nsa lied to congress about surveillance programs and he claims that nsa collects all communications in and out of the u.s., not just those involving foreigners. egresse are literally no points from the united states.
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monitoredication is and collected. >> the guardian shot that video in june before he left hong kong for russia. he is still believe to be hiding in the moscow airport. the defense and the george zimmerman trial is set to introduce a controversial piece of evidence. it is a toxicology reports on trayvon martin showing he had marijuana in his system of the night he died. this comes after jurors heard from a parade of witnesses monday, all disputing a prosecution claim that it was martin's voice scrap me for help on the 911 calls. martin's father was called to the stand. [indiscernible] from the table and just kind of shook my head and said i cannot tell. said that it was my
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son's voice. >> the zimmerman pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder claiming he shot the boy in self-defense. a gunshot experts took the stand moments ago to corroborate his story and the defense could wrap up its case tomorrow. the national transportation safety board's investigation of asiana of214 focusing on the final seconds before the deadly crash. they spoke with the pilot and co-pilot of the accident and the parents of the two chinese teenagers who were killed or in san francisco seeking answers >> families of the two 16-year- old girls killed in saturday's crash landing arrived in san francisco from china early this morning. airlines president issued this apology. >> i am very sorry for causing a great amount of sadness and shock due to this unintentional accident that the ntsb said they aren't interviewing the pilots and the crew of asiana
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flight 214 to learn what went long run. >> they are talking about how they communicate with each other. >> they are focusing on the final seconds before the plane struck the end of a runway and slid out of control. >> at 82 seconds, they turned off the computers and manually flying the airplane it was seven seconds later when the plane was almost at stall speed that they realized they needed to power up. >> one of the pilots in training was landing the boeing 777 in san francisco for the first time to the flight attendants are being hailed as heroes, some carried children and or the last to make it out alive. >> i had to hurry. i could not think of myself am a part of the investigation includes whether one of the young victims may have survived the crash only to be hit by a rescue vehicle rushing to the scene. it will be at least two weeks until the coroner reveals the cause of death and could be days, possibly weeks before investigators finished their work at this crash scene.
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says a warninges light for his san francisco deskbound 777 to return to tokyo four hours after take up for the company says mechanics found a leak in the hydraulic system to the 236 passengers were put on another plane that arrived in san francisco early this morning. 13 people are now confirmed dead and at least 37 others still missing after a train crash in canada. 72 tanker cars hall in crude- oil jumped the track and caught fire early saturday muri small town in quebec. officials believe air brake failure by have led to that tragedy that is still under investigation. police say a barrel -- say they are not ruling anything out including 7 tons. the trial of the captain of last year's shipwrecked italian cruiser liner has begun. the captain is charged with multiple manslaughter, abandoning ship, and causing the ship to shipwreck.
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he says he is innocent. a theater in tuscany has been converted to a courtroom to accommodate the survivors and relatives of the 32 victims. the judge adjourned the hearing until july 17. out howp next, find people are honoring the 19 firefighters killed battling that wildfire in arizona. also, we will tell you why president obama is now considering speeding up the timetable to withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan. plus, after a wild adventure in d.c., rusty the red panda is back on display at the national zoo. we will look at how he is doing. taking a
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>> 19 firefighters killed in arizona are now being honored at a memorial service today. vice president joe biden and thousands of firefighters from across the country are attending that service in prescott, ariz. critical last of a handful of vigils for the men before the first of the 19 funerals takes place later this week. the wild fire that killed the lead to a hot shot firefighters and june 30 is now 90% contained. president obama is seriously considering withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan earlier than expected. that is according to a senior obama administration official. until now, u.s. and afghan officials have been discussing plans to keep a small force behind to fight the insurgents and train afghan personnel until the end of 2014. mr. obama has recently grown increasingly frustrated in dealing with afghan president hamid karzai. deadly clashes continued between supporters of the egyptian
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ousted president and the military parade and egyptian security official says 650 protesters have been detained for trying to storm a military facility. the military claims the protesters attacked and left 50 morsi supporters yesterday. the moslem brotherhood deny any attacks took place. the red panda is back on display at his exhibit at the national zoo after escaping last month. jummy olabanji was there for his homecoming. >> just before it 9:00 this morning, rusty the red panda came back home to his exhibit at the national zoo. within a couple of minutes, he was eating and running and playing around like nothing had ever happened. >> he is doing very well. he is eating well and drinking well. he seems to be in perfect health. >> on june 24, he made an
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overnight escape from the national zoo. >> my mom said he escaped to go see the white house. >> luckily, he was found the next day in a yard in adams morgan leaving officials and visitors stunned. >> it is me that he was able to get have. >> since the great penn daw escape, officials have made several changes to the red panda exhibit. they have cut back trees and bamboo and installed additional hot wires and put up plexiglass and i would in waltham if he is a climber. theust removed some of climbing structures so he will not be getting out. >> for the time being, staff and volunteers will keep a close eye on rusty at all times of the day. at night, he will have to go off exhibit where it is more secure. visitors say they have wise advice for rusty. ahead of his first birthday on thursday. >> you have your friend and you
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have all the school rocks and water and feeding stuff and the trees you comply around. >> at the national zoo, jummy olabanji. still talking animals -- if you are headed to ocean city, help officials are warning everyone to be wary of aggressive and possibly rabid raccoons following a series of attacks. the county delta park and says it has received a number of complaints of the past three weeks and health officials say people who live or stay between 85th and 130th street should be particularly wary. anyone who was approached by an animal that appears to be rabid should call police or animal control. a panda cub born over the weekend at the taipei zoo is attracting some worldwide attention. the healthy thing cub weighs less than half a pound and is a little over 6 inches long, the
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first cup from a pair of giant pandas given from china to taiwan for the mother panda immediately picked up cub up in her mouth and held her close right after delivery. how about that? >> that is so cute. put that ino perspective. that is so tiny. >> you can't beat that. have a good forecaster eventually. today, it is a little gloomy. we had a beautiful sunrise. this is from washington lee high school as the sun came up at 5:51 this morning. there were a few peaks and aren't to blow this morning between the cloudiness and a few sprinkles. right now, 82 degrees and the dew point is at 70 and the winds are relatively light at only 3 miles per hour.
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other temperatures across the region are in the upper 70's. 77 as well as winchester. our high yesterday was 87. we got a lot of sunshine yesterday and our average height is 89. ofng volume today was 1/100 an inch of rain. we will add to that with a weak disturbance that will move through. you can see on the radar a couple of showers hugging along the i-81 corridor. they have been trying to make their way across the mountains. if we get any breaks in these clouds, they will break up a little bit this afternoon. you can see the next layer as it comes through here for this afternoon. we will keep our eye on a cold front across the upper midwest. that is a more intense system that will bring that threat of severe thunderstorms in minneapolis toward chicago.
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that will eventually move our way later in the week. it will take its time getting here. we're under the influence today of a southerly flow bringing in warm and humid conditions and a chance of showers. showers and thundershowers will become more widespread by tomorrow but into thursday, it is on our doorstep. a few could be strong and behind as cold front, back here our air will be drier and less humid and a little bit cooler. let's count on that by the end of the week. let's keep an eye on the tropics. this is tropical storm chantal move into the lesser antilles with winds of 60 miles per hour. cuba expected to move past and will go toward the u.s. coastline potentially this is into the weekend so that is something to watch closely. nothing to worry about for right now. mostly cloudy today with some
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showers and thunderstorms possible, high-temperature mid to upper 80's and cloudy tonight but trying out overnight and here's a look at the seven-day forecast for it showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow and thursday and then we will dry things up friday and saturday and even sunday looks pretty good. maybe a shower to our south. made 80's are on the way by the end of the week. >> the weekend numbers look best. we thank you for that. the search for a 7-year-old boy comes to a tragic end after d.c. police found the body of michael kinsman found in an abandoned car just 40 feet from where he was last seen and now police are looking for answers as to the cause of death. john gonzales has the latest. >> somebody should be held accountable. >> police searched abandoned apartments and can't grayback alec and questioned known sex
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offenders in the neighborhood. residents cannot understand how they missed bubble inside a half a hot car.- inside >> i believe he was overlooked by investigators. he was in the back of a car. .> a search team was organized everyone is in disbelief. >> we did see cars back their and we started right behind the houses where the boy came up missing. >> many are grasping for answers for the 7-year-old left his apartment on supervised only wearing very little and a sister spotted the boy walking down the back alley. >> everybody is confused about it. >> fliers are still positive on the street 24 hours after residents were worried but hopeful but the mood has completely changed in the trinidad neighborhood.
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ed -- how could a boy get out the back door with a disability? >> police obtained clues during the search including a plan that a friend of the mothers saw but boy on a metro train with the man. the neighborhood commissioner released a statement saying -- >> they had dogs and everything and they were looking down my alleyway. every alley. i don't know. >> a lot of
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>> grocery store chain kroger says it is buying the harris teeter supermarket for $2.5 billion. kroger will pay $49 and change for each of the outstanding shares, 2% above monday's closing prices. harris teeter operates 212 shores in the southeast and mid- atlantic. it has to be approved by both companies' boards it is one week before twinkies are set to hit store shelves again. freezing someegin 20's before shipping them in an effort to give them a longer shelf life of 45 days. a spokesman for the company says the change will have no impact on the quality of taste. not all twinkie retailers will receive the product frozen. some companies have the option to choose. will ahead, jacqui jeras
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>> we need to get through a few days. >> absolutely, make plans for friday. the next couple of days we will have a spotty showers today and tomorrow and especially thursday. our temperatures will be dropping significantly into the
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mid 80's. our average size 89 sole looking good. >> nothing to complain about. thank you so much and thank you for joining us but we will see you back here for "good morning washington" at 4:30 in the morning
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. joining me again today, my good buddy joy behar. we love you. i love you, as you know. you're doing so well here, $65,100. did you think you were gonna do well?


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