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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 14, 2013 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc seven news "washington weekly." on your side. istonight, george zimmerman a free man after being found not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the night, zimmerman's attorney says that his client will get a key piece of evidence in the case, the gun used to kill trayvon martin. withve more will stop >> those words, george zimmerman j freeman. abc news, antold
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exclusive interview, that he was going to get back the gun that zimmerman used to kill tebow martin. >> he feels that if he did not have that weapon, he would not be here. he felt threatened. york, thereand new were protests. some turned destructive. at a church that martin used to attend, his cousin shared disappointment in the outcome. martin's parents mourn. they say that there were death threats. zimmerman remains in hiding. that theerts say
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jury's decision to acquit was no surprise. , that amount of evidence george zimmerman had been beaten i trayvon martin, it was hard to see how the prosecution was going to win the case will stop the investigation into trayvon martin's that is ongoing. could mean more legal battles ahead. spiral --amily could file a civil lawsuit. case? iis next in this spoke with rachel day, the policy reporter for politico. >> from everyone's reaction on sunday, people are heated over this verdict. it is very clear that that is that this is not the end. the fact that zimmerman was found not guilty, or even
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manslaughter or second-degree murder. president obama has accepted this. although a lot people are impassioned right now and there is energy surrounding this case, he is asking able to stay calm will stop at there are people were disappointed with his reaction. last year, he said he could see trayvon as being his son. his reaction last night was muted. a lot people were hoping that maybe he would get justice department to do something will stop >> justice is going to look at this. -- something. is going to look at this. he said, a jury has spoken. justice has said that they will look at this case.
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this as alook at civil right kind of action will stop some might say, is that not double jeopardy? do you have a right to not be prosecuted for the same crime twice? theurt has found that federal courts didn't take off something that the state has taken up. >> this is not the end of this case will stop ok. let's switch to something else. -- case. ok. let's sources of the else will let's talk about the meal. -- something else. has said that he might reform filibuster rules. americans might look at this and say, why should we care?
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this could really change policymaking from here on out. the house is majority-rules. we know that the house is partisan. the senate, on the other hand, was created to be collaborative. you need 60 votes to get anything done will stop you need republicans in order to get things through the senate. >> is it a reality? has said this before. he has stepped up this rhetoric. i think we're getting close to this. they're going to have to ask themselves, democrats especially, it is only a matter of time before the republicans take over the senate will stop what is going to happen when they take over the senate was to mark do they want to change these rules? >> great, rachel.
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thank you. the washington monument will tenant.hout a single it is across the street from street.eet -- moore as a model -- a marvel of modern architecture. its interior is adorned with marble from spain. feet, it is the tallest structure outside of the washington monument in the d c area. [indiscernible] offer, all it has to
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space for a two-story restaurant and thousands of square feet for it could open without a single tenant's. arlington is hard because it relies on government funding. >> tim is the executive in charge. big gambleshas made before with success. he is confident that this is a good bet. -- thelocation environments. >> will find out. the owners are going for the highest sustainability rating of any. phil, he was one of the people who came to the
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rescue of a man who fell on the railroad tracks. former president george h w bush and barbara bush will be at the white house this week the stop >> just way -- this week. ♪
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>> taking a look at the week obama and thent first lady will welcome the former president, george bush, and the former first lady, harper bush, tomorrow afternoon. he will be honoring the 1000 points of light award. , jodi arias is expected to appear in court. she was found guilty in may of first-degree murder of her former boyfriend. a jury could decide on whether or not she deserves a death penalty or life in prison. we will see if the traumas into a another penalty phase or if there will be a plea deal. -- we'll see if the trial will move into a another penalty or if there will be a plea deal. workouts.
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>> looking for a new way to get in shape? how about a team that goes into the woods? most washingtonians say close to the ac when temperatures get above 90. >> i want to get outside of that
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box, if you will, washington dc is a beautiful city. running.g, and these exercise sessions are "outruns."u it's when you pass people who are not out running and you have and ask, do they give you funny looks? >> typically will stop -- typically. it is very easy to be yoga strong. you can bench to time here body weight. when you mix in the cardio aspects and all the cross training of we do.
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>> it lasts about an hour and can be adjusted to your individual skill level. -- does not stop the out runner. i stopped though. we moved to the next couple of days and it will be hot out there. the hottest that we've seen all year long. comere going to feel it tuesday, wednesday, thursday. at reagan international airport, it is 81 degrees. it was up to 89 earlier this afternoon. at takoma park, it was 79. it was 90 earlier in the day. radio, elementary
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school is at 76. temperatures are generally in the upper 70s. there is a drop by several degrees. movell develop as we through the morning hours. ratingat a heat index that feels like 86 at reagan international. this area of high pressure is off the coast and it is going to move through the west. days, it willg lock itself in place an ad to the heat pump. new york city, up towards boston , there are heat advisories. i suspect that there are heat advisories across the immediate metro. we could see he index readings at 105 degrees. earlier in showers
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the day. these pop-up showers are going to be the norm. in tuesday, wednesday, thursday, they are limited. most will not see anything at all. doppler radar says there will be a dry commute tomorrow morning. --jected daytimes high daytime highs will be well into the 90s. it will be hot and humid on tuesday. 96 degrees. is what it feels like out there. it will be closer to 100. the highs tomorrow are 90-95 degrees. by wednesday, thursday, and friday, a cold front could bring some storms to the area by saturday. temperatures will cool on sunday. the big question is will it make
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it here. we will have to change between now and then. keep cool and take it easy. >> caught on tape, bystanders rushing to kick a man on a the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late.
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so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. >> three strangers are being praised for their quick actions
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that were caught on tape. a man fell onto the metro tracks . one of the heroes happens to be a soldier. >> thousands of people go into the metro center every day. only one man raised to save a life will stop >> i was there for him. is in on likevez we hero. was anael chavez unlikely hero. platform. off the down and he was in there with his wheelchair. landed right there. >> i got down there and started helping him out.
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>> job is struggled with a wheelchair. >> i had 30 seconds. >> that is when a passenger from the opposite side of the platform lead over both rails helped the man. dutyb is as returned to unaware that he is receiving a medal, the army's highest in peacetime. >> not really. >>
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