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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 15, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we are joined by our meteorologist with our first forecast. for it.y temperatures at this noon hour, 88 degrees, but we are climbing 90'sthe lower to middle today. it will keep climbing. dew point temperatures, 72 degrees. now at this hour, officially 98 degrees. we have a few more hours to go for temperatures on the rise. 84 in quantico. 90's.nto the upper easton dealing like 100 degrees. high temperatures today in the upper 90's. if you're looking for relief from the heat, you may want to head towards the south. .louds and showers a more on what you can expect for the rest of the work week coming up in a little bit. it scott? >> he is a free man, but george
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zimmerman's du jour is far from certain. >> -- future is far from certain. >> there will be a rally later on today outside of the justice department. the federal investigation could take place. people are still waiting what could -- to see what could happen there. we have more on the national reaction. jummy, right here in sandberg and across the supportingups trayvon martin's family are holding prayer services. others have responded to george zimmerman's acquittal with anger. > we demand justice! >> frustration boiling over. , protesterso coast taking to the streets demonstrating against the not guilty verdict in the georgia
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zimmermann murder trial. >> justice was not done. it was outrageous. >> in new york city, hundreds marched from times square to harlem, some clashing with police. >> in los angeles, protesters forced the shutdown of an interstate. in oakland, flag burning. >> people are angry. trayvon martin's parents are asking for peace despite the heartbreak. >> a really want to be killer of their unarmed son to be held accountable. they went through the grieving process all over again. >> today george zimmerman remains in hiding, the attorney saying he will get his gun back and for his own protection will needed more than ever. >> i do not know how he could not lawfully carry a gun at this allowed to he is carry one. this is the worst time in his life, isn't it? >> the prosecutors question that. >> he better be careful. it's better be the right
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circumstances. >> the law allows a lot of people to carry guns. that doesn't mean they should. >> the justice department is continuing to investigate martin's debt to determine if there was any civil rights cases. consideringare also civil lawsuits. >> with this decision being so heavily scrutinized, at this point, have we heard it all from the jurors? no. a the jurors were given the option to the media, take questions. they all declined. there are now reports that at least one juror has a book deal in the works. live from sanford, florida. q i very much. >> in the meantime, a dozen members says the verdict is another example of institutionalized racism in society. he says the only good news to come out of the trial is that zimmermann will never be in
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peace. he won't be able to get a job. he'll have to go underground, travel incognito, and never live in peace. that's the good news for me. he believes the prosecution blew the case by overcharging zimmerman. stay with abc seven news for continuing coverage on george zimmerman's acquittal. we have updates around the clock .n >> new on noon, a fire broke out. it happened on route 50 and majestic lane. investigators say that fire started at the cooking session of the truck. two people did suffer burns and were taken to a hospital. >> a woman died after a police car hit her. officers say she was walking in traffic while drunk therein it happened near jefferson davis highway and crests a drive. lycée an officer was responding say anll -- police
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officer was responding to a call. she was taken to the hospital where she died. police say she was not in the crosswalk when she was hit. >> new tales -- new details about the plane crash in ocean city. early reports indicate the small plane was intact when it hit the ocean to then broke apart after it crashed. the ntsb says divers are hoping to recover video from a camera on board. that crash killed two off-duty police officers and it will likely be months before a report is released. >> ag anna airlines -- ag on airlines are suing for mistakingly using offensive names for the pilots that crashed on july 6. at the station apologized. ntsb says the intern mistakingly reported the names. >> adam corkage could get out of
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jail. i judge agreed to give him bond, but it is unclear what will happen next. brianne carter explains. >> the gun activist could be out of jail as early as this afternoon but it is unclear if he will actually leave. set aorning a judge $5,000 bond, but he also told him that he could not possess or live in a house with guns until his case was finished. his remit to legally own guns say they will not be surprised if he decides to say behind ours. >> we are not thinking he will want to post a bond because the stipulations and because he will probably try to make a statement. >> last week they raided his home. today in court, prosecutors claimed 10 guns were found inside of a safe along with hallucinogenic mushrooms. the search was in response to this video posted on youtube. >> we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. >> in it, he is seen loading
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what appears to be a shotgun in freedom plaza which is illegal in d.c. the investigation is still ongoing. meanwhile, his roommate say that no matter what he decides, they will continue to push the message. >> it is about our constitution. it is more than gun rights. it is about civil liberty. >> he will be back before a judge on october 2 for a preliminary hearing. rhiannon carter, abc 7 news. >> new at noon, a virginia woman is sentenced to one year of probation after a crash killed a prince william police officer. margaret was indicted on reckless driving charges in february. she pulled her minivan in front of him. she must also pay a $2500 fine and perform community service. it was a tragic accident and she has been grieving since it happened. we will have much more on this story coming up tonight at 5:00.
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>> the washington post reports a health care clinic performed more abortions than any other facility in virginia is now closed. sincerated in fairfax 2006. under a new law, abortion providers must have hospital- grade facilities. they like i needed to upgrade to meet those requirements. leaker isfessed nsa keeping more government secrets. if that does the word from the guardian reporter who has been communicating with him. the reporter says that edward snowden has thousands of documents and an instruction manual on how the agency is built. he reportedly does not want those details released publicly. >> george h w bush is having will -- is heading back to the white house. and mrs. obama are hosting them for the light of hope foundation award winner. it honors volunteerism.
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it is 1000 points of light during his 1989 inaugural address. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, apple launches an investigation about how a woman was electrocuted using her iphone 5. >> hollywood in shock over the star.of the "glee" clues about what might have ha
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> today and not topsy will help determine what killed "glee"
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star. the 31-year-old had a history of substance abuse and checked himself into rehab back in march. it is not known if his death will impact production of glee which is set to resume this month. >> chris brown is that to be in a courtroom in los angeles. they have questions about whether he served all of the hours of community service he was supposed to in richmond which is his hometown. he is already on probation for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. recenthad several incidents involving the law. >> new at noon, 250 suspected child predators are off of the streets. it is part of an operation targeting adults who target children. >> they have ceased -- they have arrested predators. authorities are growing more
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concerned at the speed where online enticement is occurring. >> dear it is too large and scattered throughout the world. >> in the past five weeks, agents have arrested 255 child predators and identified 61 young victims. they served 12 search warrants. ,> the exploitation of minors an undercover operation, a 53- year-old male was arrested when showing up and hoping to have sex with a 13-year-old girl he met online. force isternational seeing a trend. they're not only turning more and more to the internet, but sexually distorting minors to get graphic videos. deceit is the trick of this trade. >> more than 7000 agents is not enough because they are losing. the latest victims were engaging
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online with strangers who sexually exploited them, ranging from 70 oh 17. more than half our girls. four of the victims were under three years old. as part of this sting operation, nine predators were arrested here in the d c area. five of them were in maryland alone. in southwest washington, abc 7 news. >> sprinters are accused of doping. holder, a three- time olympic medalist and american. all three have recently failed drug tests now. he has already pulled out of the world championships. royal baby the watches on this afternoon. >> the duchess of cambridge could give birth at any time.
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over the weekend, the prince was in a charity polo match. the baby's arrival is expected to pump $400 million into the british economy through sales of royal merchandise. comeback.eet i hostess twinkies are finally back on store shelves. >> we are so glad. some had a chance to try them ahead of time. they started selling the product a few days before the official return. in november, they filed for bankruptcy and liquidated the business. a private equity firm bought the company to pave the way for twinkies big return. ,> if people were just waiting they had the date circled on the calendar, they will have to brave the heat to do so. >> they will indeed. i hear it probably will not damage them. >> it will not deter them. >> for everyone going outside,
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get those twinkies. it is so hot out there. 12 16.ees and it is only -- 12:16. this is a time lapse from the high school in virginia. a few high, thin clouds. really, the big story is the heat and the humidity. here are a few of our weather bug network. it feels like temperature. with the humidity, it already feels like 101 degrees. like in thet feels geography department. what it feels like as these numbers continue to update right before your eyes. it is all about the heat and humidity again. east of and down the the country. at temperatures well into the 80s. it is the humidity all across the board as the high pressure
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begins to build in. at. is what we are looking it is nice and sunny now. storm chances will be very limited today. not too much in the way of any precipitation because this big dome of high pressure that is building right overhead and since we will be seeing numerous days of sunshine in this repeated heat and humidity, temperatures will continue to climb. by the end of the workweek, temperatures will near the triple digits. very limited. a slight chance for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm, especially west of d.c., maybe closer to the mountains. just be careful out there. to 97. overnight tonight, 72 to 78. not too much relief from the heat tonight. to 97. hot day, 90 two i think temperatures might get a little bit hotter than that with a straight under storm
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throughout the evening. this week.relief at 98 degrees on thursday and friday. a few spots may flare. this is just the air temperature. with the humidity, it will feel like triple digits. bring is widespread chances for showers and storms. >> you have been pointing pointing out, we have actually had a pretty good. >> this is our first, along stretch. cannot complain too much. >> everyone will feel that one. speaking of the weather and the heat, we will be keeping a close look at the botanic conservatory. >> we are looking at the corpse flower because it is about to bloom. when it does, people say it reeks like rotting flesh. the conservatory extended their hours so visitors can go check out at plan.
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it will collapse after being fully open for only 24 to 48 hours. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a surprisi
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>> apple is investigating a deadly accident involving the iphone 5. chinese authorities say a woman was electrocuted when she answered a call while the phone was charging. apple is not commenting on this case and will not say whether this is an isolated incident.
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>> whether it is talking on the phone or any other distraction, a new survey shows that parents and children do not spend enough time together because of the stresses of daily life. families spend just eight hours a week on average. on the weekend, it includes most of the family time to read that is about two hours, 20 minutes. families only spend about 36 mins together during the week. >> "the view" will have a new look in the fall. barbara walters announced that jenny mccarthy will join the show this september. loyal viewers are likely familiar with her. she has been on the show more than one dozen times. she has guest-hosted on multiple occasions. walters plans to retire next year. singer dave matthews nearly missed a concert in pennsylvania over the weekend. he made it next to some fans who were heading to the same concert. emily and her boyfriend were driving to the concert when they
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saw a man standing next to a broken bicycle. that was dave matthews. >> we saw him on the other side of the road and we pulled my car in here. he picks his bike up and throws it up here. >> he invited her and her boyfriend to dinner to thank them for the ride. they also watched the concert on the front row. >> not
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collects call me maybe? >> maybe not. >> that hurts. carly rae jepson is throwing out the first pitch. you can see is right there. it only traveled a couple of feet. everything looked great but she just kind of forgot to let go of the ball. i do not know. that form. strasburg. >> no. that will not win her a starting rotation soon. she is off target. but who is always on? >> look at you. you get round the points. you can call me. all right. it'll be hot and humid this week. get ready for it as temperatures later this workweek climb toward the triple digits. a little bit of relief possible by the weekend. >> what did you say? >> i will write this down for you. here are my digits. >> we will get through this
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stretch. but it is the summer. >> it is. it has not been that bad so we will take it. let's all go to the pool. >> sounds good. i will do it for us. we will see you tomorrow morning i will do it for us. we will see you tomorrow morning
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"the democratic party of virginia sponsored this ad." when congrgress failedo renew the violence against women act, republican and democratic attorneys general from 47 states spoke out to protect women. but ken cuccinelli refused. the roanoke times wrote, "virginians should remember cuccinelli's cowardly inaction as he seeks to become the next governor." "one either stands for tougher punishments for sexual assaults against women or not."
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ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us. [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi, sweetheart. >> how are you? >> good. welcome. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. all this week, contestants are going to have a bonus lifeline, because we are bringing back the crystal ball. so if you're stuck on a


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