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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 25, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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visual evidence of such a blast and no signs o smoke prompting the emergency call. a couple of forest fires outside of los angeles that forced people from their homes. it erupted near a busy freeway and forced evacuation of 30 homes in a rural area. air crews made several water drops getting the upper hand on the flames. lighter winds and cooler temperatures are helping fire crews battling 250-acre forest fire in the san gabriel mountains. they say it is 70% contained. evacuation orders east of l.a. have been lifted. flying could be more comfortable and convenient. an faa sad viefrry board are meeting to discuss the electronic devices on planes. the advisory panel knows americans are in love with their electronic devices. when they get on a airplane, breaking up is hard to do. >> please turn off and stow all portable electronic devices. >> reporter: anyone who flies knows the drill, power off the phone, computer, tablet, during
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critical takeoffs and landings until the plane reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet. the panel is finalizing guidelines for the faa to help to loosen those rules. its job is to figure out how to do that without compromising safety. >> these devices have potential to interfere with airplane systems and radios during flight. >> reporter: there's little hard evidence of any major problems in the air but manufacturers are adding shielding. at boeing they are testing electronic devices in a quiet room to check for possible interference. nearly a third of passengers forget to turn off their devices according to one poll and many are not convinced their electronics are a hazard. >> i fly corporate aircraft a lot and there's no atlantic call problems. >> reporter: the faa is poised to make some changes saying it quote recognizes that consumers are intensely interested in the use of personal electronics aboard aircrafts.
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one thing that won't change, you will still be able use your cell phone to send e-mails and phone calls. good news for passengers that don't want to spend hours listening to people's conversations. >> they nailed it in that report. i have forgotten to turn off the phone and been horrified to land and say this is on the whole time but clearly did not effect anyone. >> i think it is interesting, this has been in place a long time. going back to the day of the walkman and game boy where they were worried low-frequency devices would worry about the plane being able to land and take off. interesting that the faa has taken this long to conduct this study. >> yeah, right. >> what's the deal there? >> everything every consumer suspected this. >> it is bogus. >> good they are studying it. >> hopefully a change in the road. if you ever posted something on-line and regretted it you
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will appreciate a new law in california. it gives young people a do-over. it allows anyone under 18 to remove on-line content they tested. it protects teens haunt by impulsive decisions and does not cover images and information posted about a teen by other people. here's a look at the wempl thunderstorms from the ohio valley to the southeast. the orlando area can expect another day of downpours. windy from the desert southwest to the rockies. las vegas can expect just storms and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. >> the temperatures will be seasonal and pleasant much of the east and the upper midwest. 90s in new orleans, dallas and phoenix. we want to know the former racehorse that makes plenty of money. when they help other racehorse that's create something that is kind of -- i'm butchering this. it is about horse that's retired and making money. take it over for me. >> that's right. a former racehorse in maryland is making money by selling his
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paintings. he's metro mead meteor. he was forced off the track because of a knee injury to his owner taught him to paint. >> thank you. he sells his art work on-line and in a gallery in gettysburg. he's a lot of work to do. 80 people want his work and are on a waiting list. >> i want to know what they are using the money for that he is making. >> for hay. >> hopefully they are treating him well. >> i hope he gets good food. i like animal art. i find it appealing. >> really? >> yeah, i document so random and cool. >> an elephant or 2-year-old, i guess is the same thing. >> there you go. >> by the way, horse walks in to a bar. >> yeah. >> bartender says what's with the long face? >> nice. anything to get me away from that read. >> try to get your mind off of it. >> oh, my goodness. coming up a retail giant selling a controversial
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halloween costume for young girls labelled as naughty. clint eastwood's son is getting attention worldwide. we are talking about his good looks and so are we. >> runs in the family. and the bat until the computer tablet market. competition heating up today with new products and new prices. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite every day. save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes.
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>> if you are thinking of buying someone a tab lieutenant for the holidays amazon is unveiling a new generation of kindles. >> not surprisingly they are faster and have more features. we had a chance to sit down with the amazon ceo. >> reporter: prepare for tablet overload. this week, microsoft released the new surface tanlet. apple is said to be working on new ipads, but today amazon is releasing three new tablets so compete. >> kindle fire hdx and kindle fire hd, the entry level has the same processing power and same high end for last year. >> reporter: amazon has a new hd tablet for less than $150 and managed to squeeze in a high-resolution screen and faster processor. it also has two completely new hdx tablets. one of the big new features isn't related to the hardware,
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even though the hardware is actually nice. it is a software called mayday and if i click on this button someone will come on the screen and tell me how to use it if i am confused about it. >> it is 365 days a year and free service and one tap and a person on the screen will help you. >> jeff bezos is not only the ceo of amazon and the new owner of "washington post." he said it is all about putting the customer first. >> willingness to invent, be patient. work together and allow companies to do things that otherwise they could never do. >> reporter: more importantly when it comes to "the post" he sees an opportunity bring the paper to the 21st century. >> i tell people when the world changes around you and it changes against you, what used to be a tail wind is all of a sudden an head wind you have to lean in to that and figure out what to do. complaining is not a strategy. >> reporter: joanna stern, abc news, seattle.
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>> you have a kindle fire. >> i got one as a gift. i was a little skeptical. hey, thanks. i like it. >> at first when they came out when you had to have a light on it is like reading a book. >> it surfs the web. it is amazing. you are hard wired amazon. you can review it. i love the thing. >> it is woerndful for readers and like having a mini ipad if you think about it. it is essentially a tablet. >> when i got it i thought it was a reading device that was a little super charged but great for reading, way better than i thought it would be and like a little mini ipad. >> and so many options for it. >> it is great and cheap. >> not aball bad deal. >> thumbs up. >> if he gives it a thumbs up you should go i and buy it today. >> give me a kick back, amazon. >> yeah, why not. >> a halloween costume for little girls is sparking
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controversy for parents. why is this black dress getting
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♪ i got my little black dress on ♪ >> little black dress getting a lot of attention. it is a halloween costume for girls called the naughty leopard. >> the outfit is pretty tame but the parents say the title of the costume is inappropriate. more from our station in portland, oregon. ♪ abcd sfoets >> as early as children learn
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the abcs they learn to love halloween. there's candy and all of those characters to choose from. >> that's me when i was dressing up like a princess. >> reporter: at 3 years old, claire didn't think twice about the name of this costume we showed her. >> i want the wear that for halloween. >> even though it is called a naughty leopard. >> yeah. i want to wear it. >> okay. >> reporter: when she tried it on -- she loved it. >> i like the sparkles. >> the sparkles are your favorite part? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: mom not so much. >> it is the cabaretish sparkles with the black. it is excessive. >> uncomfortable seeing her in it. >> i would not buy it for her. >> reporter: i bought the costume in a portland wal-mart in the island across from flirty adult tops. >> some say it is naughty and means you are misbehaving. >> that's not the impression the
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name gives for a costume. >> the outfit itself is cute but naughty leopard doesn't sound like something a kid should be wearing. >> reporter: the costume is available on but you won't find the word naughty. instead it is matched with the title leopard halloween child costume and checked out target and found flower child and purple pop star and fred meyer, a pouty picture of devilish punk. these girls won't be wearing anytime soon. >> all right. >> don't have a problem with it? >> i really don't. if you are a mom and don't like it, go to the next aisle, the next store and don't buy it. >> i have seen the catalogs and little girls are attracted to. that they want to look sexy. they don't know the word but some are a lot more risque than that. >> i think it is the sparkles. what do i know? i don't have a daughter. you do, so you get it. >> it doesn't have been look
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♪ >> how about some morning eye candy. >> how about it. >> the son of client eastwood is gaining attention after photos in town and country. >> the photos are very sexy. >> scott eastwood is an instant hollywood heart throb with sizzling images in "town and country" magazine. >> it was a great day on a boat. i couldn't ask for more. i grooe grew up in the water fishing and surfing and diving is my forte. i was happy. >> reporter: eastwood is a young actor and son of hollywood screen legend and director clint
2:55 am
eastwood. >> definitely have his eyes. do you hear that quite a lot? >> oh, that i'm better looking? >> you tell me. >> i'm kidding. >> reporter: he's slowly making a name for himself. >> you have that look in your eye again. >> reporter: playing small parts in movies with his father. >> look just outside. >> when was the last time you saw him. >> reporter: like trouble with a curve and grantor reno? >> reporter: what is it like working with him? >> it is a treat, unbelievable. i think every father is harder on their son. he wants to make sure you earn it. i've auditioned for every one of his films. >> reporter: we have a couple of questions, called a lightning round. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: favorite cocktail. >> wis whiskey soda. >> reporter: favorite movie. >> unforgiven. >> reporter: why? >> it's my dad's. >> reporter: blond or brunette? oh, jeez. both. >> reporter: diplomatic.
2:56 am
very good. and for all of you ladies out there wondering -- >> i'm single. >> reporter: you are? >> i am single. >> reporter: watch out, ladies, single scott will be coming to a movie theater near you acting along brad pitt in world war ii movie "furry. abc news, london. >> nice guy. >> whew! >> you liky. >> very nice. >> the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> that's the word i was thinking when i was watching. >> that's what you were thinking. imagine getting scolded by clint eastwood. to your room now. it would be great. >> i think it is great he has to audition for his parts. his dad has not given hail free ticket. >> i didn't realize that was his son. i saw gran torino and i remember that seen. he was good. bright futur
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. this morning on "world news now," escaping terrorism. new pictures show the gun fight and the shoppers fleeing the madness. and why are there security concerns in the u.s.? what happened this nairobi could happen in any nal the united states. >> questions about the terror group that carried out the attack. difficult decision, jurors in this michael jackson wrongful death suit and the challenge that's face today under review. the concert promoter and dr. conrad murray. >> very large sum of money. >> there could be a billion dollars on the line. then losing her religion. "dancing with the stars" contestant leah remini and her candid remarks about leaving scientology. the church is now firing back. it is wednesday, september 25th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good wednesday morning. we begin in kenya where the president has called for three days of mourning now the siege at the mall is over. 72 people were killed, including 61 civilians. >> more bodies are expected to be pulled from the rubble after three floors of the mall have collapsed. with details on the terror attack here's brian ross. >> reporter: unrelenting, kenyan troops were finally able to give the thumbs up. the westgate shopping mall in nairobi had been secured from the terrorists. >> i report with great sadness that 61 civilians lost their lives in the attack. six security officers also made the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the criminals. >> reporter: survivors tell
3:01 am
stories of heroism. a video showed this man crawling to rescue a mother and her two children and then running in a crouch to safety. the terrorists, seen in this photo, challenged hostages to recite the koran saying they only want to kill nonmuslims. five terrorists were killed during the siege with the president saying more attackers and sill civilians are buried under the rubble caused by explosions. while the terrorists were ultimately defeated, the protracted worldwide attention on the attack may have been all they were after in the first place. >> this is a major success for them. this was a mission to kill and maim at a very high level and to receive the kind of attention that it has done. >> reporter: the group, claiming responsibility, came across the boarder in to kenya from neighboring somalia. it is called al shabaab. arabic for the youth or the boys. throughout the siege, al shabaab members sent audio and written messages to reporters via
3:02 am
twitter them al shabaab video production unit regularly turns out well-produced propaganda and recruiting videos, many aimed at americans, featuring american recruits like this young man who supposedly came from minneapolis and was killed in fighting after recording this tape. from the group's perspective these individuals are quite useful because they project their ideology on the one hand, bring funding an recruits. >> reporter: the fbi says it knows of no credible threats against american shopping malls. even as counterterror experts raise concerns that al shabaab's american recruits could bring home what they have learned over there. >> fwhapd nairobi could happen in any mall in the united states. >> reporter: brian ross, abc news, new york. >> it was an emotional homecoming from one north carolina woman who survived this attack with sobs so heavy she could hardly speak. she collapsed in to the arms of loved ones she didn't know if she would ever see again.
3:03 am
they greetd her at washington, d.c. airport. even though she is safe she struggled to describe the awful moment at that mall. >> i was eating on the terrace and heard an explosion, sort of crawling out and we were in the back of the store. >> she hid for four hours before rescued by security forces. she says she is glad to be home. now to the moderate tone being seth set from the new leader of ray iran. hassan rouhani is calling for friendship with the midwest and promising never to build a nuclear weapon. president obama and president rowman hanny are in new york for the u.n. general assembly but will not meet face to face. he spoke last night to cnn. >> i would like to say to american people, i bring
3:04 am
peace and friendship from iranians to americans. >> reporter: rouhani tells cnn he accepts the holocaust and calls it a great crime against jews by the nazis. during his interview he condemned all again side. a major change from iran's previous president who refused to acknowledge that the holocaust happened. >> i suspected a change in iran a charm offensive as some call it but even they are staggered by the debrgree of the change o tone. tone and actions two different thing some there is skepticism of course but wow. >> so the handshake that was supposed to happen but didn't happen between rouhani and proum doesn't mean it can't still happen. they are leaving the door wide open. john kerry will meet with his, the foreign minister over in iran soon. it's really just a matter of wait and see what this turns in to.
3:05 am
the fact the tone is different is a good step away from. >> can't hurt. >> away from what the previous leader was bringing. >> a beginning for sure. president obama is bringing out the new guns to convince skeptics that the new system will be cheaper and healthier two presidents introduced bay possible future one. >> the more i thought about it, the more i realized how much nave common. >> bill clinton to the rescue. with one week to go before people line up for obama care, the president turns to the man he calls his secretary of explaining stuff. >> when you have universal enrollment, you can manage costs better and cut inflation down. i want you to know one thing, inflation and health care costs dropped 4% three years in a row for the first time in 50 years. >> reporter: for bill and hillary a familiar fight. 20 years ago their push failed. now in order to fund the changes obama won, most of the uninsured
3:06 am
must sign on or face a penalty. >> the moets important thing obviously is to get people enrolled in this. >> push comes as republicans are fighting to defund the law. senator ted cruz staged a protest speech on the floor of the senate. >> i intend to speak in opposition to obama care. >> reporter: it is a losing battle and elements are in effect. children can remain on parents insurance until 26. some seniors paying less than prescriptions and those with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed coverage. >> first we have to get everybody to sign up. >> reporter: still many americans are not sold and it is unclear what a last-minute push even from bill clinton will do to change that. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. so if you are uninsured right now what will obama care cost you? there are new government figures just released this morning. consumers will choose from 53 plans from at least two different insurance providers. typical premiums will average about $328 for a single person
3:07 am
but most uninsured americans should be able to find basic coverage under $100 a month. the government is cranking up pressure on david petraeus and kelly. kelly's complaint to the fbi about harassing e-mails led to petraeus' red ig nation. she and her husband filed a lawsuit claiming invasion of privacy. they said the kellys failed to present facts. the jury in the michael jackson wrongful death trial moved closer to deliberations. a billion dollars potentially at stake. the family attorney presented closing arguments. we have the latest from l.a. >> katherine jackson versus aeg live. >> reporter: in a last-ditch effort the attorneys for the family tried to convince jurors that aeg live is responsible for hiring murray and therefore
3:08 am
responsibility for jackson's death. >> the defendants chose to do more than pay dr. murray $150,000 a month. they asked him to help with the insurance. >> reporter: after hearing from more than 50 witnesses through 84 days in court the interview with aeg's ceo was also played. >> very large sum of money. >> conrad robert murray guilty. >> reporter: in 2011, a separate jury found murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter for giving jackson a deadly cloes dose of propofol leading up to his multimillion-dollar comeback tour seen in this rehearsal video. >> he was never hired by aeg but michael jackson three years prior. >> the complainants claim ae gerks pressured dr. murray to get jackson ready to perform. the damages could run in to the billions. meant to reflect what he could have earned alive but any award
3:09 am
will likely be appeal. next attorneys for aeg live will present their closing argument with the jury likely getting the case on thursday. >> thank you. starting in january, paparazzi in california will face stiff penalties for taking pictures of celebrity's children. it is part of a new law backed by halle berry and jennifer garner. it was just signed by governor brown. taking the photos without parental consent could face a fine up to $10,000 and a year in jail. what could be the completion of one of the greatest kbks in sports history could happen today. weather permitting in the america's cup. >> the race between the team in new zealand and an american-backed team is winner take all. >> the amazing part. the u.s. team has been one loss away from surrendering the cup for a week. they have won seven straight races and another on the san francisco bay today. they will have staged a successful cup defense. however unlikely that seems. did you get it all.
3:10 am
>> i got it. it goes back 162 years an the oldest trophy in international sports. >> wow. no kidding. i must confess i don't know a lot about it. >> that's what i'm saying for a sport i don't know a lot about i'm stunned by how long it has been around. >> apparently it is all about penalties, too. not to get too technical but if the u.s. team has not been penalized in two races we would have bonn by now. we are battling penalties. >> the american-backed team is backed by big corporations. >> it is a rity, regal. >> but only one american guy on the american-backed team. >> really? >> yeah. >> wow. >> it is still an american-backed team. we can still claim it, right? >> you bet. as long as they win. >> the car theft victim who found his wheels thanks to google. changing for the better. who's urging ladies of the night
3:11 am
to find successful path outside of the red light district. you are watching "world news now." ♪ talking about bad bad girls ♪ >> "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removal.
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♪ . now to a minister on a mission. she made it her goal to get prostitutes off the streets in to a better life. >> this episcopal priest does more than preach. >> this is the red light district. >> reporter: they are out every night, riding through the rough side of nashville. >> come with us and spend the night at my house. >> reporter: trying their hardest to talk women in the sex trade off the streets. >> when you get ready let me know. >> reporter: they are former prostitutes themselves. >> i was really tired. i was done. >> reporter: booked and jailed hundreds of times before becca staefens showed them the way out. this ordained nashville minister promises women that leave the street two with years in her residential program and meaningful work with the company she started. they make soaps, oils and lip balms, almost $1 million in sales this year in stores an the country. >> today i go to court to get custody of my son.
3:16 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: stevens figured out you can't break the cycle without a place to live and work. she offers these women security and sanctuary. >> sleep is so unsafe for women who have slept under bridges and who have slept, you know, in abandoned houses and trailer parks and all of these places where people keep them. >> reporter: she says like so many she helps she too survived sexual abuse at a young age. >> why didn't know is that period would link me to the women on the streets forever. >> reporter: within two years, 75% of the women becca stevens and her team have helped are still living in the light. abc news, nashville. >> fantastic. >> we need more people like becca stevens out there. >> took the words out of my mouth. still to come, former scientologist battles with the church. >> what leah remini has to say
3:17 am
about steining to and her role on "dancing with the stars." and burger king serving a low-fat french fry. but will it leave your wallet a little lighter? you are watching world news now.
3:18 am
war of words shaping up between the church of scientology and a former member. >> leah remini made a statement on "dancing with the stars" and the church fired back. >> there she was in her sweat pants. leah remini in this behind the scenes footage that aired monday night on "dancing with the stars." >> okay. i was going through a personal big change for me and my family. >> reporter: firing a shot across the bow of the controversial church of
3:19 am
scientology. >> church is looking for me to fail so they can say to their pair rigsers, so they can say, see what happens when you leave the church what happens. they are waiting if more me to fail. >> her role in the king of queens. >> i chose you. >> that's got to sting. >> the church found by l. ron hubbard and nonfer celebrity members like tom cruise i it. >> is a privilege to call yourself a scientologist. >> reporter: over the summer leah remini became perhaps the most prominent celebrity defector from the church. her departure came after years of growing questions and concerns some of which spilled out on primetime tv. >> i was scared to be myself. we are used to everything that happens to us is our fault. a lot of negativity on yourself. >> reporter: as for the church, for the most part they have publicly handled remini's
3:20 am
departure quite gingerly. but in response to her most recent comment they issued a statement saying we know this may come as a surprise to someone as self absorbed as miss remini but we could care less if she wins or loses on "dancing with the stars." dan harris, abc news, new york. >> she's not done. she says she wants to write a tell-all memoir. >> could be a doozy. >> she wants to talk about things that are taboo. she will get in to the it inty it from grit fi of what she says is happening behind doors in the sign tomg churches. >> probably an interesting book. >> she looks terrific on "dancing with the stars." moves well and looks terrific. >> she talks about how the church depleted her of self defense but she projects it so well. >> the victim who found his wheels thanks to google. and a risque way to turn
3:21 am
your own phone on next in "the mix."
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3:24 am
you know how google earth works you are able to travel the globe with a couple of clicks on the computer. every once in a while a story that has a leng to google earth comes up that has nothing to do with traveling around. a guy was on google effort checking out a place he used to hunt in. he goes to check it out and finds an suv there. turns out full circle he calls in the sheriffs dp and they pull the car out of the brush. the car was a stolen suv reported in march. they pull it out of the brush. they find it. check it out. >> yeah, awesome. >> this happened in mississippi and rightful owner, rightful car. they haven't been able to identify who put it there. google earth didn't help with everything but happy ending to this story. so there you go. checking out google earth.
3:25 am
he was able to find an illegal shoot out house, whatever that might be in mississippi but the suv. >> pretty awesome. >> pretty cool. interesting technology story. the iphone 5s came out that has the fingerprint sensor to unlock it. it has worked with people's toes, and the latest one is with nipples. men and women have used their nipples successfully to unlock the new iphone 5s. i didn't realize we had video of that. >> i don't know if that fingerprint technology is that reliable. >> amazing, right? >> there you go. you could if you want to use your nipples and as we said in the meeting, why stop there? >> also if you think about it, our ap producer amanda said that is the most convenient way walking down the street.
3:26 am
>> clearly. iphone should have done that in the beginning. >> texting while driving is a problem all over the country. here in new york state it is completely illegal. not allowed. not the case everywhere. in order to curb this problem there are still about 49% of drivers who still text while they drive. the governor of new york decided to start text stops. it will cost nothing to build them because a lot of times it is rest areas that are already there. some of it is about signage. some will say don't text and drive, park instead. he is not elton john but he is 8 years old and put out a cd with his mom. the youngest british boy. listen to him. the youngest british boy. listen to him. he
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♪ music body language catell you all sorts of things. like someone is having a stroke. know the sudden signs. learn f.a.s.t. face drooping arm weakness speech difficulty time to call 911 and get them to a hospital immediately. learn the body language and spot a stroke f.a.a.s.t.
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this morning on "world news now," running for cover, dramatic pictures showing mall shoppers doing what they can to avoid gunshots and new questions today about the shooting. senator from texas who can't stop talking about his anger over obama's health insurance law. healthier choice the fast food giant that started to serve lower fat french fries. what's difference about them except the price? showing off after controversy and publicity. miley cyrus makes a daring move and we are seeing more of her. we didn't think that was possible. we will explain in "the skinny" on this wednesday, september 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. we begin this half hour with the latest details in the terror attack in kenya. security forces are searching through the rubble right now in the collapsed mall for bodies
3:30 am
that may be trapped. >> the president has called for three days of mourning for those who died including 61 civilians. we have a report from nairobi. >> reporter: this was the end game, the explosive conclusion to the four-day siege as troops swept through the mall looking for remaining terrorists, one soldier tossed a grenade and then took cover, waiting for the blast. the president of kenya told the country the terrorists were defeated. >> intelligence reports have suggested that a british woman and two or three american citizens may have been involved in the attack. we cannot confirm the details at present. >> reporter: we saw the first images believed to hoe the attackers, a tweet allegedly posted by al shabaab categorically denies the shoe t attackers, a tweet allegedly posted by al shabaab categorically denies the the attackers, a tweet allegedly posted by al shabaab
3:31 am
categorically denies thw the attackers, a tweet allegedly posted by al shabaab categorically denies the involvement of any woman. this an eyewitness told a different story. >> she looked like a woman. >> reporter: there are reports that some of the attackers may have slipped out in the confusion on saturday as 1,000 people were evacuated from the 300,000 square foot mall. there are unforgettable stories and images of survival. this picture of a woman an two children taking cover, then their rescue caught on tape. a man also lying on the floor crawls slowly to reach them. he picks up the little girl and then takes the young boy in his arms, crouching low as they run between kiosks toward safety. across the atrium in the supermarket, as shots rang out, 19-year-old woman hid for an hour hours under a pile of suitcases. her brother texted her the attackers were killing non muslims and sent her an islamic prayer to memorize.
3:32 am
there are 50 people missing, including civilians and terrorists under the rubble. kenya's president said he dispatched a forensic team to study the attack and determine which countries the takers came from. u.n. insctors return to the damascus neighborhood the scene of month's chemical weapons attack and in the united nations, the u.s. and russia are at odds over a plan to rid syria of the weapons. secretary of state john kerry hosted what he called productive meeting with his russian counterpart. new president of iran sounding a much more moderate tone. hassan rouhani says his country poses no threat to the world. >> he says that he brings peace and friendship from iran to the american people. president obama also spoke at the u.n. yesterday. abc's marci gonzalez was there. good morning, marci. >> good morning. >> president obama is back in washington after a packed day of
3:33 am
foreign diplomacy and a missed opportunity here. president obama addressing the united nations general assembly, urging world leaders to take risks to secure peace in the middle east and cautiously opening up to the possibility of mending relations with iran. >> the road blocks may prove to be too great, but i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. >> reporter: despite early hints that iran's newly elected president rouhani could meet with balm, iran backed out saying such a meet willing make things too complicated back in iran. it would have been the first face to face between u.s. and iranian leaders since the '79 iranian hostage. a choons to work toward a nuclear agreement. they say iran wants to continue nuclear enrichment for peaceful purposes.agreement. they say iran wants to continue nuclear enrichment for peaceful purposenuclear agreement. they say iran wants to continue nuclear enrichment for peaceful purposes. >> nuclear weapon and other
3:34 am
weapons of mass destruction have no place in iran's security and defense doctrine. >> reporter: iranian talks now in the hands of secretary of state john kerry who will meet with iran's foreign minister on thursday. president obama remained focused on other pressuring issues including helping to broker peace between israel and palestine meeting one on one with abbas. >> none of us are under the illusion this will be easy. >> reporter: president obama's speech focused on on syria, calling on the u.n. security council to enforce consequences if assad's regime doesn't hand over all of its chemical weapons. john an diana -- john and diana? the senate has the first test vote as it takes up the continuing resolution to fund the government delaying tactics could push a vote in to the weekend, days before the fiscal a year begins on october 1st. days before the roll out of the health care law, senator ted cruz set out to speak in opposition to the plan until he can no longer stand. the tea party conservative
3:35 am
started his talk-a-thon yesterday afternoon. he is filling the time talking about the washington ruling class, the revolutionary war, citing children's books "green eggs and ham." and even discussing his favorite hamburgers. >> "green eggs and ham." >> i like their little burgers. i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. >> republicans don't have enough votes to stop so-called obama care. yesterday in new york, president obama got support from hillary and bill clinton. putting a positive spin on the new law. all right. putting on a performance of his own in new york. rock star bono proved he can do more than just sing. it is pretty awesome as part of the panel at the initiative the you tube front man offered up an impersonation of bill clinton. let's listen. >> when i first met bono -- he walked in to the oval office and i actually thought it was a member of his own road crew. it wasn't really dressed right.
3:36 am
actually i felt like the rock star on that occasion. >> i must be really easy to make fun of. >> pretty awesome. >> president clinton was clearly impressed and amused. they say it is the sincerest form of flattery. >> pretty good. moving to this now, incoming u.s. army recruits are facing new tattoo restrictions. under the regulations soldiers will not be allowed to have tattoos that show below the else bose and knees or above the neckline. soldiers who currently have tattoos in banned areas will be allowed to keep them in a grandfathered clause. this is what i think is pretty interesting. my father was in the military in the '60s and that's where you went to get your tattoos. >> that was old school tattoo. you were in the navy and got a tattoo. >> that's where it happened. now they are not letting you in if you have too many tattoos. >> i guess the problem is they creep up on the neck and maybe extreme tattoos the military is
3:37 am
drawing the line. >> i am having hard time understanding why. that's all i'm saying. >> i can see both sides. >> i can too. i'm having a hard time understanding what the purpose is. >> when you have a gun in your hand and sent to a battlefield tattoos don't matter so much. >> that's right. doesn't really matter. here's a look at the weather. showers and thunderstorms from the ohio valley to georgia and the carolinas. another day of downpours in central florida. showers in the pacific northwest and down through northern nevada. >> highs in the northeast will range from the 50s to the 70s. further south and west to the 80s and 90s. temperatures only in the 30s and 40s in the higher elevations of the southwest, northern rockies and sierra, nevada range. there's never too much of a good thing here on "world news now." when that good thing is simply being cute, that's why it makes it our "favorite story of the." it comes to us from china. >> they had quite a get together the other day at one of china's biggest breeding centers. get a load of that.
3:38 am
they were showing off the 14 cubs that were born there between july and september. >> by the way, those are well-behaved. they are well behaved. they all stood in a little row. how adorable are they? they will join the existing family of 128 giant pandas. they are still on the critically endangered list. >> look at that shot. >> they are adorable. >> i'd love to hold one of those critters. only when they are that size. >> even when they are big. >> but they can be killers. >> i don't think so. have they ever done that we will have to google that. we will have to wikipedia that. >> that big even if they don't want to kill you. >> they can roll over and sit on top of you. they could do that. coming up the "dancing with the stars" contestant sent to the hospital with an injury. and the great get together. and muppets on stage at a famous national showcase. you are watching world news.
3:39 am
♪ on the muppet show tonight ♪ it's time to put on makeup ♪ it's time to dress up right ♪ it's time to raise the curtain on "the muppet show" tonight ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. on the muppet show tonight. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. ♪ it's the best of both worlds, fast food that is actually not too bad for you. >> burger king unveiling a french fry that is lower in fat.
3:43 am
abc's rebecca jarvis checks it out. >> fried to tasty perfection. >> it is fast food wars the new battleground, french fries. >> new satisfries. from burger king >> burger king hopes it takes a serious bite out of the competition. >> how important are french fries in the fast food wars? >> hugely. 50% of all orders according to burger king contain french fries. >> reporter: that is 56 million orders of fries every month but there are millions of health conscious consumers currently opting out. >> this way maybe this way they have an option that maybe more palatable to the moms to bring their kids to burger king instead of mcdonald's. >> reporter: what's the difference between the old fries and new, aside from their shape, the old fries have 340 calories in a small. the satisfries have 70. what about the taste? we asked a few of the littlest customers.
3:44 am
which did you like best? >> the second. >> which did you like? >> the first. >> reporter: not quite an apple in a happy meal but a healthier alternative to the old version, which are still available. the new fries cost 20 to 30 cents more at most locations. >> did you know these were called satisfries. what you think of the name? >> it is a bad name. >> reporter: what would you name them? >> yummy fries. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> burger king is striking out. they gave it a bad name and more expensive than the ones that aren't good for you. and more expensive than the ones that aren't good for youa an according and more expensive than the ones that aren't good for you and more expensive than the ones that aren't good for yout and more expensive than the ones that aren't good for youo and more expensive than the ones that aren't good for youh and more expensive than the ones that aren' >> that defeats the purpose. >> apparently it is coated with a batter that absorbs less oil. >> it will be interesting to find out what is in that batter. >> my feeling is when i go to one of these places -- i don't go every day but when i go once in a while give me the real mccoy. >> you don't want to be satisfied with satisfries. we have a facebook question, we want to know would you pay extra for healthier fast food.
3:45 am
log on to our facebook page, >> i don't think i would be satisfied. >> i love the mcdonald french fry and the burger king burger. >> you can but a lot of driving. >> two trips. all right. coming up, just when you think you have seen enough of miley cyrus, think again. >> if you liked the movie "dumb and dumber" we have exciting news next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> what would "the skinny" be without miley cyrus. >> nothing. >> this is new stuff. we are not even rehashing here. october cover of "rolling stone" and she's on it. and man oh man. nice tongue action there. she is completely topless. the idea is she just got out of the pool and she was skinny dipping. she actually, besides that racy picture, goes on to give quotes about things and says now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time and i will probably never do that "s" word again. she says she wasn't trying to be sexy when dancing with robin thicke. she said if i was trying to be sexy i could have been sexy. i dance a lot better than that.
3:48 am
interesting picture also from the rolling stone shoot. apparently while doing the interview she got that tattoo on the bottom of her feet, rolling stone. call that a random spur of the moment decision. your daily fix of miley. topless and tattooed. >> i have no opinion of her. >> yes, you do. you are not going to share it. i know what you are getting at. >> i don't have a shareable opinion. the words that i want to use in describing my opinion for miley cyrus i can not use on television. >> got you. loud and clear. >> moving on the this now. some sad news out of "dancing with the stars." bill nye the science guy got injured during one of his practices. there's a picture of him at the hospital. not a lot of information from "dancing with the stars," the producers, but he tweeted out, working with a partially torn ligament. plan to be dancing next week, though. standby and in parenthesis,
3:49 am
really cute or elevate your leg by. get it? elevate your leg. >> i if i was on the show i would be claiming injury and getting ouft there. >> initially, he was on the chopping block but last week he danced the paso doble and got 17 out of 30. so he may be on the rise, but hopefully his injury will not side track him too much. all right. let's talk about a classic comedy "dumb and dumber" 1994. the sequel is coming. dumb and dumber 2." tweeting out a picture. a shot of him and jim carrey saying get ready for the installment. it will be due out in 2014 and directed by the farrelly brothers. hope they are still funny. it's been a long time. i loved the first one. >> so you are telling me there's a chance. >> telling you there is a chance. >> strong opinions about that movie on both sides. people really, really love it. >> gross but i loved it.
3:50 am
cracked me up. >> and people were like -- >> is that the scene where he is in the bathroom where he goes, do not go in there. that is classic. >> now we know who the richest or the highest paid hip hop artists are according to forbes. are you ready?"forbes." are you ready? drum roll please. diddy number one which is surprising to me. >> how much? >> jay-z number two. doesn't say much everybody is making. just says how much they are worth. the top runners, diddy 50 million over the past 12 months. jay-z 43 million. i don't know that makes a lot of sense. i would think that jay-z would be first but if you combine jay-z with beyonce then you have a powerful. >> the contract that diddy has with the vodka company is the lion's share of the money. >> makes sense. >> dr. dre is number three 40 million and nicki minaj rounded out the top four and the highest paid female hip hop artist which is interesting. so there you have it. and the highest paid female hip hop artist which interesting. so there you have it.
3:51 am
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lights ♪ ♪ it's time to meet the muppets on "the muppet show" tonight ♪ >> the muppets once together, once again. and this time it is permanent. >> they have a new home in the smithsonian museum them story from shoshana walsh. ♪ sunny days keeping the clouds
3:55 am
away ♪ >> from sesame treat to our nation's capital the muppets st nation's capital the muppets ea nation's capital the muppets have arrived in style, ernie, elmo and miss piggy are out of boxes and will be on display at the national musuem american of history. jim henson's daughter cheryl was on hand to send them off. >> i hope the next generation will see the art, humor and wackiness that was my father's work. >> puppeteers were at the smithsonian including the voice of the muppet prairie dawn. >> i'm a sweet little girl. >> one of the most famous television couples will finally be reunited. >> i know she is happy. i'm not sure how kermit feels. that is something we will have to ask him. >> reporter: bonny erickson designed and built miss piggy. she started to work with jim henson in 1970. >> it is as much fun to be there as anyone has watching the show. >> reporter: henson's team all
3:56 am
said the muppets have become like family members. >> they seem like people, not characters on the show to us. >> the puppets will be on display for fans young and old starting in december. miss piggy, always a star will be part of the permanent exhibit. shoshana walsh, abc news, washington. >> they even look funny sitting there. >> i know. it is like they are about to come to life. >> top three favorite muppets? >> elmo, big bird, kermit the frog. >> they didn't have elmo when i was a kid. mine was grover and i liked oscar the grouch and ernie. >> ernie was like -- >> he was always busting bert's chops. >> giving him a hard time. the two are adorable. oscar the grouch. good choice. >> announcer: this is abc "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- funding fight. one week until the nation's health care system changes. one senator is taking all night in an interesting protest. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. >> we're live in washington with the latest on the budget battle. and breaking news. flames shoot from a warehouse following a huge explosion. we're learning what's inside that building as the fire rages on. show-stopper. turns out rock star, bono, has another talent. cracking up the crowd. and one wrong turn during a race sends the car and its driver flying.


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