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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 25, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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elf, electromagnetic waves. >> they found a letter saying that is what brought him to this after three months of struggle. he scratched a number of phrases including "my elf weapon" and "end to tehe torment." for one hour and it ended when they shot and killed 34-year-old alexis, and and then seemed part of the plan. >> there are indicators that he was prepared to die during the attack. only 10nvestigation is days old. 197 remains a crime scene and the fbi says they will be trying to figure this out for a long time. at the navy yard, brad bell, abc
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7 news. >> they're going to work on this to find ways to improve security. >> we need to know how an employee was able to bring a weapon and ammunition onto a dod installation. depthe dod promised an in- review on how red flags were missed when it came to his mental health, more rain. >> the 12 people killed last week in the rampage will be remembered at a prayer service inthe district that begins northwest washington at 7:00. >> a convicted serial killer will spend the rest of his life behind bars after accepting a plea deal. jason scott accepted unaltered plea in upper marlboro. he will not admit to killing them but acknowledged the prosecutors have the evidence to convict him. in exchange, they will not charge him in the death of three other women. >> five days to go until the
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possible shutdown of the federal government. the senate has taken its first up to what a continuing resolution. only after a 21-hour and 19 minute speech by texas republican ted cruz. asked my friends on the democratic aisle -- >> pursuant to the order of -- >> it focused on suspending funding for obamacare and it hums days from a milestone from his health-care overhaul. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom tonight with the story. happyservatives may be with ted cruz, but some republicans and many democrats are not. over the last database he andded embers of congress he called members of his own party the surrender caucus. spectacle of the killing obamacare akin to those killing the nazis. texas republican ted cruz did
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keep his vow to the tea party to keep fighting. >> 2:30 p.m. yesterday, i said i intend to stand against obamacare as long as i can. >> he ended it when senate rules cut him off at noon today. of better words, a big waste of time. 's moment and they have released estimates for the new health-care exchanges labeling plans a bronze, silver, and gold. if they go for a silver plan, the lowest cost plan in washington, d.c., will average 200 $93 per month in premiums. in virginia, 280 six dollars, and a maryland $238 -- $293 in virginia, $286 in maryland.
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will they sign up? about itt know a lot yet. there are a lot of negatives. >> no one thinks they're going to get hurt but it's more important to get coverage. >> what happens next? the senate is not expected to finish debate until this weekend giving house members very little time to find a compromise before the government shuts down at midnight on monday. in the newsroom, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. thanks, rebecca. should the government shutdown, d.c. mayor vincent gray is rallying to keep the city open. because the district budget is tied to the federal budget, nonessential d.c. services would be required to shut down. mayor gray says he will simply declare all employees essential and that could face legal or even finds. >> nearly 200 to the -- took toa
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pennsylvania avenue talking to their her livelihood. they must accept credit and debit cards. one in four will not be ready for this by next tuesday. atcoming up on abc 7 news 6:00, the man who bought "the washington post" lays out his plan for the iconic newspaper. like the highly negative campaign for the governor of virginia and tonight the candidates face off on the same stage. we have a preview coming up in a live report. the belfort furniture weather center, a spectacular autumn day. how many more coming your way?
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>> two men who spent months attacking each other in tv and on ads will be doing it in person tonight. >> it is less than six weeks from election day. our northern virginia chief jeff goldberg has more for us. any fireworks expected tonight? >> absolutely. the stakes are very high. it's the only debate in northern virginia and what is a very close race. expectations are it's going to get a bit nasty tonight.
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both men, kuchen nelly and terry micallef -- can kuchen nelly ken cuccinelli and mcauliffe. they expect during tonight's , sponsored by the fairfax county chamber of commerce and the nbc 4, this will only intensify. >> i expect they will both say what they want to say and not respond to the others questions. >> it's not about what they think and what their needs are. >> after months of relentless attacks between the candidates, mcauliffe withow the lead.
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>> he needs a moment. mcauliffe as an experienced. both must tread lightly. pre-k's can kuchen nelly -- >> lookuccinelli must not smug, over confident. according to the latest poll, he has a big lead with female voters, 24 points, so expect him to continue stressing things he spoken about who the campaign, abortion rights, women rights. they will try to bridge the gender gap and likely will talk about his lifelong fight against .exual assault crimes he will be fierce and fascinating and we will have a recap tonight at 11:00. we will see you tonight at
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11:00. less controversy in virginia, they have claimed critical bragging rights in these online struggle to create jobs. forbes ranked it as the best state for business but they cited the laws as a strong incentives as well. maryland ranked 18th. >> next, a promise from the billionaire who bought "the washington post" as he offers a glimpse into the paper's future. week of september looking pretty good so far. >> the nationals rounding out what's left of the season while the redskins are trying to salvage there is. the redskins are trying to salvage there is. here are from rg3
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creatg jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry rymcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of makina progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> two giants in healthcare are going their separate ways. that they could not agree on a new contract and they will not renew their partnership. the region's largest hospital an in will no longer be network provider for kaiser permanente members. they will stop referring them to him know that facilities and physicians. -- them to innova. >> jeff bezos says the post should take a page from amazon's playbook. he founded amazon in 1994 and says they are successful because they focus on the needs of the customer. >> i'm hopeful i can help from a distance in part for providing a runway for them to do a series of experience and in part through bringing some of the
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experience we have that amazon to the post. threat isthe biggest the people who work there but he has promised to keep the senior staff in place. >> we continue our winning whether street. >> the sunrise this morning was spectacular. and check this out. this is what it looked like from the rooftop camera in arlington this morning. look at these incredible colors above the eastern horizon as the sun rose high above the clouds peeking through for a moment and continues to a beautiful day. we will have some cloudiness through this evening and sunsets in about 43 minutes and we will have a gorgeous sunset as well. this is what we call value-added content. this is from frederick. idea, just some serous clouds over head even though we
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have had is crystal clear skies for a few days, it's nice to have a change in an interesting guy to watch. down 76 and 59, the averages for the 25th of september. 72 in gaithersburg at bwi thurgood marshall and annapolis. 74 the nation's capital. the east coast, hot in the central and southern plains and again, dallas was 85 and they have back in the 90's since and that's pretty typical for this time of year. we will not see a big warm up. turnct, we may briefly cooler and cloudier. there is a larger area of high pressure blocking this to the south of us forcing it to go to the south but at a higher level, high clouds are getting through but the rain is running into a brick wall. and the lome lineup
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enough to give wind out of the east but if that happens a cloudy day in the in-house whenter model suggests clouds come through the atlantic ocean a cloudy and cool day managing to dissipate in the sun will return and we will be in good shape. no signs of rain in the forecast . just a very nice clouds sunshine. a beautiful fall weather. 54. 71 midday. are surely cloudy and the serous clouds around. partially sunny and pleasant. a high of 76. a burst of cloudy air and saturday and sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday into early october, partially cloudy with highs in the 70's and nighttime lows mostly in the fifth the cost. >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> rg3 had a press conference today making more waves. >> everyone is waiting to see what will happen.
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go zero and four. the confidence of they can give, not much, but he is discovering the headlines will follow in times of good and bad. there were reports that rg3 asked coaches to run less a read option plays and today he said that was not true. there are continuing stories about the struggles griffin is facing. we saw the awkward headfirst slide and the lions game and just like any quarterback to master the slide and the timing of it. he is getting some help from fellow d.c. athletes. slider,ot a great should i say. i know how to slide. i don't know how to baseball slide. >> would you ask the nationals for help? deal -- that a wacky up idea? >> we can do that if you want to, buddy.
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[laughter] >> sitting out of practice today reportedly suffering a concussion in the monday game against the broncos. he tweeted on tuesday that he did not remember much but was feeling great. the but the first-team offense .n his place >> we were getting ready for terrel pryor. he's a great weapon. we feel like he's going to be out there. if he does not show up, we will adjust our offense. they are one and two. i don't think they're going to rewrite the book. >> about to open october against the cardinals and now they are closing what will be a winless season -- a meaningless season. well, not too meaningless. , oner giving excitement
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nothing nationals. bottom of the fourth we go and molina singles to center. matt holliday and matt adams score. they never get a break and they numeral one. he was ajar setting the expectation a little higher this year. they have their round big three or the talent to one day to see that. the head coach randy wittman spoke to the media today about their lofty goals this year. >> that should be our goal. we can'to reason why and there's a situation where we are going to have some sacrifice, have some guys butrstand and accept it those teams that make the playoff understand that. >> today, torrey smith was with ray lewis's claim
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that there is no leadership among the ravens. he tells reporters they have great leadership. >> did he prove it? did he say who? >> he did not elaborate much. we'll see on sunday. >> where's the proof?
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>> no sign of rain in the seven- day outlook. back to very wasn't whether. partially cloudy, pleasant, in the 70's. >> is the work for you. >> very hard
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welcome to "world news." tonight stalking the hall. secrets veeld in a new surveillance tape from the navy yard shooting, the man with the shotgun moving out of the shadows. we learn how the killer chose his targets. 62 children behind a car and the driver cannot see a single one of them in the mirror. tonight news about making the car in your driveway safer. and real money for retirement. with one easy fix we save a family half a million dollars for their future, and we'll show you how to do it, too. and tonight victory at sea. how team usa pulled off one of the greatest come backs ever. good evening on this wednesday night. we begin with


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