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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 26, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hitting the ground, it is part of that upper level system i was talking about yesterday that was bringing rain to eastern tennessee. most of that range over the eastern carolinas and that will continue to move off towards the east, p so that disturbance will bring uhm some clouds but it will sit be nice temperatures today in the middle 70's, the big question though, do we have any chance of rain, as it does look a little dry. we have been fortunate with a great forecast, but wondering if there will be any rain. but for now, let's send it over to amanda meadows. >> thank you, eileen, we are starting off the morning a few construction activities. we are going to start off along rout 70 there, westbound before 270, we are getting moderate delays. a lot of overnight work zones are clearing at this time, however, we just got one added along the outer loop after rout
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50. this may hang out a little bit late entire the morning commute. usually if it is overnight they are wrapping it up by 5:00 a.m., that will have the two left lanes getting by. and then we also have that bay bridge work going on. again, this morning that span is block sod be prepared to follow those flaggers and cruise directing traffic around the construction zones and around the lane closures. for now, i will sent it back over to jummy and scott. >> thank you, aman the. as world leaders gather for the fought day, all eyes will be on secretary of state john kerry. >> he is set to meet with his iranian counter part, which would be the highest level u.s.- iranian meeting since 1979. >> russia has agreed to three basic points and ridding the country of its chemical weapons. the first to hold syria
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accountability on apacks, the second binding an enforcen't language for measures against syria. third, the council will expedite their discussion of the matter. this comes one day of addressing the u.n. assembly asking for accountability. >> . >> now there must be a strong resolution verify that the asaad regime is keeping its commitments and there must be consequences if they fail to beverage this agreement could fall apart, but it is the closest they have come to an agreement. people in our area are still
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coping after the aftermath of the shooting at the navy yard. a vigil was held in northwest d.c. this came after the fbi released new details and video from the morning he went on a shooting spree. mayor gray spoke at the vigil, he talked around the need for stricter gun control. the fbi believes he was driven by dell lewises. the navy secretary has ordered three independent reviews of the incident. they want to know how he got clearance with his checkered past. >> new this morning officials are releasing more information about yesterday's deadly fire.
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63-year-old sidney lee was killed when that fire started. time now for a check on this morning's business headlines and nissan is looking to sell cars through amazon. >> and the toyota camry may soon lose its title as the best selling car in america. happy thursday, linda. >> say to you. the reason its margin has arrowed as food opened another fusion assembly line. and hyundai is preparing its all new sonata. edmond says that toyota offered inceptives averaging $2,500 for
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each camry it sold last month. now let's talk nissan. i am sure you know you can buy just about everything on the new hatch bog is offering it on the shopping site. which will submit the contact information to a local dealership. now according to automotive news, three of the first 100 buyers will even get their cars packaged in a giant gift box. the social media frenzy world we live in there,'s also a gender divide when it comes to facebook and twitter, i will explain coming up. all right, thank you, linda. 58 degrees now 4:36 on this thursday morning. >> the latest on an investive, i
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4:39 on this thursday morning. >> and i'm getting used to it now. >> yeah. as the days have gone on, all right, i am dealing with it, all the spring stuff, and the summer stuff is away.
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>> one of the things you are noticing too, it is just a few degrees milder than yesterday morning so it doesn't feel quite as cold. even with those cooler overnights it doesn't really feel quite as bad. i think our body is trying to get used to it. it is 60 degrees at ragan national. 54 vwi. 63 degrees right now in orange virginia. so it is ten degrees milder in dell luis. 12 degrees milder in manassas. one of the reasons is we have those clouds so we aren't getting the cooler that we usually get when the temperatures fall very quickly. now the light showers you are seeing over central and northern virginia none of that is hitting the ground. but more rain though, farther towards our south. we will see a few more clouds than we did yesterday, so partly sunny this morning and cool, likely going to see a beautiful
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sun rise. once again, although not really as many breaks in the cloud deck as we saw yesterday. high temperatures later this afternoon, in the middle 70's with some of that filtered sunshine. i will detail the rest of the work week in my full forecast in just minutes for now, let's turn it over to amanda meadows. >> so far so good on the major roadways. we are watching a construction zone that just popped up on the outer loop. this just got added on to the schedule, here is where you sue the overnight -- kind of might be a red flag. we are go to keep an eye on it. you have only the left side getting by, through that stretch just after rout 50. so as you come towards prince georges county, expect those moderate delays. the west bounds span, stimblocked with the construction zone there, so if you are headed in from the eastern shore, you play run into moderate delays there as well.
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no bumper to bumper conditions and no accidents to report. 70 westbound is working in the construction zone, and then speaking of 270, we can see on this lye shot, traffic rolling right along, head lights coming toward us will be the southbound lanes. i will send it back over to you. >> all right, thank you. 58 degrees at 4:43. >> coming up, this is one way to get your point across, why one football coach suspended his entire team, right before the biggest game of the year.
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>> the u.n. security council could be days away from a resolution. deputies foreign minister says the text will not include an automatic trigger for military action. a separate resolution would be needed for that. and we are learning more about yesterday's deadly fire in silver spring. investigators say 63-year-old deborah lee was killed when the fire broke out on the balcony of her apartment. the sprinklers did activate and kept it from spreading but there is no word on how the blaze started. and we are learning new revelations about the gunman that killed 12 people at the washington navy yard. the fbi says aaron alexis left a electronic note. it says months of bombardment
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with extremely low frequency waves drove him to kill. other evidence also points to paranoia and delusions. >> a month long investigation continues this morning. a d.c. inspector general reported determined that two fire inspectors did not sexually harass cadets. jay has been following this story, he has the latest. >> the scandal that haunted the d.c. fire zms training academy for months is over. according to the d.c. office of inspector general. in a three page letter that after a few co debts accused two instructors of harassing them, they interviewed a number of employees including all the programs cadets. among the allegation, cadet a claimed he chest bumped her to motivate her to slide down. cadet b alleged an instructor
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put his hand on her shoulder and stroked her hair and neck while telling her he likes her hair. the instructor denied any wrongdoing, in fact one of them indicated the allegations had been fabricated. the document ended by stating there was a lack of sufficient evidence for o.i.g. to find a basis to conclude that the conduct while potentially inappropriate, rose to a level constituting sexual harassment. the councilman called for this investigation. >> it is absolutely unacceptable for any harassment in our government, and i won't tolerate it. >> but he is satisfied with the findings. >> they took action, i'm satisfied by that. and certainly if the complaints came forward to my office, confidentially they are able to do that as well. t a this time they haven't, so i am confident this has been dealt with. >> wednesday that parent said she was disappointed in the findings adding "it's
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unfortunate for the victims to know this can happen and nothing will be done about it." a d.c. fire spokesperson declined to comment when we asked with the instructors are now stations or if they will return. to the positions at the tray training academy. abc 7news. >> 4:48 and on to a developing story, the first for a new chief financial officer for the district is apparently over. after seven months of considering candidates d.c. mayor vincent gray is expected to introduce his nominee today. the washington pot reports he is jeffery dewitt who is now the city finance director. >> a few more people face criminal charges this morning. arielle adams are in custody and both are charged in the abduction of 18-year-old kenny diaz. investigators say samuels
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stabbed the high school senior over the weekend, she and five other people were arrested on tuesday. police believe a string of events leading to diaz's death are drug related. a plea deal is reached in the murder of an 18-year-old. he was killed at the woodley park metro station back in november of 2012. five people recently accepted responsible for their roles in his death. we learned that chavez meyers pleaded guilty to first degree murder. he was robbed by that group, and later confronted during the fight, he was stabbed and later died. well, coaches at a high school in outvote sus spented the entire team right before the big home coming game. these are in response for poor grades and alleged cyber bullies. the coaches made all the players hand in their jerseys and some left the locker room in tears.
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>> it just felt like everything was going in a direction that we didn't want our young men going, so we felt like we needed to make a stand. >> well the students are being given the option to play again under very specific terms. the elects of new team captains, two days of community service, and attendance at a character education class. 4:50 now, let's head over to eileen, jummy was saying it's friday've. >> it is. is it ever? i think where is guilty of showing a weekend forecast on a monday. but no worries, we will get to that weekend forecast. let me getout othe door this morning. a weather bug site there, 49 degrees. 49 as well in virginia at the barrel oak winery. 53 in manassas. and in true freeman middle
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school, currently 58 degrees. so it's not too cold, and one reason is we do have clouteds that have moved in. i did see observation of a little bit of light rain, but i think overall, anything that does fall from this upper level system will be over central virginia, maybe even securitying southern maryland. it is all associated with this upper level low. as it continues to move offshore, i think we will see more sunshine. still a light jacket may not be a bad idea, sun rise not until 7:00 this morning. that afternoon, 74 to 77 degrees. overnight we will see more clouds and tomorrow morning we will start off with clouds about 74 degrees. and here is that great weekend forecast on our seven day, saturday and sunday, both looking pretty good. and temperatures in the middle 70's. amanda meadows joins us now. >> yes, friday eave, we all love our thursdays around here. the weekend looks good. we do have a couple of
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construction spots and a water main break reported in northwest dc. you can see police on scene, they have that area roped off, now this is a water main break on water street. this is going to be near where water and irving intersect, you can see those roadways are wet. we have that roadway shut down northbound. so you may want to avoided it. luckily it is a second day street. we also have construction, a live camera that shows us along the wealth way, you have that bright arrow. it will be an orange arrow right below that geico symbol, then you have those cones in that right lane. so only the two left lanes on the outer loop. for now i will send it back to you. >> 4:52. >> that's just fine. >> an extra hour added to the day. >> all right, this small house
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about to show you may not seem like much. and why it is listing for more than half a million d
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>> is childhood holm is now up for sale. >> it was here at this home in abbeer deem that he formed the group anywhere vanna and ushered in grunge rock. the asking price for cobain's
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former home is $500,000. >> this was the bedroom that he was in when he was a young teenager. >> all i can think about is how he was probably an unhappy youth. his parents got divorced. there's even a piece missing from the warm, and we are told that's where corbin put his fist through it. >> still months away from a decision on who will build maryland's 6th casino, but we know what one proposal looks like. renditions of an $800 million resort. restaurants, and shopping. two other sites are also in the running. the condition could make the decision by the end of the year. that's 57 degrees out there.
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>> and new this morning a busy night in los angeles as crews do el with six fires withen the city, and they don't think any of them were accidents.
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comings up, u.n. general assembly tonights today, and we are looking ahead to a potentially historic meeting between the u.s. and another world player. >> we are set to learn today after an alexandria police officer shoots and killed a veteran. >> for area students as we get a new report on s.a.t. scores. good morning to you washington. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> good morning, it is thursday september 26th, i'm scott dueman. >> and i'm jummy ol' upon yi. for check of y


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