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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 27, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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closed doors. >> aeg live would have never agreed to finance this tour if it knew mr. jackson was playing russian roulette every night in his bedroom. >> reporter: in hindsight we know it ended badly. the question facing the jury, should someone pay? david wright, abc news, los angeles. now to a medical alert about this season's flu strain and the importance of getting a shot soon. january and february are usually the peak months for the flu. in boston doctors say they are already seeing patients in the hospital fighting the virus. it decreases the chance of getting sick by 60%. the cdc says more americans need to get those shots to control outbreaks. here's what is interesting. more children than ever are getting the flu shot, but the cdc says there still aren't enough people getting the flu shot. this needs to really get widespread according to to them for us to be protected. >> a lot of people don't like needles but it comes in so many options, the spray, the
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traditional needle and something called the microneedle. >> more on this story coming up on gma later on. now to a 3-year-old arizona boy who is the toast of his local fire department after saving his mother's life after calling 811. earlier this month the little guy named guy saw his mother suffer a seizier. that is frightening for any child at any age but the 3-year-old guy managed to stay calm and call for help. 911. >> he is very patient to describe what he is trying to say to you or find another way to say it to you. he doesn't get frustrated. >> what's more amazing, this is the first time that guy witnessed a seizure. now he says he wants to be a doctor someday so he can save even more lives. >> awesome. >> little guy is amazing. big changes coming to mcdonald's. the fast food giant says it will retire sty row people coffee
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cups replacing them with paper cups saying they are more environmentally friendly. the changeover will take several years. another change at the golden arches. customers will have a choice of salad, fruit or vegetablesle instead of french fries for value meals no extra cost here. they will roll out the change beginning next year. the goal is to make healthier options available worldwide within the next three years. >> a french fry is a potato. it is a vegetable. >> that's what i have always said. >> got to get your vegetables. >> it is part of the pyramid. in there somewhere. here's a look at the weather. the nation's mid section is in for storms. extending south to texas. the northwest will get wet. gorgeous early fall conditions along the east coast. >> check out chicago, detroit, indianapolis, detroit, boston, ideal temperatures in the mid to high 70s. uppery in the south. 89 new orleans and 92 dallas. they will surely be yelling
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whoa, pig suey tomorrow night in arkansas how did i do. >> suey. >> all right. when the razorbacks take on texas a&m and no one now has to fear a wild pig in a neighborhood near atlanta. >> that's right. there it is. >> where. >> there it is. >> there it is! they estimate he weighs 600 pounds. they set a trap using corn in an attempt to coax him in to the cage. >> here's the good news, except if you are the wild pig it was captured along with their dogs. and now let's say the pig won't be running around near anyone's house anymore. >> i don't know a lot about wild pigs but i think they are pretty -- you don't want to get in the way of a wild pig. >> apparently they are elusive. some neighbors thought there was more than one out there. >> good looking pig. i like his brown color. >> he's really cute but the hunters say there's only one so problem solved according to all of them. >> scott is saying in our ear
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over and over again bacon. >> he's too cute to be made in to bacon. let's spare his life. >> as long as i don't know. >> he's pretty good out in the wild. just leave him there. send him back. no, all right. >> now i'm thinking about bacon. >> i'm on an island over here apparently. >> bacon. coming up, animation for the kids and drama for the grownups in today's "insomniac theater." and negotiating for bargains at the mall. expert advice that could save you a bundle. and sexy programming on the fall tv schedule that includes a show where couples do it before a studio audience. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i want your sex ♪ i want your love >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular.
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♪ i'm going to pop some tags ♪ only got $20 in my pocket >> all right. you don't have to go to the thrift shop to buy cheap stuff. turns out you can get good deals at many stores just by asking. >> we are discovering shopping secrets through a skilled retail expert. paula faris goes bargain hunting in a place you would least expect it. >> reporter: our secret shopper is going to walk in to this mall, no coupons, no ads, without signing up for a credit card and walk out with bags of bargains. abc contributor and negotiating expert says these new jersey moms can, too. >> i didn't know you can do that
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in the wall. >> reporter: tip number one, negotiate. >> we hooked them up with hidden cameras, even one in this purse to find out how. first up a new jacket. tory asks for a discount right away. >> are there any coupons today. >> 15% off coupon today. >> great. anything else it can be combined with. >> reporter: tory finds out she had there is a second coupon but had to get it in the mail. >> can i get it here. >> reporter: getting a know she goes though manager. >> is there a manager. >> reporter: she calls the manager and success. >> so you will give it to me? >> yes. >> great. >> reporter: the manager will honor the second coupon for asking. >> it is $25 but i'm paying. >> 5.44. >> a.44. >> next up new sneakers. it took three tries but the third store fit. >> what did you give us off.
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>> $10. >> use apps like shopular and red laser. it pulls up deals and exclusive coupons. >> we will go to children's place and you can see there is an instore coupon. >> with red laser, scan it and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. tip three, the best time to get a deal, thursday and friday. because it's when sales associates may know what is going on sale that weekend. >> they might tip you off on things because you are here today. >> reporter: when we meet up with our moms -- >> did you get a sglount i did. >> i save 2d $5. >> i saved $10. >> victory! >> two things to keep in mind, be kind and realistic. our expert says most sales associates or managers have the ability to take 10 to 20% off of your purchase and you may find that you have better luck at bigger stores. diana and john? >> good advice, paula. >> and you -- >> the suit i'm wearing, major
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department store here in manhattan. i'll leave it at that. i was quipping with the salesman being flip saying if this was on the 399 rack instead of the 599 rack i'd buy it and he said we could do that. >> what? >> and i was being a wise guy. this is a couple of years ago at a big department store. >> same department store my dad refuses to go to now. because when i was a kid hen she would insist he bargain for her. he was 8, 9 years old. he refeuds to go to big stores because he hates him because of his experience. when you are 8 it is different when you are forced to negotiate. >> he is way ahead of the curve. he is bargaining years ago. >> my grandmother was ahead of the curve. >> no doubt. >> the deal is you would never really think you are supposed to do that. 100 years you wouldn't do that. >> clearly was. she kept bringing him back. >> it was working 100 years ago
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and is still today. >> there you go. racy new show on british tv. >> producers of the show show they are fighting the scorch of pornography by showing people having sex in a box. we'll explain. you are
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♪ i want your sex ♪ i want your love >> all right. let's talk about it. in movies and tv shows sex is everywhere but most of the time it is just implied. >> a new tv shows shows couples sharing their most intimate moments live with audiences. it is called sex box and it aims to educate people about sex. >> reporter: as america recovers from miley cyrus' twerking, the u.k. is bracing for a bigger sexual revolution. one that will most definitely be
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televised. the show is called "sex box." it involves couples having sex in front of a live studio audience while inside of this opaque, soundproof room. the couples will then discuss their experiences with this panel of experts. the show debuts next month on britain's channel 4, already known for racy programming like "the joy of teen sex." executives say sex box is an attempt to generate serious dialogue in the midst of an explosion of on-line pornography that is distorting people's expectations of sex. >> people are learning sexual experiences through pornography and it makes the real experiences seem very different. >> reporter: others say it is naked striving for ad dollars. as one critic put it "sex box" is an attempt to boost ratings while pretending to help society but this dr. karen stewart, a sex and relationship egs pert thinks the show could serve a
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purpose. >> we will see who they are and what they experienced. it could be educational and tantalizing. >> reporter: love it or hate it, sex box has to rank as one of the most provocative spots on television. so is "sex box" too out of the box for american audiences? sure the union survived justin timberlake rapping about putting his you know what in a box on snl and likely will make it through the debut of masters of sex. but sex in a box. the rules have kind of changed in tv and the demand and the opportunity for more sexually explicit content seems to really be happening. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> i just got one question. you can't see it and you can't hear it. what's the point? >> i know. another reality show i will probably not be watching. is it doing anything for you. >> not doing a thing for me. unless you can watch it or hear
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all right. time for "insomniac theater" and this morning we have one movie for the grownups and one for the kids. >> the first flick is "rush" which is getting a lot of buzz. directed by ron howard. the true story of a formula one rivalry between two european racers in the '70s. one is an english playboy and another a disciplined austrian. >> new car. you'll notice pole position. >> level playing field now, my ratty little friend. >> yeah. let's see where we are after lap one. and where we are in -- >> cool to me and the critics like this one. richard roeper says rush ranks among the best movies about racing ever made.
2:55 am
and colin covert from the minneapolis star tribune says the on track action is blistering the film making sure footed. the characters are bigger than life. sounds like a winner. >> absolutely. now one for the kids. cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 picks up where the first one left off of course. inventor flint lockwood's genius is finally recognized but everything changes when he discovers his machine is making food animal hybrids still. now he has to save the world from his own creations. >> wow! >> that is the biggest strawberry i've ever seen in my life. >> is it happy? other than that it looks like a perfectly normal, fresh, delicious strawberry. [ screaming ]
2:56 am
>> it's moving! >> now this movie has some big-time star power. it features the voices of bill humanitarian aider and james caan, neil patrick harris and benjamin brat to name a few but the reviews are mixed. the movie is sometimes so strange, colorful and wildly cut that it may be a yellow submarine for a new generation. but rafer does man says mostly cloudy two replies on the recipe for junkie kid flicks, loud noise, and poop jokes. >> classic comedy. >> nothing wrong with a poop joke. >> just because my daughter is 10 i go for the first thyme one but you will take def on the the movies sooner than you think. >> cloudy with a chance of meatballs here we 0 come. >> see you in little bit.
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this morning on "world news now," terror hunt the search for the white widow. why she maybe linked to the kenya mall shopping attack. >> she wants to die or martyr herself on behalf of that group. >> what survivors and investigators are saying about this woman and her connections to a terrorist group. snoozing in the skies. an alarming admission from the cockpit. not one but two members at the controls asleep during a flight. who's sounding the alarm about airline safety. apartment inferno. building up in flames. the tenants fearing for their lives. the scene videotaped from a firefighter's helmet camera. but the hero a boy. >> he is knocking on the door help, help, fire, fire. >> the amazing rescues and the 8-year-old boy who was a lifesaver. it is friday, september 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with
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john muller and diana perez. >> good friday morning, everybody. we begin with the international search for a terror mastermind. the so-called white widow, samantha lewthwaite. >> there are new questions whether she played a role in the attack on the mall in kenya. here's our chief correspondent investigator brian ross. >> reporter: this one-time british schoolgirl, samantha lewthwaite is being called one of the most wanted and dangerous women in the world. >> samantha lewthwaite has been a wanted person for a number of years now. >> reporter: worldwide interpol alert for samantha lewthwaite comes as authorities in kenya seek to find fought she was involved in the brutal attack on the westgate mall. based on her known ties to african terror groups and eyewitness accounts of a mystery woman who was part of the attack kenyan officials had earlier reported all of the attackers were men, including some who dressed as women. but counterterror experts say
3:01 am
the 29-year-old samantha lewthwaite has been actively involved with the al shabaab group and the kenyan offshoot that claimed responsibility for the mall massacre. >> she said she wants to die or martyr herself on behalf of that group. >> reporter: samantha lewthwaite grew up in a small town north of london. in over 15 years time went from schoolgirl to party girl to wife of one of the terrorists who carried out suicide attacks on the london subway and bus system in 2005. after the attacks, samantha lewthwaite, the mother of two, denied any knowledge of her husband's al qaeda thys and family and friends described her as a decent girl. >> she was an average child, innocent, lacking confidence, shy, very easy to get along with. >> reporter: since then, authorities say that samantha lewthwaite slipped out of england with her children and joined up with african terrorists, traveling to kenya on a forged passport under the
3:02 am
name of natalie faye webb. >> we know she was a figure of some importance within the organization. at an original level. >> reporter: british tabloids call her the white widow and she reportedly wrote in diaries seized by police that she wanted her young children to grow up as terrorists and die like their father. authorities have been seeking her more than a year in connection with another al shabaab terror attack on a nightclub in kenya. but the new interpol notice suggests the urgency with which she is bought sought whether or not she was involved in the mall massacre. abc news, new york. >> what is so dangerous about her, it is easy for her to blend in. if she wants to leave kenya or has an depending on the deal and needs to blend in, she has done it before in 2011 when they were looking for her. police came knocking on her door and said i'm from south africa a tourist and happen to be here. she showed the fake passport and
3:03 am
they went on their merry way and never asked a question. >> even in 2005 her husband in the subway attack was killed. she went out in the media, the police and everybody went to her and she said i'm appalled at the behavior, i don't support or condone it and she disappeared. she is elusive and mysterious to say the at least. >> now they believe she has surfaced as a mastermind behind more than one attack, possibly even this one. diplomates at the united nations have been working through the night about the plan for syria to get rid of its chemical weapons. the five have agreed on a plan. the entire council must approve it. they remarked how quickly it came together saying the outcome was unimaginable two weeks ago. a productive day for secretary of state john kerry at the united nations. besides the late-night talks on syria. kerry had a breakthrough session with iran over the nuclear
3:04 am
program. >> marci gonzalez has the latest on the diplomatic advances. good morning, marci. >> reporter: with the iranian president deciding not to meet with president obama on tuesday at the general assembly, president obama lifted the first step to ease tensions with iran to the secretary of state. an historic meeting, secretary of state john kerry and iran's foreign minister meeting face to face. >> i think all of us were pleased that the foreign minister came today. that he did puts some possibilities on the table. >> reporter: the meeting held with ministers from five other countries on the sidelines of the u.s. general assembly in new york focused on iran's nuclear program. >> we have to see whether we can match our positive words with serious deeds. >> reporter: in recent weeks iran's newly elected president, hassan rouhani expressed an eagerness to negotiate. >> the world has waited too long
3:05 am
for nuclear disarmament. >> reporter: some question rouhani's truthful intentions in pursuing the deal. >> they are certainly going to give it all up in exchange for some minor relief of sanctions seems almost incredible. >> reporter: while rouhani said he would like to have a nuclear deal in three to six months, secretary kerry stresses there's a lot of work to do before that possibility could even be considered. john and diana? >> thank you. new jersey senatorial candidate cory booker shrugging suggestions that something tawdry happened in his twitter communications with a stripper. he is a well-known tweeter and has a million followers. buzz feed reported on his messaging with an oregon stripper whose name is lindsay lee. >> fit hurts his campaign i would feel git guilty but i would want it to be a viable reason not just for me being a stripper. >> i don't study people's
3:06 am
profile. i tweeted people back from all different types of backgrounds. it's nog not something i pay attention to. when someone is kind to me i often say thank you. >> booker and lee appeared in a drmt tri about using twitter. they say it is another distraction in a campaign that really needs to focus more on issues. suspects are sought following a deadly attack near the giants ballpark on wednesday night. it happened outside of a club after the giants defeated their arch rivals the l.a. dodgers. 24-year-old dodgers fan johnthan denver was fatally stabbed during a fight with a group of people. some wearing giants gear. police say enough is enough with the gang-related violence. >> this is one of the most storied rivalries in baseball. that said -- and i'm a big giants fan. there's no place at these games for violence. >> reporter: at least two people are in custody. denver's death follows a traumatic brain injury suffered by brian stow. he was attacked outside of
3:07 am
dodgers stadium between the two teams in 2011. six people have been arrested in connection with a huge labor day party at the vacation home of a former nfl player. brian hollowway learned about the party from pictures on twitter. up to 4 teens were in his home. he asked them to come forward and take responsibility. only four did so he authorized the arrests. police say more are expected. one arrested was a young man that hollowway helped out several years ago. toyota recalling hundreds of thousands of minivans because of a dangerous defect. they may shift out of park even if the driver is not depressing the brake pedal. vans 2004 to 2009 may have this defect. the recall is after reports of 21 accidents. owners are being contacted about free repairs. a developing story from idaho. a flight from houston to seattle is forced to make an emergency landing last night in boise after a crew member apparently suffered a medical emergency. the united airlines spokesman said the passengers were delayed
3:08 am
in boise while the airline found another crew member. speaking of airlines there's renewed concern over pilot fatigue in the cockpit. one pilot is admitting he and his co-pilot were so tired they both fell asleep at the same time. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: remarkably the two pilots already severely fatigued asleep at the same time. that's right. a british airbus a-330, which can carry more than 300 passengers, on auto pilot with both pilots sleeping. we only know of this because of wouldn't the pilots self reported the incident six weeks ago, admitting the two pilots had five hours of sleep over two nights because of long shifts. even though british pilots are allowed to take naps, that country's pilots association says the government is too complacent when it comes to pilot fatigue. here in the united states, a different story. after this deadly air crash in buffalo four years ago. 49 people on board were killed. pilot fatigue was one of the
3:09 am
contributing factors to that crash which led to sweeping changes for american pilots. they must have a ten-hour minimum rest between flying days. flight time limited to eight to nine hours a day and required to have 30 consecutive hours off a week. even that may not be enough. airlines are looking for ways to put technology in the cockpit which will tell if a pilot is fatigued and keep the pilot awake. david kerley, abc news, washington. not many police officers feel comfortable hitting the streets unless they are wearing bulletproof vests. >> the same is not always true for their four-legged partners. most police departments cannot afford body armor for their dogs so they often go to the front lines without them. >> that's where a nonprofit fund-raising group called vested interest is coming in. they are dedicated to providing vests for dogs nationwide including this k-9 in texas. they cost $950 a piece.
3:10 am
>> wow. check this out. vested interest provided 437 vests for law enforcement dogs around the country. the problem is they are pretty heavy and these poor dogs are under all of this and then they get overheated. >> interesting. there's all kinds of issues obviously. then you have to spend another $250 to add a cooling vest to the uniform which tacks on more weight to the poor dogs. >> i would imagine these dogs, when you take the soup to nuts training for them it must be thousands and thousands of dollars. so as much as it is expensive losing a dog it certainly would be as well. >> absolutely. it makes sense to protect your investment, although that sounds so silly to say but that's essentially. >> it's a working dog. >> yes, a working dog. coming up not every kid is thrilled with the idea of going to disney's magic kingdom and we have the proof. and an outdoor sport, to say it is an athletic challenge is an understatement.
3:11 am
>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by rosetta stone. save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes.
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just getting a firsthand dramatic view of a rescued
3:15 am
toddler trapped in a fire. >> the entire thing captured on helmet cam. a young hero in the middle of all of this making it our "favorite story of the day." >> reporter: these dramatic pictures from a firefighters helmet capture the chaos wednesday morning at this apartment complex an hour and a half south of nashville. the stairwell up is on fire. here's the moment when a child upstairs has to be dropped to police officers who catch her below the fire started in a downstairs apartment and quickly spread through the building. >> 911. what's the address of your emergency? >> there's a fire at 405 oak street. >> reporter: the 8-year-old boy who lived in the apartment where the fire started is call adhere row. johnthan went door to door warning residents. >> she was running everywhere, knocking on doors, help, help, fire, fire. >> i don't like people dying.
3:16 am
>> reporter: the fire began when a woman he was staying with fell asleep with a lit cigarette. >> people just say johnthan is a hero because he woke up everyone. well, i just feel like a hero. >> reporter: because of the boy's quick thinking and the good hands of rescuers who caught the children tossed below everyone got out alive and uninjured. >> reporter: abc news, atlanta. >> thank god for his bravery, right. >> johnthan is absolutely a little hero and that little girl, everybody's a hero in that case, the firefighters, all the officials there that thought to do that. i was saying earlier, we got an opportunity see it in helmet cam. how many times do you think that happens in regular fire houses around the country where they have to just find way to get the kids out and if it means holding them by the arm. >> they do this all the time all over. >> absolutely. good for them. >> no doubt. up next, working out like a hollywood stuntman. >> we will check out something
3:17 am
called par core. it is making its way from the streets in to the gyms. the growing trend of pilots buzzing the ground and the people who get close enough to feel the pull of the plane. you are watching "world news now."
3:18 am
♪ >> if the world is a jungle gym, the athletes in the next story fit right in. >> it is called parkour and it is an edgy sport moving in to gyms an the country. >> reporter: we have seen james
3:19 am
bond do it. and jason bourn, too. even the guy from "the office" have spoofed it. parkour is the daring discipline that makes a playground out of the urban jungle whether climbing, swinging, vaulting or rolling. an art form, an expression of creativity and freedom. it is moving from the outdoors inside to gyms with padded walls. bringing a unique and intense new workout to the masses. from new jersey to colorado to california. here at brooklyn's beast gym, trainers say the parkour moves should be combined in to a continuous movement. >> how do you feel about something with such rebellious roots becoming commercialized. >> it is great honestly because
3:20 am
it is spreading the movement. >> reporter: at the highest level, they say parkour is like running five miles and climbing a mountain. how realistic is this activity for the rest of us? >> where do i sign my life away? i gave it a try. mostly unsuccessfully. for kids, it's second nature. >> spiderman climbing up a building. >> reporter: this version of parkour gives us all a chance to bring out our inner action hero. abc news, brooklyn, new york. >> she needed to sit down after that. >> yeah. that looks really cool. >> yeah. that's something i would try, as long as i was in a padded room. >> something i would have tried a few years ago. there you go. >> just another day at the office. >> there you go. are those tattoos or a t-shirts. >> i got some tatts. better go back to the gym. getting a little small. >> pretty cool. >> we'll be right back.
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this is me. this is the cutest video in the world. we show these videos all the time. >> breaks my heart. >> two girls are told they are going to disney world. they are surprised by their parents. they are in the backseat of the car. one is 10 and one is 2. reactions couldn't be more different. take a listen. >> you are serious? >> no. no. >> we are going to disneyland again. >> oh, my god. oh, honey, we are going again. >> oh, my god. >> we are going to disneyland. >> oh, my god! >> going for three days. >> i think -- >> love it on every level. >> i think the older one had no idea what was going on.
3:25 am
is it scary, i'm not sure if i'm scared or not. priceless. >> the best viral video. >> very nice. let's go to the next one. i have to -- oh, yeah. the woman who flips the bird while a couple is giving a wedding proposal at a baseball game. the photograph area at diamondbacks game taking pictures. he's down oun one knee. this older couple is angry, telling him to sit down and when they get the pictures back, somebody flipped what appeared to be the bird. >> polka time. >> polka. time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:26 am
[ applause ]
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this morning on "world news now," political battle. the arguing, fingerpointing and nasty accusations as lawmakers fight over the budget and avoid a government shut down them progress report as the deadline approaches. a frightening scene in a texas mcdonald's. a gunman be goes on a rampage until something goes wrong and saves the day. what is causing this and what does apple have to say about it. kanye west versus jimmy kimmel. the music star and talk show host in the middle of a twitter tirade. we will explain the superstar dispute in "the skinny" on this friday, september 27th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good friday morning. we begin this half hour with the looming government shut down. the deadline is monday at midnight.
3:30 am
the senate takes a key vote on the issue today. >> republicans in the house say they will not accept anything that the senate sends them. if this sounds familiar there's a reason. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: here we go again. we have a furious president calling his opponent crazy. >> congress needs to put an end from governing crisis to crisis. >> reporter: and a republican party willing to go to the brink. >> more debt and no reform is absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: the upshot for america, we are days away from a government shutdown and worse. republicans upped the ante. putting together a laundry list of demands, including everything from delaying obama care, to more off shore drilling to spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. the president called that blackmail. sound familiar? of course it does. two years ago the same confrontation caused the stock market to tank and america for the first time ever to lose its aaa credit rating.
3:31 am
lessons learned? nah. absurdities on display when ted kruds gave his 20 hour plus speech demanding an end to obama care in exchange for funding the government. bedtime story included. >> do you like green eggs and ham? >> jon stewart gave his own seussism. >> in the land of d.c. in the senate of snooze lived the show boatiest blab who's name was ted cruz. >> reporter: over at the white house they decided the best way to strike a deal is not to try. >> let me be crystal clear. the president's position is you will not negotiate over the debt ceiling? >> correct. >> reporter: instead of negotiating, they are name calling. on thursday, one of the president's todd top advisers said of republicans what we are not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. senator ted cruz compared those willing to fund obama care with
3:32 am
those who appeased the nazis in the 1940s. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. a breakthrough agreement at the u.n. over syria's chemical weapons. the five members including the u.s. have agreed to a plan that will force syria to give up the penalty but no automatic penalties if the syrians don't cooperate. the entire security council must approve the deal. british authorities will be seeking dna samples of the family of the white widow, samantha lewthwaite. they want to see if any of the bodies recovered at the mall were that of samantha lewthwaite. she was in search of terror charges not related to the kenyan attack. but they say her participation cannot be ruled out. >> she said she wants to die or martyr herself on behalf of that group. >> reporter: survivors of the kenya attack insist they saw a woman throw a grenade at them. a beauty queen winner took a plea deal on charges of tossing homemade bottle bombs at a salt lake city suburb.
3:33 am
kendra mckenzie gill and three other teens accused of making and throwing them from a car. they claim it was a prank to scare their friends. because they had clean records they got off with 200 hours of community service and gill had to give up her crown. outrage over the 30-day prison sentence handed to a former montana teacher who raped a 14-year-old student. >> the man served his time but the controversy and protest is far from over. we see what's next. >> reporter: good morning, john and diana. stacey rambold is out of jail on probation. his 30-day sentence sparked outrage in montana with pressure to remove the judge who delivered that sentence. stacey rambold is now a free man. the former montana teacher convicted of raping a student walked out of jail after serving just one month behind bars. a sentence handed down by judge g. todd baugh has led to
3:34 am
activists filing a complaint demanding he be thrown from the bench. >> if we can't get him removed through this, there is something wrong with the system. >> reporter: rambold raped cherice moralez in 2007 and while waiting for the case to go to trial cherice committed suicide. >> she was good, smart, artistic, she lit up a room. >> reporter: her mother was hoping her daughter would be vindicated but instead of getting rambold the minimum two-year sentence the judge told the courtroom cherice was in as much control of the situation as rambold saying she appeared older than our chronological age. the judge later apologized. >> what i said was demeaning to all women and not what i believe in. >> reporter: he tried to change the 30-day sentence but they appealed to the montana supreme court which could take 18 months. >> if the judgment is at the end of that process that he needs to
3:35 am
serve more time, he will serve more time. >> he will remain on probation unless that 30-day sentence is overturned and a longer sentence is imposed. john and diana. >> thank you. now to ft. worth, texas, where what could have been a massacre ended differently thanks to a malfunctioning gun. surveillance cameras were rolling on tuesday night when a man walked in to mcdonald's aiming his gun. when he pulled the trigger nothing happened. police say he then walked outside, fired off one shot, came back in and tried again. amazingly the gun failed to discharge a second time. >> i've never seen a video like this before. my gut feeling is the city of ft. worth and the ft. worth police department avoided a major tragedy on tuesday night. >> reporter: the suspect ran away but police were able to catch up with him. no one was injured inside, at least not physically. it was thanks to the malfunctioning gun. in italy, a top executive at barilla pasta apologizing after comments about gay families.
3:36 am
chairman guido barilla had earlier said in its ads they would never feature same-sex couples. that comment brought calls for a boycott. now he said he supports gay marriage but not adoption because it would be complicated for same-sex couples to raise children. iphone and ipad users are flooding apple with complaints saying some of the new features are making them sick. users say the zooms and animations are making them dizzy causing headaches and giving them nausea. some features can be turned off and others cannot. instructions can be found on-line. good luck to the 200 million people that downloaded the new updates. have you downloaded yours? >> i haven't downloaded my update but my mother did and she's -- i think it is a learning curve. she's not exactly happy with it. >> people hate change. that's to be expected. i have talked to people who said it is great. i have not done it either. i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. let everyone complain so i know what i'm in for. >> if you were seeing the motion that we showed you that is causing people to get sick.
3:37 am
it is like two screens are looking at you when they are moving in opposite directions. plus we have been doing stories about the new fingerprint situation. >> very interesting. >> people are using other body parts. >> even cat's paws and other body parts. >> exactly right. >> interesting. now the weather. let's look around the nation. the nation's mid section is in for stormy weather. heavy rain from the dakotas to the great lakes extending to south texas. the northwest will also be wet, but a gorgeous day along the entire east coast. >> near perfect in chicago. chicago, detroit, indianapolis, boston, still very much a warm situation down south. 89 new orleans. 92 dallas. a special night in yankees stadium in new york last night because it was the last home game for mariano rivera, the game's greatest closing pitcher ever who's retiring on sunday. >> he came in the eighth inning and recorded two outs and with
3:38 am
two outs in the ninth long-time teammates andy pettitte and derek jeter came to remove him from the game. >> afterward he said he was weeping because he was bombarded with emotions that he could not describe. he called it a great night even though the yankees did lose. he really is the greatest relief pitcher of all time. >> no question about it. >> nobody disputes that. he's automatic pretty much. >> so number 42, that's his name number was retired by the yankees last sunday. that means no one in the entire mlb will wear that number next season. he was the last to wear it because it was retired from the game on account of being jackie robinson's number by the way. >> he's a class guy. loveable guy. all around great guy. i don't know, they might lure him back. maybe next season if they need help, mariano, here's a truck of money. he can still pitch. >> absolutely. one of the greatest for sure. what appeared to be a war of words between jimmy kimmel and kanye west.
3:39 am
an safety questions about daring stunts involving military planes. they are thrilling to perform and breathtakining to watch, bu are they safe? you are watching "world news now." ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's float down in the blue ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no no hair removement t to you by no no hair removal. t t t t at lt .
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>> if the pilots in this next story start to sing this song to you, you may want to think twice before taking them up on that offer. >> because they are buzzing dangerously close to the ground. >> watch as this massive c-130, so big they call it the hercules flies dangerously close to a group of onlookers. near feet away. watch again. pilots call it flat hatting, a stunt where pilots fly at high speeds close to the ground without setting their planes down. argentinean pilots were performing it in a base in antarctica. while stunning it is remarkably dangerous. >> it looks like the plane is no more than 20 feet over the heads of people standing out there. it is just risky. something that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: if it seems like something out of the movies, it is. remember this scene in "top gun?"
3:44 am
>> sorry, goose, it's time to bite the tower. hair-raising stunts like this one in january in texas runway can take your breath away. and many others are gone viral. many aviation thrill seekers who want this experience go to the st. maarten airport known for their powerful jet stream beach landings that leave people holding on literally for dear life. >> there is little margin of safety. all it takes is a flick of the wrist, and something happening in the cockpit and the plane could have descended a few feet and killed a bunch of folks. >> even on a remote runway in antarctica. >> dangerous to say the at least. a stunt i don't want to have anything to do with but i can understand how it is thrilling. >> that's what people do. humans love thrill and they were going to do it they picked the right place, a remote place in antarctica. >> right. >> that's like if you are one of the people on the ground you do
3:45 am
it at your own risk. >> it is probably best to do it where it just so happens to be the way that planes land. we saw the group of people on the beach, you do it there if you want to experience this. to have a pilot do it on purpose. >> the person taking the home video has blown it. you have to stay on the flight to see if they are getting jostled. >> or if they duck down. i don't know about that. >> coming up next, an epic twitter war involving kanye west and jimmy kimmel. >> from one reality show to the next. the next contestant on "the biggest loser" may look familiar. we will have that in "the skinny." >> abc "world news now" continues after this from our
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> "the skinny" time. this one is juicy. i like this one. kanye west and jimmy kimmel appear to be in a brouhaha on twitter any way. kanye is math mad as a hornet and jimmy kimmel appear to be in a brouhaha on twitter and kanye is mad as a hornet and kimmel is still trying to be funny. this stems from a comment to a bbc reporter when he said i'm the number one rock star on the planet. we will hear from kanye in the bbc interview and hear kimmel's impersonation of that. >> i'm a product person. not just clothing but water bottle design, architecture,
3:48 am
everything, you know, that you could think about. brought the leather jogging pant six years ago to fendi and they said no. >> i'm a product person, water bottle design, architecture, everything you can think about. i brought the leather jogging pant six years ago to fendi and they said no. >> i like it. it is pretty funny and i don't think it is that bad. the kid is doing the same words a kanye. kanye takes to twitter and says doozies. i'm not going to get in it to. he listed 15 tweets and they were pointed and he was mad and kimmel on hiopening monologue addressed it and talked about some of the tweets. listen in. >> jimmy kimmel put yourself in my shoes, oh, no that means you would have gotten too much good -- in your life. i've seen the video. i know. finally i'm in a rap feud. >> he's in a good-old fashioned rap feud. the question is jimmy kimmel is
3:49 am
infamous for getting everybody on these prank things that aren't what they seem to be. is in the real deal or are they going to come out and have a laugh about it? >> very good question. i, for the sake of kanye west not being a punk, i would hope that's the case. >> bingo. if kanye went meant it, i would go to jimmy and say i'm sorry. >> let's bring kanye out and do the reveal. it will look great for his image if that is the case. that would be good. >> moving to sad news. cory overdosed in a hotel room and he passed away. he was an enormous figure on the show "glee." the season picked up and there was a -- there was not a big mention of him. the only thing they have been doing is they have this promotional -- kind of like a poster out there is the hardest word is to say good-bye is the
3:50 am
caption and it promotes the show. the first episode aired tonight and there was no mention of cory or his character on the show fin. only a quick picture at the top of the show where they were all together. so the question is when will they address it? the creators of the show said in all fairness the plan was to start to address the fact he was no longer going to be in the show on the third episode. the first two episodes will not have anything to do with him, but there you have it. some of the fans are not pleased about this. >> remember ruben studdard from "american idol." >> sure. >> awesome, right? he's going to be on another reality show, "the biggest loser." >> oh, he was actually joking around he should have pigged out. he didn't know until it was a wham bam thing. he is 462 pounds now and will have to go to the ranch and lose a bunch of weight. it should be interested to watch him he is the heaviest contestant on season 15 of "the biggest loser." he's back, folks. >> good luck. 5 of "the
3:51 am
biggest loser." he's back, folks. >> good luck. i can afford to cross more things off my list. this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty and still saved enough to go to texas, to a real dude ranch. hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices, so we got our four-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ >> man: save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day. see that film? people call me about this every day. you know it's not always the machine, it may be the detergent. adfinish power u to boost youdet and you'll see a huge difference. cloudiness, spots, tough stains, even dishwashebuilp --e! so don't give up. add finish power up.
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♪ tonight's going to be a good night ♪ ♪ tonight's that night ♪ let's live it up >> welcome back, everyone. this week's headlines were dominated by the mall attack in kenya. >> as weighty as the week's news was there were lighter moments to lift the gravity of the difficult situations. here's friday's rewind. >> all of a sudden heard a loud explosion followed by a few gunshots and i was able to sprint out of the cafe in to the >>. >> i took the blood i was covered with and put it on my face so when they came it look like i was dead. >> i would like to say to
3:55 am
american people, i bring peace and friendship iranians to americans. >> the road blocks may prove to be too great, but i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. >> there are indications that alexis was prepared to die and he accepted death as the inevitable consequence of his actions. opposition obama care. do you like green eggs and ham i like eating the burgers. i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. >> the church is looking for me to fail so they can say to parishioners, see what happens when you leave the church. they are waiting for me to fail. >> when i first met bono, he walked in to the oval office and actually i thought it was a member of his own road crew he
3:56 am
wasn't really dressed right. >> i must be easy to make fun of. >> got to love that. >> you do a pretty good impersonation. >> not like bono. >> how about you? >> no. i have absolutely nothing. >> you look beautiful in that purple dress. not so good. >> let's hear bono. >> am i bugging you? i didn't mean to bug ya. >> very good. >> play the blues. >> i got nothing. nothing. >> nothing. >> all i can do is read what is in the prompter. an on-line feature for fans of "world news now." only for our fans >> it is called in case you missed it. it features the most unforgettable moments of the week. check it out. do an impression. >> i have nothing. >> you can make the most memorable moment of week. >> honestly, i got nothing. it's embarrassing, not a thing. ♪ music
3:57 am
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making news in america this morning -- deadline looming. the possibility of a government shutdown now seems more likely than ever. we're live in washington with the latest on the budget battle. breaking overnight. a plane is forced to make an emergency landing after a pilot suffers a medical problem. new details on how it unfolded from inside the cockpit. a man tumbles on the subway tracks. quick-thinking onlookers come to the rescue. and who said there's no crying in baseball? this morning, a legend's final farewell that left an entire stadium in tears. good morning. we begin this friday with the latest standoff in washington. president obama against congressional republicans. >> with the


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