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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 28, 2013 12:35am-1:05am EDT

12:35 am >> jimmy: i want to thank amy poehler, stephen merchant. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, aaron paul, hannah ware and music from jim james. thank you for watching. "nightline" is next. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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tonight on "nightline" -- guess what? you can eat sugar and plenty of it. at least according to this guy. >> there is nothing wrong with candy not a bad word. >> he built a business crusading against the calorie cops. his message, just say yes to your next big candy crush. ♪ ♪ >> america's favorite bosom buddies. dolly parton and kenny rodgers come clean. >> i think he has grown into his facelift now. he looks great. >> on rumors about their romance and what it takes to preserve your most valuable assets. >> i am willing to sacrifice my health for the boobs, i am. >> feed frenzy, why "the new york times" had to apologize to
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the super mario brothers. what's going on between kimmel and kanye? >> we are rock stars, i'm the biggest of all of them!
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good evening, thanks for joining us. this week a study confirms what many before it have shown, that too much sugar in your diet can have a bitter impact on your health. but one man is on a mission to sweeten up that sour news. a candy crusader, capitalizing on america's $30 billion sweet tooth. he is making it sexy off to indulge. a sort of james bond of bonbons. abc's rebecca jarvis went done to florida to meet this modern day willie wonka. >> if you could turn this way.
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>> reporter: final countdown. three days until the grand opening of the latest it's sugar store and try to dress the mannequins. instead of a trendy loon from american eagle or abercrombie these ladies will sport candy couture. eye catching candy couture. if you can see resemblance to a victoria's secret model -- >> something for her hands. >> a key part of the strategy. >> good to go. >> reporter: the candy store chain wants to sell you sweets the way victoria's secret sells you lingerie in its ads. a little cheeky. a little rebellious. and with a lot of flare. >> sour bananas are great for serial in the morning. >> reporter: the stores are the brain child of jeff ruben. self described chief gummy bear. >> she depicts what our brand is tongue in cheek. she is obviously in detention. >> reporter: about like being rebel yuls blious but not too b.
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>> exactly. selling candy isn't a new idea. but a $30 billion market in the united states which is why ruben has decided the way to get his share is attitude. what made you go for that victoria's secret brand of marketing. >> we have seen junior retailers do it successfully. there were two way to play it. either just disguise it or it is what it is. it's sugar. we are fun. we are cheeky, irreverent. >> reporter: an overwhelming experience. nearly 8,000 different edible items for sale in each store. ranging from old-fashioned stand-byes to random japanese fruit candy, to 26 super sized versions of those all time favorite sweets. like this gigantic box of nerds. at 3,120 calories, it contains about as many calories as six big makes. >> what do you think mayor bloomberg would say about this?
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a big difference between a 32-ounce soda and a gift you could take home, eat a little. spend a year eating this if you want. >> reporter: a distinction ruben preaches emphatically. >> you should be the one who decide how much you want. one little gummy bear, you could want 100 gummy bears it should be your choice. >> president obama's wife, you have mayor bloomberg, a lot of very high-level public officials coming out and leading this fight against obesity. and trying to ban things with a lot of sugar in them. did it seem at all like a risky proposition to do a company, entirely based on sugar. >> i don't believe sugar stands for, giving huge amounts of sugar, you know, to children. but if that child, you know, once had a few gummy bears or wants to have something while he watches a movie, little box of raisinettes, he should be entitled. there is noth wrong with candy.
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it is not a bad word. >> reporter: if big know it your bag, there is always celebrity. a marilyn monroe line. 17 magazine tie-in. sugar-pova gum balls as in tennis player maria sharipova. >> she went crazy for it. she loved it. fresh, different. sugar's goal. one day you are not famous unless you have your own candy line. >> talk a rock star icon may so -- may soon be appearing in the stores. >> a huge pop star. a deseceased pop star who was t king, hint, hint. ruben has his eyes on today's stars as well. who would you kill to work with, what celebrity? >> katy perry. >> reporter: katy perry. >> ms. candy. >> she wrote a song about candy didn't she? >> she sure did. sure did. >> reporter: always paying close
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attention to who and what are hot. >> sharks are vall s are really. we have our own shark, hooked on you, great white gummy shark. >> you say obviously like it is a given if something is hot it is in your store. you are making a candy version. >> we try to see the trend and grab it early. >> reporter: even though the name is it's sugar. more than 2,000 different gift items vie for attention with the giant rice crisp y treats. >> headphones. iphone covers. not just selling candy here? >> no, we are one of the ultimate gift stores. candy attracts everybody in. >> reporter: surprisingly sales are relatively modest. what's in your bag? >> gummy bears. swedish fish. >> $3, not even. >> reporter: the company is opening stores as fast as you can get a sugar high. 60 by the end of the year.
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100, end of 2014. in all the expansion no detail is too small for ruben to weigh in on in his daily meetings with employees. >> how was radio city coming along? you have got the layout. sign goes this way, not this way. not this way. >> at the same time, prodding the staff to push the envelope. >> society has a lot of rules, right. we are the rules breaker. >> reporter: with christmas coming it's only natural he is thinking big. >> i want to come up with kind of a new gifted chocolate bar. okay. not, not the small, you know, $2.99 one, right. but this one will be more of a gift. $9.99. half of a pound. >> reporter: meetings are fueled by a never-ending supply of fresh fruit, of course, not. >> you are what you eat. who wants to be a brussel sprout, yeah? >> how much candy do you eat a week? >> ooh. >> i can't! i don't know if i can answer
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that. >> reporter: in a world where the word is often paired with the word bad for you, ruben and his rebellious band of employees think that is a natural selling point. >> you are the enabler? >> we are the enabler, exactly. >> reporter: sugar is the vice? >> yes. sugar is the vice. in a good way. you are told how many glasses of water you need to drink. you are told how many hours of sleep you need. you are also told how much sugar is the right intake for you. so, we look to poke fun at, not just sugar, but all of society's rules. in a fun-hearted, good-hearted way. >> of course there is a small section for sugar free. over in that back corner. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis, florida. >> the token sugar-free corner. thank you, rebecca. what do you think of mega-sized candy -- just say no? leave us alone? tweet us at "nightline." next, jimmy kimmel spoofs kanye
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west. kanye west loves it. not! >> dolly parton and kenny rogers dish on tabloid rumors "islands in the stream" to gaets agageth. ♪ island in the stream that's what you are no one in between how can we be wrong ♪ >> announcer: abc news "nightline," brought to you by progressive. [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room. there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
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in america, dolly and kenny, the gambler and the smoky mountain songbird. this dynamic duo is back together making music and headlines, talking long-time rumors from dolly parton's infamous back pain to kenny rogers going under the knife and how the pair, meaning dolly and kenny, seem to stay frozen in time. abc's reporter sat down with the king and queen of country music. ♪ we started here >> reporter: for country music fans the anthem of a generation, two of its biggest stars teaming up for what would become one of the best selling duets of all time. ♪ islands in the stream that is what we are ♪ >> reporter: it has taken 30 years but now kenny rogers and dolly parton are back together. recording another duet for kenny's most recent album aptly called -- ♪ you can't make old friends
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>> reporter: they sat down exclusively with us to talk about romance, rumors and how much they and their faces have changed over the last three decades. changes not lost on the tabloids. >> that was a bit painful though it was true. >> dolly would say old kenny has been to jiffy suck again. >> telling him, be honest. think he has grown into his facelift now, he looks great. i say he softened up. i am still growing -- >> you are ageless. >> what are the craziest rumors you heard about yourself throughout the years? >> i heard everything. they say all the time i am down, my boobs are so big, my back is broken. i am willing to sacrifice my hef health for the boobs. and i am. it's not true. even if their looks have changed that first hit together still seems ageless. >> reporter: when you hear what people say about it how it chand their lives, what does
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it make you feel? >> good. but i love the song the same way the fans do. as soon as i hear that first note, the intro i want to sing along with it. it is always great. >> no question it is the crown to everything, to have done the song with her, and have it be accepted so highly worldwide, that's what makes it so interesting. matter where i go thing they ask for is "island in the stream." >> reporter: and especially interesting twist, considering rodgers initially rejected that song, written by barry gibb and the beegees. >> you didn't like it? >> i didn't like it. i couldn't sing it. it wasn't me. >> you needed me? >> i did. after four days, i said, barry i don't like the song any more. it was like an epiphany. he said we need dolly parton just like that. i said how do we go about
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getting dolly parton. 45 minutes she comes walking in. >> recording studio. >> reporter: the rest is music history. island in the stream became the biggest country song of the year selling more than 2 million copies worldwide. >> of course, both singers achieved enormous success as solo artists. rogers with "the gambler." ♪ you got to know when to hold them ♪ >> sold 120 million records worldwide making him the eighth best selling male artist of all time. parton has sold an estimated 100 million albums. ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 >> reporter: many the sound tracks to most popular movies, like "9:00 to 5:00." and then there was the song she recorded herself. ♪ i will always love you ♪ and i >> reporter: years later the iconic performance by whitney
12:55 am
houston. ♪ will always love you >> reporter: parton is quite the respected business woman and even has her own theme park, dollywood. but nothing they have done individually was quite like performing together. >> my life has the not been the same since. >> mine either. >> reporter: where did the chemistry come from? >> he is very familiar to me. he seems like family. i saw my brothers, uncles, dad, and cousins. >> deon't say granddad. >> reporter: there have long been rumors how platonic the relationship was. let's set the record straight, was there anything beyond a friendship here? >> never. >> never, we could have. it never crossed our minds. i have been with my husband 48 years. that's not to say i am blind or dead. >> i always thought he was handsome. >> i think that chemistry and that connection comes from an
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unrequited love if you will. because we never consummated anything. and i will guarantee you everybody thinks we did. >> could we now before we die? >> reporter: parton is married to businessman, carl thomas dean, all most never seen in public. but for rogers the right partners seem to allude him. after four failed marriages it was the fifth time that was the charm. he has been married to wanda miller, a woman 28 years his junior since 1997. kenny and dolly went their separate ways. but now these lifelong friends have reunited to create new musical memories. >> it is really our story, when you hear the lyrics to it. ♪ we'll be young again you can't make old friends ♪ >> reporter: seeing them together once more any fan would have to ask -- >> can you just do something for my memory sake. can i get one or two lines from
12:57 am
"islands in the stream." ♪ islands in the stream get in your key. ♪ islands in the stream that's what we are no one in between how can we be ♪ >>. ♪ sail away with me >> she sings in your key. ♪ islands in the stream that is what we are no one in between how can we be wrong sail away with me to another world and we rely on each other uh-huh ♪ ♪ from one lover to another uh-huh ♪ >> they'll never come to another concert! >> kind of a cool gig for biana, i sang islands in the stream with kenny and dolly. kenny's new album "you can't make old friends" comes out october 8. next what brought this baseball legend to tears?
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tonight a "feed frenzy" for the record after kanye west placed himself at the top of the music hierarchy in a bbc radio one interview. >> we the real rock stars and i'm the biggest of all of them. >> jimmy kimmel responded showing us what those words sound like coming from a far smaller individual. >> we the rock stars. and i'm the biggest of all of them. >> kanye not amused with jimmy's spoof. after all according to kanye that interview was the first piece of honest media in years.
1:04 am
followed was a kanye kimmel social media battle. >> finally i am in a rap feud. >> one that turned vicious. many tweets too graphic for television. "the new york times" set the record straight on mario luigi from the super mario brothers games. in an obituary for the president, the times misstated the duo's all important professions. quote, the brothers mario and luigi who appear in this and nintendo games are plumbers not janitors. >> oh, no. >> and a record breaker threw his final pitch at yankees stadium last night. when mariano rivera was taken out not by the manager, his long time teammates. he lost it. we have seen a lot of athletes come and go over the years but this one left many in tears. thank you for watching abc news. tunen to "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always we are on line at


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