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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 1, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this shutdown. >> and our area's national parks and monuments will be closed. that includes the smithsonian museum and there are plans to barricade sites like the lincoln memorial. much more on this critical shutdown coming up in just a minute. for now, let's send things over to jacqui jeras and talk about the forecast today and a comfortable start. >> yeah. i think it looks pretty good. 60°, can't complain about that. but we have some 50° temperatures in the outlying areas. just bumped up to 61°. winds southwest at 5 miles per hour. so you might want a light jacket or sweater just for a few hours this morning but the 80s are back this afternoon. so a big warmup taking place starting today and it will stay warm for the rest of the week. we're a bit on the dry side. we could use a little bit of rainfall. and when will our next chance of rain be? that answer is coming up in your forecast, just a few minutes
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away. right now, amanda meadows has the latest on the roads. >> hi, jacqui. and on the roadways, we just have one incident that we're watching right now. this is an accident along route 5 in brandywine, heading northbound, so toward the beltway, you'll get the lane closures just past that merge for route 301. this has the left side getting by, so that right side is closed. expect moderate delays there. and then we also have quite a few live shots just to show what you things look like around the area, if you use eastern avenue, you can see those inbound lanes moving right along eastern avenue. and then we have a shot on the 14th street bridge, looking good there. this is on that southbound approach. so coming from the district out and onto 395. you look good in both directions. very light traffic there. then we also have light traffic on 395 at seminary road.
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those h.o.v. lanes are moving at a good clip. >> back to jummy and scott. >> for the first time in nearly 20 years, the federal government is shut down. >> this is the news most were expecting but that doesn't ease the frustration voters are feeling this morning after congress spent weeks in a political stalemate. we go live to brianne carter this morning for a look at the gridlock on capitol hill that forced the shutdown. >> that gridlock continues here, jummy. a bitter back and forth here between republicans and democrats. and the deadline came and went and no deal was reached. so now, we do in fact have that partial shutdown here on capitol hill and far-reaching really in the effects of all of this. we understand in the very early hours though that some house republicans did ask to meet with a group of senators to try to work out a way to fund the government for the next six weeks while also talking about the affordable care act. however, as we know, as we have
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seen over the past couple of weeks, senate majority leader harry reid says he will only meet if republicans pass a short term funding bill without any changes to the current health care law. and it is now october 1st. those exchanges will be open. but money to fund parts of the government will not. so what is the effect? well, some 800,000 federal workers will come to work only for a few hours, really to do the necessary procedures for the shutdown. others will be getting a paycheck, but those paychecks could be delayed. the president said that the military and other necessities will continue to be funded despite the shutdown. but still, a lot of harsh words early this morning from both sides. >> this is a very sad day for our country. >> i would hope that the senate would get a conference and discuss this so that we can resolve this for the american people. >> and for the economic impact, a number of people talking about
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this morning. how long will this last? how far-reaching will it be in terms of americans who will not be getting the money they thought they would be getting with furloughs and delayed paychecks. a lot of people wonder just exactly how long this will last here on capitol hill. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. and now that congress has missed a deadline to avert a government shutdown, we can expect to feel the effects in just a matter of hours. >> john gonzales is live now on the national mall this morning, where some of the nation's most prominent memorials will soon be off limits. john? >> and scott, like most memorials around d.c., the lincoln memorial behind us hardly ever closes. in fact, it was extremely rare a couple of weeks ago when it closed because of all that green paint. this morning, another type of green has forced it to close yet again. all visitors and tourists will be turned away from all national parks, smithsonian museums, and
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memorials. and we're talking even the statue of liberty in new york city. now, the national mall, the trash here will not be picked up, the bathrooms will not be cleaned. other impacts include delays on medical research studies at nih, some head start programs around the country will not be renewed, and many low to moderate income borrowers and first-time home buyers will see delays. now, things like taxes, u.s. mail, and travel will not be affected right now. but if this shutdown goes longer than two weeks, we'll be talking about many more furloughs in the next couple of weeks. reporting live at the lincoln memorial this morning, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> john, thank you so much. time now is 5:06. it is 60° outside. >> with the shutdown deadline come and gone, it won't be much longer before one of d.c.'s favorite mother/daughter duos goes dark. we'll explain the latest on the
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>> one of the' notable casualties of this government shutdown is the national zoo's panda cam. the camera is still up and running this morning, but it will soon be shut down. the zoo will also be closed.
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zoo keepers however will be on hand to continue to feed and care for all of the animals there. >> all right. 5:10. let's talk about jacqui about the weather and the forecast. >> i'm sorry. it's a disappointment, but it's okay. >> no! >> we're having a lot of fun here this morning. and we're so bummed about not being able to see the panda cam. at least we have it for now. if you're looking for something cool to see this morning, you can see the international space station. it will be at 6:11 this morning. it's going to disappear in the southeast and be visible for six minutes. how cool is that? 6:11. temperatures not as chilly as they've been. we're actually in the 50s over yesterday. temperatures were in the 40s. 52° in manassas. and 55° in lexington park. it will be another spectacular day, even warmer than yesterday. by lunch time, about 76°. take the lunch outside today if you can. and then by 5:00 p.m., i think temperatures right around 81°. our high today 82°. and we keep climbing through the
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rest of the work week. jacqui jeras has a look at the 7-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. but for now, we turn it over to amanda meadows. how are things on the roadways? >> we are looking pretty good on the roadways with the exception of one accident along route 5 in brandywine. this is coming toward the beltway. a few slowdowns there. that's just past the merge for route 301. that is getting report to the right side, so the left lanes are open through that stretch. 66 not looking too bad if you're commuting through virginia, about 60 miles per hour. you come into tyson's corner and toward the beltway, 395 moving at a good clip as well. showed you an earlier shot of the 14th street bridge. while we have light traffic conditions at this time. and we also have a live shot along the woodrow wilson bridge that shows you light traffic as well. this is par for the course on the beltway, inner loop on the virginia as well as the maryland
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side. moving right along. back to scott and jummy. >> all right. thank you very much, amanda. 60°, 5:12 your time on this tuesday morning. >> and people across the country are waking up frustrated. congress' inability to avert a government shutdown goes far beyond the washington area.
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>> this is good morning washington. on your side. >> hi. taking a check of our other
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local headlines, it's 5:15 this morning. police in prince georges county and d.c. are investigating another string of atm thefts. all three happened over the weekend and we're told thieves took two machines in prince georges county and a third in northeast d.c. all three thefts happened in the early morning hours. police are trying to figure out if they are all connected. a northern virginia resident is having the chance to speak out their minds about a proposed bicounty parkway. the four-lane highway would run between prince william and loudoun counties. the first meeting is tonight in alby, virginia, that starts at 6:00. a second meeting will be held thursday in manassas. a metropolitan police officer hurt in the navy yard shooting wakes up in his own bed this morning. doctors discharged officer scott williams. williams was shot in both legs. scott? >> jummy, more now on the government shutdown as national parks visitors have to get out. at yosemite national park in
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california, visitors staying at a hotel or campground are told they have 48 hours to vacate the park. no one is allowed to enter. >> we're not going to ask them to leave immediately, they'll have two days, even if their expected stay was longer. >> i'm pretty much rolling with the punches. there's no one to be really angry at, at this point, there's nowhere to take it. >> bunch of jerks running the show up there. it's not fair. >> he's especially upset because he had to book the camp site five months in advance. >> checking other news from out west, authorities in colorado say a 13-year-old girl is the sole survivor of a deadly rock slide. rocks buried six hikers a popular trail. the sheriff says the girl's father covered her to save her from the rocks. >> 5:16. let's talk weather a little bit. jacqui is here. and 60°, that's a good number to wake up to. >> it is. yeah, i'm not hating it. beautiful weather this week. i mean first day of october.
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we're all wearing our pink for breast cancer awareness month. you expect temperatures like in the 70s at best this time of year, right? so we're talking lower 80s. so this is unusually warm. are you feeling gypped? it's a little cool? >> a little bit. >> so this is on, right? >> well, it temperatures are one way today. and it looks like they'll be around for the better part of the week. here we, 61°, it's 5:00 a.m. and it's 61°. we were in the 40s yesterday morning, remember that in the outlying areas? we're not seeing any of that on the map at all this morning. 55° at dullles airport. 55° in martinsburg. and annapolis at 60° almost, at 59°. a couple of clouds out there, but overall more sunshine than anything else today. even a little bit more than we saw yesterday as a few of the clouds are lingering. you can see just a few patchy
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ones, especially over the mountains off to the west this morning. that will give way to clearing conditions. all right. so high pressure has been controlling our weather. and we've got to look all the way down into the tropics for our next chance of rain believe it or not. this cluster of showers and thunderstorms has a 30% chance of becoming the next tropical depression or tropical storm. now, the computer models on up towards the gulf of mexico and then sliding in with the cold front across the southeast and making its way up towards the mid-atlantic states. we could see some action from that by the early part of next week. it's nothing to worry about, just some rain showers. just letting you know, kind of interesting. part of our next rainfall could come from this. mostly sunny today. no rainfall in the forecast here. 78-83°. for tonight, mostly clear and cool. 52° to 60. so then tomorrow morning, waking up a lot like what we'll see this morning. sunny skies tomorrow afternoon, a high between 80 and 85°. there's the 80s all the way through the work week and the
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weekend. we'll cool down with more cloud cover on sunday. watching the timing of our next system to bring us those rain showers and it will cool off quite a bit as well. the time something a little bit uncertain, but looks like it will hold off until monday morning. let's get the latest on the roads from amanda meadows, also in her pink today. >> yes. i definitely have my pink on in support of breast cancer day. right now, one incident on the roadways, but so far, pretty good on the morning commute. a smooth roll on the outer and inner loop, but accident activity along route 5 northbound at route 301, the right side is closed. getting by on the left. not bumper to bumper conditions. in virginia, looking good. we had earlier construction through quantico. that is clear. all lanes open at this time. you can see right near the merge on 95 in maryland, that you have bright green, which means things are moving right along and tracking at least 40 to 45 miles
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per hour. and things are moving in at a good clip as well. route 109 at 60 miles per hour. and then a live shot from that same area at route 109, you can see it is moving right along. so no big problems or delays there if you use 270, also 14th street bridge, very light traffic at this point coming in from 395 toward the district. scott and jummy? >> thank you very much, amanda. now, sesame street is teaming up with one of the world's most popular digital map services. >> and it's got all that time you spent on your smartphone has your doctor worried. here's diana perez with this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, grand theft 5 goes online. you'll have access to the multi-version of the game. you can create orion avatar -- your joan avatars and team up with friends. and the sesame work shop has created a new layer on google earth. users who click on a specific country will see a message from
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a muppet and a live action film. and first, it was blackberry, and now, there's iposter. doctors are reporting an increase in the number of patients with back pain. they are attributing it to the number of hours hunched over a laptop or smartphone. and this may not look like much, but it's made up of each and every profile picture on facebook, all 1.2 billion of us. it was created by natalie rojas for her website, faces of facebook. those are your tech bytes. have a great day. >> so i can reach out, but there are no branches? >> try new things. >> really, what's wrong with trying new things?
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>> students at the university of california at berkeley are still not allowed back on campus this morning. it comes an after explosion from a power outage. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a school official says the blast may have been caused by vandals trying to steal underground copper wire. >> checking headlines from around the region. a number of new laws take effect
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today in maryland. using a hand-held cell phone while drive something a primary offense. you do not need to commit another offense for police to pull you over. montgomery county's police chief says there's no grace period. >> i don't think you should be using it. i agree 100%. >> the new seat belt law also starts today. so passengers in the front and back seat have to wear seatbelts. and maryland's new gun law kicks in too. it brans assault weapons and large magazines and also requires a safety course and fingerprinting for anyone wanting to buy a handgun. gun rights advocates will challenge the new gun law in court today. >> amazon is hiring 70,000 full-time seasonal workers. that's 20,000 more than were hired during last year's holiday season. the employees who work at amazon's more than 40 centers across the countries. the company says it plans to convert thousands of temporary
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jobs into permanent ones after the holidays. coming up in our next half-hour, even more companies will be hiring for the holidays. we'll tell you which ones are doing that, coming up in your business news. >> 5:26 now. and 60° on this tuesday morning. >> ahead at 5:30, for the first time in nearly two decades, our federal government is closed. we have live team coverage following every angle of this story with everything you need to know as you're waking up.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center. this is good morning washington. on your side. >> the clock has run out and the money is gone for the first time since 1995, a federal government has shut down. good morning to you, washington. i'm scott thurman.
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>> and i'm jummy olabanji. we have team coverage of the government shutdown this morning. brianne carter and john gonzalez are live with every angle of this story. but first, what you can expect. >> the deadline has passed. that means nearly 800,000 federal workers are furloughed. although some of them will have to show up for work today, it will be unpaid. >> president obama passed legislation ensuring that all active duty troops will be paid touring this shutdown. >> and many of our area's national parks and monuments will be closed. that includes the smithsonian museums. plans to barricade sites like the lincoln memorial. much more on this critical shutdown coming up in just a moment. first, let's send things over to meteorologist jacqui jeras with good news for us today, jacqui. >> i do have good news. at least if you like warm temperatures, that's for sure. pretty mild this morning. show you what's happening outdoors with the roof cam view from the top of the beltway weather center.
5:30 am
you can see for the most part, it's pretty decent. 61°, not too shabby for this time of year. wind west southwest at 5 miles per hour. while it's cool to start the day, it's really going to warm up this afternoon. the 80s are back. we're talking low 80s this afternoon. and this warm weather is going to stick around all week long. a dry weather pattern is setting up, but our next chance of rain will be coming up in our 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. let's go to amanda meadows. >> hi, jacqui. just one incident on the roadways right now. this is in brandywine, so if you use route 5 just before that merge, you'll get some delays northbound and toward the beltway. the right side is closed, two left lanes open through that stretch. moderate delays expected. 95 in maryland moving right along as you come in from laurel toward the beltway southbound. we have all lanes open. no incidents to report. 66 eastbound moving in from
5:31 am
centerville and fairfax all the way through manassas as well. no big problems or delays. and moving at a pretty good clip for this time of morning. we also have our traffic tracker out there manning the roadways. it will be on the gw parkway heading toward the 14th street bridge. looks like he's on the off-ramp right now. but there are no problems there. no reports of anything to us. so smooth sailing so far on the gw parkway. this is a shot at south capitol way. a little activity near that underpass. back to scott and you jummy. >> our top story this morning. the deadline passed, and for the first time in nearly 20 years, the government is shut down this morning. >> it's the news most were expecting, but does not ease the frustration voters are feeling after congress spent weeks in this political stalemate. let's go live to brianne carter with the gridlock that forced
5:32 am
this shutdown. >> something that will continue here, scott. a number of taxpayers saying that they sent lawmakers here to washington to get a job done, a job that they say they were not able to do. after a lot of bitter back and forth really between the house and senate, the deadline came and went. and no deal was reached. well, we do understand that early this morning, some house republicans said that they would like to meet with some key senate negotiators to try and work out a deal. but part of that deal would still be changing part of the affordable care act while funding the government for the next six weeks. senate majority leader harry reid said that he will not be discussing any bill that talks about changing the affordable care act. so while there is no money to continue funding the government, the exchanges will be open and the open enrollment for the health care law will begin today. now, some 800,000 federal workers are now facing furloughs. we understand the department of education, about 94% of those employees will be facing
5:33 am
furloughs. and for others, it means a delay in getting paid. we understand that the central services, including the postal workers as well as military and law enforcement will continue to get paid. we also understand a lot of harsh words coming from capitol hill. >> the house has voted to keep the government open. but we also want basic care for all americans under obamacare. >> we like to resolve issues. but we will not go to conference with a gun to our head. >> now, the big question a lot of people are going to be asking is about the economic impact that this will have with so many different entities being shut down as a result of all of this. some analysts say that just a few days may not be so bad, while others say that a few weeks really could be very damaging for the economic recovery. reporting live on capitol hill, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and the effects of this shut down are now beginning to spread
5:34 am
well beyond capitol hill. crews staged barricades near several popular monuments. in just a few hours, those sites are expected to be off limits. our john gonzalez is live outside the lincoln memorial with more on what we can expect in the next few hours. john? >> right off the bat this morning, about a million americans are facing furloughs. but we're also talking about a lot of closures around the city. you know, we just spoke with a u.s. park police officer here at the lincoln memorial, who says he's basically been working for free since 6:00 last night. and he's afraid that could go on, he believes, for about two weeks, of course, working at the lincoln memorial, which rarely closes, while this morning, it is forced to shut down yet again. of course, it closed a couple of weeks ago because of all that green paint. a different type of green this time has forced it to close. tourists and visitors will be turned away from all national parks, memorials, and smithsonian museums, and we're talking not only the national zoo here in the district, but also the statue of liberty in
5:35 am
new york city. around the national mall, trash will not be picked up. bathrooms will not be cleaned. maintenance workers are actually being told not to show up for work today. now, other impacts include delays on medical research studies at nih, some head start programs around the country will not be renewed. many low to moderate income borrowers and first-time home buyers could face delays over the next couple of weeks months. now, things l tax, u.s. , travel, will not be affected for now. for now, because if this shutdown goes longer than two weeks, we will be talking about many more furloughs over the next couple of months. reporting live at the lincoln memorial this morni, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> all right, john. thank you so much. it is 59° at 5:36. >> hockey season is here. and that means hope springs eternal. we've got a look ahead to the caps' first regular season game. that's coming up.
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>> everybody, come down for the taste of bethesda. we'll have a great time. and good morning, washington d.c.! >> good morning washington! [cheering]
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>> looking forward to the taste of bethesda. that's a great event. question of the forecast for that. i know we're days away from it. >> i thought you were going to say, what are we gonna eat? >> yeah. >> all right, eileen. i know you've got a good, nice forecast for us? >> it will be beautiful out there today. and the weather even for the taste of bethesda looks fantastic. i'm going to be out there, a lot of people from the station. we hope you'll join us much the weather will be delightful. it is nice out there this morning, not too cold. a little bit cool, though. 50s across most of the area. 54° right now in gaithersburg. 53° at bwi. 58° at quantico and 61 downtown. it will be spectacular. later this afternoon, temperatures warming up nicely. 76° by lunch time. about 81° by 5:00. our high today 82°. and we're climbing into the middle 80s for the day tomorrow and also throughout the rest of the work week. so really, things looking fantastic in the weather center. how are they looking on the
5:40 am
roadways? let's turn it over to amanda meadows, who has a look at the tuesday morning commute. >> good morning, eileen. we are seeing some activity, things getting thick there on the american legion bridge. we were watching looks like a mobile unit. construction area where we were seeing those delays. so this is going to actually be along south capitol street. you can see a little police activity under that overpass. expect some delays. i also believe we have a shot of the american legion bridge that shows that it is starting to get thick there. we were seeing some activity in that left lane. so now it looks like it has moved o, but you're seeing that thicker traffic there on the american legion bridge there on the outer route. that will probably clear out on the roadways. we're still watching a crash on route 5 northbound at route 301 coming in from brandywine toward the beltway. moderate delays there, but that's to the right side.
5:41 am
back to jummy and scott. >> thank you, amanda. it is 5:42 and 60°. and today, abc 7, as you might be able to see here, going pink. to start off breast cancer awareness month. >> and as you know, our jacqui jeras recently underwent a preventative double mastectomy,
5:42 am
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>> okay. i'm going to throw out two numbers. six and zero. six is the number of consecutive years the washington capitals have made it to the play-offs. six years of sold-out games and six years of zero stanley cup wins. and with the regular season starting tonight in chicago, everyone from the team to the owner is hoping that changes this year. while the washington capitals have enjoyed much regular season success, the post-season so far has been a bust.
5:45 am
>> last year, we played such good hockey going in. not too happy about that. >> d.c.'s icy hot team is turning that frustration into motivation. they've been working hard on and off the rink all summer long waiting for the first game of the season against the reigning chicago blackhawks. >> you can see how happy those guys are. and the fan reaction. >> it's the team's second season under head coach adam oates. with most of the players returning and healthy and some key acquisition in the off season, the players tell us they're ready to make a run. >> we want to get deeper than where we have in the past. >> the team owner has also set the bar high for his club. he believes his team has the best players, coach, arena, and fans in the league. he says the table is now set and all they need to do is get the stanley cup silverware to go
5:46 am
with it. >> until we win a stanley cup, we're falling short. where no one's happy with just making the play-offs, we want to go deep in the play-offs and eventually bring a championship to the great fans here in maryland, and virginia, and of course, washington d.c. >> something new this nhl season. each team will play each other once at home and once on the road. so the guys are telling us here that while it is more travel for them, it's good news, because they would have faced any potential play-off rival at least twice. >> we haven't talked about jamie graham yet. come on! touchdown saints! >> miami was no challenge for drew brees and the new orleans saints' dynamic offense. get this. brees threw for 413 yards, four touchdowns, two of them to jimmy graham. and the saints win monday night's battle of the unbeaten
5:47 am
38-17. and in baseball news, tampa bay knocked off texas 5-2. that means they are in that last spot in the play-offs. >> the rays play at cleveland tomorrow in the american league's one shot winner moves on wild card game. cincinnati meets the pirates in pittsburgh in the national league's showdown. here's tim brent with who came up big for the skins defense on sunday. >> and hello again, everybody. we start with the redskins. while a lot of folks don't like this early bye week and say it's too soon, it sure will help morris heal his sore ribs and help other guys heal the bumps and bruises. it will also give the coaches extra time to game plan for the cowboys. rg-3 continues to show improvement. and they'll have to do it with the defense if they're going to beat dallas. two sacks, two quarterback hits, two tackles for a loss, two pass breakups. should have had a pick. >> any time that you come back after an injury, that confidence
5:48 am
builds as you get more repetition. that's for rack and robert. anybody that's been injured, especially any length of time. >> there's a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> thanks, tim. coming up new at 6:00 on good morning washington, we've got chilling new details from an eyewitness to that mall attack in kenya. >> plus, your fast food isn't as fast as it used to be. we're going to tell you who clocks in the slowest. >> and find out why olympic track star lolo jones is packing on the pounds. new to come at 6:00. >> well, today marks the start of breast cancer awareness month. and unfortunately, jacqui jeras is no stranger to that disease. >> a few weeks ago, jacqui underwent a double mastectomy, even though she doesn't have breast cancer. our greta cruz explains what went into the life-changing decision. >> for good morning washington meteorologist jackie jeras, the forecast was not good.
5:49 am
>> it's touched almost every woman i love in my life. >> breast cancer has ravaged her family. >> my mother is a survivor. my grandmother and my sister were diagnosed this february, after watching her go through what she's been going through, it's very difficult. >> jacqui decided to have a preventive double mastectomy and reconstruction last month. with husband mike's total support. >> and i was so impressed with her the way she went out and she took these steps, as opposed to waiting and saying, okay, now i have no choice. a much better way to do it. >> only about 3% of mastectomies in the u.s. are preventive, but they're on the increase because of better quality best reconstruction and better genetic testing. the most common predictors of breast cancer are the brc-1 and 2 mutations. >> tested positive for the brc gene, there's an 80% chance of breast cancer. >> even though jacqui tested negative for those mutations,
5:50 am
her family history prompted her to go for the surgery. >> i want to be around for my children. >> greta cruz for good morning washington. >> well, tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, greta will have much more on the rise in the so-called prophylactic mastectomies as well as high risk breast cancer issues and genes. and then tomorrow on good morning washington, we'll show you more on jacqui's dramatic surgery and recovery. in the meantime, you're back. how do you feel? >> i feel great. hard to talk about myself. i like to talk about weather all day long, i could talk about my kids all day long. but when you have such a personal story to share. i want to share it with viewers because i learned so much throughout this process. you know, i learned that you can get a breast mri and ultrasound. there are other ways of prevention in addition to the usual ones like the mammograms and the self-breast exams as well. and insurance covered everything
5:51 am
for me as well. so go to, all kinds of information on that website. so it just makes one person do something today, that would be great. and we're all wearing pink too, right? the big go pink. that continues on good morning america this morning as well. >> absolutely. we got your back. >> let's talk about the weather, shall we? sunshine here. we've got some great weather to look forward to. not just today, but the next couple of days as well. temperatures are already comfortable to start the day. 61° and it's not even 6:00 a.m. dew point at 55. and winds are west southwest at 5 miles per hour. yesterday, you'll remember, we woke up to 40s in the burbs. not seeing that on the map this morning. so it is feeling more comfy. 55° in gaithersburg. yesterday, we made it up to 76°, and it was a beautiful afternoon. and look at our averages. we're a little above the seasonal norm yesterday, and today, we're going to top that
5:52 am
as we head into the 80s. rainfall, we haven't had any in the last 24 hours, or any in a week. so a departure for the month of september, we're down by about 2.5". is there any rain in the forecast? the answer, not anytime soon. high pressure is controlling our weather. up and down the eastern coast today. and so we are expecting to see clear and light conditions. we do have some changes by late in the weekend and early next week. a cold front finally approaches. low tropical moisture. that will change things for us. enjoy it while it lasts if you like the warmer conditions. mostly sunny and beautiful today. a high between 73° and 80. tonight, mostly clear and cool. 52-60°. and as we look at tomorrow, sunny skies, 80-85°. and really continue with some mid-80s through really much of the rest of the week. and you can see the clouds start to push in by sunday. the rain should hold off until monday. that's when our temperatures start going back down. that's the forecast. let's find out what's happening on the roads this morning. amanda meadows.
5:53 am
>> thank you, jacqui. starting to see things build in the usual hot spots. one of those being 95 in virginia. we can see things slowing down around 35 miles per hour towards quantico. typical delays. all lanes are open. we are getting reports toward the springfield interchange. northbound in the h.o.v. just passed fairfax county parkway, they have a new traffic pattern onto the main lanes in springfield. route 5, still working an accident northbound headed toward the beltway. off to the right side, left side open. brandywine coming in through falls church and arlington looking good. near route 28 on 66 eastbound, those lanes heading away from us are the eastbound lanes, starting to pick up as you come in from centerville. american legion picking up some traffic as well. that will be due to some activity that we saw a little earlier in the left lane on the outer loop. not too bad, just a little thicker than it usually would be. and we've also got a chopper
5:54 am
shot along 270. you can see typical delays coming in from urbana. this is a shot near shady grove. for now, back to jummy and scott. >> all right, amanda. it is 5:55 now. 60°. and coming up, a popular website gearing up for its own new music awards. >> and there's also a big jobs push this holiday season. we'll tell you who wants to hire you, com and when you get up -- can i play?
5:55 am
no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. -- that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe. if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister?
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>> z burger is reaching out to workers affected by the government shutdown. it's offering free burgers to anyone furloughed. the offer is good for one free burger per person at z burger at several locations. you can get a free burger from 11:00 until 1:00 in the afternoon and from 5:00 to 7:00 every day until the government reopens. just make sure to show your government i.d. and youtube is gearing up for its first ever music show awards. we knew they were coming. >> should be interesting. and more retailers are laying out their hiring plans for the holiday season. linda bell joins us live with a look ahead. i guess it's that time of year already, isn't it linda? >> yes. good morning to you, scott and jummy. wal-mart is hiring hundreds of people to help fulfill all the online orders they expect for the holiday shopping season. when fully operational, the two distribution centers will ultimately employ more than 600 full-time workers. speaking of holiday shopping, macy's is looking for 83,000
5:58 am
workers. that's up from the 80,000 that it needed last year. while video game retailer gamestop is also looking for about 17,000 workers. all right. you both mentioned it, get ready for the first ever youtube music awards. nominations will be announced on october 17th. and on sunday, november 3rd, they will have the event live and will honor artists and songs that have turned into hits over the past year. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, linda. we've got another hour of news ahead. and it all starts right now. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center. this is good morning washington. on your side. >> a shutdown will have a very real economic impact and real people. >> the deadline passes without a deal, leaving the government without any money and hundreds of thousands of people without a job to go to. we have live team coverage of
5:59 am
the impact of the first shutdown in nearly 20 years. >> plus, a key feature of the new health care law opens for business today. >> and the weather just keeps sticking around. we'll let you know more about that in just a second. >> good morning, washington. happy tuesday. i'm jummy olabanji. >> and i'm scott thurman. let's get right to that forecast. talk with jacqui jeras about the temperatures out there. nice and pleasant to start our tuesday. 60°, not bad at all. >> i know. little cooler in the outlying areas, right, in the 50s, but it's warmer than we were this time yesterday. so we're starting out at 61°. at reagan national airport, a light wind west southwest. waivey got an hour to go before that sun comes up. the 80s will be back by this afternoon. highs in the low 80s expected today. and the warm weather will last all week long. we have been try and we'll continue to be, but we have a chance of rain in the 7-day forecast. i'll tell when you from the weather centern


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