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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  October 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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om the belfort furniture weather center. amanda what is happening this morning? >> we have a medical emergency and the right side of the bridge is closed so use caution and avoid it if you can. getting word from the wtop traffic center that is a broken down box truck at the 3rd street tunnel approach and has laned closed. beach drive is closed due to the government shutdown in the picnic area between wise road and broad branch road. it is starting to get light out there but earlier when it was dark it was very hard to see the barriers so you need to use caution in that stretch. oregon is a good alternate. 295 not look too long bad as you
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lead in from the beltway and the wilson bridge. a live shot that shows you current conditions along route 50 and new york avenue. starting to stack up at that stop light. getting a little busy inbound. back to jummy and scott. >> thank you very much, amanda. it is day two of the government shutdown and there is still no deal to get hundreds of thousands of workers back on the job. so, it is going to be quite a task here as congress starts to figure out what the next move is. >> that's right. we do know that brianne carter is live on the scene at the capital. she should have more information coming up. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of frustration as we now head into day two and it appears there is no deal. we do understand yesterday that house republicans put forward a piecemeal bill, trying to get
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funding for certain parts of the government, but it did not pass. we heard from house democrats that this was not a clean bill for a continuing resolution, it has nothing to do with health care. well they're not going to pass it. they do not want to see certain parts of the government passed and not see others so they're asking for a clean bill. we also understand that some house republicans are now leaning towards that. there is a group of about a dozen of them that are urging that they head in that direction but so far it seems like there is no deal and both sides continue the back and forth. >> they took hostages by shutting down the government and now they're releasing one hostage at a time. >> we do expect later today that we will hear from some senators gathered here outside of capitol hill, as well as some federal workers that have been furloughed talking about the growing impact. at some point, analysts believe this could last several weeks. reporting live on capitol hill brianne carter abc7 news. >> thank you. 6:03 is the time. it is 61 degrees. still ahead on good morning,
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washington d.c. police investigate another stun gun robbery. >> also coming up, we've got details on the new truck being called a survival kit
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february, 2013. a landmark tnsportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republs icans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill.
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and the bill passes. terrrry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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>> 6:07 wednesday morning. we begin with a developing story out of prince george's county. >> there is a large police presence in calverton after a shooting that left one man dead. our john gonzalez is on the scene with the very latest. what else have you learned? >> good morning at this hour still a very active crime scene, and police investigation as police continue to investigate what they have confirmed to us
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to be a police-involved shooting here in the calverton section of prince george's county. a massive scene with emergency management trucks evidence vans detectives are focusing their efforts outside of a large apartment complex here. it appears to be just inside the tree line here, just beyond the outside of a dog park. now, here is what we mow. just before 2:00 this morning the report of a woman being assaulted. when police arrived, they found a woman bloodies and a man running from the scene. neighbors heard the commotion and several gunshots. we spoke with the prince george's county police spokeswoman, julie parker, and
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this is what she told us. >> a caller reports a woman is screaming get off me. our officers arrive within one minute. they find a woman who appears to be injured and see a man running from the scene. there is a short foot chase, a confrontation between our officer and this suspect. our officer discharged his weapon. the male suspect is stuck and killed. >> now, you are looking at a live picture from up above the crime scene where our news chopper 7 is taking video of the scene. you can see a very concentrated area just beyond the tree line there. a lot of police and detectives have been taking pictures and combing through the area with completal detecters and even using laters to scan the entire area. we're told the woman who was found bloodied, her injuries are not known but she was treated
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at the scene. the man who confronted police was shot and killed. the officer who fired his weapon, he has not been wounded. we're told he is a seven-year veteran of the prince george's county police force. of course, this investigation will continue for some time. we will bring you the latest when we have it. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thank you very much, john. 6:10 now. let's talk weather. another warm start to the day. >> nice weather, eileen whelam has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. it feels so comfortable out here right now. i have to say it even feels a little bit on the muggy side. you will feel it later today but very comfortable temperatures across the region in the lower 60s and upper 50s. you might want a light sweater but you won't need it this afternoon as temperatures soar
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into the 80s. up and down the east coast things look very, very nice with high-pressure in control. however, if your travels take you to the midsection of the country, there is the potential for severe storms that could impact your travel. thats from the is going -- frontal system is going to slide lieu and bring us our chance of rain which we desperately need. until then, dry and warm with temperatures in the 80s. let's see how things are looking on the roadways with wtop's amanda meadows. >> we got word of a break down on the southeast southwest freeway. that cleared memorial bridge and also cleared a medical emergency so inbound has all lanes open at this time. we have a live shot along 95 that shows clear conditions. it should show us that things are moving right along but getting a little thick in the through lanes.
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hov is still light at this time. we have beach drive closed down in the northwest section of the city. we are getting word that that is should down specifically between wise road and broad branch road. that is right near where that picnic area is so you will get detoured around that. oregon avenue northwest might be a good at nate. -- alternate. we're getting usual delays on 270 southbound near route 109 about 31-mile per hours for cars. i'll sent it back to you. >> thank you amanda. coming up, how wall street responded to the first day of the government shutdown. >> and, the
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>> good morning i'm meteorologist jacqui jeras. 6:16 is the time. it is time for your bus stop forecast. temperatures in the upper 50s to middle 60s when the bus picks you up this morning between 8:00 and 9:00. by recess, up to 81. and, 86 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon when the bus drops you off. a great day, dress the kids in short sleeved today. it feels like summer. how long can it last? we will have the full forecast just minutes away. >> jacqui, thank you very much. world war ii veterans facing shutdown restrictions. more than 125 veterans arrived at the world war ii memorial for a previously-scheduled visit but it was barricaded because of the shutdown. they got in any way because of help from members of congress.
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they plan to do the same thing today at the lincoln memorial. >> new this morning police investigate another stun gun robbery. two people say three men approached them just after 2:00 a.m. on the 4,000 block of georgia avenue, demanding whatever they have on them. one suspect went through one victim's pockets and another threatened them with a stun gun, stole their bikes and took off. police believe the group may be responsible for two similar robberies over the weekend. >> while it is warm here it looks like winter in romania. the first day of october brought the first snow of the season. a romainian tv station says it was the coldest day there in 5 years. some -- in 85 years. sol areas are seeing temperatures in the 20s. >> remember snow-tober.
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we will call it hot-tober or summer-tober. [laughter] >> this weather will do it to you the warmest weather since 2007. it is unusually warm, but not record levels. we've been in the 90s in early october. take it if you like it. we all like it. i do enjoy beautiful fall weather. one thing about this time of the year, that's the stink bug express right there. we have talked about it before on this program. the stink bugs are everywhere. have you seen them in are they invading your homes yet? we put this out to viewers for a little feedback. chris, one of my facebook friends, said he only saw one last year and the gas station
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pumps were crawling with them. ewe! they try to come inside as they get ready for that winter season. our dew points are 59, so a little bit on the humid side today. 55 in gaithersburg. 60 in lexington park and 61 at bwi. skies are clear and we will continue to see that through a better part of the day. you can see a few scattered showers, especially off to the west in the satellite picture, but high-pressure is large and in charge and that is going to dominate our weather the rest of the week blocking out all the other weather patterns, keeping us dry through the end of the weekend. today a good one, partly cloudy and warm. 10 to 15 degrees above average. highs should make it into the mid to upper 80s. mostly clear and comfortable. 55 to 63.
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tomorrow, partly sunny. fewer clouds. i will knock the temperatures down a couple degrees to 83 and 87. there is your seven-day forecast. mid 80s through the weekend we could see heavy downpours and we will need it. temperatures will call down and feel like october not summer-tober or october with a fever, if you want to call it. let's go to amanda meadows with the latest. what is going on on the roads? hot stuff there too? >> the delays are pretty quiet for this time of the morning. we will start with a live shot from our traffic tracker where we see the current conditions starting to heat up. a few brake lights there approaching the 11th street bridge. typical delays. all lanes are reported open at this time. build in that usual time for the heavy steady track southbound on 295. wees also have had things clearing up. a couple of earlier incidents are out of here, moving along from virginia to new bridge the
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beltway. beach drive is shut down from wise road to broad branch road. that is that stretch they usually should down beach road through the weekend so use cautious when you drive through there. 66 moving right along. route 28. word of construction on the approach to 66, that may slow you down in the morning commute. and the normal volume the live shot on that curve you're starting to see those brake lights. i will sent it back over to scott and jummy. >> okay, amanda. 6:21 is your time. a better than expected day on wall street following the government shutdown. >> and, a new truck may redefine a manly ride. >> good morning, topping america's money, stocks and the shutdown. all major averages closed higher
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yesterday amid the government closure. then believe it won't cause long-term disruptions in the economy, but this morning stock futures are down. the state of florida is settling with the bank. and, sales in september show an overall drop of 4%, ford was up of% and chrysler up 1%. how is this for a manly ride? the 2014 chevy black ops silvered aado being called a survival tank on wheels. no word on the price or when it goes on sale. sign me up for that one. make it a great day.
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>> a dance coach in marshfield,
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wisconsin, is off the job this morning because of her dance team's performance. take a look. ♪ >> they were dancing to that popular song during a half-time performance at a football game. three days later, the coach was fired. school leaders told her they received complaints, but provided though further details. they say the music was edited to make it appropriate for that hay school performance. and gladiators, they are counting down until the season premier of abc's "scandal". >> this morning we're getting a preview of season three. when last season ended olivia had broken tied to the married president but the press learned about that affair and a swarm of reporters were at her front door. she was whisked away and viewers learned who her father is. we will give you some answers. >> being stupid about this. >> i'm many things stupid, this is not one of them.
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>> what could make you possibly think you want to return to your old life as if nothing happened. >> what is happening is i'm taking care of myself. take me to my office. >> all right. creator says this season is not going to be anything anybody is expecting. "scandal" is on thursday at 10:00 here on abc7. >> you have your plans to watch it. >> dvr set, go to bed early record it. wake up an hour early before work and watch without turning on any social media so no one
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock
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in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. anthe bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." >> live from the abc7 broadcast center this is good morning
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washington on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, we arrive in calverton where an investigation is under way following a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> plus, there are growing concerns this morning about children's medical research as the government shutdown stretches into a second day. >> on the lighter side a new burger feature as calorie-filled bun. we will tell you more that. good morning to you, washington. it is wednesday, october 2. i'm scott thuman. >> and i'm jummy olabanji. we've made it over the hump. it is wednesday. let's get our wednesday weather. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras with a forecast most people will like. >> i heard you say it, hump day. everybody say it now. it is a good one. this is the peak too, by the way, of the heat. i think today will be the hottest day of the week, but we will stay warm all week long. 64 degrees is the temperatures. orange globe. the sunrise is 7:04 this
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morning. it is bumping back by minutes every day. across the region 50s in the suburbs. 59 in wind chester culpepper 55 degrees there. temperature in lexington park at 60 degrees. 85 degrees by 5:00 with the high around 87. the dry pattern is sticking around for a few more, but it will eventually end. we will tell you when in the belfort furniture weather center forecast. >> hump day, we are glad it is that much closer to the weekend. drivers are not going to be happy this morning. this is a live shot from that area. even though it is a bit blown out, you can see those emergency vehicles blocking the majority of those lanes on 395 southbound. luckily, this isn't headed northbound but this is just
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past duke. you were having to thread the needle but now looking at that activity across all lanes, it looks like. this is brand new, but we're definitely going to see slow downs and rubber necker delays northbound the longer it hangs out. looking good coming up from virginia so good to go coming up from the beltway. due to the government shutdown, beach road is closed from wise road. 270 is starting to pick up. a live shot shows us things are starting to slow down approaching montrose. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. let's talk about that developing story out of prince george's county. we're learning a lot more about the officer-involved shooting. john gonzalez joins us live from the scene with the latest. john what do we know at this point? >> scott, a man is dead and a
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police officer is on administration leave after this police-involved shooting at around 2:00 this morning in the calverton section of pig prince george's county. you can see just beyond the tree mark, police and detectives have been focusing their investigation. police trucks and forensic evidence vans have leaned the streets here. this is a large apartment complex and it appears police and detectives have found something beyond that tree line there. they've been pulling bags of evidence. police received a call from a neighbor around 2:00 this morning reporting they heard a woman out here yelling get off me, get off me! police arrived about a minute later to find the woman bloodied out here and a man running from the scene. then a short foot chase ensued here in the neighborhood.
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and, at some point, this man confronted police and a seven-year veteran of the police force fired his weapon, shooting and killing the man. we spoke with a neighbor who heard all the commotion from inside her apartment. >> i'm over here in this window with the light and i heard officers -- well first i heard foot pattern and there was commotion. and, i heard stay down. and, i heard the first gunshot. and, the voice intensified and he said, stay down! and, then, i heard the second gunshot. >> police are not saying if there was an exchange of gunfire or if the man was armed, but we can tell you the police officer was not injured in this. the woman found bloodied out here, she was treated at the scene and interviewed by police. again, detectives and police spending a lot of time out there about a hundred yards from us where they were live. they've been combing through the
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areas with metal detectors, even using lasers to scan the area as the investigation here continues. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thank you john. we will check back in before the end of the newscast. meantime the federal government is in day two of the government shutdown. >> negotiations seem to be going nowhere. there is in you concern this morning about children's medical research. brianne carter is joining us live from capitol hill with more on the story. >> there is growing concerns about a number of things as we head into day two of the shutdown, and it does not appear a deal will be done any time soon. we do understand that yesterday some house republicans put forward a bill to fund parts of the government that would include the national parks as well as some veteran's benefits and money to run the d.c. government, but that measure fails. we understand the democrats are saying they do not want to see a
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piecemeal-type of bill. they want to see something that will fund the entire government. we also understand there are a small sliver of house republicans, about as a dozen or so, that are so frustrated with all of this, they say they will they would be willing to talk about a clean bill for a continuing resolution. among those lists in that position, we understand the virginia congressman frank wolfful we know through all of this a measure was passed to continue to fund military throughout all of this but not everyone that works for the military is getting paid. some of them are going to work and being turned away. >> i came here to work today and i'm not allowed to. i'm not essential. none of us are. >> three quarters of nih employees are put on furlough, and this affects clinical trials going on there. six new clinical trials that would have started this week have already been put on hold. some of those clinical trials typically include dozens of cancer patients each week that are coming in.
6:37 am
many have been pose pointed because of -- postponed because of this, due to the shutdown. we understand president obama canceling a portion of his trip overseas next week due to the shutdown. brianne carter, abc7 news. >> thank you, bri. someone in maryland is waking up a whole lot richer. >> winning $189 million mega millions ticket was sold. here are the winning numbers if you want to compare them. 7, 10, 30 37, 53 and the mega ball is one. >> congratulations to the winner. it is 6:38 and 62 degrees. still ahead on good morning washington, we will take a closer look at jacqui's recovery from her preventive double mastectomy.
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>> we're the animal welfare league of alexandria, join us for the shelter walk on october 20. learn more at good morning washington! >> you've probably seen it by now, the video that a woman posted announcing she quit her job at a taiwan ease video company. it went viral as hand nearly 7 million views on youtube. >> now the company has its own video. the message we're hiring. they highlight the perks for working for that company including a raff top pool and dancing. they also wish her well. we're hiring.
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it is clever. >> people applied now. let's talk weather. 6:43 on this wednesday morning. look who is outside. >> eileen whelan. >> this isn't a half bad gig out here, stepping outside to enjoy this early morning. it is still pretty dark but it is gorgeous and the temperature is not that bad. i'm out here in a cardigan and i feel extremely comfortable. it is hard to believe highs will climb into the middle and upper 80s but the average this time of year is how to 74 degrees. i want to show you a few october stats here. it is the beginning of october and i'm showing you this graphic with the leaves falling. but our temperature will continue to drop about 10 degrees for the average of the month. also, our first snowfall on record on act 5. and we had that snowfall two years ago in late october. we will bring you more from the belfort furniture weather center in just a little bit.
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for now turn it over to amanda meadows. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, eileen. beautiful in the weather department but on 395 it is getting messy this morning. we've got reports of a crash and we can see it on our traffic camera system. it has all lanes shut down. even though this is a little blown out as far as the lighting goes due to the emergency vehicles, you can see all of those lights right there in the middle of the roadway and see the cars stacking up behind it. this is due to a crash. 395 southbound past duke, all lanes are shutdown. we are getting reports that traffic only gets by with police direction so that is slowing down around 43 miles per hour. you're getting brake lights northbound due rubber neckers. delays on the outer loop montgomery county. we've got a live shot from our traffic tracker that shows current conditions along 295 should be. moving right along in from route 50. for now i'll send it back to
6:44 am
you. >> coming up, two georgetown basketball coaches are under investigation for disrespecting and mistreating players. >> plus the latest on the artery clogging spin on the
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>> this is good morning washington on your side. >> good morning everyone. we have made do to the middle of the workweek and school week. kids if you are headed to the bus stop, it is so comfortable. parents are telling to you bring alone the sweater or light jacket this morning, just go with it because it is a little bit cool especially in the farther northwest subers with temperatures in the 50s. but later on, shorts ante shirt weather middle 80s for the outside temperature recess for sure.
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later on, when you're getting dropped off, temperatures around 86 degrees. >> 6:47 is your time. following news around the region now two governton university coaches are on -- two georgetown university coaches are on leave accused of unprofessional conduct and accused of using inappropriate language. they've not said why the assistant coach, tim valentine are on leave. the university is investigating the allegations. >> today d.c.'s alcoholic beverage control board is expected to make key decisions about liquor licenses. it is considering issuing a moratorium. the alliance petitioned the board, saying there are too many liquor licenses in the neighborhood and they complained about noise, crime and parking problems. new this morning gunman
6:47 am
downed a military helicopter north of baghdad, killing five crewmembers. they provide aerial support to crews on the ground. >> jacksonville international airport in florida is back open this morning after an evacuation. the airport was shut down about five hours after two suspicious paxages were found there. authorities say one of the packages were of, quote a destructive nature and had to be removed by the bomb squad but they wouldn't elaborate. there are still some delays and cancellations at that airport. >> as you know, our jacqui jeras under went a double mastectomy last month because of her family history, she was under high risk. >> we have more about the life-saving surgery and her prospects for the future. just one day after her double
6:48 am
mastectomy, good morning, washington's jacqui jeras leaves the hospital with her husband, mike. >> i want women to know, this season for everybody, but it is an option that is available. >> an option covered by her insurance. >> how are new. >> a week later, jacqui meets with her surgeon anxious. did they find anything bad during the massectomy? >> it was good. it did show a few little things, but all benign. >> no cancer, but a small tumor was removed. if left alone, it had a 15% chance of becoming cancerous. >> that makes me feel better about doing what i did and just kind of confirms that the risk was definitely there into five days later? >> there is no signs of infection. we will go ahead and put some fluid in on the side. >> this plastic surgeon is reconstructing jacqui's breast. each week, injecting saline under her skin, later to be
6:49 am
replaced by silicone implants. >> and then she won't need any more operations. >> and jacqui should be able to resume a more active lifestyle without the fear of breast cancer. >> i love that. >> even when you're biking, the wind. >> to be out there biking moving around after. >> that was shot beforehand. >> you will be soon shoo another two weeks and i should be able to do a little bit more physical activity. doing a little bit of physical therapy to get my range of motion back. you might notice on the green screen, i'm not doing huge gestures, but i'm working on it. a lot of information on our website, if you have more interest or a high family history, you want to know what options are available, go to we put good links on there for you. >> great. >> let's do weather. >> today would be a nice day for
6:50 am
a bike ride shoo i know, can't wait! bike ride, walk take the pets outside. do anything, jumping jacks, how about that. get eileen doing jumping jacks. she is like no, giving us the no. 64 degrees our temperature at this hour. 50s in the suburbs. 50 in manassas. it is a little bit on the cooler side. maybe a sweat are for another hour or two. we will get you warmer this morning. we will continue to see the temperatures rise this afternoon. high-pressure is anchored here across the carolinas, and that is bringing in the west to southwesterly flow today. we get a little bit of help from the downslope of the mountains which compresses the air and heat it is up more. today should be the hottest day of the week. we're talking mid to up every 80s, which is 10 to 15 degrees
6:51 am
above average. the high-pressure is blocking it out for a couple days so the high weather pattern can continue. it is approaching by late in the weekend, and in addition to that we're keep an eye on the tropics. this cluster of thunderstorms could be our next tropical depression or named storm. if it is, it will get the name of karen. it is not likely this will go national gulf. the remnants could head our way to mix one that cold front. the forecast today, partly cloudy skies. it going to be warm, mid to upper 80s. tonight, comfortable. 55 to 63 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny and warm. 83 to 87. the seven-day forecast showing the mid 80s and lower 80s by the weekend. showers on monday, tuesday. we need this rain. we're dry by a couple of inches and temperatures will feel more like october. time for traffic this morning. things are getting busy, amanda meadows.
6:52 am
>> it is getting busy. we have three new accidents. on three major routes as well. we will start with this chop every shot. this is going to show you you've got all lanes closed, just single file there getting by with police direction. that's to the right. this is on 395 southbound, this is a brand new accident just picked it up about 15 minutes ago and it is blocking all lanes. just getting by single file in that right lane with police direction just past duke street. northbound you're getting delays in the springfield interchange. northbound heavier through that stretch. our traffic tracker is heading in that direction. he will hit those brake lights soon. 66, heading to the mapping system that is on 66 just past route 7 and that has the left lane closed. we also have activity on the outer loop and the west side closed on route 109 due to a crash. if you want information on any
6:53 am
of those accidents, put it on 103.5 fm once you jump in the car every 10 minutes on the 8s and when it breaks, they will give you traffic updates. >> thank you amanda. 6:54 now. >> here is what you need to know before you go this morning. d.c. police investigating another robbery involving a stun gun. this one happened around 2:00 this morning on georgia avenue northwest. police believe the same suspects may be responsible for two other robberies over the weekend. >> we're just getting word now one person is hospitalized after a house fire on addison road. the resident is suffering from smoke inhalation. >> and good news this morning, someone in maryland is waking up a whole lot richer. a winning $189 million mega millions ticket was sold, we don't know exactly where yet. the winning numbers are 7, 10, 30, 37, 53 and the mega ball is one. >> right now, for a live round-up of today's top stories.
6:54 am
>> we start with john gonzalez. john? >> police are wrapping up a police-involved shooting investigation in calverton, maryland. about 2:00 this morning a woman called police saying she heard a woman outside yelling, fete off me, get off me! when police arrived, they found the woman bloodies and the suspect ran from police. the suspect confronted police and was shot and killed. >> it is days two of the government shutdown and no deal any time soon. we understand yesterday house republicans tried to put forward a deal to fund some of the government but democrats say they don't want a piecemeal bill they want a clean bill to fund the entire government. we expect to hear from senators and federal workers furloughed later today. many across this country already feeling the impact. jacqui? >> temperatures on the warm side, 10 or 25 -- or 15 degrees
6:55 am
above normal tomorrow. feeling like june instead of the start of october. 82 and partly cloudy at noon. 85 at 5:00. the high temperature today should reach 87. amanda? >> we're getting busy in the morning commute. we have three new incidents working. 270, 66 and 395. this is 395 the right lane gets by single file at duke street. that is southbound. northbound you have approaching the springfield interchange. we have an incident on 270. this will have the route closed at 209. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. before we go, a new burger features one of the tastiest artery-coloring burger buns you could ever see. >> look at the new mac attack. the new burger in a bar in chicago, it has a bun made of deep-fried macoroni and cheese.
6:56 am
who else. that looks delicious. no words in this calorie creation. not going toly, that looks pretty good. >> how many calories in that thing, that's why we don't know. >> the hot sauce save a few. >> if you split it in half the way they show it, we will split the calleries. >> i'm not sharing mine. >> three one for each of us. >> that's going to do it for good morning washington this morning. good morning, america is next. >> we will see you back here at noon.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. this florida airport, plunged into chaos. two suspicious packages discovered. stranded passengers running for cover. >> everybody started running, all of the people that works at the counters started ducking behind where the packages go. >> authorities revealing one of the items was a destructive device. new details coming in. deadlock in the political staredown. no sign of either side giving up in on the vicious stalemate over the government shutdown. the president cancels his trip to asia. and big questions on how the u.s. can pay its bills. new developments on the road rage. two in custody, as the police search for the men seen splashing the driver's window and pulling him out. this driver left in critical condition. his family speaking out. and the boss fires back. video responding t


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