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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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scene. he starts our team coverage tonight. here at first and constitution northwest. one of the points in which this thing went through. we understand around 2:18 is chase started near the white house, and came to capitol hill. this video you see police cruisers chasing the female suspect driving a black infinity . we learned she had a small child in the vehicle. she slowed the vehicle and .olice tried to approach she turned and took off again. -- turninght on can right onto constitution avenue. barriers at the
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other end of constitution. she saw she could not get out and tried to back up. that is when police opened fire. we believe killing her. officer saw the small child in the car and remove the child from the scene. the child has been taken to children's hospital. a police car was severely damaged. an officer was hurt. deployed and the back driver side door was ripped off the car. rescuers had to use the jaws of life to remove the officer from the car. ae capitol police chief held news conference. --. police is handing handling this investigation. -- they do not think it involved terrorism. herely a lot of activity at first and constitution. all the way up to second and
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constitution. that is the story from here. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> the scene stretches all around the u.s. capitol, armed officers flooding the scene. what witnesses saw. tothe scene stretches up second and constitution. that is where we are. you can see the metropolitan police there just past the van. that is the woman's car described by sam ford. it is crumpled. it.can see a glimpse of it has been through some trauma. we want to show you video. we believe a barricade looked directly underneath the police officers car. here he is on the stretcher. we are told he is expected to make a full recovery. that officer on the stretcher is one of the things so many people
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appear witnessed this afternoon. people solve the chase and police opening fire. they saw people injured. here are a couple of the stories. >> he would not stop. as they were going around the roundabout, they boxed in. they tried to drive up on the sidewalk. that is when they boxed him in. it went off. we didn't really pay attention. we were trying to hide from bullets. >> all the vehicles were running around. >> i'm in describing having to hide from stray bullets. another saying it was chaos. that is what people experience. you can imagine the gunshots
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echoing among the buildings. on theday out here streets. quite because of the shed downgrade a lot of people who were experiencing this thing. quieting down. >> we told you this started when the female driver tried to run through baric rate at the white house. -- sped over to the capital capitol. >> to give you a sense of how this went down, that is the white house on the other side of the trees. this is the 15th street of the white house. barricades is where the woman in the car tried to ram her way through. apparently the secret service try to stop her. she drove away to the capital with agents in pursuit. we talked to witnesses said it was a very scary afternoon.
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, returned to the side of the white house today. story.a much different >> police blocked off everything. i didn't know what was going on. >> first she thought the .ecurities was for motorcade then she realized it was no motorcade. >> they came out of nowhere and blocked off the streets. they told everyone to move. >> the driver had tried to get through the barricade on the east side of the white house. she tore out of here with agents in pursuit until everything ended near the capital --capitol . happened,oting just and now it is like what is going on? it is scary.
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>> will we heard from police most recently, they were trying to determine if shots were fired in this area, or if the shots were fired close to the capital -- capitol. areas whoe at vending should have heard them say they did not hear anything. rousing. >> we are stunning to hear more about the driver at the center of the violins. is live.ennedy >> we do not have a name yet. there is a name out there floating around. we are not ready to report to. abc news is reporting authorities are trying to confirm the suspect is a 34- stamford,oman from connecticut with a history of mental health issues. she was driving and infiniti coupe.
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the car she was driving was least and did have connecticut tags. it would be in keeping with her having that home address. authorities are trying to confirm that. expect that press conference to include mpd and capitol police. members of congress were locked down during the shooting. is in the satellite center with reactions. mostspite active sessions, members of congress had no idea -- police were forced to open fire outside the building. it was social media messages that placed them on notice that something dyer had happened.
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>> i was down at the memorial with veterans from davenport, and we got notice like everyone else. that is it. shots fired. we do not have any other facts. >> how many shots? [inaudible] >> they heard a lot of shots. that is all we know. we thought we heard shots. we were walking back to our office.
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>> we heard three pops. >> the police told us to come here. area.e in the grassy cars.old us to get behind >> the house to reconvene with a moment of silence. the senate is adjourned until 10:30 tomorrow. coming up, some of the frantic tweets from lawmakers as they try to figure out what was going on. that is the latest from the satellite center. >> thank you. remarkable work from police today. a police officer and the suspect were sent to the hospital during the incident. kris van cleave is live with that part of the story. you have to have good news. >> we are hearing is the officer officers injuries are nonlife
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threatening. we do not have a condition on that officer. we understand nonlife threatening injuries. the expectation from his sources is that the officer will make a .ull recovery we have information about how he was injured. barricades came up on his cruiser. he was cut out of the vehicle. he is here at medstar. he was flown here by the park police helicopters. he was here within minutes. he was inside seeing the doctors. let show video we have collected. what we're saying, police officers arriving here to check on their colleague and find the how he is doing. the other thing, medstar did receive a second person, we believe to be the suspect involved. she is dead. the hospital is not confirming
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that. we are hearing from sources investigators are inside. they're working to identify the woman. i may have already done that, trying to piece together who she was. what led up to this incident. we are able to confirm that the child in the car was taken to children's hospital. it is on the same campus here. a different facility. the child did not have life- threatening injuries. officer isw is the nonlife threatening. a third person was taken here. he believed that to be the suspect who we understand has died. live at washington hospital center's. much more on the developing story coming up in a few minutes. we have our reporters all over the district covering all angles of the story. they continue to search for new clues.
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we will go back to them as soon as they have something new to bring us. >> we are going to turn to the weather situation. this is not your typical fall day. >> another summer evening in october. a cold front comes to town. .e have a tropical storm it could be here by the end of the week. it is very quiet weather-wise around the area. a live look, it looks pretty good with a few clouds. dew point temperatures will slowly creep up the next few days. temperatures in the upper 80. at reagan national airport. 85 and fredericksburg. a babe raise at annapolis. -- abe a breeze in annapolis.
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here the temperatures. all of these numbers are above average for the time of year. until you get to the west, places like minnesota, 54 degrees. there is a change with the coastal storm coming to the northwest. we are going to keep an eye on that. -- a big push of moisture coming. edge of that warm air mass is going to push through the day tomorrow. the the action is north of front. it is late summer sunshine. at high is going to move offshore according to our futurecast. it will allow the warm area to overtake. then the system is going to move
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offshore. i think the effect is going to be to help steer the moisture from topical storm karen, blocking the core door. it could be.trong 65 miles per hour. high gusts. indications say could be a low in hurricane. per hour winds over the next few days. a hurricane watch has been posted. here the particulars. moving,per hour gusts the pressure below normal. a slowdown as we head into the weekend. the official track takes it over
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south carolina, north carolina by monday afternoon. the cold front will be coming in. the way this is going to work out, the cold front is going to be capable of reducing scattered showers. if everything comes together, this moisture could continue to move up along the front and give a substantial rain. we're going to watch that closely over the next several days. a 82 andw clouds, partly sunny. above average tomorrow. on monday and tuesday, the timeframe closer to the cold front and the possibility of the advancement of tropical storms aaron -- tropical storm karen advancement. >> we need the rain. thank you.
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>> back to our breaking news story. lockdown. hill was on sam ford has been leading the coverage. live from capitol hill with the latest. at onere here where point it started at the white house. they came to the city. the eastern part of the capital. .- the capitol a woman slowing down. she slows down the car and the police get out with guns drawn. hill.ees, goes up capitol she is finally stopped by a barrier and tries to flee again.
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police opened fire on her and killed her. talking about, this is the second bizarre situation we have had here in the city in the last few weeks. placeave had barriers in afterly as a protection 9/11. they put up a number of barriers to stop vehicles. they managed to get a barrier at the bottom of the hill too late. up by thehe barriers time she got to the top of the hill to stop her. she refused to be stopped and try to back up. they opened fire prater they discovered there was a small child inside the car. the child was taken to the hospital. the child is in good condition. she was not shot. thatolice chief told us
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they didn't know exactly what the motive was, but did not think it invoed terrorism. >'re told it was an isolated incident that took place. we are waitior a press conferencet is expected to happen at the top of the hour. >> hopefully we will find out more information about what unfolded and the susct that was behind the wheel. suzanne kennedy is live, she is been trying to dig up more information on her. >> abc is confirmed woman is a ield woman from stanford, connecticut. they are investigating whether or not she has had mental health issues. there is no identification on the vehicle. we know the only shots that were fired at the scene came from capitol police. a leased vehicle.
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it had connecticut tags, keeping with her believed to be in -- to have been from connecticut. blocked, andis they're saying please stay out of the area. that is where the investigation is taking place. become obviously very busy and will remain so as the mpd assist capitol police. the fbi was brought in to handle this issue as well. we know the press conference coming up at the top of the hour is going to be from the capitol police, secret service, at the eye as well -- the fbi as well.
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that is expected shortly. the area and lockdown now. police are asking people to stay out of the area. >> there has been a flurry of tweets. one saying there are no words for how appreciative we offer at bravery of our friends the capitol police to look out for all of us. -- have been assisting >> all are showing a great deal of gratitude that the men and women of the police department were there and able to respond quickly, to tell them to stay away from the windows and doors while they manage the situation. , theree house reconvened was a sustained standing ovation
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saying thank you to the capitol police for the work they did. >> thank you for the latest. they were appreciative. there was aince -- standing ovation at took place inside capitol hill. on thel ahead, more shooting near the capitol. camera, employees at a nail salon. and the latest on the situation taking place. all the chicken in your grocery store
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for govevernor, and i sponsored this ad."
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wewell, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at peperdue, we believe in a betterer chick. >> a disturbing crime caught on video. armed robbers hit a salon employee on the head. the robbery happened in district heights. pursesbers took cash and on the employees and customers and randolph. -- and then ran off. a barricade in southeast washington today. they ame what barricade.with the
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>> this is the closest we have been able to get to the house. we have been here since 10:00 this morning. suspects are five in custody. very dangerous man who attacked overnight may be off the streets. cameras were rolling when police captured two of five men involved in a home invasion this morning. >> i'm afraid of what might happen. >> neighbors were on lockdown andhours as swat teams police officers surrounded the block. god for bed she is traumatized. >> a frightening night for one
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family in northeast. it group of suspects broke into the home and tied up the family, rob them, stole them, and burnt their car. >> i cannot imagine what the family is going through. i pray for them. >> witnesses still need to identify the man. we understand he wears a court ankle bracelet. that led police to the house. >> it is scary. it is very scary. what we are going to try to do after this happened, neighbors a going to have to get together to see what we can prevent this from happening again. >> we met with the family who was victimized. they did not wish to speak on camera. a survey are doing fine and have
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relatives surrounding them. as far as the ankle bracelet, some expressed surprise. it is not the first case of its kind of police have tracked down the criminals wearing active gps bracelets. >> what a busy day. back to theetting breaking news from capitol hill.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. >> back to the breaking news coming in from capitol hill. >> we're waiting on a news conference scheduled for 6:00. a woman tried to bustle through the barricade at the white house l.d sped to the capito .> live with witness reaction >> when this took place, we were the shutdown. it was very clear quickly this was an unfolding and tense the situation. here is what it looked like when we arrived.
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officers performing cpr on someone involved in the situation. the individual was transported to the hospital. police officers were standing with weapons. fire trucks filling up the area. traffic was not moving at all. the incident taking place near many workers home today because of the shutdown. the area was on lock down completely. people were in shock after seeing and hearing what took place. boom, boom.oom, the gunfire unloading. >> it was not something i was expecting. shots and a series of that was it. ,he barricades were already up and cops are pulling in.
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>> we were speaking with people lockdown in the government buildings, specifically the supreme court building. they do not know what was going on outside. even after they've -- people were working in the area. they were shaken even after things had calmed down. lot aboutlearning a the frightening moments after shots were fired. life to continue team coverage with reaction for witnesses. good vantagevery point right now. we have moved a little bit. you are looking down , whereution at the scene this event climaxed. you can see the barricades that say stop. that is what trapped the woman's car. , thean see the black car
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leasednfinity -- infinity. it is on the curb down there. that's where the gunshots were fired and the woman was killed. that is where the child was rescued from the backseat. we talked to a man who lives where we are standing, and he was able to offer his perspective. he saw the child being brought out of the car. >> the police officers were swarming the guard post, and they could identify a black car that crashed. that is where everyone was swarming. i saw police officer hugging a small child. >> the small child is two years old and was described as being
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in good condition. it looked like the child was well cared for. this is still a crime zine -- crime scene. i have heard that authorities are tracing the car and trying to identify the woman. they believe they know what -- they believe they know who she is, but they have not confirmed it. i am told by sources that the interview process, talking to hasle who knew the woman just begun. they do not know why this happened. >> you are right. we do not have identification on who the woman is. we are learning tidbits about her. lived inrs to have stamford, connecticut. tracking down details, more and what has been uncovered.
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>> i have been speaking on the telephone with whom we believed is her employer. the woman has not yet been identified. she lives in stamford, connecticut. police are now executing a search warrant at her home in connecticut. with tellsr i spoke me the office is distraught, and they are waiting a statement from her and lawyer. the one told me that the suspect woman worked at the office until october of last year. then she left. she came back briefly but she no longer works there at the time. i asked about reports that the were mental health issues in the woman said she could not address that. she was not authorized. she told me that she had seen the black sedan on tv.
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woman'sook like the car. there are moving parts here. we do believe this was a 34 noble men who lived in stamford, connecticut. she did have a daughter, proximally two years old. that is what we can tell you. formerin touch with the employer of the woman and hoping to hear back from them. that is the very latest. there are ports yet mental issues. none of that has been confirmed. >> we should point out all of the information we are hoping to get confirmed. everyone was at work a capitol hill. we are three days into the shutdown. it doesn't appear the congress is making progress towards a resolution. president obama said that house speaker john boehner was the one to blame for the shutdown.
5:37 pm
>> speaker john boehner won't let the bill get a yes or no vote because he doesn't want to anger the extremists in his party. >> all we're asking for is a discussion and fairness for the under obamacare. >> democrats and republicans of called to let the house vote. the speaker isn't voting -- isn't budging.
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>> back to breaking news unfolding on capitol hill. a woman was shot and killed by police after she tried to ram a barricade at the white house, and then tried to ram a barricade at the capitol building. , harrowing unfolding moments for people around the
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area. >> there were three separate scenes. sam ford is live with witness reactions. >> we're at first and constitution. wassee a police car that disabled because of a barrier. it went up to second and constitution. that was where the suspect was killed. one of the people out here at -- you said you were up here to look around? >> exactly. to look at what is going on with the shutdown. i went in front of the building. at 2:19.he gunshot i saw black car speeding fast.
5:42 pm per i saw five police cars chasing the car. a big, car.ked around and saw a i didn't see anybody from where i was at. >> what did you think was going on? >> i thought someone was attacking the capitol building. front, twopeople in police there. they asked us to leave the area. >> this was a frightening experience. >> very frightening. >> that was three hours ago. police are still here on the scene and will be here for hours. , theis constitution avenue senate side of the u.s. capitol
5:43 pm
building. northwest toom northeast. in was caught at the barrier the north side. the -- you for being inside. witnesses talk about hearing gunshots. theref of staff was inside, he joins us live on the phone. you did not hear gunshots. >> we did not hear gunshots where we were. we were inside the heart center thece building where gunfire took place. we were on the back side of the building. i am hoping you have gotten to see the video that we have gotten hands-on of police
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surrounding. you can hear gunshots. your reaction, knowing what was going on outside? >> it is shocking. it started before we were told to shelter. themlleagues, i saw running to windows on the backside of the building. i went to look, and we saw a lot of commotion. police officers running up the street, barricading the street. somethingmediately was wrong. it did not seem at the drilled us. that was the beginning. we got our notice we had to shelter, which is the term forogy -- the terminology going away from windows and doors. it was fairly intense. i think we're feeling the stress
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of the situation and the navy yard shooting several weeks ago, the shutdown. it has been a rough souder road -- it has been a rough several weeks for federal employees. unfortunately we are put in dangerous situations. we were thankful for the great work of the capitol police. >> that is what people have been commending tonight. the police. did the senator from colorado have anything to say? >> absolutely. he was with us in the office. he was here working. he had to shelter with us. we were waiting to see what was going on. was sures, he said he the police had things in control and handling the situation. was very suree
5:46 pm
that we were in good hands. they are a well-trained force. we are thankful they are here to help protect us in situations like this. trained, indeed. never more evident than today. thank you for joining us on the phone. >> thank you. >> even with the shutdown and earlier, let'sed check in to find out about traffic. >> on constitution avenue, and remains closed between 3rd street northwest and 3rd street northeast. louisiana avenue is also close. a stretch of north capitol street is also close. those are the only closures going on around the capitol building. a stretch of independence has
5:47 pm
been closed. that has been reopened. we have commuting delays around the area. around the beltway, plenty of volume out there. , also on 66ethesda west to the south. that is the way it looks. >> thank you. that is the way it looks. >> thank all the chicken in your grocery store
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is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. . does this. february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by rerepublican governor mcdonnell. kecuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond.
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mcauliffe presses democrmos to support the bill. and the bill passe terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so wede feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds h ith no added animal by-products.... ormones...or steroids. because at rdue, we believeve in a better chick.
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>> allegations tonight against a high school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. robertice arrested schemer for felony sex abuse. >> a modern -- the two were texting, e-mailing, eating lunch privately in his classroom. parents got in the way. the allegations are scathing. a teacher with 10 years in the classroom had dozens of adult
5:51 pm
conversations with a female his age.alf >> he speaks in a properly toward students. >> the senior isn't surprised. >> i was creeped out by him. he talks to all the students like that. >> he would act like one of the guys. when he is with our parents, he would be serious. >> loop plays baseball at albert einstein. >> sometimes it would hang out in his room. out.uld tell us to get i didn't know what they were talking out. >> court documents shed more light. sexualoke candidly about domination and submission on and off campus. things intensified when he e- mailed the girl for a nude photo . and message sent from his public school account.
5:52 pm
>> makes me sick. , higher more from them standard. >> a sentiment fell by parents and students alike. >> we wanted him out here. he is supposed to set our careers. it is disappointing. >> we reached out for the school paid -- theyhey put him on paid admission to believe after his arrest. he is back behind bars on a $250,000 bond. >> thank you for the latest there. >> shifting gears. it is time to rock the red. home opener.caps excitement in the air? >> definitely. season already. opening night at home.
5:53 pm
everybody here at verizon getting busy and ready for the home opener. the face-off against calgary, they lost 6-4. there are positives to come out. >> we wanted to make sure we played the game smart, executing our systems. it is great to have a full game. we play the system to a team, which is sometimes hard. >> they are expecting a sellout crowd here for tonight's game. this is
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>> an alert about the electric car company tesla. reports of a fire inside the popular model askar -- s car. the automaker issued a statement saying the car hit a metallic object in the row. likes you might want to take a close look at your surge redactor. 50 million are being recalled because they are a fire hazard. they were sold at best buy, circuit city, and other stores 2002.n 1993 and there have been 700 ports of surge protectors melting, and smoke and fire. if you have a surge arrest, unplug it immediately and contact schneider electric.
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that will do it for 5:00. breaking news coverage starts now. the broadcast center, this is abc seven breaking news. . the a woman is shot and killed after running her car into barricades. officers -- after 2:00d shortly this afternoon. it ended with police shooting and killing a woman outside of the capitol building. sam ford is there. at constitution and first, where there is a part of
5:59 pm
this midway point. it started at the white house. a chase went from the white house to capitol hill. earlier,t video from the chase started. childrned she had a small in the vehicle. she slowed the vehicle and police tried to approach. she turned and head off again. she sped up the hill while police did not get barriers. she sees she cannot get out and tries to back up. that is when police opened fire, we believe killing her. the small child in the car was removed from the scene. a police car was damaged and officer hurt.


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