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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and weather this friday morning. we kick thing off with meteorologist jacqui jeras. good morning, jacqui. >> good morning, guys. i feel like i'm sounding like a broken record because the warm days keep coming. but, we do have changes ahead so stay tuned. 68 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point is 63, so they're pretty close together. the winds are calm and some moisture so there is fog developing in the outlying areas. 61 in gaithersburg. 59 in winchester. our expected forecast today, a couple of clouds today but plenty of sunshine. 70 degrees at 9:00. 83 at noon as 86 degrees at 5:00. we will have an outdoor report in a few minutes and we will talk more about that fog and i will have the seven-day forecast. for now, let's go to wtop, amandas that your traffic. >> we've been monitoring
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conditions along route 50 with all lanes shut down due to a crash. this is going to be in chantilly, virginia. we found it on the camera so you can see we have the emergency vehicles and that lane there eastbound, blocking all lanes. it looks like they may have a fire engine pulling up right now. you can see the blue lights every once in a while, even though the shot is blown out a little bit, you can see the blue lights flash once in a while. again, route 50 eastbound has those lanes shutdown at route 28 in chantilly. we also picked up activity at the gw park way. reports of a crash there with lanes closed so that could cause things to stack up very quickly. coming in from 270 should be, not too bad. about 69 miles per hour coming through. 395 is looking good, as well. for now, i will send it back. >> you okay, amanda. our top story this morning is that chaos on capitol hill.
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if you haven't seen it, check out this dramatic video of the chase. of course, it 77thed with police shooting and killing 34-year-old miriam carey. >> what surprise many on capitol hill is what was in the back of her car. we go to john gonzalez with the very latest. john? >> good morning, jummy. that individual joe dramatic, the best way to describe it, and it appears the security measures on capitol hill worked the way they are supposed to work and the capitol police officers, currently not being paid, mind you, they acted swiftly and did not hesitate. this all started around 2:00 in the afternoon when 34-year-old miriam carey of connecticut tried to drive through a layer of security at the white house. secret service guns drawn, quickly swarmed her black infinity but she managed to maneuver around them and somehow got away, and that's when police
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opened fire. now, the chase ensued down the streets of d.c. while all of this is going on, there is a toddler strapped to the backseat of that black sports car. a capitol police officer trying to stop the woman was airlifted to the hospital after his cruiser was badly wrecked. you can see in the video a number of people just hanging out in downtown d.c. as all of this unfolded. the woman was eventually shot and killed at she tried to breech security at the capitol. the police chief says this was a deliver rat act of violence. >> -- a deliberate act of violence. >> there were two officers stuck and two perimeters that were attempted to be breeched. it does not appear in any way this was an accident. >> a secret service member and 23-year veteran of the capitol police were injured in all of this. they were expected to recover from their injuries. now, that little girl, believed to be 1 year old, she was not
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harmed in all of this. reporting live on capitol hill, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> okay, john, thank you. 5:05. one of the major questions this morning, who was miriam carey? >> the f.b.i. searched her home in connecticut, as well as the home of her sister. it may be words from her mother that helps investigators the most. brianne carter is in the investigative center with more. >> police will try to answer those questions as they continue to investigate and look into the live of miriam carey. she dove that car from the white house to the capital. her mother says her daughter suffered from post partum depression after having her daughter and was reportedly hospitalized because of this as one point. but, she says she has no idea why her daughter was in d.c., adding she had no history of violence. police and firefighters thursday night swarmed the apartment
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reportedly belonging to carey. hazmat team resist -- teams were seen outside the complex. people who knew her say none of this made sense. >> she had a small child. >> very smart. >> she had her own place in connecticut. she had a wonderful life. it doesn't make any sense at all. >> she reportedly worked as dental hygienist. we reached out to a former employer who fired carey last year who worked after a year. she was at first pleasant and then we started to see a darker side of her. so many people, including investigators, still have so many questions this morning. live in the satellite center, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> thank you. many questions indeed. 65 degrees. 5:06 your time. >> an unexpected turn in the government shutdown. paychecks are on hold for
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federal prison guards but not
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>> the government shutdown is frustrating many americans, and federal guards are among those not getting paychecks, but get
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this, the prisoners will. the guards are considered exempts employees. they have to show up for work but won't get paid until the budget passes. the prisoner's pay is structured differently so they will still get a paycheck. >> a lot of us are concerned with, how are we coming into work next week. how are we going to pay our bills? just because we're federal employees, we still live paycheck to paycheck. >> the government shutdown in 1995 lasted 21 days. the guards at this price sop say they can't go -- at this prison say they can't go three weeks without a paycheck. >> 5:10 is your time. time to talk the forecast. we always want to go outside and see how it feels. we have eileen to do that for us. >> good we have eileen whelan to
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that. >> i'm comfortable out here with short leaves. we have a little bit more moisture in the atmosphere and temperatures are very close to this dew point temperature and that means there may be a little bit of patchy fog. i encountered a little bit of that even heading in to work this morning, especially as i was driving along the american legion bridge and the gob parkway. especially to the south and west, manassas, visibility is now down to about a half mile. i don't think it is anything too widespread but be cautious on the roadway. this afternoon, a warm and muggy summer like die in -- day in october. let's send it over to amanda meadows in the traffic center.
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>> thank you, eileen. we are getting video in of that crash in virginia. this is chantilly, virginia. you can see the scene, all lanes blocked there. this video was taken just about 20, 25 minutes awe could. this is still the case with all lanes blocked there eastbound. you can see a serious crash. they are getting reports that is a fatal crash. with that in mind they do have to do that investigation and wrap things up. we also have eyes on this. a live shot from the camera system that shows the current conditions. even though you can see this is a little blurred out, you can see the police activity blocking all lanes eastbound. did i see a tow on scene, a flat bed pull up, that is right in the middle was the roadway. it may be in the wrapping or clearing stages. gw parkway, reports of some activity there, an accident. proceed with caution through that stretch southbound looking good northbound and south at the said street bridge. moving alone in annapolis. back to jummy and scott.
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>> all right, amanda. 64 degrees out there. >> all right, amanda. 64 degrees out there. 5:13 on t[ taps baton ]
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[ dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every thought... every movement... ♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪ >> this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> checking our top stories at 5:15 this morning, authorities
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are trying to figure out why a woman tried to breech a barrier at the white house, setting up a high speed chess. that caused a capitol lock down. she rammed a secret service vehicle before she was shot by police. her 1-year-old daughter was in n the backseat and is how in protective custody. we're learning more about the dental hygienist from stamford, connecticut. her mother says she suffered from post partum depression. at one point, it was so severe, she was hospitalized. >> we're in day positive of the government shutdown. the house vote on a bill that would give federal workers missed pay when they reopen. and, a rally is set for 7:00 a.m. on capitol hill. the head of the employees union will address the crowd. federal employees want to work roar than being caught up in
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this showdown. furloughs government employees are expected to be among that group. it has been three and a half weeks since the shooting at the washington navy yard and today food trucks will be collecting donations for the families affected. 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. near the navy yard metro stop. >> tropical storm karen is expected to hit the gulf coast this weekend. louisiana governor bobby jindle already declared a state of emergency. several inches of rain are expected. however, on bourbon street in new orleans, the good times he are still rolling as the rain is not there yet. >> they're well aware. they're used to dealing with that sort of thing. >> and the levee system is all
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in place. this is not a strong storm. a weak tropical storm, maybe a category one hurricane at the most. but, either way you slice it, it is going to be a huge rain maker and a flood maker for them. we will get impacts from karen, as well, but just so the rainfall. nothing i'm concerned about. a couple inches if we're lucky, which we need because we're so, so dry. try not to complain about that, because man, i'm loving this streak! i'm loving it! i'm loving the dry weather and the sunshine. 68 degrees, it is mild, a comfortable start. the dew point is 63 so we have a fair amount of moisture. you walk outside and it almost feels a little muggy and humid. we're getting fog in the outlying areas as a result of that moisture and calm winds. 59 in dulles. 57 in manassas, folks in this area getting fog. haggerstown, 55 degrees. trying to bring showers through but it all fell apart as it
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moved across the mountains. the high-pressure is blocking it out and drying it up and weakening things. i think this afternoon, as temperatures heat up, we will get instability in the atmosphere. a stray shower in the mountains is a possible. we will be fine in d.c. that is karen, our tropical storm. winds now down to 60 miles per hour so a little bit of weakening. there is a lot of dry air and strong upper level winds, so that is kind of preventing this thing from really blowing up, even though the water temperatures, which helps fuel and feed tropical systems, are very, very warm. here is the latest forecast track. it is down a little bit, brings it to the northern gulf coast later on saturday and into sunday, then swings it up as a cold front and heads our way. just remnants of a tropical system if and when it gets herement we expect that rain to be heavy at times on monday, but the weekend looking great. so is today.
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partly cloudy skies. troughs in the mid to upper 80s today. today, humid. the forecast mid to upper 80s through the weekend. heavy rainfall and clear temperatures to start next week. amanda. >> we're watching reports of an accident in chantilly, virginia. had is new video no the wjla studios and you can see police investigating that crash. a serious crash getting reports it is a fatality so that investigation is taking some time. route 50 eastbound, all lanes are still closed at route 28. we didn't see on the live camera there, police activity and all lanes closed eastbound there. try 66 as an alternate. gw parkway, working an accident. just got confirmed the left lane is closed so stay to the right if you usually use that in the morning commute. it is fairly early. that is your one plus on that
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accident. 95 in from virginia, no problems there or into 395. we've got an estimated drive time for you there. travel time, if you will. if you're traveling along 95 and northbound from dale city about 10 minutes. 66 moving in nicely. 16 minutes for the 16-mile stretch. 270, it is taking you 25 minutes to get to montrose. i will send it back to you. >> okay. this could be good news for a lot of people. facebook is making a deal with businesses that could mean more free wi-fi hot spots for you. >> and, early reviews are in for amazon's newest kin derr. -- kindle. diana perez has more. >> and, deals with hotels and retailers to provide internet to customers who check in using their facebook account. and, amazon is comes under review for the new kindle. the new feature unstanley
5:21 am
connects users with a representative. >> they can draw on the screen or point to arrows to help direct you to what you need to do or you can let them do it for you. >> the kindle fire hdx starts at $2,330. target is -- at $230. >> >> target is about to launch brightspot, the new cell phone legal at $35 a month. those are your tech bites. have a great weekend.
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>> 5:25 this morning. hundreds of migrants are deaf
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and their boat capsized off the coast of italy. as the boat started to sink, someone started a fire to flag down other ships. when passengers moved to get away from the flames, the boat tipped over. >> a pennsylvania family is moving but without packing up anything. take a look here. near low 20 major dollies moved this 250-year-old house to its new location. the homeowners felt it was too close to the highway so they packed it up about 450 feet. it is pretty convenient. they didn't even have to take the furniture out of the home. >> that is one way to do it. 5:26 is your time. it is 64 degrees. >> at 5:30, the search for more answers after the chaos at capitol
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>> live in the abc7 broadcast centers, this is good morning, washington on your side. >> as things get pack to normal this morning on capitol hill, still so many questions. who was miriam carey, and why did she try to ram the white house and the capitol with her 1 year old daughter in the car. good morning to you, washington. it is friday, october 4. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. john gonzalez and brianne carter have live team coverage this morning. first, we want to give you a quick check on your traffic and weather. we kick things off with jacqui jeras. >> we have another good day to look board to but possible changes ahead. our dew point is 63. we have fog developing in the outlying areas along with a couple was clouds, as well.
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this all fell apart as it moved across the mountains but i think a stray shower is possible to the west. our headlines today, warm and humid. highs in the mid to upper 80s again. patchy fog should last through 8:00, maybe 9:00 this morning. big changes ahead for monday. heavy rainfall is possible and we will talk more about the details and timing of that coming up in the seven-day forecast from the belfort furniture weather center. right now, it is time for traffic on wtop with amanda meadows. >> thank you, jacqui. we are getting record from the traffic center that route 50 has all lanes open at this time. that is great news for anyone who uses that stretch of highway in chantilly, virginia. even though this is fuzzy, you can see cars are moving right along. it looks like a little bit of shoulder activity in the left median there. but route 50, route 28 in chantilly, has all lanes open at
5:31 am
this time. gb parkway is moving. we have our traffic tracker on the roadways and he is gives us word. you can see that he is looking like he's just getting off the gw parkway. we're sending him over to the 14th street brick. he did go to that area and toll us all lanes are open on the gw parkway southbound. near 85, eastbound lanes, let lane closed. not too bad. otherwise moving along in the outer loop in montgomery county. jummy and scott. >> our top stories, the chaos on capitol hill. check out this dramatic video in yesterday of that chase that ended, there you see it right there, that ended with police shooting and killing 34-year-old miriam carey. >> all of this went down while carey's 1-year-old daughter was in the back seed of her car. let's get to john gonzalez live on capitol hill with much more on what we've learned overnight.
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john? >> it was a wild scene yesterday afternoon in the midst of a government shutdown with the capitol building behind me locked down this cams after the navy yard shooting where 12 people were killed. this starts 12:30 in the afternoon, the 34-year-old woman identifiesed a miriam carey tried to essentially infill trade the white house by using her car as a battering ram. the secret service quickly surrounded her with guns drawn, but somehow she managed to maneuver around them and a took off. a high-speed chase ensued in the streets of downtown d.c. and that's when police started to spray the vehicle with bullets. while all of this is going on, there is a toddler strapped to the backseat of that sports car.
5:33 am
a capitol policeman who tried to stop her was taken to the hospital after his vehicle was badly wrecked. a number of people are hanging out on the national mall as all of this unfolded. listen to how two of them describe it. >> really shocked. >> quite rapid. it was like, boom, boom, boom, boom. shoo i was walking towards the capitol building. about 30 seconds later, there was about three or four cop cars that sped past me. >> now, a secret service and 23-year member of the capitol police are expected to recover from injuries this morning. that little girl believed to be one year old, but she was not harmed in all of this. reporting live from capitol hill, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> one was the major questions this morning, just who was miriam carey. >> the f.b.i. searched hirsch --
5:34 am
her connecticut home and the home of her sisters but it may be words from her mother that helps investigators the most. brianne carter had more. >> police will try to answer those questions as they continue to investigate and look into the live of miriam carey. she drove that car from the white house to the capital. her mother says her daughter suffered from post partum depression after having her daughter and was reportedly hospitalized because of this as one point. but, she says she has no idea why her daughter was in d.c., adding she had no history of violence. police and firefighters thursday night swarmed the apartment reportedly belonging to carey. hazmat teams were seen outside the complex. a family spokesman says no one knows how this could happen. >> was disturbed about different things but we have to mend the family first and find out what happened in d.c. >> there are still a lot of questions and police have not released anything when it comes to a motive. reporting live, brianne carter,
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abc7 news. >> thank you so much. it is 5:36 and 64 degrees. >> coming up, we've got new developments this morning after >> coming up, we've got new developmeall the chickeng after in your grocery store
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[ passenger ] united. [ arabic ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ italian ] where are we going? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] more destinations than any other airline. [ thai ] which airline do you fly? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] that's great, big world friendly. ♪ well, at perdue, we say you are what y eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we belie in a bett chicken. >> this is tony with abc7 news in washington, d.c. with the cast of "scandal". >> good morning, washington! >> 5:39 on this friday morning.
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"scandal" fans, if you're waking up with us, you're waking up a little tired perhaps. >> i've got all the concealer on. between the caps game and "scandal", i'm hurting today. but the weather is good for us who stayed up late last night, eileen shoo yes. i don't know how you're doing it this morning. it was a good episode and we got a win from the caps so it is all good. and things are good in the weather department. it is beautiful out here this morning. with the increased humidity, the dew point is high, we have some fog. let me switch over and show you the visibilities right now. they are at about 8 miles in the city, so maybe patchy fog. nothing too widespread but farther south and west, you may see the dense fog.
5:39 am
visibilities in manassas and culpepper, even winchester now less than a mile. overall, for the rest of the day today, we will see very warm temperatures climbing into the lower 80s by lunchtime. 86 by 5:00 p.m. the high, 87. keep in mind the average this time of year is 73. i have to say, even though i am a fall, cool weather lover, this isn't too bad. you still get to break out the summertime wardrobe before we have to put it all away. anyway, things look fantastic in the weather department this friday. are they looking just as nice on the roadways? for that, we turn over to amanda meadows. good morning there. >> good morning. i'm really enjoying this nice weather the past week. we do have nice conditions on the roadways, as well. we're monitoring an accident, though, if you do use interstate 70 in frederick at route 85, eastbound has the right lane closed with a new crash there. not bad on 70, moving in nicely. 59 miles per hour. all lanes open. no incidents reported on the outer loop. we have reports of an earlier
5:40 am
crash through that stretch of montgomery county but we had the wtop mobile unit go there and they said all lanes are open, so you're good to go. beach drive has the stretch closed down still due to the government shutdown between wise road and broad branch. oregon might be a better bet. gw parkway is clears so that is a better debt. we have live shots to show you current conditions in along 95. you can see there route 234, prince william parkway, coming across you are good to go. we have a shot along 95 a little bit further up the line. that is near fairfax parkway so starting to pick up at this time on 95 northbound. i will send it back to jummy and scott. >> thank you very much, amanda. 64 degrees. 5:41 your time. >> after a tragedy at a 4th of july parade left a young boy dead, new word this mor
5:41 am
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>> if you're just waking up with us at 5:35, authorities are trying to figure out why 34-year-old miriam carey tried to breech a barricade at the white house which led to a high-speed chase. she managed to escape and rammed a secret service vehicle before police ended up shooting and killing her. carey's mother says she suffered from post partum depression, and at one point it was so severe, she was hospitalized. >> president obama has canceled a trip to asia because of the government shutdown. he is calling on congress to raise the debt ceiling. >> put it on the floor and let every individual member of
5:45 am
congress to make up their minds and they can show the american people, are you for a shutdown or not. >> the president's refusal to work in a bipartisan way has led us to this shutdown. >> "the new york times" reports speaker john boehner told republican colleagues he will not let the u.s. default on october 17. boehner promised to raise the debt ceiling even if most of the votes come from democrats. >> and the head of the national treasury employees union will address a crowd this morning on capitol hill. they don't want to be caught up in the shutdown. former government workers are pecked to be there. >> new this morning, we learned the name of the suspect in a deadly officer-involved shoots. police were forced to shoot elisiah gray.
5:46 am
the officer who shot him said he feared for his life. he is on administrative leave until the investigation into the shooting is complete. >> prosecutors decided not file charges against a man in the july 4 tragedy. he was driving a parade float that hit and killed his 7-year-old grandson. prosecutors decided to drop the case after police determined the driver could not have known what was happening. >> coming up new at 6:00 on good morning, washington, dramatic video of a gun fight during a traffic stop. a man dressed as a soldier opens fire. >> plus, a woman's who "i quit" dancing goes viral, get as job offer from the queen. >> how would you like to wake up and find you are the richest man on earth? i can tell you how i would feel. it happens for one man. he will explain why. that is all still to come new at
5:47 am
6:00. >> weaving through traffic, the far side. >> 179-yards on punt returns, including this one for a beautiful touchdown. the browns worked their way to the top of the afc north after blowing past buffalo. final score there 37-24. both teams, though, lost their starting quarterbacks to injury during that game. >> not good. if you turned out for the caps game early, thinking they laid it down the welcome mat for the opener, a surprise for you. >> the washington caps looked like they would going to embarrass themselves op opening night. they fell behind and then fought back. second period, down 4-1. the power play has been potent. capping over four one, his second on the someone. four seconds later, again. it is 4-3 calgary. late in the 3rd, capitals keep
5:48 am
the pressure on. backstrom there. michael shuts the door to secure the win. came in early in relieve of braden who was blitz for three goals in the 1st. caps win 5-4. >> we've done a lot before and come back like that and we've potent offensive guys that can do it, so the game is never over. >> next up, saturday. caps back in action. have a great day, everybody. >> horace, thank you. great game. clec this out, this honorary texas cheerleader is happy to be back on the sidelines with her team. she was removed from the field earlier in the year after the school called her a liability.
5:49 am
she is now allowed to cheer again. >> there were miscommunications that the fact when we were finally able to meet with the family, everything was resolved in about five minutes. that says a lot about how far apart we were. >> britney knows many of the cheers but doesn't perform stunts. there is a designated area for britney while they perform stunts or if she need as break. >> jacqui is here. she was out on the field here and there. another day is good for playing sports. >> friday night. >> or cheer for the weather. lots of cheering in that department. [laughter] things will be changing big time. by monday, keep that in mind. the weekend, nor worries, but the monday morning commute could be big in terms of rainfall and gusty winds. we've got 68 degrees this morning, a mild start. the dew point is 63. patchy fog has been developing in the outlying areas. don't let that catch you off guard on your way in to work.
5:50 am
59 in dulles. 51 in gaithersburg. lexington park at 6 of -- 66 degrees. that line of showers broke up as it moved across the mountains so high-pressure dominating our weather, keeping everything at bay. as temperatures heat up this afternoon, we may get enough instability to pop a shower in the mountains. keep that in mind for those that live to the west. we're tracking tropical storm karen. it is packing winds around 60 miles per hour. a lot of that is due dry air across the gulf and stronger upper level winds, so major infenceification is not expected. it is likely a strong are tropical storm, maybe a weak category one hurricane as it makes landfall this weekend along the gulf coast. we need to pay attention to this system, this much weakened storm will hook up with a strong cold front and bring rainfall for the
5:51 am
start of next week. we could get heavy downpour at times. we have the high-pressure in place now, the lift from the storm in the midwest pushing on through and things clear out by the middle of the week next week and we expect temperatures to return to more seasonable conditions. it is ugly in the plain states, severe weather and snow behind it. the dakota, a blizzard warning in effect there. nothing like that around here. tonight, partly cloudy and humid. 59 to 67, our seven-day forecast features a great-looking weekend. everything looks good for outdoor plans here and monday temperatures dip back down into the 70s. let's get your traffic report from amanda meadows at wtop. >> thank you, jacqui. so far, so good on all major roadways. one accident right now on the interstates and that is in frederick. watching that crash, blocking the right side, eastbound at
5:52 am
interstate 70. moving along towards the spur, towards the beltway. we have things moving along 95 northbound. a good club there, 64 miles per hour for your estimated speed. you can see on 66 that is moving right along. no problem or delays from centreville. a little bit further up the line, we're starting to see things get thick there. 66 eastbound at route 50, so as you're coming into fairfax, you will run into moderate delays there. we also have got travel times for you. for the outer loop at montgomery county, 495, about six minutes to get along that four-mile stretch. eight minutes from duke street to the 14th street bridge and then 295. that a six-mile stretch taking you nine minutes southbound this morning. i will send it back to you. >> okay, amanda. a new out of this world thriller
5:53 am
making its way to the box office. >> we have a look at your weekend movies. >> good morning, washington. gravity star sandra bullock in an extraordinary story about an astronaut in danger in space. >> ah! >> a satellite explodes, debris destroys airspace station and rookie astronaut sandra bullock must fight, with george clooney, her fellow astronaut helping her. it is elevated to greatness, thanks to the best use of 3-d and graphics since "avatar". the oscar race begins with "gravity". it is the best bet since blue jasmine in the butler. have a great weekend everybody.
5:54 am
>> arch, thank you. here is your feel-good story of the morning. an unlicky kitten was saved after playing a game of cat and mouse in an unusual place. [meowing] >> oh, the kitten was found hiding inside the engine of a car. officers got the kitten out but then it got loose and tried hide inside other cars in the parking lot. a good samaritan caught the kitten before it was able to hide again. there you see it right there. so cute. >> that's not a fun ride if you're a kitten. >> no, it is not. no, it is not. it is 5:55 and 64 degrees. >> the government shutdown is affecting rail travel and we're going to explain
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> some good news this morning for nasa, disfight the government shutdown. the mars maiden project is cleared for liftoff. it will play a critical role between earth and two masses rovers. they feared they would miss the window and shut down for years, but nasa was given the green light and could launch next month. bad news if you ride the rails. >> we're live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning, linda.
5:58 am
>> hello, scott and jummy. amtrak has never made any money and gets funding through the transportation department. the question is, if the government shutdown goes on a month or more, what happens to amtrak? they tell us, if there is nobody at the d.o.t., there is no between pay them for reimbursements, all of which are cut for now, and with thousands of government workers not coming to work, they expect to take a big hit. >> >> meantime, united airlines is introducing a new seat design for airplanes. they're lighter and the plane burns less fuel so you should expect to start seeing them on some united jets starting in 2015. that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell for abc7 news. >> nothing like a more comfortable flight. thank you, linda. we have another hour of news
5:59 am
ahead and it all starts right now. >> the calm after chaos on capitol hill, following the chase and shooting that left one woman dead and injured two police officers. >> remember, there is a woman who is no longer alive. a child was involved. so, it is just -- it is really sad. >> well, family, friends and neighbors search for answers about what led miriam carey to take such deadly action. >> and, this morning, the warm-tober weather is sticking around, but will it be here for the weekend? we will find out in just a moment. but, first, good morning, washington. happy friday. i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm scott thuman. we will begin with that forecast. we will talk to jacqui jeras about the weekend ahead. everyone is ho


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