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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  October 4, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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good evening on this friday night, diane is on assignment. we do begin with that wild weather across the country tonight starting with what you see right here behind me. this giant swirling storm, tropical storm karen, on a collision course with the gulf coast this evening. a state of emergency in louisiana, alabama, mississippi and florida. evacuations now underway, president obama briefed on the gathering storm, it's not the only trouble spot tonight. look at this. several states out west with an early winter in south dakota, cars abandoned. in wyoming look, the summer patio right there. the furniture buried in snow. in utah tonight, hale. and in nebraska, listen to this. those are thecy renes tonight, the night sky lit up by lightning, as a tornado moves through town. meteorologist ginger zee is in the gulf tracking it all. she begins with the tropical storm moving in.
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>> reporter: surf pounding in alabama. storms streaming on shore in louisiana. all ahead of tropical storm karen. now less than a day from making landfall on the gulf coast. >> hide from the wind, and go visit a relative for the weekend. >> reporter: in mississippi, they are putting everything up. and slamming for sandbags outside new orleans. >> better to be safe than sorry. we weren't prepared before. >> reporter: several oil rigs shut down in the gulf. some of those furloughed fema workers back on to help prep for karen. up to ten inches of rain, and five feet of storm surge is only one of the weather headlines tonight. a record setting snowstorm is attacking parts of wyoming, nebraska and south dakota. the rapid city airport is closed. a whiteout, as stretches of i-90 in south dakota shut down. and snow, up to two feet deep, smothering backyards.
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like this october monstrosity. tearing at trees and power lines. threatening iowa, minnesota and others along this cold front, with more severe weather. >> ginger zee reporting in from the gulf tonight. clearly, going to be a troubling and challenging scene for the gulf. we'll check in with ginger and that forecast as we continue here. in the meantime, we move on next to washington tonight, word of yet another frightening incident playing out in the nation's capitol. a man set himself on fire on the national mall this afternoon, a witness says he dumped gasoline on his head. and then lit himself on fire. they took off their shirtsz to dowse the flamps. the man has burns on 80% of his body. of course it comes a day after that other harrowing scene in washington. the young mother with her baby in her car who triggered 38 minutes of chaos at the capitol. miriam carey shot dead after a high-speed chase with police.
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her baby girl is all right. tonight we learn more about her mental state. family and friends speaking out. and correspondent pierre thomas is reporting. >> reporter: we now know that miriam carey was the woman behind the wheel, toddler in tow who led police on a high speed chase. this man saw her tuesday. >> everything was okay. she went about her business. it's just -- >> reporter: abc news learned carey had a history of mental illness, appeared to intensify after her baby was born in august 2012. it was then her mother tells abc news, she was diagnosed with post partum depression. in december, according to a stamford, connecticut police report, a man described as carey's boyfriend called in expressing concern for the safety of their daughter. then five months old. he said carey was delusional, emotionally disturbed. the boyfriend claimed carey believed she was a prophet, whose home was under 24 hour
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surveillance by president obama and national tv networks. she was taken to the hospital at least two other times that month. a report by connecticut authorities describes her as on medication for unknown mental illness. with a family history of schizophrenia. she seemed to stabilize, but something went terribly wrong. and by yesterday, carey was battling police, who killed her firing more than a dozen shots. she was apparently unarmed. but police believed she was a threat. >> what were police thinking at that moment? >> they are thinking, she's about to use this car as a lethal weapon. and so that justifies deadly force to shoot at her. >> reporter: police are searchining through carey's computers looking for any clue to point toward motive. tonight law enforcement tells me they may never discover a sane answer as to why this happened. david. >> pierre tom this our washington bureau. pierre, thank you. tonight reports of a troubled young mother as pierre points out and what role post partum depression might have played,
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raising so many questions, so i want to bring in abc's chief medical editor dr. besser. we were talking late today. you are convinced this is something more serious? >> you know, i am. this doesn't sound like post partum depression. if she was hearing voices, was experiencing paranoia and delusions, it sounds like a very, very rare condition called post partum psychosis. that's a medical emergency. the baby can be in danger. the mom has no touch with reality. we need to know more about her medical background to know if that was what was going on. >> in the meantime, rich, this reignited an important conversation in america, about post partum depression, which is far more common. >> yes. this is very important. we need to make it easier to talk about this. one in 2e7b women experience post partum depression as a pediatrician i've seen this frequently. the symptoms are common. there is no enjoyment in the baby or in anything else. there is anxiety something bad could happen to your baby. then there is overwhelming guilt about being a bad mom. if you have this, or you know someone who does, you really want to reach out, because
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there's treatment that's available. you don't need to endure this. >> rich besser with us from the west coast. thank you. we move on to that other crisis in washington. the government shutdown now in it's fourth day. president obama, vp biden both getting a sandwich, both pointing out what the owners of that restaurant are doing for furloughed government workers. >> part of the reason we're here, we're starving and the food here is great. the other part of it, though, is that right now, this establishment is providing a 10% discount to all federal workers, who are on furlough. >> tonight the number american families being hit is growing. just as we track down a congressman at the center of a controversial moment with a worker from the park service trying to do her job. here tonight abc senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: from the base of the rockies in colorado springs, home to more federal employees per capita than any other american city, protests and
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pushback against the shutdown, that has unemployed 800,000 nationwide. >> i'm basically shut off. my family is not going to get fed. bills not going to get paid. >> reporter: she is a teacher facing a shutdown layoff. and she's scared. and wants to tell her congressman directly. >> i have a family to take care of. and it's real to me. and it's affecting me. it's hard. >> reporter: we took her message to her congressman, tea party supporter from colorado doug lambor. >> that's regrettable. but these are big issues. i don't think the republicans want to give 100% to the democrats, they don't want to give 100% to us. >> reporter: if that's difficult for tracy school and others in her district? >> i regret that. i wish it was not that way. >> reporter: we went to visit another congressman today, you may have seen texas republican randy nugebauer's outburst at a park ranger doing her job at the world war ii memorial.
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>> how do you deny them access? >> it's difficult. >> it should be difficult. >> it is difficult. >> park service should be ashamed. >> i'm not ashamed. >> you should be. >> reporter: today the congressman was not so anxious to reflects on that verbal shaming. avoiding comment this morning, but unable to out run news cameras this afternoon. >> is that what you said? you berated a woman who had nothing to do with the shutdown s. there a reason for that? >> i meant no disrespect to the park ranger. >> reporter: and this is just week one. jim avila, abc news, capitol hill. >> just week one as jim points out one of the leaders of the center of the showdown, john boehner sits down with george stephanopoulos and abc news exclusive sunday morning on this week with george. in the meantime, we head out west to oregon, where this evening officials are studying this dash cam video, watch here as a father pulled over by police, his three children in the car. police warned him to stay put.
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>> sir, get back in the car for me now. sir, please back in your car for me now. >> he then approaches. opens fire, a deadly shootout, that father later died. that cop recovering this evening. the children unharmed. officials tonight trying to determine what made the father snap. stunning new developments in that other terrifying encounter on a highway, this one right here in new york. that video captured on helmet cam showing the moment an suv is swarmed by bikers, a young family inside. for the first time tonight, we are seeing what happened next. after that camera stopd rolling. tonight police say they have a suspect in the attack as a new eyewitness speaks out. abcs lindsay janis back on the story tonight. >> reporter: imagine this, the rumble of engines, back after bike surrounding your car. that's what alexian lien behind the wheel of that black suv saw. that biker slowing down, before the impact setting off the
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harrowing eight minute chase. lien's wife called 911 four times. before this. the final frame of the video. but now, these pictures, which police are using to try and identify the bikers, showing what happened next. on the ground, surrounded by bikers, his terrified wife hanging out of the passenger side door. once the bikers fled, here clutching her child. tonight, police say they are now looking for half a dozen additional bikers, who may have had a role in the assault. the motorcyclists see it differently. one telling abc news what he saw. >> once you put your car in the midld of a bunch of bikes, what is going to happen? on the highway, he started this lane to that lane, speeding up. getting up on the back of the bikes. >> reporter: today attorney gloria allred spoke on behalf of edwin mieses, the biker left paralyzed. >> he was attempting to diffuse the situation.
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edwin did not do anything that justified mr. lien's decision to drive his range rover over him. >> reporter: this just in. the man seen in the video briefly opening the driver side door of the suv turned himself into police. charges against him are pending. yet, another twist tonight. police say one of the bikers was an off duty undercover narcotics cop. david, they say he did not intervene, when the assault was happening, for fear of blowing his cover. >> a horrible story all week. lindsey, we appreciate your reporting. alex rodriguez tonight in the headlines. the yankees' star suing major league baseball, he claims they are on a witch hunt trying to force him out of the sport. rodriguez facing a 211 game suspension for his alleged uses of performance enhancing drugs. an image from italy, thousands turning out to see pope francis on his first pilgrimage to the town of the birthplace of pope francis. the pope seen comforting a disabled child, a tribute to st.
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francis who shunned wealth for a life of service. much more ahead on world news this friday night. an abc news investigation, a 20gs 20 speed trap where police are caught. trailed by a chopper as they break the speed limit. wait until you find out where they were headed. and later tonight, right here the movie everyone is talking about, you'll be holding your breath, and this evening a real life astronaut, who inspired the film, what it's like one step away from disaster. he sits down with us, our person of the week. we're back in two minutes. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways,
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or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. take beano before and i had like this whenfour inch band of bumps it started on my back. that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. it made me curtail my activities cause i'm really an outgoing kind of a guy. and, uh, i like to play sports, i play basketball, i play pool. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain
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than i was already enduring. i went to my doctor; he said well you actually have shingles. this is a result of you having chickenpox as a kid. it totally caught me off guard. i put the pool cue in the corner. i couldn't do those things anymore. the basketball- it caught dust. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait til it passed. \ a 20/20 vest gagsz breaking right here first. police enforce the speed limit, but is there a double standard? tonight the choppers overhead, our correspondent trying to keep up with them. and where were those officers headed? here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: they are a danger on the road. cops speeding for no good
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reason. and sometimes killing. so we decided to turn the tables. set our trap. we deploy four surveillance teams. >> three, two, one. mark. >> reporter: clocking at different check points where the speed limit is 65. and a chopper tracking from the sky, so we don't break the law by speeding ourselves. it's not long until this cruiser flies by our check points. >> going about 85. it's hard for us to catch up. >> reporter: no lights. nosey renes. the offer's destination hardly an emergency just dropping off evidence at the state crime lab. >> i don't have a comment. >> you don't have a comment? >> no. >> reporter: speeding cops get coming. this officer cruising by at 79 miles per hour. our chopper follows him to you won't believe this, a doughnut shop. and take a look at this highway patrol suv. so this guy is going well over 80. his destination a highway patrol training academy.
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where the speed demon is, yes, a driving instructor. a lot of folks want to see you set an example, and going about 15, 20 miles over the speed limit, there might be some concern. >> i don't understand what you're saying. >> matt confronts these officers some closing the door in your face. you go to their superior. >> they open the door, allow us to talk to them. we're going to have more on 20/20 tonight. >> we get the tickets, they don't. matt, we'll see you on 20/20. much on this special out of bounds tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. tonight, see this collapsing showing the show must go on. later in the index, the singer who even impresses michael bu e buble. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. looking back on a champ yip band surprise. and our viewers to the rescue. this week's index with that old saying, the show must go on. look at this pile up at the high school marching band in texas, one tu one tuba taking a tumble. the other musical moment going viral. 21-year-old chelsea getting the surprise of a lifetime when singer michael buble pulled her out of the crude to sing a duet. when she started singing he gets a surprise of his own.
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chelsea blows away the crowd and blows away buble, too. and finally, the video so many of you responded to, world news with the american doctor, patients blind one day, able to see again the next. dr. tabin's procedure done in seven minutes, tonight telling us he's overwhelmed, the donations growing even more. 2,126 world viewers donating $178,000 to give people their sight. you can't beat american generosity. when we come back, "gravity" the new movie and the real life astronaut with us a step away from disaster. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. movie everyone is talking about, "gravity," one person who knows it, he's been up there, one of the real life heroes who helped inspire the movie. our person of the week. the new movie "gravity" about to pull us back into a world beyond us, that hopeless breaking through boundaries and the fear of what's possible, too. sunday ra bullock is playing an astronaut attached to that arm that comes loose from the
6:54 pm
shuttle. her fellow astronaut played by george clooney, and what follows is a harrowing fictional tale, but what so many real life astronauts have prepared for. including this team, may 2 thou 9, the shuttle atlantis, headed to repair the hubble telescope. the same telescope they travel to in the movie. in real life, one of the astronauts, michael massimino. good to see you, mass. >> great to see you. >> who saw the movie and saw himself in it. >> even my tools, we had a cutter tool to cut a wire inside one of the instruments, it's floating behind sandra bullock's head. there's my wire cutter. >> he spent more than 30 hours out there on a ledge. he said the views helped him describe it at home. >> the only sad thing about being an astronaut, david, when you look out the window, you look through your visor, and see the earth, you see the stars, how can i describe this to people? how can i tell my family about
6:55 pm
this? >> while bullock's character faces challenges far beyond what he lived through. they did prepare for it remembering what the lead space walker told him. >> he said we lost crews before. and one way we may lose another person is during a space walk. it's dangerous business. >> watching each other's space suits. >> we button each other up, everyone is sealed, everyone is coming home. so we knew, that kind of set the mood. we knew these sorts of things can happen. >> there was a moment in space, mike became known for, trying to fix the telescope, when what was supposed to be a symptle bolt, wouldn't come free. >> i used my bigs power tool, the first two came out fine. the one on the left came out fine. the one on the right wasn't coming off. it was stripped and my heart just sunk, because of my blunder we'll never know if there is life on other planets. this is a pretty bad situation. >> they spent an hour, as he was dangling in space, the team there, and on the ground trying to figure out what to do. finally telling him to grab the handrail on the telescope and pull the whole piece off.
6:56 pm
>> a good tug, and just ripped the thing off. >> his crisis averted. tonight as this new fictional crisis plays out, mike remembering the beauty of looking down on his family. you have kids, right? >> i do, yes. >> you can tell if they let the lights on? >> if you're in heaven, this is what heaven must look like. i could not imagine anything more beautiful nan our planet. >> so we choose michael massimino showing up in that suit. diane back on monday. have a great weekend. all the chicken in your grery store
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