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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 7, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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part of the afternoon as we'll see some heavy downpours and a few strong storms possible as well. this morning is pretty tranquil. this is the time to travel, get everything outdoors done if you need to. 73° is our temperature with a dew point of 67. winds are south at 14 miles per hour. here's the satellite and radar picture. you can see the cold front still off to our west moving through parts of ohio and west virginia. so it's just cloudiness that we're seeing now. but i do think as we progress through the morning, we'll watch the move across the blue road and make it here into the metro area after the noon hour. a slight risk of damaging winds and can't even rule out an isolated tornado. but that will mostly be confined to northeastern parts of maryland. and as we look at our express forecast showing you the timing of this. mostly cloudy, 72° at 9:00, showers and thunderstorms moving west of the metro by noon. and stormy weather continues through 5:00 with 70°. our high today about 78°.
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more details on the fall forecast and just how much we can expect coming up in a few minutes. let's get the latest on the roads. trouble early. amanda. >> thank you very much. yes, we are getting trouble early on the roadways. all lanes shut down on the intiner loop -- on the inner loop. you can see the trashing flights. he is getting on the detour right now from the inner loop away from that crash that has all lanes closed down at new hamshire. they are detouring you onto the park and ride, but they have all lanes closed while they do that. accident reconstruction on the inner loop just after new hamshire. you will want to avoid that area if possible. if you absolutely have to head through that stretch, you are going to run into that detour. as i said, they're detouring you in the park and ride lanes. and we have that 56 eastbound construction completely cleared, no longer an issue there.
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270 moving along nicely as are most interstates at this time with the exception of the inner loop. an update on that crash coming up in just a little bit. for now, back to you. >> 5:03 is your time. and libya is asking the u.s. for clarifications regarding what it calls the abduction of an alleged al-qaeda leader. abu anas al libi is linked to the u.s. embassy bombings in tanzania and tripoli. they say he was a legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military. he was on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list. >> this morning, some federal workers will go back to work, but democrats and republicans are not any closer to reaching a deal to reopen the government. the white house and congress aren't even negotiating a deal that would fund the government for the new fiscal year. and you can add west coast fishermen to the growing list of people affected by that shut down. they are caught up in a battle because they can't get the
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needed permits to go fish alaskan crabs. >> until those furloughed workers are allowed back on the job, we can't be issued the crab and then we legally can't catch it. >> house speaker john boehner says he sees no way out unless president obama is willing to negotiate. the republicans want to stall obamacare for one more year before they vote to reopen federal agencies. the government needs to raise the debt ceiling as well by october 17th or it could cause a global financial disaster. >> the u.s. supreme court begins their term today. they will consider several cases including campaign finance, affirmative action, and government sanctioned prayers. they'll also hear arguments on whether a president can appoint key positions without the senate's approval. >> redskins had a bye week but the team is still making headlines this morning. the debate over the team's name will be on display. the nfl is holding its fall
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league meeting at a hotel in northwest. and members of the oneida indian nation will be at that same hotel calling on the redskins to change the team's name. president obama has also weighed in, saying if he were the redskins owner, he would consider changing it. >> some news now for folks in montgomery county. montgomery college's humanities building on the rockville campus is closed today. and all classes in that building are canceled. now, we're told there was water damage after an overnight fire there. the fire was in one office, but there's water damage on three floors of that building. a deadly accident on metro's red line. and this morning, things are slowly getting back to normal. >> john gonzalez is live outside union station with a lot more on this one this morning. john? >> jummy and scott, slowly getting back to normal, but things are very different this morning. a day after a deadly metro accident, ntsb officials are usually swarming the accident
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scene. this morning, we can tell you the ntsb is not sending investigators here to union station where this happened early yesterday morning. and not only is the agency not sending an investigator, they're not going to even investigate this, they say. and it's all because of the government shutdown. it was overnight construction saturday into sunday on the outbound red line tracks, approximately 400 feet from the platform. again here at union station. it all started we're told with a loud bang and then a fire. the workers who were down below welding steel rail sections together, they were able to put it out pretty quickly. then a 40-foot section of rail dislodged, striking three workers, two of them were seriously injured. a contractor from holland welding company, a 41-year-old man known as harold ingram, he has been identified this morning. he sadly was killed. now, metro investigators, they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here, what
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caused that fire, and then caused that rail to move, striking the workers. as for the ntsb, coming up in about a half-hour, i will tell you exactly why the agency says it cannot be here this morning. reporting live at union station, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, john. 70° out there. >> a massive typhoon is making for a nightmare situation in southern china. we'll have the latest as that storm forces massive evacuations. that's still ahead. an when our little girl was born,
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>> you got to take a look at this video coming in from china. just amazing images here. this is a typhoon slamming the southeastern coast of china. air and rail travel has been shut down. more than 750,000 people evacuated. big numbers there. so far, no reports of any injuries or deaths. >> wow. all right. see that video, people are getting a little too close it looked like there. i know you want to get that kind of stuff on camera, but folks, stay out of the way of those powerful waters. time to talk about the forecast closer to him. >> yeah. eileen is joining us now. and we got a little rain on the way, some green on that radar finally. >> finally, indeed. the rain is heading in our direction.
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so your morning commute's going to be fine. but it will be around lunch time and thereafter that you'll need the rain gear. hopefully, you know where it is. you haven't needed it in a while. right now, the heaviest rain is moving into portions of virginia and west virginia. this is all associated with this cold front. predicted rainfall today. i think many locations going to see at least an inch of rain. this is one simulation that shows about 8/10ths of an inch of rain in the district. all across the board with heavy rainfall possible, especially through the noon and 5:00 p.m. hour. watch out for localized flooding. yesterday, our high got to 91°. if you like that summertime weather, well, hopefully, you enjoyed it over the weekend. it will become much cooler. and our rainfall since september 1st, over 3" of rain. we'll make a substantial dent in that for the rain today. let's turn it over to amanda with a look at the commute. >> the inner loop is completely shut down this morning right
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there through college park near 95 and maryland. so we'll start off with our mobile unit, our traffic tracker who's out there manning the roadways. he says that they're getting detoured there at the park and ride. so in those park and ride lanes is where you're ending up. he's coming right past new hampshire now to get onto the inner loop. so if we can stick with this shot for a minute, he'll come up on that crash and that detour. i'll give you the information. inner loom, again, all lanes are shut down as you're approaching, or as you're coming past the new hampshire area. and approaching 95. so you're going to run into minimal delays right now. but as this lingers, it will get worse. they're reconstructing this scene at this point. this is a serious crash. luckily, you're looking good other than that crash on the inner loop. 95 moving in from virginia into 395. no big problems or delays. all lanes now open on 66. earlier construction cleared.
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and then 295 not looking too bad into the 11th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 70°. 5:13 on this monday morning. >> all you apple fans, like this guy over here, may have a brand new gadget to put on your holiday wish list. details on that coming up in
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>> we continue to follow that breaking news on the beltway this morning. this is video of that scene.
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we're just getting word, one person was killed in this crash on the inner loop of the beltway. right now, the inner loop is shut down completely between new hampshire avenue and 95. there is a two-car crash around 3:00 this morning. another person is in the hospital with serious injuries. we'll check in with amanda meadows in just a couple of minutes. checking headlines around the world. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. and russia are pleased with progress made in destroying serious chemical weapons. kerry met with russia's foreign minister in bali on the side lines of an economic summit there. kerry says the assad regime deserves credit for complying with the resolution calling for the elimination of those weapons, but he said they need to continue to comply with u.n. demands. >> we're just getting word now that a massive explosion has hit security headquarters in egypt. this comes after more than 50 people were killed after
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security guards clashed with islamist protestors. battles waged on in some cases for hours. former president muhammad morsi supporters threw fire bombs at police. and we're also seeing new images now of two men involved in that kenyon mall attack. this was taken at a nairobi bank. and police say the men in this video withdrew about $4,000 on september 6th. investigators say that money was used to buy a car that brought the attackers to the mall. and switching gears here, now that the panda cam is down, we're turning overseas for a look at a new cub. >> take a look at this white lion cub who made his public debut at a zoo in serbia. he's not even two weeks old and he has to be kept under close supervision for at least another week. after that, zoo keepers expect she'll grow up and be healthy. what a cute little lion cub.
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>> he likes eeyore. oh. >> down girls. >> got to love that. well, today, jacqui, probably not the best way to try to go to the zoo if they were open. >> no. but there are web cams so you can watch them. that would be nice, wouldn't it? >> but we needed it, right? we've been waiting for it. >> we'll try and get that on our website or something, so you can at least go to and watch. >> check out the animals. >> on kind of a rough day. today will be a little rough at times, especially this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms are on the way. and a few will be on the strong side. quiet right now, 74° is our temperature. the dew point 67°. so lots of moisture to work with in the atmosphere. and man, if we could squeeze it all out like a sponge and bring you some of that much needed rain, wouldn't that be great? i don't think they'll quite make up our dry conditions, but we will make a little progress on
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it. 72° at dulles airport. culpeper 75° for you. fredericksburg 73°. so the clouds have been pushing in through the overnight hours. and you can see them progressively coming in from the west. the real thick cloud cover westward. and you can see the showers still holding off to our west as well. so the majority of the morning will be dry. as this cold front stretches from the great lakes down to the gulf coast and makes its way towards us. now, this one right here, that is the remnants of what was tropical storm karen. this thing just fizzalled out over the weekend. and the bulk of the moisture to the south and east. so just the cold front coming through here. that's why the rain totals are down to a half an inch to an inch today, as opposed to getting a couple of inches out of this. it doesn't take a meteorologist to figure out where the cold front is today? and you can see the 70s right along the coast. the future cast will show you by
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10:00 this morning, showers and storms heading into here. it could arrive into the metro area around the noon hour or just afterwards. we could see some isolated storms that produce damaging winds. even spin off a stray tornado. but i think that threat is much lower for today. the rain will be heavy at times. temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. tonight's show is ending. skies clearing overnight. 46-54°. and here's your 7-day forecast. another system comes in here i think for the middle of the week and gets cut off. hopefully, it won't be longer than thursday. but again, we could use more of this rain. amanda? >> thank you, jacqui. and all lanes are still shut down on the inner loop due to an overnight early morning crash. just happened right around 3:00 a.m. we start off with video that we collected earlier this morning when that scene was still active. and you could see that we have lots of flashing lights on that. and they have that roadway completely blocked off with
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those flares. they are detouring you around this. so use the inner loop through college park coming toward silver spring, you're going to run into this detour this morning. they have transported those victims to the hospital. we're still waiting for word on when this is going to open back up. they have to investigate that roadway. heading to our live maps. we can see that it's bright green. so not too much of a delay. the longer it lingers, the more brake lights we'll start to see there. they are detouring you on that park and ride lane. we also have a smooth sail coming in 95 to virginia, no problems toward the bridge. route 15 not looking too bad either coming inside the beltway. back to jummy and scott. >> thank you, amanda. t-mobile is bringing in some star power for a major announcement this week. >> and rumors are rampant about apple's newest ipad. here's diana perez with this morning's tech bytes. >> more changes are coming for t-mobile. on wednesday, the wireless
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carrier is expected to unveil carrier 3.0. the next phase in t-mobile's plan to change how people buy mobile devices. the company has contracts and started an early upgrade program. and new questions about the next ipad. reports say that apple introduced the ipad 5 at the end of this month but the new ipad mini will not be released until next year due to a shortage of a high resolution screens. is amazon planning to take on roku and apple tv? they will unveil their own media streaming device in time for this year's holiday shopping season. and the company that tracks tv ratings is set to start monitoring social media. they'll introduce a new service that will track twitter posts about tv series. those are your tech bytes. i'm diana perez.
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>> mother nature is being blamed for a rocky start to the olympic
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torch relay in moss cue. two -- in moscow. two torch bearers passed the torch to a single torch bearer who ran into a tunnel. but the wind in the tunnel caused the flame to go out. the torch had to be relit and then the relay continued. this marks the launch of the world's largest relay that will end at next year's winter games in sochi. >> some tense moments for motorists in the san francisco bay area. a fire broke out on yerba buono island not far from that bridge. that led to massive traffic backups. crews battled the fire from the ground and a boat. and at one point, they had to shut down part of the bridge as flames inched closer. >> 5:26 right now. >> and we continue to follow that breaking news. the inner loop of the beltway is shut down between new hampshire avenue and 95 and college park because of a deadly accident. amanda meadows will help you get around this mess when good mornin
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center. this is good morning washington on your side. >> breaking news this morning. a deadly accident is making just a mess of the beltway. amanda meadows is going to join us in just a second with everything you need to know. good morning to you, washington. i'm scott thurman. >> ask i'm jummy olabanji. we could also get some heavy rain moving in later on today. let's go right to meteorologist jacqui jeras for some details. >> some big changes ahead. say good-bye to the heat that we had with 90° temperatures over the weekend. even though we were mild to start the day with 74°, we're not going to make a lot of progress in the temperature department. but the rain is on the way. showers and thunderstorms well to our west across parts of ohio and west virginia. but we'll be watching them slide
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our way late this morning into the early afternoon hours. and some of these storms could be heavy. so it will be a stormy start to the work week. a few of those storms could be severe producing damaging winds and a possible isolated tornado today. we'll pick up a good half-inch to an inch and then a cooldown behind that cold front. our temperatures are going to dip below average. into the upper 60s to low 70s. once we get through today. more details coming up in your 7-day forecast. let's get the latest on that accident and the traffic block-offs now with amanda. >> thank you very much, jacqui. we're working a serious crash this morning. we have gotten word that it's fatal. we're completing that investigation. they have transported all of the injured people to the hospital. and then they've got these delays. now, we are starting starting te things really back up there on the inner loop due to this fatal crash. they are blocking all lanes on the inner loop as you come through college park just after
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new hampshire. and you can see it's already starting to cause major gridlock there because you're getting detoured around that. again, all lanes closed down on the inner loop there. you're getting detoured onto the park and ride. our traffic tracker has been out there manning the roadways and he says you do get off on the park and ride. and then you actually come back onto the inner loop. so you need to build in a little extra time. i'd say between 7 and 10 extra minutes at least. but the later you leave in the morning commute, the worst this backup is going to get. now, luckily, other than that inner loop crash that we've got, there are no other accidents on the major interstates at this time. 70 and 66 are both rolling along at this time. back to you. >> all right. our top story at 5:32 this morning. a deadly accident on metro's red line over the weekend. and this morning, things are slowly getting back to normal. >> checking now with john gonzalez, live outside union
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station with more on this and some interesting developments with what may or may not happen with this investigation. john? >> absolutely. the ntsb is saying because of that government shutdown, it can only focus on incidents that pose an imminent danger to human lives and to property, which is why ntsb investigators will not be counseling out here to -- be coming out here to union station where a deadly accident occurred yesterday morning. it all started with a loud bang and then a fire down below. the workers who were welding steel rail sections together were able to put it out pretty quickly. but then a 40-foot section of rail dislodged, striking three workers. two of them were seriously injured. a contractor from holland welding company out of new jersey, 31-year-old harold ingram, was killed. now, metro investigators will be out here later today to try to figure out exactly what happened, what sparked this
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fire, and then caused this section of rail to move that many feet. but again, the ntsb, it would be pretty normal for them to be here after an incident like this. they say they cannot be here because of the shutdown. reporting live at union station, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you, john. this morning, most of the pentagon's 350,000 civilian workers will be back on the job. but congress and the white house where very far apart on a deal to officially reopen the government. house speaker john boehner says he sees no way out unless president obama is willing to negotiate. but the white house objects to republicans' demands to stall health care reform. so both sides need to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling as w that's a separate, but equally contentious argument. that date and deadline is october 17th. not doing so could result in a global financial disaster. the supreme court begins its new term today.
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and several high profile cases will be considered this fall. they include campaign finance, affirmative action, and government sanctioned prayers. and they'll also hear arguments on whether the president can fill key positions without the senate's approval. >> even though the redskins did not play in a game this weekend, their name is back in the cross hairs. and today, the debate over whether that name is offensive is not is drawing some big names. let's go live to brianne carter, who is joining us with this story. what's going on? >> the washington redskins' name will be the hot topic once again today here in the nation's capital. there is the nfl fall league meeting here at the ritz carlton. and at the same time, there will be a big discussion over whether or not the hometown team should be changing its name. the oneida indian nation will be holding a meeting this morning to talk about the mascot
5:35 am
campaign they have going on, urging the washington redskins to change the name of the team. and as you mentioned, a number of big names will be here, including a number of lawmakers from capitol hill who support the change. now, the group launched an ad campaign earlier this year, earning the nfl to -- urging the nfl to listen to people offended by the name and mascots. earlier this week, president obama weighed in saying, quote, if i were the owner of the team, and even if it had a storeied history, and it was offending a sizable group of people, i would think about changing it. however, the team owner has said he has no plans to change the team's name. an attorney for the redskins speaking out over the weekend saying president obama isn't aware of an associated press poll taken back in april that showed 8 out of 10 americans support the current name. now, again, this meeting is expected to kick off this morning. big names will be here as they once again talk about the team name. reporting live, brianne carter,
5:36 am
abc 7 news. >> the debate continues. thank you, brianne. montgomery college's humanities building on the rockville campus will be closed today. all classes in that building have been canceled because of water damage after an overnight fire. the fire was only in one office, but there is water damage now to three separate floors. 70° out there, 5:37 your time. >> up next, just as the wet weather is starting to roll into our area, there's a new way for metro riders to stay out of the
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>> we're combating hunger and creating opportunity every day in your community and we'd love to you join us. check us out at >> good morning! >> good morning to you as well. take a look at this. the new live pictures coming in here at abc 7. this is good news for montgomery county commuters. this is a new parking garage opening at the twin brook metro station. >> the metro west parking garage has more than 420 spaces. officials say it provides better lighting and weather protection and replaces an existing lot that will now be turned into retail and residential as well as office space. and as you've been seeing this morning, that parking garage will come in handy. some people will be trying to get out of the rain today. >> i'm guessing at least 400 of the 420 spots will be used up
5:40 am
today, especially with the rain expected in the afternoon. let's go right to eileen for a check on that forecast. >> i think the heaviest rain is going to arrive in the d.c. metro area probably around the lunch time. the rain is moving west to east. and some heavy rain, take a look at our storm scan. the rain is falling at a pretty good clip. we'll see the rain chances increasing through the day. and some of these showers could be heavy at times. in fact, there's also the potential for some strong severe thunderstorms. the storm prediction center has d.c. and parts of northeastern maryland and the eastern shore of maryland under slight risk for severe thunderstorms that could contain some damaging wind gusts. by the lunch time hour, that's when the showers will begin and we could see those locally heavy downpours i think through especially 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. and then by 6:00, everything is
5:41 am
starting to end as it moves east. and then we'll start to clear. and temperatures will fall back to more seasonal levels. jacqui jeras has the 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. for now, we turn it over to amanda with this morning's commute. >> we are still watching that accident on the inner loop that has all lanes shut down coming in from new hampshire. so if you commute on the maryland side of the beltway through college park, you're going to run into delays. now, this is a shot from our traffic tracker out on the roadways. you can see, he seems to be moving right along. so he's probably past that accident. but he has come through that stretch and he's relayed this information to us. he says that it's really starting to stack up. and he also says that they're detouring you onto those park and ride lanes just after new hampshire. so again, all lanes shut down heading up to our live maps. we can see that all lanes will be shut down on the inner loop, not causing too many delays, but it is starting to build right near that detour as you approach the scene.
5:42 am
after 650, which is new hampshire, they're detouring youlet park and ride. it is a fatal accident. so it will take some time to get that investigation processed through. coming down from 70 on270 southbound at about 58 miles per hour, 66 not looking too bad. a disabled vehicle near 123. i'll give you more details on that as well as update you on the inner loop coming up. back to jummy and scott. >> thanks, amanda. time now is 5:43. and it is 71°. >> coming up, the suspected al-qaeda operative will be interrogated after some high profile operations. coming up next, we'll have more on the special teams with the obama administr
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>> breaking news on the beltway. the inner loop is shut down between new hampshire avenue and 95.
5:46 am
there's a two-car crash that took place around 3:00 a.m. we now know that one person has been killed. another is hospitalized with serious injuries. we're going to check in with amanda meadows soon and tell you everything you need to know about this one and about how to get around it. now, 5:47 this morning. and we have new details about a pair of raids by u.s. special forces, including the capture of a top terror suspect in libya. >> now, the white house is just brushing aside criticism from the libyan government over that capture. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: a double blow against cal i hadda -- al-qaeda terrorists. two high risk raids carried out in libya and somalia. the mission in libya led to the capture of this man, a 34-year-old al-qaeda leader and computer expert. >> we hope that this makes clear that those members of al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run,
5:47 am
but you can't hide. >> the u.s. has been hunting him for 15 years for the murders of hundreds at the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania in 1998. al libi's son and brother in tripoli told abc news that a three-car convoy approached the vehicle. commandos jumped out, smashed the windows, and grabbed al libi. no shots were fired. before he stands trial in new york, officials say a high value interrogation team will try to get information from him. >> there's a lot he can say and there's a lot of gaps he can fill. >> 3,000 miles away from libya, another raid in saunaia. the -- in somalia. navy seal team 6 encountered much heavier resistance than they expected. after nearly an hour of gunfire, the team was forced to withdrawal, unsure if their target was killed. >> one of the things that you know is your intelligence picture, no matter how good it
5:48 am
is, it's never going to be perfect. >> there are some big questions those interrogators are hoping al libi can answer. among them, where is al-qaeda leader al zuwari? and what information does he have about future attacks against the u.s. tahman bradley, abc news. >> three-time indianapolis 500 winner dario frankitti is in the hospital this morning. he was hurt in a serious crash. and we have some cell phone video that captured it up close. [yelling] this happened during the final lap of the race in houston. his car launched into the barricade as you saw, just shattered into pieces. 13 spec spectators were hurt. he suffered a concussion, spinal
5:49 am
fractures, and a broken ankle. he does not, despite all those injuries, require any surgery. >> 5:50 is your time. and it's national fire prevention week. and today, d.c. fire and ems employees will be handing out and installing free smoke detectors. they'll visit several neighborhoods and more than 93,000 single family homes in d.c. who are eligible to receive a free smoke detector. coming up on 6:00 here, what some of the nation's largest youth sports organizations are doing to tackle youth concussions. >> plus, how a 9-year-old boy managed to sneak onto a flight from minneapolis to las vegas without a ticket. >> and even barbie has to obey the law. find out why police ticketed the driver of this barbie jeep. it's all new and still to come at 6:00. [cheering] >> you put that on repeat.
5:50 am
denver and dallas. peyton manning threw for 414 yards, four touchdowns. tony romo countered with five touchdowns on 506 yards. that's a cowboys record. but as good as romo was, there you see it, stumbled at the end. with the game tied at 48, denver kicks this field goal and they win 51-48. what a game. a combined 99 points. that's the fourth highest scoring game in nfl history. >> yeah. it was a show yesterday. and denver remains unbeaten this morning. dallas drops to 2-3, tied with philly at the top of the nfc east. next up for the cowboys, a sunday night home game against the washington redskins. here's more. >> good morning, everybody. as you know, the redskins were off yesterday. it was an you off week for them. so the coaches took some time to look at free agents. the skins had 18 free agents work out last week, including
5:51 am
darrell green's son, jarrett. thoughts immediately went back to somehow keeping momentum from last sunday's win in oakland. that's the down side of a bye week. but the skins couldn't ask for anything better after an 0-3 start. still in the hunt. washington is only a half game back of dallas in a very weak nfc east. >> it's a long season. don't get carried away with things that happen very early or very late. just stay the course. understand your objective and your goals and try to get better each day. >> that's a quick look at sports. have a good day. >> all right. thank you. 5:52 on this monday morning. and you just pointed out, it's kind of a low stress week for football. didn't have to worry. >> those are my favorite kind of sundays. your team is off, you're just like watching everybody else and relax and fall asleep, no biggie. perfect.
5:52 am
>> unfortunately, my children had sports. >> good thing they got them in yesterday. >> i know, right. although it's so hot. which you just tell, especially on the soccer field, you put it on turf, and it's just like wooo. i like the heat but that was a bit much. >> saturday afternoon. broke a record at dulles airport on saturday. 74° this morning. so it's a very mild start. we are looking at temperatures mainly upper 60s to low 70s across the region. but we won't make a lot of progress throughout the day today as clouds are already beginning to move in. and showers will be arriving late this morning into the early afternoon hours. it's all part of a very strong cold front which stretches from the great lakes down towards the gulf coast. that will be heading our way throughout the day today. and then a big change in the w. also, i just want to mention the remnants of tropical storm karen across the gulf coast states. all that moisture staying down there. so it's just a cold front that will be heading through for us. big change in the temperatures with 40s and 50s behind the cold front. so you really notice the difference. and let's talk about timing for
5:53 am
these showers and storms. they'll be heading in late this morning, arriving midday here across the metro area, and then heading off to the east. so things will start to clear out overnight and be kind of a quick hitter. some of those storms could be strong, possibly severe, and we'll get some heavy downpours. so our forecast for today. looking for temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s with showers and thunderstorms heavy at times. showers ending early this evening and clearing out overnight. tomorrow, we're looking forward to a nice day, 70° with mostly sunny skies. but another system rolls through the the middle of the week and could linger. we'll talk more about the timing on that as it continues to develop. that's the latest on your forecast. we'll have the latest on the road closures. it's been an ugly start this morning. >> it has. we have hit the ground running this morning with a fatal accident. that is on the inner loop working toward 95. so we've got our traffic tracker out there. and this is or would be a shot from him. and that is going to happen,
5:54 am
still sitting in traffic. the backups just getting worse and worse there on the inner loop. now, we have gotten reports and we have confirmed that this is a fatal accident. so what that means to you as a driver is that this could take some time to get cleaned up. they will have to investigate that crash and then pick up the pieces and parts as well. so you are going to want to avoid the inner loop if you can. they are detouring you out of these brake lights into that far right lane, you can see that way up ahead flashing. that far right lane is into the park and ride lanes. and then detours you back onto the inner loop. avoid it if you can. for now, back to scott and jummy. >> okay. 5:55 is your time. it is 71°. >> coming up, new word this morning on gas prices. we're going to tell you what you can expect the next time you go to fill up. busine
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> gas prices are falling. triple-a reports the national average price for a gallon of vehicle now $3 -- gallon of regular is now $3.35. in d.c., the price is now $3.53. in maryland $3.32. and virginia the lost of the three at $3.14. and boston market. love talking about food in the morning. they're offering a deal for furloughed workers. >> and the c in the new iphone 5-c may stand for cheap. it's noweing offered for as low as $45. we're now live from new york with details on those stories.
5:58 am
linda, that's pretty good for an iphone. >> it certainly is. i'll tell you, there's a deal on the apple 5-c ending today that brings down the price to a rock bottom price of 50 bucks with a contract. other retailers are offering it cheaper. radio shack started offering the iphone 5-c in stores for $99 with a two-year contract, giving you a $50 gift card that can be used toward the $99 iphone purchase. that offer ends november 2nd. wal-mart is also cutting the price of the iphone 5-c to 45 bucks. this is all according to the wall street journal. and the paper says the 5-c seems to be less popular of the two new models unveiled last month by apple, since everyone seems to want the 5-s instead. and boston market is offering federal employees and military personnel affected by the government shutdown a whole chicken for free if you purchase a family meal. the deal ends this sunday. live at bloomberg headquarters
5:59 am
in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you very much, linda. we've got another hour of news ahead and it all starts right now. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center. this is good morning washington on your side. >> straight up at 6:00, a deadly accident is causing big problems on the inner loop. amanda meadows will help you get around that gridlock. >> and we're tracking some storms that are pushing into the area that will bring down those hot-ober temperatures. >> good morning to you, washington. i'm scott thurman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. we'll first look at your forecast. as you head out the door in the morning, you're going to want to grab the umbrella. jacqui has a look at the forecast. >> big changes through the next couple of days. and i like how you snuck hot-ober into there. good one. 74° today, so we certainly will not be hot any longer. it will be l


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