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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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how much colder than yesterday? look at this. about 20 degrees on average across the area. we're 24 degrees colder this morning at dulles airport and 17 degrees colder at martinsburg. there is no rain in the forecast for today. we will have your seven-day coming up in a few minutes. we will go to traffic now. here is amanda. >> thank you very much, jacqui. we don't have any accidents or incidents to report on the roadways. we are watching construction on the bay bridge. we would watch that this morning westbound, minetory moderate delays due to construction. at nating traffic in the eastbound lanes -- at nating traffic in the eastbound lanes. exit 166 has the construction working. luckily, it is not northbound where we see the blackhawk lights early in the morning. you will experience minor to
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moderate delays. we have construction just after route 267 there near the dulles toll road on the inner loop. a tad bit of yellow between the dulles toll road and 16 of. a live shot of 270 shows us things are moving through maryland nicely. things should be moving right along. southbound there, you can see, you do have delay-free conditions at this time. back over to scott and jummy. >> thank you, amanda. we have breaking news coming into the newsroom right now. officials at prince george's county on the scene searching what is left of the structure that was on fire. we will have an update in the next half hour. now, new this morning, month
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gop recounty investigator -- montgomery county investigators are trying to find out what started a fire that left people with nowhere to go. it started in a first floor apartment and it was heavily damaged. no reports of any injuries. >> in the day ahead, it could become easier to contest tickets you get in the district. city council will hear testimony about a proposed bill to adjust a number of adjudication issues 789 the change would make it easier for anyone who get as ticket provide proof of innocence and get that ticket vacated. time for a check on the business headlines. we have news about a federal program helping kids despite the stalemate on capitol hill. >> plus, a look at how stocks are shaping up on the heels of the federal plunge. good morning to you, linda. >> it is week two of the
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shutdown and wall street still very much nervous. the s&p 500 index closed at the lowest level this month. they are little changed as they get closer to the opening bell. one victim of the d.c. grid lock is the head start program for nearly 1 million u.s. children from newborn to age five. the kids typically come from families that live at the portfolioly line. thousands of kids were sent home, and this is usually for families who are cash strapped. it has before given life by millionaire philanthropist who have pledged $10 million to keep the centers open across the country so children are able to return to the classrooms, so good news there. americans plan to spend more on
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holiday shopping this year than last year. i will have more on this next half hour. i'm linda bell reporting for abc7 news. >> thank you. >> disturbing claims about a local pet store. the latest
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>> it is day eight now of the government shutdown and the social security is warning the checks of millions of americans may nobody jeopardy. >> all this is a plan too give back pay to give federal workers stalled in the senate. tahman bradley has the latest. >> the white house upped the pressure on speaker john boehner to hold a vote on a clean bill that woulds tend government funding. >> the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote continue to is because he doesn't, apparently, want to see the government shutdown end at moment. >> the speaker says a funding bill cannot pass unless the republicans get the change obama chair they're demanding. but, they say that is not the case, there are enough votes. with 217 needed to pass, 17 republicans have said publicly they will vote to fund the government with no strings
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attached. more and more republicans are backing down dawes u because they're losing ground against the president in blame over the sunshine. a poll shows 70% of americas disapprove at hour house republicans are handling the negotiations. that is up seven points in one week. 57% disapproved of what the president has done. on wall street, there is growing worry about the shutdown's impact on the economy. the dow is down 193 points since the start of the shutdown. >> a one or two big shutdown is manageable. start getting into two, three weeks and longer and the impact is significant. >> and the even bigger economic threat is looming. on october 17, america will go into default unless congress raises the debt ceiling, the and the of money the country borrow. if the debt limit is not increased, the obama administration is warning that social security benefits for millions of americans can be put on hold. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> 4:39 this tuesday morning.
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what a difference we see from just yesterday morning to today. >> when i stepped outside the house, oh, i need to go in and get my sweatshirt. which i have here for jacqui. >> you need it today for sure. you could probably break out your leather, right? it is fall, we've been waiting more it. absolutely. temperatures will be comfortable this afternoon. we will make it up toward the 70-degree mark or so. but when we talk 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday, it really makes a difference. we will cloud cover in the region. you can see the cold front off the atlantic coast. we have an area of low-pressure associated with the remnants of karen and this is affecting us for the middle and latter part of the week. rainfall wise, we got quite a bit. much-needed rain in dulles. half an inch in fredricksburg.
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temperature wise, of 56 in d.c. hagerstown, 54 degrees. we will tell you more about what to expect in the forecast in a few minutes. let's get the latest on the roads with amanda at wtop. >> thank you. the construction zones this morning, no accidents to report on the major highways or secondaries at this time. we are working construction on the inner loop. if you travel through virginia there, after route 267, dulles toll road coming towards 66 you will run into the right lanes being open so stay to the right just across the american legion bridge and past the dulles toll road. delay free through the stretch into the beltway. 95 southbound still working a construction zone, as well. so that's got the left side closed there as you head down towards wood bridge. thatting if to be exit 16 of. we also have a live not along
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270. so we're in good shape there into the lane divide. for now, i will send it back to you. >> thank you, amanda. >> two puppies died just days after being brought home from the same pet s
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>> checking our top stories at 4:45 this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire at a montgomery county apartment building on spice berry circle. it displaced about 20 people. the red cross on the scene. firefighters say no one was hurt. we are in day eight now was the gun, just over $2 billion -- the gush, just over $2 billion in worker productivity will be lost by the end of this day. the social security administration warns the checks of millions of americans could be in jeopardy in congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. house speaker john boehner says a bill cannot get passed unless there are changes to the affordable care act. >> and there core a change to tickets you get in washington, d.c. a proposed bill will address a number of adjudication issues it
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will make it easier for anyone who get as ticket fight that ticket. jummy. >> there is a call for action after two puppies died days apart from a petland in fairfax city. >> i think when it comes to pets, you don't mess with people's pets. >> the mayor is tired of hearing the torer stories. >> we've had a number of incidents in the city about petland. >> they recently left the fairfax store with new families and dies days later. one company pay 2400 price tag and is now tuesday suing for the bill. >> for 13 days. it was sad. really sad. i want the public to know, it is buyer beware. i learned a lot from that. >> the mayor is behind a newly-formed task force to
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explore how they can tight inn pet store standards. >> i would like to see if we have authority to help regulate, whether it is the side of cages, care and feeding of the animals, those types of things. >> the opener declined an -- owner declined an interview but said the health and welfare of our pets are the highest priority. we have a full-time kennel staff whose full time responsible 20 maintain the health of the babies. >> they tend to do a good job of keeping the cages clean, well fed, always seem to have water. >> if they knew the conditions of the little tiny animals are raised in, they would never step food in there again. >> they say they get puppies from usda breeders and they're usda inspected. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> the nfl says it is prepared
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now to meet with an indian tribe pushing for the redkins to change their name. the mayor agreed to meet with the oneida nation from new york in the next few weeks. >> this is an effort we are in for the long-term. this is not going to go away. >> i think we don't understand why the changes made to some new generations find offensive. but living here and being a native washingtonian, i don't find it offensive. >> he says he will, quoter, never change that name. >> and, fire caused a house to collapse last night on m street near north capital street and new york avenue. no injuries were reported. at 4:48, the superintendent
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will ever would not recues himself in the trial of a mid shipman raping a classmate in 2012. >> d.c. police need your help investigating a sexual assault. the ate tam panned blocks in the petworth metro station. the attacker grabbed the victim, forced her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. they find that upsetting, especially because it happened next to a school and a newly-rennovated recreation center. >> this is a place children come and play. this is a really unfortunate situation. my heart goes out to her shoot suspect also stole some of the victim's items. if you have any information, you're asked to call the d.c. police department. >> and employees who work for the defense department are back on the job. they returned monday after an
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announcement by chuck hagel. he said they were return 80% of the 350 furloughed defense civilian employees. this was welcomed news former chants near the pentagon. many so you business drop 75% at the beginning of the shutdown. >> tractor trailer drivers plan to intentionally clog the inner loop of the beltway to protest the shutdown. it is scheduled for october 11. organizers tell "u.s. news & world report" they plan to call attention to a number of frustrations and show disapproval for the shutdown. if all goes according to the plan, they will circle three lanes deep, blocking traffic. >> wouldn't that be fun to be behind. >> the good news is, i believe october 11 is columbus day so some people should be home from work. not us. >> jacqui, let's talk weather, something good. >> my husband's birthday on october 11. >> going to use the belt way? >> not go to any more.
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56 degrees, a comfortable, cool start. fall has returned. it is back and feeling pretty good this morning. fredricksburg is 21 degrees colder than you were this time yesterday morning. that is your 21 hour temperature change. the cold front moves on through. you know it, don't you. it is offshore but we're keep an eye on the remnants of cash karen. it looks like this is going to develop into an area of low-pressure, showers across carolina today.
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we think high-pressure is enough to squeeze it out and keep us dry. but i think late tomorrow we start to see some rain showers returning. we have over an inch yesterday but we certainly could use a little bit more and it is nice to get in little doses. notice the fair skies expected overnight tonight. this futurecast model showing us showers by the afternoon but i don't think it will happen until late in the day. partly cloudy skies, high temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. the seven-day forecast will show the chance of showers and will likely linger for a good couple days into the end of the week. we're optimistic about the weekend. hopefully, we won't have to change it. we're watching saturday closely for you. that's your forecast. let's check on traffic with amanda. >> thank you, jacqui. watching early morning construction zones. overnight getting into the clearing stages. if you use new york avenue, we've got a construction zone out of bounds at 4th street so be prepared that left lane gets
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by through new york avenue. again, that is out of bounds so if you're headed inbound towards town, you should be just fine. areas at route 267, working that construction zone towards 66 that has the right side open and we have things moving along nicely. if you use 66 you can see about 62 miles per hour as you come in from centreville, moving at a good clip there. 95 looks like they've wrapped up construction there southbound so that is lacking great as you come down from newington to wood bridge and coming up are from stafford into the belt way on 95 northbound, you also are shaping up nicely this morning in the commute. i will send it back to. >> you thank you, amanda. >> you've heard of 3-d printing technology that really exploded in recent months. up next, we will show you what this
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>> what ever thought this would be a combination, food and 3-d printing. >> it is a strange one but futuristic food is turning heads in the ecoconference in texas. this machine makes pizza using powdered ingredients and builds dough, a layer of sauce and cheese topping. the heat the plate eventually cooks that pizza. the idea, hopefully without the fly there, is the powdered ingredient will be used for years. they hope this concept will one day help feed the world's
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population. >> very interesting. today. madame tussaud unveiled betty white at their next entertainer immortalized in wax. the museum wants to pay homage to white's passion for animals. the unveiling will happen in the morning. it will make a special appearance at the humane society on saturday. >> it is 4:57. >> you would think a record-breaking blizzard would keep anyone home. wait until
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>> two fires overnight one in prince george's county and one in montgomery county. we have details on them in the next half hour. >> and, despite the government shutdown, a major rally on capitol hill. we will be there thrive and another horrific shooting. a school is sent into lock down in newtown, connecticut. >> good morning to you, washington. i'm jummy scott thuman. >> and i'm jummy olabanji. let's a he head right over to jacqui jeras wit a


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