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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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schooler temperatures that snuck back in. >> grab a jacket, a sweater, a hoodie, whenever you got. cover yourself up this morning. it feels much cooler, in fact, by 20 degrees. that much colder than yesterday morning. 56 at reagan national. 52 degrees in fredricksburg. our weather headline today, it will be much cooler. high temperature near 70 degrees. we will have a bit of cloudiness and sunshine both today in the forecast. but to the middle and latter part of the week we have a new area of low-pressure cut off and lingering around here, bringing more needed rain. rainfall yesterday was more than an inch. the first time in more than 80 days since we've had more than an inch of rain in washington, d.c. our express forecast for today, temperatures will make it up to around 70 degrees or so with partly cloudy skies. more details on the timing of that rainfall coming up in is a few minutes. let's go to traffic. here say man dah. >> thank you, jacqui.
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we have a delay on 95 northbound, so if you know someone taking an early flight out, give them a heads up. that left side is closed northbound through maryland. we have construction on new york avenue, that is going to be out of bounds. inbound lanes are not affected. that is 4th street. the inner loop after route 267. you can see that bright red on 266 westbound, that might be because of the construction crews so you might get a brief delay on 66 westbound because of that merge. delay-free conditions northbound or inbound towards d.c. i'll send it back over to scott and jummy. >> thank you very much. we begin at 5:02 with breaking
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news. right now, fire investigators are searching for what is left of a mobile home. >> brianne carter just arrived on the scene and she is going to join us now over the phone with an update. tell us what you know at this point. >> a lot of details we have yet to learn out here, scott. we understand things are quite far back from where this is happening and a lot of firefighters remain active on the scene. the air is thick with smoke, you can smell 9 fare but -- smell the fire but they won't let us get close enough to the house to see what is going on. this is right near quantico base. if you're familiar with the rare in prince george's county. we don't know anything related to possible injuries or in terms of the investigation, there are a number of firefighters and first responders who remain on the scene. it appears the fire may be out at this point, but we're back about a block from where the fire is actually happening. we will stay out here and we will have an update for you at
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5:30 this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much, brianne in a. we will check back in in just a little bit. overnight, fire damage in an apartment building in gatorade. this broke out -- in gaithersburg. the building was heavily damaged. 20 residents are now homeless. the red cross is helping them out. no reports of any injuries. >> police have now identified the man who they say set himself on fire on the national mall. he is 64-year-old john constantino of mount laurel, new jersey. miss police say when they arrived at the scene, they found him with significant burns. he later died. it is still not clear why you said himself on fire. >> it is day eight now of this government shutdown, and it turns out the crisis isn't stopping a major immigration rally that is already set for today. >> our john gonzalez is live on capitol hill this morning with the very latest on this story. good morning, john. >> good morning, jummy and
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scott. a strange situation here. a call for congress later today to legalize 11 million undocumented workers. this at time when congress can't even agree whether to come back to work or not. thousands are expected here on the national mall later this morning, once again pushing for immigration reform. the problem is as we all know, the national mall is currently closed but even as that is the case, the set up continues here for this rally called american path in spanish. it was planned before the government shutdown eight days ago and a stage has been erected and tents are going up this morning at 10th street. this will be a march and concert. organizers bringing in well-known musical artists trying to attract a bigger crowd and lawmakers will be here, even though they aren't working, including democratic leader nancy pelosi so some big names coming here today which leads to
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the question that many are asking, why is this event allowed to go on? some tourists left scratching their head and some wondering if it is a political game. >> the monument and what not, just for the kids. i think it is disturbing everything. >> now, we have noticed over the last couple of days throughout the past week that people here on the national mall have been allowed to walk and jog the gravel foot paths up and down the mall, but this would be the first time people are actually allowed on the grassy area. again, it will be a very interesting situation later today when this rally goes on, essentially, at a closed national mall. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. 53 degrees, 5:06 your time on this tuesday morning. >> some federal workers are not only tealing with the federal
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>> well, it takes more than little snow and government shutdown to keep federal meteorologists from their job. take a look. after a record-breaking blizzard in south dakota, meteorologists at the national weather service worked through this without
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getting paid. nearly two feet of snow buried rapid city but several forecasters hiked to work, crawled over huge snow drift or just slept at the office. they were deemed essential workers in the shutdown but they have no idea when paychecks will arrive. that is dedication. i i know one meteorologist willing to climb the snow banks to work. >> eileen hike at least two miles to get to work. >> absolutely that would be the best exercise i've gotten in quite a while. there is really hard work and dedication to all national weather service employees across the country who have really been working so hard to help protect us. and, you know, we got our fair share of rain yesterday, which we desperately needed. let's talk about the rainfall totals that fringe three quarters of an inch of rain to two inches.
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asheville, west virginia, 3.2-inches of rain. and, the rainfall totals continue across the board. now, at our major hubs, reagan national and dulles both reported 1.13-inches of rain. but, look at our departures. since december 1 in all was these locations right around two inches or more. we still do need some rain and we we will see rain in the extended forecast. today going to be delightful. it certainly feels like fall. i've quote my jacket on. on the cool side, temperatures in the light breeds jacqui jeras will be back in a few minutes with more on the rainfall we will have, but for now, let's go to amanda meadows with a look at this morning's commute. >> it was chilly, i actually
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forgot by jacket this morning so i had to turn the heat up in the car ride here. for now, it should be fairly shoot. delay-free conditions across-the-board. we will start on the bay bridge where we're seeing that westbound span has all lawns open at this time so that earlier construction is out of here. we also have got new york avenue cleared so all lanes are open out of bounds. you can see a slow down there near that construction zone so that may be some residual delays at about 12 miles per hour. not bad on 95 moving in from maryland. however, if you head to bwi, a couple construction zone northbound. we've got two live shots for you. to show you current conditions there, moving right along. 95 in virginia, also moving along quite nightly at this time. the next live shot is going to
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be here, you be see fair conditions there, as well. we will sent it back to you. >> thank you, amanda. 5:13 now and 53 degrees. >> terrifying moments in the new town, connecticut. coming up, what sent a high school there into lock
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he you. >> today, d.c. councilmember tommy wells will promote his living wake for all d.c. bill. he will he will appear at the d.c. brewing company in northeast. his bill would increase the minimum wage by one dollar over the next two years to 10.25 an hour. it would increase the d.c. standard deduction for personal income taxes to relieve to moderate income households. today at union station, you can see a ton of cranberries. ocean spray is bringing cranberries to the station. people can learn more about the harvest through american growers and 2,000-pounds of that fruit. >> meantime, in florida, a much more sour situation in the water. take a look at this massive algae bloom, just one of many cropping up in the st. johns' river. the rains led to a chemical run off. it is a nuisance for humans but
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dangerous for fish because it depletes all the oxygen that ecosystem. >> speaking of water, marathon swimmer diana nyad is tackling another challenge in the water. she will continuously swim for 4 hours in a pal in new york city to raise money for hurricane sandy recore reefforts. celebrities there are invited to swim with her. she will kick that off live in morning on good morning. >> 4 hours supply want to be her when i grow up. >> i can't believe it. about up there and swim with her. i could do, like, maybe a couple laps. >> whatever laps, 20 minutes is. >> are you a swimmer? >> no, not really. i'm like a lay by the pooler. >> summer? >> yeah. a little bit.
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but not diana nyad, no. >> the one and only, that's for sure. testify deaf not swimming weather today. in a wetsuit, maybe. it is is going to be cold out there, in fact, the water temperatures could be warmer than the air temperatures in a few spots this morning. 56 degrees now at reagan national airport. winds are light north-northwest at 5 miles per hour. temperatures in the outlying areas, we have breeze this morning. look at that. 48 degrees in gaithersburg. 47 in martinsburg and 50 degrees at this time in manassas. temperatures 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday. long sleeves for sure today. temperatures will warm up this afternoon. we should make it to about 70 degrees so that is going to feel good overall. cold front offshore and we're watching an area of low-pressure off the atlantic coast than is going to be getting close to us by tomorrow and start to bring changes. high-pressure will be strong enough to keep it at bay today but we will have a few clouds in the between from the remnants of
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the moisture yesterday and some cloudiness from the south for today. by tomorrow we will see even more clouds and i think the rain will begin to move in. a little bit uncertain on the timing of all this as to when it is going to begin and how long it is going to last. right now, most of this should push in late in the day on wednesday and lingering for the better part of the week with showers on and off. today, enjoy the break between rain showers. we need a little bit more. partly cloudy and cool today, highs in the upper 60s to lower 70 ortiz. the seven-day forecast will show about a 30% chance of rain on wednesday. increasing odds by thursday and starting to taper off by late on friday. we will have to watch the weekend 789 right now it is looking good but this may be pushed back a little bit so will keep you up-to-date on the latest on that cut off. let's get you traffic with amanda. >> thank you, jacqui. still accident free on all major interstates this morning. we have a few construction spots working. at maryland, we will start with
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construction blocking lanes into the bwi. if you're taking a flight out northbound, looking for minor to moderate delays. looking great at 270 between urbana and montrose, 22 minutes is the estimated drive time. between those two points southbound. you're looking great this time in the morning. delay free on he have. just a little bit of a slow down -- on 66. just a little bit of a slow down which towards the beltway. that may be due to the inner loop construction, residual delays with that clearing out. and word on that fire reported earlier on triangle twin cities, it -- in prince george's county that road is closed. >> thank you, amanda. the long-s awaited streaming service is underway in and, some of you have your hands on the
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new iphone, but there is already buzz about the iphone 6. >> major changes coming to the smart phone. a light of devices with flexible scenes. it could hit the market next year. and beats electronics is launching its music service. founded by dr. j and makes the widely popular head phones. >> the iphone 5-s and 5-c are only on the market couple weeks and there are already reports about the iphone 6, reports it will have a larger 5.8-inch screen. and, it's will design a smart watch design for kids. the gps tracker lets parents know if their child has left the safety zone. those your tech bites. have a great day. i'm john mueller.
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>> we're following more of that breaking news from prince george's county, police have how to confirmed two fatalities from mcmobile home fire. for now, all lawns are closed while police investigate. our brianne carter is on the scene. again two fatalities. we will have a live report in a few moments. >> 5:25 and we're heading around the nation now. tense moments for residents in newtown, connecticut, 10 months after a school shooting there. schools were placed on lock down after an off duty police officer threatened to kill himself. he parked outside his wife's home. he did surrender and no one was injured. >> a woman spent two days stranded in a remote texas park. they went for a hike on wednesday but overshot their destination and lost track of the trail.
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by friday, they were out of food and water. fry told her husband she could not go on any longer so he set off to find help. rescue crews reached her on sunday. >> when they came over the ridge and they came down there, they told me they couldn't believe i was still alive, that's when i asked if he had made it, and they said, yeah, he's the one who told us you were out here. >> her husband used his cell phone to find his car and then he drove for help. fry is recovering now from dehydration and sun burn. >> it is 52 degrees at 5:26. >> we're continuing to get more details about that fire in pinpoint doppler that has killed two people early this morni
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>> straight ahead, we are following breaking news this morning. we've got two overnight fires, 20 people are now homeless after this woundworts an apartment building gaithersburg. good morning to you, washington. i'm scott thuman. >> and i'm jummy olabanji. we're continuing to learn more information about a fire in prince george's county that killed two people near quantico. we will check in with brianne carter in just a second. first, let's check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras with your forecast today. >> good morning. you need to grab a jacket or sweater before you head out the door this morning. a huge difference in temperatures. in fact, we're 20 degrees colder this morning compared to yesterday. of a 56 at reagan national. 46 in gaithersburg at this hour. the weather headlines, it is a big deal today, the cooler temperatures.
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highs only making it up to around the 70-degree mark. drier weather today with mix of sunshine and clouds but wet weather will return by tomorrow and last, at least through the latter part of the week. we will have more details on the upcoming rainfall and how much we got yesterday. eileen will joins us with that rainfall information a few minutes. from the belfort furniture weather center, let's go to traffic. here is amanda. >> thank you, jacqui. so far so good on major roadways. starting to build a little bit at the usual hot spots. we will start with our traffic tracker on 295. send him in to the 11th street bridge. things are moving right along at a pretty good clip now as he heads to 95. so north and southbound, you should be good to go heading to the 11th street bridge, starting to build on that approach right near the bridge span. we also have got things moving right along on 95 in virginia.
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heading to the live map we do have that road closure, though in triangle, virginia. this is going to be a fireworking and bri will give you you all the details. that is closed at old triangle road in both directions. you can see the estimated drive time, if we move that banner there we can see it is tracks right athrong at about 10 minutes between the beltway and 14th street bridge. also, between the belt way and arlington about nine minutes so right on time in both of those major roadways. 95 in from maryland on the outer loop looks great, as well. i will send it back to you. >> at 5:32, we have an update on breaking news we've been following all morning long. right now, fire officials are searching what is left of a mobile home. >> this without fire in prince george's county near quantico. brianne carter is live on the scene on the phone. what do we know. >> we have now learned that this fire has claimed the lives of
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two individuals here in this mobile home. at this point, we're still being kept back far from the scene so we're not able to see the home at this point. the identities of those individuals has not been released at this point either. fire investigators and a number of fairs and first responder risk main out here on the scene. now, as close as we were able to get, it does appear the fire is out at this paterno. investigators now combing through that mobile home looking through it to make sure they have not gotten any hot spots in terms of the fire. at this point, the cause of the fire that started all this under investigation. all of this happening next door to the entrance to quantico and the road is shutdown. we continue to monitor this. again two people now dead as a result of this early-morning fire in a mobile home. their identities have in the been released. we will have more in a half hour. >> okay, brianne. we will see you in a cull couple minutes.
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also overnight, a fire in gaithersburg. this broke out in the 7500 block of spice berry circle. 20 residents are now homeless. the red cross is helping them out. there are no reports of any injuries. >> police have now identifiesed the man who set himself on fire on the national mall. 64-year-old john constantino of mount laurel, new jersey, died from those injuries. it is still not clear why he set himself on fire. and, it is day eight now of the government shutdown, and the crisis isn't stopping a major immigration rally that is already set for today. >> our john gonzalez is live on the hill this morning with the latest on this story. john? >> on day eight, an interesting scenario here on the national mall. we can tell you that portable bathrooms are set up here and you can see it is dark but you can probably see back there tents are set up and a stage has been erected for what is going to be a massive rail for immigration reformulater today. the problem is, the national
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mall is officially closed. now, this rally was permitted and planned before the government shutdown eight days ago, so, again, things have been set up and ready to go. this will be a march and concert. organizers bringing in well-known musical artists trying to attract a bigger crowd. lawmakers will be here, even though they aren't currently working on capitol hill. democratic leader nancy pelosi will be here and democratic representative so big names from different spectrums. how will this work the out? the masses will have to get here. some roads are closed, of course, and they're not going to be able to park. that could pose a problem later today. some tourists the last couple days have been denied entry to the roads and museums closed are left scratching their heads wondering if this is part of the political game. we noticed last week people have been allowed on the national
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mall to walk and job the gravel foot paths which is where we are standing here but this would be the first time people would be allowed on the grassy areas here on the national mall. some even joking this morning the portable bathrooms are here. well, at the end of the day, who will be around to clean them up? reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> good pound. thank you, john. 53 degrees. 5:36 on this tuesday morning. >> d.c.'s council set to talk about a bill today that could help you out the next time you get a traffic ticket. details still
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>> hi, we're from the animal welfare league of arlington. join us four the first ever golden paw gala on november 2. for more information and to learn how you can help our adoptable animals, visit awa are doing. >> good morning, washington! >> you do bring your dogs? >> i don't know. i will be stopping by. >> we're talking about this, eye lean out there shivering. >> just a little bit. it is really not all this bad, think about it. temperatures the past few mornings have been in the 60s. yesterday morning starting in the 70s, so the 50s this
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morning with a breeze, you feel it. don't forget the jacket this morning. yesterday we had a strong cold front that moves through and brought us a lot of rain. rain we definitely needed. take a look at our weather bug togethers. in d.c., 1.43-inches of rain. 1.1 inches in arlington. just shy of an inch in d.c. so, much-needed rain but still below our average. reagan national and dulles both reported 1.13-inches of rain at the airports, but our departure is still about two inches since september 1 so we need rain and we're going to get it but not today. i think a mix of sun and clouds, much cooler highs this afternoon, only around 71 degrees. and a bit on the breeze which were side, but a little coastal system could bring us showers for the middle of the workweek so jacqui jeras will be back in a few minutes to let you know when the rain will arrive and how much we can expect. until then, let's go to amanda
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meadows. i heard you forgot your jacket this morning. >> i did and regretted it once i stepped outside. it is chilly. at least for me. i love summer. right now, we are monitoring a new accident. 95 northbound in virginia. this has all lanes closed. we just got word from the wtop traffic center this is going continue to working near stafford so you can see there, 95 northbound in stafford, reports all line lanes are closed there. if you do use that, you're going to want to possibly use route one instead or the hov system which doesn't pick up there quite yet. we are still getting details on this. this is brand new, but just a heads up that is going to be near exit 136 or center port parkway. that fire has that road closed. the secondary road, shouldn't affect too many people. a crash through urbana, reports
5:41 am
that is blocking the left lane so slowing things down a little bit. the estimated drive time was 22 minutes earlier, now at 24 minutes so we will keep an eye on that one, as well. another update on that accident along 94 northbound in a little bit. for now, i will send it back to you. >> thank you, amanda. 5:42. 53 degrees. coming up, it was meant to be a powerful fashion statement in the fight against cancer. instead, it turned into a battle involving an entire football team. >> we will have the latest on a bill that could help you out the
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>> it could soon become easier for you to contest tickets you get in washington, d.c. a come wong will hear a are proposed bill about a number was
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adjudication issues the new changes would make it easier for anyone receiving a ticket to provide proof of innocence and get it dismissed. >> and, "dancing with the stars", a favorite hung up her dancing shoes. valerie harper has a bad knee and is surviving terminal cancer. she felt the loves they last four weeks. >> this is great. this is really a lovely, wonderful joyous celebration of a show. >> this is proving continue to a very competitive season. three teams tied for first with the judges. nine stars remain on the show. >> america marathon swimmer diana myad is tackling yet another challenge in the water after swimming from cuba to florida without a shark cage, she is going to swim continuously for 48 hours in a
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pool in new york city. it is all to raise money for hurricane sandy recovery efforts and celebrities and regular new yorkers, as well, invited to swim with nyad isly will kick off that two-day swim live this morning on "good morning america". >> coming up new at 6:00 in washington, a tv station comes under attack and the arsonists are caught on camera. >> plus, a deli clerks weapon of choice to thwart an armed robber. >> and, find out why chrysler's classy new spokesperson is kind of a big deal. that is all new and still to come here at 6:00. >> the come tokers are heading to the national league championship series for the first time since 2009! >> the l.a. dodgers capped a full day of play-off baseball with an on field party. you see there beating atlanta to take that series three games to one. a little bit earlier, tampa bay
5:47 am
had a celebration of its own. rays beat boston on a tram dram walk-off hometory stay alive. the red sox still lead that series two games to one. and, in other games, oakland topped detroit. they go up two games to one. st. louis force as decisive game five against pittsburgh. >> on monday night football, new york jets upset atlanta 20-28 on a game-ending field goal. a lot of surprises in the nfl this season, including how the redskins remain in the they can of the division race even with their awful record. tim has more. >> hello again, everybody. the redskins 0-and-3 start is closely documents. coming of the first win in a bye week, they find themselves a half game back in the division lead. they're back after the time office, worked inside of the bubble because of all was the
5:48 am
rain. move morris' ribs seem to be okay. the players look at this as a fresh start and they are as maizing they're still in it this late. >> for us to be blessed with this opportunity to not play good football at all and still have a chance to talk about winning our division, a half a game or a game out of it, we have a lot to play for. hopefully we can get the best and go forward and play good football synodal vas favored sunday night in texas. there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> the league's super bowl advisory will ask cities to bid at finalists and they will select the winner coming up in may. >> can i say, jacqui, don't get mad, minneapolis in february seek seems like the most awful place in the world for a super
5:49 am
bowl. >> indoor stadium into it is still cold. remember a few years ago when it caved in because of all the snow. >> they fixed it. you know what sells great about minneapolis, you know prince had a big concert in paysly paisley park, surprised everybody. >> see if he does it in february. >> okay, i digress. sorry about that. did i mention i love this area, as well. it is so great here. i to love it. you know what, i love the sweater, too. i can't wait. >> i just got an e-mail from our executive producer, sara, also from minneapolis. >> she loves prince, too. >> she is is not too happy. she is like, stop talking. move on to the weather. >> 56 degrees, that is our temperature. feels like minneapolis today. our weather is so much cooler and that's the big weather headline for the day today.
5:50 am
we've got more changes ahead. the rainfalls we yesterday, we needed it so badly and we have more in our seven-day forecast. our temperatures this morning about 20 degrees colder than just 24 hours ago so long sleeves are definitely needed today. grab a sweater. stick with the pants. i can't remember the last time i wore pants but i've got them on today. it feels like you need them. clouds in the area. we will get breaks in the cloud but sunshine too, a mix of sunshine and clouds. the cold front is off the shore but we're watching this coastal low and the recommendnants what have was tropical storm karen to nudge up our way for the middle of the week. this is cut off from the manu throw of the jet stream so probably going to linger a couple of days. high-pressure, enough to linger today but by tomorrow, high-pressure gets close enough we will see showers. today a couple was showers on and off in the afternoon hours. fair skies expected overnight. mostly cloudy by tomorrow, and then rain showers. s. i think the best chance will be later in the day. forecast today, partly cloudy skies. our temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s.
5:51 am
feeling very fine. fair skies and cold tonight. 43 to 53 degrees. take a look at tomorrow, rain showers possible, especially late in the day, only in the 80s for highs tomorrow and flirting with mid to upper 60s the rest of the week. rain showers on thursday but keep that rain chance in the rest of the week. let's get the latest on your traffic situation. i know you love purple and prince and all those good minneapolis things, amanda. >> absolutely, a big fan. we have a serious crash working 95 northbound. if you know none who uses the northbound lanes in virginia you will run into big delays this morning. already forming a back up. see the bright yellow coming into stafford, this is having all lanes closed at exit 136. we're getting word from the wtot traffic center you're barely squeezing by on that left shoulder. that is exit 136, that is near route 627. be prepared, that is before the
5:52 am
hov lane pick up, fire is still working in triangle. that is closed in both directions at old ryan he will road. looking -- old triangle road. we have a crash on 270 causing delays coming in from urbana at 280, the left lane is closed. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. a football player is upset this morning because his coach wouldn't let him wear pink socks during a game. >> that boy's mother is a cancer survivor and he wanted to support her and do what the nfl players do. pink is what they wear in october. the boy's coach stopped him as soon as he saw the socks. >> i was walking over to the field and the coach stopped me and asked me if i was going to play barefoot. i said no, and he told me i could not play because i was wearing pink socks. >> an assistant coach for the
5:53 am
team said they told the boys no pink two weeks ago when someone else asked. they didn't want the other boys to feel left out or request the parents to buy new equipment. 3 is now a fundraiser to buy them. >> take a look at this white diamond, the suze of a small egg, sold for $30.6 million. that is a new record for a white diamond, the flawless 11carat oval diamond was sold to an unidentified asian collector. >> and, madame tussaud unveiled betty white to be the next entertainer to be immortalized in wax. the museum wants to pay homage to white's passion for animals. >> 2 it is 5:54
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>>al you cash fans, the new $100 bill makes its debut today. it has extra security features. is there a blue 3-d security ribbon and it makes it easier to aughtent indicate the bill and harder to counterfeit it. >> the third annual fall job fair today. more than 50 employers will be looking for new workers. that fair sat george mason university's arlington con pus and runs runs from 10:00 to 2:0.
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meanwhile, shoppers are gearing up to spend more this holiday season. that is good news. >> yes, it is. that is all despite the financial worries on capitol hill. we have move from new york with business news. good morning, linda. >> good, scott and jummy. no doubt the shutdown is putting a dent in our economy, everything from small businesses to tourism and worker furloughs, of course. researchers say the shutdown cost more than $1.5 billion in lost economic output just last week. as the shutdown continues, office closures are now draining an average of 160 consider million each workday and the near $16 trillion economy. despite all that, americans decided into the to be grinches when it comes to holiday shopping. a should shows that conss plan to spend on average $636 on gifts this year. that is an 11% rise over last year's planned spending. it also looked like shoppers are
5:58 am
going to embrace more in-store and online discounts and sales. in fact, the enthusiasm for black friday deals is at a five-year high and nearly four in 10 shoppers plan to shop on turkey day. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, reporting for abc7 news. never shop on turkey day. hate the crowds. >>ny either. >> thank you, linda. an 11-year-old colorado boy is grabbing the attention of nasa. he started an permit for school in brewing beer and wanted to find out for the fermentation process worked in space. the 7th trader says beer has medicinal properties and hopes it could be used to help in a medical emergency in space. >> that's so cool that your science project gets to go to space. >> your kid and your work is
5:59 am
being tested. >> doesn't get any better. congratulations. >> you definitely get points at school for that. we have another hour of news ahead and it all starts right now. >> live from the abc7 broadcast centers, this is good morning, washington. on your side. >> these are live images from triangle where there was a deadly fire overnight. brianne carter is live on the scene with the details. >> plus, a major rally planned on what is now the shutdown national mall. >> we can officially say good bay to hot-tober, hello fall. you are waking up to a major temperature change this morning. good tuesday morning to you, washington. i'm jummy olabanji. >> i am a3. scott thuman. let's begin with the forecast from jacqui jeras, a little bit colder this time. >> a little bit? a lot bit. about 20 degrees colder so you have definitely feel the difference this


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