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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  October 9, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this shutdown now. >> in if there is unconditional surrender by the republican he will negotiate. that is not the way government
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works. >> this all comes as a new "associated press" poll shows that as more than 1,000 people questioned as part of that poll, 63% say they are now blaming republicans for the shutdown. reporting on capitol hill, abc7 news. >> thank looking for three suspects in connection with a home invasion robbery in high
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wattsville. it happened overnight at a home on dean drive. three men entered a home and assaulted a person inside. one suspect had a gun and fired it but we're told no one was hit. >> in the day ahead, leaders across america are meeting to discuss raising the minimum wage. >> we have more on this debate this morning. good morning to you, john. >> good morning, jummy and scott. it is an issue debated over the last couple of months in the district. now living wage takes center stage here in montgomery county. a proposal will be introduced
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>> in in new jersey alone, more than 10,000 customers were without electricity at one him. >> closer to home, eye lean outside where today she's got that jacket. >> upgraded from the fleece. that was a full jacket, eileen. >> yes, it is, thanks to our very only say 4 lending me this lovely jacket. no, this is actually water proof so that is perfect autos there is the potential for rain. it is cool, temperatures in the 50s, but it is going to be chilly today and expect that rain to move in afternoon the lunchtime hour. the winds also picking up. let's get you out the door this morning, a shout out to our weather bug networks in alexandria, 58 degrees with a northeast wind at 3. calm winds in d.c., 54. and north view elementary school
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53. at richard montgomery high school in rockville, 52-degrees there and light northeasterly wind. the wind is picking up as this coastal low moves in. look at the rain over southeastern virginia and the carolinas, that vain going to start to spiral its way in so around lunchtime and there after we we will see rain showers. temperatures in afternoon only in the lower to middle 60s. if you think that is cool, wait until tomorrow when highs barely reach 60 degrees so a cool and damp weather pattern ahead. i know that some of us are a little bit eh on the weather but
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we had beautiful weather last week. let's head to amanda meadows with this morning's commute. good morning, amanda. >> thank you, eileen. thank you very much. you're looking lovely this morning. the bw parkway, not looking so lovely. we have word of an accident and we have word it is affecting both directions there coming through. the bw parkway northbound and southbound, you may run into some delays. this is brand new so we're not
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seeing the slow downs or
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>> you need to plan indoor activities. an area of low pressure has been hitting the carolinas and florida the last couple of days. and today, it's finally arriving for us. so they can see the satellite and radar pictures. heavy rain in north carolina is moving into southern parts of virginia and getting wet in virginia beach and norfolk and making its way up to the northern neck by the mid- to latter part of the morning. now, as we take a look here, you can see breezy conditions will be affected with it coming in
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from the northeast. it's high pressure and low pressure working together to push in that moisture and bring us the cloud cover that we're already dealing with at this hour. let's talk more specifically about timing. you can see our future cast, which i think is handling the system very well. showing us moving into the northern neck by 10:00 this morning. heading up towards the metro area after the noon hour and then continuing on and off with spotty showers and periods of rain, which will be heavy at times, especially overnight tonight and into your thursday. some spotty showers once again lingering into thursday afternoon and evening. and we'll see some occasional rain as well into friday. the cloud cover at a minimum i think will last into the weekend. and the rainfall amounts are going to be pretty significant. we still have a deficit of more than 2" just in the last month plus, and take a look at this. 1-3" is reasonable between now and the end of the day on friday. 68° is our temperature. we're not going to make a lot of progress today. only going to be in the 60s. it will be warmer in minneapolis
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than here because of our cloud cover and easterly winds. 62-67° for the highs tonight. lows in the upper 40s to middle 50s. tomorrow, more of the same. so keep the umbrella around. that will last into the early part of the weekend with a little bit of improvement by early next week. let's go to traffic now. here's amanda. >> thank you, jacqui. early morning activity along the bw parkway is causing problems. this is two separate incidents, but we are seeing that traffic is slowing down on the inbound or southbound lanes, which is the way that most people are headed around this time of the morning. the left side closes as you approach route 32. and northbound, all lanes closed right now near 175. that may be the bigger issue in the morning commute. eventually, those southbound lanes back up quickly. 95 in maryland is your alternate. also in maryland along 270, slowdowns as you head northbound into the i-70 merge. that earlier construction
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eastbound is cleared. some residual delays on 144. 66 eastbound working a construction zone there. here's a live shot as you can see 295 at eastern avenue. looking good for this time of the morning. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. the tech giant apple is now less than three weeks away from announcing the newest ipad. >> and google getting ready to roll out the latest version of its popular chrome book. john muller has this morning's tech bytes. >> apple fans already have october 22nd on the calendar. that is when the company is expected to make its new ipad announcement. hp and google teaming up to create a new web-based laptop. the chrome book 11 weighs a little over 2 pounds with an 11-inch screen and retails for $279. is htc following in apple's footsteps.
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the wall street journal saying that they will incorporate a new fingerprint sensor. htc is expected to unveil the day vice -- device next week. and the household smoke detector has gone high tech. it uses lights to indicate any problems and an app sends messages to the user's smart phone. it retails for $130. have a great day. i'm john muller.
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>> police in philadelphia want to know how a 4-year-old boy was able to bring crack cocaine to preschool. police say the little boy was flashing more than $170 in cash to his classmates. they told the teacher. that's when the boy pulled eight bags of cocaine out of his pockets. administration evacuated part of the school. the boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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>> 5:26 now. and building a better world begins at home. that's the message the dalai lama delivered to thousands of people in georgia. the 78-year-old buddhist leader spoke to more than 6,000 people. emery university in atlanta is hosting his holiness through thursday. he will lecture and teach some classes during his visit. time now is 5:26. it is 56°. >> just into the newsroom. important news from metro riders. we'll take a look at a new list of the most dangerous metro okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a pizza with premium meats. and saucde from ly real tomatoes. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. >> live from the abc7 broadcast center, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead, some welcome news for thousands of working families in our area. everything you need to know
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about the bill now on the table that could raise the minnesota mum wage. good morning, washington. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. jacqui, midweek and this weather is going to be what we're seeing for the rest of the week. >> yeah, unfortunately things aren't looking all that great in the weather department so we have to focus on how good last week was, right? remember that, keep that in mind as you're miserable tomorrow and the rain and breezy and cool and raw. take a look at the satellite and radar picture, we've just got the clouds this morning. most of the rain will be coming in after the noon hour. this will be pushing in to areas south and east of d.c. first so keep that in mind. temperature wise, it is cool this morning, but just a little bit better than we were yesterday. believe it or not, at 58 degrees. but we're not going to make a lot of progress in the temperature department. we will only see mid 60s for high. so expect clouds and rain after the noon hour today, breezy and
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chilly with highs in the mid 60s this low is going to be a lingerer. it is going to be sticking around at least in the early part of the weekend and the clouds will probably last longer than that. i will have more details in the send forecast from the belfort furniture weather center. right now, we need to know what is going on with traffic. amanda, what's the deal? >> hi, jacqui. the deal is the bw parkway is backing up quickly, all lanes southbound, if you are coming in from maryland this morning and using the bw parkway southbound, you need to be prepared to get diverted at 175 where that crash is lingering. they have 9 left lane closed northbound. so keep that in mind. we're seeing things slow down 5 miles per hour as you approach that crash 175 southbound. the longer that hangs out, the more problems you will have. 295 not bad at the 11th street bridge. the estimated drive time for you, between stafford, about 23 minutes northbound. 66 eastbound still lingering
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with construction at route 7 and we've got a live shot to show you current conditions along the american legion bridge. moderate traffic in both directions there. i will send it back to you. >> thank you, amanda. day nine now the of the government shutdown. d.c. leaders are stepping in. >> we will get straight to brianne carter live on capitol hill with the latest on the government shutdown. bri? >> it still seems like we are no closer to getting a deal as we head into day nine of this partial government shutdown. democrats and republicans both seem to be digging in their heels in termses what they want to negotiate. we understand there was 10-minute phone call yesterday between president obama and speaker john boehner. we're no closer to get on the same page in terms of reaching a deal. we understand d.c. leaders will bring their message for a shutdown here on capitol hill today.
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the mayor and councilmembers have an event planned for 11:00 this morning here outside the capitol to talk about so many living and working here in the district of columbia. this comes as we are now talking about another deadline about a week away for the debt limit, something the president is talking about, as well. >> warren buffett likened day fault to a nuclear bomb, a weapon too horrible to use. >> now, do we understand all this coming at the same time there is a new poll out by the "associated press". under that poll they say of those, about 1,000 people surveyed, of 3% now blaming -- 63% now blaming republican for the shutdown. this is as the back and forth continues between the parties and we seem no closer to getting is a deal done. brianne carter, abc7 news. >> police are looking for three men in connection with a home invasion robbery that took place
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in hyattsville. this happened on dean drive. police say three men entered that home and assaulted the suspect -- homeowner inside. a gun was fired but no one was hit. >> and, meeting today to raise the minimum wage. john gonzalez has more 0 on this story. >> lawmakers here on montgomery county is talking living wage today where the minimum wage is currently 7:25 an hour that could be changing. a proposal would be introduced today that could affect businesses like these here on rockville pike it would create a regional minimum wage of 11.50 an hour and it is a coordinated effort to say the least with prince george's county county and d.c. would be included in this. in fact, it would raise the city's minimum wage by $3 an
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hour. counties in maryland would see an increase of $4 an hour. the proposal would include a slight bump for those who receive tips, lake those who work at restaurants, like ruby tuesday's, fridays. just last month you will recall the d.c. council passed the large retailer accountability act, which would force businesses like wal-mart to essentially pay higher wages to their employees. well, the big box store threatened to pull three of its planned stores in the district. a couple weeks ago, the mayor vetoed that bill. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> john, thank you. 5:35 and new this morning, metro just released a list of the metro stations that see the most crime. here is that list. brooklyn, deanwood, minnesota avenue, gallery place and rhode island avenue. metro says 55% of all crime on the metro system is cell phone and bike theft.
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5:36 is your time. it is 56 degrees. >> a school spirit day has been canceled but not before it stirred you have controversy. we will
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>> hello, this is jessica alba. good morning, washington. >> all right, 5:39 on this wednesday. we are just getting word of a
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manger back up on the bw parkway. >> amanda, what is going on? >> we have word of a serious crash, possibly a pedestrian hit just a little while ago, so this live shot is showing you current conditions there. you've got shoulder activity on either side. that is going to be the northbound lanes. the lanes where you only see that police activity, that is where all lanes are shutdown and that is headed southbound on 175. on the baltimore washington park way southbound, we are seeing by delays this morning. as i said, all lanes closed. you are getting diverted to route 175. on our system we are seeing things back up. our live map showing it is bright red through that stretch because all lanes are closed headed southbound in towards the beltway and that is going to have things going down at 5 miles per hour as people get detoured. 95 is the best alternate. we have 95 in virginia, luckily,
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moving right along as well. that is 23 minutes to get from stafford to gumfres. for now, let's head outside to eileen. >> thank you very much, amanda. things are quieter in the weather department, at let's for now. a low is going to bring us rain, wind, chilly temperatures but right now. the rain moves in later this afternoon. show you some weather bug network stations. the naval air station in maryland, 61 degrees. winds north and east at 14. we've had some gusts to 20 miles per hour. switching to nationals park, 55 degrees with the wind gusts to 4 miles per hour. it doesn't seem like much now but a as this coastal system switches to the north, there is a rain band over southern maryland by 10:00 or 11:00 this
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morning and into the d.c. metro area probably any time after that. we will see rain in the forecast so keep the rain gear handy. temperatures today much cooler than the average of 71 this year. only in the 60s by 5:00. the commute will be a little bit on the wet side. if you think it is cool today, wait until tomorrow. highs topping out in the upper 50s so it is going to be a little bit dry but we will make it all right. send it back in to jummy and scott. >> eileen, thank you. 5:54 is the time. 56 degrees. coming up: >> it is just weak. i don't know any other way to put it but weak. >> it is stupid. it is insane. >> grid lock in congress causing frustration on the g
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>> 5:45 on this wednesday morning. we have breaking news coming
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into the news right room night. the accident on the bw parkway, it turns out, it is fatal. >> let's get right over to amanda meadows at our traffic center at wtop with an update on this story. amanda. >> we are getting word this is a fatal accident on the bw parkway. about 5:00 a.m. is when this occurred. they have all lanes shut down southbound so that is that activity you see on the left. you recall seeing cars northbound get by, but get by very, very slowly in that order than is day to the right and left shoulder be closed. they can see all the flashing lights. that is the right and left shoulder closed. that is northbound, but southbound is complete grid lock due to this accident. we have confirmed this is fatal. what that means to you, they will have to investigate. that is lingering for some time. it is bright red on the live maps now, slowing at 5 miles per hour per hour southbound because all lanes are closed.
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your best bet is going to be using 95 in maryland or 25 in maryland but avoid bw parkway in both directions. i will send it back over to you. >> thank you, amanda. we will check in on that accident in just a bit. in the day ahead now, opponents of casino in southern prince george's county aring go to rally. it includes the national harbor casino. the group will protest what it calls a lack of opportunities for minority ownership of buses at national harbor. >> and, in news around the nation, today was supposed to be trayvon martin day at a pennsylvania high school. >> but, that's not going to happen now. the homecoming committee chose to replace the themed day with something else. they picked it at part of their homecoming week. the teenagers chose to go a different direction after some parents called the move "controversial". >> it broad up some controversy
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to the point there was people getting mixed signals about it. >> they replaced it with a day honoring their school mascot. the students felt it would pull the school together. trayvon martin was 17 years old when george zimmerman shot and killed him last year in sanford, florida. >> diana nyad is halfway through her latest challenge. >> this is a new york city pool where she is attempting a 4-however nonstop swim. she just passed the 21 hour mark. this time she is in manhattan pool instead of the ocean. she raising money for victims of super storm sandy. there we go. not sure which one nyad is. i think maybe to the left? right, you think the right of the screen? i can't really tell. but she around somebody else, another supporter of this cause, are making that film so they're
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doing lapped all morning. i think the only thing i could do for 48 hours straight is sleep. or eat. coming up new at 6:00 on good morning, washington, a gas pipeline explosion in oklahoma can be seen for miles, including from a neighboring state. >> plus, a top-ranking navy official lays in on a virginia boy's ninja or navy seal debate. >> and one player spent his morning before the game this past weekend, that is all new and still to come at 6:00. >> glen rice, junior, making some noise for the wizards in the preseason opener at brooklyn. 9 last-second dunk send the game into overtime. the wizards lose. final score 111-106.
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>> and, bossston heading to the american league championship series for the first time since 2008. the finale between detroit and oakland. pittsburgh and st. louis play tonight for the right to meet the dodgers in the national league. >> hello, again, everybody. the redskins had the day off yesterday and they're back on the field today and will start really focusing on the dallas, cowboys. dallas is an early touchdown favorite against the redskins. and the open in one month, despite the fact that the terrapins lost in the nba lottery, the coach likes this ball club a lot. he says they have talent. now he needs them to to be thinkers. how good can they be? >> if we're better decision-makers, we have the talent and we have the sense of
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urgency. we want to be good. that's why we all dime maryland, we want to be great. our players know that. they're excited for this year, not next year. >> don't forget, the caps start a four-game home stand against the cains tomorrow night. have a great day, everybody. >> this year, a university of oklahoma texas tradition won't happen because of the government shutdown. every year, ou's naval rotc runs the game ball on to the field. the secretary of the navy says members of the rotc cannot do it because of the shutdown this year would have marked the 31st year for what they call the running of the ball. all right. we're following that breaking news once again out of bw parkway. we have now learned that this accident is fatal. >> let's get right to amanda meadows for the update. amanda? >> thank you very much, jummy and scott. we have confirmed this crash we're looking at from news chopper 7 is from a fatal crash.
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that means a driver is going to take some time to get it cleared up. lanes you see that are actually moving are the northbound lanes. those are going to close very, very soon. i got word from the wtop traffic center, they have confirmed police will stop northbound and southbound lanes. they're getting all those cars cleared out northbound. southbound you've got that investigation on the left. you are not seeing any cars pass through there. they're detouring all southbound lanes at route 175 in maryland. to get you around that. now, we are seeing bright red on the mapping system because all lanes are closed southbound. northbound is starting to build, as well. they're clearing out that traffic and stopping traffic northbound, as well. slowing down on five miles per hour southbound. now, your alternate to get around that is going to be 95 in maryland or route 29. luckily, not seeing things build in the other areas on the other highways at this time, so the manu activity is going to be along the bw parkway, south and northbound, as i said, just got
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word from the wtop traffic center, they're closing both directions down so be prepared for that. if you know anyone that uses that in their morning commute, give them a heads up. 95 is the best bet. back to you. >> thank you. as we talk about weather now, people on the roads are going to have to be careful because we have rain coming through. >> right. not until after the noon hour so it is really the evening commute you have to worry about. tomorrow morning's commute, friday morning's commute there could be problems. this is a system that will be affecting us for days to come so get ready for these changes. clouds are already here but the rain showers are holding off just a bit. start you off here with the satellite and radar picture. there you can see the area of low-pressure off the georgia coast and it is bringing heavy rain to the coastal carolinas and gusty winds really for about two days now until you get winds coming in from the east. the unofficial rule is, two days at least. keep that in mind as this low will linger in our area the next several days and likely to the
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early half of the weekend. still some uncertainly when we will be able to push this out of here. right now we're dealing with it pushing on in. there you can see the cloud cover. we're expecting the shower to move off probably by the middle of the morning. futurecast showing the showers moving in here by 10:00. the metro area, like we won't see it until 9 afternoon. the metro area, spreading slowly but surely throughout the day. some rainfall is heavy, especially overnight tonight. look at that, heavy downpours likely picking up a couple inches of rain over the next cup of days. a little bit more showery the latter part of thursday. rainfall by the end of the day friday. could use a little bit of rainfall as we've been dry overall for the last month and a half. 5 degrees is our temperature now. -- 58-degrees is our temperature now. we're only going to make it to the middle 60s.
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the coastal slow keeping the temperature down. the afternoon hour, 62 to 67-degrees. for tonight, looking for cloudy skies with rain heavy at times. 48 to 55 degrees. tomorrow, heavy downpours. breezy, chilly, a raw day. our high temperature only right around the 60-degree mark? yeah, look at that, sticking around into your saturday and we will start to.i will prove slowly by early next week. that's the latest on your forecast. back to you, scott. >> thank you very much, jackie. the manufacturer of a popular diet product is being pulled off the product for causing liver problems for dozens of people in hawaii. they reported 29 cases of liver failure and acute hepatitis to the diet supplement. the fda warned earlier this year against diet supplements contain
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an ingredient calls fdaa. >> bruce jenner and his wife confirm they separated a year ago. no divorce papers have been filed. he will continue to appear on the reality show, keeping up accou
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>> in the government shutdown, d.c. will have a new millionaire. the d.c. lottery will award the $1 million today. it is the last of three $1 million prizes that could be won by people finding that golden ticket. starbucks is hoping some free coffee and an act of kindness will bring americans together over that budget impasse. >> if you owe money to the irs, they still want you to pay up, despite the government shutdown. linda bell is live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. hi, linda. >> day nine of the partial government shutdown but don't think that will get you out of paying your taxes. maybe you are among the 12 million people who asked the irs for a six-month extension to file your tax return. if so, it is business as usual and the october 15 deadline is, unfortunately, still in effect. the only individuals and
5:58 am
businesses who have more time are members of the military or those who ask for extensions in parts of colorado affected by the recent flash floods. starbucks is weighing in on the budget impasse. the chain is encouraging all americans to come together, including lawmakers, to reach a solution to the shutdown. today, customers can pay it forward but buying someone else their drink and get a free coffee for themselves. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell, for abc7 news. >> thank you. we have another hour of news ahead and it all starts right now. >> live from the abc7 broadcast centers, this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> a major traffic problem on the bw parkway this morning. all lanes are closed. amanda meadows has what you need to know before you go. >> plus, d.c. leaders step up the pressure on congress, as
5:59 am
well as the president, as the government shutdown reaches day nine. >> before you leave the house this morning, make sure you grab a jacket and your umbrella. some cooler and wetter weather is on the way. good morning, washington, happy wednesday. i'm jummy olabanji. >> and i'm scott thuman. speaking of the forecast, let's get rate to jacqui jeras with what we can expect. it sounds like we will need an umbrella, as well. >> we do. probably not until this afternoon but have it on stand by and keep it with you for the next couple of days as that area of low-pressure is a lingerer. it will stick around to the early half of the weekend. the cloud cover is already here and you can see the rain showers in virginia beach, norfolk, it will make its way to the northern neck. it will aggressively come from the south and east of d.c. and spread to the afternoon and continue to push westward. temperature now 5 degrees in d.c. 54 at dulles. 57 at quantico. the temperature at bwi now is 56 degrees.


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